Play the Devil (2016) Movie Script

- And we took the
horse to the water,
'cause we knew it was thirsty.
An old fool tried
to make it drink.
No luck.
It whinnied, and
extended itself.
It pranced and it
kicked and it bucked.
We were in a far place.
He also was smooth
and moved well,
and I could feel myself.
We traveled to the other place
to meet the other stream,
but it wouldn't drink.
So I killed it.
Because it was this
immediate horse.
The horse should drink.
The horse must drink.
Because old fool thought it
needed drink.
An old fool knows what's best
in the world for everyone.
- I just wanted to
congratulate you
on an exceptional performance.
I'm James Young.
- Oh well thank you sir.
Gregory White.
- I've invited the cast
back for some drinks.
Michaela, my daughter,
is in the chorus.
- Oh, right.
- I'd be delighted
if you could join us.
- I'd love to, but, I
have no transport arranged
for later tonight.
I live quite far, so.
- That's not an issue.
I can take you home.
I look forward to seeing you.
Tempting town.
It's my local artist,
Jackie Hankson.
It's part of this series,
Christ in Trinidad.
I love it.
He didn't wanna sell
this particular piece,
but I made him an offer
he couldn't refuse.
You say you're from Paramin?
- Born and raised.
- Aye, you go to
school up there?
- I'm at St. Matthew's College.
- Oh, really?
- You sound surprised.
- Oh, just that nephew didn't
get into St. Matthew's.
You must be a bright young man.
- Oh.
I do okay.
- Apparently a bit
better than okay.
How did you come to
star in the play?
- My English teacher
encouraged me to audition.
- Ah, she saw your talent.
- I think she felt I needed
a challenge, actually.
- It's a good thing she did.
You were really something.
- Oh, thanks.
- I'd love to see
you dance the Jab.
I'll have to come up
to Paramin on Monday.
Oh, Mel.
Have you met our guest of honor?
- Melvina.
- Gregory.
You have a lovely home, Mel.
Thanks for having us all.
- You recognize him, don't you?
He was the star of the show.
- Well James and I try
to go to the theater
as much as we can,
don't we, darling?
- It's getting quite
late now so I should
probably be getting home.
- Certainly, I'll
just get my keys.
I won't be long.
- This is a nice car.
- Yeah, I certainly
appreciate it on these roads.
- May I ask, what do
you do for a living?
- I'm a businessman.
I run the family business.
Construction, mostly, but
we dabble in other things.
What do you wanna do
when you finish school?
- I'd love to be a
photojournalist, but,
my grandmother wants me
to study medicine, so.
- Oh, you like photography?
- I want to travel and
love taking pictures, so,
it seemed a good fit.
- What sort of
camera do you use?
- Um.
I actually just use my phone.
- So what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna study
medicine, or photography?
- I don't know yet.
I can get a scholarship
abroad to do medicine,
but there's nothing
for photography.
- I see.
- I live just here.
Thank you for the lift.
- Oh, it was my pleasure.
Hey, don't be a stranger.
That's my cell.
Give me a call.
- Thanks, mate.
- I was wondering
where you went.
- Sorry, Grammy.
Went by a friend's
after the show.
- So, how was the closer night?
- It was great.
- Yeah?
- Everyone loved it.
- That's fantastic, Greg.
- Grammy, you know you
shouldn't fall asleep
on the couch.
Go to bed.
- You coming with me tomorrow?
- Why are you asking like I
have a choice in the matter?
- You're just a good boy.
- I know, and we all need
more time with the Lord.
- We all need more time with--
- The Lord.
You are my God
You are my savior
Thank you my Lord
For guiding me
You are my God
You are savior
You wash away my sins
in this here river
You are my Lord
You are my savior
Your heavenly love
will set me free
Your heavenly love
will set me free
- Hey, Greg.
It's James here.
Listen, I'm headed to
Central on Saturday.
I thought I could
bring my camera.
