Pocahontas (1995) Movie Script

[military drum roll]
In Sixteen Hundred Seven
We sailed the open sea
For glory, God and gold
And the Virginia Company
For the New World is like heaven
And we'll all be rich and free
Or so we have been told
By the Virginia Company
So we have been told
By the Virginia Company
[whistles, chattering]
[baby crying]
For glory, God, and gold
And the Virginia Company
- Ready to hoist the cannon?
- Aye!
Hey, look. Is that Smith?
That's him, all right.
The old sea dog.
Captain John Smith?
I've heard amazing stories about him.
Are you coming on this voyage, too?
Course he is, you half-wit! You can't
fight Indians without John Smith!
That's right. I'm not about
to let you boys have all the fun.
On the beaches of Virginny
There's diamonds like debris
There's silver rivers flowin'
Gold you pick right off a tree
With a nugget for my Winnie
And another one for me
And all the rest'll go
To the Virginia Company
It's glory, God, and gold
And the Virginia Company
[howling wind, thunderclaps]
- [men yell]
- Full anchor release!
Come on, lads! Come on!
[man] Give me a hand, someone!
[man 2] Watch out!
[men shout]
[man] Faster!
She's taking on more water!
Look out!
John! Get down here!
The cannons are breaking loose!
- Reef the topsails!
- Aye, sir!
Steady on your course!
It's all right, Thomas!
We'll get her tied off.
[man] Say your prayers, lads!
Look out!
Thomas, watch out...!
[man] Man overboard!
[man] Stay your course! He's lost!
- Pull the pin.
- [man] Aye, sir!
[man] Smith!
Are you crazy?
Hang on, Thomas. I've got you!
Quick... the rope!
Come on, lads! Pull!
Pull! Pull!
Put your back into it!
Pull! Pull!
Hang on!
[grunting, gasping]
Ah, my lucky lad!
Well, that was refreshing.
- Well done, Smith.
- Of course...
...you'd all do the same for me.
- Yes, yes.
- Oh! Sure, sure.
- Of course we would! Absolutely!
- Yeah, we would.
Trouble on deck?
- Governor Ratcliffe!
- Thomas fell overboard, sir.
Thank heavens he's been
successfully retrieved.
- Well done, Smith.
- Thank you, sir.
Don't lose heart, men. It won't be long
before we reach the New World,
and remember what awaits us there...
- Freedom...
- [barking]
' ---Prosperity
- [barking]
...the adventure of our lives.
You're the finest crew
England has to offer,
and nothing, not wind nor rain,
nor a thousand bloodthirsty savages
shall stand in our way.
- Carry on, men!
- [cheering]
A stirring oration, sir.
I'm sure the men were most exhilarated!
Let us hope so. I'll need those witless
peasants to dig up my gold, won't I?
This New World's
going to be great, John.
I'm going to get a pile of gold,
build me a big house, and if any
Indian tries to stop me, I'll blast him.
Just worry about that fortune
of yours, Thomas.
- Leave the savages to me.
- You think they'll give us trouble?
Not as much trouble
as Smith'll give them.
- [men laugh]
- We'll kill ourselves an injun
Or maybe two or three
We're stalwart men and bold
of the Virginia Company
What do you suppose
the New World will look like?
Like all the others, I suppose.
I've seen hundreds
of New Worlds, Thomas.
What could possibly
be different about this one?
It's glory
God, and gold
And the Virginia Company
[tribal drumming]
Hega hega
Ya-hi-ye hega
[horn blowing]
Hega, hega
Ya-hi-ye hega
Steady as the beating drum
Singing to the cedar ute
Seasons go and seasons come
Bring the corn and bear the fruit
By the waters sweet and clean
Where the mighty sturgeon lives
Plant the squash and reap the bean
All the earth our Mother gives
O, Great Spirit, hear our song
Help us keep the ancient ways
Keep the sacred fires strong
Walk in balance all our days
Seasons go and seasons come
Steady as the beating drum
Plum to seed to bud to plum
Steady as the beating drum
Ya-hi-ye hega
- Ya-hi-ye-ne-he hega
- Hey! Oof!
[Speaking Algonquian]
It's good to be home.
[Speaking Algonquian]
The Massawomecks are defeated!
With the help of our brothers,
our villages are safe again.
Your return has brought
much joy to the village.
- Look at all the smiling faces.
- [giggling]
Yes. But there's
one smiling face I don't see.
Where is my daughter?
You know Pocahontas.
She has her mother's spirit.
She goes wherever the wind takes her.
[leaves rustling]
[girl] Pocahontas!
