Pledge Night (1990) Movie Script

Okay scum, listen up!
Our fraternity president
Rex gills got pinned today.
That's why we treat 'em
down, it's tradition.
Now if you wanna join
the serenade with
the other brothers over
at the gamma house.
Silvera, who's his girl?
That blonde I see him with?
Who's his girl silvera?
You oughta know, she's one
of your little sisters!
I can't remember.
I know her, I see her around
the house right regularly.
In the beginning
of your pledgeship
you were given a
phi-ep paddle to take
around and have
each brother sign.
Once you memorized
his name, hometown,
girlfriend, and
girlfriend sorority,
silvera did you pass our
fraternity president over?
Sir, no sir!
You pledges, you'll never
make it through hell week.
Does anyone know
his girl's name?
I believe it is
Wendy Ainsley, sir.
Gamma house,
hometown Pittsburgh.
Wrong, bonner.
But sir...
Yes bonner?
Speak up, I can't
hear you bonner.
Sir, I know her and I'm
almost positive I'm right.
Is it ever right to show
up another pledge brother?
Down on your knees bonner!
Give me 50 push-ups!
Now tomorrow begins hell week.
For three days you'll
have a unique opportunity
to go through a series
of pressure situations.
And the fraternity gets
to test your loyalty
to see just what you're made of.
Now your meals will be cooked by
your pledge class little sister
who will be occupying
the house mother's room
which is, as always,
strictly off limits.
Sir, is Dan still here?
Dan's still here, and
he'll be staying right here
at the house for the
entire semester break.
Why, sir?
Well most of the
brothers have left
for home already, but Dan needs
the comfort of
familiar surroundings.
I know he's been acting
a little strange lately.
Don't think the other
brothers haven't see it.
Well it looks like he's
got himself a brain tumor.
One of those they say affects
both perception and behavior.
He's scheduled for surgery
next week, try to help him.
He deserves your loyalty
because he is a brother.
Eat on the square pledges!
Say Dan, I hear you'll be living
in the house through hell week.
Great, you can get
to see the pledges
go through the same
shit we went through.
Dan and I were in the
same pledge class.
Right Danny?
You all right Dan?
Don't just stare
at it, clean it up!
Hey Danny, come on.
It's all right.
We all understand
and we all love you.
Danny, stop it!
Sit down bonner.
She's Rex's girl,
let him handle it.
Stop it Danny, come on stop!
Hey buddy, hold on
there, you can't do that.
Are you all right hun?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Did he hurt you?
You sure?
Somebody help him,
he's been stabbed!
Quick, let's get
him to the hospital.
It's all right
buddy, stay with me.
Hang on.
Oh god, it hurts!
Just hang on.
Oh god!
Drive him careful.
Hey Rex, just don't
bleed all over my car man.
Sir, is anybody
calling the police?
Pledges do not
speak to an officer
unless they are spoken
to first, bonner.
They're taking him
to the hospital
and nobody calls the police.
Dan's in trouble
and he's a brother,
so don't tell
another living soul.
No, I don't suppose
you do understand
because you're
not in phi-ep yet.
But I guarantee before hell
week is over you'll understand
the meaning of phi
epsilon nu loyalty.
That is, if you make it through.
Danny's great.
Best bad man yet and I've
seen four of them now.
I think you're right man.
Hey Rex, you remember
our pledge class
bad man Eddie tesdale?
Oh god.
Oh I remember him, what a creep.
Hey, let me get a
greasy Tony special.
I feel like a chili
dog with lots of ketchup.
You guys, what happens if one
of those pledges
goes to the police?
Well then they're out.
Besides, what could we
really be charged with huh?
Practical joking?
Okay pledges!
Be back here tonight.
8 o'clock sharp.
You'll be here for three days.
Initiation's Monday night.
If you make it through.
So go back to your
dorms, your homes,
and pack enough clothing
and personal supplies
to last through hell week.
You'll be living here at
the house during that time.
Am I understood?
Sir, yes sir!
Hi ma.
Hi Larry.
Can't you wait until dinner?
I had dinner at the house.
Wasn't very filling was it?
It was okay.
Pork chops.
I just came back to pack a bag.
And to finish that firewood.
Mom, look, I'm staying at
the house over the weekend.
