Please Stand By (2017) Movie Script

Wendy: Light.
It can travel
for millions of years
before finally reaching
its destination.
It goes lonely and alone...
hoping that
it will reach someone.
But what if it never arrives?
What if it never finds a home?
Because space is so vast...
and time is so long...
and out here, it's so easy...
to get lost.
(voices over spaceship radio)
Man: All hands alert.
All hands alert.
(woman speaking
over spaceship radio)
Radiation levels climbing.
35 percent.
Raise shields.
Shields are down to 60 percent.
Still falling.
Man: Can I get a reading?
Where is this coming from?
Life support
has been compromised.
I repeat, life support
has been compromised.
Captain's log, final entry.
The Enterprise
is presumed lost.
Spock and I
are the sole survivors.
Our destiny, unknown.
Captain Kirk:
I'm not gonna make it, Spock.
You have to go on
and save the Federation alone.
Negative, Captain.
I'm not going anywhere
without you.
Spock to Enterprise.
"Enterprise, this is Spock."
"Enterprise, are you there?"
Oh, say can you see
By the dawn's early light
- What so proudly we hailed
- Hey, Lexi.
At the twilight's
last gleaming
- (TV playing)
- (phone ringing)
Girl: Whose broad stripes
and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
This is Scotlyn Kyle
at the Bay Area
Assisted Living Center.
Please leave a message.
- (man speaks on TV program)
- Hey, Big D.
And the rockets' red glare
Come here, Brittanie,
give me a hug.
Scottie: Oh, good morning.
Nice one! That hurt!
(Scottie chuckles)
Hey, where's Wendy?
I think she's upstairs
in her bedroom.
Girl: Say does that
star-spangled banner yet wave
Over the land of the free
"Hang on, Captain...
I am going to get you home."
(Scottie blowing kazoo)
(Scottie humming like kazoo)
- Good morning, Wendy.
- Good morning, Scottie.
Scottie: Okay.
Can we try three seconds
of eye contact?
Let's try...
three seconds.
Scottie: Great.
Three seconds of eye contact.
So, next week,
your sister's coming to visit.
How are you feeling about it?
(Wendy mumbles)
Out loud thinking, please.
I'm feeling somewhat
a little bit nervous.
What does that feel like?
Like I've got to pee,
but I don't.
That's how nervousness
feels for me, too.
But, you know,
there's no need to worry,
we're gonna make sure
you're very well-prepared.
Okay, now, can we go over
your everyday schedule?
My everyday schedule...
Wendy: Wake up.
Make bed.
Get towel and toiletries.
If my towel smells funny,
put it in the hamper
and get a new towel.
Go into bathroom.
Check to see
if I'm having my period.
If I am having my period,
remember that
I am having my period.
Scottie: And how do you do that?
I put one thumb up
to help me remember.
If I am having my period,
put on a Kotex maxi pad,
and put my thumb down.
Wendy: Put on an outfit.
Monday, orange.
Tuesday, lavender.
Wednesday, blue.
Thursday, dots.
Friday, yellow.
Saturday, purple.
Sunday is red.
Go into the kitchen
to make toast.
Unless Richard "the Fuck Face"
is hogging the toaster.
Scottie: Wendy.
Unless Richard
is hogging the toaster.
Go to work.
Turn right onto Page Street.
Turn right
onto Buchanan Street.
And when I get
to Market Street, stop...
(traffic sounds)
Because I'm not allowed
to cross Market Street
under any circumstances.
Wait for the 321 Bus
to Stonestown Galleria.
Remember to smile at work,
while I say...
Welcome to Cinnabon!
Would you like a Cinnabon?
But don't repeat
the words too quickly.
And make it sound
different each time.
Welcome to Cinnabon.
Would you like a Cinnabon?
Welcome to Cinnabon!
Would you like a Cinnabon?
Three pm, study.
Yeah, see how
his mouth goes down?
- Okay.
- Four pm, take Pete for a walk.
When you see the man
with the legs,
it means you can walk.
When you see the red hand,
it means that you have to
hold up your hand
before you can walk.
Six pm,
watch "Star Trek" on TV Land.
(space sound effects)
TV: The ship
is still functioning, Captain.
