Ploey (2018) Movie Script

[bright music]
[dramatic music]
[light trumpeting music]
[logo clanking]
[electricity sizzling]
[quite tense music]
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
[Dad] Look, Mummy,
we're finally there!
Oh, Daddy, back at last.
We safely survived
another journey.
I'll relax when everyone's
safely in the reed bed.
[Sterna] Dash two
report line of sight.
[Sterna] Visual of drop
zone, 12 o'clock, all clear.
[Commorant] No no,
it must be spring,
'cause here they come.
Noisy migrating birds ready
to hatch more screaming chicks.
Why can't they leave us alone?
'Cause they're stupid!
Every spring, flying
thousands of miles back here.
Just to annoy us!
Hmm, on the plus side,
the migrants do keep
us off the menu.
Yeah, old Shadow's
looking pretty hungry
after another tough winter.
[Shadow] [laughing]
Let the feast begin.
Fetch the decoy.
[bird squawking]
[Shadow growling]
Prepare for touchdown
in T minus one minute.
Almost home, folks!
And we still have the
protection of the Sterna!
But Shadow is surely waiting!
Everyone be ready for my signal!
Shadow, old pal!
I'd love to help man, but
I've got an ache in this knee
and a wobble in
that wing, look man.
[wing squeaking]
Please don't make me
do it, they'll just...
Skua, you're the greatest
decoy I've ever had.
Uh, the greatest?
Absolutely, now, come along.
But the Sterna!
All those pointy beaks.
I can't take it!
They go straight for my tushy.
Every time!
Every time.
Here's the plan.
You get the Sterna
to follow you.
You turn west, and fly
like the wind, as usual.
But, but, but the pointy beaks
and, and, and my tushy, man.
But Skua, my dear, your tushy
isn't safe down here either.
[Skua screaming]
Spring is in the
air, Skua. [laughs]
SAM, SAM, 10
o'clock 10 o'clock.
- Wow!
- Take him down!
Take him down!
Not the tushy! [screams]
Why is it always the tushy?
There won't be any
love songs this spring.
The Sterna!
They've fallen for a decoy!
Stay calm, everyone!
Remember our practice!
On my command.
[dramatic tense music]
[Shadow growling]
Now, spread out, now!
[Shadow laughing]
[sighs] Not going
to share, is he?
He never does.
[alarm blaring]
incoming, take cover!
Run, hide, hide. [gasping]
I'm hit, I'm hit! [gasping]
We need to take this
up with Parliament.
Here here, oh, I
hate spring so much!
[gentle music]
We made it.
Not everyone.
Don't blame yourself.
It could have been far worse.
And you know it.
[birds chirping]
Ah, exactly as we left it.
We have some serious
spring cleaning to do.
But first, how about
dinner and a dance?
Have I ever said no?
[gentle music]
[mother giggling]
[birds whooshing]
[Redshank] It's a
perfect summer morning
and the air traffic
is running smooth,
and no predators reported.
In the meantime,
whether you're out fetching
grubs for the chicks,
or at home,
feathering your nest,
we've got the tune for you.
[bright upbeat music]
[birds chirping]
[gentle music]
[both sighing]
[shell cracking]
[both gasping]
- [chick grunting]
- Oh!
Oh, come here my dear Ploey!
Welcome to the world champ.
Mama, Papa.
[birds chirping]
[birds gasping]
[bird murmuring]
Son today we learn to forage.
[Ploey gasps]
One day they're an egg.
The next they're off
digging up their own worms.
It's all so fast.
[Ploey giggling]
[gasping] Look
Papa, look at that.
I'm a Sterna, attack, attack!
I'm a swan.
A Snipe coming.
Watch out for the snipe!
You're going to
fly like a plover.
And when we go south
across the great ocean,
you'll fly right by my side.
But why do we
have to leave home?
Everything's perfect here!
Ploey, this is
our summer home.
But winter would crush
us with snow and cold
and it'll all be
over for the plover.
I can't wait to
practice flying!
You won't have to practice.
You're a plover!
Flying will happen all by
itself, when the time's right.
But, survival?
For that you'll
have to practice.
I'm going to be the
leader like you Papa,
and the fastest
plover ever seen!
[laughing] In that case,
we'd better get on with
your foraging lesson.
[Ploey groans]
Alright everybody
let's go ahead
and get ready for our warm up.
Keep those lungs open,
breathe in constantly,
make sure you never
hold your breath.