I'll be back after Monday night,
so I can do most of
this after then okay?
What's going on at the house?
It's hell week.
After that comes initiation.
I thought the university had
abolished hazing years ago.
Isn't there a state
law against it?
Ma, nobody pays
attention to that anymore.
Larry, it's dangerous!
Yeah, but it's tradition.
And besides, it
serves a real purpose.
Well I guess it's up to us
to find out what
that purpose is.
I guess that's the
purpose of hell week.
Do you know why your fraternity
happens to occupy that house?
I don't know, I think
it's been there for years.
Less than 20 years.
Before that another fraternity
occupied that house,
but they lost their charter
and they had to disband.
And do you know why they
were forced off campus?
Because they killed a boy.
I never heard that.
Was it an accident?
It wasn't done on
purpose, but it happened.
Look ma, I'll be careful.
Sometimes being
careful doesn't help.
Yeah, like when your number's
up your number's up right?
Look ma, I gotta go.
I'll see you Monday okay?
What's your name?
Dirty pledge
Richard Goodman, sir.
And why are you a dirty pledge?
Because I am unclean, sir.
Why are you unclean?
Because I am a
dirty pledge, sir.
Who are you?
Sir, I am scum.
The lowest form of life, sir.
- Bodine, what time is it?
- It is time for scum to learn
its obligations to
its fellow scum, sir.
And silvera, what
is a gentleman?
A gentleman handles emergencies,
handles obscurities,
and handles deformities.
Cagle, do you know
what is a gentleman?
Sir, the true gentleman
is a man whose conduct
proceeds from goodwill and
a true sense of propriety.
Whose self-control is
equal to all emergencies.
Who does not make the poor
man conscious of his poverty,
the obscure man of his
obscurity, or any man
of his inferiority or deformity.
A man with whom honor is
sacred and virtue safe.
Do you believe what you
just said is right cagle?
Sir, yes sir.
Do you believe it is right
to show up another
pledge brother?
Down on your knees and
give me 100 push-ups now!
You scum will never
learn will you?
But the fun is just beginning.
Tonight we're having our
annual phi-ep cherry race.
Okay, time!
Who's the winner jd?
It was close chip, but
the blue team made 13 trips.
The gold team's 12.
And who is the captain
of the gold team?
Sir I am sir.
Swallow the spoils of war.
Are you going to let a
brother eat that cherry?
- Sir, no sir.
- Sir, no sir.
Swallow the spoils of war.
I will eat those cherries
for my brothers, sir!
Bonner, cagle, put
down those cherries.
We have found the true
winner of the phi-ep
cherry race is indeed
the winning team captain.
But his teammates
did not volunteer.
They were not willing to
sacrifice for their brothers.
So it is they who will
swallow the spoils of war.
Now eat those fucking cherries
to remember the
spirit of brotherhood.
You guys have been great.
You know, it's only the
first night of hell week.
But you know, we
wanna reward you.
We wanna give you an opportunity
to left off a little
steam, so tonight,
tonight we're having our annual
phi-ep pledge class pig party.
Wait a minute, wait a
minute, before you dickheads
start getting stiff, the house
wants to remind
you of something.
What sir?
Oh that's for you to figure out.
And just to remind
you, we're going
to tie a string around
your little weenies.
And on the other
end of the string,
hanging outside
your shirt, will be
a symbol of your subservience
and low status within
the fraternity.
What's the matter, silvera?
Well it's like so embarrassing.
What if one of the girls asks
me what the symbol's for?
Well silvera, you're only
allowed to say one thing.
Pull it and find out.
Mind me asking you a
personal question Larry?
Nah, shoot.
Well I'm just in high school,
so I don't know
about these things.
But how come you
guys got corncobs
hanging around your necks?
Pull it and find out.
What's that dried
out piece of corn for?
Is it some kind of
fraternity ritual?
Pull it and find out.
I've been meaning to ask you.
What's this thing you got
hanging around your neck?
You know what, why don't
you suck me off and find out?
Hey let's turtle!
Having a good time guys?
Yeah man, like this must be why
they call phi epsilon
nu the fun house.
You boys are so close
to being brothers now,
why don't you take
your lady friend
up to the boom boom room.
Hey all right.
