Playback (2012) Movie Script

(flies buzzing)
(distortion, static)
(man speaking, distorted)
(dog barking, growling)
(woman screaming)
No! No, Harlan, please!
(Crying) No. No.
Please, Harlan.
Oh God.
(Shouts) Give me my baby!
No! No!
(Baby crying)
(baby whimpering) (chiming)
(siren approaching)
(static stops)
(dog barking)
(baby crying)
- Give me my baby!
Give me my... ah! Fuck!
Give me my baby please!
Save my baby, God!
Help me, God.
(car doors open)
- Man: Don't move!
- Woman 2: Don't move!
- Woman: Save him, please!
- Please, God, help.
- Woman 2: Who else is in the house?
- Save him, please!
- Man: Put down your weapon.
Save my baby!
Woman 2:
Put the baby down!
(Baby crying)
- Save my bib!!!
Woman 2:
Put the baby down now!
Do it gently.
Hands in the air where I can see 'em.
Put your hands on your head
and get down on your
fucking knees. Now!
(Cries) No! No!
- Woman 2: Let go of the girl!
Get your hands on the ground now!
Man: Lie down on the ground
and put down the knife.
Woman 2:
Put that down!
- I said put that fucking knife down!
- Man: Get down on your knees!
(Crying echoing)
(sirens approaching)
(distortion, static)
(static stops)
(man speaking, distorted)
(rock music playing)
(clicks) (camera whirring)
Wait, guys. Wait.
See, I think you should get
to the bathroom faster.
It feels way too slow during that part.
By slow she means boring.
Plus it doesn't really look
like a farmhouse.
This is supposed to
take place in a farmhouse?
I know, I know.
I'll go faster next time.
It was a rehearsal.
- That was take 12.
- DeeDee, we need more blood
on the bodies, okay?
Like... like lots of blood.
Oh. Okay.
Is this gonna come off the seats
or are we gonna have to steam clean
everything before my mom comes back?
It'll be fine.
Trust me, okay?
It's just corn syrup.
It's not gonna ruin anything.
Nate, buddy,
you gotta hide your face more.
Okay? You're playing Harlan's dad
and you look like a teenager.
Well, maybe that's
because I am a teenager.
Just hide your face, okay?
Here, give me the blood.
When's lunch?
Aren't there rules...
(laughs) about when
you're supposed to feed your crew?
Hey, ordered pizza
like a half hour ago.
You got any beer to go with it?
'Cause I could use
a fucking buzz right about now.
No. No beer.
We shouldn't even be doing this here.
Mom's gonna die
when she finds out about all this.
DeeDee, Mom's not gonna
find out about this.
- All right?
- Guys guys,
Come on. Please. All right?
This is gonna be great.
It would be really great
if Brianna's head
- was in the toilet at the end.
- Screw you, Scorsese.
I'm not putting my head
in the fucking toilet.
- DeeDee: Take 13.
- Action.
- You don't have to.
- Say you're sorry...
- Boy: DeeDee, really.
- Come on, get out of the shot.
- Sorry.
You never mean it
when you say you're sorry.
No no no no no, no no no no no.
'Cause you don't have
to say "No guts, no glory".
No time to worry, no happy ending.
To your story.
(Doorbell chimes)
- Yay! The pizza's here.
Come on. Really?
Does the truth bend
depending on what prism
you look through?
Is there a truth?
To a good journalist,
that is the constant question.
There always has to be
that pang of doubt.
That doubt is what pushes you
further into your story.
Dig deeper.
Okay, who's up next?
"The Secret Bridges of Marshall."
(people chattering)
(whistle tweets)
- Go, Riley!
- Whoo!
Come on, Riley!
Bridges? You did a half hour
on bridges, really?
And one train,
thank you very much.
Please. The project
Riley and I are doing...
gonna kick everyone's asses.
Hands down.
- No question.
- At least mine stayed on topic.
Yours is just an excuse
to make a horror movie.
So what?
It's 10 times more interesting.
10 times more morbid.
Nate: I actually thought
it was kinda fun yesterday.
I think Bri and I are gonna head out
to Hollywood after graduation,
- be the next Brangelina.
(Brianna chuckles) Yeah, right.
- Both: Hi.
- Nate: Come on.
- Brianna: Be serious.
- Nate: I am serious.
- Boy: It's Quinn.
I need to return
the camera equipment.
- Can I get your keys?
- Yeah.
Is it cool if I invite him
to the party tonight?
No way...
too old and too creepy.
Come on.
He's helped us out a lot.
Helping you and Riley, you mean.
I'm not dumb enough
to sign up for some stupid
elective like journalism.
Plus really... I mean
what has he really done?
He's loaned you some equipment.
Big deal.
I'm the one that had
to hug the toilet all night.
- Oh, and baby, you were awesome at it.
Hey, what's up, man?
It's right over here.
(Engine revs)
(exhales deeply)
- Dude, it was crazy yesterday.
