Pleasure (2021) Movie Script

-Oh, yes.
Yes, look at me. So there.
-So fucking sexy.
-Such naughty little girl.
Do you want it, bitch?
Down on your knees.
-Just so, good.
-What a nice ass.
Fuck me.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Place four fingers on the scanner.
Thanks. And now the thumb.
Thanks. Passport, please.
-Any other nationality besides Swedish?
-Business or pleasure?
Can you hold up your ID, please.
Can you keep up the newspaper
and show today's date.
Okay. And your date of birth?
April 27, 1999.
- Do you know why you are here?
- Do you know what you get paid?
-What do you get paid?
-900 dollars.
-Are you under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
Do you know that you can cancel
the recording whenever you want?
Are you ready to show your test result
and see your opponent's test results?
- Do you have any "dos" or "don'ts"?
Okay. Then you can fill in the forms.
It's your 2257,
your consent to sexual acts.
-Stop talking shit.
You look like an innocent
"girl-next-door". Go ahead and sit down.
-Bear, are you ready to drive?
-Almost done.
Okay. Brian over here,
this unpleasant half-middle-aged
the man is going to fuck your sweet ...
"Half middle aged"?
I'm trying to be kind here.
... your sweet, 18-year-old, pristine vagina.
This is the first time for you,
so we want to see ... gradually.
You can seem to like his cock
is too big and that it hurts in the beginning,
but it's still nice. You do not have to see
out as it hurts a lot, but just play.
And then slowly increase to ...
You can get ready, Brian.
If you need a moment.
-Bear, can you ...
-I'm kind of done.
-If everyone is ready to drive ...
-I'm ready.
He seems ready.
Bear, do me a favor.
Get her girl stuff.
Coming here.
A recording box with all the stuff you need
Lubricant if you want it,
silicone or water-based, choose yourself.
And ... this is for you.
We have hand alcohol, we have napkins,
kitchen towels, wet wipes ...
What is that?
It's an intimate shower.
Which you can wash your pussy with.
So you are clean and fresh for me.
Do you not wash your pussy in Sweden?
Hello? Are you ready?
If you are uncomfortable and do not want to film,
no one is forcing you.
We can always get another girl here.
It's not about that.
The important thing is that you feel comfortable.
I feel so stupid.
You have it like we do in the industry
calls stage fright.
Some of the most famous girls,
the biggest names in the industry,
have felt just like you do now.
I've seen it before.
It is normal when you are a beginner and
do something for the first time. You are nervous.
But ... So it is with stage fright.
You just have to get over it
and get through it.
But no pressure.
It's just good that you're a little shy.
If you would come in and say
"give me the cock", "what is this?",
it would be a little strange.
It would not fit with the scene.
We want innocence,
shyness, nervousness.
The innocence ...
Okay. All ready?
Move the light a little.
So it shines more on her face.
-Care the equipment.
So, do you remember what we were talking about?
I will ask some questions,
about you. Be sexy for the viewer.
The guys back home want to get to know you.
Look at the camera all the time.
Not on me, just on camera.
You're watching the guy back home. Okay?
-In ten seconds we start, so ...
-Ready for shooting. Are you ready?
-What's your name?
-Bella Cherry.
-What a nice name.
And a nice face.
What will you do today?
-I'm going to make my first porn movie.
-Your first?
-How old are you, Bella Cherry?
Cool. We'll see the rest of you.
Nice. What cute little tits.
Show me the pussy.
Does it feel good? It looks good.
Come here and show how well you can suck cock.
Look up at me. So there.
-We do it again.
- Break, guys.
We will do it again.
Pull down the pants all the way.
Yes. Pull them down completely
and then you say how big the cock is.
Big eyes when looking up at the camera.
Like you're surprised.
Okay, action when you're ready.
Wow, how big it is.
Yes, look at me like that.
Suck it.
Yes, so there. Drive like that.
Keep your legs like this.
-Lean back.
There you go.
-Yes, damn it.
-You go so deep.
-Check the cock going in and out of her pussy.
A little forward.
Move the leg backwards. Left leg back.
More, more, more. A little here.
Then you can have another orgasm.
Build up. 30 seconds.
Fuck the little pussy.
What a naughty little girl.
-Say hello then.
-Good work.
-Cleaning. Cleaning on row two.
-Good to be the first time.
-You are a natural talent.
-High five sen.
-Can I have my mobile?
-Give her it.
Do not touch her hands until she ...
I'm licked them.
Fan ta dig.
-She fucked his fucking cum on me.
-She tries to be a professional.
We end here and prepare for the next scene.
I'm going to download this,
so we can get started.
Give her a towel and let her shower.
And pay her. Then she can go.