All right.
You go first.
Nah, you go first.
No bodine, you go first.
Hey, don't I get a choice?
No that's okay, you go first.
1 can get it.
Oh yeah.
J racing down the road
j in a speed machine of steel
j gears are jammed in full
j I'm the madman at the wheel
j got my foot pinned
to the floor
j you can feel the engine roar
j I got thunder in my hands
j I'm metal thrashing mad
j yeah
j I'm metal thrashing mad
j yeah
j driving like a maniac
j can't go any faster
j burning up the road
j and heading for disaster
j got my foot pinned
to the floor
j you can feel the engine roar
j I got thunder in my hands
hey cagle, what kind
of boat are you getting?
Oh my god, what is that?
Who is that?
[T sounded more
like a what to me.
Well baby, that
there's not just a what.
That just happens to
be one of our brothers.
Sounded like an animal to me.
Hey where's Alice?
I think she's gone
to the boom boom room.
Oh shit man, she was boating it?
Yeah, I think zahn's
gonna get some too.
Oh man.
Chill down bonner,
this is a pig party.
Yeah, but the girls
don't know that do they?
Who knows and who cares.
Cagle come on, I
went to high school
with these girls, I know them.
Oh, I keep forgetting
you're a townie.
Well look, just
because you already had
some of this town's primo pork,
don't spoil it for
the rest of us.
J racing down the road
j in a speed machine of steel
j gears are jammed in full
j I'm the madman at the wheel
j got my foot pinned
to the floor
j you can feel the engine roar
j I got thunder in my hands
j I'm metal thrashing mad
j got my foot pinned
to the floor
j you can feel the engine roar
j I got thunder in my hands
j I'm metal thrashing mad
We examine the pledge
paddles you've made
to see if every one
has the signatures
of all our brothers
and our little sisters.
Goodman, go up
there and take down
that paddle on the far right.
Yes sir.
Now I want you to look at it.
Examine it closely.
Tell me, do you
find it acceptable?
Sir, this is not the
paddle that I carved.
Yes Goodman, we know that,
but do you find it
a bit irregular?
Well it's got...
Answer yes or no!
Yes sir!
Do you find it
acceptable enough to be
in the house, especially
when guests come?
Probably took 20
minutes to make it.
Who made this paddle?
Sir, I did sir!
Putit in the fire.
You've made the wrong
decision, Goodman.
This paddle represents the blood
and spirit of our
fraternity to bonner.
One of your pledge
brothers made this paddle.
It represents a relationship.
A bond.
Maybe he isn't an
artist, but it is
a visible expression
of how he felt.
Goodman, assume the position.
Thank you sir, may
I have another sir?
Thank you sir, may
I have another sir?
Thank you sir, may
I have another sir?
Get up, Goodman.
The little sisters are
here with our groceries
and we can't let them see this.
Whoa, you've got the jitters.
Yeah, suppose so.
You know, you seem
pretty calm for somebody
whose boyfriend just
got knifed yesterday.
Oh well I'm here
to be at the service
of the fraternity, I mean that's
what Rex would've
wanted me to do.
Yeah, Wendy, you know
I know I'm not even
supposed to be talking to you,
but I gotta know how is Rex?
The other pledge masters
won't even mention him.
I mean is he alive?
Sure, he's fine, it
was just a surface wound.
A surface wound?
Come on, I saw him get stabbed.
I'm sorry, it
was all a joke, you asshole.
Oh my god, I hope no
one calls the police.
You know last year a
couple of the pledges
started calling the police...
What? You mean he
wasn't really stabbed?
Well sure he was
stabbed, in a bag full
of chicken blood that we got
from the veterinary school.
Oooh, you're kidding.
Well then what's
with Dan mcclarin?
All right, you promise not
to tell the other pledges?
Yeah, I swear, what?
Tell me.
All right, Dan is
this year's bad man.
You see every year
they pick a brother
to act nuts and terrorize
all the other pledges.
It's like this phi-ep tradition.
Well don't worry, I mean they
would never really hurt you.
Bonner, why aren't
you in the kitchen
peeling potatoes
and scrubbing pots
with the rest of the scum?
I furthermore promise and swear
that I will support and
obey the constitution
of the fraternity and the bylaws
and edicts which may
from time to time
be enacted by the
grand council and by
the chapter of which I
shall become a member.