You could join me
and take some photos.
Let me know.
Isn't he beautiful?
Come on.
- I love your camera, boy.
- It suits you.
- I got some really
good shots, too.
- You'll have to show me.
- Well, only if you're
showing me yours.
- I can't remember the last
time I took a photo, Greg.
I wouldn't know where
to start looking.
- Why'd you stop
taking pictures?
- I stopped doing a lot
things when I came back here.
- Back from where?
- England, boarding school.
And then, kind of
hanging around,
trying not to come back here.
- Why you come back?
Why not stay?
- My father.
He wanted me to come back
and take over the business
and there's no
arguing with that man.
Here I am.
- At least your father
cares what happens to you.
My father don't care.
- Don't say that.
That's not true.
- No, it's true.
No matter.
I don't need him, so.
- I'm sorry.
- I really want to
study abroad, though.
- Well maybe
medicine's your ticket.
- I guess.
It's just not in
my heart, you know?
- You should listen
to your heart.
If I could do it all over
again, that's what I'd do.
You ever been to Balandra?
- Actually, I have.
Once with my mother,
when I was young, yeah.
- I got a beach house up there.
I was thinking that
we could go up there
and hang out, spend the night.
Look at some photos.
It'll be fun.
- When?
- It'd have to be this weekend.
Next weekend's--
- Carnival.
- Someone's gotta
play the Devil.
- I think I could
make that happen.
- Cool.
Give me a call, let me know.
- You can just let me
off here, actually.
This is fine.
- Not going home?
- No, I think I'll pass
by a friend's first.
But thanks for the opportunity.
The day was real good.
- I'm glad you enjoyed it.
- Yeah, I really enjoy
shooting with your camera.
- Why don't you hold onto it?
I'm pretty sure I won't
be needing it this week.
- You sure?
- Take it.
- Thanks, James.
- Gregory.
Excellent test.
If you keep up like
this, you've got
a great shot at
that scholarship.
- Thanks, Miss Williams.
- Alright.
- Hey Greg.
Hey listen, my son
just came home.
Okay, fine, yeah, yeah.
Bye bye.
Hey Gregory.
- Hey.
- How you been?
- Fine, and you?
- Hanging in there.
Just came home
from school, I see.
- Yep.
- Eh, and Grammy's been
coming home late these days?
- She's working
for a new family.
Cooks them dinner, so,
we don't usually see each
other until after eight.
- I see.
Oh, you're looking good.
Put on some height
since I last saw you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Playing any ball?
- No, not really.
- You should.
You'd make a damn good shooter.
- You're thinking of Fayne, Dad.
- Oh, is he still playing?
- Less than he used
to, but, he plays.
- That's good to hear.
- Well.
I gotta study, so.
- Alright, sounds great.
- Hey.
- What?
- Pa's back.
- What?
- Hello?
- James here.
- It's Gregory.
- Hey, Greg.
- I just wanted to let you know
that I can make the weekend.
- Oh, that's fantastic.
Saturday around three pm?
Where should I pick you up?
- You can pick me
up at the junction
opposite the taxi stand.
- Great.
- Okay.
Yes, Gran?
- How are you doin'?
- Not so bad.
Can't complain.
- You're not hungry, I see.
- No, not really.
- You saw your father?
- I saw him when I got home.
- I understand Fayne
had some words with him.
- Fayne's looking
out for you, Grammy.
- I appreciate that.
But I'll be fine.
He's only staying a
short while, you know.
- Right.
- When you have your own
children, you'll understand.
With all his missteps,
I still love him.
- Missteps, Grammy?
That's an understatement.
- It is what it is.
- It's your house, Grammy.
It's not up to me to
decide what you do here.
- I just want us all to be okay.
That's my only prayer.
- Grammy?
- Hm?
- I may go to the
east coast for a night
this weekend with the cast.
Just a small line to
celebrate the showing.
- You're lucky.
