Plein soleil (Purple Noon) (1960) Movie Script

Not too shabby.
I'd have preferred
a pressurized four-engine plane.
What now?
I don't know a soul here,
besides Freddy.
I won't visit that clown.
Check it out.
Do four more.
I sign.
I, the undersigned...
I countersign...
and validate by signature.
Marge will be furious.
- We should've told her we were going.
- Then we'd never have gone!
Make it up to her,
offer her a book on Fra Angelico.
- But that's what she's writing.
- She can just copy it!
- Freddy!
- Philippe, my boy!
How are you?
I've forgotten their names.
Miss... I don't know.
How are things?
- Fine. Sit with us.
I don't care for your pal.
You're wrong, he's a lot of fun.
He can do anything: be a butler,
cook, accountant, helicopter pilot,
even forge signatures!
To me, hes just a loser.
Don't start that again.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Get that Fre Angelico before it closes.
- I'm off.
- Come on, let's go.
- Come sit.
Just wait a sec!
Rome isn't much fun
when you don't know anybody.
Didn't you bring Marge?
Don't even start!
It was Tom's idea.
Tom, Tom.
You're like a broken record!
I hadn't seen him for five years.
He admitted
he didn't come here by chance.
Tom isn't here to see the sights,
he's been hired by Daddy
to bring me back to San Francisco!
No kidding?
- He gets $5,000 on delivery.
- $5,000?
We laughed our heads off,
ask Marge.
Your father's paying a guy $5,000
to bring you home?
Here he comes.
Good job.
What do you do for a living
besides this?
And you?
But I have my own dough.
He has his,
and I have other people's.
- But he hates to spend his!
- stop squabbling!
Gotta go.
I'm late and the girls are waiting.
Don't forget,
we meet up in Taormina next week.
- Okay.
- What did I just say?
"I'm late, they're waiting,
see you in Taormina next week."
Good boy. See you then.
- Adieu!
- Bye!
Hey, you!
- Yes, sir?
- You pay.
At your service.
- All right.
- Thanks.
Let's go.
Why bother having money
when you can spend other people's?
Easy for you to say,
with your dad's millions!
- Hey, I'm inviting you to Taormina.
- You mean you're inviting me to wait.
Excuse me!
Give him 500 lire.
I'm out of money.
I've only got 10,000 lire bills.
Oh. well. Here's10.000 lire.
For that, you deserve the cane.
What a beautiful white cane!
- You've got a beautiful cane.
- Thanks.
Would you sell it to me?
Impossible, sir!
Can't you see?
I actually am blind.
He says he's really blind.
I'll give you 20,000.
Then how will I get home?
A taxi only costs 500,
but he'd rather give up 20,000.
- Then give him 500 more for a taxi!
- I don't have any change.
For the taxi.
And here's 20,000.
- It's nice!
- Beautiful.
Here, entertain me!
- I'm poor too.
- But you're not blind.
Right, I can see.
I can even see my $5,000
in your dad's pocket.
Did you write to say
we're returning to San Francisco?
Of course!
Marge's love makes you blind.
Never forget, a blind man is protected...
safe from danger and all obstacles.
Bastard! Watch where you're going!
See? Perfectly safe.
But it was a close call!
- Hold this.
- Taxi!
What are you doing?
This is gonna be funny!
Hold on.
Watch this.
Are you all right?
Can I help you?
Where are you going?
Let's go.
Which way?
- We haven't eaten for three days!
- Starving, ma'am.
- Feed us meat, potatoes, beer.
- Why not caviar?
- Perhaps the lady can't afford it.
- 'Course she can.
- Now what are you up to?
- Just trying to recognize your face.
Oh, you!
Let's go!
Quit it!
This is my lady.
- You're not Belgian?
- Belgian?
- You're not blind?
- No, why?
And I fell for it!
My darling...
Give me your cane.
I want to try it.
- Impossible, sweetie.
- We might be willing to sell it.
You're sharks!
How much?
