Pocong the Origin (2019) Movie Script

Under the light
Of the full moon
Shimmering is the ocean
Swaying are the flowing waves
Toward the shore of merriment
Under the light
Of the full moon
My heartache
Feels so far away
It is time.
Under the light
Of the full moon
My heartache feels so far away
Under the light
Of the full moon
Arms ready!
The Earth
Would have stopped turning
If not because of
The force of your breath
And my world would fall apart
If you don't let me into your heart
Please let it be known
I surrender myself to you
This song
As short as my prayer
Hoping and wishing
For you to be mine
The Earth
Would have stopped turning
If not because of
The force of your breath
- Are you all right?
- I'm all right.
Are you sure, Sasthi?
Ms. Sasthi?
Ms. Sasthi, right?
My name is Wulan.
Just a second!
"Atmi Sasthi Wulandari"?
We need your help.
I'm begging you.
This is important.
Why hasn't the warden informed us?
I know. We've been waiting
and he's ignoring us.
There they are! Come on!
Are you transporting Ananta's corpse?
Sir, please step aside.
Miss, move away.
- Please give us some answers.
- Please.
Yes, there will be time for questions.
Now please make way.
- Are you Ananta's family?
- Miss, please...
Sir, miss, we need to get through.
Please make way.
Sir, where is Ananta now?
Make way!
- Make way!
- Please wait, sir!
- Sir!
- Please calm down.
Miss, this way.
Ms. Sasthi?
I'm Rudi.
I'm the warden of this prison.
We have executed your father.
But your father...
Your father is still not dead.
My goodness!
Hey, help her!
Let her go!
We heard him whisper.
my descendant...
can end my life.
So we're asking you for a favor.
We're begging you.
To let your father rest in peace.
So what will it be?
If we don't settle this
by tomorrow morning,
we'll have to come up with another plan.
Because, frankly,
I don't know what to say to the media
since we have executed him twice,
and we still failed.
What's with the electricity?
Come here.
Lock all the exits.
- Don't cause panic.
- Yes, sir.
Turn on the generator.
Come here! Call everyone!
Don't move! Surrender!
Sasthi, memorize my favorite song.
Look at me.
Let's sing together. Ready?
Where are you? Where is Sasthi?
-The light
-The light
Of the full moon
There she is!
Father, I want that.
This one?
This just arrived.
Sasthi, you want this?
- Should I buy it?
- Buy it!
- No.
- Buy it!
- Maybe I shouldn't.
- Buy it!
- You want it?
- I do.
I'll buy it.
- Thank you, Father.
- You're welcome.
This is C.
Let me try.
- Like this?
- Yes.
Now try to play something.
That Ananta has claimed other victims.
- Horrible.
- True.
Three dead, two in critical condition.
This is not a public place.
Please wait outside.
Excuse me, sir. I'm Jayanthi,
a reporter from Metro Pos.
I'm just here to cover Ananta's execution.
Please, miss. Wait for the announcement.
Now just wait outside.
How was the execution? Did it go well?
Wait outside!
Was there any trouble?
I don't know.
Are you sure there's no trouble?
I heard some kind of gunshot
from inside the prison.
Wasn't the execution supposed
to take place outside the prison?
It was the generator exploding.
And that woman inside the car?
How is she related to Ananta?
Is she his daughter?
Miss, please wait outside.
Sir, one more question.
Is it true that Ananta
has mastered dark art?
Miss, all convicts claim
that they have supernatural powers.
But Ananta was different.
How many families has he slaughtered?
Miss, enough!
Okay? Please...
Come, miss. Get out.
- Sir, I just need...
- Wait outside!
- Ms. Sasthi.
- Wait for the announcement!
Your father once told us
that his body should go
to his hometown in Cimacan.
But to be more practical...
we decided to bury him
in the prison's cemetery.
If one day the family wants
to move him to Cimacan,
we would gladly help.
Don't take him to Cimacan.
So we'll bury him here, miss?
If Father...
wanted to be buried in Cimacan...
we better take him there.
So what's your decision?
Do you want him
to be buried here or in Cimacan?
Because, frankly, I can only call the men
and the hearse after lunch.
I'm concerned. Won't it take too long?
Just do as my father's wish.
Miss, please wait.
Ma, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up, come on.
- What is it?
- Is the car ready?
- We're doing it?
- Yes.
Where's the car, Ma?
