Playing Doctor (2015) Movie Script

(mellow music)
- Roger, Carol.
- Hi!
- Back already?
Geez, what'd ya, inhale your food?
- (laughs) No, don't be silly.
We had to skip dessert because of someone.
- Ugh, this knucklehead
forgot to take his Prilosec
and was treated to an entree
of fettuccine a la heartburn.
- Oh no!
- I hope that our little
Anthony wasn't too much trouble
because he sometimes has a
hard time making new friends.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- That guy's a real little spitfire.
Got along just swimmingly
with our Rebecca.
- Yeah, those two have just
been having a regular old
master class in Fun 101.
Last time I checked, I think
they were playing Doctor.
- That's right.
- Oh hey now, not that kind of doctor!
- Oh my goodness!
- Whew!
I was like ...
- I think we got another 12 or so years
before we have to worry about that.
- Mom, Dad, looks like
we lost another one.
- Doc McStuffins is a real role model
for our kids, am I right?
- (laughs) He's so bad.
Well, your son was a real dick anyway.
What do you want me to say?
(chainsaw buzzing)
(intense swooshing)
- Could've been that guy
from a few weeks ago.
He was cute, like a--
- Just the bulb is doing something weird.
- Oh, nevermind the bulb!
- Oh no, it stopped.
- I've got bigger problems here!
- For fucks sake, Eva, not
everything is about you!
(intense music)
- [Narrator] This is the
moment Sarah remembered
she'd had unprotected sex a week ago.