Point of No Return (1993) Movie Script

Open the door, you stupid motherfucker.
Open the fucking door!
- I had the fucking keys, Stan.
This is faster.
I need it.
Relax, you'll get it.
I need it so bad.
Get the fucking door, Johnny!
Come on.
Oh, no. Oh, no. Honey, don't you dare
go down there.
Yes, it's Osman's Drug
at 7th and Burdoch.
What the fuck! I thought you knew
where the good stuff was!
He always keeps it right in here!
- I'm gonna count to three.
- Or?
Or my wife will be mopping up
your blood tomorrow morning.
Oh, yeah, pops?
You'd shoot your little boy?
With that big gun...
you'd shoot and kill little Johnny D?
John...? Johnny?
You ain't gonna shoot your little boy,
are you? Huh?
- You shut up!
You shut the fuck up, pops!
And help Johnny D find the good shit!
- Cops!
No, no, don't!
No, don't!
I live here!
Motherfucker! You wanna fuck around?
Lights out!
Come on, you motherfucker!
You wanna play with me? Let's go!
- Did you find any?
- What?
Let's go.
Let's go. Come on.
Sit down.
Sit down, you ugly bitch.
- Put her in the chair.
- Aah!
You're not only ugly, you're stupid too.
Get smart with me
and I'll rip your face off.
Now, then...
what's your name?
- Maggie.
- Full name.
Maggie Blowjob.
Go ahead. Grin away.
We'll put you on death row,
you'll lose that grin real quick.
Here. Sign that.
I don't have any more time
for your bullshit.
Can I have a pencil?
Having been found guilty
of the crime of murder...
it is the judgment of this court that you
be sentenced to die by lethal injection.
You are hereby remanded
to the federal prison in Pleasanton...
where you shall remain
until your sentence is carried out.
And may God have mercy on your soul.
No! No!
Please wait for my mom!
Wait, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Wait till my
mommy comes. She'll come for me.
Wait for her.
You've got to tell my mom!
My mom will come and get me!
I'm Bob.
Is that Maggie short for, uh...
For Margaret?
Mister, what is this place?
Where am I?
You're dead.
At least that's what everybody thinks.
Your funeral.
We staged it Saturday afternoon.
You're buried here. Oakmont Cemetery.
Plot 48, row 12.
- There's, uh... There's your father.
- Didn't my mother come?
No, your mother, she, uh...
You know you can't get out, Maggie.
I work for some people.
The government, let's call them.
We've decided to give you
another chance.
Is that about me?
Yes, it is.
You know a lot about me.
We do.
you're gonna give me this chance?
What do I gotta do?
Learn, Maggie.
Learn to speak properly,
learn to stand up straight, for a start.
Learn languages, computers, and so on.
Do something to help your country,
for a change.
What if I'm not interested?
Row 48...
plot 12.
- Can I think about it?
- Yeah, why don't you think about it, Maggie?
You've got one hour.
- Stupid fucking asshole!
- Aah!
Come on, up. Up! Up!
Which way is out?
Uh, this way.
- Who are these assholes?
- Just people who work here. It's okay.
There's no pr... Put it down. There's no
problem. Just go back to your desks.
Bullshit. Everything's fucked!
Now, come on.
You know you can't get away with this.
Put it away. Put it away.
Go back to your work.
Everything's under control.
- Open it.
- I can't.
- Open the fucking door.
- I said I can't, Maggie.
- Tell them to do it.
- They won't.
I'll blow his fucking brains out!
They still won't do it, Maggie.
Just give me the gun, Maggie. Good girl.
Just put it down.
Come on, Maggie.
You're too smart to fight these odds.
It's okay. It's okay. Put it down.
Never chamber the first round.
That ought to slow you down
for a while...
Maggie for Margaret.
Team ready?
One, two, three.
What's it to be, yes or no?
What if I said that I have a couple of
questions and that I need some more time?
If I said there is no more time?
What if I said you can kiss my ass
right in the crack?
What's it gonna be, Maggie, yes or no?
