Please Come With Me (2019) Movie Script

(film reel rattling)
(contemplative music)
(lips smacking)
(Collin grunting)
(Kate moaning)
- [Kate] I think that
went pretty well earlier.
- [Collin] What are you referring to?
(both chuckle)
- [Kate] I'm referring to our shoot.
- [Collin] Uh-huh.
What was that model's name?
- [Kate] The annoying one?
- Yeah.
- Lauren.
You were doing the humming thing again.
- No.
- You were. (chuckles)
- (chuckles) No.
- I swear to God.
(Kate hums)
- Oh my god, no.
- And you were saying
it, you were doing it
in between directions,
so you were like, could
you stand right there,
and then she couldn't really do it,
and you were like. (hums)
(Collin chuckles)
- No, I wasn't.
- Mm-hmm.
- That obvious?
- Yes, it was.
- Oh my god.
I was irritated, what do you want?
- Yeah, I know.
(Kate humming)
(Collin chuckles)
(Kate laughs)
- Oh god.
My mom used to call me out on that too.
- Did she really?
I didn't know she noticed.
- You know, now that we're
calling each other out on things,
you like to sleep in the
middle of the bed like this.
Like, oh, yeah, Collin,
there's just no room for you here.
- I'm sorry, I'm just
- On this California king.
- trying to get closer to you.
- Oh, that's a stretch.
(Kate laughing)
You do it when you're unconscious,
like when you're sleeping.
- Mm.
(Kate humming)
- Oh, well, I guess, (stammers)
how am I, what am I supposed to do
when I'm dealing with you?
- With me?
- Yeah, some annoying model.
Am I supposed to say, uh--
- I'm not an annoying model.
- I didn't call you an
annoying model, but sometimes,
am I just supposed to
be like, hi, excuse me,
I'm slightly frustrated.
(Kate giggling)
Could you please
(chuckling) stop doing that?
No, of course not.
You kidding me?
- No.
You don't have to say
it all formal like that
but you could at least just try
expressing yourself with words.
- I think you're overrating
expression slightly.
(Kate chuckles)
You know what, you should
consider yourself lucky that I'm, uh,
that, you know, you can know
why I'm doing that because--
- Because most people just
think you're a really weird guy
who hums when he's frustrated?
(Collin laughing)
Is that what you're saying?
(both giggling)
- No, because you know me that well
and most people just think
that I can't carry a tune.
- Honey, it's not really a tune.
It's more of a grating, like. (humming)
- (chuckling) Okay, all right.
Okay, back to the question
about the humming,
it's just not always best to articulate
what you're feeling with words.
- I get you, I do.
But you really can't give me too much shit
for having an unconscious
desire to be close to you.
Don't you think it's a good thing?
How many couples do we know
who never touch in public
or are super weird around each other
and then when it comes up, you
find out they only have sex
like once a month or something?
Don't you think our physical closeness
is a reflection of our intimacy?
That I want to be touching
you while I'm sleeping?
- Yeah, I can agree with that.
- Mm.
- But you are a restless sleeper.
- (chuckles) I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna go smoke.
- Okay.
(Collin sighs)
- If you let me smoke
the occasional cigarette
inside the house, we
wouldn't have to be out here.
- Sorry, honey.
- Hold on.
Stay right there.
(floorboards creaking)
(shutter clicking)
(Kate inhales)
- All right, I'm cold.
("You Want It Bad" by Club Kuru)
I know you want it bad
Don't you
But I don't feel the same
For you
But who am I to choose
When we could make it
One, not two
And it could be just
Me and you
Now you're gonna lose 'cause
I know you want it
- [Collin] Touch-ups, please.
(shutter clicking)
- [Kate] Sofia.
Yeah, love it.
(shutter clicking)
Alex is here.
Hey, come on in.
Thanks for coming.
- Of course.
- [Kate] Collin, this is Alex.
- Hi.
- [Alex] I've heard a lot
about you and love your work.
- Thank you.
With the right help, the
pictures take themselves.
(Kate chuckles)
- We met on that one shoot I
did as a favor for Juliano.
- Mm.
- He's so intense.
- (chuckling) Yes, he is.
- Mm-hmm.
- Anyway, Alex is great.
She styles and can do makeup.
I think she may be the
perfect person to fill in.
- Cool.
Well, nice to meet you.
- [Sofia] How's this?
- Perfect.
- Great.
- Let's test, um...
- So, is it official?
Are you moving to San Francisco?
- Most of my classes are
Monday through Wednesday,
so I can spend long weekends
and still take jobs.
- Wow, that's a lot of travel.
It's crazy how you guys work together.
I could never work with my boyfriend.
Too much crossover for me.
- Can you do hair also?
- Yeah, I can do Last-Looks-type stuff,
but nothing too
complicated like a chignon.
(both chuckling)
- She's great, I promise.
- Okay.
Well, I'm gonna...
- Yeah, I'll be right there.
All right, I'm gonna get to it.
(contemplative music)
So, what do you think?
- [Collin] I think it went well.
- Not the shoot.
- What?
- Alex?
- [Collin] She seems cool.
- Good.
I'm glad you liked her.
Hopefully, it'll work out.
- I'll have to work with her to know
if she can actually do the job.
- Of course, I'm just glad
you thought she was cool
and you'll give her a try.
(contemplative music)
- Hopefully, it won't come up.
- What do you mean?
- I'm going to try and schedule
shoots for when you're here.