Your father's back.
Come down here!
He's back, Flit.
- [purring]
- [buzzing]
Come on, Meeko!
No! Not that... way.
- [clicking tongue]
- [trilling]
- [whining]
- [squeaking]
- [shrieking]
- Pocahontas?
Pocahontas? Are you all right?
You'd better be all right,
because I'm not coming in after you...
[gasping Coughing]
Don't you think we're getting
a little old for these games?
[laughing, shrieking]
Help me turn this thing over.
What were you doing up there?
Thinking. Meeko!
About the dream again?
Have you figured it out yet?
I know it means something,
I just don't know what.
You should ask your father about it.
- Maybe I should.
- [purring]
Come on, Flit.
Quit playing around.
We have to get back.
[deflating sound]
- [pounding drum]
- [man] ...faced a determined enemy.
The battle lasted
from the rising of the sun
until the evening shadows fell.
Our warriors fought with courage,
but none as bravely as Kocoum,
for he attacked with
the fierce strength of the bear.
- He has proven himself to be...
- He is so handsome!
I especially love the smile.
[man continues] ...destroying every
enemy in his path.
Tonight, we will feast in his honor.
[cheering, whooping]
- My daughter.
- Winggapo, Father.
Seeing you gives me great joy.
I'm so glad you've come home safely.
Come with me.
We have much to talk about.
I want to hear everything
you've been doing.
[purring, buzzing]
Father, for many nights now,
I've been having a very strange dream.
It's telling me something's
about to happen, something exciting.
Yes. Something exciting
is about to happen.
- [purring]
- Really? What is it?
Kocoum has asked to seek
your hand in marriage.
Marry Kocoum?
- [chirping]
- [gagging]
I told him it would make my heart soar.
But he's so... serious.
My daughter,
Kocoum will make a fine husband.
He is loyal and strong and will build
you a good house with sturdy walls.
With him,
you will be safe from harm.
Father, I think my dream is
pointing me down another path.
This is the right path for you.
But why can't I choose...
- [gasping]
- [growling]
[cuckoo sound]
- [growling]
- [laughing]
Pocahontas, come with me.
You are the daughter of the chief.
It is time to take
your place among our people.
Even the wild mountain stream
must someday join the big river.
As the river cuts his path
Though the river's proud and strong
He will choose the smoothest course
That's why rivers live so long.
They're steady
As the steady beating drum
Your mother wore this for our wedding.
It was her dream to see you
wear it at your own.
It suits you.
He wants me to be steady.
Like the river.
[shrieking, squeaking]
[chuckling] But it's not steady at all.
What I love most about rivers is
You can't step in the same river twice
The water's always changing
Always flowing
But people, I guess
can't live like that
We all must pay a price
To be safe we lose our chance
of ever knowing
What's around the river bend
Waiting just around the river bend
I look once more
Just around the river bend
Beyond the shore
Where the gulls y free
Don't know what for
What I dream the day might send
Just around the river bend
For me
Coming for me
I feel it there beyond those trees
Or right behind these waterfalls
Can I ignore that sound
of distant drumming?
For a handsome, sturdy husband
who builds handsome, sturdy walls
And never dreams that
something might be coming
Just around the river bend
I look once more
Just around the river bend
Beyond the shore
Somewhere past the sea
Don't know what for
Why do all my dreams extend
Just around the river bend?
Just around the river bend
Should I choose the smoothest course
Steady as the beating drum?
Should I marry Kocoum?
ls all my dreaming at an end?
Or do you still
Wait for me, dream giver?
Just around the river
[chirping, twittering]
[old woman] Is that my Pocahontas?
Grandmother Willow,
I need to talk to you.
Good morning, child.
I was hoping you'd visit today.
[gasping] Why, your mother's necklace!
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
My father wants me to marry Kocoum.
Kocoum? But he's so serious!
I know. My father thinks
it's the right path for me.
But lately, I've been having
this dream, and I think it's...
Oh, a dream! Let's hear all about it!
[twittering, squeaking]
[shouting] Quiet!
Now, child, you were saying?
Well, I'm running through the woods,
and then right there
in front of me is an arrow.
As I look at it, it starts to spin.
A spinning arrow? How unusual!
Yes, it spins faster and faster
and faster... until, suddenly, it stops.
Well, it seems to me this spinning arrow
is pointing you down your path.
But, Grandmother Willow,
what is my path?
How am I ever going to find it?
[chuckles] Your mother asked me
the very same question.
She did? What did you tell her?
I told her to listen.
All around you are spirits, child.
They live in the earth,
the water, the sky.