Uh, I'm gonna have a few things
that I'm gonna need.
Yeah, I'm gonna need some stuff.
I need some music.
Some good music.
I'm gonna want some Nina Simone.
Nina Simone.
Yeah, and...
And I'm gonna want
some more painkillers.
My leg is fucking killing me.
Is that it?
I'll make a list.
You do that, Maggie.
Bet your fucking ass.
Well, we're gonna start
with a simple program first.
This is just like a typewriter keyboard.
You got letters here...
numbers here, right? Return, okay?
Tab... Hold... Wait, wait, wait.
This is a mouse, okay?
You use this to write with,
draw, save, things like that.
See that roller? Roll that around
and watch the screen.
Good, good, good. Okay, okay.
See the arrow?
Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Real easy, okay?
Real easy. Like that, okay. Now, move that
arrow right down to where it says, "Play."
Okay, now right here, click once.
Pay attention, Maggie.
- Can we make the dinosaur eat him?
- You want to make the dinosaur eat him?
Very good, very good.
Feel a little bit more relaxed.
- You.
- Hmm?
I can't. My leg hurts.
That's okay. We're just working on
reflexes. It'll be easy. Come on.
I've taken my guard.
See if you can hit my face.
Hit me. Come on, hit me.
Come on, hit me. Hit me. Come on.
Always smile
when you enter a room, dear.
It relaxes others,
and it lifts the features of the face.
Do you know what
"Nature's first green is gold" means?
"Nature's first green is gold."
It means that the first is best...
that youth is better than old age.
You have the gift of youth.
That is what we'll build on.
It's charming, my dear,
but it doesn't address my point.
Put the gum here.
That's better.
Sit down.
Are you an ugly duckling...
or a swan?
Because the choice is yours, you know.
Belief is half of being.
It's a fancy way of saying,
if you believe you're pretty...
then you will be pretty.
You'll see.
What do you do
when you're most uncomfortable?
When you're angry or scared?
I hit.
You might want to try smiling.
Just smile a little smile and...
say something offhand. It doesn't
have to fit the situation, really.
Say, "I never did mind
about the little things."
Say it.
Please, dear.
A smile, and the sentence.
"I never did mind..."
I never did mind...
about the little things.
Chin up. Shoulders back.
Yes. Have some pride in yourself.
Show me.
Yes, Maggie. Better. Good.
"I lie down for a nap today."
Yesterday I lay down for a nap.
"If something unfortunate happens,
I feel bad..."
Louder, please.
"I feel bad about it, not badly.
Bad is an adjective.
Remember to say, 'It is a secret
between her and me.' Not, 'she and I."'
Well, anyway, check back.
All right, turn it down, will you?
Please, turn it down.
People are beginning to complain.
Why don't you use the headset I got you?
Because they're crappy.
Ahem. You know, you, uh...
This is, uh, Nina Simone.
You got it for me, remember?
- She wants sugar in her bowl?
- Ha, ha.
"Ooh, baby, just stick it in me twice
a day, and I'll do anything for you.
I'll lick the ground you walk on."
Why do you talk so dirty, Maggie?
Why do you talk so faggy, Bob?
So how is it, uh...
How is it going?
Oh, man, I'm so majorly bored.
Think I'm going crazy. Started talking
to myself and all kinds of stuff.
- Well, your reports are excellent.
- All right.
So, what, do I get a reward or something?
It's my birthday next week.
Why don't you let me go outside?
Just for one night?
You can have me followed.
- Please.
- I can't. Okay?
Look, Maggie...
I know how you feel.
- Bullshit.
- Yes, I do.
I used to be a recruit myself.
I used to be where you are now.
And, just like you,
I hated every moment of it.
So you understand.
I'm going stir-crazy. Please.
Just let me go out for a walk.
I said I can't.
That's it. Okay?
I want to go for a walk!
Door number five?
Take out the bad guys.
Do not shoot the good guys.
You got two seconds for each target.
You understand?
Ready, set and go.
What was that?
