Podkidysh (1939) Movie Script

Screen Play by:
Directed by:
Photographed by
Art Direction by
Music by
Natasha - Veronika LEBEDEVA
Lyolya - Faina RANEVSKAYA
["Lala" below, for readability]
Mulya - Pyotr REPNIN
Bachelor - Rostislav PLYAT Arisha - Rina ZELYONAYA
Natasha's mother - Olga ZHIZNEVA
Nina's father - Victor GROMOV
Dentist - Tatyana BARYSHEVA
Yura - Dima GLUKHOV
Alyosha - Vitya BOYKO
I'm no girls' nanny!
I only ask you to feed Natasha
when she wakes up
and stay with her till 2 o'clock.
I've got things
of greater importance to do.
My class leader is coming over.
We'll hold a meeting.
All right, then.
I'm not going to rent a dacha,
and we'll spend
the whole summer in the city.
But Mum! Why should I stay
with her all day long?
No, I'm telling you,
Arisha'll be back by 2 pm.
- Nelia Valeryanovna, you call me?
- Why, I thought you went out already...
Yes I did, as you can see,
I'm out already!
- ...though I had to get dressed first...
- Arisha, I pleaded you to hurry up...
- You know, I'm but always in a hurry...
- Arisha, please, don't be too long.
I won't be long, why should I be long?!
I'll pay for gas on banking account,
besides, I have to buy
some cream at the grocer's...
Yura! I got to go now.
All right. But remember,
river is a must!
Not like it was the last summer.
That's fine! Yura, darling,
Kissel is on the table.
Natasha! Natasha!
Natasha, listen hard to what I say.
Natasha! Sleep till 2 o'clock, right away!
Mum's out, Dad's gone,
and Arisha's on leave today.
One squeak out of you till two,
and I'll tear your head off!
All right!
Masha, sleep till 2 o'clock!
Sleep tight, my pal,
I'll buy you a little flag,
Bayu-bayu, bayu-bye,
I'll buy you a little flag!
- Here I am!
- It's about time!
You know, I was going
to bring my dog,
but it's resting now.
- And where's Nina?
- Nina? There she goes.
Nina! Nina, come in quickly.
Yura! You badly explained
your address.
But for Alyosha,
I would still be looking for it.
Sure thing.
- Well, hello!
- Hello.
Which way? Here?
- Oh, no, no!
- Then, where to?
Come in here, come!
I've got a clockie, with leggies.
Take your seats, guys.
Yura, waste no time in telling us
why you brought us here.
What is your matter of great urgency?
Daddy takes us to Crimea today,
and I still have to do my packing.
I'll tell you in a moment.
Alyoshka, leave
my collection alone.
I've got new stamps
not stuck in there as yet.
I'm no longer into this rubbish!
Dog training takes
enormous amount of time.
An excellent dog!
An amazing sense of smell!
And what tricks he played today!
I guffawed just like an infant!
Oh, save it!
I've heard this ten times already!
Take no notice of it.
That's how our door creaks.
The thing is, guys -
while the 5-B class
enjoys primacy in diving,
I propose to form a lifeguard team!
To guard whom?
Why, the drowning swimmers!
Mum's out, Arisha's on leave,
if I squeak Yurka'll tear my head off.
But why...?!
Yura! Who is crying over there?
Ah, that's the neighbour girl.
What a fractious cry-baby!
She's but whining all day long!
Oh, Mama!
I'm quietly!
Can I have a balloon?
Come here, quickly!
Oh what beautiful balloons!
Coming up soon:
Dance Music programme!
That one.
Oh, how I want a balloon!
One, two, three!
Have you got a red one,
with cockerel?
All right, I'll take two!
- Daddy, buy me a balloon!
- Come on, you choose! Which one?
- That?
- This one.
Here you go.
Fine! Now, it's flown away!
There, there, Dimochka, stop crying!
Don't cry, boy, it'll fly for a while
and then come back.
Let's fasten it.
- And here's a red one for you, ducky.
- Thank you!
"PRAVDA" ["Pravda" and "Izvestiya" -
two major Soviet newspapers]
P-R-A-V-D-A ["Pravda" and "Izvestiya" -
two major Soviet newspapers]
And what comes out?
Oh what a wonderful balloon!
Let me hold it, please.
I love these balloons very much!
No, let's run and
"glide it" instead!
Starting today, the weather
in Moscow and Moscow region
will stay clean and sunny,
with no precipitations anticipated.
Come, run along with us,
or else the balloon will get wet!
Nanny, let's serve the tea upstairs.
Oh, watch out!
And what's this?
Oh, I clean forgot.
I'm on duty on hands today.
Guys, show me your hands.
And why are your hands dirty?
And yours?
So what? I'm Sanitary Commission here.
See this tank?
I've drawn it myself!
I shall be a tank driver, a doctor,
and on weekends
I shall be a fire engine!