- Is that realistic?
- We'll see.
- Alex is still downtown.
Do you wanna meet her for a drink?
- I'm kinda beat, let's
do it another time.
(soft chillstep music)
- Are you really gonna play it like this?
- Like what?
- I'm gonna have my own work
and I'll be traveling every week.
I'm not just gonna rush
down here to work for you.
- Did I say that?
(Collin sighs)
Can you blame me for being disappointed?
You know, I actually
like working with you.
I like spending time with you.
I like having you around all the time.
(Collin sighs)
- It's hard to tell sometimes.
- How can it be hard to tell?
- Because you never say
anything and I don't know,
sometimes, it feels like we're just going
and working and--
- What do you mean
say anything?
What do I have to say?
I show you everything with
how much I'm invested in you.
I mean, why should I have to say something
when my actions speak for everything?
- I realize this is an adjustment.
I do.
- (sighs) I know.
Just feeling sorry for myself.
- Aw, is Mr. Cool Photography
Man gonna miss me?
(Collin sighs)
Where are you going?
- You know, I don't
deserve to be fucked with.
This is a big change.
- This isn't easy for me either.
Can we make this work?
- Yeah.
All right, I need to upload the photos.
- Now?
- I should get it done.
- Okay.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- I mean, we've looked at
rings, he knows what I like,
but I think he wants to be a
little more financially stable.
And because of school,
I don't think he wants
to be married and long distance.
- He's probably right.
It's better for you to focus
on your career right now anyway.
You and Collin, you're a thing.
There's no rush.
I'm sure he just wants it
to be the right moment.
I mean, you're not pregnant.
- (laughs) Maybe that's it.
Maybe I should just pull the goalie.
- He's a stand-up guy.
He'd do the right thing.
- He would.
Is that how you trick a
millennial into proposing?
- Yes, you have to force them
into making a commitment.
(both chuckle)
- [Joey] Kate.
- Hey, Joey.
- Hey.
How's it going?
- [Kate] Good.
- I saw the pictures you
posted from your trip.
They look incredible.
- Thanks.
Joey, this is Erin.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's nice meeting you.
- Joey and I met a couple years ago
through a friend of a friend
who is kind of a big
shot in Hollywood now.
- Doing what I can, doing what I can.
So, I don't see a ring.
What, no proposal on this epic vacation?
- We were just talking about this.
- Well, you guys have
been together for a while.
I'm sure it's gonna happen soon.
- It'll happen when it happens.
- So, Joey, what do you do?
Are you an actor?
- No, I'm a writer.
- Oh, hmm.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Very cool.
- It is very cool.
- Yeah, what kind of,
what kind of stuff do you write?
("Ribbons" by Club Kuru)
There's a hunger
In your bed tonight and
You think you're worthy
Of a better life but
Try to pretend
You're something new and then
Maybe it works this time my friend
But I know
You still get that feeling
Lost the hunger in your head tonight
You miss the roses on her
- [Charles] Still coming
down out there, huh?
- Yeah.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
- You must be Collin.
I'm Charles.
- Nice to meet you.
- Heard a lot about you.
- Thanks for putting her up.
- Of course, it's my pleasure.
Can I show you around?
- Sure.
- I've been fixing the place up.
- Looks good.
- I got a grant to restore the exterior
'cause it's in an historic neighborhood.
- Kate said you work in finance.
- Not yet. (chuckles)
I just finished grad school.
Now, I gotta pass this
test so I've been studying.
But I'm so done with academia.
- Yeah, I didn't finish college.
Kate did.
She's all about education.
- They say it's the only thing
truly worth investing in.
- How's it going out here?
- Good.
- Good.
- Can you give me a hand with this bag?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Did you need my help too?
- I think I can manage.
- Thanks for helping me move.
- He's not exactly how you described him.
- What do you mean?
- Well, he's definitely nerdy.
But he looks like a
fucking underwear model.
- (chuckles) I don't really see it.
Is someone feeling threatened?
- You're telling me nerdy bookworm,
I'm seeing a guy that
makes more money than me
and spends all day in a fucking plank.
- [Kate] He doesn't make
more money than you.
He's still unemployed.
- He owns real estate.
In San Francisco.
- Why don't we hang out with him
and you can get to know him better?
I think if you spend some time with him
you'll (chuckling) see what I mean.
- Mm, okay.
Did I mention that while you're gone,
I'm hosting that Colombian
bikini model that we shot?
- No, you didn't mention that.
- I am.
- Got nothing to worry about.
Though I am enjoying this a little.
- Oh, I can tell.
("Giving In" by Club Kuru)
(raindrops pattering)
Is hardly a part of me
- [Charles] Not bad, right?
- [Kate] It's really nice.
I've had enough of the rain.
I think I'm gonna head in.
- Get used to it.
- Thanks for taking her in, man.
And for giving her the
great deal on the place.
- Are you kidding me?
Fiscal consistency.
- I do feel a lot better
having gotten to hang
out with you. (chuckles)
- It will be nice to have
the same person around
for more than three days.
And I don't have to be the laundromat?
That's a win-win.
- Never really thought about that.
Washing all the sheets.
- Should we get inside?
I'm getting soaked.
(contemplative music)
- Am I crazy for doing this?
- Hmm?
- Am I even a good designer?
- Not yet, but you will be.
(Collin chuckling)
- Oh no.
Is this a mistake?
- Kate, you got into every grad
school that you applied to.
