Plonger (2017) Movie Script

Why are you following me ?
I am not.
Yes, you are. I saw you last week
in Paris, in my exhibition.
Yes, it's true. I was there.
What are you doing here ?
I'm a journalist
and I have to interview
a musical band tonight, that's why.
Which one ?
Which one ?
The Flying Burritos.
- Flying Burritos ?
- Yes.
Very, very good.
- You don't know them ?
- No.
Oh, it's Burning Tapas.
Burning Tapas ?
It's even better !
How did you find me ?
- Can I drop you somewhere ?
- Yes.
I'm Csar, by the way.
I know.
You know what is...
Come on...
Souffletas... souffletos ?
- What ? Sufletos ?
- Open your mouth.
You're a beginner, that's all !
You say that because you don't agree
with me and you know I'm right.
- No, you're not !
- It's not...
I'm happy you feel something here.
What ? I don't understand.
She keeps yelling.
I am 40 years old, you know.
She keeps yelling at me.
I just wanna buy her fruit
and she keeps yelling.
Do you know that
we're not allowed to touch the water ?
Why not ?
It's... "sagrado."
- Sacred.
- Sacred.
I love that it's something
that any human hand hasn't touched.
Tell me...
Why do they call you Dolores ?
Dolores... is the name
I was given at birth.
Paz is the name I give myself.
Between "sorrow" and "peace",
I made my choice.
And you ?
Let me guess.
You were born...
- Do you want kids ?
- What ?
Do you want some children ?
I want some wine.
Wine !
You're so beautiful.
What ?
- You're so beautiful !
- Beautiful...
I'm beautiful.
I love this song !
It's wine, it's cheese...
You're handsome when you wake up.
The weather is good in Spain.
- Do you know Brittany ?
- No.
No, you don't.
Do you think that music
can change the world ?
- And a painter can change the world ?
- Yes.
And you can change the world
with your photos ?
Yes, and you can change the world
with your writing.
Don't you think that...
Sing, little girl...
Imagine a world where money
is limitless and scoffs at legislation.
A world soon to be dominated
by continental states...
Paz !
What are you doing ?
- Did I wake you ?
- Well, yeah.
There's coffee.
- What time is it ?
- It's 8 AM on Sunday !
- Already ?
- Yeah.
I found it, Csar.
I found it.
After weeks of searching,
now I've got it !
I finally know what I want.
I've been always taking pictures
of shores,
because they're places of transit,
collision and so...
I decided to keep going.
That's what haunts me
and nothing else.
So why would I stop ?
Why should I change ?
So, I decided to keep going
and I'm changing my point of view
and the place.
And I found where to go.
- Wonderful ! Where ?
- To Aden.
- In Yemen ?
- Yes.
It's the logical progression
of my work in Gibraltar.
The Gulf of Aden
separates Africa and Asia.
No. Aden's got nothing to do
with Gibraltar.
- If you want sand, go to Corsica.
- Don't bullshit me !
You know what I want is not in Corsica.
And it's not here.
I have to go to Aden.
Some years ago, the gulf of Aden
was the path for migrants to Yemen.
And now, it's the other way around.
There's a reason for that.
Paz... No.
My love...
Leave your camera there !
I know what it means to you,
but I'm used to traveling, so...
I won't take any risk.
Cesar... I haven't been able
to work for months.
- I need to go.
- No.
You don't know Yemen,
you don't speak Arabic !
It's a shitstorm.
Travel's banned !
Read the papers !
You have no press pass.
If anything happens, you're screwed !
Understand ?
Then come with me.
- If I can't go alone, come with me.
- No !
I won't go there.
Neither will you. That's that !
Why don't you write a book
about your abduction ?
- What did you say ?
- Write a book about your abduction !
Don't you miss real journalism ?
No, it's been a long time.
I've moved on.
- You okay, my love ?
- Yeah.
- Need anything ?
- No, I'm okay.
- Something didn't agree with you.
- The whole evening.
Can I borrow your leather bag ?
I'm going to Saint-Nazaire
tomorrow morning.
That's not too far ?
Not too dangerous ?
I thought that was next week.
No, tomorrow.
I'll be back on Monday.
I don't know why I'm going.
Because you're in Gustave's book
and you've got no choice.