If you listen, they will guide you.
- I hear the wind.
- Yes.
What is it telling you?
- I don't understand.
- [distant howling]
Que que na-to-ra
You will understand
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
like a wave upon the sand
It's saying something's coming.
Strange clouds?
Listen with your heart
You will understand
What do you see?
Clouds. Strange clouds.
[Ratcliffe] Look at it, Wiggins,
an entire New World chock-full of gold,
just waiting for me.
And scores of adventures
waiting for us, right, Percy?
Do you think we'll meet some savages?
If we do, we shall be sure
to give them a proper English greeting.
Oh! Gift baskets!
And he came so highly recommended.
It's perfect, the water's deep enough.
We can pull right up to shore.
Hey, there, Percy.
- Very well, then. Give the order.
- Already done, sir.
I've got a crew assembled,
and they're ready to go.
About the natives...
I'm counting on you to make sure
those filthy heathens
don't disrupt our mission.
Well, if they're anything like
the savages I've fought before,
it's nothing I can't handle.
Right. That'll be all, Smith.
There's a good man.
- See ya, Percy.
- [growling]
The men like Smith, don't they?
- I've never been a popular man.
- I like you.
Don't think I don't know what those
backstabbers at court say about me.
Oh, yes, all that talk
about being a pathetic social climber
- who's failed at everything...
- I'm very well aware that this is
my last chance for glory.
But mark my words, Wiggins,
when King James sees the gold
these peasants unearth,
success will be mine, at last.
- [man] Wake up! Shake a leg!
- Two of you up on the yardarm!
It's incredible.
And it's all ours.
I've never seen anything like it.
It can look like
Ratcliffe's knickers for all I care,
just as long as I
get off this stinking boat!
Come on, men. We didn't come
all this way just to look at it.
- [men call]
- [birds chirp]
[wilderness sounds]
[man] Keep it taut, lads.
Keep it taut! Steady! Steady!
[man 2] Hold up! That's far enough!
All right now... tie her off!
Here, John, tie off this end.
John? John?
- What are you doing up there?
- Getting a better look.
- [squeaking]
- [gasping]
- [squeaking]
- [purring]
Well... you're a strange looking fellow.
You hungry?
Here you go. It's a biscuit.
It's food. Well, sort of.
- You like it, eh?
- [purring]
Well, try eating it
for four months straight.
- [chittering]
- You got a friend back there?
- [angry squeaking]
- Hey... what the... What...? Watch out.
- No... get that... Look out!
- [purring, chirping]
- [trumpet sounds]
- John, you better get down here!
The governor's coming ashore.
- [angry squeaking]
- All right. I'm leaving.
[man] Did you see their skin?
[man 2] Pale and sickly.
They have hair on their faces like dogs.
My brothers, we must know
more about these visitors.
Kekata, what do you see?
[Speaking Algonquian]
[rattling, howling]
These are not men like us...
...but strange beasts
with bodies that shine like the sun,
and weapons that spout
fire and thunder.
They prowl the earth
like ravenous wolves,
consuming everything in their path.
Great Powhatan, I will lead our warriors
to the river and attack.
We will destroy these invaders
the way we destroyed the Massawomecks.
Kocoum, in that battle we knew
how to fight our enemy,
but these pale visitors
are strange to us.
Take some men to the river
to observe them.
Let us hope
they do not intend to stay.
[military drumroll]
I hereby claim this land
and all its riches
in the name of His Majesty,
King James the First,
and do so name
this settlement Jamestown.
- [men cheer]
- Bravo! Bravo! Beautifully spoken, sir!
Hurry now, Percy.
We must be all squeaky clean
for the New World.
[growling, moaning]
Captain Smith, it appears
I've selected the perfect location.
Not a savage in sight.
Just because we don't see them
doesn't mean they're not out there.
Then perhaps you should venture forth
and determine their whereabouts, hm?
If there are any Indians
out there, I'll find them.
Now, gentlemen, to work.
You men, get the ship unloaded,
you men build the fort.
The rest of you...
break out the shovels!
- It's time to start digging!
- Digging?
Well, of course! Let's not forget
what the Spanish found
when they came to the New World.
Gold! Mountains of it.
Why, for years, they've been
ravaging the New World
of its most precious resources.
But now...
...it's our turn.
