Playing with Fire (2019) Movie Script

Command, this is Redding 5
approaching a timber fire
off Route 16.
We've got a high rate
of spread on this one,
with a line of cars that are
blocking emergency vehicles,
so we're gonna send in
the jumpers on the left flank.
Approaching drop zone now.
Honey, it's really bad.
I don't know when...
We're trapped.
We can't get out.
What do we do now?
We need a miracle.
- Where? Oh!
- Look!
Where's my Redding Crew at?
Road's backed up for miles and we
need to get emergency teams in here.
But right now our job is to keep
that fire from those vehicles.
Alpha Team, cut a line upslope
and prep for a burn.
Yes, sir!
Beta Team,
stay close to me.
Love being close
to you, Supe.
In the words of
Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf,
"If you can't take the heat,
get out the kitchen!"
Not even close.
Let's disagree to agree,
'cause quotes are my thing.
Fire's gonna do
a 180 off the line!
Supe! Laser!
Alpha Team! Move! Move!
It's getting real warm
down here. Got me?
Roger that.
Two... One...
Paint it pink!
Whoo! I love the smell
of PHOS-CHEK in the morning!
Whoa, whoa, you okay?
I'm good. I'm good.
Thank you for...
You are the bravest man
I've ever seen.
- And the hottest.
- Thank you, ma'am. But for us,
it's just another day
at the office.
My husband sells insurance!
Take me with you!
I'm literally standing
right here.
Hey, hey, hey, guys!
My dawgs, come on,
come on.
You crushed it out there,
men. You crushed it!
Man, I am so sorry, Supe.
The guys were just blowing off steam.
I apologize.
There will be time for
steam reallocation later.
Our main priority
is to get this depot tip-top.
Gentlemen, you know how
quickly things can go sideways.
Heck, my dad was the greatest smokejumper
ever to hang boots in this depot.
Mmm, I don't know.
Now I got it.
That is...
That is in there.
Gentlemen, we must be
at our very best...
...every second
of every day!
Exactly. Now,
where's my Redding Crew at?
- Commander Richards.
- Mmm.
The way you and your men
put out that fire today,
it felt like it was really
the work of superheroes.
That's the Santa Barbara fire!
We're just men with a lot a training,
very strict exercise regimens,
and first-class genetics.
Now that I say it out loud,
I guess we are superheroes.
After a storied
career as Division Commander,
rumor has it you're
considering retirement.
- Care to comment?
- The rumors are true.
You should be the next Division Commander.
You've been training for this
since you were saving
LEGO people from LEGO fires.
It's what my dad
and I always dreamed of.
ability to put a fire out.
Commander Richards,
are you afraid of anything?
Uh, Supe?
No, I'm not afraid
of anything.
Except for mice.
They're a little creepy.
- Supe.
- What?
Sorry, Supe. We're gonna
join the Santa Barbara crew.
We just want to be
in the big leagues.
What... You are
so in the big leagues!
Were you not in that fire?
I just singed my eyebrows!
Smell my beard,
it smells like a luau.
That was disturbing.
Axe, you coming with us?
Ha! Ha! Go! Go!
Go, get out of here!
Get out of here, you backstabbers.
If you had a fraternity,
I wouldn't even join it!
Can you even step?
Huh? We don't need you!
We... don't... need... you!
We need them.
We need them, Chief.
We just lost three of our
best jumpers and our pilot.
Come on, man.
What's the backup plan?
We're gonna do
what we always do.
Tidy up the depot?
We stay vigilant.
Rely on our training.
that's gonna mean that...
I'm gonna have to fly.
I don't know if I'm ready
for that, I mean...
I was much more comfortable
being the backup pilot.
I'm really not suited
for a leadership role,
- right at this moment.
- Congratulations.
You've been called up.
But, Supe...
Oh, man.
Fire down by the lake.
Relax, guys. Relax.
They don't even need us.
Local team says there's this
massive storm coming here,
and it's just gonna...
Let it burn out.
So there's no need
to be nervous, or...
Just relax, stay cool.
Lieutenant, there's cabins
down by that lake.
I'm looking for
the best of the best.
Someone who knows what a fire's
gonna do before it does it.
If you're worried about it,
we could just go down there
and check it out, right?
Whoever takes over the position is
going to be almost as great as me.
We need eyes on the ground.
Call Dr. Hicks!
Didn't you guys go
on a few dates?
Dates? No.
There were two or three occurrences
where we sat together for chow.
- Oh, so, dates.
- We're professionals.
I decided that our spending
time together
- was taking me away from this.
- Supe...
- So I chose to press pause.
- In the middle of our date?
Dr. Hicks!
What's the problem,
Superintendent Carson?
Why do you assume
there's a problem?
Unless you're calling three
months later to apologize
for going to the bathroom
during our dinner
and never coming back.
Oh, no, she didn't.
I am sorry.
I will go over here.
Okay, there's a problem.
I need you to bring up
your cameras.
There's a fire
down by the lake.
There. Zoom in
on that cabin. Right there.
Oh, no. Oh, I see it.
I see that the...
With a storm coming in,
there is no way
the local depot
is gonna make it.
Get the chopper ready.
- Where's my Redding Crew at?
- Everywhere!
Chopper flies in five.
Oh, look,
we're off the ground.
So far, so good.
All right. Deploying
the Bambi... Now.
All right, heads up, guys.
Confirming fire structure.
Three thousand pounds
of water coming at you.
Dropping the water... Now!
Okay, uh, nice try.
Can you try being
a little more supportive?
I haven't flown
in a while, okay?
Supe, you want me
to double back to the lake?
No, ditch the bucket.
Give me a line.
- Good?
- You're good.
Hold her steady!
You're ten feet from there.
Proceeding with room check.
I love you.
- Bunny!
- I will get you another one.
- Bunny.
- Zoey...
I got three civilians in the
bravo side of the structure.
- You hurt?
- Are you really a fireman?
I'm a smokejumper, which is like
a firefighter, but way cooler.
What does a smokejumper do?
We jump into fires
to fight them.
Firemen fight fires.
Yeah, but there's
over a million firefighters,
there's only 336 smokejumpers.
A million's more than 300.
In this case, less is more.
Listen, stop! I don't have time.
- Where are your parents?
- They're not here.
I can't get ahold of them.
Okay, fine. I'm getting
you out, one by one.
- You first. Let's go.
- Take Will first.
No. Take Zoey,
then Brynn, then me.