- Yeah, right.
What is it with you?
Eating should be graceful, yet natural.
If you get a bone in your mouth,
take it out with your fingers...
and put it on the edge of your plate.
No fake middle-class delicacy.
No hiding the bone behind a napkin.
Today we'll start with the entre.
All right?
Let's begin.
May I be excused?
You've done better, Bobby.
I know she's a pain, but I can bring her
around. I think she's got great potential.
I like her potential too.
Got some mighty nice potential.
- So bottom line me about this girl.
- So?
We need a young female operative.
I think she's the one.
Now, under normal circumstances
it takes two years. In this case...
Six months.
That's right. And I don't want to see
any more attitude from her.
Enough with this crap. She bites,
she kicks, she throws food. What is that?
So you got it?
I give you six months. And I want immediate
improvement or she gets a bullet in the brain.
Ask me why I'm so serious.
Why are you so serious?
Because I've got serious stuff to tell you,
Maggie for Margaret.
First, the good stuff.
Happy birthday.
Okay, now the bad stuff.
Kaufman has drawn a line in the sand.
He says he's not gonna take
any more crap from you.
He mentioned the word "bullet"
and he mentioned the word "brain."
You hearing me?
Is this going in, Maggie?
Because I want you to know,
it's now out of my hands.
Ahem. Happy birthday.
Will you help me?
Of course. Come upstairs.
All you need is balance.
We have to find your feminine strength.
Some moon to go with your sun.
A bit of the poet to balance the warrior.
Don't you want to carry your jacket?
Oh, surely not just for a dinner lesson.
What's worth doing...
Is worth doing well.
- Yes, I think you've mentioned that before.
Very good.
You look...
You look beautiful.
You've really, uh...
Really outdone yourself this time.
Yes, about this one, I am pleased.
Then why do I have to have
another dinner lesson after six months?
Or are you afraid that I'll revert and start
putting my feet back up on the table again?
I think that, uh...
tonight we should have dinner out.
Oh, thank you.
Shall we go?
Good evening. Would you like
to see the wine list, sir?
Uh, no, thanks.
Just a bottle of Dom Perignon, please.
Very good, sir.
Thank you, Bob.
Don't... Don't open it yet.
Uh, yeah, that's fine.
Have a good evening.
Maggie, more than you can
possibly imagine...
I wish you every good thing.
It's loaded.
I don't understand.
There are three people sitting behind you
on the balcony. A lady and two men.
The man on the right is a VIP.
The other one's his bodyguard.
I want you to put two bullets in the VIP.
Two bullets minimum.
Then go to the men's room.
In the last stall there's a small window
that leads to a courtyard.
There will be a car waiting for you.
Don't, uh...
Don't do anything till I leave.
You've got three minutes, okay?
It was bricked in, Bob.
The window was all bricked in.
Yes, of course it was, Maggie.
That was your final test.
- Motherfucker!
- Unh!
- Stop it. Stop it.
- Son of a bitch!
You get out tomorrow.
You get out tomorrow.
It was your last test.
You get out tomorrow.
I'm really gonna miss you.
You know that.
I'll never kiss you again.
What level of operation is she ready for?
Ambitious as ever, huh?
Don't sit down.
I need her ready by March.
You're gonna love this. A woman goes into
a bar with a duck under her arm.
Orders a couple beers. Bartender says,
"What're you doing with that pig?"
She says, "I beg your pardon. This is a
duck." He said, "I was talking to the duck."
I was talking to the duck.
I think you're dangerous.
A real loose cannon. If it had been up to
me we'd put you down, so make no mistakes.
Because I'm telling you, if you cross
on a red light, you are worm bait.
I was talking to the duck.
Your name is Claudia Doran. You're from
Chicago. You live in Venice, California.
You're a computer expert for Super Mac.
You travel a lot.
Here's your passport,
driver's license, birth certificate.
Now, there's cash in here
to buy yourself a new car.
Your code name is Nina.
As in Nina Simone?
- I'm scared.
- You?