- 30,000 lire.
Okay, here's 30,000.
Not a penny more!
Thank you, ma'am.
Stop here, driver.
Wait for me.
Ill take a little stroll
to see how it feels.
Driver, take us
to the Carecha Club!
Boris! Stretch! Stand taller!
Not on pointe!
Breathe when you leap!
You adore this girl, don't you?
- Yes, Mama.
She's beautiful, right?
Keep your shoulders down.
There they are.
Well, well.
You're a fine sight.
All is vanity! The rest is ash!
- Yes, yes.
- Even ballet!
Get him out of here, please.
Lay him down somewhere.
Our patron of the arts is drunk!
What about our ballet?
How dare he get married
five days before opening night!
How are you?
We didn't do it.
We found him snoring on the docks,
so we brought him back.
Go dance with Marge!
Whoa! Fine!
We brought you a souvenir.
Expect me to say thank you?
Thank you!
We went to Rome with Enrico for a drink.
What's the big deal?
You even missed O'Brien's wedding.
They seem to have managed without us.
Dont worry.
I'll be there for ours.
The cover might be stained,
but the inside is perfect.
Stop it!
Not even a phone call. Nothing.
Want to go see Freddy in Taormina?
By the way, he says hi.
Don't pout!
- Do you even realize?
- What do you want me to say?
What's gotten into you?
Marge, my love, my angel.
Beat it!
My love...
My angel.
You know I adore my little Marge
and Ill never follow
the nasty man Daddy sent.
My love for Marge blinds me.
Take off my things.
I was just fooling around.
Those my shoes?
Are you nuts?
I'd better check my mail at the hotel.
Your father wrote me.
Listen to the end:
"Philippe never mentioned coming home.
Despite your claims, he doesn't plan
on coming home in September.
Sorry, Tom, but you seem to have failed.
Your mission is over.
You didn't write to say we were coming,
like you promised?
Hello, gentlemen.
- How much would you like this time?
- The usual.
- $1,500?
- On the nose.
At 618 lire to the dollar,
that makes 927,000 lire.
It's over.
I'm screwed.
What if we made
a short stop in San Francisco?
Maybe your dad
would give me the $5,000.
sure, we'll go.
I'm screwed. It's over.
We'll spend this in style in Taormina.
How much?
You're not bringing
that trunk on board!
All my stuff's in here.
My pajamas, everything.
You'll sleep naked!
Just the small bag.
Take this to Hotel Miremar.
Hey! No shoes on deck!
- Bye, Philippe.
- Bye, Ingrid.
Be careful.
Ill be thinking of you.
- We're off!
- Bye, Tom.
See you soon, Ingrid.
And we're off!
Hoist the foresail!
That one!
Pull! Now tie it off!
- I don't know how!
- Over there!
Give me that!
You know, we don't have
to stay long in Taormina.
No, sir.
Last night, I cabled your father
that we were coming.
That's what we agreed in Rome.
Yes, sir.
Lunch time!
No, thanks.
It reminds me
of your 15th birthday party.
That boat ride!
Without you,
I'd have drowned.
We sure had fun.
I worshipped the ground
you walked on.
His father disapproved of us
being friends.
I wasn't distinguished enough.
Which is ironic,
since he's the one who sent me here.
He thought I was too smart...
for a poor kid.
To look distinguished,
which is a low-class ambition,
never use a meat knife with fish.
What's more,
knives aren't held like that.
Like this.
Just trying to help.
Can you steer a course?
I think so.
We'll bring up your coffee.
I wouldn't accept half
of what you put him through.
It's fun, seeing how much he'll take.
- Stop being so nasty.
- Don't feel sorry for him.
All he cares about is money.
If that's what you think,
why'd you go to Rome with him?
Are you bored being with just me?
Darling, are you crazy?
If you are, I'd rather leave now.
My love, don't be silly.
he'll be the one leaving.
Right away, if you like.
Then it'll be just the two of us.
Like before.
Are you nuts?
