Playtime (1967) Movie Script

Robert, make sure your scarf is tight,
otherwise you'll catch a cold.
- Take real good care of yourself now, darling.
- Sure, sure.
There's an important person.
Think about what I've said now.
Keep yourself warm.
- Darling, you have your vitamines.
- Sure, sure.
- Look, an officer.
- An officer?
- Does it feel good?
- Sure.
You have to wait long here.
- Look how cute he is.
- Yes.
You're wearing your clock, aren't you?
What time is it?
- Have you made an appointment or not?
- I have.
Just tell me if you come to think of anything.
I packed your cigarettes
and the pajamas is in the bottom.
- Anything to declare? Open your bag!
- This is ridicilous! Unbelievable!
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- French.
- Yes, yes.
Some words for our newspaper, please.
The only thing I have to say
at the moment is that...
Ladies and gentlemen,
let me count how many you are.
Now, ladies, follow me please.
Now, ladies, follow me.
Right this way, hurry please.
Come on ladies...
Now, you stop here please.
Ladies, please stop.
From here to here, "Royal Htel".
And from here to here, "Le Moderne".
Have a nice trip.
Oh, hi!
Mr. Hulot!
I'm not Hulot, what are you talking about? My name is Smith!
I think you've made some sort of mistake.
- Oh, they've got such teeny cars.
- Barbara, come sit over here!
- Where are the monuments?
- Looks like they have parking problems in Paris.
- Barbara, aren't they cute!
- Yes.
Look over there!
No, no, it's forbidden.
Sure, sure, this way.
Thank you for that.
Good bye, gentlemen.
Sit down.
I'll take care of you in a minute.
Let's see...
Please give me number 440...
I repeat...
- Two.
- One?
Not one. Two. Thats right.
Good, now we're done.
That's it.
All things electric! To know how it works
you have to know the inner beings of it.
I have reported that you're here.
You can wait here meanwhile.
I you don't mind I'll
continue to smoke.
I will...
- No!
- Oh.
- This way, mister.
- In there...
The mister over there is waiting and he...
Come! Mr. Giffard just went past.
Follow me.
I'm sorry, but I can't...
Can't you see I'm busy?
Mr. Giffard, a call from Dsseldorf.
- Accounting department?
- Yes.
Hello, Lex speaking.
Could you give me the exact
figures of the consolidated account.
- Your turnover, yes. Just a moment.
- Thank you.
Mr. Lex?
For April, in dollars, 4 025 009.
4 025 009? Perfect. Thank you.
Mr. Hilaire has a telephone call,
place number 24.
...shows a clear tendency that we're
strengthening our position on the marketplace.
And when our reserves
have been changed into gold...
During our international
-don't forget to visit our showcase...
We ask Mr. Chauvau to go to entrance B
for a walk-through of the exhibition.
Mister, excuse me, but
you don't have a nameplate.
You're not part of the group.
This way, follow me.
In five hours the bus will pick you up.
Please be back five thirty sharp.
Barbara, come here!
Let's see the sights.
Ladies, excuse me, would you mind?
That's really Paris!
I'd like to take a photo.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- That's alright.
- Ma'am, may I...?
- A picture? But look at my clothes.
Hey boys, do you mind?
Excuse me...
This will be a little longer.
It'll take just a minute.
Excuse me, I want to take your picture.
Please, could you move over here and let
me take your picture together?
Just stand there together and get these flowers,
And a big smile, hold it, that's real good!
Could you hold the camera behind just a minue?
- Barbara, hurry up!
- I'm coming.
Oh, come on girls, wait 'til you see how modern it is!
And they even have american stuff. Come on!
Here's our new model,
the "beauty glasses".
Barbara, come on!
This way. Come on...
Here's our new electrical broom,
equipped with two powerful lamps.
Hey everybody, come over here!
One battery.
Two batteries.
Connect the two lamps.
- The advantage is that the broom is twistable.
That's really practical.
What a good idea.
Now you'll see... Lights on!
- I'm happy to help.
- I'd like some information about the doors.
At once.
Let's see...
Take a seat.