Don't you wanna come ?
You don't need me. Go alone.
- With the handsome Gustave !
- You're dumb !
Feeling better, love ?
You okay ?
What's the matter ?
What's going on ?
Tell me.
What's wrong ?
I'm pregnant.
Why do you say it like that ?
You're pregnant ?
You're pregnant, my love ?
I'm so happy !
- You're pregnant ? Really ?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna be a daddy ?
My love...
- How do you feel ?
- I don't know.
Like I wanna throw up.
I wanna cry every two seconds.
But I don't even know why.
I'm suffocating. I feel weird.
I'm all...
All pregnant.
Miss, please, no photos.
Why not ?
You can buy the book, if you like,
or you'll have to leave.
- Fuck you !
- That wasn't necessary.
This is perfect timing, Gustave.
I knew her previous work.
On space and beaches...
Thank you !
- Hello.
- Hello.
A coffee, please.
What's your name ?
Why were you taking pictures
of that book ?
Well, why not ?
Thank you.
What do you do for a living ?
- Stuff.
- Stuff ?
Do you like Gustave's photos ?
They're okay.
You can give me your address.
I can ask him to send you a copy,
if you want.
I'm fine. I'm not begging.
What do you want from me ?
You want to be a do-gooder ?
Well, excuse me for not having
50 bucks to blow on a book,
much less two grand for a photo.
15 000.
You want to come with me ?
I'll show you what I do,
if you're interested.
Listen to the sounds,
they're real.
There's almost no silence at all
in the water anymore,
because of the oil tankers
and trawlers.
We installed these very powerful
sound sensors
in different spots out around the world.
You can hear the sounds
of what's going on in the water.
That's what we hear.
The trawler you hear is going over
that very moment.
A whale, a turtle, or is it a shark ?
We don't know.
I want us to suddenly feel like them,
as disturbed as they are in response
to that fucking human sound.
It has to be realistic, fascinating,
but scary.
How did you end up here ?
How many of you are there ?
We're not a lot, we're a collective.
We move around a lot,
we meet people wherever we go,
willing to do our projects.
We're not supposed to be here.
Where were you supposed to be ?
I don't know. And you ?
And me ?
You work with them ?
I've never seen you here.
No, not at all.
But you're a photographer ?
And what do you do ?
I play music. Guitar.
But I'm not an artist.
Not like them.
I live here.
I hang out here.
That's how we met.
So they asked me
to do some sound work.
They just bum around.
I feel old.
Old ?
You can be young and feel old.
When you stop making decisions.
When you become immobile.
An immobile.
Then move.
Move !
Dark eye of the hunter !
I said...
The dark eye of the hunter.
You're a shark.
- Me ?
- Yeah.
- What are you eating ?
- A bun.
Oh, honey !
- You shouldn't eat that stuff.
- Sure, I should, Mom.
Try to eat some vegetables.
A more balanced diet.
My diet's fine.
Don't worry.
Are you smoking ?
- I'm trying to quit.
- Don't smoke !
- Well...
- What ?
- Once in a while.
- Why ?
- Stop, once and for all.
- Why ?
- You have to quit !
- Mom...
- What ?
- Please !
Paz, I need the bathroom.
Paz ! I have a meeting.
I'm late ! Please.
- Two seconds !
- Two seconds...
It's nuts !
I can't even use the bathroom ?
This is bullshit !
- Were you in here all night ?
- Yeah.
I guess that's normal, too.
I'll wash up in the kitchen.
Good night, good morning,
wherever you are in your day.
See you later, angel.
Kisses !
Kisses, my love.
Your shark is in the Indian Ocean,
the Arabian Sea,
16 degrees 03 minutes 46 seconds
60 degrees 25 minutes 39 seconds
This one's great.
I really like six of these photos.
So we're fine.
I don't know.
No, it's not fine.
Trust me.
If I say it's good, it's good.
You shoot faces
like you shoot landscapes.
- It's consistent.
- Consistent ?
It's aimless. Thoughtless.
I'm not saying these faces
aren't beautiful or interesting.
I'm saying they reek of fear and doubt.
My fear, my doubt.
There's no eye. The eye's missing.
You're wrong.
You're interrogating them
the way you interrogate yourself.
This one's a little underexposed.