I'll be a tank driver, too.
You're still small.
You'd be turned down.
Then I'll be a policeman!
A policeman?
You're still small, that's why.
Can I be a border scout dog, then?
A border scout dog? Yes, you can.
And what is it here, a dog-horse?
Dog-horses don't exist.
Yes, they do! This is a dog-cart,
and this is a dog-horse!
- No, they don't!
- Yes, they do!
Hush, kiddies, hush! Quiet, you lot!
We're going to change now.
And where did you come from?
Whose girl is she?
She's got the balloon,
and she's ours.
We brought her in.
I'm yours!
- Where's your mum?
- Mum's out, Dad's gone.
- And where do you live?
- Flat 6.
- And what street?
- Ring twice.
"Ring twice". A fancy kind of address!
Well, kiddies, run along to change,
and take the girl with you.
We'll figure it out...
Is this a search group
for missing children?
This is nursery
school number 20.
Look, we've got a strange girl here.
Children brought her in.
About five, on the face of it.
Mother's out, father's gone.
No, she doesn't.
She says, "Ring twice".
You'll send your man?
Good! I'll be waiting.
I don't want to sleep.
I just got up.
I'd better go home.
- Would you come again?
- I would.
Come and bring your balloon.
Lift me up!
I'll tell Yurka,
and he'd tear your head off!
What's the matter?
You're... whose?
I'm yours.
Listen, this must be a mistake.
And... where are your...
father and mother?
Daddy's gone... Mummy's left...
That's strange...
- What've you got there?
- There?
- A cat?
- Yes.
- Can I look at it?
- Why, please...
Kitty, kitty!
Show me your little paws.
What's the idea of all this?
Did you have enough sleep?
- I'll bathe you now.
- Unfathomable...
Good afternoon!
Tell me, where's your head?
- She's upstairs.
- Thank you!
- Are you from the search group?
- Right.
Hello! Imagine, while I was calling you
on telephone, the girl disappeared!
But how? Where could she go?
Maybe she's still on the stairs?
- So, we'll be working together, right?
- Certainly!
Let's go, Alyosha.
Goodbye, Yura!
Natasha, you come out right away!
Alyoshka! Listen,
my sister's missing, Natashka!
That's great!
A chance to try my dog in action!
Can you provide her scent samples?
What samples?
Why, her things,
like a hat, boots...
There's a new pair of boots...
Bring them!
And I'll fetch the dog!
Now it'll pick up the scent.
Do you think this should work?
Sure thing! It's a trained dog,
a border scout-to-be.
Here you go!
Aha! It's on the trail!
Summer has come - and so what?
Children have fun - and so what?
Trail! Search! Trail! Trail!
What's the big idea?
It barks at everyone.
Here she is! Here she is!
No, she's not her.
Take a close look.
I'm telling you, it's her!
My dog knows better!
I'd rather look for her myself.
She couldn't go too far.
Your dog's good for nothing.
Yurka, wait!
You can't rush it!
It's a young dog, after all.
Ridiculous, isn't it?
Just imagine this,
I ask her, "Nelia Valeryanovna,
when can I take my day-off?
I want to be off
exactly on weekend."
And she says,
"Any weekday after weekend."
Imagine this. My husband,
he's off exactly on weekends.
By Jove,
what do I need a weekday off for?
Is Klavka off on weekends? Yes, she is.
Is Nelia off on weekends? Yes, she is.
So why should I be off after a weekend?
That's a nice state of affairs! So I say...
Take your dog away! Right off!
Take your dog away!
I'll take you to the police!
You rowdy hoodlum!
- Have you seen a girl in a chequered dress?
- No, I haven't.
- Have you seen a girl in a chequered dress?
- No, I haven't.
You take a bath here?
Uh huh, here.
But you won't go in there,
you've got very long legs.
Yes, I would go in. You see,
I've done this many times before.
And where'd your legs go?
They go there, too.
Come on, climb in!
- But I can't...
- I'll try it on you.
I have my dress and shoes on,
you see? I can't.
Or else I won't play with you.
Climb in!
If only a little try...
All right...
Now that you see...
No, show me how you swim in there.
You don't swim here, you... just lie.
No, I swim!
You do, right... You see...
It goes like this.
And where'd your legs go?
They go this way.
Stretch them, stretch them!
Now, lie down!
It's damp here.
What?! Who's there?! What's the matter?!
The light went out!
I thought you'd forgotten
to turn the light out.
- You're going to wash them, right?
- Yes!
Then, soap them.
That is, no.
You've already washed them?
Then wash my hands, please.
All right.
Stretch your hands over there.
- How do you soap?
- I'm no good at it.
How do you wash your kids, then?
I've got no kids. No kids.
But where are they?
Just no kids at all.
How come? Where are they?
Just no such thing.
Look, we've got a shower here.
But you see, it's out of order.