No. Zoey, then you, then me.
No. No, we do what
I say and we do it now!
Copy that.
We're a go for extraction.
No. Wait... Wait!
- Wait!
- The button, it's jammed.
This must be why there are
so few smokejumpers.
All right. Let's try this again.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Oh, no!
- Whoa!
I'm gonna clip us all together,
and we all go at once. Okay?
Go now!
- "Now," now?
- Yes, he said now!
Well, he said
"now" before!
What if he changes
his mind again?
- He's not gonna change his mind!
- Hey, guys, focus! Now!
It's the Channel Six
news team!
we are witnessing a live aerial rescue.
Take the children to St.
Stephen's for medical eval.
- Copy that.
- But why? We're fine.
Hey, Supe.
Storm's on top of us.
Winds are at 20 knots.
I need to set down, now!
Fine. Head back to the depot.
We'll evaluate 'em there.
What the heck are three eight-year-olds
doing alone in the middle of nowhere?
Eight? I'm not eight.
Hey! If he says you're
eight, you're eight.
Where's the pole?
Can I slide down the pole?
- Depot's one floor. No pole.
- Do you have a hook and ladder?
Hook and ladder? No.
What kind of firefighter
are you?
I told you.
I'm a smokejumper,
which, again, is way better.
Where are your parents?
They went up
the coast for a night
for their 20th anniversary.
And I'm extremely responsible.
I've kept these two out of
trouble their entire lives.
- Hey!
- Whoo!
Yeah, I can see that.
Put that down.
No shenanigans on my watch!
Yeah, no monkeyshines,
tomfoolery, or hijinks.
You finished?
As long as there's not
a hint of malarkey.
Now, if I didn't know
any better,
I would say that
that was sarcasm.
So why don't we just take it
down a notch, sister, okay?
Maybe a little gratitude
would be helpful.
Sorry, bud, we just don't
speak oldsey-timesy.
Oh, my gosh.
But she's not stopping.
It's just... That's just sarcasm, right?
I mean, that's not just me, right?
- It's just sarcasm.
- No, it's not just you. I just...
- I felt it now, little miss.
- Wow!
Gentlemen. I got this.
My name isn't "bud"
or "man" or "dude."
It is Superintendent
Jake Carson.
But you can call me that.
The whole thing.
This is Captain Mark Rogers.
Lieutenant Rodrigo Torres.
And that is Axe.
Hi, Axe.
Does he always
carry that axe?
Yeah, 'cause he's always
ready to roll.
All right, all right.
What's your mom's number?
You can't just
cold call my mom.
What do you think
she's gonna do
when she sees the caller ID
from a fire station
and finds out her cabin
burned down?
- I'll call her.
- Fine.
Set it up, and you hand it
right over to me.
It's straight to voicemail.
Hey, Mom, please don't worry.
We're all totally fine...
But I'm so sorry to tell you
that the cabin burned down.
We were rescued
by these smokejumpers,
which I've heard are actually
way cooler than firemen.
Apparently, there's only 339
of them in the entire country.
Three hundred thirty-six.
And this, when you do that...
That's not helpful.
So, we couldn't be
in safer hands.
I guess you can
take your time.
No! No, no.
Hello, ma'am. Uh...
Hello, ma'am.
- Hello, ma'am?
- It's still a voicemail.
This is Superintendent Jake Carson
of Redding Depot, Region Five.
I have your children.
They are physically unharmed,
but I must say
they are a bit of a handful.
Please call me back ASAP to make
arrangements to come pick them up.
Thank you.
Have a... Have a great
rest of the day.
That doesn't make
any sense, unless...
Oh, yeah...
how bad's the storm?
Well, in the words
of Mahatma Gandhi,
"It's bad.
Real, real bad."
Nope. Not even one thing
about that was right.
Why you got to go and
blow up my spot like that?
I wouldn't...
Can we make it
to the police station?
Chief, it's 90 miles.
The roads are all flooded.
You don't want to
take the kids out in that.
What about
the Safe Haven Law?
As first responders, we're legally bound
for the health and welfare of the children
until they're relinquished
to a legal guardian.
Of course.
I know what
the Safe Haven Law is.
Well, see? See, it's a good
thing the Alpha Team quit
'cause now we got all this spare
room for the kids to sleep in. Huh?
Yeah. Lucky us.
Let's do this.
Hey, guys!
This hose can reach...
Attention, everyone...
Man down. I'm coming, Supe!
This depot is
not a playground!
"Got your message.
Thank you.
"There is really
spotty service here.
"We're stuck due to the storm,
"but we will set out
first thing in the morning.
"Thank you again from the
bottom of our hearts."
That was a message
from your mom.
No hugs.
I'm legally bound to take care of
you, so that's what I'm gonna do.
In turn, you're gonna ditch
the attitude and be obedient,
so we can do our job.
Fighting fires.
Why does it have to be
"fighting" the fires?
Can't it just be "containing"
it or "resolving" it?
Oh, my gosh!
For crying out loud.
I can no longer
hold my tongue.
So what needs to happen right
now, like literally, this second,
is you gotta watch your tone,
little sister.
Or what?
"Or what?" "Or what?"
"Or what?"
"Or what?"
Por que?
Oh, I know what.
Oh, Masher!
No! No!
Good doggy.
What... What just happened?
I think the baby
broke your dog.
Sparkle Pony.
Her name's Masher.
- Sparkle Pony.
- Her name is Masher.
Sparkle Pony!
- Can you pass me the remote?
- Hey.
That's Supe's chair.
Uh-uh, what?
No, no, no, that's mine.
- Good.
- "Good"?
This is the
most amazing chair ever!
That is not for children.
- A chair isn't for children?
- Nothing here is for children.
Listen, Jake,
it's been a long day.
Why don't you just
point me to the kitchen?
I'll make 'em some dinner,
and we'll stay out of your hair.
Wait a minute, if there's gonna
be any cooking done around here,
it's gonna be done by moi.
That's French for "chef,"
by the way.
No, it's not.
No, it's a great idea.
show her the kitchen.
Rest of the depot's
off-limits, are we clear?
Don't you touch that button.
Don't you touch the...
Don't you do it.
Don't press it.
I pressed it.
Stupid Safe Haven Law.
Redding Depot. Superintendent
Jake Carson speaking.
Hey, Supe, just checking
to make sure you're okay.
You look worse than you did
after we spent nine days
fighting the Gaucho fire.
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
'Cause you always tap your fingers
like that when you're upset.