Give me a hand!
Jump! She'll scrape the hull!
- Jump! Well tow it!
- I can't! I'm afraid!
- Of what?
- The sea!
I don't give a damn!
It's your fault, now jump!
Philippe! What are you doing?
That'll teach you!
A little taste of exile.
The dinghy is gone.
He's got terrible sunstroke.
This time, you went too far.
What kind of game
are you playing with him?
Were you like that
when you were 15?
Strange kids.
He's not a childhood friend.
He made it up.
I've never seen him before.
He's amazing!
Are you sure you're not mistaken?
I don't think so.
He's chilly.
Go get his sweater.
I like you,
so I don't want to hurt you.
When we get to Taormina...
- It'd be better if I left?
- Yes.
He's not like this
when we're alone.
Believe me, going home
is what's best for you.
I'm sorry.
Do you understand?
I understand you love
a Philippe that doesn't exist.
The sweater?
He's too sick.
Cover him with blankets.
Thatll do.
You okay?
You know,
I meant it as a joke,
but it went wrong.
Forget it.
It's my fault...
I have this stupid fear of the water.
No, it's my fault.
How's the sunburn?
Getting better.
Nine of spades.
Actually, didn't you want to kill me
when you got out of the dinghy?
Not when I got out,
but a few times before.
How very interesting...
- What did you say?
- Nothing!
Were joking.
That's why you took
my bank statements?
so you kill me, and you're rich?
Don't miss a trick, do you?
It seems awfully complicated.
You'd get caught immediately.
- Not necessarily.
I might not look it,
but I've got lots of imagination.
She's listening.
Quick, say something, anything.
- Eight of spades, eight of hearts!
- A voyage.
Ah, Taormina, Etna!
- Philippe!
- The stick and the...
- Carrot!
- Carrot!
Come here.
I need your opinion.
- To what?
- The new preface.
"Fra Angelico
can be considered a link
between Gothic painting
and Renaissance painting."
- Haven't I read that before?
- Just wait.
Maybe later.
Now's not a good time.
- See? You don't care about my work.
- Of course I do!
You don't love me.
What's your problem?
My feelings for you have nothing
to do with Fra Angelico!
- You mock everything I do.
- Oh, boy.
First, that's not true.
second, calling Fra Angelico
a "link' is quite tactless.
Pardon me.
- And this?
Is this tactful?
What's that?
- A souvenir from the Coliseum?
- It's not from there.
Don't start this again, I beg you.
Don't ruin everything!
I love you and you know it!
Now leave me alone!
- It's that easy?
Everything I do is dumb,
but you do great things! As if!
At least I do something.
- You call that work?
I do. And if it bothers you,
I can easily do it elsewhere!
- Fine! Off you go!
- Philippe, don't touch that!
- Go work somewhere else!
- Don't do it!
Get the hell out!
- Marge.
- No!
What's going on?
What's wrong, sweetie?
- Bring me ashore.
- What?
- Bring me ashore.
She wants to go ashore.
I don't understand.
If you want me to go...
Where are you going?
I don't know.
To Mongibello?
I'm going to Mongibello.
I can't leave her like that.
Now that we're alone,
let's resume our little chat.
- With pleasure.
Assuming you kill me.
Then what?
- I bury you reverently.
- And then?
Faking your signature,
I sign your letters of credit.
- It's not that easy!
- I learn quickly.
Of course.
The earring.
Was it you?
- No.
Come on, don't lie.
Okay, I admit it.
Well settle that later.
I caught you in front of the mirror
imitating me.
Do it again.
I said, "Marge. My love, my angel.
That nasty man will never separate us.
I won't go back to San Francisco
and he won't get his $5,000.
I won't allow anything
to stand between us."
The stakes: the watch my father
gave you against $2,500.
Poker. One hand only.
Bringing me back
would've gotten you twice that.
We're not going to san Francisco?
I love Marge.
Let. s do it.
One card.
Damn! Two pair.