We shot the scene 30 times,
didn't finish until midnight.
Then spent another two hours
scrubbing the blood off the seats.
But anyway, thanks.
And hey, there's a party tonight.
It should be fun
if you wanna hang with us.
- I've gotta work.
- All right, well, it'll go late.
Brianna and DeeDee's parents
went away for a long weekend,
so she's throwing herself
a little birthday bash.
- Brianna?
- Yeah.
- Brianna Baker?
- Yeah yeah, it's at her house.
Yeah, maybe.
Hey, Quinn, do you think
you could look down at the TV station,
see if there's anything on Harlan Diehl?
Maybe some footage
I can cut in my piece?
(Chuckles) Harlan Diehl.
The guy that I'm doing
the video on for class?
What, that a true story?
True crime, yeah.
When did it happen?
Like 15 years ago.
I can text you the exact details.
- Yeah, I'll check it, sure.
- That'd be great.
(Rock music playing)
- See you later.
Stupid American trash
I'm just American trash.
Stupid American trash.
What happened to that equipment?
That stuff has to be cleared
before it's removed from the premises.
- You know that.
(phone ringing)
That's real cute.
That's real cute.
I'm watching you.
I'm watching you.
(Door closes)
- So what's Nate getting you
- for your birthday?
- What's he getting me
- or what do I want?
- Both.
Well, what I want are tickets
to the Shiny Toy Guns concert.
Okay, what is he getting you?
Probably a vibrator.
(School bell rings)
(girls laugh)
Are you serious? Stop it.
No, I'm dead serious.
Isn't my boyfriend
so incredibly romantic?
What is wrong with your sister?
I have no idea.
(Camera whirring)
(girls chattering)
(cellphone buzzing)
Police have confirmed the multiple
homicide that took place here,
but they've offered
no explanation or possible motive.
From the street,
this home looks perfectly normal.
But inside it's anything but.
The police spent
the last 48 hours here
where they found
a family of four murdered.
Officers were called to the scene
at approximately 3:30 Monday morning,
alerted by a 911 call from Susie Diehl,
who was fighting for her life.
The officers are gone now,
but the questions remain:
How could something
like this happen?
And why?
This is Chris Safford, WPZM 13.
(Cellphone ringing)
(keyboard clicks)
Yeah. Yeah, I got it.
In an hour.
Yeah, whatever, dude, okay?
You can wait an hour. Relax.
When we dance we want the music loud.
We give you heaven and hell.
You know it's the only way for you.
Let your senses guide you through.
So don't stop...
Hey, Brianna!
Girls: Whoo!
(girls laugh)
What I've always wanted.
Here comes
the best present of them all.
Hmm. Oh.
I wonder what this could be.
Riley and DeeDee: Hmm.
Drumroll please.
(mimics drumroll)
(boys chuckle)
- Oh.
- A favorite toy.
Oh Nate, that is a great gift.
Now Brianna can practice having
all four kinds of orgasms for you.
Four kinds?
I thought there was only one kind.
- The good kind.
(kids laugh)
Oh no, there are
four different kinds of orgasms.
- Brianna: Yes.
- Didn't you know that?
Yeah, of course.
I knew that.
Well, you know,
first there's the positive orgasm...
oh Yes. Oh yes!
- Oh yes.
(Nate chuckles)
...and then there's the negative...
Oh no. Oh no.
- ...the religious...
(loudly) Oh God!
- Oh God! Oh!
(girls laugh)
...and then the fake orgasm.
- Oh Nate! Oh Nate!
(kids laughing)
Oh Nate!
- Girl: Oh damn.
- Girls: Nate!
Brianna: Oh hon.
(Tone plays)
(static, distortion)
- You gotta stay back, Vern.
(clicks, whirrs)
(Rock music playing)
Oh, what are you kids doing?
Just talking.
Talking with your tongues.
Yeah, you kinda have to
use your tongue to talk, Nate.
Well, at least somebody's
getting some action.
Oh why?
Where's Brianna?
Pissed at me somewhere.
What did you do now?
I gave her a vibrator
for her birthday.
But she doesn't know
that I did actually
get her these bad boys.
- Oh.
- You guys help me find my girlfriend?
Yes. Come on, let's go.
Let's go find her.
(man speaking, distorted)
(engine stops)
Took you long enough.
- What's on it?
- Locker room.
- How old?
- The same.
- Baker girl?
- A little.
- See if you can find more.
- I'm working on it.
- Work a little harder.
(engine starts)
- It's a cold world we're living in.
Feel myself giving in,
drink drink, shot shot...
- Yo, J.
- Yeah?
Favorite concert you have
ever been to. Go!
Ooh, tough.
Thirty Seconds to Mars.
- Pfft.
- Top horror film of all time. Go.
"The Ring." When she came
out of the TV, I lost it.
- "Scream."
- "Freaky Friday."
- Wh... really?
- "Freaky Friday"?
- That's not a horror film.