- The gold of Cortz
- [gasping]
The jewels of Pizarro
Will seem like mere trinkets
by this time tomorrow
The gold we find here
will dwarf them by far
Oh, with all you got in ya, boys
Dig up Virginia, boys
Mine, boys
Mine every mountain
And dig, boys
Dig till ya drop
Grab a pick, boys
Quick, boys
Shove in a shovel
Uncover those lovely pebbles
that sparkle and shine
It's gold
And it's mine, mine, mine
Dig and diggety dig
And dig and dig and diggety dig
- Hey, nonny, nonny hi, nonny, nonny
- Ooh, how I love it
- Hey, nonny, nonny hi, nonny, nonny
- Riches for cheap
- Hey, nonny, nonny hi, nonny, nonny
- There'll be heaps of it
- And I'll be on top of the heap
- Diggety, diggety, diggety, dig!
My rivals back home
it's not that I'm bitter
But think how they'll squirm
when they see how I glitter
The ladies at court
will be all a-twitter
- [sighing]
- The king will reward me
He'll knight me
No! Lord me
It's mine!
Mine, mine for the taking
It's mine, boys
Mine me that gold
With those nuggets dug
it's glory they'll give me
My dear friend, King Jimmy
will probably build me a shrine
When all of the gold
Is mine
And dig and dig and diggety dig
All of my life I have searched
for a land like this one
A wild or more challenging country
I couldn't design
Hundreds of dangers await
and I don't plan to miss one
In a land I can claim,
a land I can tame
- The greatest adventure is mine
- Keep on working, lads
- Mine
- Don't be shirking, lads
Mine, boys, mine
Mine me that gold
- Beautiful gold
- I Dig for that gold
Make this island my land
Make the mounds big, boys
I'd help you to dig, boys
But I've got this crick in me spine
- This land we behold
- This beauty untold
- A man can be bold
- It all can be sold
So go for the gold
We know which is here
- Mine, mine, mine
- [indistinct singing]
[rushing water]
No! Wait! Please...
Don't run off.
It's all right.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Here. Let me help you out of there.
[Speaking Algonquian]
You don't understand a word
I'm saying, do you?
It's all right.
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Who are you?
Listen with your heart
You will understand
What? What did you say?
My name is Pocahontas.
I'm John Smith.
- That's it. Keep at it, men.
- [men grunt]
Keep digging.
It's got to be here somewhere.
- There's 30 more down by the ridge.
- That makes more than 100!
- Anything yet?
- Nothing but rocks and dirt, sir.
How long are we going to
keep digging like this, sir'?
We're slaving away,
busting our backs day and night...
For king and country. I know, I know.
And I share your fatigue. Wiggins!
- Coming!
- Dispose of this.
- [whimpering]
- Who's a good doggie?
- Who's a good doggie?
- [sighing]
Fetch, boy!
- [velping]
- Savages! It's an ambush!
- Arm yourselves!
- Run!
- Arm yourselves!
- [men shout]
Make sure every man has a musket!
Them, you idiot!
Where's that blasted Smith
when I need him?
[grunting, groaning]
Back to the village!
Shut up. Shut up, you fools!
They'll be back.
Everyone back to camp.
Get the rest of the cannons ashore,
finish building the fort!
Aye, Governor!
And you... learn to use
that thing properly.
A man's not a man
unless he knows how to shoot.
[Kekata chanting]
- [groaning]
- [rattling, chanting]
These beasts invade our shores,
and now this.
[rattling, chanting]
This wound is strange to me.
We will fight this enemy,
but we cannot do it alone.
Kocoum, send messengers
to every village in our nation.
We will call on our brothers
to help us fight.
These white men are dangerous!
No one is to go near them.
[John] It's called a helmet.
[Pocahontas] Helmet.
- [squeaking]
- [John] So... what river is this?
[Pocahontas] Quiyoughcohannock.
You have the most unusual names here.
Quiyo... Quiyoughcohannock.
You have the most unusual name, too.
- John Smith.
- [munching]
Hey! Is this bottomless pit
a friend of yours?
- Meeko!
- Well, how do you do, Meeko?
It's all right. It's just a handshake.
Here, let me show you.
Nothing's happening.
No, no. I need your hand first.
It's how we say hello.
[purring. squeaking]
This is how we say hello. Winggapo.
And how we say goodbye. Anah.
I like hello better.
[angry chirping]
Yeah, I remember you.
- Flit just doesn't like strangers.
- But I'm not a stranger any more.
Hmm. Stubborn little fellow, isn't he?
- Very stubborn.
- [blows raspberry]
- Meeko! Come back here.
- Don't worry. He can't hurt it.
- Hey! What are you doing?
- Meeko, bring that back.
No, it's all right. He can keep it.
Call it a gift.
What was that?
- My compass.
- Compass?
It tells you how to find
your way when you get lost.
It's all right.