That'll be the day.
Go on.
I warned you.
It's just...
It needs a lot of work.
That's not a urine stain.
It's fully, uh...
Actually, there's another one
that's closer to being done.
I'll take it.
All right.
Here's your, uh...
- ravioli.
- Oh. Thanks.
And your ravioli.
And your...
oh, my goodness, it's ravioli.
Cammie Swiss Cake Rolls.
Now, that sounds nutritious.
Sorry. I suppose it's kind of embarrassing
to have some fool pawing through your food.
Don't worry about it.
I don't get embarrassed.
What do you mean?
Just nothing embarrasses me.
You mean, ever?
That's great. You'll have to
teach me that trick sometime.
Where're you from?
- It's not a trick question.
- Chicago.
Hey, I'm from Denver.
So I know you're from Chicago,
and you love ravioli.
See, that's a start.
So how does someone
get to know you better?
- Well, for you, it'd be easy.
- Good, then have dinner with me tonight.
Uh, ha, ha.
Oh, okay.
Ha, ha. It's a deal.
So all I have to do is
show any apartment that's vacant...
change light bulbs,
sweep the stairs once a week...
pick up rent checks once a month.
For that...
half off my own rent.
Mostly what I do, though,
is I work on my portfolio.
I'm a photographer.
I take some good stuff sometimes.
I've sold to some galleries.
Weston and Levinson's, you know?
All day, though,
all I do is just run around...
and just take care of stuff.
You really like ravioli, huh?
I usually make the first move.
This is fine too.
Aah! Ha, ha! Ah!
God, this is hard.
Shut up and finish it.
It is. It's hard as hell.
- Shut up and finish it.
- Let's go out tonight and get a hamburger...
- Shut up and finish it.
I'll call Ned and Karen
and see if they want to come, okay?
Heh. Yeah, sure. You don't really
like them much, do you?
They're okay.
Well, why don't you ask
somebody sometime?
- Like who?
- I don't know.
A friend. One of your buddies.
Somebody you like to hang around with.
You haven't had one person
to this apartment in months.
- You know that?
- I know.
Not one.
Because I want only you.
- You're so guarded.
- I'm not guarded.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
You're like living with a ghost,
you know.
You never tell me anything.
All right. So then...
what do you want to know?
I don't know. I wanna know
what your fifth grade teacher was like.
I wanna know if this pretty face
had pimples on it in high school.
I wanna meet your friends from work.
I wanna know why you listen to
Nina Simone when you're in a bad mood.
Forget it.
My mother loved Nina Simone.
She used to play her records all the time.
I grew up listening to this music.
sounded so...
so savage.
All about love and loss.
I play Nina Simone
when I think about my mother.
- Hello?
- Yeah?
- J.W. Marriott in Century City.
Personnel entrance. In one hour.
All right.
Who's that?
I'm about to lose a sale
on 500 video cards.
- Mm. No.
- And I gotta go all the way to El Segundo.
Hurry back.
I will.
Excuse me.
What do I do?
Now what?
Now we wait.
Testing, one, two, three.
Testing, one, two, three.
Good morning.
Room service. Mm-hm.
Certainly. About 15 minutes.
Yes, sir, thank you for calling.
- What do I do?
- Take this tray where I tell you.
- And then?
- And then nothing.
You take the tray up, knock on the door...
you give him the tray
and you come back down here.
That too much for you?
All right.
- Thanks.
Down with the ball...
back at his own 44.
I guess there's a reason
they call him Roughhouse Durant...
Now what do I do?
- Go home.
- That's it?
How are you?
Just blew up a hotel.
How the hell do you think I am?
Well, everybody at headquarters,
especially Kaufman, is very happy.
I just thought you'd like to know that.
So, uh, I hear you've met somebody.
What's he like?
He's really great. He's really great.
I never would have met him
if it hadn't been for you.
- I have to meet him.
- What?
Yeah. It's, uh, just a routine checkup.
- I can't.
- Just invite me to dinner, okay?
No. No.
