Point Break (2015) Movie Script

This is it.
This fine trail, we're gonna be
the first ever to complete it.
You're insane, Utah.
- There's no way to ride that.
- There's a way.
You just gotta trust.
Come on, Jeff.
This is exactly what our sponsors want.
The impossible realized.
And all those YouTube hits.
Anyway, we gotta earn
these bikes we're sittin' on,
and it beats workin' for a livin'.
Yeah, well...
While I'm workin' for a livin',
you'll be suckin' meals through a straw
for the rest of your life.
I like smoothies.
We got this, bro'.
Just follow my line.
Utah to Heli, we're doin' this.
Come on, man!
Jeff! Jeff!
- Hold on, hold on!
- Gas to that gas tank!
Pull! Come on, pull!
HALL: This is a new world, son.
When you join the FBI,
you join the front line
in the war between order and chaos.
So, the question is,
are you ready for that fight, Utah?
Brigham, sir.
My name's Brigham.
Utah's a nickname
my classmates got off YouTube.
That world that you came out of...
Pretty wild, huh?
It had its moments.
Why leave all that
for all this structure?
Maybe I could use some structure, sir.
And maybe there's a part of you
doesn't want anything to do with it. Hmm?
I know why you left that world.
I know what happened
in that world to that kid.
Jeff, was it?
Yes, sir.
How bad do you really want this?
Bad enough to have gotten my high school
equivalency at 23, sir.
Bad enough to have gone to college
and law school
five years after my peers had graduated.
Yeah, I saw that.
The Bureau reviewed all my credentials
before they admitted me into this program.
I'm not sure why you're
second-guessing them.
Because it's my job, son,
to only let the most qualified
get past me.
Because I'm not convinced
that you are an FBI agent
in the making.
- I want this.
- Well, then, show me.
Yes, sir.
HALL: This is what chaos looks like.
And make no mistake,
these perps were very, very smart.
Had a sense of humor, too.
10 million carats of diamonds were lost.
And Mahana Carbon
is a majority American-owned company,
so we, the FBI, are interested.
30th of last month was a Friday,
so, the entire month's yield
from the company's mines was on hand.
Their mistake was believing
that nobody could ever rob
and successfully make a getaway
from a sorting facility
100 stories above the Earth.
And their security failed to foresee
that there might exist a set of perps
with an unusual skill set.
They saw potential police intervention
on the ground,
and they improvised.
They got away with 100 million
in uncut diamonds,
and then gave it all away
to the poorest of the poor
in the slums of Mumbai.
Who in the world would do that?
This case is right now.
These guys are out there in real time.
And I need a theory.
What kind of people
are we dealing with here?
Malfunction to ramp override.
Oh, shit!
Sir, what's going on?
U.S. plane carrying money got hijacked
over San Luis Potosi in Mexico.
Perps jumped out over the jungle
and disappeared without a trace.
We're looking for the bodies.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you have a minute?
We have two crimes
on two different continents.
Diamond-sorting facility in Mumbai,
and today's cargo plane over Mexico.
But there's a third crime
on a third continent.
Remember about a month ago,
there was an international logging
complex that was burned to the ground
- on the banks of the Congo River...
- Yeah.
...which is where
the world's most dangerous rapids are.
Now I think
the people that started that fire
also became the first ever to
navigate and survive the Inga Rapids.
You're saying
this is connected to the other two?
I think they're all connected, sir.
Two days before the Mumbai heist,
only 1,000 miles away,
these three were photographed
base-jumping from the peak of Everest.
They're the same people.
Same people...
Then what are they really up to here?
UTAH: I don't know why
they're committing the crimes, sir.
But I have an idea what they're chasing.
I think they're attempting
something called The Ozaki Eight.
This is Ono Ozaki.
He was an eco-warrior,
one of the first recognized
Extreme Poly-Athletes.
Now he challenged the
Extreme Sports world to a series
of eight ordeals that he said
honored the forces of nature.
Anyone who could find
the perfect line existing
through each one of these ordeals,
he believed, would achieve nirvana.
So, this is not about money?
It's about spiritual enlightenment?
An extreme athlete could potentially train
their entire life
just to attempt one of these ordeals.
To complete all eight,
would be to complete the impossible.
No one's ever done it.
Ozaki himself died
attempting his third ordeal.
These guys have already
completed the first three.
"Emerging Force" in Africa.
"Birth of Sky" on Everest.
And "Awakening Earth" in Mexico.
What's number four?
It's called "Life of Water."