It's not a question anymore
of whether or not you're a good designer.
- Yeah, but--
- Listen.
You have an amazing eye.
I know this.
I've worked with you
for the past five years.
(Kate chuckles)
I'm proud of what you're doing,
figuring all this out.
- I don't know why you
won't just come with me.
You're not working the next three days.
I could really use the
company and it would be nice
to spend some actual time
together, don't you think?
- I have a ton of editing to do.
- [Kate] Yeah, you can edit anywhere.
- I can edit anywhere, but not well.
Sitting in a stranger's
living room on a laptop
is not ideal for me.
And I have a shoot next week.
I don't wanna be run-down from the travel.
- Run-down?
I'm tired too, Collin.
I'm going to school, working.
It's tiring.
- It doesn't make sense for me
because you have a plane ticket
and I would have to drive back and forth
both ways by myself and I
- I can cancel the flight
- don't wanna make that drive
- and drive up with you.
- and go straight to a shoot.
- It's only five hours.
- Six, with no traffic.
(Kate sighs)
This is what we decided.
I support you but I'm not
coming up every weekend.
I have to work.
- Okay.
- This is what you wanted.
I told you it wasn't gonna be easy.
- I understand.
- I wanna spend time with you, but--
- It's fine.
I get it.
- I'll just come up another weekend
when I have less going on.
Come on.
- I gotta be up super early.
- We're not gonna see each
other for a couple weeks.
(Kate sighs)
("Wednesday's Boy" by Club Kuru)
Here's why you got to refuse
These people ain't for you
And yes, you're gonna be good
All right
Long time
Not getting easier
To see yourself from outside
That's why you need to get through
There's no one here for you
So now you gotta be true
How much more time do you need?
- Almost ready.
(Collin sighs)
Last step.
Let's go see what he thinks.
- I like it.
Stand right here, please.
(shutter clicking)
- So, no drinks with the
beautiful model and her friends?
- I try to keep a separation
of church and state.
- Is that the eloquent way of saying
you don't shit where you eat?
- (chuckles) Yup.
Good job today.
- You thought I was gonna
fuck it up, didn't you?
- No.
- Yes, huh?
You were skeptical.
- It's just been a while
since I've had someone else
cover as many bases as you did.
- So, you're gonna treat me to a drink.
- I can do a post-shoot cocktail.
- You're buying for doubting me.
- So, no Collin this weekend?
- He was too busy.
- One of those cool
photo shoots you guys do.
- (chuckles) They're not
always that exciting.
Long days.
- Still, pretty exciting compared to this.
- That does look really boring.
- Is that why you don't wanna do it?
Long days?
- It's not that I don't like styling.
It's a cool job, but I
just sort of fell into it.
- I'd like to say I know what you mean
but I've never fallen into anything.
I'm sorry.
Am I grilling you?
- Do you do this to all your guests?
- No, actually. (chuckles)
- [Kate] If you did, it
would fuck up your rating.
- Oh, my precious rating.
- All right. (sighs)
I think I have to get to sleep.
- More excitement yet to come.
- Night.
- [Charles] Good night.
(phone ringing)
- [Collin Voicemail] Hey,
you've reached Collin Andrews.
Leave your name and number
and I'll call you back.
(voicemail beeps)
(shutter clicks)
- Can you bounce a
little light on her face?
- Good?
- Perfect.
Okay, now look into each other's eyes.
(shutter clicking)
- How's it going down there?
- [Alex] I don't know how you do it, Kate.
(both chuckling)
No, really.
Thank you for connecting us again.
- Well, it makes my life a lot easier
when he has someone he likes to work with.
- Your classes, how are they coming?
- Going back and forth
is getting a little old.
- I'm sure.
- But I'm here all weekend.
We should hang out.
I've never met your man.
- We broke up a couple of weeks ago.
- Oh, really, I'm so sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, it sucks, but I
think it's a good thing.
- Breakups are tough.
- Everything happens for a reason
and it's been nice to have some time
to focus on work.
- Alex!
Can I get that bounce back in?
- Duty calls.
(Kate chuckles)
(contemplative music)
- These engagement things are tough.
- He didn't really understand
the concept of smile.
(Collin chuckles)
- I think I'm gonna have to
start turning these down.
- Did it at least come out all right?
- [Collin] They're okay.
I think she looks natural.
(Collin and Alex laughing)
- You guys need any help?
- [Collin] We got it.
- [Alex] It's your weekend, girl.
You relax.
- [Kate] Are you sure?
- Yeah, enjoy the view.
- You're not getting paid
to lug this shit around.
(chuckles) Lucky you.
Off to the glamorous world of fashion.
(Kate chuckles)
- Like dumplings or beef and--
- All good?
- Yeah, that should do it.
- It was good to see you.
- Have fun with the rest
of your time down here.
- Thanks.
- Wanna go have drinks?
- I'm not sure if I'm
feeling up to it, sorry.
- I actually have plans.
- All right, well, see
you on the next one.
This place is really good.
- Yeah.
So, how do you think it went today?
- All right.
I'm getting really tired
of these engagement shoots.
- Yeah.
Well, maybe it's time to
focus more on editorial work.
- We'll see.
So, what are we doing tonight?
- I kinda wanted to stay in.
I haven't been home in a while.
Then again, we could give your
drinking buddy Alex a call,
see what she's up to.
- My drinking buddy Alex?
- Yeah.
- You mean the girl that
you replaced yourself with.
