Playing with Dolls: Havoc (2017) Movie Script

WARNING private area
Intruders are shot
Please do not hurt me!
Please, please ...
Please do not hurt me.
I'll do whatever you want.
What do you want?
Did you hear that?
someone is killing a woman right now,
do you know what's going on there?
I do not know. I'm paid for
with lots of money not to hear anything
but it smells especially the cops
Echo 3 here, hear me Echo 7?
Keep going.
I heard gunfire
14 A in the area.
Do you see them?
I'm going to investigate.
What is rabbit ...
So full of
determination and do not want to.
Everything else is just a facade.
All the other must-
Echo 3 invites you to the Base Camp.
- The intruder.
Probably the same policeman who followed in Bolivia
Is he near the stadium?
- Is the snow line on the inside?
Not. I think I killed him.
You killed? It gets there in case.
The area can not be anyone.
It's a kill zone. You understand?
- Yes. I'm out of the area.
Okay, it's the best.
- But ... We should not make sure he's dead
? He spinning down the slope.
If Kuti killed, he faces
worse than death. Get out of here now.
Okay, I'm leaving the area.
One more thing: they have a new girl.
- You understand.
Where are your things?
- Do you have a roommate?
He left?
- Yeah, and he took it all.
In general?
- Yes.
Vuokrarahatko, too?
- Yes, my contribution.
But I saved a little.
They were hidden in the wall slot.
- You smart.
It's missing $ 400.
- I know but...
This has happened too often.
- I always pay in time.
Yes, but no roommate.
I warned him of the escape.
And your name agrees,
so it's your problem.
The rent is so much late,
that I have the right to evacuate you.
I do not have where to go.
She must, in addition, have all my money.
My money now.
Problem But Voihan to negotiate.
- Of course. I would clean and ...
I thought I was a yes
something more intimate.
What the? Not. Someone has to keep taking care of you.
I could.
No, thanks.
- Am I so disgusting?
I did not come before to think about it.
- Listen.
You would get your money back in the game.
You surely need her.
- I'll be fine.
I only need a few days to
for the purchase balance.
Let me sleep with you when
in a while, so you get to stay for free.
I'm a great lover.
Please, go.
I'll be back in a few hours after
with the evacuation order.
Put something pretty and wait for me
, or fly on the street.
You have to choose.
After all, you were fired last week.
You can not be at work while my husband
when you try to seduce him.
I have not tried any ...
- I saw you look at him.
I'm not the one who looks.
- You say to me,
True to my husband that they existed at
like, where are you?
It's a slander. I challenge you to
justice. For a deportation even.
Do you have a residence permit, right? - It is.
You pay two weeks of salary.
Pay as I go.
Do not expect to be money for good,
that you tried to steal my husband?
There you are nerve!
- Let me explain.
Do not interfere with this, Donald!
- Guilt is not Cindy's but mine.
I fancy a little.
I'm sorry, it will not happen again.
Please do not give him a kick
because of me.
I should be here,
to continue flirting?
Do you think he still tolerates any error
from you?
Do not I have to take it again?
And you, he's my husband! Get out before I call
my nephew policeman
And I say you stole a computer from us.
- Not true.
I will, and I had to
prison. I'm calling on the spot.
- Are you Cindy Tremaine?
I called Everson luxury real estate bridge.
You want to work for us in the last month.
You're still ...
- Available? Are.
Do you remember what it is?
- Yeah, something like a vahtimista-house
And includes salary In addition to food and housing.
4,000 a month. Please note that the place
is he retired?
It fits very well now.
- Hi.
The work starts now.
I'm ready for that, ma'am.
Are you sure?
Open package I sent.
It's something wrong?
- Of course not.
But how did you know ...
Can you start right away or not?
Yes. This is apparently the key.
Auto, in which key crises,
is parked in front of your apartment.
We do not have time to send someone out there
. You'll drive there alone.
It is well suited.
Either this generous.
The place is finished, the car filled with
and the address provided to the navigator.