The National Weather Service
is tracking a low-pressure system
in the Atlantic.
A massive storm about to hit off
the coast of western France.
And when it clears,
it's gonna cause a giant swell.
We're talkin' once-in-a-decade waves.
Eighty feet-plus.
Sir, if I'm right,
that's where they'll be.
You own a suit, son?
UTAH: Before finding my way to the FBI,
I was what's called
an Extreme Sports Poly-Athlete.
Snowboarding, motocross,
any downhill mountain sport, really.
And a few up.
WOMAN: Hall!
I'm supposed to be on a plane to Mexico
in half an hour.
Why am I listening to this?
Five minutes.
I believe the people
behind the robberies in Mexico
as well as the one in Mumbai
are extreme athletes.
MAN #1: Isn't that obvious?
I don't think
you ride a motorcycle off a building,
or skydive out of a
cargo plane if you aren't.
That last pair cratered
somewhere in the jungle.
I don't think they went
into the jungle at all.
I think they went through it.
Cave of the Swallows.
This is the largest
natural cave shaft on Earth.
The Empire State Building
could literally fit inside it.
And it just happens to be located
adjacent to San Luis Potosi.
The perps knew that.
They surgically identified
the perfect line
that would intersect them with the jungle
exactly where they wanted.
In doing so,
they became the first and only
to make a sky-earth transition
into the Cave of Swallows.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!
MAN #2: But what is the motive
for the crimes?
MAN #1: And what does this have to do
with guys driving motorcycles
out of diamond-sorting facilities?
Or raining U.S. currency
down over central Mexico?
Well, sir,
that's what we need to find out.
Those people in there,
they didn't buy your theory.
But I did.
This is a provisional I.D.
You're on your way to France.
You'll be met there by Agent Pappas
out of the U.K. office.
Now, he's...
...an acquired taste,
but you can trust him.
I want you to do exactly as he says,
you understand?
Yes, sir.
Your job, identify these individuals,
find out what the connection is
between the crimes and the ordeals.
Yes, sir.
Don't let me down,
'cause my ass is on the line in this.
I don't plan on it, sir.
Surfing? In the middle of the ocean?
Yeah, the storm causes a swell.
It travels thousands of miles
through deep water,
then suddenly reaches an
underwater mountain, and it...
Load your shit. It's time to roll.
So, by your,
for lack of a better word, "hypothesis,"
if these guys exist, they'd be out here?
Freak spring swell like this,
there's no way they'd miss it.
No one knows
when the next one's gonna hit.
It could be Cortes Bank in a year,
or maybe five, maybe 10.
It's a needle in a haystack after this.
Congrats. You found your haystack.
MAN: Pick up, pick up!
You ever surf anything like this?
I've surfed.
Yeah, but you ever surfed
anything like this?
Are you ready?
Let's go!
Here comes the set of the day!
Oh, shit.
Look! There's two guys
going for the same wave!
Who's got the inside?
- What the hell, man?
- Back, man! It's not your wave!
They got it!
That guy, he's snaking the wave!
You're gonna get somebody killed, man!
What's going on?
BODHI: So, the old train station
in Paris, tomorrow night.
You gonna jump in this time?
GROMMET: I'm still hurting
from the last one.
- You're the guy I snaked, right?
- Yup.
And the one who
plucked you off the ocean floor.
I guess you never surfed anything
that big before, right?
- Has anybody?
- He almost did.
You didn't make the choice for me. I did.
So, he's alive? Shame.
Easy, Roach.
Don't you know who our guest is?
Who is it?
Johnny Utah.
"Roach" Rottinger, right?
You're a moto legend, man.
Come on, chill out.
I know who you are.
What's a motocross rider
doing on a wave like that?
You almost got
your own ass killed today, brother.
BODHI: Sort of the point, isn't it?
Hey, man, is this your boat?
The only pot I have,
you can't even piss in.
The boat is his.
Al Fariq. He sponsors us.
UTAH: Sponsors you to what?
To be the first to achieve the impossible.
- Hey, man.
- Almost had it, brother.
- Next time.
- Next time.
- It'll come to me. Right?
- Yeah.
- Are you enjoying my party?
Hey, that's our guy.
- BODHI: Having fun?
- MAN: Yeah, man.
Good. You, too?
Hey, how come I don't know you?
Big world. Why would you?
Big wave rider like you?
I watch YouTube.
I just never seen you.
A tree falls in the forest,
no one puts it on YouTube,
did it ever really happen?
They call me Bodhi.