As the camera rolled, you became like ...
"Here I am, I'm ready."
You turned into ...
-Okay but...
-... to a cock-swallowing actress.
What do I need to learn
to become the next big porn star?
Next big porn star.
I mean ... Shit.
Personally, I think the most important thing is
that you like the job and what you do.
You notice many in the industry
that they do not like it.
It creates irritation in the team
and then you usually do not get more jobs.
That's how it is. But you were good.
It's something very, very
especially with you.
- Do you live in a Model House?
-Yes, for the moment, at least.
-Which Model House?
-Models Direct.
How is it? How is it going?
I'm not really used to
to hang out with girls.
Beware of the girls. They are...
I understand what you mean. It is a lot
drama and bullshit behind one's back.
That's not really my thing.
They steal and lie and they ...
"We have the same taste, we are besties."
One week later, she's snagging your next job
because she did not get anything herself.
You seem very smart and intelligent.
I mean...
I do not think you need money
to take care of some bad habit,
but to take care of yourself.
Okay. What are you really doing here?
You are very far from home.
My dad raped me when I was little,
so I feel I can not ...
It's not funny.
People think everyone here has daddy issues,
but it is not true.
I'm here because I want to fuck!
No, I'm here to
Swedes suck.
They are boring and just want to
feel sorry for themselves.
Much like you did today
before the recording?
I do not understand that I almost cowardly.
I was so close not to do it.
You were completely normal.
Everyone gets a little nervous.
I remember the first time
I was in a scene.
I literally thought
that the cock would fall off.
Wait. What, are you a porn star?
No. I would not say "star".
I'm more of a fetish.
I'm a type.
What then type?
You know that list
which you filled in earlier today?
At the bottom of it was something.
Do you remember what it said?
The most extreme thing you can do in porn.
The most extreme.
Worse than double anal, triple anal,
double penetration. Interracial sex.
That sounds pretty racist.
It sounds racist because ...?
It's racist.
Forget it...
Come on! We're going to cook pizza.
Fy fan ...
Come on!
Fucking muppet.
I think it's breasts in this episode.
Pizza delivery!
-Do you want to join us and eat pizza with us?
-I'm making an omelette.
Well, hang on.
We'll be watching Game of Thrones.
-It is good.
-Shit in the omelette.
You get a big ass from pizza.
Come and check with us.
Ouch. Aj som fan!
Are you sitting and shitting?
Hello, Princess.
Open the door, damn it.
You are welcome.
Mike here.
We have four models available
on Wednesday. What do you need?
You can have Jasmine.
Guy girl recording for a thousand.
Should they have their own suit and make-up
or do you fix it?
Bella Cherry here is so brand new,
directly from Sweden.
-A Swedish virgin.
And Joy is from Florida. Has worked for two
months, but this is the first time in LA.
Yes. A southern state slut.
We like them here.
I do everything. Anal, double penetration,
group sex, group blowjobs.
-I'm a whore.
All. Group sex, creampie,
group blowjobs, anal ...
-Everything under the sun.
I want to start with the usual stuff.
Solo, guy-girl, girl-girl.
-Everything then?
-Not yet.
- Have you never tried?
-But I want to save a little for later.
-Okay. Wise girl.
I need to take some pictures of you,
so please undress.
Oh. The Florida girl is fast.
She's done it before.
I know how to get by
the clothes in a rafs.
Okay ... See here ...
As you can see, she has no tattoos.
Bella has some tattoos.
-How many tattoos do you have?
-About twenty-five.
Look happy. Okay, that's fine.
Pillow with the butt. Bend at the knees. Yes. Good.
And then the back.
Look back. Okay. Pad. Come on,
you take it in the ass, show it.
Hello everybody. It's Joy Smalls.
I just want to say I'm here in LA
and I have tested myself
and is ready to suck cock.
Stop it.
Hello everybody. It's Joy.
I just want to say I'm in LA.
I tested myself yesterday
and was on a lot of go-sees.
Looking forward to showing you whose cock I am
will suck.
If you want to recommend me
to another company,
so write it in the comments field below.
We'll take about a hundred pictures
on each. This is the studio itself.
The makeup is there.
Here is Claudio taking the pictures.
Nice. So yes.
And so we are from here about one,
one and a half hour.
-Tjena, Mike.
-Who is the girl?
-A new Spiegler girl.
Beautifully. Angle your face towards me.
Yes exactly, good.
Brand new.
Very nice. You are amazing.
Take it slow.
Very nice. Yes. Exactly.
-What is a Spiegler girl?
-Nice. Great.
We go to the makeup.
-Sophia? Ava needs refreshment.
-Okay. Of course.
Ava, come and sit down.
- Bella, can you change for a moment?