I've prepared the car.
I thought it's canceled.
We're doing this. Hurry.
- Fine.
- Hurry.
I'm sorry, miss. I thought...
it was canceled.
Is it?
Okay, then.
Ms. Sasthi.
I've coordinated things
with Cimacan Village's chief.
A grave for Mr. Ananta
has also been prepared.
Be careful on the road, Ma.
Don't forget to pray first.
You should arrive at dusk.
I've checked the map on my phone.
All the tollways are crowded.
Red lines all over.
- So we have to take the regular road.
- Fine.
It's slower but safer.
- Yes.
- Careful.
Miss, your father's inside.
Be careful on your...
People have died because of this case.
Come on.
What's so hard
about transporting a corpse?
Come on, relax.
Come, miss.
Have a nice trip, miss.
If you want a second portion,
go ahead. It's on me.
Thank you, miss.
- Relax, sir.
- Yes.
Sir, I saw several ambulances last night,
and some of the guards
were taken to the hospital.
They all just have a fever.
Really? They need ambulances to take them?
that's how it was.
- Just a minute, sir.
- Okay.
Mr. Doddy?
I'm still waiting at the prison.
According to my inside man,
Ananta will be buried in his hometown.
His execution has been confirmed.
What more angles are you looking for?
In a criminal case,
when the criminal's dead, it's done!
But, sir, according to my sources,
they believe that Ananta
has mastered the art of the banaspati,
the dark art that prevents
the user from dying.
Unless they are buried in their hometown,
the users can return from the dead.
I just want to make sure that...
These sources you're talking about
are from Ghoib magazines?
I just found them on your desk!
Yan! We are serious media!
Not paranormal media!
Are you insane?
The readers will laugh at us!
I don't think any of
the victims' families are laughing, sir.
I know that one of his victims
was your best friend.
But come on, enough of this.
We have more important work...
Damn it!
Ms. Sasthi, right?
My condolences, miss.
Thank you.
I'm Yama.
Thank you, Yama.
If you want to sleep, go ahead.
It seems that...
you're exhausted.
I've had some rest
at Mr. Rudi's office.
Are you a musician?
Do you play ukulele?
I do.
It's nothing special.
If the traffic is smooth,
at 9 p.m.,
we'll arrive there.
Master, what are you doing?
Here, grooming my bird.
- Well, excuse me then, Master.
- Please.
Chief, where are you going?
Come over, have some coffee.
Miss, excuse me.
I need to go to the toilet.
All right, then.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I need to use your toilet.
It's in the back, sir.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Smells good.
What are you cooking?
It's just some fries, sir.
I'll have some for the road.
What a coincidence, they're still hot.
Excuse me.
It's occupied.
It's occupied! Didn't you hear me?
What is this?
PUBLIC TOILEGood afternoon, miss.
Ms. Sasthi? Ananta's daughter?
My name is Jayanthi, Metro Pos.
May I ask you some questions?
Is Ananta being taken to his hometown?
Is it true that Ananta has mastered
the dark art of the banaspati?
Ms. Sasthi?
Just a minute, sir.
The fries are almost ready.
Be patient.
Did you...
hear a woman's cry?
That was probably my daughter.
We're sorry.
Please understand. She's scared.
Scared of what, ma'am?
Afraid of the person
at the back of your car.
That man, he's an evil person.
Please take him away from here.
The town folks here, we all hate him.
Never come back!
Miss? You won't say anything
because you're hiding something?
We have to go now!
Ms. Sasthi?
Please answer my question!
Is it true that Ananta has mastered
the dark art of the banaspati?
Ms. Sasthi!
What's wrong?
There was...
There was what?
Nothing happened.
Who was that woman?
A reporter.
She was asking about my father.
Is she following us?
I think so.
And the chief seems confused.
I really don't want to deal
with Chief Dirman.
True. I met the chief earlier.
- See?
- He looked confused and different.
Dirman has never hit me,
this is the first time!
Hey, what's happening?
It's Mumun. The chief hit her.
- What happened?
- Master!
Can you imagine it? Dirman hit me!
That's impossible!
Dirman wouldn't hit a woman!
What do you mean impossible?
I'm the one who got hit!
Listen, Master.
He received a phone call
and started acting weird.
I'm sure.
It must have been
a call from his first wife!
And she told him to hit me!
Don't be sad, Mumun.