- Yes, it is.
- No.
- She turns into her mother.
That's horrible and terrifying,
- all at the same time.
- Really?
- No.
- It was scary.
Your mom's cool.
Your mom's... why would you...
Your mom's cool as shit.
What would be so terrifying about that?
She's throwing this party for us.
She doesn't know
we're throwing the party, Nate.
Hey, what's up, dude?
Hey, I'm glad you came by.
- Hey.
- Riley: Hey. (chuckles)
Who are all these people?
This is for you.
Happy birthday.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hey, open it.
Here, hold this.
- Oh wow. Nice.
- Brianna: Blu-ray.
That's kind of extravagant
for someone I barely even know.
Oh, it's not a big deal.
I get a big discount because of work.
Oh great. Fascinating.
Hey, man. Do you want...
you want a beer? There's a keg
- on the other side of the pool.
- No.
- Riley: Hey.
- What?
- How do you know that guy again?
- Quinn?
- Yeah.
- He worked with me at the video store
and now he works down
at the news station.
He's cool.
(Inhales deeply)
(breathing heavily)
(belt clinks) (unzips pants)
(kids cheer)
Hey, Quinn, are you leaving?
Yeah, feeling out of place.
- Fucking high school all over again.
- Hey, you coming?
- Yeah, I'll be there in a second.
- Okay.
I forgot. I got some
of that Harlan Diehl footage
on a flash drive for you.
Oh nice.
Thanks, man.
Hey, Quinn, do you, um...
do you think you could
put a word in for me
- down at the station?
- The station?
- Yeah.
- You don't want to work there, man.
- Oh yeah yeah, I do.
Move up. I'm tired of watching movies.
I wanna make 'em.
Do you know what I actually do there?
- Not really, no.
- I don't make anything.
I fucking archive footage
from, like, 20 years ago.
I sit there all day
and look at nothing.
(People chattering)
(birds chirping)
So tell me about your project.
Well, we're supposed
to pick some "forgotten things"
from the fabric of our community.
I'm doing a movie.
A movie, huh?
About what?
I'm glad you asked,
'cause I wanted to see
if you would do an interview.
It's on Harlan Diehl.
You know, I don't want
to do anything lame
like bridges or whatever.
It's an interesting story
and you told me yourself
that it changed the community.
And that's the theme of the project so...
plus it's freaking cool.
It's not cool, Julian.
It was a tragedy.
And I didn't say
that it changed the community.
I said that it changed
people's lives.
Sorry, I just thought it might be
something that you could help me with,
like a lot of parents do. And you
remember when it happened, right?
- Of course I remember.
(car honks)
- That's Nate. I gotta go.
- We'll talk about this later?
Yeah, whatever. Okay.
Your phone.
(Muffled rock music playing)
(engine starts)
(floor creaks)
(floor creaks)
Riley: Dad?
(Knife thuds)
So what do you think?
Well, do you have
a better take of that?
No. Why?
What's wrong with it?
Well, it's all kind of shaky and shit.
Shaky? It's a handheld.
It's supposed to be shaky.
It gives it a sense of energy.
Is that what you filmmakers call it?
Well, just so you know,
the rest of us call that "headache."
Oh. (mock laughs)
Anyway, I think I'm gonna cut
the scene of her getting dressed.
I doubt it'll go over very well.
That's what you're worried about
not going over very well?
- Yeah yeah, I mean think about it.
- Are you kidding?
Dude, there's blood everywhere.
- So?
- It's murderpalooza up in this bitch.
- It's a movie.
- Ms. Milton's gonna flunk you
- the second she sees it.
- Let me worry about that.
- All right?
- You're the boss.
- Yes, I am.
Are you down here?
I need those items you checked out.
This is such bullshit.
Look at this place.
What are you doing down here, huh?
I mean you've ruined my entire system.
This place is a mess.
It's... it's a mess down here.
I'm not cleaning it up, Quinn.
Just that.
I'm not cleaning anything else up.
Jesus. What the fuck
are you doing down here?
I mean look at this place.
You've got to pick this shit up.
You've gotta get organized. And I need
that equipment back that you borrowed.
This right here is a mess.
I mean, look at this.
This is... you've got cigarette butts.
You can't smoke on the job.
(rock music playing)
(engine rewing)
Just because you can.
Just because you can.
Oh, he was adopted?
It says Harlan's real parents
died when he was four.
Born in New York,
bounced around foster homes
until the Diehl family adopted him.
Well, yeah, a lot of poor families
do that for subsidy money.
Yeah, his real name was
Harlan Prince.
The son of the mysterious
Louis Le Prince.
- The mysterious who?
- Louis Le Prince.
I've never heard of him.
Well, that's why he's mysterious.
Oh. Wait, go back a page.
That... that's the farmhouse
on Henderson Road,
just past Southwood.
You know,
the one tucked behind the trees?
- Yeah.
- You know what I'm talking about?
Yeah yeah yeah, maybe.