You're asking a lot of questions
for someone you don't know.
You and I got something to do. Okay?
Chowder will show you around.
No, I won't.
You're on your own. Enjoy the party.
AL FARIQ: Everyone have a good time!
- Having fun?
- Worst party ever!
Worst party ever?
You're never gonna get invited again.
- MAN: Thank you very much.
- BODHI: Okay.
It's nice up here.
Nice to meet you.
I saw you on that wave today.
It was epic.
I love the sea.
Its power.
I got a real taste of that today.
- Yeah, I saw you eat shit.
- Oh, you saw that?
Good. Perfect.
- That's awesome.
- Hmm.
Nature will always find a way
to make you feel small.
I owe Bodhi for pullin' me out.
We don't believe in owing.
What do you believe in?
That you choose your path.
You are an FBI agent.
Well, provisional.
What does "Samsara" mean?
Can a wanderer have a path?
Yeah, for sure.
But it's only when you stop
looking for one that you find it.
How do I stop looking?
Let's just be here.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Had a good time?
It's a good party, man.
What are you doing here, Utah?
What do you mean?
I remember you. Your reputation.
More balls than talent.
Some said maybe
that was why you were so good.
'Cause you lacked fear.
But what I saw on that wave yesterday,
that was different.
You lacked respect.
There was no... Connection.
There was no beauty.
Maybe I'm chasing something. Like you are.
Like me?
What do you think I'm chasing?
You're chasing The Eight.
That's a myth.
But the real question is,
what are you after?
That was some crazy, crazy shit.
For that, I thank you.
There's gotta be something there, Pappas.
All I saw was the bottom of my glass.
And a great piece of ass. You?
I just know there's gotta be a lotta guys
on that boat who are chasing The Eight.
You got evidence
that connects them to our investigation?
You've got nothing.
I'm takin' you to the airport.
- No.
- Putting you on a plane.
No, I heard some talk
on the boat last night
about something going down
in Paris tonight.
I gotta go check that out.
PAPPAS: I like you, kid,
but if you wanna stay on the case,
you gotta give me some evidence.
You got it.
- UTAH: Excuse me. Train station?
- MAN: What?
UTAH: Thank you.
Let him in.
It wouldn't be the first time
he did something stupid.
Small world.
What's he doing here?
I told him to meet us here.
Oh, you did?
He said he was after something.
No better place to find it.
GROMMET: Okay, then.
I just came to catch the scene, man.
You're catchin' it.
Let go.
There you are.
I think I know what I'm after.
You don't know shit.
I'm headed out tonight
to find us a mountain,
and hopefully arrive at the line.
How long you think it'll take?
Maybe a week.
Good luck, brother.
Give me a minute.
It's pretty decent.
There are a few things in life
I don't compromise on.
No, I don't get the impression
you compromise on much ever.
Try not to.
But the world's a pretty messed-up place,
and I still gotta live in it.
So, you live off the grid?
We live on it.
Just on our own terms.
What terms?
You wouldn't get it.
We change the grid. We give back.
The second that kid got killed
on your line, you quit life.
You turned away
because of something someone else did.
You were selling sports drinks?
Fine. That's not for me to judge.
But you let someone else determine
the direction your life took.
That I judge.
So, you got all your shit figured out,
and screw everyone else for trying, huh?
Is that it?
Ozaki's ordeal.
Life of Wind.
You doing anything?
We've got nothing.
He'll probably be
on a plane in the morning.
- Hang on a minute.
Change of plans.
GROMMET: I guess Bodhi
sees something in you.
I don't.
We leave for the Alps first light.
You coming?
How long's the hike?
Depends how fast you are, man.
We still have a long way to go, my friend.
That's the summit.
Half a mile of pure primordial rock.
Maybe I should have
asked you this before,
but you've done this, right?
UTAH: Sure.
Except it was out of a plane.
Proximity flight's
a whole different monster.
You need to read the flow.
Become the wind.
Or you'll hit your point.
What point?
The point where you break.
Where fear becomes master,
and you're its slave.
BODHI: A man who pushes his boundaries
ultimately finds them.
So, basically,
you're sayin' I'm gonna die.
We're all gonna die.
The only question's how.
you wanna keep going,
or are you turning around?
Here he is.
Hey, the rock.
What rock?
You heard the man. Pass the rock.
Oh, you funny assholes!
Should have checked your bag, man.
Always check your bag.
GROMMET: Ah! Great work.
- This rock?
- You have another one?
All right.