Just cheat on him.
Marry me, Engkus.
I'm just trying
to come up with a solution.
Shut up!
Dirman's first wife is in Cianjur.
I don't know, Master.
All I know is that Dirman's
attitude changed.
He looked confused.
Then he went to the cemetery.
Then after he returned,
he got angry.
He hit me.
Now I don't know where he is!
Calm down.
Hey, what are you doing?
If you change your mind,
give me a call, okay?
I'm ready.
Just give me a sign, I'll give it a go.
Break it up!
Calm down.
Where's Dirman, Master?
I don't know either.
I'll look for him, okay?
That reporter...
She asked about the banaspati?
You know about that?
An old gossip about Father.
They say he had supernatural powers.
Is that true?
I don't trust such things.
All I know is that Father was kind to me.
Sorry, miss.
Back then, at the food stand...
I didn't mean to...
My father is at the back.
Go ask him.
Why are you dragging me into this?
All I know is that Father was kind to me!
Come on.
This goat is stubborn.
Come on, you'll get fatter.
Finally, we will soon witness
the super blood moon.
Natural phenomena
are often related to mysticism.
An occurrence
where the full moon becomes red.
This midnight
don't forget to pray, and look at the sky.
-Don't miss this event,
or you will regret it.
I need to pull over.
I need to pee.
Ms. Sasthi, I just need a short story
about the burial.
Ms. Sasthi...
What more do you want?
Is it not enough
that my father was executed?
Our readers need...
I just want my father to rest in peace.
- The victims' families also need peace!
- I'm also a victim!
You think I'm happy
to see my father kill people?
What is this?
This woman!
You've been following us.
Ms. Sasthi, you wait in the car.
Let me take care of this.
What do you want?
I have the right to an interview.
You know about
freedom of the press, right?
Yes, I know this is a free country.
We're free to do anything.
Apologize later, right?
I just want to make sure
Ananta will be buried.
Dead people will surely be buried, miss.
You expect us to take him to the movie?
Fine. Then you wouldn't mind me
examining the corpse, right?
Be my guest.
But promise me...
after this, don't bother us anymore.
Don't you feel bad about Ms. Sasthi?
Okay, deal.
- I won't bother you anymore.
- Fine.
Why's the door locked?
By the wise Qur'an
Indeed you, O, Muhammad
Are from among the messengers
On a straight path
This is a revelation
Of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful
That you may warn people
Whose forefathers were not warned
So they are unaware
- Dear...
- Can we talk for a minute?
What is it?
The folks want to talk.
Excuse me.
- What is it?
- Here.
What's with this cell phone? For me?
That was the late Chief's phone.
It was in his pocket.
It fell when he hung himself.
So why are you giving it to me?
Give it to Mumun.
She's the inheritor. Give it to her.
It's not that, Master.
Someone called this number.
The prison warden.
We're just guessing.
We think
it's related to Nanta's burial
in this village.
He is right.
What does that have to do with me?
- What?
- Since he received the phone call,
the chief started acting weird.
We suspect
that this has something to do
with Nanta's supernatural power.
Look, Master Endang.
You are the revered one in this village.
Aside from you being Nanta's senior,
the point is, the whole village agreed
to prevent Nanta from being buried here.
Because we don't want
- to meet the same fate as the chief.
- Right.
Is she still following us?
No, miss.
I have to take an alternative road.
But it's a road less traveled.
Thank you.
You're welcome, miss.
Stop calling me "miss."
Call me Sasthi.
Is that so?
Okay, then.
Then, please don't call me "miss."
Just call me Yama.
But actually...
for those who are deceased...
it's over.
We better not disturb them.
Isn't that right?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
I checked everything before we left.
Everything was fine.
This too.
My GPS...
We're supposed to have passed this point.
Mine too.
My signal is...
It's bad.
Mine too.
Here, hold this.
Put his head in the right position.
Place him right.
No other God but Allah.
Be careful with his head.
Be careful with his head.
No other God but Allah.
Allah, we beg for your forgiveness.
- Allah, we beg for your forgiveness.
- Master, help her.
- Allah, we beg for your forgiveness.
- Goodness, Mun.
This is not Mumun.
Whose voice is that?
Who are you?
I told you.
Excuse me, my brother.
It's me.
Under the light
Of the full moon
Shimmering is the ocean
What a relief. No more disturbances.
It was nothing.