It is logical to assume
the mutineers are
somewhere aboard.
7:00 pm, dinner.
8:00 pm, chores.
And then I have
free time before I go to bed.
I think your sister's
gonna be very impressed.
- I think she will be, too.
- Scottie: I would be.
I am.
Okay, now it's time to work
on your "Names and Places".
"Names and Places" sucks!
Well, it's not
my favorite activity either,
but we need to do it.
Can I watch TV?
But first,
what do you have to be?
You have to be very...
(Audrey hums)
Yes, please!
Shit, no milk.
Audrey: Yeah?
Ah, bless you.
When are you seeing your sister?
Mm, that's good.
TV announcer: And now,
an important reminder...
For 50 years,
Star Trek has boldly gone
where no one has gone before.
So, the call is out
and the contest is on.
They want you
to send in your script,
highlighting the best
of the Star Trek universe.
So, fire up
those word processors
because your completed,
printed script
must be received by Paramount
no later than February 16th.
So, get your scripts done,
it's just one week away.
Wendy: "He stood there,
on the edge of reality...
Only a thin membrane
shielded him
from the chaos beyond...
Could he trust
Commander Worf or not?
He asked himself.
He feared the worst.
Spock looks up at the
star-filled sky,
surveys the barren contours
of this alien wasteland...
'Escape is imperative,'
he whispers."
Hey, Wendy.
Hi, Nemo.
- How's your script coming?
- It's going excellent.
I just wrote a sub-story
where Spock travels
to Deep Space Nine
to recruit Commander Worf
for battle.
That sounds awesome.
By the way, I...
(clears throat)
I made you something.
It's got some really
dope tracks on there.
I really hope you enjoy it.
I'm gonna clean the mixer.
(Nemo clears throat)
Oh, say can you see
So, Richard, we've arranged
an interview for you
at the grocery store
at the end of the street.
Does that interest you?
- Yeah?
- (cell phone ringing)
Excuse me.
- Man: Is this Scotlyn Kyle?
- Yeah.
Ms. Kyle, this is
Reginald Mayweather
from Balboa High.
Did you get out of bed today?
At all?
(Scottie sighs)
Scottie: Okay.
What's going on with you, Sam?
You ever feel depressed?
Mom, stop trying to diagnose me.
Well, why aren't you in school?
We had a deal.
You go to school, you do well.
That's all I ask.
And you have a math test
next week which,
by the way,
I just found out about today.
So, young man,
you are gonna study right here.
Boy: Even my grandmother could
answer your stupid questions.
Dude, you might as well
be asking her
what the name of the ship is,
how bout
you find a hard question?
Like in the back of the book.
I got one.
In the original series episode,
"Court Martial"...
what award was given
to Mr. Spock?
The Vulcan Scientific
Legion of Honor.
Oh, snap! Pay up!
She's got to be cheating!
She's got a cheat sheet.
How can she cheat, dog?
You're picking the questions!
Maybe she's got the answers
written on her papers!
Look, look.
Double or nothing, then.
Go deep, go deep.
Go deep.
What was Dr. Leonard McCoy's
daughter's name?
- What's that?
- What'd you say?
- No way!
- That's impossible!
She got you!
Pay up, bitches!
Suck it!
- Have your dirty money.
- What the Spock.
Boy 1: I don't know, dude,
suck it.
Boy 2: How did she know...?
Boy 1: Should've asked her what
Kirk's grandma's name is.
Boy 2:
What is Kirk's grandma's name?
Wendy: "Peering into
the murky abyss...
Spock saw something
he had never seen before.
A window...
A portal to that other world...
Not a vision,
not a light...
but a feeling...
A feeling
he didn't understand."
...didn't understand.
Scottie, will you read
my movie script for me, please?
Will you read it
as soon as possible, please?
Are movie scripts
supposed to be this long?
Wendy: Yes.
Because it's an epic saga,
it should be long,
highly detailed,
In my script, Spock travels
back and forth through time
to save the Federation.
Wow, sounds fascinating.
Towards the end,
there are a few passages
in the Klingon language,
but don't worry,
Good to know.
(door closing)
You know,
we can still take it with us.
- No room.
- Husband: Well...