This is our most modern model.
It spins too.
- So noise won't pass through?
- That's right. I'll explain.
The doors are made out of a material
that doesn't let trough the tiniest noise.
Can I close the door without
it making a noise?
I'll show you.
You see the thickness of the door.
- The material guarantees total silence.
- It seems interesting.
Our motto is "Slam your Doors
in Golden Silence."
- Here are the prices and all the articles.
- Thank you very much.
Happy to serve you.
I'm very pleased with
your organisation.
Mr Director,
we have certain problems.
A man sat down here. He had
a long pipe and a long scarf.
He sat here snooping,
went through all the papers...
He sat here reading without being the least untroubled.
People are perflexing!
Hey, come here Barbara,
there's a lot!
Gentlemen, this way.
There's that man!
- He's snooping everywhere.
- Get him.
Mister, I'm happy to see you.
Come closer. You can hang your clothes there.
Let me help you with your coat.
It's so hot in here.
Please, feel at home. There we go.
We almost forgot the hat.
Now take a seat and feel at home.
Sit down there.
A cigarette! Do you smoke? No?
Can I do something else for you?
Maybe you want to look at my papers.
Well, go on!
I'm the director here
and all this is my work.
We have an excellent material. We are the
first ones who try to reach silence.
And you could call this a success.
Have you got that?
Air head!
Mister, my lamp doesn't work.
Could you...?
We'll wait in the showroom.
Come here!
It wasn't him.
He was smaller and had a scarf.
I am really sorry.
I like operettes and asked my
cousin if she wanted to join me.
Does it work? Does it?
I'm so happy. Thank you very much.
Do I owe you anything?
No, no.
It was very kind of you. Thanks.
Excuse me, could you tell me where
the New Moon showroom is?
What does my lady wish to see?
- This way...
Mister! Dear mister!
You left without your coat.
You don't mind
me helping you?
I'm so sorry, once again.
I really am.
- Mister, there's a man calling you over there.
- Hey, Hulot! You remember the army, don't you?
We'll meet over there!
They've already seen the Eiffel tower.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this way...
I want to go to New York tonight
and be in Boston...
Hello, no.
- Just a moment
- Are you alright?
- Sure, I am.
- Mister!
- Yes?
- Wrong person, I'm very sorry.
- Oh that's alright sir.
Mister, please
excuse me but this is...
Hulot! Don't you recognize me?
Schneller, we did our military service together.
I'll be right there.
Wait for me there.
The things you have go through.
But like they say...
"Time is money." The car is new.
I've had it for two days.
I paid for it with cash.
And I have my own parking place.
Have you got any small change?
I've only got large notes.
Wait a moment, we'll find a franc.
Here's one. That's all we need.
Well, there, now you can feel calm.
Come here, and I'll show you my "home".
I bought a flat here, you see.
Why don't you come in for a while?
- I can't.
- Yes, come in with me and have a whiskey.
But what happened to you?
What happened?
- Let's see...
- I accidentally bumped.
Won't you have a small glass?
Come in and you'll see.
This year I'm going to take my vacation in june.
It was really nice of you to drop in.
Good bye.
- I thought we made an appointment.
- I was waiting at Quick.
- What is that?
- It's a self-service cafeteria. I was there at six o'clock.
What do you think about "the last look"?
But what are you doing here?
You've got the button on the other side.
It's automatic.
It reads in English.
A bit farther down. "Push."
There, yes. You see! Won't you have
a last whiskey before you leave?
No? Well, you know you can come by
any time you like. Good bye.
My ladies, use Quick Cleaner
because Quick Cleaner is...
Come in.
- Oh, how nice! Could you put it...
- I'll be very careful.
Thank you.
You'll be so beautiful.
No, no, I don't want anything.
It was really nice of you. Thanks.
Charles, here comes a new group.
Herald Tribune!
This is group E.
- You'll follow the miss here.
- Sure.
The dining room...
I'm going straight to bed.
Now, my ladies. Names from A to L
will go to Montmartre.
And from M till Z, to Montparnasse.
This one goes to Montmartre.
- What's your name? That will be Montmartre.