There was just a couple other things
I wanted to say about the fact that...
Okay, call me again,
and I promise
I will come out there...
Excuse me?
What kind of way is that to answer
a phone at a federal fire facility?
Tell Superintendent Carson I
need to speak to him immediately.
Tell him it's
Commander Bill Richards.
Please hold.
Jake Carson speaking.
How can I help you, Commander?
I was working a Class F
in southern Idaho,
and someone forwards me a
video of one of my smokejumpers
being pulled
into a Huey.
Sir, about that...
I apologize.
For what? Being in beast mode
on national television?
Great optics
for the department, Carson.
All in a day's work, sir.
I understand
you're Dan Carson's boy.
He was a world-class
Died in that blaze
in Yosemite, as I recall.
No greater honor for a smokejumper
than burning to a crisp.
Would've preferred
he didn't die, sir.
As you're aware,
I have to pick my successor.
Mandatory retirement.
But after last night's heroics,
you've made my short list
for Division Commander.
That's fantastic, sir! I...
It would be my privilege to carry
on your legacy after you're gone.
Say what? "Gone"?
I'm not dying.
I'm never dying.
And if I do die, that's because
everybody else is dead, too.
But yes, uh, what I meant
was when you retire.
Slow your roll, cowboy!
It's not your job yet.
I'm sure you wouldn't mind me
coming down there Monday morning
and seeing how
you run your shop.
It'd be my honor, sir.
I'll have my office
e-mail the application.
Make it official.
I'll see you Monday.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Where did you come from?
- Supe...
This is huge!
You are going to have every
single depot under your command.
Nothing's official yet.
Big Dan would be
so proud.
I have to fill out the most
important application of my life.
Yes, sir!
You kidding me?
Hey. What are you guys
doing in here?
Admiring your shelving.
Okay, well, anything in here
is outdated and unfit for use.
You mean like
your fanny pack?
This is a FUPA.
Did you just say "FUPA"?
"Fire Utility Pouch
Apparatus." Yes.
I did.
Come on, don't play that.
- Sheez.
- Is this yours?
This was my dad's.
Used to play this thing
all the time.
- Man, he loved it.
- Play!
Pianos are not for playing.
I got work to do.
Please stop crying!
Why are you
just standing there?
I've seen you wrestle
a wolverine!
- What is going on out here?
- I don't know!
She's broken!
I tried everything.
I mean, the thing she's doing...
She's doing that!
"Problem"? That. That's my problem.
Make that stop.
Zoey, you're okay, huh?
It's okay.
Maybe don't come at her
all aggro next time.
"Me fireman.
Can't turn my neck."
That was a
good impression.
Hey, guys! I found
these cool Nerf guns!
Reach for the sky, cowboy.
- Those aren't Nerf guns!
- Put it down!
Put it down!
Ha! You missed me!
Crisis averted.
I never imagined I'd have
to tell a smokejumper this,
but you know the correct way
to use a fire extinguisher
is you point the action end
away from you, right?
Dr. Hicks.
What's your problem?
Why do you think
there's a problem?
You always blink really fast
when you're angry.
I'm not blinking fast.
But there is a problem.
You dive-bombed my lab and
scooped up water from Fisher Lake.
That is a protected
wildlife area.
That kind of activity is devastating to
the habitat of the Western Spadefoot!
Forgive me if I'm prioritizing
human life over a frog pond.
- They're toads.
- It's the same thing.
Like firemen
and smokejumpers?
I have an agreement
with Cal Fire
saying that they are not
gonna collect water
from Fisher Lake
for their dumps.
And now it looks like you are
gonna have to sign it, too.
You know what?
You're right.
You're right,
and I'm sorry.
You are?
- I admire what you do out there.
- You do?
You're so nurturing
towards those frog... Toads.
It's almost maternal.
Wait, what's happening
right now?
Nothing. I'm just saying that
caring for living creatures
- is no small task.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Dr. Hicks, have you ever
felt a void in your life
that could be filled by one
to three small children?
Wait, what?
I just need your help with
a big problem that I have.
Why is Pinkie
Pie so mad at Rainbow Dash?
She found out that Rainbow Dash was
secretly throwing away Pinkie's pies.
It was so shady and unponyish,
I don't even want to go into it.
How do you know that?
In San Quentin, they only let
you watch three shows.
Cooking, history, and kids.
So now I'm an expert
in all three.
Well, it all makes
sense now.
- Right?
- What's San Quentin?
It's a liberal arts college
in Vermont.
Wait. This was much
worse a minute ago.
Well, it seems like you've
got it under control now.
So if you could just sign
that contract,
then I can leave
and you can continue watching
My Little Pony
with your friends.
You don't understand.
I am stuck
with these kids overnight.
I was hoping that
maybe you would know how
to take care of them.
Because I am a woman?
No... No! No.
You're a scientist
who knows how to care
for living creatures.
So it's my scientific opinion
you're looking for.
- Yes!
- Well, in my scientific opinion,
you're a terrible liar.
Pants on fire.
Come on!
I have devoted half of
my life to my career.
I am a well-respected
field scientist!
I am not some pushover that
you can get to babysit for you!
If you can survive in the epicenter
of a raging wildfire for days on end,
you can handle a few kids
for one night.
It's pouring rain out.
Get inside!
What were you doing
out there?
I saw the door open.
I just was wondering where you were.
I appreciate the concern.
The outside, off-limits.
- That your girlfriend?
- No.
She's an angry scientist I
thought I could unload you on.
- But you like her.
- No, I don't.
- She definitely likes you.
- No, she doesn't.
Wait... She does?
Who cares? What?
See? You do like her.
- Do you love her?
- Kisses!
- Ooh!
- Not funny!
- I'm sorry.
- It is not funny.
All right, bedtime!
Pick a bed.
I forgot my jammers.
Is that Dr. Hicks?
Oh, sorry. That's mine.
- Cool.
- Oh, yeah, that's mine, too.
- What's that?
- Um...
Oh, that's not mine.
It's not mine.
But I'll take it.
We've recently
had a few vacancies,
so you can quietly stay here
until the morning.
Your concern for us
is really touching, Jake.
Superintendent Jake Carson.
Alexa, play BTS.
Alexa, play BTS.
- What are you doing?
- Your Alexa's broken.
That's a clock.
Go to bed.
I don't want to see
any of you until 0600.
We're not
in the military.
Don't you remember
what it's like to be a kid?