We could have it shipped.
We can't afford it.
I thought you loved playing.
I liked it when Wendy played.
I'm gonna go see
if Ruby's awake yet.
What's a "tribble"?
It's kind of like a guinea
pig-type thing,
but without legs, or a face,
and it reproduces like crazy.
(door closing)
Young Audrey: (TV audio) Wendy.
Pay attention. Look.
Fork goes on the left,
right on top. Fork on the left.
You try, your turn.
On the left.
Put it on the left.
Yeah, good job.
And the knife.
You see the knife?
Wendy, look at the knife.
It goes on the right.
Just like that.
Wanna try the plate?
That one's easy,
it goes right in the middle.
You can do it. Come on.
(Young Wendy screaming)
Young Audrey: Mom!
Husband: What are you watching?
Hey, lio-lio-lio
Hey, lio-lilee-lio
You wanna try?
You did it!
Young Audrey:
Hey, lilee-lilee-lilee
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
Young Audrey: Good job!
Wendy: (whispering) "Spock looks
up at the star-filled sky,
surveys the barren contours
of this alien wasteland.
'Spock, escape is imperative,'
he whispers..."
Scottie: Hey, Wendy.
Big day tomorrow.
Anything you need before I go?
Have you read my script yet?
I'm working on it.
- Night.
- Good night.
(printer sounding)
Audrey: Thank you
for working with Wendy.
I know how difficult
she can be.
To tell you the truth,
I'm scared.
Wendy's changed.
She's made huge strides
since being here.
She's come such a long way.
You'll see when you talk to her.
I'll leave you to it.
Hi, Wendy.
Hi, Audrey.
- You look nice.
- Thank you.
I like your outfit.
It's so purple.
So, I heard you got a job.
Do you like it?
No, it sucks, but at least
I get to make Cinnabons.
I brought you a picture of Ruby.
What can Ruby do now?
She can say "Mama" and "Dada"...
and "Elmo".
She loves Elmo.
Can I have this picture of Ruby?
Yeah, I brought it for you.
When can I meet Ruby?
I'm her aunt.
So, Wendy,
I came to visit today
because there's something
I need to tell you.
Um, Jack has finally found
a new job and...
There's a Star Trek
script-writing contest.
Oh, okay, cool.
It's a contest
where they're having
people write their own
Star Trek movie scripts
and I wrote a script.
Oh, wow!
Today is the last day
to send it in,
but I didn't want to send it in
until it was absolutely ready.
So, I double-checked
and triple-checked,
and quadruple-checked,
and it's ready to go
to the post office now.
So, if we mail it,
it'll get there right on time.
It's ready to go.
So, we can go to the post office
and then I can go home with you.
Wendy, we talked about this.
After I win, I'll have $100,000,
and you won't have to take care
of me anymore,
and you won't have
to sell Mom's house.
But I don't want to take you
out of here
when you're doing so good.
It's not that I don't want to,
it's that it's not a good time.
Don't you like it here?
No, I have to eat pizza
on Thursdays
even if I don't want to.
I can't watch TV when I want to.
I can't write when I want to.
So, I'm ready to go home
with you now, Audrey.
Wendy, please don't do this now.
I have a job now.
I can get there all by myself.
Ask me anything,
I'll tell you the right answer.
Please, stop.
I can take care of myself now.
So, I'm ready
to go home with you,
and I can help you
take care of Ruby.
Wendy, you can't.
You can't take care of a baby.
How do you know?
How do you know I can't?
I'm ready
to go home now, Audrey.
I wanna go home.
I'm ready to go home now.
(shouting) Scottie!
Can you please tell Audrey
that I'm ready to go home now?
Wendy, it's okay.
Have you been encouraging this?
Shut up.
We have to discuss
everybody's future,
where they want to be,
where they see themselves.
- This is where she lives now.
- Shut up!
Audrey: Because Wendy,
I don't think
- I can take care of you.
- Shut up!
Wendy: Shut up!
- (Wendy screaming)
- Wendy, please stop.
- Shut up!
- Wendy, stop.
Shut up!
Please stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Scottie: Breathe.
Please, stand by.
- Please, stand by.
- (Wendy gasping)
Scottie: That's it.