All of this I do solemnly
and sincerely swear
on my honor as a man,
on the love that I bear
for my mother, and on
my hopes of salvation.
Good, now assume the position.
It's okay to scream,
in fact we expect you to.
It helps let off steam.
Richard zahn, do
you feel you are worthy
of being hurt for
your fraternity?
Sir, yes sir!
Shit man.
Jesus, is it worth it?
[Tis to me.
My father was a phi-ep.
One of the first Jewish
phi-eps on campus.
You knew he was branded?
No, I never knew that.
But if he were, I guess
it never hurt him.
He owns three
Toyota dealerships.
What about you bonner?
You're a townie.
What does your dad say
about fraternities?
My dad's dead.
I'm sorry bonner,
when did you lose him?
Well actually I never knew
him, he died before I was born.
All right
scumbodies, who's next?
I'll be next, sir.
I swear to uphold the laws which
from time to time may be enacted
by the grand council
and by the chapter
of which I shall
become a member.
To all this I most
solemnly swear
on my honor as a man,
on a love that I bear
for my mother, and on
my hopes for salvation.
Who are you?
Sir, I am a nothing
but a nothing.
A scum.
The lowest form of life, sir.
Bonner, you don't
seem to be the least bit
intimidated by this
initiation, are you?
Sir, no sir.
Well then, assume the position.
Lawrence bonner, do
you feel you are worthy
of being hurt for
your fraternity?
Sir, yes sir!
What are you crazy?
What's wrong with you?
Shhh, forget it, forget it.
It'll give us something to show
the other pledges to
keep them in line.
Hey bonner, your mother's here.
She wants to see you.
Get dressed, douchebag!
Your mama wants to see you.
'Cause she won't
go away, that's why!
Now get up, let's go!
Hi mom.
Sit down Larry, I
wanna talk to you.
I'm worried about you Larry.
Look, this is all
just a big game.
I got it all
figured out, really.
You know actually,
you'd be impressed.
We got a black
guy, we got a Jew.
Silvera, he's Italian.
So you see, at least
we don't discriminate.
Nice to know you're with an
equal opportunity oppressor.
Mom, 65% of all
senators and congressmen,
and 75% of all fortune 500 CEOs
were members of
college fraternities.
I mean doesn't that
tell you anything?
Tells me why this
country's in so much trouble.
Come on ma, just
because you were a hippy
and never achieved
anything yourself.
Let me tell you
something, Larry.
Let me tell you about
the boy who died.
It happened in the late 60s.
The fraternity brothers were
preparing this mix
for initiation.
It was supposed to be a
harmless mixture of cornflakes,
coffee grounds, soda
pop, and vinegar.
My boyfriend sid was up first.
I, Sidney snyder,
swear I'll always
do my obligation to my brothers.
Binding myself to
greater than my obligations.
To no less penalty than
having my name forever.
Dishonored among men.
My friends turned
from me in loathing
and I'll be an outcast
in this world forever.
May I never again know what
it is to love what you love.
So help me god.
Now it is time to enter
the world of true wisdom.
The ultimate understanding.
Which way to the protest?
Hey silence!
Sidney died the next day
in the intensive care unit.
The fraternity was
forced to disband.
Another fraternity, this one,
moved into the house in 1970.
The year you were born.
The same house?
The same house.
Yeah, but it's not
the same fraternity.
Mom, you're being
overprotective again.
I've had to be both mother
- and father to you, Larry.
- And father to you, Larry.
I know.
Look ma, I gotta go.
Nobody else's mother visits
them during hell week.
It's bad enough I'm a townie.
I'll see you Monday night okay?
Was that your mom?
Everything okay at home?
Oh yeah.
She's just worried
about me, that's all.
I never should've told
her this is hell week.
It's got her all freaked out.
I know what you mean.
If my mom knew I was taking care
of you guys she'd be
all freaked out too.
But the eggs sure look good.
Well we're glad that
you like them bonner
'cause that's just what
you're getting for breakfast.
Eat it, silvera.
Chew it.
Good huh?
Goodman is in his
position working for you
and you're just lying
there letting him do it.
But remember, when Goodman hits
the ground, you swallow the egg.