Ill write you a check.
You cheated to lose.
You broke up a three of a kind.
I won't be bought off so cheaply.
$2,500 isn't bad.
small change.
Even $5,000 doesn't interest me.
I can have it all.
I have a plan.
Imitate my signature.
Do it.
It takes practice.
Like I said, Ill learn.
Even if you fake my signature,
you'd never manage a whole letter!
I'd use your typewriter.
They are easily identifiable.
What if I throw it overboard?
What then?
That'd be naughty of you.
It's yours.
Miserable wretch.
I thought you were Philippe.
Where is he?
- Philippe!
- Marge.
He's not here.
He didnt want to come back?
Thanks, Tom.
I'm glad you're here.
Did he go off with Freddy?
Is he in Rome?
I'm babbling.
Why didn't he come back?
Is he still angry?
Will he be gone long?
You must know if he took his things.
Tell me, Tom, please.
He didn't take anything.
He asked you to get his things.
You don't look very proud of your job.
I won't run after him.
His bathrobe.
The rest is in the boat.
Miss! I saw the boat.
I have mail for Mr. Greenleaf.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
He left his boat with you?
He never let anyone use it.
Just like him.
Takes the typewriter
and forgets his pajamas.
Ill get changed.
Get going.
Ill go with you. Philippe should
get this letter immediately.
He owes 500,000 lire
for the boat and I'm broke.
I'm really stuck.
I'm going back to Paris.
Be reasonable.
Give me the letter,
Ill make sure he gets it.
Mr. Ripley!
Your passport.
Even if you're selling it,
you still owe us 500,000 lire.
Plus, you want an advance.
Ill have to speak to the director.
Sign this, please.
It's a sales agreement
for your boat.
It's too late in the season
to fetch a good price.
- Sure... I'll send it to you.
- As you wish.
You're still in Mongibello?
- No, Rome.
At the Hotel Excelsior.
- Good-bye, Mr. Greenleaf.
- Greenleaf.
I reserved a room.
Philippe Greenleaf.
Mr. Greenleaf.
Fill out the registration form, please.
If anyone calls, I'II be in my room.
Philippe Greenleaf.
Where are you?
- Rome.
- Where are you staying?
Write me at the American Express.
I wanted to hear your voice.
- I'm coming.
- No!
Why are you hiding from me?
We need to talk.
It's better if we don't
see each other for a while.
- Is she a brunette?
- Don't start that!
- The same as last time?
- Stop, or I'll never see you again.
I hate you.
I cheated on you, I slept with Tom.
- What?
- I slept with Tom.
Slept with Tom!
- Anything else?
- You owe the boatyard 500,000 lire.
As for me, I'm broke.
I'm going back to Paris.
Are you crazy
I order you to stay!
I'm returning to Paris
if I have to crawl there!
My dear Marge,
- Did you see him?
- He gave me a letter for you.
What's he doing in Rome?
Who's he seeing?
Does he look happy?
I don't know.
It's not like we're bosom buddies.
I see him occasionally.
Don't lie to me.
You've changed, too.
I just don't get it.
If you wrote to me,
would you type it?
And wouldn't you just sign
your first name?
He's still angry.
Calm down.
It's so dull and flat,
like he were dead.
You two were clashing.
Why does he praise you so much?
I trust you.
Swear that he's not in San Francisco.
Come on, Marge!
You're my only link to Philippe.
If you lost contact with him,
I don't know what I'd do.
Are you crazy, Marge?
Our little soap opera
must be boring you.
Have you been to Naples?
I'll show you around the old town.
You'll love it.
Well go to American Express
to cash the check.
Ill get changed.
- Coming in?
- Ill wait here.
Ill be right out.
- Can I buy you a drink?
- Sure. Let's go to the old town.
Let's go.
I want to write Philippe.
You'll give it to him?
Ill go for a stroll in the meantime.
Mr. Greenleaf!
Ill get the keys. Hello, sir.
- Welcome back.