Please stand by.
You're gonna be okay.
Please, stand by.
That's it.
Please, stand by.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Scottie: Please, stand by.
You're gonna be okay.
(Audrey sobbing)
(dog whimpers)
(knocking on door)
Scottie: It's 7:00 pm.
Come on, we have to move on
to the next item
in your schedule.
It's dinner time.
You wanna come downstairs?
We're having chili mac.
Scottie: You know what?
If you want,
you can skip chores tonight
and write instead.
Okay, well...
We can talk some more
in the morning.
Okay, Wendy?
"Your completed, properly-
formatted, printed script
must be received
by Paramount Pictures by
5:00 pm on February 16th."
February 16th is this Tuesday.
Today is Sunday.
There's no mail pickup
on Sundays.
And Monday is a holiday.
It's too late.
It's too late.
(sobs) It's too late.
It's too late.
It's too late.
(Wendy sobbing)
Buses go to Los Angeles.
I could take
a bus to Los Angeles.
How much will a bus
to Los Angeles cost?
Probably the same
as the 321 bus,
because it is also a bus.
How long will it take
to get there?
I don't know.
What if I forget where I am?
What if I have to pee?
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, please, stand by.
Wendy: I can't go out at night.
I have to wait till sunrise.
When is sunrise?
"Come in, Enterprise...
Enterprise, this is Spock."
(birds chirping)
(refrigerator opening)
(refrigerator closing)
(breath quivering)
Go home, Pete.
You can't come with me
to Paramount Pictures.
Go home, Pete!
But you have to eat peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches,
just like people do.
Does this bus go to Los Angeles?
Does this bus go to Los Angeles?
Does this bus go to Los Angeles?
No, you need to go
to the Transbay Terminal
on Fremont Street.
That's on the other side
of Market Street.
Okay, thank you.
Bus driver: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
The other way,
the other way!
Okay, thank you.
Scottie: Wendy?
Wendy's not in her room.
We've got to find her.
- Wendy? Wendy?
- Wendy?
Scottie: Wendy!
We're not allowed
to cross Market Street
under any circumstances.
(loud traffic)
(traffic stopping)
(crossing beep)
You need a ticket.
You need a ticket
to ride the bus.
Wendy: Oh.
Bus driver: Hey, little missy...
Go buy a ticket!
Where you going?
Los Angeles.
Excuse me?
- Los Angeles.
- One way or round-trip?
Are you staying there
or are you coming back?
Coming back.
Okay, round trip, that'll be...
86 dollars.
(bus PA announcements)
I've got a ticket.
It's a round-trip ticket
because I'm coming back.
Can I have it?
We have to be quiet, Pete,
so that we don't disturb
the other passengers.
(sound of kazoo)
Mommy, there's a doggie
in that lady's bag.
I know, Pete.
But you've got to hold it.
(Pete whining)
Okay, I'll ask.
Excuse me, bus driver.
My friend needs to pee.
Restroom's broken.
Bus driver: Tell your friend
the next stop's in an hour.
Okay, thank you.
Don't do it, Pete!
This is what happens
when you pee on the bus.
- (phone ringing)
- Oh, wait.
One second.
Scottie: Hey, Audrey.
It's Scottie here.
Listen, I...
I got in this morning
and Wendy wasn't here.
Then, where is she?
Scottie: I don't know.
I suggest you stay put
in case she's headed your way.
So, you have no idea
where she is?
I'm gonna call you back.
"Bus restrooms do not work."
(baby whimpering)
Woman: It's okay.
(baby whimpering)
(baby babbling)
Her name's Madison.
Hi, Madison.
We call her Maddy sometimes,
especially when she gets
upset and starts crying.
Maddy's very, very cute.
Thank you.
I'm an aunt.
I have a niece named Ruby.
- Does Maddy have an aunt?
- She has three.
Do you like being an aunt?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I've never met Ruby.
My sister's afraid
I might hurt her.
I used to have tantrums.
When was that?
When I was younger.
That's so sad.
But I can't imagine
you hurting a baby, not ever.
You can hang out with
me and Maddy if you want.
Come on.
Now, come on.
Come sit.
So, where are you headed?
Los Angeles.