- Seems like you two are pretty chummy.
- Are you jealous?
- It's hard.
It's hard for me to see.
I'm just alone in San
Francisco, like, working,
and you're just getting
drinks all the time, you know,
with (scoffs) my friend.
- Hello, what about old Charles?
Old Charlie Boy?
- There's no drinking going on
with old (chuckling) Charlie Boy.
- That's sad.
You should get the guy
out, let him live a little.
- I have a hard time
believing that if I would say,
oh, just going out with
Charlie for some drinks,
that you'd be like, oh,
cool, sounds, have fun.
- I mean, I've met him.
Yeah, I would, I would encourage it.
He needs a little life.
- Okay, that's how you wanna play it.
So, are you really good to stay in
or you need to go and live your life?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm perfectly fine with watching a movie
or something like that.
- [Man] Made clear that there
are no. (speaking faintly)
(gunshots popping)
Many visitors to this area
do not understand the
concept of wilderness.
- Wanna just turn it off
and talk for a minute?
- You're literally gonna
be asleep in a second
so then I'll be lying here in the dark.
- Aren't you tired?
- Not really.
- Can I at least lay on you?
- Sure.
(man on TV speaking faintly)
- [Commentator] Like loss of seasonal.
I haven't looked at it
too much, and the effect,
because, you now, it's
not a great match-up
in terms of, you know, why
should the quarterback.
(sheets swishing)
(commentator speaking faintly)
(floorboards creaking)
(TV switch clicks)
(contemplative music)
("Giving In" by Club Kuru)
Is hardly a part of me
But Angie
Is living inside of me
I'm living for the living
Guess I should be giving
- [Collin Voicemail] Hey,
you've reached Collin Andrews.
Leave your name and number
and I'll call you back.
(voicemail beeps)
- Hey, it's me.
Just wondering what you're doing.
Would love to hear from
you at some point today,
so call me.
Love you.
I'm staying here a lot
more than half a week.
- It's good to have
someone like you around.
- [Kate] Well, it's hard to cook for one.
- Yeah, I know.
- What do you mean someone like me?
- You're pleasant to be around.
- Pleasant. (chuckles)
Not something you hear
often, but I'll take it.
- I meant it in a good way.
And I know how expensive
being a student is.
So, how come you've been
staying up here more?
- Mm, it's just too hard to go
back and forth every weekend.
Plus, Collin found someone to help him
so there's less pressure
for me to go down.
- That makes sense.
Gives you more time for your studies.
Are you okay not seeing him as much?
I mean, I know you guys
have the two-week rule.
It seems to be working well.
- It's fine.
I have a break soon.
Thank you.
(wine sloshing)
- I love this varietal.
- Do you?
- I got it last summer
in Napa with my family.
- What's it called?
- Barbera?
Bar, Barbara?
- You sure about that?
- (chuckling) Yeah.
(Kate laughing)
That's how they say it.
Well, what is it then?
- Barbera.
- You like it?
- I do, it's great.
It's very full-bodied.
- Yeah, little hints of oak.
You get the oak?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, is everything okay?
- Yeah, why?
- You called me four times in a row.
I thought you knew I was working.
- Yeah, how's it going?
- [Alex] The guy from the studio says
if we're not out of here in
five, he's gonna charge us.
- Give me a minute.
- Who's that?
- Alex.
Can I call you later?
We still have to break down.
- Yeah, but I feel like
I haven't really gotten
to talk to you today.
(trunk thuds)
- I don't think you have
any reason to be upset.
You're the one that made the
decision not to come down.
- Well, I'm sorry, I didn't feel
like standing around all day,
watching you and Alex work your magic.
- Are you serious right now? (scoffs)
- What?
- Have you been drinking?
- [Kate] No.
Some wine with dinner.
- I'll call you later.
We have to get out of the studio, okay?
- Fine.
- [Collin] I love you.
(keys jingling)
You can set that down anywhere.
(glass clinks)
(water splashing)
(dishes clinking)
(phone chimes)
- So, you gonna be my
wingman tonight, bro?
- What does that even entail?
- Basically, if anybody comes up to us,
you'd have to talk about how great I am.
(lighter clicks)
(bong gurgling)
- I mean, I gotta be honest.
I can't lie to these people.
(Alex scoffing)
(footsteps tapping)
- Hey.
- Hey yourself.
- I wanna do something.
- [Charles] Like what?
- I wanna drink and dance.
- (chuckling) You enjoy yourself.
- You're coming.
(contemplative music)
- Ah.
- The book will still be here.
Where are we going?
- I don't do a lot of dancing
but I have a couple ideas.
- Great.
Get ready.
(Alex chuckling)
- Now, I'm gonna be so confident
because you got me so high.
(both laughing)
- [Collin] Oh, it's gonna be funny.
(Alex chuckles)
("Wednesday's Boy" by Club Kuru)
Strange boy
It's never easier
To be alone when you cry
- Hey, I know this is really annoying
but could I bum a cigarette from you?
- Sure.
- Oh, my favorite, thanks.
- Of course.
- [Kate] Do you have a light?
(lighter clicks)
- How's your night going?
- Kinda weird but generally good.
- You visiting?
- I'm here for grad
school but I live in L.A.
Do you live here?
- Yup.
Right down the street.
- I love the vibe here.
What do you do?
- I'm a photographer.
Weddings and stuff.
- Cool.
My boyfriend's a photographer.