But that's in.
No, it's extinguished.
I'm extinguished.
You can be exhausting !
I don't give a damn what's in.
Stop fucking around, Paz.
You're just starting
to get some attention.
Drag your feet and they'll forget you.
What ? Is that what you want ?
You're a pain !
What's going on ?
I'm lost.
He said he was having a show.
How are you, my love ?
- I'm almost done.
- Hello.
So the guy says,
"You have to come..."
What are you doing ? No !
So I'm going...
Either I'm an idiot
or it's defective !
See that ?
It's supposed to go in here, but no !
I'm going nuts !
What's that ?
One kick, one photo.
But we can't see the kick in the photo.
That's what you like !
I see !
That's a lovely idea.
Weird but a lovely idea.
Weird and lovely.
Like you, my love.
That's it...
- That's it ?
- What ?
Weird and lovely. That's all ?
No, that's not all.
What then ?
A pain, too !
I'm trying to do this !
I'm serious. What else am I ?
I don't know !
Beautiful, intense, passionate...
Angry ! Unhappy, at the moment, but...
Inspired !
Not anymore.
What's the matter ?
You see I'm unhappy
and don't mention it ?
I just did.
Does being pregnant and uninspired
make you unhappy ?
Don't I have the right ?
Of course, you do.
I didn't say that !
I'm pregnant.
What should I be ?
Over the moon ?
With another view of life ?
Yes, no. I don't know.
I don't do anything anymore.
I'm out of ideas.
I should be...
I should be full and I'm empty.
But I felt empty
even before I was pregnant.
- What do you want ?
- I don't fucking know.
Don't you want something else ?
What do you wanna do ?
I don't know.
Paz, angel, I don't understand.
I'm sorry, but I don't.
Like this fucking crib !
I don't get that either !
And there's not enough room in here.
- The studio ?
- What studio ?
- Do I have to give up my studio ?
- I didn't say that !
- But that's what you think.
- No, I don't !
What's with you today ?
And what's that
constant fucking beeping ?
Well, ask me !
If it bugs you, say something.
- What's that beeping ?
- I adopted a shark.
Now what bullshit is this ?
I'm a shark's godmother,
if you prefer.
I'd prefer you explain.
Those little beeps are its beacon.
I'm following with a GPS, that's all.
I lost him yesterday,
and now there he is.
It happens.
You adopted a shark ?
Why ?
When ? How ?
Why didn't you tell me ?
You never asked.
What kind of moronic answer is that ?
Why ? Does it reassure you ?
What ?
Tracking a shark day and night.
Does that reassure you ?
Does it feed you ?
Paz ?
Don't you wanna choose a name
for our baby ?
Shop for a stroller ?
Fight for a spot in day care ?
I'm getting sick of all your stuff.
Then why'd you knock me up ?
What ?
You shouldn't have gotten me pregnant.
- I didn't mean...
- Fine !
You always want more !
More thrills, passion, everything !
You don't understand.
We don't understand each other.
No, not anymore.
At least we agree on that.
I can't live with someone
who doesn't know who I am.
Stop !
What do I do with the... ?
Make tea.
Okay, tea.
What did you say ?
What did you say again ?
- Make tea.
- Right !
How much longer ?
Is this the beginning or the end ?
... the emotion in her lyrics.
Listen to this extraordinary Chilean
woman, who I also admire.
What's up ?
You peed your little pants !
Didn't you ?
It's all shit !
You okay ?
And my precious baby ?
Sweetheart !
Daddy's home.
The Velasquez show was great.
That's good.
Want me to take over ?
Daddy's home !
Yes, sweetheart.
I can't take it !
He's really hungry.
- Yes, my love.
- I can't take it anymore !
Go for a walk !
What can I say ?
- Is there milk in the fridge ?
- Yeah.
Where were you ?
I left you ten messages.
I didn't take my phone.
- It's fucking 12 o'clock.
- You said to go for a walk.
A walk, not a world tour !
- Is he asleep ?
- Obviously !
With me, he sleeps.
We sleep.
Sure, he does !
He has no choice.
I realized something.
You don't leave room
for anyone else.
Your head's overflowing.
We don't exist.
There's just you.
You, you, you.
Your ideas, problems, anxieties.