- I reserved 12 rooms.
- Pick up the keys at that desk.
- Thank you.
Mr. Greenleaf!
- Mr. Greenleaf!
- I haven't seen him.
- You haven't?
- No.
Did you hear?
Philippe is here!
Mr. Greenleaf!
Booth 5. Mr. Greenleaf.
He's in room 423.
I must tell Marge at once.
You stay here.
- Place a call to Mongibello 224.
- Yes, madam.
It's about your sail boat.
I received your sales order.
Are you sure you want to sell?
- Yes.
- Hello?
- Yes.
- Booth 8, madam.
- Thank you.
I've rented an apartment.
My address is 90, via Savoia.
- Via Savoia?
- Exactly.
- Thanks and good-bye.
- Good-bye, Mr. Greenleaf.
Come in!
- The newspaper.
- Thanks.
You'll love it here.
I hope so.
I always say, changing the curtains
changes the whole room.
I never have a moment's peace.
- Looks nice, doesn't it?
- Beautiful.
- Mind if I rearrange the furniture a bit?
- Whatever you want.
- The lamps, too?
- Sure.
- There's a wire.
- Of course there is.
Doesn't matter.
Dear Marge,
We might as well end it.
Come in.
What's she want now?
Oh, it's you.
Where's Philippe?
- He went to lunch.
- Where?
I don't know the name,
that place on Piazza del Popolo.
Ill catch up with him.
He's still traveling?
Did he just get here or is he leaving?
- I don't know.
- And how are you?
- Fine.
How'd you get his address?
The shipyard.
I've got a boat too.
What are you doing here?
I dropped by to say hi.
Check out these paintings!
He lends you his shirts now?
- Yes.
I was out of clean shirts.
Philippe and Marge,
they're on the rocks, right?
- Who told you that?
- I sensed it in the air...
Did he really chuck
her manuscript in the sea?
Philippe! Not here.
He's a swell guy,
but why's he hiding?
- He's not.
- Yes, he's hiding out.
Okay, he's avoiding Marge.
That's understandable.
But he stood me up in Taormina
without even a postcard.
I'm not Philippe.
I'm off to Piazza del Popolo,
and I really hope I find him.
You're writing his break-up note?
- No. Why?
- I thought I heard someone typing.
In fact,
Marge is in Rome
at Hotel della Minerva.
Any message for her?
- No.
Even the same shoes!
Mr. Greenleaf!
- Is that Mr. Greenleaf?
- Of course.
I'll bring it up.
Tom, you're quite a prankster!
Didn't you see the sign?
You can't park here.
Is this your car?
You can go.
I don't know.
Was the chicken good?
- Very good.
Make an effort, buddy!
Help me out!
Wait a second...
Philippe is the killer!
I had nothing to do with it.
Not a thing.
- Manager?
- Yes?
Does Mr. Greenleaf live here?
Yes. Who are you?
- Has he lived here long?
- Only a couple weeks.
- Does he ever have visitors?
- No one, never.
- What floor is he on?
- Fourth floor.
Go around behind the building.
I have a couple bags to put in the trunk.
I'll tell you where.
- There they are.
- Fine.
And hurry, please.
- I'd like to make a withdrawal.
- Certainly, sir.
Go see the teller.
- I'd like10 million lire.
-10 million lire?
Passport, please.
Fine, Mr. Greenleaf,
Ill take care of it.
Sign here, please.
Ill only be a moment.
You only have $475 left in your account.
Yes, I know.
Your passport.
Place a call to 86-27-17.
I'll just pick up my mail first.
Booth 2.
Hello, Philippe?
Is that you, Philippe?
It's Tom.
Tom who?
Is Mr. Greenleaf out?
Giovanni, take this down.
Mr. Greenleaf isn't here.
Why don't you drop by?
He'll be back in10 minutes.
Unfortunately, I don't have time.
Tell him I just arrived in Rome
and he can reach me at Hotel Paradise.
- Which hotel?
- Hotel Paradise.