I don't know.
Should we check it?
I'm pretty sure that my mom told me
that the house got signed over
to one of the Diehl brothers
after the murders.
If the house in that picture is
from the Diehl farm,
I'm telling you it's the same house.
She said that they leveled it
to sell the land.
There it is.
Yeah, you're right.
That's the same house.
Why would my mom lie about it?
(flies buzzing)
Shoot. We could've been shooting
here the whole time.
Oh shit, that's where
Harlan killed his sister.
Adopted sister.
- Julian: Done.
- Okay, let's go.
This place is really
starting to freak me out.
Come on, we've gotta go inside.
Anyone here?
I don't know, Julian.
Maybe this isn't a good idea.
This is gonna be such great footage.
Oh wow, there's the bathroom.
That's where he killed his mother.
Julian, come on.
- Julian.
- Riley, I'm almost done.
- Wait. Shh.
Do you hear that?
Yeah, what is that?
I think it's coming from...
(chiming continues)
I've got this planet in my hands.
You know I'll listen if I can...
(Chiming continues)
This is a baby's room.
The reports never said
anything about a baby.
Oh, look at that thing.
(Camera shutter clicks)
It's creepy.
This'll be great for the project.
Okay, Julian,
I think we should just go.
Come on, Mom.
We're just doing research
- on our project.
- Riley: Julian, it's okay.
Ms. Miller, I am so sorry.
Okay, Riley, you go on.
I'll take Julian back with me.
- Call me later, okay?
- Yeah.
- You can't be out here.
- Why not?
- Because it's trespassing.
- Oh, come on, Mom.
It's not like we're stealing anything.
We're doing research.
I don't care, Julian.
You don't get
to rewrite the law
when it doesn't suit you.
- How'd you even know where I was?
- I tracked your cellphone.
Wait, you what?
How'd you even know how to do that?
Look, until you move
out of the house,
you're my responsibility.
That means I get to know where you are.
Why, so you can scare
the shit out of me and my girlfriend?
So I can protect you.
I don't need you to protect me, Mom.
All right?
I can take care of myself.
What happened to the Diehl family
is an ugly part
of this town's past, Julian.
No one needs you digging it up again.
No one needs to be reminded of it.
You're just gonna have to find something
else to research, you understand?
(Rock music playing)
Stupid American trash
I'm just American trash.
Stupid American trash.
(Engine stops) (music stops)
Riley: Who is that?
That is the mysterious Louis Le Prince.
Harlan's great-great-
and according to many historians,
the father of motion pictures.
I thought that was Thomas Edison.
Yeah, so did I, actually.
- Are you sure he's related to Harlan?
- Yeah, that's what it says.
Oh. Hey, check this out.
It's a still from "Roundhay Garden."
According to this,
it was the first movie ever made
by anybody ever.
How cool is that?
So what'd you find on the baby?
Uh, nothing.
There's no mention of it,
just the photo of the family.
God, she looks pregnant
in the photo, right?
Mmm, yeah, definitely.
What about a birth certificate?
If Harlan's sister had a baby,
- there has to be a record of it.
- Look, it's Rob Zombie.
(School bell rings)
- Riley: Ugh.
Get a room, you guys.
Oh, we plan to.
Shiny Toy Guns tonight, buddy.
Are you serious?
You're gonna skip your classes?
- Yeah, we're gonna skip...
- Mmmmm.
...get a hotel, get shitfaced
and pass out in each other's arms.
Oh, I didn't realize
you were such a romantic, Bri.
Mmm, I have many secrets.
Speaking of secrets,
you should see the stuff
that Riley and I are
getting on Harlan Diehl.
Mmm, I'm sure it's all
so incredibly fascinating.
Check out these pictures.
I took 'em down at the farmhouse.
I think we should
go back there and reshoot.
(laughs) Dream on, Spielberg.
Shit. Damn it,
do you have my phone?
Here, just call yourself.
(playing tune)
(crickets chirping)
You have my phone?
Looks like it.
- Where'd you find it?
- Here.
Is it...
uh, where are you now?
So is it cool if I come by
and grab it in like an hour?
You like doing this, don't you?
Digging deeper into things.
- Yeah, don't you?
- I'm not sure.
All right, there he is.
(Car door opens)
(door closes)
(engine stops)
(door opens)
- Hey, man.
What are you doing here?
You have my phone, remember?
(Inhales sharply) Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Awesome. Thanks, man.
I'll see you later.
(Car door opens)
(rock music playing)
Gonna come in and rent
a movie from me?
I can give you
some recommendations,
maybe even a discount.
(laughs) No thanks.
We don't like the same kind
of films, remember?
Oh, that's right, yeah.
"Freaky Friday."
- Why "Freaky"...
- What?
(Chuckles) I'll see you later.
- See ya.
(chuckles) Bye.
(Bells jingle)
- Yo.
Hey, what's up, man?
(Hums) (keyboard clacking)
Hey, Wylie, have you ever heard
of a guy named Louis Le Prince?