Of course I do.
That corner over there
is where I did my first
one-handed pushup.
Learned to fold my dad's parachute
in that bunk right there.
Christmas intermittent fasting.
Sprints till exhaustion.
Speculating on
banana futures.
I've been training here
since I was four years old.
- Why does she keep doing that?
- I don't know. Babies cry.
I didn't cry.
I never cried.
- You've never cried?
- No.
And you're proud of it?
I get sad...
I just don't
show my emotions
with water dripping out
of my eyes and making...
Somebody quiet her down,
for Pete's sake!
Lullaby! Lullaby!
It's weird. She usually only
likes lullabies from our dad.
Lullaby! Lullaby!
It'll work a lot better
if you do it.
- Lullaby! Lullaby!
- Okay!
Uh, this...
Lullaby, uh...
I'm trying to think
of one... Nope. No.
There once was a man
from Nantucket. He...
That's a limerick.
That's not a lullaby.
I'm not gonna use that.
There's got to be
one up there.
I got nothing.
Mission accomplished.
Good night.
Who cares?
We went on a couple of dates,
and honestly,
all he did was talk about
fire, fire, fire,
and smoke and jumping
and blah, blah, blah.
I mean, whatever. I'm over it.
Why do I, Jake Carson,
deserve to be
Division Commander?
He's gross.
Unless you're into sort of a tall, like,
really fit, muscly,
like, sculptured face
and clean-cut, kind of
guy-in-uniform kind of thing,
I don't know, I'm not
into that kind of thing.
I'm just not.
I never have been.
Come on, Dad, what do you got?
"Thankfully, that's an easy answer.
"It was my dad's dream
"for me to become
Division Commander,
"and I have prepared for that
opportunity my entire life."
The worst part
is that he hasn't even asked
to meet you two yet.
Give each other a kiss.
- I made you tea.
- Tea? How did you make...
Lighter fluid!
Again! Again!
Come on, are you kidding me?
That's so good.
Hey, Supe.
You have got to try
some of these pancakes
Brynn made for us.
Or you could try my SPAM cakes
that nobody seems to want to touch.
I don't care about the pancakes!
Why'd you let me sleep in?
We thought you wanted
to sleep in.
I never slept in
a day of my life!
that's what we thought.
But Brynn was...
These aren't flapjacks.
Those are distract-jacks.
- Hold this.
- Whoa... Um...
- Here. Hold this.
- No. No, I can't. I can't.
- I have a condition. I...
- Thank you so much.
I would like to, but if I see
somebody cry, I cry.
Please don't cry.
I beg of you,
please, please don't cry.
Don't cry.
Wait, wait. I know.
How about a little, um...
SPAM brulee?
How about a giant
spoonful of happiness?
I can do this.
How hard can this be?
Whoa! Hard! Very hard!
What is going on in here?
I thought I said
no monkey...
You got to let go!
I can't get to the hose!
She's so sad!
- You gave her what?
- I gave her my SPAM brulee.
- I'm going in!
- I'm right behind you!
Where'd you go?
Come back!
Help! Help!
Where's the kid?
What a rush.
My depot.
- My truck!
- Ooh!
Look, I'm gonna take
full responsibility for this.
Own up to my mistakes.
I feel like I've learned a lot
from this experience.
- Where's your sister?
- Supe, she's on your leg.
Not that one.
Can I help you
find something?
I was just, uh...
Looking for a pen.
It's been a while since I've
written in my journal. Got it.
Did I miss something?
Oh, yeah. The second I
reached the end of my rope.
Great. Your parents
are on their way.
Oh, good.
I see you're applying
for a big promotion.
- Yeah.
- Congrats.
Seems like your dream job.
Whatever it is,
the answer's no.
What's boom-boom?
No more boom-boom.
Looks like your sister
needs an oil change.
- Lieutenant!
- He's not here. What's going on?
Ho! That's a spicy meatball!
- Perfect timing as always.
- Oh!
- Come with me.
- Oh, I'd rather...
If it's all right with you,
I'd rather not.
Yeah, yeah,
that's not good.
Okay, here.
You think I'm gonna
let this rattle me?
I put out an entire canyon
fire with my bare hands.
That's right.
Nobody handles poop
better than Supe.
That sounded a lot better
in my head.
Oh, Rodrigo's SPAM brulee!
That is...
Don't look at me.
Don't do it, or I'm gonna...
I'm good.
It's not funny.
- Hold down the fort.
- Wait! No, no...
No, put that...
Put that down.
You don't need that.
You don't need that.
Oh! Okay,
baby with a nail gun!
Nails hurt.
Oh. Oh!
- I'm going in.
- Oh, it's all yours, Supe.
I know you were asking
for a little space lately,
and I think now's the time
I gave it to you.
Sweet misery.
How is that smell getting
through an SCBA?
This thing's designed
to keep out nuclear particles!
I need a towel.
Masher, bring me that shirt.
No, no, no. Whoa, whoa.
That's my favorite shirt.
Supe, please.
No gloves?
Right up the armhole!
You know what?
Keep the shirt.
- Captain!
- You need more soap. Got it.
Wow. Jake sure has you
at his beck and call.
Well, it is my job,
and he is my boss, so...
Yeah, but do you ever want
to do anything just for you?
Okay, uh,
let me explain something.
Six years ago, I was
working as an accountant,
and I had to meet up with
a client in Big Bear Lake.
And we got trapped on the wrong
side of a Category G wildfire.
I thought I was a goner.
And then, out of nowhere,
comes Supe, a smokejumper.
I didn't even know
that was a job you could have.
I was an accountant.
My dad was an accountant,
his father,
my uncle...
Oh, my gosh, my aunt...
I think I have
three second cousins...
You get the point.
And they're all heroes.
To me. In their own way.
But that day, I realized that my calling
was not with the family business,
and I started training.
- What about you?
- What?
Do you have anything you love?
That you do just for yourself.
Art. I used to paint.
That's really cool.
You definitely should
get back into that.
And then, maybe you will find someone
to inspire you the way Supe did me.
I hope not.
Look, I know you don't
see it, but...
Supe, he has a sweet side.
get in here, stat!
Or I swear you'll be on latrine
duty for the next six months!
Good talk.
All right, little man,
this is your mess,
- but I ain't mad at you, okay?
- Okay.
As long as we leave this
spotless, all right? The Five P's.
"Proper Presentation
Prevents Poor Performance."
Let's clean this up real good,
now. Come on.