It's okay, do it.
Hey bonner, you can't do that.
But sir, he's my brother sir.
Very good, bonner.
What are they doing downstairs?
I think they're learning
another lesson of hell week.
What's that?
Well that no matter
what anyone says
you always help a brother.
So what's the lesson we're
coating in anchovy paste?
I think it's obedience.
Come on, cagle.
I can't.
Come on cagle, take a bite.
Go ahead cagle, eat that
turd if you wanna be a brother.
We all did it.
I can't!
Maybe he thinks
he's better than us.
Do you cagle?
Sir, no sir!
Then eat that turd now!
Lick it, cagle!
Eat it. Eat it, you
wanna be a brother cagle?
Eat that turd cagle!
Eat it!
One of these days
maybe you'll be alone
in the forest and this will
be all you have to eat.
Look good silvera?
Sir, no sir.
But you'll eat them if you want
phi epsilon nu
won't you silvera?
Sir, yes sir.
Silvera, do you realize why
I'm feeding you these worms?
Why it's the same
reason cagle was in
the bathroom this
morning eating some shit.
Remember last month when I asked
you pledges what
you do to an enemy
of the fraternity
without killing him?
Cagle said he'd make them
eat shit, and you said...
Apparently you detest them.
Therefore we've devised your
own custom made torture.
It's what you fear most.
Applied directly to you.
Open wide, silvera.
One last box of
goodies, just in case
you're alone and hungry
in New York City.
This is priceless.
So where's the COD liver oil?
I think it's in the
pantry, I don't know.
Oh, now look, this has to
have exact measurements,
so use your measuring cups okay?
Couldn't we substitute
monterey Jack for
limburger cheese?
No, it wouldn't smell the same.
Come on, didn't you
get any at the safeway?
No, but they had the
- anchovies!
- Anchovies!
At ease, scumbags!
Move out girls, come on.
Let's go.
It's time for your
phi-ep cocktails made
especially for hell week
by our little sisters.
It's up to you to figure out how
to drink it, but
you must drink it.
We got Dan stationed
nearby to make sure
he doesn't hear
any plumbing sounds
like sinks being rinsed
or toilets flushing.
So chug-a-lug.
Oh, by the way, we'll be back in
an hour so make
sure it's all gone.
There's not even any windows
in this basement
to throw it out of.
What are we gonna
do with this shit?
I don't wanna drink it.
Maybe we can stick
it up our assholes?
Or we could rub it
on our hair and body.
We've got to drink it.
That's what they want and that's
what they and others
before them have done.
He's right.
Let's stop putting it
off and be men about it.
Hold your nose if it helps,
and we'll do it together.
That's what they're after.
Unity through shared experience.
A toast.
To the fraternity.
To the fraternity!
Oh god.
You know what I say?
Let's all call it a
night before they can
think of more things
to put us through.
No sheets again.
This is no honeymoon, bodine.
This is hell week.
Let's just get some sleep.
Without a shower?
I don't mind the whiff
of somebody else,
but when I begin to smell
bad it just offends me.
I mean they wouldn't turn in
without a shower would they?
Yeah, but they're
brothers already.
Will you all just
shut the hell up?
Somebody get the light.
Maybe they'd want us to
turn off the lights together.
Kiss my ass, Goodman.
You are an ass, bodine.
But you're my brother.
Your Europeans don't have them.
Neither do your communists.
In fact, only in
America do we find
the grand institution
of college fraternities.
It's our college
fraternity culture
that shapes America's
young leaders.
Generation after generation.
The Greek way.
It's one of the ways that
America is made great.
Chip, why don't you go keep
an eye on Dan for us will you?
Sure thing.
It is brotherhood that
makes leaders of men.
Unity that leads to success.
Shared experience through
stress and turmoil
that garners the
truest of friendship.
The phi epsilon nu eternal bond.
Dan, you up there?
According to figures from the
inter-fraternity council from
the 1920s to the present,
an average of only 9%
of college graduates
were associated with
Greek letter fraternities.
But a recent poll of
congress revealed that
65% of congressmen were
college fraternity members.
Use the other bathroom!
You pledges for so
long purse the secret.
And then you will learn
why phi epsilon nu
is commonly referred
to as the fun house.