- Oh yeah, of course.
- Hmm. You ever see any of his films?
Well, he only made three,
but I wouldn't really call them films...
they was only like two seconds long.
We got a copy around here somewhere.
Hey, come over and help me restock this.
I gotta get out of here.
I got some shit to do.
So are they cool,
the Le Prince films?
- Not as cool as the legend.
- So what is the legend?
The legend is only something people
in the know would know...
that Louis Le Prince was the Devil.
(laughs) The Devil. Come on.
- Think about it...
Louis, Lucifer,
the Prince of Darkness.
Wait. What? Come on. Really, the guy's
evil because his name's weird?
A name tell a lot about a man.
Think about it...
Louis Cyphre, "Angel Heart";
John Milton,
"The Devil's Advocate";
Daryl Van Horne,
"Witches of Eastwick."
- They all devils, man.
- That's completely different.
They're movies. It's fiction.
What do you think legends are?
(man's voice, distorted)
Hey, man, you ever hear
the superstition
that photographs steal
part of your soul?
Yeah, kinda.
Okay, well,
some people still believe that.
And then Louis Le Prince comes
along and shoots a movie.
The exact replica
of a living breathing person.
Not a frozen moment
like a photograph,
but something that moved,
something made of light. Like a ghost.
Legend evolved that Louis Le Prince
found a way to steal
not just part of your soul
but the entire thing.
So how does that relate to anything?
I'm getting to that.
Louis Le Prince had a son,
his name was Adolphe.
That's his real name, by the way.
Perfect for my story. But anyway,
Adolphe was in his first movie,
"Roundhay Garden."
The legend is that Louis shot the movie
so that he could steal his soul
and replace it with his own...
a dark twisted evil one.
And that soul, the demonic one,
could be passed down
through the bloodline,
possessing one child
from each generation,
father to son,
getting stronger each time.
Sounds like you're making this up.
No no, if you don't believe me,
you can look it up.
It's on the internet.
If it's on the internet,
then it must be true.
Know what?
Let me get this movie for you, man,
'cause you think I'm playing.
Here you go. "Roundhay Garden"
is on that. Check it out.
And by the way,
all the people in that movie...
they died.
So? It was like over 100 years ago.
Of course they died.
No, they all died right
after they made the movie.
(Rock music playing)
- A night out, going out of control
I believe you wanna...
(Cellphone rings)
- I'm annoying with your voice.
- Inside my head...
- Hello. Nate?
Hello, can you hear me?
- Okay, who is this?
- Quinn: Look at the camera.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
- There's no camera in my room.
- Look again.
(static) (distorted screaming)
- Julian: So that's it?
- Yeah, I told you it was short.
And all those people died
right after making the movie?
Yup, that's what make the legend
so freaking legendary.
Hey, you know Le Prince's great-great-
great-grandson lived here in Marshall?
Yeah yeah,
that's kinda why I'm interested.
I'm doing a report on him for school.
Wait a minute, you doing a report
on Harlan Diehl for school?
- Yeah.
- That's fucking weird.
Hey, whatever.
Hey, I hope I was helpful.
Yeah, definitely.
Now I know the reason
he killed his whole family...
he was possessed.
What the fuck are you doing here?
- This is my house.
- I need to talk to you.
What happened to your face?
I got the Baker girl.
The camera's in her bedroom.
(Breathes heavily)
Bedroom. Holy shit.
I need a favor.
What kind of favor?
I need something from a police file.
(Chuckles) Trespassing
I could probably get off your record.
Breaking and entering...
that's a little different.
Why don't you give me the stuff
you have from the bedroom,
- I'll see what I can do.
- No, not my record.
I need something
from the Harlan Diehl files.
What do you know about Harlan Diehl?
I know that the police took boxes
of video tapes from the farmhouse.
- What the fuck do you want those for?
- Does it really matter?
Yeah yeah, it matters.
Harlan Diehl videotaped
everything, right?
Including his sister.
She's, what, probably naked
in half of them?
Well, I've got a client that
would like to see that footage.
What client?
What, you have clients?
What, you think you're
the only sick fuck in this town?
- Huh?
- You're out of your fucking mind.
- I'm not getting you those.
- Then I can't get you the girl.
Hey, are you trying
to strong-arm me, pal? Huh?
- I'm motivating you.
- With all the shit I have on you,
- I could bury you, punk.
- Likewise.
Well, I guess we're gonna have
to do this the hard way then.
(Engine starts, rewing)
- The fuck does that mean?
Hey, what the fuck
does that mean?
Little did I know
shit would get so crazy.
So fast, so maybe I'll get baked
on the daily, put my feet up.
- Let my mind go hazy...
Little did I know shit
would get this gnarly.
This quickly, I hardly
had time to think...
Baby, come on.
Oh man. Come on!
Baby, we're gonna be late!
Baby, come on.
We've gotta go.