I'll get another in London.
London? Is that your village?
- Yes. It's a very big village.
- What's it like?
It's got streets filled with carriages,
bridges over the rivers,
and buildings as tall as trees.
- I'd like to see those things.
- You will.
- How?
- We're going to build them here.
We'll show your people
how to use this land properly.
- How to make the most of it.
- Make the most of it?
Yes. We'll build roads
and decent houses...
Our houses are fine.
You think that only because
you don't know any better.
Wait a minute. Don't take it that...
- Hey! Wait!
- [squeaking]
Wait! There's so much we can teach you.
We've improved the lives
of savages all over the world.
Not that you're a savage.
- Just my people.
- No.
Listen, that's not what I meant.
Let me explain.
- Let go!
- No. I'm not letting you leave.
Look, don't do this.
Savage is just a word, you know?
A term for...
people who are uncivilized.
Like me.
Well, when I say uncivilized,
what I mean is...
[snapping, yelling]
[clanging, grunting]
What you mean is... not like you.
You think I'm an ignorant savage
And you've been so many places
I guess it must be so
But still, I cannot see
If the savage one is me
How can there be so much
that you don't know
You don't know
You think you own
whatever land you land on
The earth is just
a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock
and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name
You think the only people
who are people
Are the people
who look and think like you
But if you walk
the footsteps of a stranger
You'll learn things
you never knew you never knew
Have you ever heard the wolf cry
to the blue corn moon?
Or ask the grinning bobcat
why he grinned?
Can you sing with all the voices
of the mountain?
Can you paint with all the colors
of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors
Of the wind?
Come run the hidden pine trails
of the forest
Come taste the sun-sweet berries
of the earth
Come roll in all the riches
all around you
And for once, never wonder
what they're worth
The rainstorm and the river
are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle,
in a hoop, that never ends
How high does the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down
then you'll never know
And you'll never hear the wolf cry
to the blue corn moon
For whether we are white
or copper-skinned
We need to sing with all the voices
of the mountain
We need to paint
with all the colors of the wind
You can own the earth, and still
All you'll own is earth until
You can paint
With all the colors
Of the
[faint drumming]
What is it?
The drums. They mean trouble.
I shouldn't be here.
- I want to see you again.
- I can't.
- Please, don't leave.
- I'm sorry.
I have to go.
[rolling thunder]
[man] All right!
This one's ready to hoist!
[man 2] Two on each side.
Ready now? Push!
Watch it! It's slipping.
Come on, lads,
it's only a little picket fence.
' [man 2] Steady! Steady!
- [man] There you go,
That'll keep everything out, eh, John?
- Something wrong, John?
- What?
- You've been quiet the last few days.
- He's mad he missed all the action.
Don't worry, John. You'll get
your chance to deal with the Indians.
Yeah. We'll take care of them,
like we did last time, eh, mates?
We shot ourselves an injun
Or maybe two or three
All right, you howling nutter,
get to work.
Come on, Ben. It's just a little fun.
Sure! We're having loads of fun, right?
Look at us. No gold, no food,
while Ratcliffe sits up in his tent
all day, happy as a clam.
I'm doomed!
I should be wallowing in riches by now,
and I haven't found as much as a speck.
Think. Think!
It's got to be around here somewhere.
- Where could it be?
- [music box plays]
I've mined the forests and the hills
and the swamps... and nothing!
- [growling]
- [purring]
Why can't I find it?
What am I overlooking?
[groaning] I... I... I made it myself!
Take that silly...
Of course. The Indians.
Wiggins, why do you think
those insolent heathens attacked us?
We invaded their land, cut down
their trees and dug up their earth?
It's the gold! They have it, and
they don't want us to take it from them.
Well, I'll just have to
take it by force then, won't I?
You there! Where's Captain Smith?
- Well, he's... gone.
- Aye. Your singing scared him off.
- Go get him, for heaven's sake!
- What if we run into the Indians?
That's what guns are for.
Now arm yourselves and get moving!
[wolf howls]
[chewing noisily]
[sighing deeply]
[Powhatan] Pocahontas.
You should be inside the village.
We'll be all right.
We're gathering food
for when the warriors arrive.
Don't go far.
- Now is not the time to be running off.
- Yes, Father.
When I see you wear that necklace,
you look just like your mother.
I miss her.
But she is still with us.
Whenever the wind moves through
the trees, I feel her presence.
Our people look to her
for wisdom and strength.
Someday, they will look to you as well.
I would be honored by that.
You shouldn't be out here alone.
- I'll send for Kocoum.
- All right, what is it?
- What?