So it is. Come on.
No, it's got fixed again!
Now, what's the matter?
Turn it off, or else we'd drown!
I told you it was out of order.
Huge puddles indeed.
Let me take you in my arms
to keep you feet dry. Here we go.
Eugeny Semyonytch, I'm sorry.
I did not know you were taking a bath.
Never mind. Forget it.
- Is she... yours?
- No.
You see... she was abandoned at my door.
- Abandoned?
- That's right.
- Oh, was she?
- I assure you.
I do. They rang the bell
and left the child at the door.
I ask her, 'Whose are you?'
And she says, 'Yours.'
- She was taught to say so, probably.
- Well, probably...
I wonder what shall I do with her?
- Let's go! Let's go!
- You see?
Come on, let's go!
No, no, this way.
Is this your home?
Uh huh, it's mine.
Then, sit down.
But why, you needn't worry...
- I'll towel you dry now.
- Oh, thank you!
Or else you would catch a cold.
- Who are you?
- I'm a geologist.
- You cut dolls?
- Yes. That is, no.
Listen, geology embraces
a wide range of disciplines.
And what's discipline?
Well, you see, we geologists...
We study the basic stratigraphical
series that form the Earth's crust.
I see!
I bet you do, my little darling!
And what have you got there?
Why, those are stones, that's what geology
is about. Run along, take a look.
I've got it all piled there...
Oh, what cute ickle stones!
These ones to build a doll-house with.
And this one... to hop!
Uh-oh! Give me
this piece of feldspar, please.
I need it myself.
Wait a minute! Oh no!
I'd better show you
pictures or something.
Come, I've got some magazines.
There! Look! A man riding a horse.
He's not a man but Voroshilov.
Right. What a clever girl you are! Right.
See, Klim Voroshilov.
Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov.
He defeated all our enemies.
And was granted with a horse.
Attagirl! That's right. Well, well...
I saw him in real.
- Where did you see him?
- On the roof.
On May Day. His portrait - sky-high!
Well, what are we going to do now?
- Let's play.
- Play what?
- "We're merry fellows!"
- I don't think I know it.
It's easy.
I'll show you how.
Just sit and sing in chorus!
We're merry fellows! [Children Of October -
organization for elementary school kids]
We shall not waste our lives! [Children Of October
- Organization for elementary school kids]
They call us Children of October [Children Of
October - organization for elementary school kids]
In honour of the October Victory! [Children Of
October - organization for elementary school kids]
And why don't you sing?
Sing it, sing it!
Or else I won't play with you.
- All right.
- And sing it up!
You see, I can't get the tune.
A bit higher, maybe. Wait.
It's no good.
What if we try hide-and-seek instead?
No! "Old lady was sowing peas".
But I don't know these "Peas". I can't.
That's all right. Come, I'll show you.
Here goes!
Old lady was sowing peas...
Hop-hop! Hop-hop!
Oh, just a minute!
All right, go ahead now.
When her ceiling caved in.
Hop-hop! Hop-hop!
Old lady walked on and on,
Then she found a little pie.
She sat down...
Sit down, sit down!
snacked on it...
- Not in this place.
- Yes, I muddled it up.
...and walked on again.
Old lady stood on tiptoe,
Tilted on her heel,
Lively Russian dance she did,
Then the Cossack squat-dance.
Then the Cossack squat-dance.
Can I?
No, you can't, you can't!
You can't!
Where to? Where to?
I won't let you go!
Stand, stand!
Now, go on!
Oh but honestly I can't.
I'm tired. My legs hurt.
Let me feed you instead.
Uh? Yes, I remember it all.
"Old lady sat on sand..."
- "Old lady stood on tiptoe..."
- Tiptoe, heel...
All right, come.
What shall I give you to eat?
I wonder if I...
Ah! Here, crab meat!
Now, a little bit of this...
(Knock on the door)
Eugeny Semyonytch! May I?
You see...
There came an electricity bill...
Hello, my dear child!
What a wondrous little girl!
Hello, my little sweetie!
- Take a seat, please!
- Thank you!
Eugeny Semyonytch!
Why don't you really adopt her?
- Well, the thing is...
- As a lonely bachelor
who's earning good money...
Yes, but...
What shall I do with her?
Why, Eugene Semyonytch, together
we'll be able to work it out.
And what's she pecking at?
Uh, you know, it's kind of...
...all we've got...
- Pickles?!
- Delicious...
Eugene Semyonytch!
Of all things!
Children do not eat this!
They do.
You want to poison a child, don't you?
After all, she's my child,
and I feed her as I please.
Pardon me...
How come she's your child?
Chances are I'll adopt her myself!
- What?
- That's right.
Treat yourself, please,
my dear child.
And tomorrow...
...tomorrow, you and me...
We'll go to the zoo.
Don't suck on your finger,
my girl, that's bad.