Whoa! That's awesome.
What's in there?
That's our
fire training simulator.
So what do you think
of the fire simulator?
That's so cool.
Tea for you.
Tea for you.
Brynn, you want some tea?
Sure, Z.
Right now I need
to show you something, okay?
We'll be right back, Mr. Axe.
All right, let's get
to work.
What are you doing?
Don't drink that. Trust me.
Confirmed Class D forest fire.
Reporting structures
in its path.
Requesting a fire line
and suppression foam
at my location.
Copy that, little captain.
Requesting a fire line...
Wait a minute.
Come on, how did you know that?
My dad and I used to
watch fire shows together.
- Oh, yeah?
- Okay, we've got two victims
just half a klick away.
Okay, two victims
at half a klick.
We got two victims
at half a...
Two victims? That's...
That's a lot of victims here.
Half a klick is pretty far,
I don't know...
I don't know. I...
I got to call for backup.
I need backup!
No. No time for backup,
It's up to us to rescue
those people.
Kid, we got to bail.
We got to get out of here.
We gotta go, I can't do this.
Now, buck up, Lieutenant.
I know you've never believed
in yourself, but I do!
And your team
believes in you.
And now I need you
to believe in yourself!
You got this.
Yeah. Yeah,
I got this. I got this.
As Lance Armstrong once said,
"That's one small step
for man,
"but you better watch out
for the next one."
It's Neil Armstrong.
And that's not what he said.
I'm gonna save those people,
or my name ain't Rodrigo Alejandro
Garcia Rosenstein Torres.
Oh, hi, Supe.
I was just showing Will here
how to use the, um...
Yo, yo, where'd he go?
You got to be kidding me.
Hey! What are you doing?
She tricked us!
She took my keys!
What are you doing?
Yo! She oiled the driveway!
- Hold on.
- There's oil everywhere!
Oh, nice split, Supe.
It's too slippery!
If you go, I go.
Supe! You need a helmet!
Supe? Did we kill you?
Are you dead, Supe?
Guess I forgot
the parking brake.
What are you doing?
Why would you run away?
Your parents are gonna be
at the depot any minute.
I was worried they'd freak out
on me. They left me in charge,
and the cabin burned down.
I panicked.
You did it this time, okay?
My men can't even take the
chopper to come look for us
because they need
proper authorization,
and I'm the proper
authorizer. We...
At least a five-mile walk.
Guess your parents are gonna have
to wait for their family reunion.
Just tell him, Brynn.
Our parents are in Africa,
getting an experimental procedure.
You can't tell anybody this,
but our parents work for a
secret government organization.
Spit it out!
Our parents,
they're not coming.
They died,
two years ago.
Who have I been texting with?
I had no idea.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because we ran away
from foster care,
and I knew you'd call
Child Protective Services.
A month ago,
we found out that they're
gonna separate us.
Okay, look, it's...
It's too dangerous
to hike at night,
so I'm gonna go find a place
for us to hunker down, and...
We'll get out of here
at first light, okay?
And trust me, you guys
are in good hands.
Who wants chipmunk?
Nobody in the whole world.
Where'd, uh...
Where'd all this come from?
My backpack.
And a little
from your supply closet.
Hot cocoa?
Hey, Supe, where you going?
Nature calls. Back in a few.
What is it?
She's scared out here.
She doesn't want you to leave.
There's no reason to be scared.
Bear sightings are pretty rare.
Trust me, Zoey, this is not
a trip you want to join me on.
I can't go with you
looking at me.
- Could you look away?
- No.
Fine. I'll look away.
Okay, stop.
Nope. Not happening.
No boom-boom.
Stay behind me.
Sparkle Pony!
- Masher.
- Sparkle Pony!
Good night,
Sparkle Pony.
I got to say,
your camping skills,
they're on point.
That's what
the kids say, right?
Something like that.
You know, I lost my parents
at a young age, too.
I was too young
to remember my mom.
My dad died on the job
when I was a kid.
you gotta stop running.
You should be in school.
You should be making friends.
Causing a different type
of trouble.
Trust me,
you don't want to
look back on all this
and realize you never
had a chance to be a kid.
Sorry for all
the monkey business.
That's what the old guys
call it, right?
Apparently, we do.
I know you don't
owe us any favors,
but it's Zoey's birthday
in two days.
I'd hate for that to be the day
she remembers them splitting us up.
I'll call CPS tomorrow,
tell them to come Monday.
Good night.
Good night, Brynn.
No, no, I, uh...
Yes, I completely understand.
- What's he saying?
- I can't understand.
Just got off the phone
with CPS.
Looks like you're stuck here
until Monday!
- What? Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes!
- Yeah!
Now, I have
an application to fill out.
And I'll need all hands on deck
to get this place shipshape
before Commander Richards
- Where's my Redding Crew at?
- Everywhere!
My abuelita used to make
the most delicious
jalapeno chocolate cake
you ever had.
It's the secret ingredient.
Jalapeno chocolate?
Sounds weird,
but when you taste it,
it's so...
It's so...
I touched my mouth.
My mouth is on fire.
My mouth, it's burning!
My grandma always said,
never touch your face with...
Now my eye's burning.
My eye's burning
and my lips are on fire!
It hurts! It hurts!
It hurts!
Who wants SPAM-a-kopita?
Come on,
I made it with extra gluten.
It's got spinach in it
and everything.
Hey, Supe. Supe.
Is it supposed to
smoke like that?
Maybe the coals
aren't hot enough, huh?
Smells good!
Dr. Hicks!
"Teach a man to light a fire,
and he's warm for a day.
"Light a man on fire,
he's warm for life."
- Ben Franklin.
- Oh, come...
I hope this isn't my fault.
I was just dropping off some
puzzles for the kids, and...
I was just very surprised to
see you doing something so fun.
- Me?
- Yeah.
- I'm Mr. Fun, okay?
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- I feel like Mr. Fun
would go by his first name
and not "Mister."
But I don't know, you know.
I don't know.
I knew
you could handle it.
I mean, kids are like fires.
You know, you can't...
You can't control them,
you just have to...
Contain them
till they burn themselves out.
- That's actually right.
- I know.
I didn't know
you knew anything about fire.
Well, someone
I went on 2.5 dates with
talks about them a lot.
Maybe I listened
a little more than I let on.
And here I thought
all you cared about
was the Western Spadefoot
because their secretions
smell like peanut butter
and can cause sneezing.