Oh Danny, Christ!
Did you go in the
second floor bathroom?
It's Tom.
He's just lying there,
blood all around.
You're kidding.
No man, he's totally dead!
What will happen when
phi-ep national finds out?
The university, they'll
revoke our charter!
What'll happen to
the phi-ep building?
This could really hurt
our reputation next year
at rush, all the best
freshman athletes
will go right over
to the sigma chis!
So did you really think?
Wow, I had you this time!
Oh man, you had me going.
Absolutely, I mean would
you give me a break
and save this shit
for the pledges?
Not when I got
suckers like you around.
Okay man, no more
bullshit all right?
We've had enough.
That Dan man sure
can holler can't he?
Phi epsilon nu means
philosophers of numerian.
Numerian, our fraternity's
spiritual leader,
was an emperor in Rome
in the year 284 ad.
The affable manners
and gentle virtues
of the emperor
numerian secured him
in the public's fine regard.
His constitution
was destroyed by
the persian war and
he had contracted
from the heat of the
climate such a weakness
in the eyes it obliged
him to confine himself
to the solitude and
darkness of his tent.
To honor the imperial
tent of numerian,
we have darkened our own lodge.
Go away, will you?
I'll be out in a few minutes!
Reports soon
circulated throughout
the emperor's camp
of numerian's death.
The soldiers had not beheld
their emperor for almost
a year as he was represented
by his chief council.
The prefect aper.
For nine months aper ruled the
empire in numerian's stead.
Who's there?
Jd, is that you?
Are you crazy?
Get the hell outta here!
Hey there little sister!
Get out, goddammit!
Can't you see I'm trying to...
Let's party!
At last, a crowd
of curious soldiers
burst into the imperial
tent and discovered...
Numerian's corpse.
The coffin of numerian.
Concealment of the
corpse of numerian
was interpreted as
evidence of guilt.
A tribunal was
erected in the middle
of the camp and
generals and tribunes
formed a grand military council.
They chose the noble diocletian
to succeed their
beloved numerian.
Diocletian ascended
the tribunal,
and assuming the tone of
a sovereign and judge,
demanded that the prefect
aper be brought before him.
Where have you been?
Where does it look
like I've been Einstein?
Wendy and I went food shopping
for tonight's
initiation banquet.
Boy I bet you'll be
glad when this is over.
Being bad man is
worse than pledging.
Tomorrow you can
stop acting so crazy.
Where's Wendy?
She went back to the gamma house
to pick something up,
but she'll be back soon.
So how are those
boys treating you?
Heard you guys had yourselves
a pig party the other night.
I just don't understand
girls like that.
Why would they go
to a pig party?
Maybe they didn't know.
Didn't know it was a pig party?
Oh come on, all they had
to do was look around.
Where were the phi-ep
little sisters:
Wendy, your sweetheart,
and the rest of us gammas?
I mean come on.
It's not as though they attended
college or anything,
they're townies.
Girls that work in a
factory or a five and dime
that don't have the
background to attend college.
Maybe they just
don't have the brains
or their parents just
don't have the money.
Here, let me do that.
Dan, come on,
that's a little bit.
Dan, what are you doing?
You're so silly.
I thought you were a real
straight kind of guy.
Shut up.
Dan, someone's gonna
come in, don't...
This man, declared diocletian,
is the murderer of numerian.
Then he drew his
sword, burying it
in the chest of
the prefect aper.
The sword of diocletian.
Enough of this shit!
Stay right here scum.
Chip and I will be right back.
Tom, you up there?
Oh Danny.
I think jd and the
brothers might be in trouble.
We should go up there
and check it out.
No way zahn, it's all too weird.
It's just another
one of their tricks
to blame us for doing
something wrong.
Cagle's right, the screams
are just to freak us out.
Remember, we're
confined to the basement
until we're made brothers.
I'm back!
Now they got the
girls goofing on us.
Just relax and stay put.
To leave would be disobedient.
Let's not blow it.
It was Connie!
She's tied up in the kitchen
and there is blood all over her.
And her face is all mutilated.
Oh my god.
It's that guy Dan.
They flat out told us he's
got some serious screws loose.
Look guys, I gotta tell you.