I strongly insist that you should stop
interfering in my child!
Suck on your finger, sweetie,
enjoy yourself.
Now, everything is
as clear as a bell to me!
I'm merely bound
to take the child away from you!
Excuse me...
- I want to go home!
- Please, don't be afraid.
I won't give you up.
As a dentist, I assert...
What do you assert?
...that you have no inkling
of how to deal with children!
Yes, I do. Already.
Do you realize, for example, that if,
say, that cat sways its tail once...
- Then?
- ... then this very loaf of bread...
...will harbour, on average,
about 3 billion germs!
- No, it won't!
- Kitty, sway your tail.
Aha! No germs at all!
- And you say...
- What do I say?
Suck on your finger!!
You may rest assured
my child is healthy!
- You can't be so certain...
- Yes, I can! I can!
And I strongly insist
that you should stop interfering!
But as a doctor I...
And if I ever need a doctor's advice,
I'll take her to paediatrician!
Haven't you seen a girl
in a chequered dress?
No, I haven't.
- Haven't you seen a little girl?
- No, I haven't.
Now, where is she?!
A little girl is hit!
Tell me, are you all right?
Gangway! Gangway! What's up?
Someone's got run over?
What happened?
Is she alive?
Oh! I must be worried sick!
There, there, please, calm down.
Don't you cry.
Why don't you watch your sister, uh?
She's not my sister.
She's a perfect stranger to me.
But I can take her home.
Tell me, where do you live?
I'll take you home.
Flat 6, ring twice.
And the street name?
I haven't learned it as yet!
She's to be taken to the police
station No 7, it's near here.
Mulya, Mulya! Look
what a lovely little girl is lost!
I'll take her
to the police station No 7.
We'll take her to the police!
My husband will!
Yes, but we're going to our dacha.
Mulya, don't unnerve me.
First, we'll take her to the police,
and then off to dacha.
All right, as you say.
Come with us!
Mulya, keep my umbrella
and don't get lost!
Let's go!
Comrade policeman!
What's the meaning of this?
Now they drive into
perfectly alive people!
This is an outrage!
Please, copy down the number.
3846! Do you hear?
And fine him a fortune!
Mulya, follow me!
Mulya, take me by the hand! The hand!
Honk it, you devils, honk it!
You hear?!
This is an outrage!
Mulya, the hand!
- Are we going home?
- Home, my sweetie, home.
Of all the nerve! To let a little child
run along in the streets
amid such traffic!
Who let you out alone, girl?
I've got my shoelaces
very unbuckled.
Mulya, step aside. She won't speak
in your presence. She's afraid of you.
- Why so?
- Mulya!
Step aside!
Who let you out
alone in the street?
Mulya! Mulya!
I know it all now!
She told me everything. Horrible!
She's regularly battered.
They threatened to tear her head off!
Yes, yes...
To tear her head off.
"Yes, yes, tear off"?!
Now drop your magazines,
it's no reading hall.
- Yes, yes, reading hall...
- Drop them, I say!
All in all, Mulya, tomorrow's the court.
- What court?
- People's Court!
You'll bring a lawsuit against her parents
claiming the slaughter of this innocent!
Lala! I thought we were taking
the girl to the police.
No police.
She's going to the country with us.
You can't be serious, Lala!
We must take her to the police.
No way! You mean, to bring her back
to her parents who abuse her?!
No way!
Lala! Leave it to the police.
We have no such right!
Yes we do!
I have it all investigated by myself!
All in all, Mulya,
tomorrow you'll file the suit.
But wait. Wait. Let's ask the girl.
Let her decide for herself.
Tell me, my little one,
what'd you like most?
To get your head torn off or
go to the dacha?
To dacha!
You see? To dacha.
Now we're going to buy her
some dry dress, and off to dacha!
Lala, this can't be done.
I assure you.
Lala! You'll get arrested!
Mulya, don't unnerve me.
Lala, you can get arrested.
All right, do as you please.
- Lala!
- Stop yelling at me!
Fine! Let's take her to the police,
since you're so heartless.
You always do as you please!
You slight me all my life.
And this man swore always
to carry me in his arms!
- Lala!
- Begone, you monster!
No, no! Tomorrow!
Tomorrow I'll move to my mother's!
- Lala!
- Forever!
Daddy, please, come on time tonight,
don't be late due to your urgent matters.
Please, hang up! I need to call
the police! My sister's gone!
- What sister? Have you got any?
- Yes, a little one...
- You must drop a coin first.
- Ah, a coin...
- And where was she this morning?
- She... was out, and then got lost.
Got lost?
But where could she be?
I'm at my wits' end! I was looking
for her on two boulevards.
"Haven't you seen a little girl in
a chequered dress and grey boots?"
- No one have.
- But I saw her!
- Come on, where's she?!
- She's been nearly hit by a car!
It can't true!
It's impossible!