You play music well.
Father taught me.
Are you surprised?
Hey, someone's coming.
Excuse us.
Excuse us. We need your help.
Our car broke down.
We need your assistance
if it's not too much trouble.
Gosh, this is a deserted area.
It's hard to find
repair shops or tow trucks.
There's none here.
So what's around here?
In places like this...
You're not helping.
What's the problem?
That's the thing. I don't know either.
Have you tried pushing it?
That's right.
Let's push it. We'll help.
Let's push. I'll help.
- Yes.
- I'll help.
Yes, wait.
Sasthi, you can drive, right?
Can you drive a stick?
Okay, you can.
Wait for my signal to start the engine.
- Yes?
- Okay.
Come on. One, two, three.
So heavy.
Not yet. Wait.
It's uphill!
Come on.
Pocong! Don't eat Dadang!
He still owes me money! Don't eat him!
Let's run!
Hey! Wait!
Please help us!
Help us!
I don't care
if you killed people or anything.
All I know is that you're my father.
I just want you by my side.
Let's put your father back in the car.
The car.
It's working.
You're nuts.
Are you going to start singing or what?
You said you want to sing?
- Now what?
- Okay, I don't care anymore.
Excuse me, sir.
Yes, miss?
Is this the road to Cimacan?
That's right, miss.
Just go straight ahead.
About 5 km, you'll see an intersection,
then go right.
After you pass the tea plantation,
just go another 30 km.
- Okay, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Let's continue.
Just a minute.
Hey, Dang!
What are you doing back here?
We saw a ghost.
Not a ghost, a pocong!
Around a kilometer from here,
there's a car with a pocong inside!
That pocong got up,
and tried to eat me!
Eat you?
Are you talking about a pocong or a lion?
Hold on.
Was it a prison car?
- Yes.
- Yes.
I don't know.
She was asking for directions.
Perhaps she's a psychic.
- How can you tell?
- She knows.
What's with all this noise?
This is my roll pillow, not a pocong.
And why do you have to pass out there?
Pass out there. It's more comfortable.
Dang, let's move inside.
I smell gasoline.
Is this the right way?
I hope so.
I predict...
in one and a half hour,
we'll arrive at...
Why didn't I see this?
No signal?
How about your phone?
Fine, you just wait in the car.
I'll go get some help.
Don't forget to lock the door.
Stay safe, okay?
How do you feel? Better?
I feel better, Master.
Thank goodness.
Back then, at the cemetery,
do you remember what you said?
What did I say?
You don't remember?
No, I don't.
That's good.
Now, I'll take my leave.
Get some rest, don't think too much.
- All right?
- Yes, Master.
- I'll be going now.
- Yes.
- May peace be upon you.
- And upon you as well. Take care.
Thank you.
O, God, live well.
Come, child.
Forgive me.
I left...
when you were so young.
I don't want to hurt you.
You're my only treasure.
I love you so much.
You have to hurry.
Don't be late.
All right?
Why, Father?
You have to hurry, all right?
Sir, excuse me...
Open the door! Sasthi!
- It won't start!
- Hurry!
Start the engine!
We're here for Ananta.
We're here for Ananta.
She passed out!
What should we do?
Help me carry your father's corpse!
We'll switch cars.
Come on!
Sasthi, help me out!
Ma, there's the road sign.
What's wrong, Ma?
Why did you stop?
What now?
Ma, start the engine!
I didn't notice.
- We're out of gas.
- What should we do now?
Come on, Sas!
Come on, Sas!
Just a bit more!
I'd rather guard the prison.
Sas, where are you going?
To the toilet.
Nobody's around.
Excuse me.
Don't look.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Wake up! Sasthi!
Excuse me.
Can I come with you?
Where have you been?
We have to get out of here.
You don't need to tell me!
Are you the real Sasthi?
Sorry, you're real.
Why are we stopping?
Wait, I forgot.
Have you noticed it?
The closer we get to Cimacan,
the more we see weird stuff.
I think...
it has something to do with your father...
and his hometown.
What now?
Should we go back?
I'll do what you want.
I want my father to rest in peace!
I also need rest.
People have been calling me the daughter
of a murderer, a criminal.
I'm tired too, Ma!
We'll take your father home.
We'll be there soon.
Is this the right place?
Hey, who are you?
Open up!
Who are you?
We're delivering
Mr. Ananta's corpse to be buried.