Six seconds.
Six seconds to fly or die.
UTAH: When do we go?
BODHI: First light.
ROACH: Happening in six days.
So, we're gonna jump off a mountain
and reach nirvana?
BODHI: It's not that simple.
Ozaki spoke of balance.
But it's not about risking our lives
for personal gain.
It is about becoming part of something
that is much greater than ourselves.
The Eight honors the
essential forces of the Earth.
And Ozaki wanted to complete The Eight
to bring the world's attention back
to the beauty of this planet.
The fact that it is dying.
We have to give more than we take
if we want to stop the destruction
of the very place that gives us life.
That's the path we're on.
That's what we're looking for.
That's what we're following.
We're not here to reach enlightenment,
to find nirvana.
We're here to try to save this place
by becoming one with it.
And to do that, you need to be able
to let go of your sense of self.
There's no turning back.
So, go whichever way
your heart tells you, Utah.
And if you are on
the same path as we are,
I may see you at dawn.
Are you ready to let go?
Let's do this.
- You did it!
- Yeah!
- Whoo-hoo!
Thanks, man.
- Yeah!
That's how you do it.
Yeah! Yeah!
- BODHI: You guys ready?
- SAMSARA: Oh, yeah.
- Here you go.
- Let me see.
- It's a little dry.
- BODHI: Tastes good.
- All right?
- Yeah.
Welcome, Johnny.
Thank you.
Let's eat.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
UTAH: My mom was a Ute Indian.
That's why they call me Utah.
Means "mountain people."
Maybe that's why
I was so good on the slopes.
Jeff was like a brother to me.
More than a friend.
And he died because of me.
What happened to your friend was tragic.
But it was his choice, not yours.
We can only be responsible
for our own path, brother.
And let others have theirs.
BODHI: "Life of Ice." The Sixth Ordeal.
Chowder found the mountain in Italy,
but not the line.
You gotta find a line,
you gotta do it fast.
Weather's rolling in. You don't wanna get
caught up here when it does.
If this rock's even rideable.
What about that one over there?
Definitely first descent.
- No.
- No?
Not radical enough for you?
It's radical enough.
Then what's wrong with it?
It's not beautiful.
That's not beautiful. That's death.
Maybe. But it's also perfect.
- Let's do this.
- Right.
I got you. I'll be with the chopper.
That's it. We're done. We're cliffed out.
Grommet? Send the chopper. It's over.
- GROMMET: Copy that.
- Screw that.
This guy is seriously broke.
Kind of great, isn't it?
We're never gonna finish what we started
if we die on this mountain.
We have to do this.
We lost Chowder.
Oh, man.
He's up there! We gotta find him!
He's dead! You can't help it!
It's not about you!
- Are you crazy? That was my line!
- Your line?
The second he committed to it,
it became his line!
Not yours.
Let it go.
See you soon, brother.
See you soon.
- ROACH: Here's to Chowder, guys!
- ALL: To Chowder!
Shit! It's Utah!
- Utah! Utah, man!
- What's up, man?
Where did you come from?
I've been on Mars, man. I've been on Mars.
Peace, peace. Hey, bro.
Man, check out
what my boys were doing in Mumbai.
MAN: Good to see you, man.
In Mumbai?
The three parachutes? Dude.
- I know, I know. I gotta go...
- WOMAN: Don't go!
I'll be back in one minute.
I'll be back, just wait. One minute!
Hey, Utah!
Hey, it's my pleasure to have you here.
You are always welcome chez Al Fariq.
I like you, Johnny.
I want you on my team, man!
Daredevil dreams come true.
I can make you a hero,
or I can watch you die trying. Eh?
Look at that asshole.
He's got more money
than most small nations.
AL FARIQ: Hey, Steve!
You all right?
Lifted up his leg and pissed out
this atrocity all over the mountains.
You know, he doesn't own these mountains,
just like he doesn't own us.
Cake, cake, cake! Come on!
You good?
Man, I see a lot of taking
on the way to enlightenment.
What's being given back?
Trust me.
We give back.
Do you need privacy?
No. I'm good.
Everybody leave?
Yeah, mostly.
Are you okay?
I don't know.
Thinkin' about losing Chowder.
If any of this party
is what Ozaki had in mind
for the path to enlightenment.
Ozaki would have hated this.
He only cared about
the purity of The Eight
and giving back whatever
he took from the Earth
on the way to getting there.
And what did he give back?
Sometimes it was as simple
as planting a tree.
Other times, it was something much larger.