Brianna, come on, baby.
Jesus. Baby, come on,
we gotta go.
Little did I know
shit would get so crazy.
So fast, so maybe
I'll get baked on the daily.
Put my feet up,
let my mind go hazy...
I'm really sorry I was late, Bri.
I'm gonna make it up
to you, I promise.
You know, I bet we only miss
the opening band anyway, so who cares?
If your apartment is
the place to be, if you eat...
Come on.
Please just talk to me.
Say something.
This is just getting weird.
- Baby, what's the matter?
Fuck off!
You all right?
(Chuckles) Bri, what's wrong?
Well, I suggest you switch
your mind state...
Jesus. Did you start
drinking already?
Okay, well, I suggest you switch
your mind state...
- Fuck! You broke my nose.
(music stops)
(Nate groaning)
(screams, moaning)
(siren chirps)
Hey, Lyons,
Lieutenant wants to see ya.
(phones ringing)
(keyboards clacking)
You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?
Yeah, Frank, sit down.
You know any of the kids
down at Franklin?
Any of the high school kids?
Uh, a few. Why?
You know Nathan Bronson?
Yeah, what about him?
Well, his mother called dispatch.
He didn't come home last night.
I'm surprised
she came home at all last night.
I saw her sucking face with
old Hank Hennessy down at the tavern.
Go down to the school
on your way home,
see what his friends say.
It's probably nothing,
but I want you to check.
Is that it, Lieutenant?
That's it, Frank.
Sure you don't want me to help an old
lady cross the street on my way back?
It might not be a bad idea, Frank.
From what I'm hearing,
your reputation could use a polish.
How long is it?
Uh, about 15 minutes.
We're still working on it.
Yeah, that's why we just
wanna run it by you.
Oh, you want me
to give you notes.
- Julian: Not really notes, so to speak.
(siren chirps)
Me? Why does
he wanna talk to me?
(Door opens)
(police radio chatter)
- How are ya?
(door shuts)
What's your name?
DeeDee Baker.
Nervous, DeeDee?
A little bit.
There ain't anything
to be nervous about.
My name is Officer Lyons.
I just wanna ask you
a few questions.
- You're not in any trouble.
- I hope not,
'cause I can't think
of anything I did wrong.
You're a...
you're a good girl, are ya?
I'm very responsible,
if that's what you mean.
Next thing you know, you'll be
telling me you're in the choir.
- As matter of fact, I am.
Um, Mr. Carpenter,
does he still teach the choir?
I used to be in the choir myself.
I was a baritone.
(radio chatter continues)
Hey, um, so how...
how do you know Nathan Bronson?
He's my sister's boyfriend.
What about you?
Do you, uh...
do you have a boyfriend?
- No.
I find that very unlikely.
(Hums, static)
- Eww, creepy.
- Riley: Why? What did he say?
Nate didn't come home last night.
His mom's all worried.
Oh, that's not creepy.
- It was the way he said it.
- So what did you tell him?
He went to the Shiny Toy Guns
concert with Brianna.
- You told him?
- Yeah, of course.
Otherwise his mom's gonna think
he's dead in a ditch somewhere.
Now I'm worried.
What if something happened to Brianna?
I'm sure she's fine.
(cellphone buzzing)
- Yeah.
- Quinn, you gotta get me
the bedroom stuff.
I need it right now.
Look, I'll... I'll try
and get you the tapes, okay?
That's all I can do. I've got $500
if I can't, though, all right?
I don't want your money.
I said I'd fucking try, okay?
Just... just get me the girl.
Oh my God.
(Alarm clock buzzes)
Come on, Julian, just let it go.
Listen, we can do this,
all right? Just not today.
We don't have time to figure out
what happened to the baby.
- Our project is due today.
- So we didn't dig deep enough.
- Try hard enough.
- Our project is due in 30 minutes.
I mean, who else can we ask?
Where else can we go?
- Chris Safford.
- Who?
The news guy, the reporter.
We can go to the station
right now and ask him.
Oh, come on, Riley.
No, I gotta go and you have to
explain this to Ms. Milton.
Riley, come... well, wait.
Ca... can I use your car?
- Yeah.
- Woman over intercom: Can I help you?
- Julian: I'm here to see Chris Safford.
He's one of your newscasters.
Mr. Safford no longer works here.
- Oh shit. Thanks.
- I'm sorry, sir.
Come on.
Yeah, hi.
Chris Safford, please.
(Stammers) No, I'm sorry.
I'm looking for Chris Safford.
Yeah, could I speak to Chris Safford?
Chris Safford, please.
You know, I'm sorry.
Never mind. Wrong number.
(Doorbell chimes)
What are you doing here?
My sister didn't come home last night.
You told me to contact you
if anything strange turned up.
Right. Sure.
Can I come in?
- You live here alone?
- Um...
- I do now.
- Divorced?
So listen, you were
saying that your sister...
she didn't come home
last night?