Source as fast as possible.
- Yes Mrs.
This is an escape order.
I have the legal right to evacuate
to the apartment.
But if you want to be nice to me,
I can have it.
What would you say if you continue?
Just play with you.
I am sorry. I think I lost myself.
Hello! Where are you going?
- 1222 Fruitvaleen.
The navigation program works badly here.
Fruitvale is farther.
There is another way to go.
Does the vehicle have enough gas?
There are no service stations.
I do not know.
But it is not, at least not back enough.
This only helps to continue the journey.
Are you alone on the move?
My husband sleeps in the car.
The old miracle man leaves his wife's unit
and talk to strangers.
And he did not buy a ring at all.
It may be just as well alone.
This region is not lonely for women.
And most people either.
Thank you. A good day.
I have to go back to this car.
Hey. Miss Tremaine?
Yes, ma'am.
- Nice to meet you.
Take your things, come with me in the car
and give me the key SUV.
I'm ready.
- Do not you have things in the car?
I did not get anything from.
You realize you have to
to stay here?
Yes, but I did not get anything from.
Well, it does not matter.
We have everything you need. Do you feel cold?
- No, ma'am.
Access to the house is an hour's drive.
He had to wait here-
Since this is the closest address of the navigation device
Access to the house is not the way.
It's virtually impossible to find.
Why so?
The owner wants to be.
He does not want to be disturbed.
This is the main entrance.
The house is also a back door.
Is not the phone and nothing here?
- Unfortunately no. We're too beaten off the track.
You want a coffee? No, thanks.
Let me do it.
The refrigerator is full of food.
There are two refrigerators in the garage.
The cabinets are full of dry food,
so everything is what you need.
Thank you. This is what you have to do,
when the owner comes in.
She is an elderly man from Denmark.
He did not come for a while offers yet
But when katsokin comes,
that the place is clean and orderly.
Yes, ma'am.
I brought you food once a month.
It's hard to be without Interneti- But, because it is not, you will get permission from
to come up with something for entertainment.
There is a hydromassage bath behind the house.
And ... Come on.
You did not take with other vatteita-
But it does not matter.
Here's the girl
left here working wavering
And it's your size.
I'm assuming you're using dimension 4.
- You can use all of this.
What the? It would not be damaging
throw them away. They are the clothes designer.
And to pray for your clothes.
Not even considered.
Do not be shy, they are yours now.
You can sleep here or in another
house of six rooms.
The house is no longer part of the radio, and here is no cable
. Put this on the phone.
Neighbor is not, so get to listen
music how loud you want.
The night may otherwise include loud noise.
It's because of the water pipes.
The house is great, the pipes rattle when it's cold
. are not you afraid of that?
I'm trying not to be afraid.
Camera is a lot, but they are site only in the presence of the owner.
That's already a lot of Creator's watch.
The return journey takes six hours -
I do not want to drive at night.
Well, here you go.
Here the keys.
He does not miss it.
- I do not miss.
Do you have any questions?
- It is, if possible.
What happened to the previous face?
He died. Gluma, joke.
Bad joke.
I have to go now.
I came to visit after a month.
Yes, Harold. You've heard right.
I need another million.
Contact is foreign. Katsokin,
that the money is now clean.
Believe me, do not worry.
It's just going to the new project, which
I invest money. That's all.
Let's hear, Harold.
No, I do not kill him.
It has not been yet. I want to get to know
he, his way of thinking.
Listen now.
I never bring a girl out there.
She gives you back to prison if she does not listen
! Damn it, listen!
He is clean and ready to
for you.
He is now
nubile and ready for love.
Has he eaten yet another?
- Not yet.
When did he last eat? - Last time.
When we ate dinner together
five days ago?
Hnellehn had to give heroin, and he ...
- Not for you to do.
Heroin calms and does
more willing. She does not live.
If he gives them too much
heroin, he forgets eat.
He is hungry.
Give him food.
I tried, but he did not eat.
- To force him to eat then.