I'm going to enter a contest,
a writing contest.
I hope you win.
I'm gonna say
a little prayer for you.
What kind of prayer?
Oh, I don't know.
A good one.
Don't you worry.
What's the matter?
- Do you wanna hold her?
- No, no.
It's okay.
Woman: Look at the puppy.
Wanna pet the puppy?
You know what,
me and my boyfriend,
we're actually going
down to L.A.
So, if you don't have a ride,
maybe you should just
come with us.
Woman: Yeah?
Would you like that?
I'd like that very, very much.
Okay, then.
Let's go, Jules.
You ready?
I've got to fill up
my water bottle first.
(Pete growling)
- Man: Give it to me!
- Wendy: No!
Give me my notebook back!
Give me my notebook back!
I'm sorry.
(motor starting)
They stole my iPod, Pete.
Hey, lilee-lilee-lilee
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
Hey, lilee-lilee-lilee
Hey, little gal,
won't you come out with me?
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
This side of myself
that I want you to see
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
(leaf blower sounding)
Hey, lilee-lilee-lilee
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
Hey, lilee-lilee-lilee
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
Hey, lilee-lilee lo
Hey, lilee-lilee-lilee
Her name is Wendy Welcott.
Oh, God, I hope she's okay.
Hey, lilee-lilee
(breathing deeply)
(phone ringing)
Scottie: So, she was on a bus
heading to Los Angeles.
The driver removed her
just off the I-5.
- They're trying to locate her.
- What?
We are doing everything
we can to find her.
And if she calls you,
let me know right away, okay?
(country music on radio)
(door chime ringing)
Where's my money?
How much do all
of these candy bars cost?
A buck a piece.
It says there are 18 inside,
so that's $18.
Yeah, 18 dollars.
Don't cheat her.
That candy is $2.99
and you know it.
Don't be looking at me
with your squinched-up face.
You were gonna take her money,
and that's called stealing.
Now you apologize.
I'm sorry.
That's better.
Don't let people
take advantage of you, okay?
I've got a grandson like you.
Sweetest boy in the world,
but he always has trouble
trying to figure it all out.
This is my niece, Ruby.
Rose: Oh, she's adorable!
So, where's your family?
992 Heath Road,
Oakland, California.
You mean you're out here
all by yourself?
No, I have Pete with me.
Rose: Yeah, but who's
taking care of you?
I am.
Oh, honey, that's not right.
You shouldn't be out here
all by yourself.
Why don't you come with me?
- Husband: Where are you going?
- She's out there.
Somewhere between here
and Los Angeles.
Okay, so what, you're just gonna
drive down the interstate
looking for her?
Audrey: Yeah, I am.
I can't just sit here.
I'm going.
There's plenty of breast milk
in the fridge.
(door closing)
Are you going to Paramount
Pictures to be an actress?
You're pretty enough.
No, I'm a writer.
I wrote a script.
It's 427 pages long.
Oh, my goodness!
What's it about?
It's about two old friends
who are separated.
And one of them, Spock,
is a Vulcan.
He discovers
how to have a sense of humor.
He makes a special study
of the anatomy of jokes
which were a part of old,
or primitive, Vulcan culture.
He relates different parts
of a joke
to different facial expressions
according to
old holographic archives...
and he figures out
a scientific equation
for a sense of humor.
Oh, I wish my grandson
could meet you.
He would so get whatever it is
you're talking about.
Rose: He would think
you were pretty cool.
I'd love to see him more myself.
But I'm here and he's there.
Why don't you live with him?
I don't wanna be
anybody's burden.
People have their own lives,
and after a while,
those lives don't include you.
Yes, her name is Wendy Welcott.
She's 21 years old.
Five-foot-four, blonde.
Thanks anyway.
(music playing on minibus radio)
- (horns honking)
- (tires squealing)
(crash sound)
(music fades out)
Doctor: Miss?
Can you hear me?
(Wendy mumbling)
What's she saying?
Welcome to Cinnabon.
Would you like
to try a Cinnabon?
Nurse: No fractures,
no bleedings.
Suspected mild concussion.
They wanna keep her
for a day or two,
but we're just waiting on a bed.
Would you mind
grabbing her chart?