Don't hold it.
Just try not to move
your lungs as you breath.
Keep it constant.
- One, two, three and...
- Ah, it's the cat.
- To the roof.
- Oh, here we go again.
[Teacher] Yeah, he
is not gonna make it.
[Assistant] No, he's not.
[Teacher] Do you think
he is gonna make it?
- Well he might.
- Yeah, maybe.
[Woman] [screaming]
Get that filthy thing out
of this house!
Yeah, can we have it, Mum.
We could keep it
in our parrot cage.
[children groaning]
[cat screeching]
How did I do on time?
- Oh pretty good.
- That was fast.
- Yeah, you were fast, yeah.
- Oh, pretty fast.
- I think fastest yet.
- Yeah I think.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
A pond, stir the
water with your beak
and wait for the bugs to move.
[Ploey gasps]
I'm Ploveria, who are you?
I'm Ploey.
What a sweet name.
Uh, how can you
breathe in the water?
I'm here, silly!
[laughs] I knew that, hi.
[bee buzzing]
[gentle music]
I think Ploey just got stung.
And not by that bee.
[both giggling]
Whoa, whoosh.
I'm going to be the
fastest plover ever.
Oh, yeah, well I'm
going to be leader.
Then catch me if you can!
[both giggling]
[thunder rumbling]
[both slurping]
[both shyly giggling]
I'd better go.
It's my time on the night watch.
You be careful, dear.
[owl hooting]
[tense music]
[bird grunting]
Who's there?
A friend [coughs].
Friend, you're Shadow's decoy!
What are you doing here?
I'm here to warn you
[coughs] all of you!
I'm warning you.
I'll call the Sterna.
Tell them you've been
after their eggs again.
I've gone vegan, you
know, mushrooms, seeds,
That kind of thing.
Unless you've got
an egg going spare?
No, no no, of course you
don't dude, I knew that.
Let's hear this warning.
[gagging] Shadow's
planning an attack, man.
- When?
- Very soon.
So you've turned
against Shadow, huh?
I've had enough.
I'm going in hiding
in Paradise Valley.
You know, the only place
where I'll be safe.
[Ploey gasps]
Valley of the cowards.
Sure, but I'd rather
be a living coward
than a dead hero, man.
- Papa?
- Ploey!
What are you doing here?
I woke up and
you weren't there.
Your son, how cute.
- Hi, kid.
- You better go.
And Skua, thank you.
[somber music]
All right, let's get back
before your mother wakes up.
- Papa.
- Hm?
What's a coward?
Well, there are two
kinds of birds, son.
Those who fly south
in autumn, like us.
And those who don't
have the guts for that.
They survive winter in a
hidden valley somewhere
in the mountains.
They are cowards.
But Plovers are
brave, right, Dad?
Yes, we certainly are.
[triumphant music]
Whoosh [giggling] whoa.
- Catch me if you can.
- Okay, whee.
- Whoa, who.
- Whee.
[gentle music]
[both sighing]
Hurry, you two!
You mustn't be late
for flying-school.
When Shadow appears, I'll
make him chase me down here.
On my signal, you raise the net
and wrap it tightly around him.
And then we'll be
rid of him for good.
Off you go, good luck today.
[bright upbeat music]
[both giggling]
Hey Ploveria, hi
whoever you are?
I'm Ploey!
He's my flying mate.
- [laughing] Good one.
- Hm.
Oh, oh, you're serious?
Yes, I'm serious.
This guy?
Listen up, I'll
keep this simple!
You learn to fly
[dramatic music]
or it's bye bye.
[both gasping]
Your wings know how!
Your tail knows how!
But you must let it happen.
[triumphant music]
[bird revving]
Let's begin.
First group, mount
The Rock of Flight!
Let's move, let's
move, let's move!
[birds gasping]
[laughing] It's fun,
Ploey, it's great!
Next Group, let's move!
[push thuds]
[Ploey groans]
[Ploey moans]
[Ploey] Come on Ploey.
[Ploey whimpering]
[tense music]
It's Shadow!
Warn the others.
Safeguard the chicks!
And ready the net.
[chicks squawking]
Fear, now that's
a song I like.
[Ploey gasping]
[Father groaning]
[Shadow growling]
[brakes screeching]
[Shadow growling]
[dramatic music]
[Ploey gasping]
I'm flying, I'm really fly...
Help! Help!
Let go of my son, you monster!
[bodies thudding]
[gasping] Papa!