- Ah, boyfriend.
- (chuckles) His name is Collin Andrews.
Have you heard of him
or seen his Instagram?
I style all his shoots.
(Kate chuckles)
- You gonna show me some pictures?
- [Kate] Um, yeah.
Let me see.
- Should we go?
- Mm-hmm.
- You're a lucky man.
- Thanks, man.
- (chuckles) Nice to meet you.
(mellow rhythmic music)
- Thanks for a great night out.
(Kate chuckles)
(hands slap)
I needed that.
- Me too.
- Good night.
- Night.
(phone ringing)
(Collin sighs)
(phone buzzing)
(Collin sighs)
- [Voicemail Recording]
Your call has been forwarded
to an automated voice messaging system.
(Kate sighs)
(phone buzzing)
(phone ringing)
(floorboards creaking)
- Hey.
- Hey yourself.
How was the rest of your night?
- It was good.
- What'd you do?
- Not much, just hung around.
Watched a movie.
- Look.
I'm sorry I didn't call
you back last night.
I was just a little disappointed
you didn't come down here for the weekend.
Sorry I was short with you.
- It's fine, I totally get it.
Hey, can I actually call you back?
I have plans to get brunch
with a girl from school.
Can I call you on the way?
- Um, all right.
Are we good?
- Mm-hmm, totally good.
I'll call you in a little bit.
I love you.
- Love you too.
(Kate inhales sharply)
("Double L" by Club Kuru)
Always waiting
You just get in line
Inside, outside
And underneath I can't describe
This life, my mind
And underneath I can't describe
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
I never said it was
all right, all right
I never said it was
all right, all right
- Kate, this is really fucked up.
Should I be worried?
I never thought it was all right
All right
- Please call me back.
(latch clicks)
- Didn't feel like getting dressed today?
- [Collin] Nope.
- Is something wrong?
- (sighs) Something's up.
- What do you mean?
- Just over the last month,
Kate's been really unresponsive.
(sighs) This whole decision
to be apart was a mistake.
- Well, it's temporary, right?
- I just have a bad feeling.
- Well, have you thought
about just going up there?
- I have.
But the timing hasn't worked out.
- If you're that worried,
you should just drop everything and go.
- I'm just not that guy.
I don't wanna just show up.
It's not like we haven't corresponded.
- She's probably just busy.
I'm sure you're
overthinking it. (chuckles)
You're like the perfect couple.
- I don't know.
Been together a long time.
I know when something's off.
- I'm sure there's an explanation.
- Thanks for bringing that by.
- Of course.
(phone buzzing)
- Hello?
- Hey, Kate, how's it going?
- Fine, what's going on?
- Have you spoken with Collin recently?
He's kind of a hot mess.
- What do you mean?
- He thinks you're ignoring him.
- Thanks, I've been a little swamped.
I might've missed him.
I'll call him.
- All right.
I guess I'll see you.
- Thanks.
(contemplative music)
(device chimes)
Hey, I'm coming home.
(device chimes)
("Giving In" by Club Kuru)
Are living inside of us
The party
Is running away from me
I'm living for the living
(contemplative music)
- [Airport Recording] Los
Angeles International Airport
welcomes you, and TSA.
(airport recording playing faintly)
(music plays softly)
(music plays loudly)
(audio system buzzing)
- I have to tell you something.
(soft music)
(cereal crunching)
(fork clinking)
(cereal crunching)
In my mind, in my mind
Where have you gone
Time, it goes on
I wanna go home
Can you hear me
Simple things, simple things
How do you bleed
I think now I can see
Right here with me
And we bleeding
(Collin hums)
- I didn't know you were here.
(game console chimes)
- Yup.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
(game music playing softly)
- I thought we were gonna
do something together today.
- What'd you have in mind?
- I thought we were going for a hike.
- All right.
Yeah, let's go.
(game audience cheering)
- Seriously, if you don't
wanna go, that's fine.
I have work I can do.
(game console chimes)
- Well, I do.
I'm just gonna save first.
(Collin sighs)
- Ready?
- Let's do it.
(Collin sighs)
(gravel crunching)
(Kate panting)
- Kinda hazy.
- Smoggy.
(Kate panting)
(footsteps clanging)
(Collin sniffs)
- Ready to head down the trail?
- [Collin] I don't know.
Kinda feeling like this is enough.
(lighter clicks)
- (chuckles) Sort of defeats
the purpose of the hike,
don't you think?
Are you really gonna keep doing this?
- Doing what?
- Punishing me.
- (scoffs) Is that what I'm doing?
- When are you gonna let
me have a say in things?
I'm sorry.
I know I fucked up.
But at what point do I get to
have a say in our life again?
- It's only been a month.
I'm supposed to be over this shit already?
I don't fucking think I can ever
get over this shit. (scoffs)
- You know, I thought you
were doing this to me.
I don't care.
If you need to do this, then
go ahead, keep punishing me.
- Oh, get over yourself, Kate.
- [Kate] Get over myself?
- You think you're some fucking martyr
just because you told the fucking truth?
- What, was I supposed
to keep it from you?
- Yeah, maybe you should have.
- I'm not alone here, Collin.
There's two of us in this.
- Yeah, one who fucking cheated
and the other one didn't.
- We talked about this.
I told you that I thought you
were fucking around on me.
- Oh yeah, just because you
had some fucking intuition
that I was doing something
doesn't justify the fact
that you fucked someone else.