Like when my parents died
in an avalanche when I was nine,
he gave me a home.
I didn't know.
I know that he died
questing his third ordeal.
Yeah. That's the story.
But it's not the truth.
He completed that ordeal.
He could have finished the entire Eight.
He was that good.
But instead he got himself killed
giving back for that ordeal.
He positioned his small boat
in the North Atlantic
between a Norwegian whaling ship
and a pod of humpback whales.
The whaling ship never even slowed.
The only survivor was a young guy
who was on the boat with him.
Well, why didn't
this young guy say something?
Why didn't he tell the world?
Maybe he had other ideas.
It wouldn't have made a difference anyway.
As much as I worshipped Ozaki,
that was his Achilles' heel.
He truly believed that
he could change the world with an idea.
Ideas can be powerful.
Not as powerful as a whaling ship.
If not ideas, then what else is there?
That young guy on the boat.
That was Bodhi, wasn't it?
Bodhi is going to complete
what Ozaki set out to do.
He's going to take
a different path to do it.
So, here we are.
Came as fast as I could.
Yeah. It's been 12 days.
I saw an opportunity.
I couldn't break cover.
I put a 24-hour surveillance
on Al Fariq's hideaway.
I know exactly what you were doing.
Criminal masterminds?
They're just kids
partying away their lives
on Al Fariq's dime.
The difference between them and you,
is you're doing it on the FBI's.
Where does that leave you, huh?
Hangin' out on this dock
while I'm onto something?
You're onto shit!
Now I'm sorry if this particular locale
lacks the glamour you're accustomed to
because there's no drugs,
or naked girls shakin' their arses.
But that's why we stayed down
'ere all night.
To prove that wasn't an American mine
that blew that piece of shit up!
For your information,
this is how the real FBI works.
It's dirty, it's pedestrian,
and generally downright boring!
I can figure this out, Pappas!
I just need more time.
You've been gone a day.
Where the fuck have you been?
BODHI: Ready to start talkin'
about giving back?
She gives.
We partake.
And then we give her an offering.
UTAH: An offering of what?
BODHI: That mine down there
has been ripping gold out of her guts
for over 20 years.
We're gonna get some of it back for her.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, my man.
Source to source.
You're gonna steal it?
We're going to liberate it.
When's this goin' down?
Right now, brother.
I get it, okay?
People are screwing up the world.
And you wanna do something about it,
then you gotta find another way!
The world is burning! Look around!
- Do you have a better idea?
- There's about a hundred ways
this could go really wrong, man.
Explosives like that...
You're gonna cross a line
you can't come back from.
That's the difference between us.
All you see is lines.
We see the truth.
Put that on.
BODHI: Stay behind me!
MAN: No, no!
- GROMMET: Get outta here!
- ROACH: Get out!
GROMMET: Leave! Leave!
- GROMMET: Get outta here!
ROACH: Leave the truck! Run! Run!
Come on, Johnny!
All set.
Get out! Get out! Get out of there!
Get out!
Help me! Gimme a hand! Help me!
Put him down here.
Bodhi, freeze, FBI!
I can't let you do it, brother!
Damn it, Bodhi, drop that!
That's it. We gotta get outta here!
Let's go!
UTAH: It was you the whole time!
Mumbai, Africa, Mexico. Everything!
If you really wanted to know,
all you had to do was ask.
When you showed up in Paris,
we knew you were a cop.
Then why'd you let me in?
Because I thought I could save you.
That's when I lost control
of the motorcycle
and crashed into the river.
By the time I got back to the surface
and the riverbank,
he was gone.
Your orders were
to investigate and report.
So, now I got another situation.
$100 million in gold ore
lost from Grauman Minerals,
which as you know,
is another multi-national
with American ties.
And I got the Director on my ass
sending me here from D.C. to end this.
So, my question...
Why did you not follow
your instructions, son?
I'd earned their trust, sir,
and I wanted to be sure
they were the suspects.
So, your M.O. is to help them
commit another crime?
No! Not at all. I wanted to stop them.
- Yeah...
- I tried to stop them.
Bodhi doesn't see these as crimes.
He thinks of them as offerings.
Offerings? What the hell does that mean?
What the hell does that even mean?
These guys are trying
to complete the Ozaki Eight.
They see that as a gift given to them
from the Earth.
To balance out that gift,
they want to give back
something taken from the Earth.
This case, it was gold ore
that was ripped out of the ground.
Now you've been undercover,
what, two weeks?
You know how easy it is
to lose perspective, son?