Oops ... you're a new Spiegler girl.
Congratulations friend. It is big.
-So how long have you been in LA?
-Two weeks.
That's why I'm not
have seen you before. Brand new.
How are you doing then?
Have you seen the sights?
Got any friends?
I'm not here to make friends,
but to work.
-So there. Perfect. You are really good-looking.
So, you can go.
Bella, come and sit down.
So there.
What a fucking bitch.
"I do not want friends, just work."
Oh my God. Where's a ball gag?
when you need it?
No no. Return to the same position.
Not that leg. This.
Closer to the body. Foten. Foten!
And turn the knee. Bend the other side. Yes.
Show me your ass.
Okay. Legs together. Bend at the knees.
Okay. Kneel together.
Bend, same level. Out with the butt.
Sway and turn your face towards me.
So yes. Type...
Give me a smile.
A nice smile. Come on.
Sexy. Be sexy.
Okay. Stand with the side here.
With face down. Like this.
And look at me.
Look at me. Open the elbow. Yes.
Put your hands ... Bend ...
No one takes free pictures.
Okay, now we're doing this. Are you ready? So...
The elbow like this. Armen ner.
There you go. You are really good-looking!
You need a little more confidence.
And then the ass.
Spin around.
Stick it out. The leg there, the knee ...
Yes! You have a butt there, after all.
Turn your head. Lower the shaft.
-Now you can. Nice!
Good. Now it's good.
Check out the spinkis.
She is so slim, one hundred percent guaranteed
that she takes coke.
- Probably.
-Her fucking beaver teeth.
Fucking bitch.
What's a Spiegler Girl?
Oh my God...
They're like the porn world's movie stars,
you could say.
-What do you mean?
-It is...
He's kind of the best agent
which exists at all.
But you have to work every day.
And he does not want anyone to have any
limits on what you want to do.
-Do you have to do everything?
-Yes, but you are guaranteed to be a star.
-What is your real name?
-Linna. And you?
You're so fucking cute.
I hate you. But but...
Okay. Are you ready
to satisfy a banana?
This is kind of an old man's track.
Unfortunately, not all is sunshine and glitter.
We work with what we have. Suck it.
There you go.
Some old man might like it.
Just perfect. Can you take it deeper?
Oh my God. "She is a natural talent."
Spit on it.
You should like
"Do you want me to swallow?"
Do you want me to swallow?
Hold your nose,
tilt your head back and do so.
So yes. And then you swallow.
Perfect. Oh my God. You're so cute.
I want the clip where I am
have taken it deep.
I can divide it into different clips
which you can sell.
-I hate you...
-We hate you too!
That's so nice.
Carry in, carry in!
Good work!
Have you done any squirt scene yet?
Or yes...
-Stop it.
-I do not know how to squirt.
The veteran has rained well
all over California.
You talk shit about being a "cougar", though
I get to fuck young, good looking guys.
Mike once sent me
to a fake recording.
But really it was escort.
We were in a hotel room,
no movie team, just a guy.
Just a lonely guy.
And I thought, "This is weird."
He had a camera on a tripod. I filled
as in fake forms and everything.
-Wait what?
-We fucked and he paid cash.
But he never even put on the camera.
- Did you tell Mike?
-He knows what he's doing. He knew.
But it was money, so ...
Pajama party is just an excuse
to run around naked.
Can I have mine?
birthday lap dances?
There you go. Let me in.
You're just a cute little baby
who wants to be loved.
You are my best friend.
-It's you and me, right?
Come and drink with us.
- We'll take over this shit.
-We will take over.
Okay, tighten up properly now. For Mike
will say:"Make a good impression."
I do not know what he means by that.
I've tried everything.
Go out.
Sorry, we're drunk.
Away with the ass from my face
before I eat it.
Hello Bella! How many cocks
are you going to suck tonight?
-Come on. Oh my God,
-Who wants to pick up the cock?
Come on. I want more alcohol.
Do they think they can just push themselves ahead?
-I'm just going to say hello to a friend.
-Where are you going?
Hi. How nice to see you.
Come here. - Excuse me.
-So, are you excited to be here?
-Yes. I'm going to network.
Shall we drive? This is Aiden Starr.
She directs for Kink.
-Hello. My name is Bella.
-She is brand new.
-Nice to meet you.
-The same.
She likes things you film.
You should talk.
-I really want to work with you.
-Okay, cool. Come on, go and get filmed.
-Look here.
-Fine. Thanks.
Only VIP guests.
Please walk away.
Where have you been?
-I met a friend.
-Or was it a "buddy"?
A friend.
My God, I want so badly
talk to Caesar.
He's an ace.
Yes, but he is so handsome!
-Now you have a chance to shine.
