Pokemon 3 the Movie: Spell of the Unown (2000) Movie Script

These are legendary Pokemon, Molly.
Lots of people believe in them,
even though they've never seen them.
And in this book, the artist imagined
what some of them might look like.
This is the one you're looking
for, isn't it?
Yes, I've been
looking for it ever since...
For a long time now.
It looks funny.
There's Entei!
Entei looks a little scary to me.
But you like Entei.
Entei's real big and strong,
but it's still nice.
Just like you are, Papa.
I'm like Entei, am I? Imagine that.
Well, then I am Entei!
You're Entei!
Here we go!
Another e-mail.
It must be Schuyler again. It's always him.
Professor, we found something.
A hidden chamber with new clues
about the Unown. Please, come quickly.
I've got to go now, Molly.
- Papa, I'm going to miss you.
- And I'll miss you.
I'll be back just as soon as I can.
Keep me close in your dreams.
I love you.
Pleasant dreams, Molly.
Here it is, Professor.
I've never seen markings like this,
but they seem to be about the Unown.
- What do you think?
- We'll see.
Well, if anybody can figure out
what this says, it's you.
It's the Unown!
This is awful. Now the poor young miss
is all alone in this world.
Papa, I saw the car and...
- Molly.
- I should tell her.
Papa, what happened to you?
They look just like letters.
I can spell our names with the Unown.
...and Mama...
They're together with me.
Do you all want to play with me?
What's this?
- What are they?
- Those are the Unown!
These are legendary Pokemon, Molly.
And in this book, the artist imagined
what some of them might look like.
I'm like Entei, am I?
Well, then I am Entei.
...please come back!
Are you the one who has called me here?
Are you my...
I am Entei.
Papa, it's you!
You look just like the Entei
in the storybook, but it's you!
If that is what you wish.
Step by step, Ash, Misty and Brock
continue their Pokemon journey...
...wondering what adventures await
as they travel into unknown territory...
...never suspecting that's exactly
where this road leads.
Are any of you guys Pokemon trainers?
Yeah, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet
and I want to be a Pokemon Master.
I'm Brock from Pewter City.
I want to be your boyfriend.
Thanks, but no, thanks.
I'm a trainer, too. Want to battle?
Go ahead, Ash.
All right. A workout will help me
stay in shape for the Johto League.
Excuse me. But first, let's see
if you're even in my league.
Well, get ready,
because I always play to win!
I'm impressed, Ash. You are one
of the toughest trainers I've ever seen.
Thanks, Lisa, but you almost beat me.
This is Ash's fifth battle this week.
His Pokemon are getting pretty tired.
Lisa, would you know if there is
a Pokemon Center anywhere around here?
There is one just over the mountains
in Greenfield.
Just over the mountains in...
Everyone's heard of Greenfield.
I've wanted to see it since I was little.
Me, too! And I know
the quickest way to get there.
Greenfield is a beautiful little town
with beautiful gardens...
...and a beautiful mountain
with a beautiful mansion right at the top.
Yes, everything in Greenfield is beautiful.
Everything is beautiful in Greenfield, huh?
Then I can't wait to see all the girls!
You can see Greenfield
from up at the top of the hill.
Greenfield is just as I imagined it.
Beautiful fields of flowers
that turn into a crystal wasteland...
...that obliterates the entire...
Hey, what's going on?
I thought Greenfield was supposed
to be pretty. It looks horrendous!
Not only that, it looks bad.
Yes, and things look bad enough
without you. Back inside!
Officer Jenny.
- Ready?
- Almost.
- Tell me when.
- In three, two, hit it.
Behind me lies
the normally peaceful town of Greenfield.
But these green fields have suddenly
undergone a disturbing transformation.
Officials are baffled by this phenomenon...
...which has originated from the mansion
of Pokemon researcher Spencer Hale...
...whose wife mysteriously disappeared
two years ago...
How much more can Spencer go through?
Professor Hale is known as a leading
authority on legendary Pokemon.
Wasn't Spencer Hale
one of your top students, Professor?
One of my very best ever.
In fact, he recently sent me
some of his latest research.
- What are they?
- They're called "Unown."
Professor, have you seen the news
about Greenfield?
I'm going there. This may be connected
with Spencer's research.
I'm going with you.
You've known Spencer
since you were a schoolgirl.
I'm worried about him, Professor,
and I'm worried about Molly.
So am l, Delia.
So am I.
I am here
at the Greenfield Pokemon Center...
...where an emergency response team
is just arriving.
I'm glad you could come.
- Professor?
- Pika, Pika!
Hello, Pikachu!
- And Mom?