Somebody I went
on 2.5 dates with
talks a whole lot
about toads.
And I listen a little bit
more than I let on.
Maybe we don't
hate each other.
There's no way
that can be true.
- Mmm-mmm.
- Be quiet.
You be quiet.
Don't say "act
casual" when you're trying to act casual!
- Well...
- Yeah.
Why don't you kids shower up,
and I'll take another stab
at getting that grill
going, safely.
All right,
I'm gonna go, then,
back to my trailer.
My dinner's not gonna
microwave itself.
I'm gonna go. All right, bye.
So organized.
You're just gonna let her go?
What a whiff.
How'd I whiff?
Well, you were talking to
her, and then she left,
and it was a bit
of a whiff.
Open your eyes, dude!
She's spending
the weekend alone.
In an eco lab.
No kids. No crying.
It sounds like
a dream come true.
J-Dawg, come on, man.
That's mad absurd.
People like being
around people!
"People who need people are the
luckiest people in the world."
Barbara Bush.
So close.
You should invite her back.
Huh? What, here?
No, "in the Kingdom of Equestria,
where everything is 20% cooler."
Rainbow Dash.
That might be right.
No. Nope.
I told you, attachments,
distractions in this line of work?
No, it doesn't go good.
Jake, you need to practice
letting your guard down.
I'm not good
with any of that stuff.
Well, this is
my area of expertise.
I don't know, Superintendent.
What's up with you?
That was quick.
Okay, now we're gonna reply
with something clever.
I can take it from here.
- What do I say?
- It's easy. You just say,
"Hey, baby. You, me,
dinner. No presh."
"No presh"?
Yeah, no presh. He's right.
'Cause it's flirtatious,
and yet not threatening, you know?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'm just gonna keep it simple.
Dear Dr. Hicks,
I am sending you
this text alert...
- "Alert"? Text alert?
- see if you are available
- to convene for a...
- Jake.
It sounds like you're filling
out your dull application.
You don't say what you're
feeling. You show it.
"No presh"?
Poop, poop, poop.
Zoey, no.
Wait. What is this?
What are these...
things... Ice cream, right?
Yeah, that's what it is!
It's chocolate ice cream!
Great. Who doesn't love
ice cream, right?
Uh, yeah, don't do that.
That's wrong, little man.
- No, no...
- Don't lie to him.
I think you're good
on the ice cream.
- Supe, did you just send that?
- Yeah.
"Dot, dot, dot."
- What is dot, dot, dot?
- That means she's answering.
In Morse Code?
The dots are gone.
She hung up. Disappeared.
That means she changed her mind.
Supe, relax.
All right, all right.
Bit anxious, okay?
I got a full audience watching
me go down in flames here.
Not good.
Not good for morale,
- not good for me.
- Okay.
She's taking her time 'cause
she wants to get it right.
- Breathe.
- Right.
Smiley-face icon?
No, uh, "emoji."
- Frog icon?
- Emoji.
Wine-bottle emoji?
What does that mean?
Means you got yourself
a date, stud.
Yay, Jake, you got a date.
Yeah, Supe!
General Tso's chicken
isn't made by a general.
Coq au vin is not a vehicle.
But it's...
It's not chocolate covered?
- Wag!
- Look at you! Whoo-hoo!
We cleaned it up for you.
To thank you for saving us.
That's just where
he had it, too.
It's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Knock, knock!
- Oh.
- Hey!
- What a pleasant surprise.
- So good to see you. Welcome.
- Thank you for having me.
- Yes, absolutely.
- I brought cookies!
- Yay, cookies!
Maybe just one before dinner.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Can I partake?
- Sure.
Ooh! Oh! Toad cookies.
These look
toad-ally delicious.
Do I detect a hint
of nutmeggery?
- No.
- No? Really?
- Hmm?
- Huh?
- Comin' in hot.
- Hi!
Oh, wait. I have this all...
- There you go.
- Oh, presentation.
- May I take your coat?
- Yes.
What a gentleman!
- Thank you.
- No.
- Shall I put these in water?
- Oh.
- Yes.
- Good idea.
- Thank you.
- Make yourself useful.
- Right?
- Rodrigo!
Oh. I got to go.
I think it's going well.
- Thanks for coming, Dr. Hicks.
- You can call me Amy.
You can call me Supe.
- Or Jake.
- Yeah.
- Jake's more casual.
- "Jake."
I'm gonna go put these
on a dessert platter.
Don't think we have
a dessert platter.
Truth is, I'm really glad
he invited me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I mean, it's not just because I'm the
only woman in a 100-mile radius, right?
No. I think
he really likes you.
- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome, sir.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Bon appetit.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Thanks, guys.
- This is pretty amazing.
- What an exciting meal.
Wow. I love a barbecue.
Look at them.
Oh, I sure hope they have
a beautiful romance
and live happily ever after
like Romeo and Juliet.
This is fun.
Friendship is magic.
These cookies are now
open for business.
- Oh, hello!
- Yum, yum.
yummy to my tummy.
Hey, Supe, why don't you
play us a song?
- You play the piano?
- Not really.
Plus, I know for a fact that
thing hasn't been tuned in years.
We're all set, Supe.
Thank you, Captain.
Come on, Axe.
Let's go.
Okay, I'm a little rusty,
so we got to keep it simple,
but the request lines
are open!
- Ariana Grande.
- BTS.
Chance the Rapper. Drake.
Post Malone. Kendrick Lamar.
Wu-Tang Clan. Lil Pump.
Okay, I'll be doing
the choosing.
But I hope
your shoes are tied,
'cause your socks
are about to get rocked off!
I fell into
a burnin' ring of fire
- Johnny Cash?
- Yeah.
- Ring of Fire?
- I know what it is.
Okay, not the vibe
of the room. That's fine.
I'm about to take it
from zero to a hundred.
The heat is on
On the street
Inside your head
And every beat
The heat is on!
Glenn Frey!
Heat Is On! Nobody?
Really got your finger
on the pulse.
Don't tell me you only know how to
play songs that are fire-related.
I grew up in a fire depot.
Okay, it's late.
You got to go to bed.
You don't want to be tired
- for your birthday, right?
- Yeah! Yeah.
Let's get you to bed.
Let's go.
Here's some water.
Good night.
- See you in the morning.
- Um, Supe?
No more songs,
I'm all tapped out.
Then how about a story?
- Zoey's already asleep.
- Fine.
I want a story.
I don't know any.
That's okay, you can
make one up.