Yes. Like I said before,
she went to a concert
with her boyfriend,
but they were supposed
to be home last night.
They might have stayed an extra night,
but I think she would've called.
I know.
Look, I understand.
I can make some calls...
call the hospitals, highway patrol...
see if there were any accidents
or arrests, stuff of that nature.
Thank you.
I'm sure she's fine.
- Officer Lyons...
- Call me Frank.
I know you watch me.
Quinn told me.
What? What did he say?
He said you watch me
in the locker room
- and you pay him for it.
- No no, that is absolutely not true.
Quinn is a pathetic
psychopathic criminal.
The thing is, Frank...
I don't mind.
I kind of like it.
How much do you pay him?
I... I don't know
what you're talking about.
- I don't pay him anything.
- I'm not going to tell anyone.
I don't know what you're talking about.
He said you wanted
to watch me in my bedroom.
You were gonna get him a box of tapes
or something as an exchange.
- Did you do it?
- These tapes... they have nothing
- to do with you.
I'm gonna get you some water.
Do you have anything stronger?
I have water, okay?
Hey. You seen Julian around?
I got the equipment
you guys wanted.
- What equipment?
- For your project.
The reshoot.
He told me I could drop it off.
He vouched for you.
- Vouched for me?
- Yeah.
He said you'd watch it till he got back.
Something about you guys
shooting at the Diehl farm.
Can you give me a hand?
I gotta get back to work.
(Engine stops)
It's not that much stuff.
Just take a second.
Look, you really shouldn't be here.
(Chuckles nervously)
(soft rock music playing)
I... I could get in
a lot of trouble for this.
- You should probably go.
- Relax.
It's our little secret.
I want to see how you do it.
Just pretend you're alone.
You like to watch.
Now I want to watch too.
- Oh. This is heavy.
- And the tripod.
Yeah, I know.
- He really wanted the tripod.
- I don't think I can carry all this.
Sorry. You need that cable
right there. Can you grab it?
Oh, I'll try.
Chris Safford, please.
Julian Miller.
I wanted to do an interview
about his career as a newscaster.
Yeah yeah, do you know...
do you know where I can find him?
(Soft rock music playing)
(Frank breathing heavily)
This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because.
Blame it on my ADD, baby...
Isn't this so much better than
watching me on a screen?
(Breathing heavily)
Blame it on my own sick pride.
Blame it on my ADD, baby...
- Oh God.
- Sail!
(Cellphone ringing)
- What?
- Sail!
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
- Hello?
- She's going home.
Quinn? What the fuck?
What the hell is going on?
What did you just say to her?
She does what I tell her to do.
She what? Why?
- Quinn: Because I own her...
- You what?
...and I'm telling her to go.
No no, don't tell her to go, okay?
I want her to stay.
No, you're gonna sit there
with your fucking blue balls
until you go down
to the fucking station
and get me
the fucking tapes that I want!
Listen, I... I got your tapes, okay?
They're right fucking here.
I got 'em last night.
Now just tell her to stay, okay?
I want her to stay.
You've got the tapes?
(Engine stops)
You don't...
you don't have to do anything.
I'm not an asshole,
so I think I got all confused.
I mean I want you.
I just wanted...
all I was trying to do...
it started out...
I just wanted to keep an eye on you.
That's... Jesus!
(Lightly sobbing)
- Excuse me, nurse.
(both speak softly)
Thank you.
(Camera whirring)
Mr. Safford.
Mr. Safford?
I'm... I'm Julian Miller.
You mind if I sit down?
You one of those candy stripers?
No no no.
We're doing a project for school,
and I wanted to ask you a question
about when you were a newscaster.
- Chris: Hmm.
- I, uh...
I was hoping you might be able to
give me some information
about Harlan Diehl.
- Harlan Diehl?
- Julian: 1994?
That's right. 1994.
That was my last really big story.
See, my partner and I have been
doing a lot of research,
and we can't seem to find
anything on the baby.
How did you know
about the baby?
A lot of digging.
You know, I tried
to follow up on that story.
It was a good story. I tried.
I did some digging too,
you know.
So wh... what did you find out?
(Camera whirring)
(whirring stops) (chiming)
You ask anybody
why those murders happened,
nobody knows. Nobody knows.
(Chuckles) And no motive.
That's what the police said.
Harlan Diehl may have
been mentally unstable,
but something triggered
those murders...
something or somebody.
And that somebody is that baby.
- How so?
- Well, as far as I was able
to find out, the parents wanted
to put the baby up for adoption.
Harlan didn't like that.
Of course, you can't really
blame the parents.
If you found out
your son was boinking
your daughter and got her pregnant,
you'd probably do the same thing, right?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What?
Harlan Diehl raped his sister...
his adopted sister.
She got pregnant
and the parents didn't want
anybody to know about it.
They put the baby
up for adoption, so...
Harlan killed 'em.
What happened to the baby?
Well, that's where
the story stopped for me.
I tried. I tried.