What happened here,
you got too close to these individuals.
You did exactly what I told you not to do!
I wanna catch these guys, sir.
Just like you.
But they're not common criminals.
They just don't see themselves that way.
They've taken Ozaki's ideas
to the extreme.
They think they're crusaders
with a worthy cause.
They're more than willing to die for it.
Every criminal has some
bullshit justification for what they do.
HALL: And just like every other
identified criminal,
their profiles are here at Interpol.
They will make a move,
and we will catch them.
We've frozen Al Fariq's assets.
Their money is gone.
UTAH: These guys are meticulous.
Everything they do is near flawless.
But if we push them into a corner,
they will act like common criminals.
And it will get ugly.
Ugly is what we do, son.
- Sir?
- Yes?
I think you should see this.
Coming through frame any second...
- There!
- UTAH: That's them.
Bodhi's gonna finish what Ozaki started,
no matter what.
But he needs money to do that.
We've frozen their assets.
They can't do a damn thing.
Hugh, how many banks are in the area?
There's more than a dozen.
But this is Saturday, none are open.
Except a small branch
on top of the mountain.
But no one would be crazy enough
to try anything there.
These guys would be.
It's on top of a mountain.
Only one road, up or down.
A total chokepoint.
Chokepoint is exactly what they want.
Alert local law enforcement.
It's time to choose whose side you're on.
I'm not officially doin' this.
I don't want you
dyin' on my watch, so don't.
No! Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Cut 'im off!
UTAH: Bodhi!
Bodhi, no! No!
That's one hell of a bucket list.
Why isn't number four crossed off?
I thought he surfed the wave.
He chose to save my life instead.
Are you okay?
Nobody said it was gonna be an easy job.
Oh, God.
I know where he's goin'.
The first six ordeals
all travel in one direction, down.
With gravity.
But Seven, "Master of Six Lives,"
asks you to go against gravity, go up.
Free solo rock climbing.
And no ropes, no protection,
no second chances.
Now, there are just a handful
of ascents in the world
that match Ozaki's standard
for the impossible,
but only one that lies outside
of the reach of the U.S. government.
Angel Falls, Venezuela.
It's also the country
that Bodhi was born in.
Very smart.
Excuse me, sir. There is a call for you.
I'll call him back.
We have no diplomatic
relationships with Venezuela.
We have no extradition treaty
with Venezuela.
We get this son-of-a-bitch
when he pops up next.
So, look,
if he survives this next ordeal,
he's got two left, correct?
That's right, sir.
But the wave like the one off France
is incredibly rare.
It could be years until
there's a swell that size again.
And the 8th Ordeal,
"Act of Ultimate Trust," is a mystery.
No one knows what it means.
I need to get to Bodhi in the 7th Ordeal
before he starts to climb.
Otherwise he is gone.
We can't even get into the country.
I will not let this go, sir.
Do you understand?
He's out of reach.
I make mistakes. Now, I know that.
But I promised you I could do this job.
I need to finish it.
can we get him in?
Yeah, it could be done.
- Hey. This it?
- Si.
Try not to get yourself killed, kid.
GROMMET: Bodhi, I can't see the line.
I do.
I do see it, and it's beautiful.
You know I always trusted you, right?
To follow a line I can't even see?
It's not my line. It's yours.
UTAH: Bodhi!
It's over!
Come on!
You can get it! Go for it!
You can do it.
BODHI: Hey, Grommet, come on.
See you soon.
You've got nowhere to go!
UTAH: Do you have any idea
how many laws you've broken?
How many people you killed?
And you accomplished nothing.
But I'm not done yet.
Bodhi! No!
No gear, no shoes, no body, nothin'.
Probably miles downriver by now.
Might never find the body.
"The Act of Ultimate Trust:"
Bodhi went over the falls on purpose.
"The 8th Ordeal."
He figured it out.
Had it fast-tracked.
I guess this is really
a small world, isn't it?
I just knew if you were alive
anywhere on the Earth,
there's no way you'd let this go.
"Life of Water."
It's the last ordeal you need
to complete The Eight.
Why are you here, Utah?
It's 100-foot out there. More.
You got no PFD.
You're 150 miles from shore.
I'm here to take you in,
because if you go out there,
you're not comin' back, Bodhi!
And isn't that beautiful?
Isn't that beautiful?
Isn't that beautiful, brother?
This is my path.
Let me complete it.
See you soon, Utah.
PILOT: Where to?
Sub Upload Date: March 14, 2016