That's not really how I'm wired, bud.
I just... I don't have...
An imagination?
Are you kidding me?
You are the most
creative guy I know.
We would've never contained
the West Fork Valley fire
if you hadn't thought
to trigger an avalanche.
- Show us what you got.
- Yeah, come on, come on.
Show us, Supe, come on.
Okay. Okay.
All right...
Once upon a time, uh,
there was
a Yeti.
A brave Yeti.
He protected
all the other Yetis,
and he had the most shipshape
cave on Yeti Mountain.
And one day the Yeti
had a kid named Jake.
And the Yeti had to take care
of the kid all by himself.
Now, the Yeti did the best he
could to make that cave a home,
but sometimes it was
hard for the Yeti.
But the kid loved it.
One day, there was
a fire on the mountain.
And the Yeti went
to go fight the fire.
And he got distracted.
Never made it back.
Maybe the Yeti was thinking of the
kid when he took his eye off the ball.
The kid felt so guilty that he swore
he'd never let anything get in the way
of achieving everything
the Yeti sacrificed for him.
To this day, every time that kid sees
fire he can hear the Yeti's voice.
When you saved us from that
fire, could you hear the Yeti?
You know what, I could.
Now get to sleep,
or I'm gonna give Axe direct orders
to eat that cake
all by himself.
- Um, Supe?
- Yeah.
I haven't seen Brynn
this happy in...
Well, it's like
she's the old Brynn.
- Hey, Jake?
- Yeah?
I forgot. I found these outside
the depot on the ground.
Figured you might
want 'em back.
Yeah. Thanks, Brynn.
Also, you should
ask Amy to stay the night.
That's inappropriate.
Calm down, Romeo.
There's like seven
extra bunks in here.
And you can't just let her drive
home in the middle of the night.
Besides, it's Zoey's
birthday tomorrow.
We want her to be here.
Hey, Jake? Guard down.
Is that your dad?
Yeah. That's him.
Carving the depot turkey at Thanksgiving
and decorating the depot tree.
You're really lucky to have
so many memories in one place.
When I was a kid,
we moved around a lot,
so I would have to find
whatever lake or pond or stream
was closest, and make
all those critters my friends.
Pretty lucky critters,
I'd say.
- Hey, Supe?
- What?
I mean,
what do they want now?
It's just that those kids,
those ninos,
they're so amazing, you know?
Yeah, they are pretty cute.
We'll probably never see them
again after Zoey's birthday.
And we didn't even
get any presents for her.
- Not even a card.
- Well, what do we do?
The roads have dried up
and the stores
at the bottom of the mountain
are open for another hour.
I could copter us there
if you needed me to.
- Not gonna happen.
- No, that's okay. No, no, no.
We can make it,
if we go full out.
the kids wanted you to spend the night
to go to their birthday party
tomorrow anyway.
Would you mind watching them
for a little bit?
And not because
you're a woman.
Thank you. Now...
- Where's my Redding Crew at?
- Everywhere!
You know what?
Let's get Brynn
and Will some stuff, too.
If we're gonna make it a party,
we should make it a good one.
We'll cover more ground
if we spread out.
- Move out!
- Yes, sir!
Whew. Ooh, ooh, ooh!
A drone.
Do you know if this is a good
toy for a three-year-old girl?
Are you sure she doesn't
want a drone?
Is there any world at all
where a three-year-old girl
would want a drone?
Okay. All right.
Oh, gosh, yes, the bike!
- Excuse me, I need that.
- Hey!
Oh, you know it, girl.
There she is,
the birthday girl.
Happy birthday, Zoey.
- She's quick.
- Are you bigger today?
This is
beautiful, Brynn!
I love you.
Look at
all these presents!
You know, maybe one or two in there
are for you and Brynn as well.
Well, we didn't know if we were gonna be
invited to your birthdays, so we figured,
let's celebrate now. Go!
I love it.
open this one next.
Welcome to the team.
- Thank you!
- Oh!
Hey, you ever need us,
this will help us find you.
- Is this a laser?
- It is.
Thank you,
that's so cool!
Oh, no. Oh, no.
No, don't...
Don't do that.
No, don't do that.
I got you something, too.
I didn't want you
to feel left out.
- Whoa!
- Ow!
- I didn't even...
- I'm just kidding.
It smells a little like carbon
dioxide, but it's legit.
This means a lot to me.
Well, I did it
for the Western Spadefoot.
I'll be sure
to let them know.
Hey, Supe,
we got this for you.
Um, it's from everyone.
It's a...
It's a T-shirt.
That's Princess Celestia,
the leader of the ponies.
Come on. Try it on.
put it on, put it on!
Something like this I should
probably save for a special occasion.
What could be more
special than right now?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Fine. I'll try it on.
It... It's...
A shirt.
It fits perfectly.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, guys.
Look at that. Look at these
stickers on these helmets.
Oh, look, you got...
You got Rainbow Dash.
- Known for her loyalty.
- Oh, thanks, guys!
Oh, no, you didn't.
No, you didn't! Shut up!
Get out of here!
I got Fluttershy.
- Known for her kindness.
- Aww.
Thank you, Zoey.
Oh, wait, wait.
Axe, you got...
Pinkie Pie?
What's wrong
with Pinkie Pie?
Nothing wrong with it.
Just that Pinkie Pie's known
all over the Kingdom of Equestria
for her mad-infectious laughter.
Oh, my gosh. What's going on?
- Have you ever seen that before?
- Never seen it before!
My Little Pony
My Little Pony
What is friendship
all about?
My Little Pony
My Little Pony
Friendship is magic!
You can make sound.
He can sing!
What's everybody
doing standing around?
Who wants to party? Whoo!
Watch it.
Oh! Oh! Oh...
Bring it! Come on!
Hey, hey, hold it!
You missed!
You missed! Sucker!
- Throw! Come on, throw!
- I got it!
Hey, Zoey. Zoey!
I got you.
Come on, hurry.
No, I'm fine.
I'm great. Let's go.
Here we go now! Don't drop it,
don't drop it, don't drop it...
- Don't make it fall.
- Shh!
- Shh!
- Look out!
- Easy!
- Come on, man.
- Don't mess up!
- Okay, well, now it's over.
...the Jaws of Life.
Wait, is that why it's
called "the Jaws of Life"?
They're gonna fall in love.
Then they're gonna
move in together.
They're gonna rely
on each other for everything.
Who's gonna need me now?
Don't drop it.