Just invite me to dinner.
Uncle Bob.
You must be J.P.
Oh, you shouldn't.
Hey, you should've.
Come on.
I can't tell you what a pleasure
it is to meet you, Uncle Bob.
I haven't met any of her family.
- Claudia.
- Claudia.
- Long time no see.
- Uncle Bob.
Mm. You look, uh...
You look great. Really great.
- Can we get you...?
- Something to drink?
Scotch. Scotch would be nice.
Oh, here. These are from Uncle Bob.
- Oh, great.
She looks really beautiful.
- Must be something to do with you.
- It is.
You know, you're older than I thought.
I bet you're not the youngest photographer
honking his photos in town.
That's true. That's true.
But most other guys are just out
of high school. They have no experience.
Well, he may not be the youngest,
but he's certainly the cutest.
How old are you, Uncle Bob?
I'm, um, 37.
- So that makes you, uh...
- Thirteen years older.
It was really funny. The other day
I was reading something, it was really...
It's actually closer to 14.
Her birthday's in three months.
What exactly is the point, P.J.?
- J.P.
You guys.
Wait a minute.
Take it easy. Why don't you just
arm-wrestle right now and get it over with?
What was she like when she was little?
I mean, I ask her all the time. She never
talks about herself. No details, nothing.
- Well, let me see...
He just wanted to know what
you were like when you were a little girl.
J.P., you promised.
- She hates questions.
- Do I ask you questions?
No, I wish you would, though.
- Can't we just drop it?
Why don't we not this time.
Look, damn it! Don't you fucking get it?
I don't want to talk about it!
I didn't drag my ass all the way from the
gutter in Kansas City to take shit from you!
I thought you were from Chicago.
Uh, Kansas City.
She was born in Kansas City
but, uh, raised in Chicago.
I used to see her during the summers
on this farm that my uncle owned.
You didn't know
she spent summers on a farm, did you?
Well, she did.
I remember...
I remember one summer...
the, uh, local kids... Thanks.
The kids' family owned this, uh, mare.
She was...
black as a raven's wing, completely
wild. Remember? They called her Beauty.
She was, uh, trained as a trotter,
but she had never really been ridden.
Anyway, the kids told Claudia
that she had to ride Beauty...
that it was like an initiation,
the kind of thing that they all had to do.
Anyway, one day, I remember...
about noon...
it was really, really hot.
We heard this scream.
We ran outside, and...
And there was Claudia.
bareback on this wild horse.
Well, the horse went completely crazy.
Bucked, reared.
She hung on.
She just gritted her teeth,
dug her heels in...
and she hung on.
And, by God, she rode that horse.
I guess that's how
I remember her, really.
This slip of a girl on a wild black horse.
She was so beautiful.
She was so beautiful that she gleamed.
Do you know what I mean?
That's really you, then.
That's what I thought you'd be like.
By the way...
did, uh, Claudia tell you what I do?
I'm in the travel business.
Well, I'm a partner in a travel agency...
and I've got these two tickets here,
if, uh, you'd like to take them.
They're for New Orleans
for the Mardi Gras.
- Thought you might like to go.
You're so sweet.
I'll enjoy thinking of both of you there.
I will.
Coming through!
- I'm hungry!
- We gotta get out of here!
This is crazy!
We gotta go!
Let's go to the hotel.
Wait. Let's try here.
Try here.
Yeah. Down here.
Can't we just eat here?
The food is crappy.
I know that place is close by here.
You better be right.
Well, it might be that, uh...
It's, uh...
Oh, yeah. I saw it over here.
What do you want?
We want your money.
Maybe y'all could help us out
with a little something to eat, huh?
Me and my friend, we real hungry now.
Real good. We want all your money.
- Go to hell.
- Hey...
Come on.
So wild. What the hell was that?
- I don't know.
You beat the hell out of them.
You didn't even give me a chance.
It was just a reflex.
You've got some reflexes.
Where'd you learn to do that?
Well, I, uh...
I... I took... Ha, ha.