- Hi, honey.
I didn't expect to see you kids here.
We didn't expect you either, Professor.
We should've known you would help.
- How's my Pokemon Master?
- I'm doing great.
I want a mama, too.
If that is what you wish.
I've known Professor Hale for years.
He used to study Pokemon
at Professor Oak's lab.
Then he moved away and became
a famous Pokemon expert, right, Mom?
Yes, but he and his family visited
Pallet Town a few years ago.
- Don't you remember?
- Yes, sort of.
First, Spencer's wife disappeared,
and now all this happens.
Really weird.
What's the matter, Pikachu?
- What is that?
- Some weird kind of Pokemon.
- What are you doing here?
- I have come for you.
You are Mama!
Take me to her.
Take me to my child.
I can't let them get away.
Ash, wait! You don't know
what is out there!
She's gone. I couldn't save her.
I have brought you what you wished for.
You called me "Mama."
Yeah. And I'm Molly, remember?
Thank you, Papa.
Can we all stay here forever?
If that is what you wish.
Your world is getting bigger.
It's so pretty, Papa.
I am happy that you are happy.
The Pokemon that took your mother
was Entei.
One of the legendary Pokemon.
The other Pokemon must have something
to do with Entei's appearance.
You mean the Unown.
The Pokemon you and Professor Hale
were researching when he disappeared.
They're inside that mansion.
Yes, I was afraid of that.
The mystery has taken a disturbing turn...
...as early this afternoon,
our camera shot this video...
...of Delia Ketchum...
...being abducted by a mysterious creature
as her son gave chase.
A bulldozer'll try to break through
the crystallized landscape...
...surrounding the Hale mansion.
Go away!
Leave us alone!
I know it is hard to believe,
but there is no other explanation.
First, Professor Hale disappears,
then this crystallization, and now Entei.
The Unown must be behind it.
Mama and Papa and me just want to stay
by ourselves forever, so stay away.
Everybody leave us alone.
Did she just say her mother and father
were with her?
That couldn't be. You said
Professor Hale disappeared, didn't you?
- Yes.
- And what about her mom?
Very strange.
This is just like before, Papa!
I'm not going to wait around anymore.
It's up to us to save Mom on our own.
Stop right there!
I'm going, too.
You're not leaving me behind.
Guys, you're the best.
What's this?
If you're going to be crazy,
at least take my Poke Gear.
You can use it to stay in touch
with the Pokemon Center.
If Professor Oak finds out
what you're doing, it won't be from me.
- You're a real pal.
- Pikachu.
At least the water didn't turn to crystal.
We should be able to get
to the mansion if we follow this stream.
The twerps are walking through a stream,
coming from that wacky building.
There must be valuable Pokemon inside.
- The only way to get there is by wading.
- That's right.
- They're walking.
- They're wading.
- They're walking.
- They're wading.
How are they wading if they're walking?
- They're walking through the stream?
- Yes.
Then they're wading!
- What's that?
- Do you think it will attack us?
- It's probably harmless.
- Yes.
Team Rockets!
A sneak attack. It's not fair.
Yeah, that's usually our job.
- What is all this?
- Well, it's not my idea of decorating.
Will you be serious, James?
We've got to find a way to get out of this!
You think we could shimmy up
to the tower?
It might take us hours to get to the top.
- We could try to go to the bottom.
- It's where we usually wind up, anyway.
- I wonder how long it would take?
- About three seconds, if we jump.
Did you make them go away?
Yes. They won't bother us again.
They're showing our house on television.
- It looks nice.
- Yes.
We're coming live from Greenfield,
where just a few moments ago...
...a balloon was shot down after invading
the airspace above the crystal structure.
Seemingly, nothing can break through
the fortress-like growth engulfing...
Huh? It's a Pokemon!
Now, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, use Vine Whip!
You'll be nice and dry in here, Togepi.
What's he...
That boy's looking for trouble.
He's looking for his mom.
I don't understand, Mama. Why is that boy
trying to get into our house?
That looks like...
Ash, get down from there this second!
Mama? What's wrong?
Isn't that a Pikachu on that boy's back?
A Bulbasaur and a Chikorita!
I think that boy must be
a Pokemon trainer, don't you?
I bet he has lots of other Pokemon
with him, too.
- Right, Papa?
- Papa?
Thanks for a great job, Noctowl.
And we couldn't have made it
without you guys. You deserve a rest.
- Are you guys okay?
- Lisa?
Ash, we just saw you on TV.
What do you think you're doing?
I had to come here, Professor.
I should have told you.
You should have,
but we'll talk about that later...
...after you get your mother out.
- Okay.