Don't drop it.
Supe! Supe! Supe!
This is supposed to be
a fire depot!
Commander Richards!
You said you weren't gonna
show up until tomorrow.
Kinda takes the surprise
out of "surprise inspection"
to show up
on the day I said.
Besides, look what
I would have missed.
I can see seven code
violations from where I stand.
You heard the Commander!
Who authorized
putting this stuff up anyway?
Um... Somebody?
You tell that man
to pack his bags and go!
Um... Okay.
Carson, who do these
children belong to?
Hello! Hello!
Oh, great.
Another party guest.
Patty Welch,
Child Protective Services.
I take it these are
the children we talked about.
I thought you were gonna give us
the day to celebrate together.
I was. I told her
not to come until tomorrow.
I told you that!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
You see, CPS is not
a fast-food restaurant.
- You don't get to "have it your way."
- Tea?
We've been looking for these
children for the past month.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Zoey
Happy birthday to you!
I got it!
Aw, Come on!
I can't believe that
you are Dan Carson's boy.
Hey! You can't talk
to Supe like that.
He's right.
This is what happens
when you let your guard down.
- Jake...
- You don't understand.
If I get distracted,
I can't do this job effectively.
Without this job...
What am I?
Now I think
I've heard enough.
Where are the kids?
We had...
Where's my Humvee?
Do you have your keys?
- No.
- Yup, that's what she does.
- We should...
- Take your truck, right.
- My tires are flat.
- Mine, too!
I got this.
Brynn, what are we doing?
I'll figure something out.
- Bunny.
- I'll get you another one, Zoey.
- Bunny.
- We can't!
I'm stuck. I'm stuck!
It's gonna be okay, Zoey.
Wait. I have an idea.
You're breaking every protocol
in the book, Superintendent.
With all due respect,
we will look for these kids
until I know they're okay.
I'm ordering you
to turn this chopper around.
Those kids are
our responsibility.
- If you want out, grab a chute.
- What did you just say to me?
I got contact on Will,
ten o'clock!
On second thought,
- I'll grab it.
- Wait, what are you doing?
- Take Zoey and get out of here.
- The door's stuck.
Careful, Will.
It worked!
Jake's here.
Brynn's stuck in there
and she can't get out.
Brynn! I'm gonna
get a line to you!
I can't secure the line
and hold it.
- Think you can get it to her?
- Yeah.
Zoey, sweetie, I just need you to
go sit on that rock over there.
Will, pass your sister this knife
and line through the window.
She needs to tie it
around her waist, okay?
You're good to go. Go.
Hang in there, Brynn!
Grab it!
Will, what are you doing?
Don't climb in here.
- Get out of the car!
- Everything's gonna be okay.
Come on.
Good, good, good.
Come on.
That's it, I got you.
Okay. I got you.
You're okay.
And you...
Are my hero.
You did great!
My hero.
Oh, man. Oh!
- I love you.
- I love you.
I thought you never cried.
Please don't tell anybody.
- Here, take this one.
- Okay, got it.
- And this one.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Nice.
- And this one.
...'cause the sun
is really great. Yeah.
I'm really impressed
with how you took care
of your brother and sister.
Most people would not
do that. You're...
- You're awesome.
- Thanks.
All right, come here.
One day, I'm gonna be
a hero, just like you.
You already are,
little brotherman.
You already are.
Come on, put it right there.
Ah... Yeah!
I don't think so.
Okay, she can
hold it for a bit.
- Thank you.
- I love you.
That's for you.
Can you draw me something?
Sure. I'll draw you
with hair.
Where's Supe?
- Sir.
- No. As you were.
Look, Carson...
You said earlier,
if you had any distractions,
you couldn't do this job.
I don't think
that's true.
The people you care about
and that care about you
aren't distractions.
They're the thing
that keeps you going.
I know we got off
to a rocky start.
But after seeing
what you did back there,
there's no doubt in my mind
that you're the man for the job.
Thank you, sir.
Let me know.
Oh, here he is!
Let's wrap this up.
Come on, guys,
get out. It's all right.
Okay, come on. Get out.
Everybody out.
Patty, are you familiar
with the Safe Haven Law?
That is a stupid question.
Yes, of course I am.
Children cannot be relinquished until
the proper authorities are involved.
Yeah. I am
the proper authority.
Don't leave. Stay. With me.
You mean here?
In the depot?
I don't live here full-time.
I have a house.
You do?
You do?
Yeah... Hello. This is not
how adoption works.
Okay? First of all, there's paperwork,
interviews, background checks.
Yeah. Get it all started.
I'm not going anywhere.
And I have three children
I am not relinquishing.
What about
your big dream job?
Somebody told me once that
kids are kind of like fire.
You can't control them, you just got to
contain 'em till they burn themselves out.
That sounds like
a dream job to me.
Come on, everybody,
we don't have
a second to lose.
Let's do this.
Okay, everybody, we gotta be
at the courthouse by 1400...
Hey! What's up?
Come on, man!
Here we go!
Here comes the bride.
Alexa, play BTS.
Burning Up Fire by BTS.
Sparkle Pony!
Sparkle Pony, hurray!
All right...
- Where's my Wedding Crew at?
- Everywhere!
Move out!
You ready to be Mrs. Fun?
That's Doctor Fun, Mister.
Yeah, hit it,
hit it. Hit it.
Whoo! Look at that!
- Look at that!
- Oh, my God!
Killin' it,
killin' it!
Don't underestimate the powers
of the dark side of the Force.
There's too much.
That's not a real child.
Look at me. Look at me.
Stay with me.
No, that's a... collect water
for the dumps...
- For their dumps.
- Yeah.
I'm not gonna
be able to say that line.
You will not use Fisher Lake to
collect water for their dumps.
And now it looks like you're
gonna have to sign it, too. collect water
for their dumps.
And now it looks like I'm
gonna have to...
Does he always
carry that axe?
Why y'all looking at me?
Because you're supposed
to give an answer.
Keep rolling,
the same spot for John.
And action.
You were given a chance.
You were given an opportunity...
Did I get out of frame?
I can do it better!
Don't... I know I can.
- I can't do it better.
- I know he cannot.
Superintendent Jake Carson.
And you can call me that,
the whole thing.
This is...
- Uh...
- This is Keegan. He left.
Captain, did you...
Excuse me... Sir.
Hey, we made it.
Let's go eat.
Oh, my God,
he would be so...
Big Dan would be
so proud.