Chance to shine?
I need another glass of confidence.
We met at the photo shoot
a few weeks ago.
Yes. Nice to see you again.
-So ... No pajamas?
I have a big recording tomorrow,
so I have to go soon. Nice to see you again.
Good to see you.
You do not have to be nasty.
-Have we worked together, or?
-No, I'm just a big fan.
-I'm in the business.
-Yeah, cool.
-I just want to...
-What the hell...?
Go home to your fucking trailer park
where trash that you belong.
Do you call me trailer trash?
-Yes, I actually do.
-Okay. Fuck off!
Tighten the hell up, fucking props cock!
I'm gonna kill you!
do you want a beating? - Do not touch me!
Do not touch me!
I'm gonna take that bastard!
Ashley! Kimberly! Take my stuff!
-Hello. My name is Bella Cherry.
-I want to talk to Mark Spiegler.
-That's me.
-I want to be a Spiegler girl.
-Everyone wants that.
I'm not like everyone.
I have come all the way from Sweden.
-I want to be the next big porn star.
You will never find someone like me.
I'm not like the other girls.
Okay. Wait.
You are cute, but your profile on the site
shows that you are only doing solo
girl-girl and guy-girl.
Most of our girls are known for that
do real hardcore. That's our style.
You do not seem to be very perverted.
Which is also our type of girls.
I'm brand new. I have just started.
And besides, you do not have many followers
on your social media.
You have no dedicated fans following you,
not much of anything.
It was brave of you to call, but we
looking for girls who stand out from the crowd
and honestly
I do not think you do.
Are you really going to let this go
crack you?
I'm not cracked, I do not want to see it
where the sign only. I know what it looks like.
-My dog has not seen the sign.
-I ignore your dog.
What the hell?
Do not want to see anything else in LA
than a fucking porn movie recording?
Hey you.
-Come here.
You look shitty.
You're much taller than the last time we saw each other.
-It matches the clothes.
Turn around, thank you very much.
-Is it too tight?
- Do you want it harder?
Turn around so I can see. Damn, what good!
How does it feel? Is it uncomfortable?
Can we call you things?
Like slut, bitch, whore and stuff like that?
Is it bothering you? It does not matter
or do you get excited about it?
Okay, then we'll fix this
and then pull it up like this.
You choose what type of shark you are
and then you're let down on the streets of New
York where you swim around and create chaos
and eat anything
and it gives you strength. It's shitty cool.
You can customize the type of colors,
give them a name ...
-Do I smell onions?
-Sure? It feels like I'm stinking.
-No it is fine.
This one is as cute as you.
-A cute shark.
-It's a shark.
If you make eye contact with me ...
I'm behind you with the lamp on all the time.
Get in touch, because I also have the lubricant.
-Watch your head.
-Lean back.
Thank you everyone. Center.
I'm holding your head here.
Yes, you can hold her head.
I know you stretched before,
but if you stretch afterwards
you will be less sore tomorrow.
It's not painfully tender,
more like being at the gym.
Do you remember the safety words
which we talked about before?
Yes. "Red" means stop.
"Red" means quit completely.
If you have a gag in your mouth, do this.
If you want it to be a little calmer,
whether he strikes you or strangles you,
or strikes you with some sneer,
do you remember which word to use then?
"Yellow" or "grace".
If you can not talk, you can always pat
to me it means "take it easy".
-She absolutely can not pat you.
-Then I use my feet.
Do you have her? Calm and nice.
-Is it going well? Does it feel okay?
-It looks great.
-I wish I could see what it looks like.
Grab it and really take command.
I want to see chemistry.
Can we get some lubricant
to his masturbating. Is it somewhere?
Okay, come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!
Start with the verbal. Action.
Look at me.
Why are you here?
-Why am I here?
-What the hell are you laughing at?
Look at this.
Open your mouth.
Good. Increase energy.
I've punished you a little bit. A little.
Do you think you're worth a reward yet?
Yes, sir.
Do you like how this feels?
Do you want more?
Yes, sir.
How are you, old lady?
-Nice? Say it louder. Is it nice?
-Yes, sir.
Open your eyes.
If you're coming, damn it, look at me.
Go on, do as she pleases.
-We do it when she's lying down.
-Yes. Great.
Do you want to take a shower?
-Or do you want to rest a bit on the couch?
-I want to rest.
Here is water. Drink your water.
We put on your bathrobe.
-Good work.
There is no way to learn. I have
overbitten because I sucked so much.
I've already called Mike and asked him
book me for more hard scenes,
because I have found my niche.
I'm very submissive.
Oh really? So why are you behaving
like a bitch all the time?
In bed!
No, but I loved it.
It was cruel.
-Who was the director?