That's so nice.
- I'll be back in
time for church, too.
- Don't worry.
I'm sure the Lord will
understand if you miss a mass.
- I'll be back.
- Good night, son.
- Night, Granny.
- Grammy, you seen
my best shirt?
- It needs a press.
- Good to go?
Here we are.
I'm just gonna go put
these groceries down.
- You want help?
- Oh no, it's okay; you relax.
Have a little look around
and I'll be right down.
What do you think?
- It's intense.
- You gonna go in?
- I think so.
- You never told me what your
grandmother does for a living.
- She's a housekeeper
in Maraval.
She works late, so, I
end up doing most of
the cooking anyway.
- No siblings?
- One brother.
- That's right,
you mentioned him.
What's his story?
- He farms and smokes
a lot of weed, so.
- He's older?
- Yeah.
- So how did you come
to be who you are?
- And who is that?
- Well the gifted,
sensitive young man
who I have no doubt will go far.
Someone's to credit.
- My Grammy, I suppose.
She's a real bright lady.
- You love her a lot.
A toast.
To the beginning of
something special.
You could have
brought a lady friend.
If there is such a person.
- Oh, no, there's
no one like that.
- Why is that?
Such a talented, good
looking young man.
- My focus is in school.
Girls are stress, so.
- You've have a
girlfriend before, though?
- Of course.
- Ever been in love?
- No.
I don't think so.
- When we first married,
I thought I was in love, but,
I don't think it
was love after all.
Certainly not the kind of love
that poems are written about.
- What kind of love is that?
- We haven't been
lovers in over a decade.
I have no passion for my wife.
- So why do you stay?
- Michaela's my everything.
I stay for her.
- Do you want some more?
- Thanks.
We should have a
look at your photos.
- I'm nervous to share these.
- You're nervous?
You're just getting
used to the camera.
There's no pressure here.
- Okay, well like I said,
there's only a few
strong pictures anyways.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- See?
I love that.
- Ah, thanks.
I should have gotten
closer, though.
- That's interesting.
- Yeah, I asked him
to pose like that.
Thought it'd make
a strong portrait.
- Look at those eyes, and
those lines on his face.
A sign of a hard life.
Now that's my favorite so far.
Really strong image, Greg.
- Oh, thanks.
- And who is that?
- Oh that's my boy, Dev.
- That's right,
you mentioned him.
- Yeah, we were just
mucking about, yeah?
- He's good looking.
- I guess.
- Not a St. Matthew's
boy, I can see that.
- Yeah, no, not
exactly a scholar.
I guess that's it.
- Your images are
really stunning, Greg.
More than just a few good shots.
- You're just saying that.
- Why would I?
- 'Cause you like me.
- What do you wanna do now?
- I'm good with whatever.
- We'll watch an effect?
You like porn, Greg?
- Sometimes.
- You uncomfortable?
Sorry, you struck me
as someone who would
be open to this.
- What makes you say that?
- You ever been with a man?
You have.
- I messed around with my
best friend when we was kids.
Nothing serious.
I don't think this
is a good idea.
- Do you want me to stop?
If you tell me to
stop, I will, Gregory.
Is everything okay?
- Oh, fine.
- I was gonna fix
us some breakfast.
- Listen, I really
need to get back, okay?
- I was thinking maybe of
leaving in an hour or so.
- Cool.
- So, no breakfast for you?
- No thanks.
Not hungry.
- Alright.
See you at the top.
You forgot something.
Don't you wanna hang on to this?
- No, thanks.
Well out of work this week.
Come hither, hither, hither.
- You want something to eat?
- I'm good, thanks.
- So how was the line?
You never tell me.
- Good.
- Lots of pretty girls?
- Some nice girls, Grammy.
- But not good.
You need to have some fun.
I worry about you,
thinking on things so heavy.
- Life feels heavy
these days, Grammy.
- I know.
Sorry things didn't work
out with your father.