I just... I don't know.
I guess I took a self-defense class once
when I was just a girl.
I'm so hungry.
I gotta have food.
- What is it? It's 5, right?
- Mm-hm.
Room service. May I help you?
- Hello?
Hi, uh... Ha-ha-ha! Oh!
- This is Room 30.
- Uh-huh?
Yeah. Um, uh...
- I'd like to order some food, please.
- All right. Go ahead.
Could I... Could I have, um, uh,
a couple of chicken salads...
and a couple of pieces of pecan pie...
and, um, also what kind of soda
do you have?
- We have light...
- Oh.
Okay. All right, well, then,
I guess I'll have the, um...
I'll take Pepsi.
Could I have four bottles of that or cans or
whatever because we get thirsty after sex.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Kiss my neck.
Kiss it harder.
- Yes?
The bathroom cabinet
has a hidden compartment.
All... All right.
Then make it two pieces
of chocolate rum cake.
They're all out of pecan pie.
Okay, we're out of this joint.
Uh, I gotta take a bath.
I feel really dirty.
Just if you could just wait
for room service, please.
Nina in position.
First item's under the sink.
- Assembly completed.
- Open the window.
- There's no handle.
- Open the window.
- Claudia?
- Yeah?
You know what I've been thinking?
I've got a really good idea.
Just thinking we could make Bob's present
an engagement present.
Save the poor slob some money.
What do you say, you wanna do it?
Make it formal?
The limousine.
Take aim on the limousine.
We're waiting for further instructions.
I asked you a question.
Don't you think I deserve an answer?
In a minute.
Just how I always imagined it.
Proposing through a door.
Christ, what is it with you?
Can you say something.
Say, "Go to hell, J.P."
Tell me you love me...
or "get lost" or whatever.
Just answer me, okay?
Room service.
- How many targets?
- What's he look like?
- I haven't been informed yet.
- How y'all enjoying beautiful Mardi Gras?
- Real well. Thanks.
Target visible in five seconds.
- Thanks. Sure.
- Y'all come back and see us, you hear?
Which one is it?
I don't have that data yet.
So you got nothing to say to me, huh?
Which target, damn it?
The woman.
The woman in white.
The woman in white, I said.
The fucking woman!
What gives with you?
What the hell's going on?
What's this?
So you got nothing to say to me?
A while ago, I did something really bad.
And I came through it,
but I'm always gonna be paying for it.
Okay, it's okay.
It's in the past. You can just let it go.
I can't.
But you've got to believe me.
If I'm secretive...
I've got my reasons.
For now, I'll take that.
But for now.
Students, this is
a defensive tactic. Watch me.
Kick. Punch.
So how was New Orleans?
Everything you touch turns to shit.
Why would you send me on a job with J.P.?
What happens to him if he finds out?
Listen, Maggie, I know
it wasn't an easy job.
You're so pathetic. Listen to you.
You stand there with that little smile.
Drop the fucking mask for once.
- Listen, Maggie.
- Fuck you! That was my last job.
You stupid, ignorant little girl.
Do you think you can decide
you don't want to play anymore?
I mean, where the fuck
do you think you are?
Christ, haven't you heard anything
that I've said?
- I mean it.
- You don't know.
- I'm through! I'm out!
- Which word do you not understand?
There is no out. There is no through.
There is no out!
Bob, you gotta help me.
I can't do this.
I can't live like this anymore.
Don't you like me
well enough to help me?
Like you?
I know...
you like that you made me
into something different.
But you're not looking close enough.
I am different.
Help me be better.
Please, Bob, let me go.
You know who Fahd Bahktiar is?
He's one of the richest men in the world.
Right now he's peddling
nuclear information to the Middle East.
I need a woman for this one, Maggie.
It's the kind of job you were trained for.
I want you to do three things.
Impersonate his girlfriend
so you can get into his house.
Take the disk that he's been sending
the data on, and then destroy his computer.
I want you to take him out.
If I do this job, if I bring this off...
will you do what you can
to help me get out?