- You're hiding something.
I'm not hiding anything.
Pocahontas, you can tell me. I promise.
I won't tell anyone... Pocahontas, look!
- It's one of them! I'm going to get...
- What are you doing here?
- I had to see you again.
- [muffled yelp]
- [Kocoum] Pocahontas! Pocahontas!
- [muffled gasp]
Please! Don't say anything.
Quick! This way!
- But...
- Nakoma.
- Where is Pocahontas?
- I haven't seen her.
Pocahontas can't keep running off.
It's dangerous out there.
Tell her that. She listens to you.
[scoffs] Sure she does.
[John] This place is incredible.
And to think we came all this way
just to dig it up for gold.
- [Pocahontas] Gold?
- Hey, Meeko.
- What's gold?
- You know, it's yellow.
It comes out of the ground.
It's really valuable.
Oh! Here, we have lots of it.
No, no! Gold is this.
There's nothing like that around here.
- No gold?
- Not that I've seen.
[chuckling] All this way for nothing.
Those boys are in for a big surprise.
- Will they leave?
- Some of them might.
Will you go home?
Well, it's not like I have
much of a home to go back to.
I've never really belonged anywhere.
You could belong here.
[wind singing]
What was that?
- Did you see something?
- No, no. I just...
I didn't see anything. Did I?
Look again.
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Hello, John Smith.
Pocahontas, that tree is talking to me.
Then you should talk back.
Don't be frightened, young man.
My bark is worse than my bite.
- Say something.
- What do you say to a tree?
Anything you want.
- So...
- Come closer, John Smith.
He has a good soul.
And he's handsome, too!
- Oh, I like her.
- I knew you would.
Smith! Smith, where are you, mate?
- We can't let them see us.
- Quick! Over here.
This place gives me the creeps.
Savages could be hiding anywhere.
If you spot one, don't ask questions.
Just shoot.
- Watch your feet, you big oaf!
- It wasn't me! It was the tree.
Of course! The tree just felt
like lifting its roots...
Let's get out of here.
' Run!
But what about Smith?
He's a big lad,
he can take care of himself!
I'm glad you're on our side.
There's still some snap
in these old vines.
I better get back before
they send the whole camp after me.
- When will I see you again?
- Meet me tonight, right here.
Well! I haven't had this much
excitement in 200 years.
What am I doing?
I shouldn't be seeing him again.
I mean, I want to see him again.
Who wouldn't? I want to see him again.
But, still, something inside
is telling me it's the right thing.
Perhaps it's your dream.
My dream? Do you think he's the one
the spinning arrow was pointing to?
The warriors are here.
Pocahontas, are you crazy?
What were you doing with one of them?
- There you are!
- Kocoum!
Look at them! Now we have enough
warriors to destroy those white demons!
Now that we are joined by our brothers,
we will defeat this enemy.
Father, I need to speak with you.
Not now, my daughter.
The council is gathering.
We don't have to fight them.
There must be a better way.
Sometimes our paths are chosen for us.
But maybe we should try talking to them.
They do not want to talk.
But if one of them did want to talk,
you would listen to him, wouldn't you?
- Pocahontas...
- Wouldn't you?
Of course I would,
but it is not that simple.
Nothing is simple any more.
[twigs snap]
- [growling]
- [chittering]
[barking, growling]
[coyote howls]
Easy, Thomas, it's me.
- Oh, John! I could've killed you.
- Not aiming like that, you couldn't.
Keep both eyes open when you shoot.
You'll see twice as well.
- Smith! There you are.
- We were looking all over for you.
Smith! Where have you been?
I was out scouting the terrain, sir.
Excellent. Then you must know
the Indians' whereabouts.
We'll need that information
for the battle.
- What battle?
- We will eliminate these savages
- once and for all.
- No! You can't do that!
- Oh, can't I?
- Look. We don't have to fight them.
- John, what's gotten into you?
- I met one of them.
- You what?
- A savage?
They're not savages. They can help us.
They know the land.
They know how to navigate the rivers.
- And look. It's food.
- What is it?
It's better than hardtack and gruel,
that's for sure.
I like gruel.
They don't want to feed us, you ninnies!
They want to kill us! All of us!
They've got our gold,
and they'll do anything to keep it!
- But there is no gold.
- No gold?
And I suppose your little
Indian friend told you this?
Lies. Lies! All of it!
Murderous thieves.
There's no room for their kind
in civilized society.
But this is their land!
This is my land!
I make the laws here.
And I say anyone who so much
as looks at an Indian
without killing him on sight
will be tried for treason and hanged.