- Grammy, you had to start
seeing him for who he is.
He's never gonna be the
man you want him to be.
- Alright man,
I'll see you later.
- You really are
forgetful, you know that?
- What are you talking about?
- Your photos.
Don't you want them?
- Thanks.
- Why don't you let
me drop you home?
- No, thanks.
I'd rather take a maxi.
- I just wanna talk.
I wanna put all
of this behind us.
Come on Greg.
Let me give you a ride.
You've been struggling
with what happened.
I'm sorry.
- I'm not studying it.
People do things all
the time they regret.
The Lord understands
these things.
- I used to feel that
way when I was your age.
A lot of shame.
- I didn't say I felt shame.
- But you do.
- What do you want
from me, James?
I'm 18, I'm poor,
and I have nothing.
So what could you
possibly want from me?
- You're different.
You're sensitive.
You don't belong.
You remind me myself
when I was your age.
- James, you are cheating
on your marriage.
- That's my brooder, not yours.
- Well I can't do this, James.
I'm sorry.
It's not me.
- I'm so glad to meet you
as a friend of my Gregory.
So where do you
know him from again?
- My daughter's in
the same play as him.
I don't know if
he's mentioned her.
- You swear?
- Yes.
- I didn't get a chance.
Morning, son.
- Morning.
- You, um, left this in
my car the other day.
I was up here on a
project and I thought I'd
swing by a drop it off for you.
- I had no idea that my
boy was even interested
in taking pictures.
He's so talented.
I can't keep track.
This boy is blessed.
- My daughter thinks
the world of him.
- We've been meaning
to fix the roof,
but I'm trying to save
a little something
for Greg for school.
He tell you he's trying
for a scholarship abroad?
- He did.
That's fantastic.
- They pay for room and board,
but he have to get
the spending money.
And I know that is not
easy with a growing boy.
- I'm in construction.
Why don't you let me
get a couple of guys
up here to help with the roof?
- Mr. Young, thank
you, but no thank you.
That is a lot to do.
- Oh, we do it all the time
as charity for our church.
It's not a big deal, honestly.
I'd like to help.
- Well, it's been
leaking for a long time.
Gregory's room is much
worse to be honest.
Poor soul.
- Oh, could I have a look?
- I'd rather you didn't.
My room is fine.
- Fine?
Cover your room leaking
like a bust pipe.
- Grammy, please.
- What you think Mr. Young
never seen a messy room before?
- Michaela's the worst.
I guarantee you
have nothing on her.
Six sheets of
galvanized should do it.
- I'm late.
- Where are
your manners, Greg?
You aren't gonna
thank Mr. Young?
- Thank you, Mr. Young.
- It's my pleasure,
I'm happy to help.
- Okay, time's up.
- Mr. Young,
there's a Gregory waiting
to see you, sir.
- Uh, go ahead.
Send him in.
- What were thinking showing
up at my house this morning?
- I was just
returning your images.
- You should ask me first.
- I'm sorry.
I meant nothing by it.
It's good to see you.
Darlene did some research
on photography programs.
There are a couple of good
ones on the east coast.
I thought you might
like to take a look.
Maybe we can talk about
it, if you'd like.
- There's nothing to talk about.
I have no money for art school.
- Well that's what I
wanted to talk about.
Maybe I can help.
- I need to go.
- Whoa, why the rush?
You came all this way
to see me, didn't you?
- I need you to understand
how uncomfortable
you're making me, James.
- You're not the only
one with something
to lose here, Greg.
I'm glad you came.
- I want you to leave
me alone, James.
I'm asking you to
leave me alone.
Yo Greg.
You mind taking
guest Stacey tonight,
Tamara's staying by me.
- Yeah, sure.
Where you live?
I'll walk you home.
- That'll be a long walk.
I live in town.
- In town?
- Nah, I was staying by
Tamara's house tonight.