I have to go.
Wendy: I want to go.
(sound of hospital PA system)
Wendy: I have to go.
Wendy Welcott.
Nurse: We've got four Jane Does
in here.
Well, she's five-foot-four,
Nurse: They've all got
blonde hair.
They're all five-foot-something.
Hell, we even have
a Jane Dog in here.
(dog barking)
Wait, what did you just say?
We've got a Jane Dog here.
John Dog.
Scottie: Is he wearing
a Star Trek uniform?
A what?
Scottie: A Star Trek uniform.
Is he wearing one?
Oh, yeah, he is!
Ah, look at that!
Nurse: That's so cute.
Okay, where are you again,
Scottie: Hey, wake up.
I need you to get dressed.
You're coming with me.
Mom, what's going on?
Oh, a patient of mine ran away.
So, please just go get dressed.
Where are we even going?
She's trying to get to L.A.
and turn in a script
for this competition.
Is it any good?
- What?
- The script.
Oh, I could only get
a few pages in.
I don't get it.
What don't you get?
Okay, so, I know
he's the hero of Star Wars,
but who exactly is
this Kirk person?
Please, crash this car right now
because we both deserve to die!
In Star Trek...
- Okay.
- James T. Kirk is the captain
of the starship Enterprise.
Right, that's the spaceship
they're on, right?
Yes, yes, the spaceship.
Great job, Mom.
But why does she find it
so fascinating?
That's what I don't get.
I don't know.
Maybe it's the characters.
What do you mean?
Like Spock, for example.
He's half-human, half-alien.
He has trouble
dealing with his emotions.
Where did it say that?
That's just how he is.
(phone vibrating)
(message notification sound)
(nurse laughing)
Have a good one, okay?
You are going to Ward C.
I don't want to go to Ward C.
I want to go
to Paramount Pictures.
Well, I'm sorry, little lady,
it looks like you
are going to Ward C.
Where am I?
You're at the hospital.
You hit your head.
Where's Pete?
- Where's my dog?
- He's okay.
The nurses have him.
They gave him a little bath.
Let's get you outta here, huh?
Away we go.
I've got to pee.
You can pee when
we get you upstairs, all right?
No, I've got to pee right now.
Right now, I've got to pee.
- Wendy: Right now.
- All right, okay, okay.
Let's make it quick.
Nurse: I heard you scared
the crap out of a cop.
My dad was a cop.
Yeah, he had this walrus
moustache and everything.
When we were kids
and we misbehaved,
he used to give us demerits.
"You loaded my gun wrong.
That's a demerit."
"It's the wrong Elvis record.
"Clothes on the floor.
And if you were lucky enough
to get enough demerits,
you had to sleep in the shed.
Even now when I come home,
he's like,
"You'd better move out
of the house soon,
or I'm gonna make you
sleep in the shed."
Cut it out!
That's not a funny thing
to joke about.
You know, I'm your son.
Show me a little respect.
Don't joke like that.
Just quit kidding around.
You all good in there?
That's a long pee.
Okay, I'm gonna come inside,
all right?
I'm coming in!
She jumped out the window!
She jumped out the window!
I'll come back for you, Pete.
Nurse: Wendy!
Yeah, I'm on my way right now.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my script!
My script...
Hey! Stop!
This is Wendy's script.
Scottie: Wendy!
You need to calm down.
Getting angry is not
gonna help the situation.
Scottie: Hey, I am not angry.
Nobody's angry here.
I'm just trying to figure out
what the hell is wrong
with you people!
Whoa, easy now.
Come on, Scottie.
Nothing is wrong with us, ma'am,
but given the way
you're speaking to me, I guess
something must wrong with you.
Something's gonna be wrong
with your face
if you don't stop talking
to my mom like that!
I'm gonna need the both of you
to calm down.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
but this is just
completely unacceptable.
Where's my sister?
- Are you Ms. Welcott?
- Yeah. Where's Wendy?
I am sorry, but...
she slipped by the duty nurse.
We have no idea how,
but we've looked
everywhere for her.
We've got officers
up and down the state
looking for her now.
What was she doing here anyway?
Was she hurt?
Audrey: How did she get away
from you people?