-Aiden Starr.
Shit! Where did you meet her?
At the party last week.
-The party!
-The fucking party.
My birthday party. When I
received the best gift.
That the ace Caesar was pushed down
in the pool. It was so funny.
That guy is a fucking pile of shit.
I could kill him.
People should know that he is a pig.
He should be blacklisted from the industry.
Nobody does that to my girls, it's for
damn. Nobody talks to my girls like that.
Or how, Joy?
There you see that I stand up for you.
Those guys can go to hell.
I wish we could start our own business.
Find a rich investor
or a sugar daddy.
Only girls, then.
We would be fat and ugly.
And if guys want to work,
they get to lick our pussies
under our hammocks
while we eat Chinese food.
Hanging stomachs?
I wonder where your hangover is.
She believes that women should have more power
over what happens to them at work.
And all the fat old bastards who expect
that we should fuck with them to get a job.
Yes. I do not want to fuck fat
old bastards more.
-Are you ready?
-Sing for me.
Johnny was Eva's low heart
He was the sun when it dawned
He was the park when it was spring
I know this bit.
And we sat on the grass
which grew in step with the sky
Bengen pulled past
Bengen is still trawling
Johnny, you and I should
start up a band
and let it explode in the sky
It's hard not to cry
when I think of the two of us now
Because you were the sunshine
and I was alone.
-One more time.
-It was good!
Why not do something better with your life
and become a singer?
-I love cock.
-Oh my God!
-Did it go well? Did you find parking?
-It's a long way here, unfortunately.
-No danger.
This skirt and this little ...
You can decide for yourself.
You have good taste, I notice that.
Do not forget to fill in all the paperwork,
identification, change
and as I said, everything is rigged
so come out when you're done.
-It's going to be cool today.
Sit down.
You know it's going to be tough today,
-Is it okay for you? Do you like that?
To be strangled, beaten, spat on,
ear filet is okay? The dragon in the hair?
-Yes, it's okay.
-Good, then I start filming. Are you ready?
-Cruelly. And ... action.
You have to be proud of yourself.
Suck cock for money!
You'll be a star, baby.
We'll have some fun with you.
-Get up, damn it.
-Give me a whore. Here with her.
Look at me. Open your eyes, damn it.
-Look at him. Do you want it, bitch?
-Are you laughing?
Do you think this is fun? Do you?
I'll show you how fun it is.
Is that funny, you whore?
I'm talking to you, bitch.
Why are you so fucking quiet?
Wake up, damn it!
Come on. Say something!
Look at him. You are going to suck his cock today.
You should suffocate and vomit on it.
Say how much you love this. I want
hear it. Ask me for it. Ask for it.
-Look at me.
-Remove your hands.
-Open the eyelids.
Okay, break.
-Are you okay?
-Good work. Take a little break. You are good.
-Skitbra, skitbra.
-You are amazing.
Help her to the couch, guys.
Good work.
-It's nice.
-Do you want water or something?
Are you okay?
-You knew it was a tough scene, didn't you?
I said it would be hard
and you said it was okay.
Are you really okay? We're just playing.
-You're tough too.
- We just want you to be comfortable.
-She likes hard scenes.
-Take a break and breathe a little. No problem.
We do not need to do that again
from the beginning?
I can take it from here,
but try not to break this time.
If you must, then you must,
but try not to break.
-Is that good?
-I start with a close-up.
-Now we drive, girl!
Down on the floor, damn it. Insect!
Like we said, crawl.
Come on, it's easy.
Does she not look good?
Just check.
-Do you like it?
-I have your hands.
Du, take a little break.
Take a break. It will be alright.
Take it easy.
It is okay. Nothing is happening to you now.
May I see your beautiful eyes.
No problem.
You are a very strong girl.
There is no danger, nothing happens.
You do not have to do that.
You do not have to do anything
which you do not want.
You are amazing.
You are very strong.
You're extreme.
You're doing an incredible scene.
You want to finish it, right?
-Just take a few deep breaths.
-It will be a fantastic scene.
Okay? Take a few deep breaths.
You started well, right?
So what do you say?
Can you look a little nice to yourself
and then get it settled?
That's all we need to do.
Do you think that you can do it?
I absolutely believe that you can do it.
I know these guys
are professionals.
-I did not hear. What did you say?
Does that mean yes?
-Sure it feels good to say yes?
Okay. We look good for you and then
we'll make this clear. It's fast.
Come on.
By the way ... No.
Can I go?
-God damnit.
-What do you mean by "may I go?"
-Can I go? I do not want to do that.
Do you want to go? Go.
Certainly. There's the door.
We help you with the bags. No problem.
You have chosen to be here, right?
You chose to come here today, right?