I didn't realize that she
and Devin were gonna--
- That's okay.
You can stay by me.
I have a couch.
- I appreciate that.
- I hope it's okay.
- It's fine.
- My Gran wakes up
early, so, don't worry if
you hear she knocking about.
- Wouldn't she find
it strange to see me
sleeping on her couch?
- No, she's cool.
It'll be fine when I
explain what happened.
Let me know if
you need anything.
- Gregory.
Why are there
sheets on the couch?
- A friend was
gonna sleep there.
- Who is this friend?
- You don't know the person.
- Who is it, Greg?
And where is the person now?
- She name is Stacey.
She's sleeping in my room.
- I hope you know what
you're doing, you know.
You're far too gifted
to get caught up
in some young girl's nonsense.
You hear me?
- Yes, Gran.
- You have a chance to
do what I would have
given my whole life to do.
You'll break my heart if
you waste this opportunity,
you know?
You'll break my heart.
- You don't have to
worry Gran, I'm gonna--
- No.
I didn't think so
until this morning.
It's not like you
to be so reckless.
- Gran I--
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know.
I'll call you back later.
- Here you go, Gran.
- Thanks, Greg.
You know what he is up to?
- Grammy, I had no idea.
- I don't know why the boy
had to be so damn hard.
- He took mom's death real hard.
- I know, but, that
is no excuse for him
to be so hard to us.
- I'm just saying that,
it wasn't easy for him.
- Well jail not easy either.
Where the hell am I going
to find this boy bail, Greg?
I work too hard.
I'm tired.
- I know, Grammy, I know.
- I don't know.
I work too hard, Greg.
- We'll think of
something to happen.
Grammy, we'll think
of something else.
What's he doing here?
- He's just showing a
neighborhood man around.
I was talking to
him about Fayne.
- What about Fayne?
- Well he says he knows
a lot of people in
the justice system.
He's willing to help
us with the bail.
- What are you talking about?
Grammy, I, I don't think we
should take that man's money.
- Why not?
- 'Cause it's not fair.
Grammy, nothing comes
for free in this world.
You know that.
You don't think he wants
something in return?
And besides, Fayne is grown.
At some point he has
to be help accountable
for his own actions.
- But the Lord says we
must accept the blessings
that he bestow.
If Mr. Young is willing to help,
I can't think of a
bigger gift than that.
That is the Lord at
work this morning, son.
- Hello?
Yes, it is.
Yes, sir.
Friday the 11th?
Yes, I'll be there.
Thank you very much.
That was Officer Cross.
Apparently they set a
court date for Fayne.
Friday the 11th
at eight o'clock.
I guess that's when
they will set the bail.
- You gonna take
the day off work?
- I don't have a choice.
Somebody has to be there.
- Well I can talk to my
teachers and ask for--
- You crazy?
You are not to miss a
minute of school over this.
You hear me?
- Yes, Gran.
- And Greg?
I want to give Mr. Young
the money I've been saving
for you for school.
- What?
- You were right.
It wouldn't be fair to
have him pay all of it.
- Yes, Gran.
- Wait a second Greg, I want
to talk to you after class.
What happened?
- I don't know.
- Did you study?
- Apparently not enough.
- This could really
hurt you, Greg.
- I know, ma'am.
- Can you look at me
for a second, please?
If there was something going on,
do you have someone that
you can trust to talk to?
- I think I'm okay.
- Okay.
Well, I'm here.
If you need me.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Well look who,
the devil himself.
- Why are fucking
with me, James?
- I couldn't miss
seeing you play.
- I asked you to leave me alone.
What about that you
don't understand?
I'm telling you, James.
I'm telling you.
Leave me the fuck alone.
- Leaving you alone isn't
gonna change anything.
Let me tell you something.
No liquor, no woman, no priest,
not even God himself,
is gonna change the fact
that you like fucking men.
Stop fighting me!
- James.
James, oh fuck, James.
James, wake up.