Just now, she's been taken
to the police station No 7.
Let's race there! Quick!
Comrade Superintendent.
Am I eligible to adopt a little girl?
A foundling? Left at my door?
No, you are not!
One must learn how
to deal with germs
to become a foster parent.
Comrades, please,
what's your problem?
The problem is, she's a dentist,
not a paediatrician!
- And as a dentist, I state...
- What do you state?
...that you have no inkling
of how to deal with children!
- Yes, I do. Already.
- No, you don't.
Comrade Superintendent,
if I ever need a doctor's advice,
I'll ask paediatrician,
- ...and not a dentist!
- Certainly.
I can safely ignore her opinion.
I'm fully eligible to adopt a girl.
I'm a social activist,
a union member...
Comrades, comrades! I insistently
ask you to explain me in detail
where did you get the girl.
Heaven knows!
Comrade Superintendent,
the fact is...
...you see, as I've explained,
she'd been left at my doors...
Just a minute.
Comrade Superintendent,
this boy says
he's searching for some girl.
With his dog, he dispersed
all kids on boulevard...
That's a nice state of affairs!
He dispersed me all, as well!
Running all around
with his bulldog...
First off, it's not a bulldog
but an Alsatian!
Still, you don't have such a right,
do you get it or not?
To think he's holding
this muck in his arms!
Don't you yell at my dog!
It can't be yelled at till it's 6 months
old, or else it'd grow nervous!
Filth, that's what your dog is!
Do you get it or not?!
You've got my nerves all frayed.
A filthy, mucky mutt!
- Madam, please.
- Just look at it!
Madam, please!
What's the matter?
Well, that's the matter, he's
running around with his pug,
it keeps barking at me. Just look at
it! It makes all scatter! So I tell him,
- "You have no such right"...
- All right, all right.
I beg you to calm down.
Please, come over here.
Now now, don't get excited, please.
- Have you been bitten by the dog?
- No, I haven't...
As if I'd have let a dog to bite me!
- Then, have it ripped your dress, or what?
- Why, no, what are you talking about?
A nice state of affairs! Had it ripped my
dress, I'd have torn it to pieces myself.
So what did you come here for?
Please, do understand,
no one wanted to come.
They're all busy, the witnesses.
See, as if I have time to kill.
I'm to pay for gas on banking account,
to feed the girl, to do the chores,
You know, everything's dingy.
All right, all right.
Madam, I see your point.
You can be off.
But how can I be off
if I'm not?!
I'm off only on weekdays,
and not on the weekend...
Madam, you can go.
Please, show her out.
This way, madam.
So, what's the matter, boy?
Why, she's released,
and I'm not, uh?!
And don't you whine,
you're big enough.
Why did you frighten off the kids?
That's what they did to my dog!
And it's still small.
It may lose its sense of smell.
And nannies did all start
creaming blue murder!
Soon it will guard the border!
And they're screaming at it!
I promised Yura to
help with his search!
There, there, stop whining.
- Whom did you search for, a nanny?
- Why, no, for his sister, Natashka!
And who's Yura?
Yura's a friend of mine, by the
lifeguard team, for drowning ones.
Drowning ones...?
Right! You pull them out grasping
their hair. We've elected him today.
Comrade Superintendent...
- Yurka!
- Alyoshka!
See, it's because of you that
my dog's taken to the police!
Look, I still can't find Natashka...
I wonder when you would
see about my case at last?!
Just a minute.
Here is another report
of a missing girl.
- Yes, a little girl.
- She's my little sister!
Another little girl's missing?
Oh what a day!
Comrades, please, I want everyone to take
a sit and respond to my questions only.
- Your name's Yura, right?
- Yes, yes.
And it is your sister missing?
Yes, she's been taken
somewhere by two strangers.
Nina has seen it herself.
They said they'd take her to the police
station No 7, but she's not there...
No, wait. Please, take turns,
I can't make out a single word.
- We just came from there.
- She's not there. They've sent us to you.
They said you'd find her.
Well, don't worry.
We'll sort it out!
- How old is she?
- She is 5.
- And what was she wearing?
- A chequered dress and grey boots.
- And pigtails!
- With ribbons.
In a chequered dress
and grey boots?
Yes, yes.
Then, she's probably the same girl who
had disappeared from the nursery school.
From what nursery school?
Pardon! Pardon...
That must be my girl!
In a chequered dress,
that's what I say.
- No, no! She's my sister!
- But...
Very good indeed!
So the girl is found.
But you'll have to return
your foundling to her family.
But I wonder how can I do this?
When I'm looking for her myself.
She's gone almost immediately.
Just left alone.
Can't forgive myself.
You mean, she's not with you?
Of course, she's not.
That's why I came to you.
You heard the same as I?
An amazing girl!
Vanished from 4 places at a time!
Now then,
call up all the police stations
in the vicinity of District 7
and find out if the girl's there.