Ash, this is Schuyler.
Have you seen any Unown?
No. Not yet.
Listen, we've been examining
some of Professor Hale's research.
We think we've found an explanation
for why this has been happening.
What is it, Professor?
Unown have the ability to read
the thoughts of other life forms.
- Even people?
- Yes, and not only that.
The Unown can create new realities,
altering the world using dreams.
The Unown may be tapping
into the imagination of Molly.
That fortress could be one of Molly's
wishes, made real by the Unown!
Cyndaquil! Flamethrower!
- Let's do it!
- Flamethrower!
- Good job, Vulpix!
- All right! Second team!
Use your water gun!
Okay, you go first, Pikachu.
All right, here we go!
Thanks, Staryu. You were perfect.
You, too, Totodile.
What's going on?
Maybe the Unown are creating
a new reality, like Professor Oak said.
- That's it.
- Whatever it is, we can't stop now.
Where are we?
This must be part of Molly's dream world
that the Unown created.
Oh, no. What now?
Are they Pokemon?
They kind of look like alphabet soup,
without the soup.
I don't know about soup, but if we're
not careful, we'll be in hot water.
If we're quiet, we can sneak by them.
Come on.
I haven't seen this many strange letters
since my last personal ad.
I think that boy and his Pokemon
must be here in the house somewhere.
Shall I send them away?
I want to be in a Pokemon battle, Mama.
But I don't know if I can.
You can if that is what you wish.
Do you really think I can?
That would be so great, Mama.
A Pokemon trainer.
I could just imagine it.
Papa, maybe I'm not old enough
to have Pokemon.
You must believe you are.
I do, Papa!
You are Pokemon trainers, aren't you?
What did you do with my mother?
Then let's have a battle!
Don't change the subject.
Now, where's my mother?
You're not any fun.
Entei, you took my mother!
Now where is she?
There's no Entei! There is just my mama
and my papa and me!
- Yes.
- You liar.
By any chance, would your name be Molly?
That's right. My name's Molly Hale.
She can't be Hale's daughter.
She's too old.
Don't forget, this is Molly's dream world
created by the Unown.
They can make anything
that girl wants come true.
- Are you going to battle me or not?
- Yes!
Why waste your time with him
when you can battle me?
- All right.
- No way!
They both came from that staircase.
That must be where
they've been keeping your mother.
Let Brock battle her.
We have to go and find your mom.
- Let's go, Pikachu.
- Pika.
Would a three-on-three Pokemon battle
be all right with you, Molly?
That's fine.
Zubat! I choose you!
This is for luck.
I choose you, Flaaffy!
Zubat, Super Sonic Attack!
It's working, Zubat.
Okay now, let's try a Wing Attack.
Look out, Flaaffy! Evade it!
Nice, Flaaffy. But it's coming back.
Use Headbutt!
Now use your Thundershock Attack.
Zubat, return.
You did your best.
You did it! You were great, Flaaffy!
This battle's just getting started.
Go, Vulpix!
I'm just getting started, too.
And I choose Teddiursa.
A Teddiursa? Figures a cute Pokemon
trainer would have a cute Pokemon.
Teddiursa's a lot more than just cute.
Teddiursa, Dynamic Punch!
Vulpix, use your Quick Attack.
Use your Fury Swipes, Teddiursa.
At this rate,
the match may not last much longer.
Her dreamed-up Pokemon
are tougher than real ones.
Hurry, before that kid sees us!
I don't like the looks of this place.
It's like a storybook land
invented by a 5-year-old.
That's ridiculous, James. Just keep
running and leave the thinking to me.
Vulpix, return.
- You're a great trainer, Molly.
- You are, too.
If I want a chance at beating you,
I'd better start to rock 'n' roll.
And my Onix is just how I like
to rock 'n' roll.
Rock 'n' roll, huh? That's funny.
Hey, I made you laugh.
That's my first victory today.
I choose Phanpy!
Phanpy, use your Rollout Attack!
My little Phanpy is stronger
than Brock's giant Onix.
Molly, have you seen this?
That's the book
Papa always used to look at with me.
Mama, I'm really glad you're here.
You're by yourself a lot,
aren't you, Molly?
- Have you been lonely?
- Maybe a little.
But I don't feel that way anymore.
I have a mama and a papa now.
Which one of you trainers
wants to battle me now?
- I guess Brock couldn't beat her.
- Pika.
Molly cannot be beaten.
Entei must be an illusion, too.
Who is a stronger trainer than your friend?
- I am!
- Hold it, Ash.
- Let me battle Molly this time.
- And who are you?
I'm Misty. I'm a Water Pokemon trainer...