Can anybody tell me anything
about my sister?
Wendy: "Your completed, properly
formatted, printed script
must be received
by February 16th, 5:00 pm."
"Your completed, properly
formatted, printed script
must be received
by February 16th, 5:00 pm."
"Your completed, properly
formatted, printed script...
must be received
by February 16th, 5:00 pm."
stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
Please, stand by.
My script.
My script.
It's gone.
It's gone.
there is only one logical
direction in which to go...
Wendy: "Captain's log...
Final entry.
'The Enterprise
is presumed lost.
Spock and I are
the sole survivors.
Our destiny, unknown.'
Spock looks up at the
star-filled sky...
surveys the barren contours
of this alien wasteland.
Peering into the murky abyss...
Spock saw something
he had never seen before."
Maybe this is my fault.
Wendy: "Escape is imperative...
Spock cradles the dying Kirk
in his arms.
His captain. His friend.
Kirk looks up at him,
the light dimming in his eyes."
Do you know where
the bus station is?
"'I'm afraid, Spock.'
Spock is calm, reassuring.
'Don't be afraid, Jim.
The unknown is there for us
to conquer, not to fear.'"
Do I need a ticket
to ride the bus to Los Angeles?
Yes, you do.
But the next one is not
until 8:00 am tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
8:00 am is in
11 hours and 13 minutes.
I'll wait.
Wendy: "Slowly tumbling through
the emptiness of space...
the lights of his spacesuit
illuminating him
in the darkness."
You can't sleep either?
"Tiny, alone...
a single speck of light
in a sea of night.
For the first time...
No stories...
No echoes...
Nothing in his head.
- Just silence."
- (Wendy mumbles)
I hope she's okay.
She's a very resourceful girl.
To tell you the truth,
I'm kind of impressed.
She used to be afraid
of everything.
This can't be easy for her.
Maybe I underestimated her.
Your sister...
is one of the most complex
and creative people I know.
I mean, she's not always
that easy to figure out.
She can really try
your patience, that's for sure.
My mother
was so patient with her.
She took care of both of us,
by herself.
- Single mom?
- Yeah.
After our mother died,
I tried my best
to take care of Wendy.
But then I got married,
we found out
we were gonna have a baby.
I'm always amazed by how easy
it is for some people
to be able to handle it all.
I'm sorry,
but I need to close up.
Do you have any place to go?
Paramount Pictures.
Can I wait outside for the bus
to Los Angeles?
Well, I can't stop you.
But you be careful, okay?
I am careful.
I don't walk when the sign says,
"Don't walk", and...
I only crossed
Market Street one time.
Go into bathroom.
Take a shower.
There is no shower.
That's okay.
It's okay to skip once,
but not twice.
Madeline said so.
I've got to change.
I need to buy a ticket
to Los Angeles, please.
That'll be 22 dollars.
That's not going
to be enough money.
It's $7.52, I counted it.
- Next.
- But it's almost enough.
I need to get
to Los Angeles today
because today is
the contest deadline.
$7.52 is not enough, I know,
but is there some way that...
Next customer, please.
Can it be enough?
Just for today?
You're holding up the line.
Ticket Agent: Let's keep moving.
Any news?
Where do you get on
the Lankershim bus?
That her?
Do you know where you get on
the Lankershim bus?
That's her.
Hey, miss?
Hey! Hey!
Back in, back in, back in.
All right, all right.
(police siren)
(panicked breathing)
Policeman: Wendy.
Wendy, come out.
We won't hurt you.
- I think she's in there.
- Just, just...
You'll spook her, okay?
(speaking in Klingon)
(answering in Klingon)
Hey, man, what language is that?
Forget about it, Doyle.
It's nothing, okay?
I didn't know you spoke
a foreign language, bro.
What was that?
Klingon, all right?
- Damn!
- Shut up, Doyle.
(speaking in Klingon)
Yes, I speak English.
They found her!
She's at a police station
in downtown L.A.
So, what happens next?
Spock starts to experience
the pon farr.
On top of everything else
he's going through?
And all of his emotions
rise to the surface
and they start
tearing him apart,
and he has to figure out
how to control them.
That's amazing.
That's amazing!
But I'm not going to make it.