All that stuff about Dan
being crazy and needing
brain surgery, it's all
just a joke to scare us.
It's true, you guys.
Every year they pick a brother
to act nuts and scare
all the pledges.
I don't know, they think it
promotes unity or something.
I told you it was
all just a joke.
Hey Danny, what
are you doing Dan?
I'm not Danny.
My name is sid.
Don't you understand Dan?
It's just a game, man.
It's just a game, Dan.
Oh you guys are big
on games aren't you?
What do you means we guys Dan?
You're one of us, Dan.
Danny, what are you doing?
What's wrong?
What, are you queer?
Get off my, Danny
what are you doing?
I was never one of
you, imperialist pig!
Don't light it Dan!
No no, don't do that Dan!
You like the cherry
race game, shithead?
Let's see how you like
the cherry bomb game.
Want a light?
Oh god.
The keys!
Come on.
The keys, who's got the keys?
Jd had it, only chip and jd.
Hey you guys.
Could have locked the
door when I came in.
Jesus Wendy!
Come on guys, she
didn't do it on purpose.
You can all kiss my ass.
I am getting out of here.
What are you doing?
I just told you, I'm
getting out of here now!
Look, whoever is out there
is still in this house.
I feel a lot safer locked down
here where they can't get us.
She's right guys.
Look, the other brothers
will be back Sunday night,
we might as well just sit
tight and try laying low.
With no food?
And what's with the lights?
We don't pay the electric
bill around here or what?
They cut the lights
from a switch upstairs
when they told us numerian
went blind remember?
What a way to spend
a Saturday night.
Hey bonner, maybe your
mother will show up again.
Yeah bonner, did she
say she was coming back?
What was she doing here?
She was just trying to
talk me out of pledging.
I don't expect her to come back.
Your mother was here too?
Trying to stop you?
She's always been on my back
about being at this place.
You're kidding, my old
man would practically
disown me if I didn't
pledge a fraternity.
Mine too.
He'd think I'm some
kind of failure.
Yeah, well my
mother, she's like this
over the hill
ex-hippy, you know?
I mean she doesn't realize the
sixties have come and gone.
She still wear bellbottom pants
and smokes dope during the day.
Did she remarry?
And what does Mr. bonner do?
His name's not bonner,
my mother's name is bonner.
I think she had
me out of wedlock.
That's what people
did back then.
Well mother's always right.
This hell week business
is a crock of shit.
I should've pledged sigma chi.
"Behold, the
coffin of numerian!"
Oh man.
This all better be just a joke.
Which way to the protest?
Zahn get out!
Get out!
Yo zombie!
Who are you?
Get out of here zahn!
Get him cagle!
Get him cagle!
Come on man, fight back!
Come on cagle!
Come on, zombie!
You got this cagle, fight back!
Come on!
Christ man, what was that?
I don't know.
Whatever it was,
it wasn't human.
Maybe it was the
ghost of numerian.
Poor cagle.
Look what he did to my hand!
Looks like a burn.
Looks like you got his burns.
I'm suing.
I'm suing national phi-ep,
and the university which is
funded by the state, so I'm
suing the goddamn state!
You've got insurance?
Would you guys shut up?
Cagle is dead!
What's that he put
on cagle's chest?
Sigma lota delta.
I never heard of
that fraternity.
Sid, it says sid you idiot.
What's a sid?
Anybody know a sid?
That's what my mother came
by to see me about yesterday.
To tell me about sid.
Your mother knows this guy?
He was supposed
to be her boyfriend.
At least she told me
about this guy named sid
who died 20 years ago
here in this house.
He died how?
It was an accident
during hell week.
They were throwing
their pledges into
this bathtub full of
vinegar and some other crap,
and by mistake the
brothers put in some acid.
Which burned this guy to
death named Sidney snyder.
Guys, I feel sick.
Yeah, well don't look at zahn.
Hey fuck you, bodine.
I didn't see you standing
up trying to fight this guy.
It could've been you.
I'm gonna be sick.
What's happening?
Christ, what the hell was that?
Bodine, put your hand through
the hole and unlock the door.
Fuck you, buddy.
You do it.
Yeah, who knows
what that shit is
and what it could've done.
I don't believe you guys.
I'm gonna get to a phone
and call the police.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, there's
a phone in here.