Thank you.
Come in.
May I?
Excuse me for disturbing you.
I'm Inspector Riccordi.
Please sit down.
What did I do?
- Don't worry.
I just wanted to talk to you.
What's this about?
- Have you read the morning paper?
- Not yet.
An American named Freddy Miles
was murdered.
Did you know him?
Yes, he was a friend of Philippe's.
I saw him often in Mongibello.
Ill fill you in on the circumstances
of the murder later, Mr. Risley.
I can't believe it.
Is Philippe Greenleaf a friend of yours?
- Have you known him long?
- Yes, I guess.
I met him in San Francisco
and saw him again in Mongibello.
- Where is Mr. Greenleaf?
- Rome, I guess.
- Have you seen him recently?
- No, I was traveling.
Here and there,
the Lake District.
I just arrived and won't stay long.
I'll need you in Rome
for a few days, Mr. Risley.
It's "Ripley."
- Can I see your passport?
- No. it's down at reception.
Were Freddy and Mr. Greenleaf
on good terms?
Could he be blackmailing him?
- No.
Anyway, Marge knew him better than me.
Who's Marge?
A friend of Philippe's.
Well, his fiance.
Tomorrow, we'll need you
to come identify the body, Mr. Risley.
Do you think Mr. Greenleaf
could have killed Mr. Miles?
Not in a million years.
Do you recognize him?
Yes. It's still such a shock.
- Did he have enemies?
- Him? No. He had a good heart.
He was a nice boy.
My nerves are shattered.
It's going to haunt me.
I'm sorry Mr. Greenleaf
won't be joining us.
- Have you heard from him?
- No news.
- What about you?
- No.
- Do you think he's hiding?
- Hiding from who?
It was just a question.
He was seen leaving
his apartment with Mr. Miles.
They were plastered.
I wonder which one
was holding the other up?
You dance and dance, darling.
What's the point?
You saw him.
We are nothing. Ashes. Dust.
Be more prudent, darling,
especially right now!
Sit over there.
And you here.
Spaghetti for all
and a bottle of Ruffino.
No, two!
- Marge -
- What a time to pull a disappearing act!
He's out of his mind!
What will the police think?
- You mean Philippe?
- Of course!
If he's innocent,
didn't murder anyone...
- Murder?
- Darling, such things do happen.
I'm sure he's innocent.
You shouldn't even have to say that.
Honey, I think it's so revolting!
It's my nature, I adore people.
I'm appalled that poor Philippe,
who's probably off with some...
Skirt-chasing isn't as bad
as murder, right?
He has no idea he's a suspect,
a wanted man!
- He'll turn up sooner or later.
- How do you know?
- Marge.
- What?
You still love him.
In your letter yesterday, you wrote,
"No matter what, I'll always be yours."
- What letter?
- The one I received.
Yesterday morning.
The letter I sent Philippe?
- Marge.
- Yes.
I saw Philippe yesterday,
but I swore not to tell.
He gave you that letter?
He didn't want you implicated
if it was found on him.
- He could have burnt it.
- He couldn't bear to.
Forgive me,
I couldn't help reading it.
Here it is.
O'Brien always said,
"Miles will die a violent death!"
Because he loathed him!
- Freddy was such a funny guy.
- How he made Philippe laugh!
And Philippe, can you believe it?
I adore that poor boy!
I know where Philippe is.
He can't check in to a hotel.
He spent the night in the street.
Where is he?
He took the train this morning.
What did I tell you?
I'm famished.
Thank you.
Dearest Mother,
I've decided to end my life.
Please forgive me.
I wish all my things to go to Marge,
whom I love.
Your son,
Philippe, buddy!
Wake up! Wake up!
Open up, Philippe!
Love to, buddy,
but I've got work to do.
You've never worked in your life!
- Come on, open up!
- No.
Ill break down the door!
O'Brien. don't be an idiot!
Excuse me, miss. Police.
After you.
Come in.
Who is it?