You can do whatever you want,
but one thing you must have clear to you.
You're playing with everyone else's money.
Do you think I'm going to pay for half?
scene? How would it go?
You've done all this for nothing.
You did it for free.
I do not know what I was thinking.
This does not suit everyone.
But sure, you want to go so stick.
Why did not you call me?
Do not know.
You do not know? I said explicitly
that if something changes on recording ...
It does not matter if the male actor is changed
out, if they change the recording location
or if they want to change your hairstyle,
you should call me right away.
I was scared. What was I supposed to do?
I was alone with three men!
Afraid of what?
Afraid they would hurt me when
they raped me for hours!
-What the hell do you think ?!
Do not throw that word around you
because you had a bad recording.
You had a hard time, okay? You fixed it
not okay. But you gave consent ...
So you're on their side?
You're my agent, you'll be on my side!
-I'm on your side.
-Obviously not!
You especially asked for hard scenes!
We sat for hell together right there!
You said you wanted to be pulled in the hair,
you wanted a hard time,
that you could handle it,
you are from Sweden,
you are better than the other girls
and all the other bullshit.
I was listening to you.
I said you should look at the website
before you went there.
Did you do that?
You know what? You can go to hell.
-You're upset, I understand.
-No, I'm done with you.
-You can go to hell.
- Disappear from my office.
More than happy.
-Hi mom.
But hey, old lady!
I did not see that it was you.
Can I move home again?
How is the practice going?
Has something happened?
No, nothing has happened.
I just do not want to stay.
No, but darling, what is it?
Now you have to tell.
I hear you're sorry.
I do not know, but it's just too much.
I can not stand to be left here.
But darling ...
Of course you are welcome home
whenever you want. I hope you know.
But ... I just think it's a little fast
now. IM not following.
Last time we talked it seemed so
that which all went so well for you.
You said you got these girlfriends
Have you gotten into any trouble, or?
Nothing has happened, I just ...
I just can not bear ...
People are damn sick in the head here.
Mmmm ...
But you wanted to go from here to people
were mentally ill, do you remember that?
In other words...
I do not know what happened, but ...
Unfortunately, that is the case
that idiots are everywhere.
You just have to learn to handle them.
There will always be people
trying to sit on one
or say you can not, or ...
Especially when you are a young girl.
This is your life, Linnaeus.
You are in control.
And when you really want something,
then you can do anything.
I know.
Maybe you should try to get some sleep?
Do it. Try to get some sleep now.
So we can be heard tomorrow.
And see how it feels then., it's Tom.
What can I help you with?
Hi, my name is Bella Cherry. I want
talk to the person responsible for bookings.
That's me. What is it about?
I wonder if
you take bookings without an agency.
Not really.
You must have a registered company.
- Do you have your own company?
-No but...
What if I do it for free?
There you are. Okay, first you have to
to the makeup to hide the tattoos.
Go upstairs
then Mike will take care of you.
Perfect. I like your outfit.
Here's your teammate, Jason.
-Nice to meet you.
Nice. Bella.
You will be much taller with shoes.
Can you take them off?
It will be fine without them. I'll take them.
There you go.
Perfect. This is better.
Great. I'm just going to go down
and make a call. You can take it easy.
Hi. My name is Bella and I will get
two black cocks fucked in the ass.
And do you think that's fun?
It will not be fun afterwards.
-Come on.
Did you ask for me?
to this extreme scene?
-Yes of course.
-I do not want to hurt you.
You do not. You help me.
And I've prepared.
-I like your style.
-They put me on this.
Great. I love it.
"The Billionaire Club."
There's something wrong with you.
I do not know what it is.
Bella plays a rich Hollywood girl. Her
parents are away on vacation again.
Now you have the chance to realize yours
fantasies. You have the house to yourself.
You called the guys
that you want to be fucked by.
Today you will get two
big black cocks in the ass.
That's what you wanted, we'll show it
for everyone and it will be great.
-Have you done all your girl stuff?
-Yes I have.
-Okay. Do you want water or something?
-No it's good.
-Where is Bear?
-I have not seen him.
Do you not knock in Sweden?
-What's that?
-Nothing. It's nothing at all.
Okay. I use it to
keep the cock hard throughout the scene.
I would appreciate
if you did not tell anyone.
It's done.
Forget what I said before.
You will do really well.
I want two black cocks in my ass.
You guys are impressed. Nice ass.
There you go. This is what it should look like.
You feel her, touch her shoulders.
Good, Bella. Feel them around the waist,
this is what you wanted.
There you go.
Bella, touch her buttocks and hips.
Good. Anyone want water?
-Bella, are you okay?
You're so handsome, you're great.
I'll try again, okay?