You don't get to
preemptively fucking cheat.
- I know.
I know that!
- Oh, you know. (sighs)
- I know you're hurt and I'm sorry.
Deeply sorry.
And I won't ever forgive
myself for what I've done.
But how long are you going
to punish me for, Collin?
- [Collin] I'm gonna punish you
as long as I wanna punish you
and it's up to you how
long you put up with it.
- [Kate] Well, if you're
never going to forgive me,
then maybe we should just break up.
- Oh, great.
Yeah, just give up that easily.
- You know, you didn't
make this whole experience
of me going back to school easy.
It could've been easy,
but instead, it was completely up to me
to maintain the status
of our relationship.
- That's all just speculation.
And it doesn't justify the fact
that you fucked someone else.
And when are you gonna take
responsibility for that, huh?
It's that simple!
- I'm not trying
to justify it, okay?
I'm just trying to explain and tell you
that I felt completely alone
and like it was all up to me.
You were just going on
about your life without me.
- You know what, I...
You're right, (stammering) I can't.
I can't forgive you right now.
- Right now, or ever?
- I don't know.
- This doesn't feel right.
(somber music)
I still love you.
(Collin scoffs)
- Yeah, I just think maybe
we should take a break.
- I don't want that.
I want our life back.
I am sorry.
(Collin sighs)
(soft digital music)
(engines roaring)
- [Patrick] Have any twos?
- [Kate] Go fish.
(bird cawing)
- [Patrick] Well, I will.
- Sorry.
Got any jacks?
- How do you always do that?
(Kate sighs)
What's going on, babe?
- (sighing) I don't know.
- Have you heard from him at all?
- Nope.
And I don't think I'm gonna.
- Hey, let's get outta here.
You're gonna win anyway.
- Okay.
- Mother.
We're leaving.
(soft music)
- Yeah.
- [Woman] Was it Quaker?
- It was a apple shake.
(man and woman chattering)
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, dude.
I know you wanna go talk to them.
- Golf cart and golf course.
(women chattering)
- I really need a drink first.
(Greg chuckles)
- Okay.
- Let's go.
("Not for Me" by Club Kuru)
I went back home
I saw the people that I used to know
I'm on my own
Just like the others out there
Guess I feel alone
- Mom's really gunning for
you guys to get back together.
- (chuckling) I'm aware.
- She's always been obsessed with Collin.
What's going on with that?
- I don't really know.
He just said he needs time.
- Okay, what do you need?
- [Kate] What do you mean?
- Well, Katie, these things don't happen
because you're both happy,
because everything's fine.
I love Collin, but he's been
noncommittal since day one.
I mean, he kind of only
thinks about himself.
- Yeah, you're right.
He's basically put zero effort
into our relationship this whole year.
And a lot of our friends are
getting engaged or married,
and anytime I bring it up,
he completely shuts down.
- You know, he's one of those guys
that's really into his work.
It's what you like about him,
it's what makes him interesting,
but it's not conventional.
I mean, you've known that the whole time.
Look, the whole brooding
artist thing, it's hot
but it's...
You can't expect the
same things out of him
that's happening for all your friends.
- He is moody.
And a little pretentious sometimes.
- He is by far the moodiest heterosexual
I ever hung out with.
(Kate laughing)
(Patrick chuckling)
- Yeah.
- You guys are good together
but it seems like you are
going in this direction
and he's not getting on board.
You've been together for a super long time
so you're just at this
point where it's like,
you know, what's next?
But Katie, you have to do
what's gonna make you happy.
I mean, this is your dream.
He's gotta understand that
if you wanna make it work.
- Yeah, but at the end of
the day, I still fucked up.
It's my fault.
I mean, how long would it take you
to get over something like that?
- I know, I know, but
you see what I'm saying.
- [Kate] I do.
- Seriously, it was one time, okay?
And you told him about it
right away and you ended it.
- I know, but it still happened
and I don't wanna diminish that
because he really is hurt by it.
- I get that, it just, it
seems like you are really hurt
by the way he's been treating
you the last nine months.
Whatever you do, whatever
happens, I'm here for you.
I just don't wanna see you
give up on what you want.
(Kate sighs)
- Fuck.
- That's all.
- Are you with me here?
- Yeah.
- Look, I know that you're down right now.
I just, you gotta remember
that you didn't do
anything wrong, all right?
Look, the situation that you're in,
you can't beat yourself up about it.
- It's more complicated than that.
- Look, we all love her, all right?
Kate is a great girl.
But she fucked up.
So, you don't have
anything to be sad about.
If anything, you should be angry.
- (clears throat) I am.
- No, I know, dude, I know.
I want you to try to have fun, okay?
- I am.
- Really?
This is your I'm-having-fun face?
Whew, man, okay.
All right, well...
(Collin sighs)
- Dude, it's not that easy.
- No, no, no.
To your I'm-having-fun face.
(glasses clink)
- Cheers.
To my I'm-having-fun face.
- Whoo!
Come on, let's get out there, all right?
Some girl out there is gonna
make you marginally happier.
- Come in.
- It's coming along in here.
We're gonna get drinks around the corner.
You wanna come?
- I think I'm gonna finish unpacking.
Thanks, though.
- Well, we'll be there for a
while if you change your mind.
- Okay.