Mind if I come in?
It's not nice to lie.
You didnt tell me you saw Philippe.
I didn't lie.
You knew we were looking for him
and that he was in Mongibello.
I could arrest you
for withholding information.
Don't worry.
I'm actually a nice guy.
May I have a glass of water?
I keep coming back to you.
It must be intuition.
What do you mean?
The nose knows.
We're like bloodhounds.
You said you'd visited Italy?
The lakes, Turin, Milan,
Pisa, Florence...
That's right.
Yet there's no trace of you
in any hotel.
I slept in my car.
Saves money.
Greenleaf killed Miles.
The fingerprints in Miles's car
match those found
in Greenleaf's apartment.
We nearly caught Philippe
last night in Mongibello.
He vanished, leaving behind a will.
Either it's all an act...
or he killed himself.
But my nose says...
Can I leave Rome now?
As long as you stay in Italy,
you're free to go.
Enjoy your trip.
- Hello, Mr. Ripley.
- Hello, Raphael.
Take the bags
to the Miremar, okay?
For you.
Thanks, sir.
If I understood correctly,
it didn't make a cent.
Boris was marvelous!
Audiences must be blind.
For five million,
we can start all over again!
Five times three makes 15 million.
We could do it for 13.
Maybe even 12.
Hello, Tom.
- Congratulations on the ballet.
- How are you, Tom?
- Not bad.
Have a seat.
- What brings you here?
- Not much. I'm visiting Italy
and since I was in the area,
I decided to pay Marge a visit.
She's become a recluse.
We haven't seen her for over two weeks.
She refuses to see anyone.
She'll never get over it.
Did you know Philippe
left her all his dough?
- Really?
- Such a strange boy!
He treated her atrociously,
then leaves her his fortune!
Maybe he wanted to make amends.
Her parents were scandalized
when they found out.
They're at their wits' end.
One doesn't take a girl from her parents
then leave her in such a mess!
- The old man's coming.
- What old man?
Philippe's father.
He wants to see Marge
and "settle" this whole thing.
I see.
It's impossible to see Marge?
I doubt shell let you in.
I'd better be going.
Don't get up.
I know the way out.
Marge, my love, my angel.
How considerate of you
to mourn like this
for Freddy.
None of this would have happened.
He wouldn't have killed himself
if I'd gone to Rome.
Be serious, Marge.
You convinced me not to go.
Philippe didn't love you.
That's a lie!
His will proves it.
But it's only a will.
you know I'm right.
Otherwise, he'd have married you.
Maybe it's not.
Maybe this isn't the right time to say it.
I feel so clumsy.
I'm going back to America.
I came to say good-bye.
For me.
Anybody home?
Who is it?
She's down at the sea.
Can I help you?
This is Mr. Lee,
he's interested in buying your boat.
Nice to meet you.
You forgot your appointment!
Mr. Greenleaf is here.
I totally lost track of time.
- What?
- Mr. Greenleaf just arrived from Naples.
What a fiasco,
I'm going to be late.
- Why did he come?
- To sell the boat.
I have to be there.
- Want to come?
- No, I'd rather stay here.
When he finds out youre here,
hell want to see you.
Mr. Greenleaf is a good man.
He said, "In light of your situation,
Ill advance you
the full amount of his estate,
no matter what's decided."
Ill wait for you here.
See you later.
Yes, sir?
- Are you okay?
- What?
- Are you feeling okay?
- Its just the sun. It's so bright.
Other than that. I've never felt better.
Give me a drink.
- What do you want?
- The best you've got.
- Sure.
The best.
Only the best.
Let's check out the boat.
In perfect condition.
A fine vessel.
It's just a formality, miss.
I'm sure the hull is solid.
No repairs will be needed.
Come here.
- What do you want?
- Do you know him?
- Call him.
- What for?
- Say he has a phone call.
- What phone call?
Just tell him.
Do as I say. Go on.
- Why?
- Go.
Mr. Ripley!
Phone call!