We'll notify you of the search outcome.
Leave your phone number, please.
However, you won't be able to adopt the girl,
as she's proved to have the next of kin.
Goodbye, comrades.
But how...?
So it is.
Goodbye. So it is.
- All right, have a nice day.
- Oh I'm sorry!
- Never mind. Don't worry yourself.
- Why, I'm not worried at all.
Somehow I was sure
they wouldn't let you take her.
Now, what were you sure of?
Of the fact that you longed
to adopt a girl...
I did nothing of the kind!
- Who knows!
- I know!
And so do I!
Now, tell me in detail
what's happened there?
I... I was walking the streets,
and she, with a cat...
No, no, stop it.
Please, speak quietly.
- I was walking... where?
- Down the street.
There I saw her, with a cat...
Then the cat leapt on the road...
...and the girl straight after it.
- Easy, easy.
- And then she fell down.
- Who fell down?
The girl. I dashed to her.
Then a tall lady said,
"We'll take her
to the police station No 7."
- Is that exactly what she said?
- Yes.
- I didn't know she was Yura's sister.
- Did you?
I called on Yura for the first time today.
All right, very good!
- But how did she get in the street?
- I don't know.
- By herself.
- Why, is she so naughty indeed?
No. I went out to buy her
some ham, and she slipped out.
Have you been away
for a long time?
No, just for a minute.
Well... Was your sister
with you all the time?
Where was she this morning?
Yes... She was with me.
How so, Yura?
She wasn't there this morning!
See, she wasn't there.
- Give me the ball!
- Catch!
That's true, we were all alone.
There was a girl next door crying.
Now, who was crying, Yura?
Nobody was crying,
he must be hearing things.
Our neighbours have got no children.
Yura! There was a girl crying.
You said she was a neighbour girl.
I was kidding.
It was Natasha, your sister.
Why was she crying, Yura?
Why don't you say anything?
I'm no girls' nanny!
Comrade Superintendent...
I've inquired at all the stations
adjacent to District 7-
the girl's nowhere to be found.
You see!
- Well, come on up here.
- Yes!
Now, comrade Sergeyev,
take them and make for the place
she's met the missing girl.
Yes, on Gorky Street.
Right, on Gorky Street.
We must find some clues.
Goodbye, Yura.
It's just around the corner.
She's that tall, and he's short,
with shopping bags.
But how could we find them now?
Moscow's so overcrowded!
It's a cinch. We'll ask everyone
and that should do it.
Now, this way!
Any news of the girl
I've told you about?
The girl?
- Not as yet.
- Never mind, we'll find her!
A glass of soda, no syrup.
I don't want to walk! I won't go!
Hey, mister!
Comrade policeman! I can't!
Please, understand!
There's a little girl
I need to catch up!
While I take a detour, I'd lose her!
And don't break the code.
Damn it!
My pretty little girl!
My darling daughter!
Stop smoking, Mulya!
Don't forget we've got a child.
Nicotine's appallingly
hazardous to children.
You hear, Mulya?!
Throw your cigarette away!
From now on, you'd smoke
at your office only.
You'll take Uncle Mulya's bed.
Mulya, I'll hang you a hammock
on the terrace!
You're going to sleep there!
- Is dacha soon?
- My little sweetie's tired!
Mulya, she's tired.
Take her in your arms!
Lalechka! I'm...
You feel hot.
You feel hot, my little one!
Now Uncle Mulya
will buy you a soda drink.
Mulya, buy her some soda with syrup!
Lalechka! I plead you.
Let us go back
and take the girl to the police.
Don't unnerve me!
A glass of soda
for the child, please.
- You want it with syrup? For 20 or 30?
- For 20, and red, red!
Careful, please!
Watch it!
And one for me, please.
Mulya, too much liquid is bad for you.
With cranberry, please.
Easy on the froth!
With cherry, please!
Easy on the froth!
Oh, and once again,
with cranberry.
Are you thirsty?
- What'd you like?
- My books that I... er...
And a glass of soda, no syrup.
We're going to play horsies,
we'll go boating with you.
My ickle sweetie! All right?
We've got such
nice flowers there.
Mulya! Tell her what flowers
have we got there.
Green ones.
- Are there any worms?
- Uh huh, some.
And what do they eat?
Flies. Soil. Other worms.
And for the second course?
Lalechka! Let's bring her back!
Mulya, don't unnerve me!
Kids first!
Mulya! This way.
No more room!
Please, step back!
But where can he be?
I tell you I've no idea.
And bear it in mind that I hear
everything you say, will you?
So, please, loosen up!
And don't you teach me
how to do my chores!
I know it only too well...
My dad and I, we've specially come
to see Yura. Dad wants to talk with him.
So I explain to you, do you get it or not?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I was out. I just came in.
I wasn't home. You know,
I've been to the police station,
on a matter of high importance.