Your inspiration, lack of inspiration.
But us...
You're never really here.
You're always in your head.
Then why do you stay ?
Why do I stay ?
How fucking stupid can you be ?
Now what do you need ?
Words ?
You need words ?
Little reassuring phrases ?
Can't you fucking see ?
Don't you know why I stay ?
I stay because I love you.
I love you.
I prove it every day.
But even that you don't see !
You only think of yourself.
I'm all alone here.
Now, I beg you, stop with the words.
We need actions !
For you, for me, for us !
Actions !
But move your ass, angel.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm tired, understand ?
I'm tired, too.
I'd like to sleep, too.
What do you think ?
But how can I ?
How can I ?
If you wanna sleep,
give Hector your studio.
Wouldn't that help ?
People ask me what an artist is.
I think an artist brings others pain.
Some singers bring others pain
and some singers don't.
Some people have talent
and some don't have talent.
Talent's a desire to do something.
But it's not just that.
Then you have a lifetime to burn,
trying to do that something.
Every singer corresponds
to something.
Every film corresponds to something.
Every flower corresponds
to something.
Every climate corresponds
to something. I think...
Jacques Brel, are you ever afraid
of not being honest with yourself ?
That would really upset me.
How do you avoid cowardice ?
You have to move.
To go out and see things.
You have to make discoveries,
be curious.
Be humble and say, "I don't know."
There are two reactions
to the unknown.
You can say it's dumb
or look into it. I prefer the latter.
That always prompts you to reinvent
the world of childhood.
I don't think we ever
stop being children.
I don't think adulthood exists.
It's just an attitude.
We never stop chasing
our childhood dreams.
A man who doesn't tremble
before a woman...
Don't try to tell me that's virility.
It's foolishness !
You must tremble till your dying day.
The guilt's gonna... gonna kill me.
No, it won't !
What can I do ?
- Can't I give you...
- Nothing.
I'm with you, you know.
I'm with you and I understand you.
I didn't think it would be so hard.
It's true, it is hard, honey.
It's not exactly you.
It's not totally you.
It's something else.
Usually, your frames are huge
with thousands of details.
This is very concrete. It's...
It's reduced to the scale of a face.
We're in that gaze.
I don't know how to...
And before,
there was color. Now...
It's black-and-white.
Yeah. No, but... Yeah.
It's different...
But it's strong. Very strong.
And their gazes have... emotion, a tension that's...
that you...
I don't know. Before it...
It was better ?
No, it's not...
It's not a question of better.
It just...
It was more expansive.
More open. It was...
- It's gonna be great, huh ?
- Yes !
She was ready.
How are you ?
How are you ?
It looks cool !
Hello, my love.
Don't grow too much.
I'll be here.
You'll feel me...
inside of you.
I want to see you grow up.
But I have to go.
Don't grow too much, please.
Where are you going ?
- What are you doing ?
- Let me by.
I need time.
I need to disappear.
I'll be back.
Don't go.
Don't go.
What did you give him ?
Tylenol ?
That's fine.
Is he still crying ?
If it doesn't go down, call me.
I'll be home around 10.
- You're back ?
- Yeah, two days ago.
- It's hot.
- I imagine.
- You ?
- I'm off to the Bourdelle Museum.
Your article's lousy.
Rewrite it.
- What's with you ?
- Just rewrite it !
- Lo !
- My boy !
How are you ?
You know, I feel like a kid !
Look !
Magnificent, isn't it ?
The year Bourdelle began working
for Rodin, as an apprentice.
We don't know who the model was.
It looks like Medardo Rosso,
don't you think ?
- A little bit, yes.
- Don't you think ?
The style, everything !
- Was it ever exhibited ?
- Yeah, at the 1893 Salon.
It had a second life.
A merchant made bronze reproductions.
We had the bronzes.
But this plaster version...
The mold. It's the mold !
I've searched for it for years.
Come here.
Look at this.
The balance between
the infant's head and the breast.
Look at the artist's fingerprints !
It's so alive !
We're speechless
before such beauty and purity.
It's so alive. Touch it !
Can you feel the workmanship ?
The fingerprints ?
There, there, my love.
You're feeling better.
I spoke to Mommy, you know.
She called me.
She called to see how you were.