[somber music]
He won't eat, won't talk.
You must eat, Ploey,
get your strength back,
so we can fly south.
You want to be the
leader, remember?
Just like your father.
[sighs] I don't think so.
Come on, Ploey.
Let's make your father proud.
[bright gentle music]
Catch me if you can.
I don't feel like playing.
How about flying?
I don't think
flying is a good idea.
It will only put us in danger.
But for us to
survive we have to fly.
[Ploey] I can't do it.
You did it before Ploey.
You can do it again.
[Ploey groans]
[Ploey gasps]
[cat meows]
Ploey jump, fly!
- [Ploey gasping]
- Fly, fly!
[cat screeching]
No, Ploey!
[quiet gentle music]
[Mother laughs softly]
No no, not my Ploey!
To the roof!
To the roof.
Wow, that dumb cat
really never learns.
Oh no, No he doesn't.
He doesn't learn.
No he is very dumb.
[screaming] No, not again!
- Oh.
- Get him out!
[Girl] Oh, it's
just a little chick!
- Out!
- Mum, can we keep him?
- No.
- Please, please,
please, please.
Absolutely not!
End of discussion.
[Teacher] Oh, give it here.
[cat screeching]
[water lapping]
[weather vane squeaking]
[Ploey snoring lightly]
[Redshank] The weather
forecast is not looking good.
Fall has arrived,
heavy winds ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's time to fly south.
[somber music]
Aren't you excited
to fly south?
Palm trees and pina colada.
Why so gloomy?
Mind your own business.
[sighs] It's time to
face facts, he's gone.
How dare you!
I would have carried
him on my back.
- Sorry, I just, well...
- Just leave me alone.
[gentle music]
[Ploey sighing]
Ploveria, Ploveria, I'm here!
Don't leave me!
Mum, Mum look it's me!
[screaming] Get away from me.
[cat meowing]
[Ploey gasping]
[cat screeching]
[dramatic music]
[cat purring]
[toy squeaking]
[tense music]
[Ploey gasping]
[cat screeching]
I'm right here, don't go.
[Ploey gasps]
[handle squeaks]
[cat screaming]
[Ploey grunting]
Mama, Ploveria. [gasping]
[dramatic music]
Mama, Ploveria,
don't leave me here!
[Ploey gasping]
Mama I'm here, I am alive!
Ploveria wait for me, wait!
[Ploey moaning]
I will see you again
Ploveria, I promise you.
[somber music]
[Ploveria sobbing]
[sighs] What now papa.
No papa!
[Ploey gasping]
[Ploey grunting]
[engine puttering]
Is that the cat hunter?
- It is, well done.
- Oh, dig in.
Yeah, You look
like you need it.
You definitely need it.
So when are you leaving?
You're a plover right?
- He's a plover.
- He is a plover.
Yes, he is and plovers
aren't tough enough
to stick out the winter here.
- No, no way!
- Uh, uh.
Well, this plover
decided to hang on.
For a change.
And hey, it looks like
the winter ain't so tough
with all this food lying around.
You see, this is the
last of the easy pickings.
Yeah, shop closes
up for the winter.
- It does, doesn't it.
- It does, yeah.
Yeah, from here on, it's
like a trash bin here.
- An apple core there.
- Definitely.
Surprising amount of nutrition
in horse manure though.
Oh I love horse manure.
[Teacher] Yeah
it tastes horrible,
but it is like nutritious.
[Assistant] Yeah it
is like bad but good.
There's this place,
called Paradise Valley.
You know where it is?
Yeah, but it's a
really long flight.
- It's very long.
- Isn't it long?
- Well, it is not medium long.
- It's a pretty long.
- Very long.
- Yeah.
- It's way up the...
- I'm going to walk.
Walk, Walk to Paradise valley?
- Oh, you can't walk.
- No you can't walk.
- No.
- No.
So, how do I get there?
[bird snoring]
[body thuds]
First you aim north
for this mountain.
Yeah it's a mountian
and well from the top of the
mountain you will see a hill.
Yeah and you go straight
on, then you turn north.
It's north.
Yeah, until you
see big, big, big...
Big, well, yeah
it's pretty big.
Yeah it's a glacier.
Yeah it is a glacier and
the you turn west, going on.
Until you see this big, big.
- Big.
- Well it's big.
- It's very big.
- Pretty big.
- It's enormous.
- Yeah, it's a peak.
- Huge.
- Yeah, yeah.