And somebody
at the adoption agency said
one of the responding officers
took custody of the baby.
Sir, the responding officer...
did... did you ever
find out who that was?
Oh yeah, a nice lady,
dark hair, and I saw her
around town a lot.
- Miller.
- Miller?
- Yeah, Anne Miller.
- It's okay. Shh.
- Okay, come here. Come here.
Shh. It's okay.
It's okay. Shh shh shh shh.
- It's okay. It's okay.
Okay. Shh, it's okay.
Oh my God.
(Coughs, sniffles)
God damn it. Riley, where are you?
Where are you?
I need you to call me back.
Oh God, I just...
you'll never believe this,
but I just found out that Harlan...
that... oh fuck... I need you.
He... he might be...
my mom never said anything,
but we might be related
and I just...
I need you to call me back.
I need you to call me back.
God damn it.
(breathes deeply)
(engine revs) (tires screech)
Mom, we need to fucking
talk right now. Mom!
(Glass breaks)
(Riley banging, crying)
(muffled screaming)
- Riley.
(softly) What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the f...
what the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
(Shouting) Somebody help me!
Help me!
What the fuck?
Quinn, where's Riley?
(Muffled screaming)
Riley! Riley!
Quinn, where's Riley?
Can anybody hear me?
Quinn, what are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
Where's Riley?
- There's no reason to cry.
- Quinn!
This is destiny.
And you get to be a part of it.
He needs you. I...
need you.
(Cellphone ringing)
Julian, can you hear me?
Hello, officer.
Who is this?
Where's Julian?
He's a little busy right now.
- Who is this?
- He knows.
- He knows what?
- The truth.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You let me speak to my son.
Help me!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
- Help me!
Be patient,
- my son.
- Help me!
Help me! Help me!
Quinn, what the fuck?
Where's Riley, Quinn?
You better not have fucking
touched her! Help me!
Come on, help me, somebody!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
(Quinn grunts)
(breathing heavily)
(muffled shout)
(muffled shouting)
- Riley. Riley.
What? What?
- Riley, are you okay?
- Where's Quinn?
- He's downstairs. We gotta go.
Use your teeth. Come on.
- Come on. Come on.
- Hands, hands, hands.
(tape rips)
- Good. Keep going.
Go go go go go.
Nate's car.
(Screams, panting)
You fucking bitch!
(Riley whimpers)
Come on.
- Come on.
(camera humming)
(Riley whimpering)
What's wrong? Are you okay?
Oh my head.
- Can you move?
- Yeah.
- We've gotta go.
- Okay. Ah!
- Julian: Let's go.
(wheel squeaking)
These bodies...
so much worthless flesh.
So tired of using them.
(Squeaking continues)
(Riley whimpers)
Listen, how's your head?
- Okay? Okay?
- It's...
(Riley whimpering)
(engine stops) (clicks)
(Shouts) Julian!
- Oh my God, it's my mom.
No no no, Julian.
Get down, get down.
I have a DOA at the Diehl farm,
apparent homicide.
- Let's go.
- No, don't. Julian! Fuck.
(Baby crying)
(crying stops)
Who's there?
(Riley panting)
I need you to step out
where I can see you.
- Julian: Mom!
- Julian!
- Stay right where you are!
- What's going on? What's happening?
- Julian, stay back!
- Mom, are you okay? What's happening?
Mom, it's Quinn. Mom!
He's got a gun! Mom!
- Riley: She'll be okay. No no!
- Julian: Are you fucking sure?
- Julian, no!
- Mom!
Julian, just... Julian!
(Both grunting)
(Quinn chuckles)
No. No!
- Get off my son, motherfucker!
(machine beeping)
(woman speaking over P.A.)
(man speaking on TV)
Woman 2 on TV:
Local police officials are investigating
a multiple homicide that occurred here...
an apparent copycat crime...
- Julian.
- ...of the Harlan Diehl murders.
Now according to reports,
three people were found murdered
and several others were injured,
including Lieutenant Anne Miller
of the Marshall Police Department.
Man: Lieutenant Miller showed great
courage when she arrived on the scene.
She contained the area immediately
and subdued the suspect.
- We have no motive...
- Hey, I'm gonna go
get something to eat.
Do you want something?
- No.
- Okay.
Man: As far as we know,
there are no other suspects.
Woman 2: Earlier today,
police responded to yet another 911 call
where two others were found
to be murdered.
So far authorities haven't
confirmed whether or not
the two homicide cases are
in fact related.
Reporting live in Marshall,
I'm Jane Kenmore for WPZM 13.
(Cellphone buzzing)
(fly buzzing)
(rock music playing)
Still this aching heart
I will pretend.
- A certain fondness for you.
- Just because you.
My small island.
Disappears beneath.
- The raging egos here.
- Just because you.
Send the birds down there
I find it hard to breathe
I suppose I'll survive.
Not because you want me to.
(Rock music playing)
(choir chanting)
(dramatic music playing)