(contemplative music)
("Drugs" by FaltyDL)
Here we go, here we go
Heard it all a million times before
I'm sick of you, I'm
sick of these fools
So turn it off, turn it off
If I could I'd turn you
off, I'd turn this off
Hit the bar, a new way
out of such a struggle
You gonna hit the bottle soon
I'm going down now
The only way I see it is I
(Collin groaning)
(Collin sighs)
(phone chiming)
- What's up, man?
- So, you make it happen last night?
- Yeah, I did. (chuckles)
- Hey, good for you, man.
I'm happy for you, that's awesome.
Are you hungry?
- Starving.
- Well, I'm about to head
to The Belmont right now.
A little Sunday fun day.
Keep this party train going,
otherwise how hungover I am.
- That sounds good.
I gotta figure out what
to do with this girl.
- Just bring her, dude.
She seemed cool.
- (sighing) Yeah, I don't know about that.
- Hey, she have any friends?
(mellow funky music)
(jet engines roaring)
(fingernails tapping)
- You're gonna have to
come out with us sometime
or we're gonna think you don't like us.
- Okay, I'll text you when I finish this
and see where you are.
- Sure.
- I will.
(Erin chuckles)
- Okay.
("Not for Me" by Club Kuru)
I went back home
I saw the people that I used to know
I'm on my own
Just like the others out there
Guess I feel alone
You're so perfect
Holding down it
It's so easy
But don't you see I'm trying
To let it all be
I said I didn't want it
Now there's nothing for me
I went back home
I saw the people that I used to know
I'm on my own
Just like the others out there
Guess I feel alone
(somber music)
(garage door rattling)
- There he is.
Take your medicine.
(glasses clink)
- No, thanks, man.
Oh, god.
- That bad?
- I just can't handle it.
I can't, I can't, it's...
The more girls I have sex with,
the more I just feel like shit.
- Well, that's a
perfectly normal reaction.
- I, uh, (clears throat)
I end up just missing Kate even more.
- I wish Megan was awake
to talk to you, man.
(Collin laughing)
(both laughing)
- Dude, you're good enough, man.
How is she, though?
Is she good?
- She's fine, she's good.
She's, you know, busy.
- Busy's good.
- Do you remember what
happened when we broke up?
- Not specifically, no.
- Well, okay.
We were in a very serious argument
because I would vanish for work trips,
as she would put it, out of
range, and she was right.
I mean, I would disappear,
just check out for a few days.
Anyway, I thought about it
and I heard from her point of view
and I tried to imagine what it'd be like
if she were the one that was out of range.
I changed my tune.
- Hmm.
- I did, I had to eat crow
and recognize that I had contributed
to the space that was between us.
- Yeah, I mean, that's,
that's a lot. (chuckles)
That's a lot.
- More simply put,
it is my medical opinion
that strange will not cure your condition.
You have to talk to Kate.
(somber music)
(liquid sloshing)
I set you up on the couch if you need it.
Come on.
(glasses clink)
(women giggling)
- [Erin] I was hoping, yup.
- [Sam] That's amazing.
- Okay, wait, wait,
wait, we can do better.
How about this guy?
Nick, 29, pictured with his dog.
- He's cute.
- Oh, we got her with
that dog profile pic.
- I wanna meet someone organically.
- Brian, 31, head of digital marketing.
Funny caption.
- I'm not driving to Long Beach.
- [Sam] Parameters.
- Don't you think it's
a little demoralizing
to date solely based on a few photos
and a self-constructed
idea of who they are
based on age and proximity?
- Mostly proximity.
- It's completely demoralizing
but it's also a good way to find out
what you like and what you don't.
- Within a five-mile radius.
- Well, yeah, of course.
- Besides, Kate, where have you been?
This is how people meet now.
Chris, 22, went as King
Baby for Halloween.
- I'm not feeling the apps.
- I hear your organic
argument, but this is it.
Everyone does it while
they complain about it.
It's just a part of life.
- Yeah, but if you wanna
meet someone organically,
you should move to a small town.
- Oh no.
You think this is bad?
Wait until you come across Collin on there
and forget it.
- Yeah.
- Downer?
(all chuckling)
(somber music)
- This guy, I'm gonna rip him apart
no matter what's being read.
(diners chattering)
And this is the opposite.
Like I said, it's all
people, different ages,
different groups, different whatever.
Yeah, it's a beautiful thing.
It's every Saturday.
Like I said, I.
Well, I gotta say, I'm really glad
that we could finally get together.
You know, I always thought
you should be with a guy
that's crazy about you.
(Kate chuckles)
- Thanks.
This was fun.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
You sure you don't wanna
grab another drink somewhere?
- It's tempting but I have
this thing I have to go to.
- A thing?
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, that's vague.
What are you, double-dipping tonight?
Got another date lined up after me?
Trying to maximize your time?
(Kate laughing)
- No, it's an art show for a photographer
I used to work with.
- This is me.
- Oh, okay.
I'm really just trying to make
an appearance and go home.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- Well, have fun.
- Thank you.
- I'm not gonna kiss you tonight
'cause, well, I wanted it to be natural
and maybe a little bit drunker.
- (laughing) That sounds good.
- I'll call you.
- Okay.
(Kate chuckles)
- All right.
- Night.
- Hey, you look beautiful tonight, Kate.
- (chuckling) Thank you.
(contemplative music)
- Kate?
- [Kate] Are you leaving?
- Yeah, I've been here for a little bit.
- How is it?
- Uh, eccentric.
(Kate chuckles)
How have you been?
I heard about you and Collin.