- [coyotes howl]
- [panting]
[Nakoma] Pocahontas!
- Nakoma.
- Don't go out there.
I lied for you once,
don't ask me to do it again.
I have to do this.
- He's one of them!
- You don't know him.
If you go out there, you'll be turning
your back on your own people.
I'm trying to help my people.
Pocahontas, please,
you're my best friend.
I don't want you to get hurt.
- I won't. I know what I'm doing.
- Pocahontas, no!
Ratcliffe wouldn't take us
halfway around the world for nothing.
But what if Smith is right?
What if there is no gold?
If you ask me, Ratcliffe's been
lying to us since we left London.
Listen to you, you bunch of idiots.
Those savages didn't
attack us for nothing.
They're hiding something.
If they do have the gold,
I reckon we'll have to fight them.
- Not me. I'm not risking my neck...
- Either too hot or too cold.
I haven't been comfortable
since we got here.
[man] Me, too. I'm itching a lot.
- Follow him.
- Yes, Governor.
I want to know where
he's sneaking off to.
- Yes, sir.
- If you happen to see any Indians...
...shoot them.
And, Thomas,
you've been a slipshod sailor
and a poor excuse for a soldier.
Don't disappoint me again.
- Kocoum.
- What is it?
- It's Pocahontas.
- What's wrong? Is she all right?
I think she's in trouble.
The earth is trembling, child.
What's happened?
The warriors are here.
- Pocahontas.
- John!
Listen to me. My men are planning
to attack your people.
You've got to warn them.
Maybe it's not too late to stop this.
You have to come with me
and talk to my father.
Pocahontas, talking
isn't going to do any good.
I already tried talking to my men,
but everything
about this land has them spooked.
[howling, moaning]
That's the strangest creature
I've ever seen!
[yowling, whining]
- [chittering]
- [snarling, barking]
- Easy, Percy! Come here!
- Meeko, come back!
You see what I mean? Once two sides
want to fight, nothing can stop them.
- Come here, both of you!
- It's all right. He's a friend.
- Bad! Bad dog! Sit!
- [barking]
[Pocahontas] What are you doing?
[John] Percy, get back here!
- What are you doing? Stop that!
- All right, that's enough!
It's enough to make your sap boil.
Now then, there's something
I want to show you. Look!
- The ripples.
- What about them?
So small at first,
then look how they grow.
But someone has to start them
They're not going to listen to us.
Young man, sometimes the right path
is not the easiest one.
Don't you see?
Only when the fighting stops
can you be together.
All right. Let's go talk to your father.
[war whooping]
Kocoum, no!
Leave him alone!
[grunting, gasping]
[straining, grunting]
Kocoum, stop!
Both eyes open.
- [blasting]
- [groaning]
- Thomas!
- Is he...
You killed him.
- I thought that...
- Get away from him!
Pocahontas, it won't help!
He was only...
He killed him!
[man] Get all the wagons...
Thomas, get out of here!
Get out of here!
- [war whooping]
- [whimpering]
[murmuring in Algonquian]
- [chittering]
- [whimpering]
' [Whining]
- [purring]
[murmuring, wailing]
[crowd gasps, weeps]
Who did this?
Pocahontas was out in the woods.
Kocoum went to find her
and this white man attacked them.
Your weapons are strong,
but now our anger is stronger.
- At sunrise, he'll be the first to die!
- But Father!
I told you to stay in the village.
You disobeyed me.
- You have shamed your father!
- I was only trying to help.
Because of your foolishness,
Kocoum is dead!
Take him away!
Kocoum was just coming to protect me.
I sent Kocoum after you.
I was worried about you.
I thought I was doing the right thing.
All this happened because of me.
And now I'll never see John Smith again.
Come with me.
[tribal drums, chanting]
Pocahontas wants to look into the eyes
of the man who killed Kocoum.
Be quick.
- I'm so sorry.
- For what? This?
I've gotten out of
worse scrapes than this.
Can't think of any right now, but...
It would've been better
if we'd never met.
- None of this would've happened.
- Pocahontas, look at me.
I'd rather die tomorrow than live
a hundred years without knowing you.
- Pocahontas.
- I can't leave you.
You never will.
No matter what happens to me,
I'll always be with you. Forever.
[Thomas] Help! Somebody help! Help!
- Help!
- Easy, lad. What is it?
It's Smith! They got him!
- Who got him?
- The savages!
- Savages?
- They captured him! Dragged him off!
- Where'd they take him?
- They headed north.
[man] How many were there'?
[Thomas] I don't know.
At least a dozen.
[Ben] Filthy beasts!