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Would you take these, John? Thanks.
Maggie! What a pleasure!
How are you?
Does anybody ever get out?
Thank you, John. I'll do the rest.
Were you like me once?
Would they let you leave if you wanted to?
Happiness in life comes from braiding
together what one would like to have...
with what is inevitable.
Stop that shit.
Stop talking like that and answer me!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I don't want to be rude to you.
You were the only one who was nice to me.
Just please, could you tell me?
Could you just leave if you wanted to?
Just get on a plane and disappear?
To tell the truth, dear...
I don't know. It's a possibility
that never entered my mind.
You won't tell Bob I came?
Thank you.
- Oh. You look tired.
- Ha, ha. I am.
- You want a back rub?
- Yeah.
- With the hypnotic fantasy oil?
- Yeah.
All right.
- On the bed.
- Oh.
- I'll be right back.
- Good.
Hello, Maggie.
These are copies of the photographs
I gave you.
Amanda says that you, uh...
Ahem. That you dropped them.
I don't think I can do it.
If you pull this job off for me...
I'll see what I can do to help you.
See the, uh, upstairs corner?
That's his bedroom. Right here.
You arrive early. You do it here. Okay?
With the right wig, clothes,
attitude, you can, uh...
look sufficiently like the girlfriend
to get into his house.
What happens to her?
Does she die, too?
Absolutely not.
No unnecessary wetworks.
Okay. Look at those earrings. Look at
the bop in the walk. It's that thing.
I have those glasses.
Yeah? Great.
- I'll get that brand of cigarettes.
- Yeah. She's right-handed.
I'm right-handed.
Long cigarettes.
Is that mole real?
Not on me, it won't be.
Here we go again.
They don't go out!
It won't go out.
Oh. Baby.
It's heavy. It's heavy.
It's heavy.
Get out of the way now.
- Get out of the way now.
She wearing enough makeup?
Hello, my darling.
- There he is.
- Yeah.
Oh, Frank, for Christ's sake,
do us all a favor and put the camera away.
All right.
- Let's go over it again.
- Phew. Oh, God.
- Christ, we've only done it 20 times.
- I know but...
it's tomorrow night.
This is our last chance.
Okay. We meet at 4:00 to go to Angela's.
Okay, maybe we should
make it a quarter to.
- Okay, that'll give us more time.
- Hi.
Hey, honey.
Uncle Bob? Uncle Bob, is it really you?
How nice to see you.
No, it can't be Uncle Bob.
It's got to be, uh...
Aunt Pauline or, uh, Cousin Molly
there or something, right?
Wait a minute. I got it.
This must be Cindy D'Amato. Used to
work for Super Mac. Quit to get married.
Hi, Cindy. Sorry about this.
How the hell are you?
What in heaven's name
have you got there?
You bought it for me, remember?
When I moved into the studio.
- Give me that nonsensical object. Give it...
- You keep away from me.
Don't you try to intimidate me.
You're not going to tell Carol.
- Swear me you won't!
- I'll swear nothing.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're from Sherry's.
Where's Francine?
- Francine's sick today, so Sherry sent us.
- They said Francine was coming.
Well, I guess they got it wrong
because Francine's sick. I don't know.
Sherry sent us because
Francine ate something bad or something.
She got sick.
Look, mister, I could really care less
if I did another head of hair today.
So make up your mind.
All right. Come on.
Who are these people?
Where's Francine?
Francine's sick, so we're here.
Great. Some new fucking blood.
Can you do me out here?
- Sure. I can burn hair anywhere.
Is this outfit all right, ma'am?
- The stain, is it gone?
Fine. Put it in my room
with the red boots.
I want some fucking softness
around my face.
Last time Francine did me,
she slicked all my hair back...
and made me look like
some kind of fucking dyke.
Did you guys meet my friends?
This is "Stupid"
and the other one is "Stupider."
- Would you like some ginseng tea?
- No, I don't drink tea.
Francine says you'll love her ginseng tea.
It's great for the sex drive.