Take the time you need. It's about you.
-Take it ... a little slow.
-Do you trust me?
Okay. Are you ready?
You are really good. Okay?
Focus on me while he gets ready.
It will feel like a pinch,
but when you get past that point,
it feels a little easier.
You are really good.
Can I continue a little longer? Okay.
So, yes ... So, yes ... There, yes.
Andas, andas.
Little rich white girl taking two cocks.
It's for you.
Take this black cock. Yes.
You take this big cock like a pro.
Your ass is so damn tight.
Bella, look at the camera.
You did not know what you were getting yourself into.
-Oh, it's so big.
-Was this what you wanted?
-Yes, fuck me harder.
-Your bitch.
Yes, there. Yes.
-Come in.
Have a seat.
Listen to me:I shit in it.
I know the girls
talking to each other about it.
If it happens again, it will
to go really bad for you, you understand?
That's how it is.
I'm here for
that I want a serious agent.
I know you are, that you are the best,
and I'm not content with less.
-Hey, come in.
-How is it going?
-Good, so far.
-Who is this?
-This is Bella.
-Hey, Bella.
-She wants to be a Spiegler girl.
-Oh really? Are you scaring her?
I? Which is so cute and cozy.
He actually is.
Tell us a little about yourself.
I want to be like you.
Because you are the best.
She's done a double anal already.
-Is it true?
My first anal scene.
-And it was interracial.
-Was your first anal scene a double?
-It has never been done before.
I still work on simple anal.
-You will fix it.
-A beautiful day.
My video on Black
already has 700,000 views.
-How long?
-In a week.
It was not bad.
And I already have 10,000 new followers
on Instagram.
-And you are basically brand new?
-She is cute.
-He just:"Even then?"
-Being cute is not everything.
-I know, but still.
-We do not take girls who are here for money.
I'm not doing this because ...
... money or ...
Of course I think it's very fun.
It's an adventure and I like it.
But above all, I like audiences.
I love being in front of the camera,
I love when people look at me.
I want an agent
who is serious about this
and it goes of course in both directions.
I'm loyal
as long as you stand up for me.
Take her. We think so.
We like her.
I think she's real.
Okay, you can start trying.
I decide after the fair.
In Vegas, at the AVN trade fair.
I've done this before with girls,
which are unofficial
but I give them some jobs
to see how it goes.
It is very difficult
to become a Spiegler girl.
I'm very determined
when I do business.
There are three jobs here:Fuck and suck
and so the two important ones:
Do not give us a bad reputation
and do not pose any problems.
Slide a little here.
The face towards me.
There, yes. Up with the chin a little. Perfect.
Down with his head a little close.
What are you doing? Whose brilliant idea was this?
- Came up.
-What if she falls into the water?
-She's okay.
She must not wet her hair.
-I only need one second.
I'm sorry.
Would it be weird if I asked that
get to lick your feet? Is that a problem?
-No, it's going well.
-Okay thanks. I know it's crazy.
When we call, you must always answer.
And when you come to a recording,
do you represent us.
You do not whine, you do not quarrel.
And no drama.
Bowl! What "cheers"? "Cheers," it says.
Okay, cheers.
I'm happy for her. I'm happy,
but I do not want you to leave me.
You should leave Mike too.
Well ... Are you going to give me advice now?
You should take control yourself.
You're just swapping one pimp for another,
you know that huh?
You have done double anal so everyone comes
want to book you for even crazier stuff.
I can make a career with
a pink sock. That's a thing.
That's a thing!
- Is not Mike going there?
-No, he probably can not afford a booth.
-Yes Yes...
-You can be with me.
I would love to.
Maybe I'll take it.
-Do it.
-Just to mingle, like.
Yes, you can stay in my room.
A nice hotel room.
-Because it's free ...
-... it suits me.
Little quality time in Vegas, baby.
Yes, because now I'm just
a fucked whore, you know.
Five children are coming
to be fired like cannonballs.
Because after three months, everyone has cocks
in the industry knocked through it.
"Knocked through it."
Like a damn bulldozer.
-I can recommend you to scenes.
Do you not want to do scenes with me?
Bitch. This one is hot.
I will burn you. I promise.
Maybe you can drive it up
in my pussy and close it.
-Then maybe someone wants to fuck me again.
-My Virginity again!
-Stop now.
-No, stop yourself.
Stop now.
- Lie on your side.
-I'm on my side.
Just you and me.
We'll take over everything.
-We will take over.
-I can hug myself.
- Do not press your ass against me.
-That's how I sleep.
-Stop now.
Stay on your side of the bed.
-Can't you just love me?
-Just stay ...
-So there. Are you happy now?
Damn, what a great place.
-Come out.