Just imagine how long did it take!
Nobody's home. To top it all, I'm supposed
to feed Natashka, and she's not in, either.
Is this the done thing?
Then they'd get huffy,
that their child was left unfed.
Where in the world
did they take Natashka to?
It's a real nuisance, with this girl!
As if I, you know...
Gracious me! It's but you who never
care to turn the light out, if you ask me!
Excuse me, please,
but owning to your irons
all fuses get blown, every time!
It's like you fail to see reason!
So, the girl's not home?
And where's Yura?
Fellow citizens! What's the idea of
grilling me on one's whereabouts?
Why should I tell you?
Chances are you're crooks!
That's a nice state of affairs!
Just like the other day here,
an old lady called in at Flat 57,
asking for a drink of water.
So she had it.
And later on, hey presto!
A piano's gone!
You don't say! What piano?!
This is my dad!
We just badly need to see Yura!
So I do explain it to you,
I tell you, no, Yura's not in,
I came in and found nobody was home,
only a note pinned to the door...
Give me that note, please.
Give me that note.
Looks like you doubt me! That's ridiculous!
Just imagine me playing tricks on you!
Here's your note!
Take it, please.
"Mother, I can't stay home.
I won't come back till I find
my sister. Your former son Yura.
Please, don't worry about
money, I'd earn it."
- Not a bad collection.
- You bet! Three years of collecting!
Here are some daddy's stamps,
real antiques.
How much would you pay for them?
- Boy, is this your collection?
- Of course, it is!
Here are my phone
number and address!
All right. Come back
in two or three days.
No! I need it now!
Just a moment, please.
Can you tell me
your phone, please?
Our phone? See, it was a telephone
exchange first, then we'd been switched...
...to that er... "spinner", you know.
You pick up the receiver, then spin it,
and once it starts buzzing in your ear,
you dial whatever number you want.
No. I mean,
what's your phone number?
So I explain to you, so I do!
You take... phone exchange... K-3754601.
No, 01 was of the old number...
37,546... K
37546. No, no.
And what's the matter?
Right... Right... Aha.
He sells his collection...
Listen. Don't let him go,
I'll come for him right away. Right.
- Daddy, who's that?
- Your Yura!
Want some?
I'll go buy you some toys.
Take hold of him. Mulya, take her
by the hand! I'll be right back!
Magazines! Novelties of literature!
From various fields of knowledge!
- Hey, newsman! Any newspapers?
- No newspapers!
Hold on to my pocket!
Haven't you got
anything to read at all?!
Why, plenty! Here you go!
Look, "Horse Farming",
"Doctor's Advices For Your Holidays"...
And here's one other magazine,
a very interesting one,
"Peat Industry"... Please.
And have you got anything for children?
"Murzik"? Or "Siskin"?
No "Siskin Murzik".
Perhaps, this?
Please, give me some
toy for a child.
I believe I address you!
A toy for a child.
Here, I can offer you:
"Go left!", "Flying Worms",
and here's a new game
that came in yesterday,
"Stimulate yourself!"
Very captivating indeed!
And... how to play it?
It's all there,
in the instructions!
Three players take four counters,
whereas the fifth player
rolls all the time.
Once the fox is taken,
it moves 4 squares back...
Yes, I see.
Only it doesn't answer my needs.
Give me something of musical nature.
That whistle over there!
Yes, please.
1 rouble 30 kopecks.
What else... Oh the pipe, the pipe!
Give me that pipe, please!
2 roubles 54 kopecks.
No, I don't quite enjoy the tune.
And how about this bugle?
- Madam! It doesn't become you!
- I can see for myself what becomes me!
That's exactly what I need!
As soon as the train arrives,
you take the girl in your arms,
and she presents the football
players with flowers.
And where's the girl?
The one to present the flowers?
- Here's a girl!
- Ah, it's you?
It's me!
Gosh, and such a cutie!
Here you are!
Folks, let us pass through!
Come on, hurry up! Or else we'll be late!
Zinochka, please, hurry up!
Please, let us go through!
Oh please do!
Hey, don't push!
What's the haste?!
What's the haste, you say?! My girl's
to present football players with flowers!
She's been delegated by three conferences
for Gifted Children, see?!
What a shame, daughter's lost, son's fled.
Your mother would jump for joy!
Look here, Yura.
You should be home now.
- No, no!
- Yes, and most certainly.
Your mum's due back any time.
You ought to support her, to tell
her Natasha is being looked for.
- No, no way!
- But Yura! Yura!
Natasha! Natashechka!
Mulya, leave it!
Natasha! Hey mister, haven't
you seen a little, little girl here?
- Now now, I've seen no girl here.
- Natasha!
- Lalechka! Lalechka!
- Oh leave me!
Lalechka! My pussycat!
We'll find you another baby!
No, Mulya, no!
Never like this one!
Listen, comrade!