Are you...
Are you Sasthi?
Are you?
- Are you?
- Yes, I am Sasthi.
It's me, your uncle.
Your father's brother.
Goodness, it's you, Sasthi.
- Oh my god.
- Oh my god.
- What was that?
- Sounds like a girl's scream.
From that way.
- Come, let's check.
- Come on.
Calm down!
How can I calm down?
There's a pocong next to me!
Get out first.
- Move!
- Come.
Sasthi, goodness.
We have to...
bury your father immediately.
But there is one problem.
The people here in Cimacan refuse...
to have Ananta buried here.
Why, Uncle?
This afternoon,
something unusual happened.
The village chief committed suicide.
The people suspect...
that this must be supernatural.
And related to...
That's nothing unusual.
Perhaps he committed suicide
because he was stressed.
How was your trip here?
Have you experienced anything weird?
I was leaning on a corpse.
Not weird enough?
That's not what I meant.
A lot of weird things happened.
A lot?
The banaspati demon
that resides...
inside Ananta's body
will become stronger
during the full moon.
If you've...
experienced weird things during your trip,
that means
the banaspati demon wouldn't let you,
wouldn't accept you...
to bury Nanta in this land.
According to my sources,
if within 24 hours, that murderer...
He's my father!
...doesn't get buried
in his hometown, he will rise again.
Is that true?
Yes, dear?
This is Father.
My father.
Yes, I know.
Wait a second.
You said 24 hours?
Your father drew his last breath
at 2:30 a.m.
It is 2:00 a.m. now, right?
We still have half an hour.
Now what?
There is a way.
Wait here.
The art of the banaspati,
since ancient times,
has been mastered by many warriors,
fighting against the invaders.
But whoever acquired this art...
will never stop...
killing others.
Our master was one of the last users
of the art of the banaspati.
He was killed while he was sleeping.
And they had to use
an ancient kujang blade,
a relic from the Padjajaran Era.
That night...
Ananta was visiting from the City.
Master! Hold on!
This is for you, Ananta...
Master, hold on!
That night,
The banaspati found a new home.
To stop him,
he must be stabbed with...
this Padjajaran kujang.
Do you understand, dear?
Please don't.
I can't stab him with that.
Just stab him already! Let me do it!
Shut up!
This is about my father, not yours!
Hey, your father killed
my friend and his family!
Is it not enough for you
to kill my father?
If you kill my father once again,
you're the demon, not my father!
Your dad is the demon!
Do you agree?
It's not like that.
Master, come out!
Who is it?
What is it?
What is it?
Speak one at a time!
Our respectable Master,
we've made it clear.
All the folks here disagree
if Ananta's corpse
is to be buried in this village.
- Isn't that right?
- Right!
Why's the corpse still here?
Calm down, we are taking care of it!
The point is, we all disagree.
- Burn him!
- He brings bad luck!
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
Calm down!
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
He brings bad luck! Am I right?
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
- Burn him!
Where is the corpse?
- My goodness!
- My goodness!
Forgive us, God!
Truly, a disaster will befall our village!
- Goodness.
- Goodness.
Please don't punish us
for all of our wrongdoings.
Please forgive us!
Please don't let disaster befall us!
Please set us free from Your wrath.
Everybody calm down, all right?
Go home.
Lock your windows and doors.
Go home.
Where's Sasthi?
Wasn't she at your house?
The time is getting closer.
She went this way.
Forgive me, Father.
I can't give you a proper resting place.
Don't, Uncle.
Please, Uncle.
For the last time,
please respect my father.
There is no other way, Sasthi.
Let's bury him now.
Master, people wouldn't know
if we bury him here.
We have to do this, Sasthi!
No, Uncle! Father must be buried properly!
Move aside!
- Come here!
- Father!
Yama, take her away!
Master Endang!
Watch out!
Just now, it was behind you.
- Get her up!
- Yes, Master!
Sas, are you all right?
Wait here.
Yama, help me.
Right, Master.
- This isn't...
- Yes, this is Dirman.
Please help Sasthi.
If I ever rise from the dead,
it's definitely not me.
It's the banaspati.
I still have it.
The Padjajaran kujang.
The demon is getting stronger
under the full moon, my brother.
I'm afraid
the kujang won't be enough.
Please help Sasthi.
Don't let
the banaspati...
take over her body.
Where's Sasthi?