Well, I've got no trouble
in that department.
It's really very good.
Enough with the fucking tea,
for Christ's sake.
Suit yourself.
- Do you have silk, please, for my fingers?
- I sure do.
Hey! Hey!
Oh, God, I'm dead. God! Aah.
- Let me see.
- Oh, damn it, I'm hit.
It's okay.
- Unh. Ah.
Here. Here. All right, hold still.
Hold still. Just push it hard.
I'm calling Kaufman.
- I'm calling Kaufman.
- I can finish it. No! I have to!
He said if anything goes wrong,
we're supposed to call him.
Okay, it's screwed up.
There are two down and I'm hit.
Okay, okay. Yes, okay.
They're calling in a cleaner.
Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus.
Uh, excuse me, but we've heard reports
of shots. Have you heard anything?
I'm Victor. I'm the cleaner.
Uh, listen, the job's gone really bad,
but I think I can finish it.
This part of the job's over.
I'm the cleaner.
Where's the material?
What the hell is that for?
Cleaning up your shit.
Jesus Christ, what're you doing?
She's not dead.
Oh, God. Oh, God, okay.
Kaufman said no wetworks. He said
no wetworks. I'm calling Kaufman now.
I never did mind about the little things.
I'll go get ready for the next step.
- You look nice.
- Thank you.
All right, have a nice evening.
Hi, Angela. New driver?
For Christ's sake, give me
a break and open the stupid gate.
It went off the tracks,
and I called in a cleaner.
What happened?
Two down. I was afraid we'd get splashed
with shit. I told him to get it cleaned up.
- How clean?
- Down to the nap.
The cleaner's going
with your girl to Bahktiar's.
And after she finishes...
he'll clean her too.
Of course
it was me. I heard the bloody thing.
He's upstairs. You're early.
- So sue me, stupid.
- You want a drink?
Salty Dog. Leave it down here.
I must piss.
Hello, my da...
Go to your computer,
bring up your nuclear program.
What do you think are you going to
accomplish by this?
Do it!
Suck my dick.
Go to your computer.
You think the Arabs should be the only
people not to have this technology?
Is that what you think?
Hurry up.
- I cannot access the data.
- Yeah, right.
- The system must be down.
- Get around to the other side of the desk.
I can make you very rich,
beyond anything you can imagine.
And if I say I will, I will.
I'll do it, I promise.
What's the password?
What's the password?
Try to imagine what a bullet
in the stomach feels like.
You can't park there.
Move it around back with the other cars.
Hey! Are you deaf? Move the car!
On the ground.
Don't be a stupid bitch. I'm offering
you anything. Anything you want.
Get on your knees, forehead to the ground,
hands behind your back.
You think killing me will solve anything?
Do you think you can keep 800 million
people in the 14th century forever?
Do you think there's not
a thousand more to sell this technology...
to anyone for a price,
or do you not think?
Do you just kill for money?
Hassan! Imshi! Imshi!
That's it. That's it. I've had it.
- Aah!
All right, lieutenant, we're just
gonna stand by here, we're not quite sure.
Be sure it's hooked up to it.
Wait till he gets down here.
Is there...?
Is there a woman down there?
There could be 20 women down there,
for all I know. The car's in a bad spot.
That's it.
You awake?
I know you are.
I can tell by the way you're breathing.
Oh, I'm so tired.
My God.
What happened to your face?
She's gone.
Oh, yeah?
I don't know.
She took off empty-handed.
She didn't take any of her clothes,
she didn't even her purse.
So whoever it is you are...
just leave her alone. Let her go.
- I can't. She's got information.
- Yeah.
Why don't you get out?
She left you a note.
I tore it up.
What did it say?
Can I take this?
Yeah, sure.
You like Nina?
I love her.
We'll miss her.
We'll miss her.
We, uh...
We had a bad car wreck last night.
No, no. No, no.
I have all the information we need.
The cleaner's dead and, uh...
And the girl is, uh...
the girl is, uh...
The girl's dead too. Yeah.