He definitely wasn't
himself without you around.
- Didn't seem that way.
I basically spent all this year
between here and San Francisco
while he worked and went out.
- He didn't really go out all that much.
- Mm.
- Well, half the time,
I would go over there
and he'd be in his bathrobe,
smoking in the house,
like an old spinster.
- Well, it's good to see you.
- You too.
Really sorry.
- Hey, Kate, it's Collin.
When you get a chance,
give me a call back.
I hope you're doing well.
(phone chiming)
(Collin clears throat)
(chuckling) Mm.
I've been a mess.
- [Kate] I'm sorry to hear that.
- Where you been staying?
- Erin had an extra room in her apartment.
It's nice.
I'm just a little tired of moving.
- Remember that time we
moved you out of that house
into our place? (chuckling)
- I remember you throwing my mattress
out the third-floor window, yes.
(both chuckling)
- Hey, it worked, didn't it?
I was proud.
I wanted to act like everything was fine.
But it wasn't.
I just felt like you wanted it
to be over with immediately,
like nothing happened.
- I wasn't trying to do that.
- Okay.
- It felt like, for the first time,
I wanted to do my own thing.
And you weren't there for me.
That has to count for something.
Obviously, I'm always going
to regret what happened.
But there were things that
were wrong before that.
- I hear that.
- It was completely
unfair and immature of me
to let that manifest into something.
I was confused.
I thought you were
cheating on me with Alex.
(Collin sighs)
(Collin groans)
(Collin sighs)
(somber music)
- You know, I really
want this to work out.
I still have feelings for you.
But there's a part of
me, I gotta be honest,
it feels like you're
still just making excuses
and that you've never really apologized.
And that you have no regrets.
- I made a mistake.
I absolutely think it was wrong.
I would be so devastated
if the table were turned.
But it happened and then it was over.
I didn't carry on.
I tried to be honest.
If you wanna be with me,
you have to forgive me.
When I talked about going back to school,
I thought you would propose
or we'd at least talk more
about getting married.
- Things aren't the same.
- No, they're not.
At what point are we gonna move forward
with our lives, Collin?
I need to protect myself.
I don't wanna feel insecure all the time.
I wanna feel like we're partners.
- I don't know.
I'm just, I, (sighs)
I need more time.
(stammering) How am I supposed
to trust you as my wife
if I know that you're capable of this?
- All I can do is tell
you how much I love you
and show my commitment to repair this.
At a certain point, it's your choice.
Is it a studio or a one-bedroom?
And it's right off Columbus?
(melancholy music)
(photos rustling)
- How much longer?
I'm losing daylight.
- I need a second.
- I don't have a second.
Is that what he's wearing?
- I have something else I could layer on.
- Forget it.
Let's go.
(camera beeps)
Um, white side.
Flip it, please.
(camera beeps)
(Collin humming)
(shutter clicking)
- [Kate] You're my first call
when I have some money for bonds.
- [Charles] I would hope so.
So, you're back for another semester?
- [Kate] Mm-hmm.
I'm subletting an apartment
up in North Beach.
- [Charles] How are things with Collin?
- [Kate] I don't really know.
We're not together right now.
I don't know if we can
recover from what happened.
We tried.
You seeing anyone?
- Actually, I am.
It's a couple of months now.
We share an affinity for bonds.
(both chuckling)
I'm very sorry about what happened.
- You shouldn't be, it
was completely my fault.
It had nothing to do with you.
- Well.
- Well, (chuckling) obviously,
it did, but what I'm saying
is you shouldn't feel bad.
I wasn't in the best place emotionally
and, you know, I'm just
very sorry for everything.
- If I've learned anything from my work
it's that the world can
be very unpredictable.
- Yeah.
(phone buzzing)
(park visitors chattering)
Hey, what's up?
- [Kate's Mom] Kate,
honey, your brother Patrick
has been in an accident.
I need you to come home.
(somber music)
(soft dramatic music)
(Kate sobbing)
(Collin shushing)
- [Collin] I'm so sorry.
- [Kate] It happened so fast.
(Kate sniffles)
- Do you wanna go inside?
- It's been a really long day.
Wanna take a walk?
- Sure.
(contemplative music)
I like your dress.
- Thanks.
We wanted it to be a
celebration of his life.
- Mm.
I'm sure he would've appreciated that.
- My parents are a total wreck.
- I can't even imagine.
- I don't even know if it's hit me yet.
- When I heard, when Erin called me
and told me what happened,
I had to get on a plane right away.
I just couldn't bear the thought
of you going through this alone.
I know we've been going
back and forth a lot
about all the wrongs
we've done to each other,
but we haven't just stopped to think
about all the right.
You know, what happened,
it hurt me, yeah, sure.
But why did it happen?
(chuckles) You know, it's
because we spent so much time
talking about work and school,
traveling back and
forth from city to city,
that we lost all the closeness that we had
in the bullshit.
And then something like this happens.
(sighs) All the bad shit
just went out of my mind.
I can't stand the thought
of not being here for you.
I hate that it took a tragedy
like this for me to see it,
but I see it.
(contemplative music)
I see it clearly.
- (sighs) Come on.
(Collin sighs)
("Ribbons" by Club Kuru)
There's a hunger
In your bed tonight and
You think you're worthy
Of a better life but
Try to pretend
You're something new and then
Maybe it works this time my friend
But I know
You still get that feeling
Lost the hunger
In your head tonight
You miss the roses on