- It's a big peak.
- Mm-hm.
And behind it, that's where
you will find Paradise...
- Valley.
- You can't miss it, no.
[Ploey scoffs]
[tense music]
And we never knew
that plovers name.
No we didn't.
Didn't we?
We did.
- Yeah.
- What was his name?
[Assistant] His
name was Ploey, yeah.
[Teacher] And we never knew
that plover's name was Ploey.
- No we didn't.
- No.
Didn't we?
[bird burping]
[gentle mystical music]
[Ploey humming cheerfully]
[Ploey grunting]
[bright cheerful music]
[Ploey groaning]
[Ploey sighs]
[fruit crunches]
[gentle music]
[wind whistling]
[teeth chattering]
[quiet somber music]
[Ploey groans]
[stone thuds]
Hey Skua?
[Shadow growling]
[Ploey gasping]
[Shadow laughing]
[dramatic music]
[Shadow humming]
[Ploey whimpering softly]
[majestic dramatic music]
[Shadow growling]
Get off me!
- Huh?
- You wrecked my trap!
Uh, I'm sorry.
I wrecked your what?
My falcon-trap!
I wait all morning.
He comes swooping and
then along comes you.
Let me go!
Let me go!
What are you anyway?
[laughing] A plover
chick of all things.
Why haven't you flown south?
I got left behind.
Hm, I wonder why.
Well, on the plus side, kid.
You've learned life's
greatest lesson, nobody cares.
[Ploey groans]
You've got to make it
entirely on your own.
I was making it on my
own just fine thank you!
Oh, really?
And where are you heading?
Up here on the mountain.
To Paradise Valley.
[scoffs] That bunch of losers.
You'll fit right in.
Ah, you can't fly!
That's why you were
left behind, right?
I can too fly.
When I want to.
Then good luck and
have a nice life.
Even though, there's no
such thing as either.
[somber music]
- [animal squawks]
- Huh? [gasping]
[dramatic music]
[shadow whooshing]
[Ploey gasping]
[Ploey snoring]
[Giron murmuring]
[Ploey gasps]
[Giron screaming]
You tricksy flea-infested
excuse for a bird!
How dare you invade my privacy!
I didn't know you were there!
You're practically invisible!
I thought you were a
warm patch of snow!
Ooh, a warm
patch of snow, huh?
That's called water.
You plovies really don't know
anything about winter, do you.
But we plovers do
know about manners.
And I shall say good day.
Before you go, you see this?
It's called camouflage, yeah.
You might want to get some.
Shadow will see
your messy feathers
from miles away.
Shadow will see him
from miles away, hm.
Hm, hm.
[Ploey groaning]
[laughing] Hey, listen, kid
if you'll do me a small favor,
I'll guide you safely
to Paradise Valley.
How's that sound?
What kind of small favor?
I'll tell you when we
are on top of the mountain.
Come on, let's get going
before a blizzard sets in.
Thank you, Mr. Ptarmigan.
The name is Giron.
Giron, sir.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, just Giron.
That'll do.
I'm Ploey.
[Giron] Ploey the
plover, how original.
[Ploey] No, it's
a very common name.
[Giron] You don't say.
[dramatic drumming music]
[wind whistling]
[Giron humming]
[Ploey gasping]
[dramatic drumming music]
[Ploey giggling]
The fox, we'd better
stay clear of him.
Be extra careful where you
leave your droppings, all right?
I'm always careful.
My Papa taught me to always...
[sweeping majestic music]
Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
- [twinkly music]
- Wow.
Ah, you like these?
They're from a bang-bang.
A human did it to me.
With his bang bang stick.
- But I got away.
- Whoa.
Left him hungry!
And made a right
fool out of him too.
What a pretty sea shell!
It's my back up,
the only friend I've got
in this miserable world.
Your only friend is a sea shell?
You wouldn't understand.
Here's what I
wanted to show you!
The clap trap!
[Ploey gasps]
And once Shadow is
in the clap trap,
I use the bangy things!
[explosion booms]
[both gasping]
All I need is a decoy.
Hm, a what?
You know, something
that Shadow wants badly.
- Oh.
- Or someone?
No, no, no!
I won't be your decoy, whoa!
[both grunting]
[dramatic music]
It's simple!
Soon as he's in the
trap, you just run away.
But we made a deal.
That I would be
eaten by Shadow?
I don't think so.
Yes we did!
No, we didn't!