Damn, so ... I do not understand
that you're doing this for me.
Why should I not?
I'm not used to people
is kind to me. You have to understand that.
Sexy now.
I love you.
-There are you. Hello. Nice to see you again.
-The same.
-The situation? - Hi, my name is Axel.
-My name is Joy.
Nice to meet you, Joy.
I have both boring and good news.
The sad thing is, we got rid of the guy.
Had to replace him at the last minute.
The good thing is that I managed to get
the best guy in the industry.
Caesar Rex. You have probably heard
about him. He is the best.
-Thank you for coming so quickly.
Now I'm smoked.
Be professional. Take it easy.
Girls, Caesar Rex. - This is Bella,
You may already know Joy.
I'm going to get ready,
then you can come in later.
Five, ten minutes.
Upstairs, large room.
-What are you doing here?
-It's a boy-girl-girl.
Bella wanted me.
I'm really looking forward to our scene.
It does not matter what you work with,
everyone has bad days at work.
Just see it as a bad day.
- You're getting through it, okay?
It will be great for your career.
-Where we record on Thursday.
-I think it's getting better.
We can not ... It's a lot of overtime.
What do you think of this?
Nice. Thanks sweetie. It looks great.
-Where is the other girl?
-Do not know. I can pick her up.
Do it. Thanks.
Do not pretend you do not want to. You asked
about the last time we saw each other, if you remember?
Do not touch me.
Do not push me, damn it.
Hey! Bella.
See you in a moment.
What is happening?
I do not think I can do it.
Joy, you're tough, you're strong.
You'll make it, okay?
It's you and me.
We do it together.
Look at me.
Lick my shoe.
You are so Beautiful.
Lick the other shoe.
Trailer trash.
Look at me.
I know you want my cock,
but now you only get the shoe. Do you understand?
That's what you get. You get the shoe now.
That's what you're worth.
Fuck you.
-Was it too much?
Are you okay?
I actually think he's conscious
trying to hurt me.
He deliberately takes a hard grip on me
and drills his nails into me.
Axel, that's ridiculous.
He's been harassing me all along.
In the kitchen...
-In the kitchen? Oh really?
-Bella, tell Axel. You saw it all.
Axel, how long have we been working together? I
have never pawed at girls on recording.
Okay, okay, what is she talking about?
- Bella, what did you see in the kitchen?
Tell me what happened in the kitchen.
You know I'm never hurting anyone.
-Please ...
-She's crazy.
It was ... just a bad joke, okay?
-No no...
-Oh my God...
No. Fan ta dig! I hate you!
Fan ta dig! You stupid bitch!
I hope the industry gives you
everything you ever wanted! Fucking whore!
My God, I do not want any fucking drama
on my recording. Damn!
It will always be so
with the fucking idiotic agent ...
I can not do business
with him longer.
It gets to be a guy-girl scene.
Is it okey
that it's going to be a guy-girl scene?
You were very good.
-Bye! Thanks so much.
-Good work. Bye.
But what the hell ...?
Hey all! Bella Cherry here.
Now I'm in Vegas
and get me ready ...
Hey all! Bella Cherry here.
Now I'm in Vegas
and get me ready for AVN tomorrow.
-Can I take a picture?
Of course.
Excuse me, may I take a picture of you?
Perfect. You have already changed.
Nice to see you, Ava. Very nice.
-Hey, Bella.
-You're good-looking too.
Then, we start with some still images.
Okay. Sit down.
You might ...
Move a little further up in bed.
Face each other first.
-How is the light?
Can I see.
Stay so. That's perfect.
Okay, girls. Then we continue.
Ava, you'll take off Bella's panties.
Is it okey?
Make it nice and sexy.
- You capture it in the pictures?
Okay. Do it now.
Very nice.
I like that.
And now, Ava, go down between her legs.
And lick her as if
there was no tomorrow.
Okay ... I'm sorry, but it's just ...
Her pussy is ...
It's pretty much messy down there.
OK no problem.
Can you get an intimate shower for Bella?
Bella go and wash yourself.
Well, by the way ... It smells too.
I think she has fungus.
Okay. No problem.
We arrange that easily.
Put it on.
We change the scene to a strapon scene.
Ava, you do not have to lick her.
- Bella, you should just fuck Ava.
Is it okey?
Do you need help, Bella?
Ava, help Bella put on her strapon.
Put the camera on the rig.
It's over there.
Okay, girls.
Now I want you to feel the passion.
Take each other in.
And you, Bella,
going to fuck her really well.
Far down the throat.
Is it as deep as you can?
Look at me.
Down with his head.
You dirty little whore.
Is it nice?
Does it taste good?
For what?
Come on.
Can we stay?
Stop the car. I have to get off.