Come on.
Yeah, get me the police,
this is an emergency.
This is sheriff foster.
Listen, there's this guy,
he's trying to kill us.
Phi epsilon nu house,
it wasn't with a weapon.
Yeah, he's killed
two people already.
One guy he strangled.
Strangled, strangled how?
His guts were hanging out of him
right after we stabbed
him with our sword.
And the other guy,
silvera, he just blew him
apart and all these
bugs came out of him.
Please come right away
to the phi ep house,
17 fraternity road,
you know where that is!
Are you a pledge?
And what's your name?
Richard zahn.
Richard, have you taken any LSD
or been given any kind
of hallucinogenic drug
by any of the
fraternity brothers?
No, absolutely not.
Just come please!
No, no, I'm not!
If we come over and
find out there's been
any kind of a hell
week or a hazing,
which is not only
illegal in this state
but a criminal
offense, we'll have to
file a report and
get all you guys
in an awful lot of trouble.
And I don't wanna do that.
We're already in
a lot of trouble,
we're all gonna get killed!
Richard, go to sleep.
Talk things over with
the other pledges.
You'll see, things will look
different in the morning.
Jesus Christ, man.
Two of my friends
are dead and you're
telling me to sleep on it?
Why don't you pledges
stop wasting our time?
My father is an attorney.
When I tell him about
this, he'll sue you!
Richard, help me.
Who are you?
Phi-ep pledge Richard zahn.
Who's that?
I don't know.
Oh my god.
Is that zahn?
I hope not.
Zahn was supposed
to get to a phone.
Aw Jesus.
Bummer huh?
Quick, hurry.
We have got to kill him
before he kills us first.
Yeah, but we can't kill
him 'cause he's already dead.
He's been dead for 20 years,
why did he pick
tonight to come back?
Sometimes spirits who
have died a violent death
sometimes come back to
the scene of the crime.
But then why hasn't
anyone seen him before?
Maybe he just didn't want to
make himself known until now.
Well what does he want from us?
Why does he wanna
kill us for no reason?
I'm not gonna let him do that.
Jesus Christ, you scared me.
Did anyone get to the police?
Zahn was supposed to.
Zahn's dead.
Jesus Christ.
I'm looking for bodine.
He's up here somewhere
and he's got the sword.
Get outta here.
Get to a phone or something.
You stay here.
I'm not gonna just stay
here and let sid get me.
Besides, I feel safer with you.
All right.
Come on, quiet.
Bodine, come on out.
Come on out bodine,
you got the sword.
Who are you?
Dirty pledge
Richard Goodman sir!
That's for spiro agnew.
So where are the chicks?
Get away from me!
Get away from Mel!
Get away from Mel!
Who are you?
I am Bob bodine!
I am lowly scum, sir!
Looks like you
don't need your key.
You think it's safe?
But there might be
another working phone.
This one's dead too.
Wait a minute, there's
a private line upstairs.
Get outta here.
Who are you?
We've gotta get outta here.
No, you go into town,
I'll try the phone upstairs.
I can't leave you here.
He's just a corpse.
You've gotta come with me.
You're my responsibility now.
Hey, the last time
you told me to get out
of the house I
didn't listen to you.
I stuck around.
You saved my life.
I'll be right back
with some help.
Be careful.
You're so beautiful.
All I wanna do is touch you.
Hey, I thought you
went to get the police.
We don't have to go all the way.
You cock tease.
If it feels good, do it!
Okay sid, let's have it out.
Who are you?
My name is Larry bonner.
But I only came back...
To protect you.
Come on, franny.
No way, Rex.
I already told
you I respect you.
Well what about Wendy?
What about Wendy?
Wendy went nuts.
What do you mean?
She's undergoing
psychiatric treatment?
No, I mean she dropped
me, me, for a pledge.
Don't be afraid.
Rex, I don't know.
This place, it
gives me the creeps.
They already found the
guy who killed everyone.
But he's pleading not guilty.
I mean he hasn't
even been positively
identified by the survivors.
An ex-con?
Come on, what do you think?
Besides, don't you think
I deserve something
a little special for
all I've been through?
I mean losing my class to a
maniac and my girl to a pledge?
I guess.
Out of sight.