[both screaming]
If you want to trudge on alone
to your Loser
Valley, you do that.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine.
[trap clatters]
[Giron screams]
[Giron murmuring]
[teeth chattering]
Hey Giron!
I'm freezing!
I'm just gonna run around.
[Giron snoring]
Sleep tight grumpy.
And once Shadow is
in the clap trap.
[imitating plane revving]
[Ploey growling]
Ka-bang! [giggles]
- Help!
- Huh?
- Help me!
- Huh?
[Mousey] Hello I'm
over here, help me.
Hola, amigo.
I appear to have got myself
in something of a pickle.
Don't suppose you could
pass me that branch?
Of course, sir.
I'm pretty sure
the ice is safe.
[Ploey gasping]
Whoa, whoa.
[Ploey groaning]
You're doing great, buddy.
[Ploey] Here you go.
[both groaning]
Thank you so much, amigo.
Mucho gracias!
I won't forget you.
Me familia is in your debt.
I must hurry now,
gracias, adios, adios!
[ice cracking]
[Plovie gasping]
[tense music]
Whoa! [laughing]
Oh no!
[dramatic music]
[Plovie groaning]
[Plovie screaming]
[Giron groans]
[both gasping]
He called for help.
I couldn't refuse!
Who called for help?
Rescuing a mouse?
And where was that mouse when
you went in the water, huh?
He took to his heels, didn't he?
Surprise, surprise!
He said he's in my debt.
That means...
It means you're a sucker!
I told you before, nobody cares.
You're on your own out here.
Never forget it.
Okay, I understand.
[groans] You ruined my trap,
you break your
promise to help me
and now you're trying to
make me feel sorry for you!
[teeth chattering]
Oh boy.
And remember winter
rule number one!
Keep your feathers dry.
[groans] There,
try to keep warm.
Thank you, Giron.
Yeah, yeah, don't mention it.
We'd better find a
shelter for the night.
And something to eat, oh.
[gentle music]
[water trickling]
[Giron sniffing]
[quiet somber music]
[bright gentle music]
[Ploey groaning]
[laughing] They're
good for you.
[Ploey groaning]
Oh, my little boys hated
them too, at first.
But, oh,
never mind.
Your boys?
Where are they?
I left the nest to
gather bitter buds.
I spotted Shadow approaching.
I took to the air
and I attacked him,
but he knocked me out cold.
By the time I got back to
the nest, it was all over.
You see, I was supposed
to be the decoy
and save my family, well.
Somehow it didn't
turn out that way.
But one day, one day,
I will get my revenge!
Shadow got my papa too.
You asked where they are,
my darling Dove
and my little boys.
They are right up there.
They're beautiful.
Because of them
I never fly alone.
Everyone you've
loved, who are gone,
they're up there, watching you.
Is my papa there?
Oh, yes he is.
He is any one of
them, all of them,
watching over you, Ploey.
There is one I want to
see, and she's alive, I hope.
Ploveria, I must
survive, Giron.
I must see her again.
That's the spirit.
And tomorrow we'll be
in Paradise Valley.
Try to get some sleep.
When I've taught
you how to fly
You'll be free
to roam the sky
And no matter
where you're thrown
You will never fly alone
And, you will learn,
when you have grown
You never fly alone
The wind may chill
you to the bone
But you will never fly alone
[Giron lightly snoring]
[fox growling]
[dramatic music]
[Ploey] [gasping]
No, no, Giron!
Blow the conch!
[dramatic music]
[Ploey gasping]
Ah, ah
[conch whistling]
Oh, Giron, where are you?
[Ploey gasping]
[dramatic music]
Hey, what's up, if it
isn't my gallant rescuer.
- Huh?
- Family, this is, uh...
I'm Ploey.
Ploey, bueno, beautiful name.
Me familia wants to thank
you for saving my life.
[Family] Hello Ploey.
Mousy, the fox!
A fox, you say?
Who's ready to have
some fun, hey guys?
[all cheering]
[fox laughing evilly]
[sniffing] Hello,
[laughs] welcome.
Now I am going to
show you the trick
of preparing a ptarmigan.
It's a vary gamey bird, so you
mustn't overdo the seasoning
and yet the seasoning
is very key.
What I going to be using is
a little bit of arctic kelp
and little bit of arctic thyme.
And what we're going to do
is roughly crush that up
and we're going to massage
it into the bird like so.
Now [laughs] mm,
smell those smells.