There's still
over 100 pages missing.
Oh, Wendy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I've been so worried about you.
(sound of kazoo)
(sound of kazoo)
Oh, God, we were worried
sick about you!
What did we say
about crossing Market Street?
I'm not allowed to cross Market
Street under any circumstances.
We found your script.
We can still make it.
(in Klingon) Qapla', Wendy.
(in Klingon) Qapla', Frank, yaS.
Hey, I really liked your script.
Thank you.
Yeah. Yeah, I mean,
it was really good.
When Spock has to
travel back in time
with the Elixir of Light
to save everyone,
he sees all these people
that he loves die, right?
Even Kirk.
And he wants to save
all of them, too, but he can't,
because he knows
they died for something good.
I really think it could win.
You need to get over.
Did you get that peanut butter
and jelly sandwich
that I left you?
I missed you a lot.
Mom, it's right here.
Turn here.
There it is!
Stop the car!
- Wendy! Stop!
- Go, Wendy!
No, let her go.
She'll be okay.
I can't walk.
(pedestrian signal beeping)
Tour guide: Everyone stay
in the group, please.
Now, over here is the soundstage
where they shot "Indiana Jones."
Excuse me.
Do you know where
Building 1500 is?
Yeah, it's just up
and to the right.
(office equipment
whirring and sorting)
Where are you going?
I need to drop off my script.
Ah, yeah, you can't
drop that off here.
"Your script must be received
by February 16th at 5:00 pm."
Yes, and we only accept
entries by mail.
But this is the mailroom.
We don't accept
personal deliveries.
All scripts must be
postmarked and mailed.
No exceptions, okay?
Piece of shit...
Do you know how hard it is
to write something?
Do you know how hard it is
to write something?
Do you know how hard it is
to write something?
Do you know how hard it is
to write something?
All the thinking and planning
and re-writing of everything
you already wrote
for somebody else to read?
All the nights and days
spent thinking?
Thinking about
the right words to say...
thinking about the best way
to say them?
Because the story you wanna tell
means so much to you?
All those people that
wrote those scripts,
somebody's going to read them.
And I just want a chance!
Just like everyone else got!
Somebody call security.
Do you know who I am?
What did you just say?
Do you know who I am?
Hey, stop!
(sound of kazoo)
(sound of kazoo)
(sound of kazoo)
(kazoos intermingling)
So did it get in?
Scottie: Oh, Wendy!
Wendy, you did it!
Oh, my God!
- Thank you.
- Oh, yeah.
Audrey: Bye.
I'm so proud of you.
You turned in that script
all by yourself.
You said you wanted
to show them...
and you did.
But I wanted to show you.
My iPod was stolen.
I'll get you a new one.
You will?
I'd really appreciate that.
Wendy, I've been thinking...
I've been trying
to figure out...
what Mom would have
wanted for us.
Well, Mom's dead.
So, she doesn't want
anything anymore.
Wendy: "'Come on, Captain.
We can do this together.
Don't give up now.'
Their final moment had come.
There was no going back.
With his dying breath,
Kirk lifts his visor.
Spock looks into his friend's
eyes for the last time.
Kirk knows it is time
to set Spock free.
Free to find his human heart.
The End."
Everything would be okay.
Scottie had said so.
But where was
that tiny speck of light
traveling through the universe?
Different from the others...
hoping to get where it's going?
To where it belongs?
"Dear Wendy...
Thank you for
submitting your script
to the 'Star Trek: To Boldly Go
Writing Competition.'"
I've been reading your script.
You're an excellent writer.
You really are.
Thank you, Scottie.
You're welcome, Wendy.
Wendy: "We are writing
to thank you
for sharing your story with us.
We are thrilled with the talent
and hard work
that you have displayed."
This is for you.
Jeez, thanks.
Nemo: Uh, hey...
Did you ever turn your script
into the contest?
When will you find out
if you've won?
- Fingers crossed.
- Fingers crossed.
Wendy: "Unfortunately,
your script was not selected
as one of the winners...
But please do not
be discouraged.
Never stop writing...
Never stop telling your story.
We hope to read
more of your work someday.
Until then...
live long and prosper."
Hi, Ruby.
Can I hold her, please?