It's perfect, Wiggins! I couldn't
have planned this better myself.
The gold is as good as mine.
We've got to save him!
He'd do the same for any of us.
Thomas is right!
We've got to do something.
And so we shall. I told you
those savages couldn't be trusted.
Smith tried to befriend them,
and look what they've done to him!
But now I say it's time to
rescue our courageous comrade.
At daybreak, we attack!
What can you expect
from filthy little heathens?
Here's what you get
when races are diverse
Their skin's a hellish red
They're only good when dead
They're vermin as I said and worse
They're savages, savages
- Barely even human
- Savages, savages
Drive them from our shore!
They're not like you and me
Which means they must be evil
We must sound the drums of war
They're savages, savages
Dirty, shrieking devils
Now we sound the drums of war
This is what we feared
The paleface is a demon
The only thing
they feel at all is greed
Beneath that milky hide
There's emptiness inside
I wonder if they even bleed
They're savages, savages
Barely even human
Savages, savages
Killers at the core
They're different from us
Which means they can't be trusted
We must sound the drums of war
They're savages, savages
First we deal with this one
Then we sound the drums of war
Savages, savages
Let's go get a few, men!
Savages, savages
Now it's up to you, men!
- Savages
- Savages
Barely even human
Now we sound the drums
Of war
They're going to kill him at sunrise,
Grandmother Willow.
You have to stop them.
- I can't.
- Child, remember your dream.
I was wrong, Grandmother Willow.
I followed the wrong path.
I feel so lost.
The compass.
The spinning arrow.
It's the arrow from your dream!
I was right. It was pointing to him!
- Sunrise.
- It's not too late, child!
Let the spirits of the earth guide you!
You know your path, child.
Now follow it!
This will be the day
Let's go, men!
This will be the morning
Bring out the prisoner!
We will see them dying in the dust
I don't know what I can do
Still I know I've got to try
Now we make them pay
Eagle, help my feet to fly
Now, without a warning
Mountain, help my heart be great
Now we leave them
blood and bone and rust
- Spirits of the earth and sky
- It's them or us
Please don't let it be too late
They're a bunch of
filthy, stinking savages
- Savages
- Demons
- Devils
- Kill them!
- Savages
- Savages
What are we waiting for?
Destroy their evil race
until there's not a trace left
How loud are the drums of war?
Now we see what comes
of trying to be chums
Is the death of all I love
carried in the drumming of
- War
- No!
If you kill him,
you'll have to kill me too.
Daughter, stand back.
I won't! I love him, Father.
Look around you.
This is where the path
of hatred has brought us.
This is the path I choose, Father.
What will yours be?
[wind whistling]
My daughter speaks
with a wisdom beyond her years.
We have all come here
with anger in our hearts,
but she comes with
courage and understanding.
From this day forward,
if there is to be more killing
it will not start with me.
Release him.
Now is our chance! Fire!
- [Thomas] No.
- What?
- They let him go!
- They don't want to fight!
It's a trick, don't you see? Fire!
Fine! I'll settle this myself.
You shot him!
He stepped right into it!
It's his own fault!
[Ben] Smith was right all along.
[man] We never
should've listened to you.
- [Ben] Get the gun!
- Traitors!
Unhand me, I say. How dare you!
Put him in chains!
I'll see you all hanged for this!
- And gag him as well!
- [grunting, yelling]
[seagulls cry]
Is he going to make it, Thomas?
The sooner he gets to England,
the better.
Let's hope the wind is with him.
- Is the ship ready yet?
- Any minute now.
Just loading the last bit of cargo.
[muffled screaming]
Untie me at once!
I'll have your head for this!
[sniffling] And he came
so highly recommended.
The ship's almost ready.
We'd better get you on board.
We'll lose the tide.
No, not yet. She said she'd be here.
Going back is his only chance.
He'll die if he stays here.
It's from Grandmother Willow's bark.
It'll help with the pain.
What pain?
I've had worse pain than this.
Can't think of any right now, but...
You are always welcome
among our people.
Thank you, my brother.
- I thought you didn't like strangers.
- [chirps]
My mother's necklace.
- [whimpering]
- See ya, Percy.
Come with me'?
You must choose your own path.
I'm needed here.
Then... I'll stay with you.
No. You have to go back.
- But I can't leave you.
- You never will.
No matter what happens,
I'll always be with you...
- Good luck, lad.
- Godspeed, John.
- [man] The crew a-ready?
- [man 2] Aye, sir!
Set the mainsails.
[man] Weigh anchor!
[man 2] Let go of the topgallants!
[wind singing]