Now, ideally what I'd
like to do is burry it
in the arctic tundra
for a couple of hours
just so the meat begins
the rotting phase as a...
[rock thuds]
[fox gasps]
[fox whistling]
Talk about spicing
things up a notch!
[bright music]
[laughs] I've prepared
a simple meal.
But certainly
sufficient for two.
[fox gasps]
[mice laughing]
[dramatic music]
[fox growling]
[paws squealing]
[mouse grunting]
Hey, foxy, whoa, hey, huh?
[fox growling]
[dramatic music]
[bright tense music]
[grunting] Giron, it's
me, let's go, come on.
[Giron groaning]
[dramatic music]
[fox growling]
You gotta help me, help you.
[sighs] It's over.
Stop this nonsense!
Move your tremendous
ptarmigan behind,
you flea infested
excuse for a bird!
[Giron grunting]
[dramatic music]
[fox growling]
[both groaning]
[dramatic music]
[fox panting]
[mouse gasping]
[paws squealing]
[fox laughing evilly]
A ptarmigan feast
for the main course,
and a juicy mouse for
dessert. [laughing]
- [rock rumbling]
- oh, look out!
[fox screaming]
[mice squeaking]
[fox howling]
[Ploey gasping]
Don't worry,
we'll keep him busy.
Best of luck to you
and your friend.
I won't forget you, bye, bye.
[somber music]
[fox whimpering]
[mice growling]
[fox gasping]
Ah, [gasping] I need a rest.
Here you lost this.
You were right!
It works like magic.
As soon as I blew it,
the mice appeared.
[groans] Saved by mice,
how humiliating.
You keep it, you keep it,
you continue without me.
No, I'm not
leaving without you.
I'll find some buds,
and you'll feel better.
All right, all right then,
I'll just sleep a little.
Now, be careful,
I'll just [groaning].
[Giron snoring]
[Ploey gasps]
[gentle music]
[wind whooshing]
[Ploey gasps]
[Ploey screaming]
[teeth chattering]
[dramatic music]
[Ploey whimpering]
[woman vocalizing]
[Ploey grunting]
[Ploey gasps]
[tense music]
[Ploey gasps]
I'll find you after
the blizzard, Giron.
Until then [yawning].
[Ploey sighs]
[wind howling]
[Ploey whimpering]
[eerie music]
[Ploey gasps]
And any news of
Paradise Valley?
What, how useless are you?
But I have been
searching for years.
Get out there and
hunt, this second!
I'm too hungry and cold.
And tired and sad and lonely.
If you had only caught
enough plovers last autumn,
we'd be fine!
Spring will come, darling.
And with it, the flock
of fat and juicy plovers.
And then there will
be no more love songs.
[bone rattling]
[Ploey gasping]
- We're not alone!
- We're not alone!
[Ploey sneezing]
You, I remember you.
The skinny little plover
who got away, once.
[dramatic music]
[Ploey screaming]
A tiny little taste of
spring to ease my hunger
until your family
and friends arrive
from the south and
end in my mouth.
If you eat me you'll
eat a happy plover,
but your misery
will go on forever.
How dare you!
[Ploey gasping]
[screaming] You monster.
[birds grunting]
[Ploey gasping]
[dramatic music]
[Giron gasping]
[bodies thudding]
[birds grunting]
[metal clanking]
[Ploey gasps]
Let him go.
Just do it!
I, I can't.
Go on, do it!
[dramatic music]
[Ploey grunts]
[metal clanking]
[explosion booming]
[Ploey gasping]
[Giron grunts]
Oh, Giron.
[Shadow squawking]
[somber music]
You're hurt.
I guess I can blame
myself for that,
sticking my neck out. [coughing]
Ah, there's my Dove and my boys.
They'll show you the
way to Paradise Valley.
[Giron sighs]
[gentle celestial music]
Good bye, my friend.
[somber music]
What, where?
Oh, I'll just have to
rest a little. [snoring]
[gentle music]
[Ploey gasping]
[dramatic, eerie music]
[Ploey whimpering]
[Ploey screams]
[Ploey whimpering]
[gentle music]
Darling, what's a matter.
I'm sad, I can't help it.
I know Ploey broke your
heart but now he's gone.
[gasps] No I'm
alive, I'm here.
I wanted to give
you time to mourn.
I've been holding
back my feelings.
But my heart, my heart is
bursting with love for you.
She's mine, leave her alone.
Oh Sloey, you're so strong.