No, spare me.
Haven't you seen such a tall lady
with such a little girl around here?
No! I've seen them not!
Gone, have they?
Look, what a suspicious mug...
Mulya! I've found the thief!
It was he who stole our child!
Go nab him!
Hey, wait a minute!
- Wait a minute!
- Yes?
I must detain you, young man!
Here's my union card!
I don't quite get you,
what's the matter?
- Mulya!
- Lala, don't put me off!
I can make whatever you wish
out of you, young man!
He'd make whatever
you wish out of you!
That's right! I'd take you...
We'll show you
- ...how to steal kids from others!
- Wait, wait, fellow citizens!
You'd better tell me
where's the girl.
I'm the search team member.
There was a girl with you.
Where's she now?
She was.
We've temporarily lost her.
- Yes! When football players arrived...
- You see...
I went out to buy her a toy,
why, this bugle.
At that very moment,
here came some... "Spartak"!
- A football club?
- Yes.
Imagine, when I came back, Mulya was
standing alone, and the girl wasn't there.
Thank you.
Please, do find her... thoroughly!
What have you done, Mulya!
Now that we've finally got a child,
you've lost her!
I... I've become so attached to her!
Return this, and this...
And get the money back.
- Yura!
- There! There she is!
- It's she! It's she!
- Who's she?
It's she, Natashka! Natashka!
I've noticed her right away!
- You're mistaken. This girl's in white...
- It's my sister, Natashka!
- But he's not, I've recognized her, too!
- Let's follow them! I beg you, please!
- It's Natashka! Turn the car around!
- All right. Seryozha!
Seryozha, we need
to catch up with that car.
Calm down.
Consider it done.
Quick! Quick!
Sit down, you both!
Yura, wait!
First, we must find out where he lives.
Comrade, a football player
came over here just now...
- What?
- A football player was here.
Let the man get some rest!
Come tomorrow.
There was a little girl with him.
What floor's he living on?
Where did he take her?
Ah, the girl?! They took her away.
- Who?
- Where to?
- Who knows where to?!
- Tell me, comrade. Who took her?
A man came for her, in a cab.
- A man?
- Yura, could it be your dad?
- What sort of man?
- Er... sort of chubby.
No, no, it wasn't my dad, then.
And what make of car?
[Emka - GAZ M1, modified Ford B 40A]
A light Emka. There, they just pulled away.
[Emka - GAZ M1, modified Ford B 40A]
Yura! Nina!
Hold it! Hop in, quickly!
Step on it! Overtake her!
Yura! You should know better than that!
Open up! There's my sister,
Natasha! Natasha! Natasha!
- You ask Natasha?
- Yes, yes, Natasha!
Just a moment.
Yura! Hold your horses!
And get a grip on yourself.
- Where are you headed?
- Please, calm down.
- You ought to go home now.
- No, no way!
Your mother will be back soon,
and she ought to be comforted.
- You're going home, and that's that.
- We'll come and tell her everything.
To his place.
- Where's Mum?!
- "Where's Mum, where's Mum"!
Come and see for yourself,
where's your mum!
Fellow citizen, well,
excuse me for calling you a crook.
You know what I want to tell you,
you've been called.
That's because
you'd called them to call you.
They called to say that Glebov can't find
Balashov, and Balashov can't call back,
and, imagine this, he called 10 times,
and said that Meyer had lost his head.
Just imagine, you know, they've been
calling here, I don't know...
Never mind. Never mind.
I'd settle it. I'll call them back.
- Well, that's more like it.
- Thank you very much.
- I am so much grateful to you...
- Don't mention it.
Yes, I mean it. To your search group,
and especially to you, Comrade Sergeyev!
You're welcome.
Mum! Mum, it's all my fault!
And I'm already found!
Come to me, come!
Natasha, where have you been?
I was looking for you...
- Good evening!
- Sorry, we didn't mean to intrude.
- Oh please, come in! I'm so glad!
- Natasha!
- Natashenka!
- And I've got a nail!
So, it was you who took her from
the captain of the football team?
Right! I'd been after her the whole day,
until finally I've got her there!
- Haven't you got such clockie?
- No.
- Is this a real clock?
- Of course.
- Daddy, it's half past seven!
- Half past seven?! You don't say!
You see? Today we're late
due to your urgent matters.
- Good-bye!
- Good-bye!
Cootchie coo, my little dove,
On your right side, and drop off,
Bayu-bayu, bayu-bye,
On your right side, and drop off.
Mama, let's get lost together tomorrow.
On your right side, and drop off.
Everybody, here and there,
Treats my child with tender care,
Bayu-bayu, bayu-bye,
Ma, what if I give you feldspar?
Bayu-bayu, bayu-bye,
Treats my child with tender care.
People in our land of mirth
All adore my little girl,
Bayu-bayu, bayu-bye,
All adore my little girl.
The End
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