I told her we were just fine.
That we miss her, of course.
But we're savoring our time together.
Just you and me !
That we're having a ball together.
She's working.
So, so hard.
She said she misses you enormously.
And that she thinks about you
all day, every day.
And she sends you kisses.
In this area, the divers know
this technique well
and use it frequently
to sedate the predators.
The shark finds itself
in a state of trance
which leads ultimately
to tonic immobility.
The divers manages
to gently hoist it vertically...
How's it going ?
It's Csar.
What are you up to ?
Wanna come over for a drink ?
No problem.
You've reached Paz's voicemail.
Leave me a message.
This is Paz's voicemail.
Leave a message.
Paz, it's me.
I don't know where you are.
But I hope you're well.
I wanted to say that...
I just realized
you didn't take your cameras.
So I have no idea what you're doing.
I think you're making a fool of me !
I apologize.
But it's not easy.
I can't understand why you...
...don't even ask about him.
Us, who cares ?
But him...
He's fine.
He's getting bigger.
He's beautiful.
He looks more and more like you.
I think he misses you.
I miss you, too.
Hector, Hector, stop.
Stop, my love.
I can't fucking take it anymore.
Fuck !
I'll just let you cry.
Cry all night.
I can't take it anymore.
What do you want ?
Don't eat it.
Pick it but don't eat it.
And you're eating it ! No !
I said, no !
Yes, speaking.
Sorry, I can't hear you very well...
I don't know
what you're talking about. I...
- Purpose of visit ?
- Visiting.
- Welcome, Mr Csar.
- Hello.
It's been a while.
I changed careers.
- The purpose of your visit ?
- Vacation.
You've reached Paz's voicemail.
Leave me a message.
This is Paz's voicemail.
Leave a message.
You've reached Paz's voicemail.
Is that her ?
I'm sorry, I need you
to answer aloud. Procedures...
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Mom ?
Mom, it's me.
It's her.
They found her drowned.
They found her nude body on a beach.
That's all I know, for the moment.
I'm okay.
It's her, Mom.
Don't tell him.
No, no, but...
Don't tell him !
Many tourists around here ?
The sea's not too dangerous ?
Are there currents ?
I heard...
they found someone on the beach.
Thank you, sir.
Have a nice stay.
Thank you.
Good evening.
- Everything okay ?
- Just fine, thanks.
Today's dive ?
Was it great ?
See you later.
Hello, I'm Liza, the hotel manager.
- Are you all settled in ?
- Just fine, thank you.
May I offer you a drink ?
Bring us two drinks, please.
Please, have a seat.
Are you here to go diving ?
You'll see, it's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You speak Arabic ?
- A little.
That's rare.
Do they all come here to go diving ?
Most of them.
I hear they found a woman's body
on the beach.
A foreigner.
They told you that already ?
No, I overheard the villagers.
They didn't know I understood.
- That's terrible.
- Yes, it is.
Maybe you knew her.
She was a friend.
Excuse me.
You come for something ?
No, thank you.
Don't ask too many questions
about the body they found on the beach.
You're here to dive ?
- Shark ?
- Yeah. Shark.
A lot of sharks here, in the sea.
And in the dive center,
they say there is a "majnun."
A majnun ?
Yeah. A possessed man.
He talks to the fish.
What's his name ?
Marin... Thank you.
You want to buy something ?
- So, Csar. Are you okay ?
- Yeah.
I will be right beside you.
I will signal you, so you recognize
what you see underwater.
- Visibility is at ten yards today.
- Okay.
This means rays.
This means sharks.
- Sharks ?
- Yes.
- You see them ?
- Don't worry.
Reef sharks, black tips or grey sharks
and if you are lucky,
some pelagic hammerhead sharks.
Don't worry.
They are absolutely harmless.
- There's never been an accident ?
- Never.
- Never ?
- Never.
It's a friend of mine who told me
about your dive center.
- Really ?
- Yeah.
She used to come a lot to dive,
she told me it was very beautiful.
- Perhaps you know her.
- Maybe. Tell me more.
Dark-haired. Really, really beautiful.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I hope we have good visibility today.
I hope so.
- Did you like it ?
- Very much.
- Gonna go back ?
- I don't think so.
There's a big storm predicted tonight.