- No.
- You've been my rock.
I love you, I love you.
I'm still alive and
she's mine. [groaning]
[conch shell thuds]
[bright hopeful music]
So there it is, Paradise Valley.
I sketched a
shadow of a cloud
Over a dark bank of snow
[wind howling]
Oh where bird songs
are light and dark
Making nightfall's in for me
My eyes are tamed by no one
Not a single twinkling star
Ploveria, I'm sorry.
My eyes are
claimed by no one
Not a single twinkling star
My eyes claimed by no one
Nothing satisfies
my love but you
Nothing satisfies
my love but you
[deer blowing]
Nothing satisfies
my love but you
[deer murmuring]
Nothing satisfies
my love but you
Nothing satisfies
my love but you
[deer murmuring]
You have to put
the onion in first.
After that then you
put in the garlic.
It's deer.
[mink gasps]
[gasps] Who that with him.
[Mousey panting]
The little plover chick,
I've seen him before.
It's Ploey, this
guy saved my life.
Where'd you find him, man.
First I heard Giron's conch.
And I thought aha.
But all I found
was this plover.
And I thought aha.
Uh huh?
- And then I thought.
- Uh huh?
And aha, we have
to do something man.
He looks quite dead.
Let's give him a hot bath.
[speaking in foreign language]
I can't take this. [gasps]
Perhaps a mushroom
would do the trick?
- Away with your poison.
- Mm-hmm.
I learned resuscitation
in the Resistance.
One, two, three,
one, two, three.
[gentle music]
[Sheep] Well,
best get him buried.
[dramatic dirge]
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
[Ploey coughing]
Welcome to Paradise Valley.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
- to Paradise Valley.
- No way!
We weren't gonna bury
you for real you know, man.
We were making a
King's Chair, man!
Let's get the pot on the fire.
I can't take it.
I am too happy.
What happened to Giron.
He fought Shadow and he lost.
But you survived.
And you arrived just in time
for our celebration, dude.
What are you celebrating?
Your comeback.
[bright upbeat music]
[water gurgling]
Oo, oo
Bup, ba doo, ba doo
[Mousey] It's springtime.
What do you mean spring?
Tomorrow morning
the sun will rise
right above this
here mountaintop
and signal the
arrival of spring!
But then they're
all coming back!
Shadow's gonna attack
my family, my friends.
He does that every
spring, little Ploey.
Nobody can stop him.
But, Ploveria!
They must take care
of themselves, man.
You should be happy
that you're alive,
that you have arrived here,
where you'll be perfectly
safe in the best company ever!
[Mousey laughs]
[somber music]
[Ploey sighs]
[water rushing]
[footsteps thudding]
C'mon, it's party time.
Ah, I don't
really feel like it.
You're missing a
bird, aren't you?
[sighs] She thinks I am dead,
and she's chosen someone else.
If my wings weren't useless
I'd lure him away from her.
Shadow would catch
you in no time.
What would you have gained then?
I would have saved her life.
Now that's true love talking.
True love is the only thing
that can make you fly,
or so I've heard.
[Ploey sighs]
Choice is yours, Ploey.
Stay here and be safe or
put that love to work.
[dramatic music]
Hey, where's our friend?
[sheep giggles]
[gasps] Look, What he do?
[all gasping]
[Ploey grunting]
He's gone mad!
What did you say to him, dude!
It's not what I said.
It's what he heard that matters.
[gentle music]
[feather whooshing]
[Mousey gulping]
[Mousey sighing]
[triumphant music]
Look at that!
Who's coming with me to
save Ploveria and beat Shadow,
once and for all.
[all murmuring hesitantly]
Deer, Swan, Mousey?
Look at the bright
side my friend.
You're safe here.
And this is a perfect place
for cowards like us, right?
Rather a living
coward then a dead hero.
[gasps] My point exactly, man.
[tense music]
First we use the clap
trap, then the bangy thing.
Come back here you
flee infested...
Ploey, you're flying.
[Shadow growling]
[Ploey gasps]
I'll be your decoy.
Yeah, that's the spirit!
We should fly side
by side Ploveria.
Get back in line Sloey.
- It's more...
- That's an order.
[dramatic music]
At last the love
birds. [laughing]
Oh no, no no no no.
Sloey stay in line.
Spread out, spread out.
[body thuds]
[triumphant music]
[Shadow growling]
It's my Ploey!
It's my Ploey!
Ploey, watch out.