You there...
Excuse me, aren't you Mr. Hulot?
- I was looking for you for two hours this morning.
- So you recognize me...
Come on!
Just keep on working!
Premiere tonight!
I was waiting for you.
Be careful, Robert!
Yes, we're opening tonight.
Yes, it's very distinguished.
A table for two. And your name is...?
Table six.
Look at this!
What will the foreigners think?
Repair that as soon as possible.
You're not going in like that?
- Grard!
Take the glue and the board. You can't miss it.
You'll instantly see where it is.
Shall we settle for that? It's exquisitily delicious.
- Two "Turbo la Royale".
- What is "Turbo la Royale"?
- One of our specialties.
Cooked in white wine
and with a rich sauce on top.
- Could we have the wine list?
- Come here!
Hello everybody!
- God evening, your table is here.
- Oh no, that's not my table. That's my table right there!
That is reserved, mister.
I don't know how to say it.
- Look at the sauce.
- On the other side.
And the other side...
- Take it through the door, then.
- Oh, through the door.
How typical!
Oh, I'm sorry!
- Your fur coat...
- No, I'm keeping it on.
You have nothing to do here.
Get in the kitchen.
Table six.
Are you out of your mind? - Robert, you've
attended the hotel school haven't you?
Well, then bring this course in quick.
- We had reserved that table!
- Excuse me.
- What's going on here?
- I just reserved that table.
- What's happened here?
- It's just a small shortcut.
Mind your job.
The chairs leave marks.
Do something about it immidiately.
To the kitchen.
Don't stand here. Here's nothing to see.
- Your cigars, mister.
- Thanks.
- Look at this!
- I can't see a thing behind these.
- Are you supposed to be an acrobat?
- You got to have a positive attitude.
- A table for two?
- No, for three.
The things you hear...
To you... whenever you're ready.
You'll like this.
- Will this do?
- Sure.
There you are, Hulot! I couldn't
get a parking space before.
Put it on me!
Or are you part of the orchestra?
We were expecting 50 covers
and we've made 120.
I don't have "sole meunire",
neither "filet mignon" nor "coq au vin".
I've only got cold meals left - cold chicken...
- Could we dine?
- Sorry, we have only cold dish.
Remove the menu.
Bring the broom here quick!
Can't you do something?
We need air.
It's no longer icecream
in this temperature.
It's not my fault
it isn't written in french.
- Leave the bill, yes.
- And you there, hurry up!
I want you to be my honoured guest.
- Give me the menu!
I want you to order anything you want on that menu.
- What have you got there?
- Ice...
Is there anybody in this whole house
who can play, can anybody play the piano?
- How about you, fellow, do you play?
- No, no, I don't.
Why are you standing here?
Can't you see guests are waiting?
Wake up!
- Look at this...
- Yes, yes, hurry now!
Can't you help me? My bow tie...
I'll return it too you later.
We're supposed to meet at
"The Golden Corkscrew".
You play beautifully.
I used to be a beloved singer.
But that was a long while ago.
One of my big successes was this one.
You're hereby Napoleon.
The emperor of the French kitchen.
Excuse me, where is Rue Piccolo
and "The Golden Corkscrew"?
We'll meet over a cup of coffee
at the Drugstore over there.
That gentleman is perfect.
- I'll be there in a moment.
How do you say drugstore in french?
Oh, the french national railway! SNCF.
This is for all.
That american is
something special.
This is my pal Hulot.
Excuse me mister...
- I would like...
- What can I get you?
- Gifts?
- In the farthest part of the store, mister.
I'll be back.
What does ldeal cheese mean?
Can't they put it in french?!
Could you wrap it?
It's supposed to be a surprise.
Could I have a test?
From that, yes. It's really nice.
Could you take this?
Oh, that's my bus coming over there.
My bus is coming, I have to go!
Good bye.
This is not the exit. It's over there.
So please walk there.
Mister, excuse me! Could you give this
to the girl who's taking the bus.
- A monsieur asked me to give you this.
- Is it for me? Thank you.
Someone gave this to me.
Oh, look at the planes over there.