Do I have to think about everything? Enter it
he and then bring him here.
Good. If he eats,
will drop it.
Yeah, but do it
before dying.
The police! Put your hands up!
How many people in the house have?
Do not worry, I'm a police officer.
How many people in the house have?
- Not more than me.
Do you have a satellite phone?
- Not.
Is CB?
- What the?
How do we communicate with the outside world?
- I'm not in any way.
Do you have a car or a motorcycle?
- It's not a vehicle.
No phone and no means of transport?
- None.
What happened to you?
You are fine?
- I was just ...
Just be worried. You're safe here.
Where's the gun?
- I hid it.
As far as
I'm sure they're not dangerous.
You took my stuff. You've probably seen it
ID card.
Did not you see I'm a cop?
- After all, it can be forged.
Thank you for me.
- You're welcome.
Otherwise, feeling pretty good
but the clothes are wet.
I washed you with a hose.
You were so blood.
I am sorry.
- Do not be. Thank you.
I'm grateful.
You live here alone.
- I said.
Why do you have a cabin in the wilderness?
- I want to be left alone.
But it's interesting, what
the police here in the wilderness?
Tllhn there are no people. What do you really study
? Bear Distribution?
Crime. I'm looking for a cold-blooded killer.
Well, yes, at least
not the killer.
Know. The guilty is a man who is
fifty years.
After all, you can not have it.
I would like to be epkiitollinen-
But I have been four days without eating
. We can continue
-have dinner on the table? -Not.
But lunch is fine.
I was afraid to die there in the woods.
Are you sure you have no mirage?
- I do not do.
This cottage has a shelf.
- Exactly.
Besides contact opportunities
and means of transport of civilization.
What if you want to make copies
civilization? It's walking.
How did you feel, then you came here?
- Police car.
Then I went for four days.
Where's the police now?
- It took the guy's nails.
Then her husband left
Fortunately, I managed to survive.
Thank you.
Echo 3 here, hears Echo 7?
- Intrusion Zone 001.
He's the same spy again.
What happens to the commands?
- Kill him.
There is a young woman.
It must not be damaged.
What are you doing here?
Do not ask so much, police.
I'm not looking for a killer.
There is only one elderly man
What age? - It's not fifty years old.
Either paranoid.
Where is this man now?
- Denmark.
This is summer cottages, and me
I'm just ... a maid.
You're talking about a beautiful dialect.
Where are you from? Ukraine?
It is not like that? Are I wrong?
Kazakhstan? South Russia?
- You were right right away.
- I knew.
You must have traveled a lot.
We could have been more.
Generally, they are commuting at work.
The man I was looking for ... I followed him up to
And last year in Bolivia here,
for your own country.
Is not Bolivia in South America?
It is.
- He made it to UCIS people there?
He paid one of the most crazy psycopaaist-in the world
Who was released from prison in Bolivia.
I do not have time to block him.
So now the main suspect lisksi-
He also has a crazy psychopath, that is
his partner.
I do not know a partner, but ...
The man I was looking for
wants to look after people die. When I was in Lithuania, I found many tablets
What films?
These are like porn movies but lopussa-
The woman is killed for real.
Killing for real?
- Yes.
They enjoy women kaistap
killing, so oletan-
That he paid a serial killer release
This, then, people would kill
and it is crazy what they see would rejoice.
Is there a man here somewhere?
- I know it is.
Now that you know what a man I am,
leave my gun back.
It's the waist.
Thank you. And an anti-bullet vest.
- What the?
What happened?
- Stand there.
Are you all right? Eye test stick.
I have a ghastly grenade.
- It's innocuous
But blind the enemy
so keep your eyes closed.
Everything looks good.
I need all available
From your boss?
- So?
I mean, he installed these rooms?
- Yes...
How well do you know your employer?
Now you're gonna die.
They're the idiot.
You are fine?
- Please help me! I need the police.
- I did not see you.
Kind, run now!
- Okay. Do not worry.
Run now.
- You're safe now.