[dramatic music]
[Shadow groaning]
[Ploey] I'm here!
[trap clanking]
[Giron gasping]
[explosion booming]
[dramatic music]
[trap thuds]
[Shadow growling]
[blows thudding]
[Giron groaning]
[Ploey moaning]
[tense music]
[door squeaking]
- Oh no it is a trap.
- Huh?
Come here kitty kitty.
[door squeaking]
[cat meowing]
I tried to tell you it's a trap.
[laughing] Ploey, you flee
bitten flightless little freak.
Giron you big white.
[Shadow moaning]
[dramatic music]
[Ploey chuckling]
[Giron groaning]
[explosion booming]
[Shadow screaming]
[somber music]
[Shadow groaning]
[Ploey gasps]
[dramatic music]
[brakes screeching]
[Giron] [grunts] Wahoo!
Holy crow.
[Giron screams]
Whoa, ow, ow, ow, ow.
[Giron screaming]
[Giron gasping]
Bring him here.
[tense music]
[Ploey gasping]
He needs help.
[Ploey yelling]
Catch me if you can!
[Shadow gasping]
[bell tolling]
[bell squeaking]
[body thuds]
[Shadow groans]
[hopeful music]
Wahoo, well done
little one, all right.
[dramatic music]
[plovers whimpering]
[Giron screaming]
[body thuds]
[Shadow screams]
[wheel squeaking]
[Ploveria sighing]
Woo, [laughing].
So you survived winter?
Uh huh.
[Ploveria] How was it?
Cold, and the south?
[all gasping]
[gentle music]
[Mother gasping]
[Mother laughing]
[Giron laughs]
My Ploey!
I'm so proud of you
and I know your father would
be bursting with pride too.
[Ploey sighing]
Where are you going?
Back to where I belong.
Can I come along?
[Ploey sighs]
Now go and get your girl
before it's too late.
[Ploey sighing]
[Giron chuckling]
[birds chirping]
I guess you
found someone else,
since you thought
I was dead, I mean.
I completely understand.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi,
I'm glad that you came back
and I wish you all the best.
Ploey, don't
make me fly alone.
[both chuckling shyly]
So you finally
learnt to fly, yeah.
Then catch me if you can.
[both laughing]
That's my boy.
[both laughing]
[gentle music]
[upbeat music]
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
The feeling excites a
fire that drew at night
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
It's keepin' me up
Running at me
through the night
I push and pull
Draw lines in the air
I run and run but still
I'm tethered to my fear
I turn my head, I
turn it to the sky
Run faster than before
I run until I
reach this wildfire
Fire, fire
Feel the flame
burning brighter
I run and run until
I'm bold enough
That's enough
To feel this wildfire
Fire, forcin' me
to go even higher
I run and run until
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
'Cause the feeling excites
the fire that drew at night
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
It's keepin' me up
Burnin' in me
through the night
Clip my wings
Now watch me fly
I'm cutting through the air
'Cause it feels like
fuel to my wildfire
Fire, feel the flame
burnin' brighter
I run and run until
I'm close enough
That's enough
To feel this wildfire
Fire, forcin' me
to go even higher
I run and run until
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
It's a feelin' inside
There's a fire
that drew at night
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
It's keepin' me up
It's burnin' in me
through the night
Have I ever had doubts
I can tell you I have now
But it's evident how
It's all irrelevant
when you never let down
Have I ever had doubts
Does the cat play
with the mouse
I got my fire back
So as long as I'm alive
Imma fire back another round
I know I ran out of bounds
I'm wild like the Kalihari
I like, like at
a balance coin
It's quasi
I like the chaos
Big bass impales
You can stay on a stale
They don't ever try and stop
If you want to come along
To follow the negative
I can take you
You can't you either
You can bathe in my caramel
Me and yoU cool a pair
Like go in circles
like Ferris Wheels
Welcome to what the sense is
Ain't he here
like a fairy tale
I got my fire back
On the same old tired tracks
Hell and back
God knows that
Divine effect
I feel this wildfire
Fire, fire
It's a feelin' inside
It's a fire that
drew at night
I feel this wildfire
Hell back, God knows that
Fire, fire
It's keepin' me up
Runnin' in me
through the night
I got my fire back
It's a feelin' inside
A fire you can ignite
Wildfire, wildfire
I got my fire back
It's keepin' me up
Burnin' in me
through the night
[birds chirping]
[hooves plodding]
[crickets chirping]