We may even close the bar.
You have a phone call.
Thank you.
Please, put him on.
Hello, my love !
It's Daddy.
How are you, angel ?
Yes !
I miss you, son.
I'm far away, by the ocean.
It's very beautiful here.
One day, I'll take you to the sea.
I'm here.
Can you feel me ?
Stay focused !
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Been coaching them long ?
- Five years maybe.
Go on, girls !
Did you go diving today ?
Yeah, I just got back.
Help yourself.
It's really hot already.
It's true, "Paz" suited her.
Better anyway.
It took me five minutes flat.
Your name, war reports,
kidnapping in Iraq.
Then your culture pieces,
your reviews.
A certain artist, photos...
In Venice together, I think.
I recognized the body.
You knew that, didn't you ?
To me, she was "Dolores."
She was so morose when she got here.
Very discreet, very distant.
As if something had beaten her down.
Hector too close,
Hector too far...
- Hector.
- Hector ?
Her son, our child.
- She didn't mention him ?
- No.
She never mentioned her son ?
Fuck !
I don't get it.
I don't get it.
I thought we were close.
After all we shared,
she kept that from me ?
Are you talking about you now ?
About you ?
It's insane !
You're talking about you ?
Little you ?
My child just lost his mother.
I lost my wife.
And you're talking about you ?
Who gives a fuck about your pain ?
You think having a few drinks
makes you best friends ?
- I'm sorry.
- Who gives a shit ?
I'm sorry.
Girls !
Stop !
Now move onto your second exercise.
Pair up and stretch it out !
I'm sorry.
No, I'm the one who's sorry.
That was tactless.
She got here
and started diving right away.
Did her first dive with Marin.
Then completed the first level.
We got to be very close friends.
I saw how happy diving made her.
Physically, even.
She seemed at peace. She smiled.
She still kept to herself,
but was less antisocial.
She started diving every day.
Several times a day.
You know, you get hooked fast.
It's like a drug.
That longing for calm,
in the depths.
Confronting your fears.
Dominating them maybe.
After a month, she left the hotel.
She needed a place to work.
Marin found her a cabin
near his place.
He told the police
they hadn't gone diving for days
before she was found.
That's not true.
What did you tell the police ?
They didn't interrogate me.
A woman here has to avoid
interacting with the authorities.
And Marin's my friend, too.
That's all for today !
Good work, girls !
Bye !
Where does he live ?
A few kilometers south.
On the coast.
Thank you.
Marin !
You're gonna tell me now
what happened.
Hold on. Calm down.
- What happened to her ?
- Hold on.
What have you done to her ?
What have you done ?
- Tell me ! Tell me !
- Marin !
What happened ?
- Marin, tell him what happened !
- Tell me !
We didn't do anything !
Tell him that !
That's enough ! Stop !
An accident.
It was an accident.
I didn't say anything.
They would shut down the dive club
and that's my whole life.
Were you with her ?
So tell me.
She came to see her shark.
And that night, for the first time,
he was right nearby.
She's the one who insisted on diving.
One last dive, one last dive
before she left.
- She wanted me to show her.
- To show her what ?
What I used to do with sharks.
She was so insistent !
That's what she came for.
Dolores was our friend.
What ? What she said ?
Tell me !
I saw a light falling down
on the bottom of the sea.
She dropped her flashlight.
I don't know what happened.
Maybe there was a problem
with her gas mix or an air bubble.
Or maybe she passed out,
I don't know...
I don't know.
And after that ?
I shouldn't have listened...
When we found her,
she was already dead.
So we took her on the boat.
We took off her diving, carried her
to another spot and left her there.
That's it.
I'm sorry.
That's it ?
That's it.
You told me she was your friend.
You told me that.
You know what a friend is ?
She was my wife.
She was my wife !
- I'm sorry...
- You motherfucker !
You left her alone.
She was alone.
Motherfucker !
I'm sorry.
She insisted,
that's why she'd come.
The shark. She saw it ?
I want to go there. I want you
to show me the last thing she saw.
I think I'll always be afraid
that you'll disappear,
run away and never come back.
That paralyzes me.
Nonsense !
"Run away," you say ?
Why "run away" ?
It's funny !
When people move,
the ones who stay put say
they've run away.
big man