...and I used to be the leader
of the Pokemon Gym in Cerulean City.
You're a Pokemon gym leader?
You bet I am. And I'm one of the best.
You don't have to be a grownup
to be a gym leader?
You can become anything you wish.
The real Molly must still be up
in the mansion with your mother.
Hurry up and find them, Ash!
Since I'm a Water Pokemon trainer,
I'll use Water Pokemon to battle.
Okay. I'll only use Water Pokemon, too.
I forgot. You can do anything
you want to here.
Come on, let's battle!
I'll pick first.
I choose you, Kingdra!
I choose you, Goldeen!
Nice job, Kingdra! Now, try a Headbutt!
Goldeen, use your Fury Attack!
Good job, Goldeen.
You earned a good rest.
You were great, Kingdra!
How am I doing, Misty?
Not bad, Molly.
- How can we breathe underwater?
- Go with the flow.
Sometimes it's better not to ask questions.
Hey, Jessie, I have a question
that's better I shouldn't ask:
Do you think we'll get
a bigger part in the next movie?
Okay, Mantine, tackle!
Mantine, try your Whirlpool!
Staryu is in trouble.
Now use Bubble Beam!
Staryu, use Rapid Spin!
Beat that.
Wow, Misty.
- Mantine, use your Take Down Attack!
- Tackle it, Staryu!
Papa, this makes me so happy.
I am happy that you are happy.
I love you, Papa.
Ash! Is it really you?
- Of course it's me. Are you okay?
- I'm fine now.
I'm worried about you.
I wish I knew where you got
such a reckless streak.
I guess I got it from you.
- That's her, right?
- Yes.
And the Unown, have you seen any?
If you mean the Pokemon that brought
me here, no. It left a while ago.
That was Entei.
The Unown are the Pokemon
that made Entei...
...and turned this place to crystal
because of Molly's imagination.
Oh, dear!
- Mom, we have to get out of here.
- Okay.
Molly, wake up.
I was dreaming, Mama.
Molly, listen to me.
I'm very sorry, Molly,
but I'm not your real mama.
You'll have to know the truth
sooner or later.
I'm really Ash's mother.
Don't you remember
when we played together, Molly?
We were at Professor Oak's house.
We'll talk about it later,
but we have to go.
But why?
We have to leave now, Molly.
I won't.
I won't.
Hey, Mom!
- Mom, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Come on, let's go.
- What is it, Molly?
- Papa, that boy is taking Mama away.
- Ash, help!
- Mom!
Leave her here and leave this place.
I won't do that, Entei. She's my mother.
No, now she is Molly's mother.
- Well, she's coming with me.
- She is staying here.
Leave this place
or you will be made to leave.
That's what you think!
Totodile, I choose you!
You think you can defeat me?
I'm not going to lose to some illusion.
Totodile, Water Gun Attack!
You fool! See if this is an illusion!
Totodile, return!
Well, if water won't work,
then I'll use fire.
I choose you, Cyndaquil!
Okay, Cyndaquil, Flamethrower Attack!
Cyndaquil, return.
You're strong.
- Now have I proven that I am real?
- I don't believe anything!
You're the illusion of an Entei,
dreamed up by this little girl!
You're wrong, Ash. You're wrong!
I am no illusion!
I am this girl's father...
...and I must protect her.
Molly, only you can stop this.
Think about your real mother and father.
Think about them!
It's a little chilly in here!
- What's going on?
- This must be a battle.
And this must be the battlefield.
- I can't believe it!
- Pikachu!
Charizard, you saved our lives.
Thank you.
Thank goodness.
Are you all right, Molly?
- What is this?
- My friend Charizard.
- Your friend?
- Pika!
All of my Pokemon are my friends.
We work together like a family.
A family?
Then I will defeat your family, too.
- We won't let you fall!
- We're like family, too!
Brock! Misty!
I'd say, prepare for trouble,
but you're already in it.
- That's right.
- Hey, don't steal my line.
- Team Rocket is helping out again!
- Why are you helping out?
You're bad guys.
- Well...
- You see...
It's really very simple.
If anything ever happened to you,
we'd be out of show business.
If you come with us,
you can have real Pokemon.
I already have real Pokemon.
Now, go away!
I don't care if you're
a real Pokemon or not.
You can't take the
place of her real father!
I am Molly's real father...
...as long as that is her wish.
Charizard, use your Flamethrower!
Quick, Charizard, try another one!
Papa, no!
Don't hold back.
Give it everything you've got.
Please, Entei, listen to me. Don't do this.
If you really care about Molly,
you'll let her come with us.
It's not right for her to stay here
with you! You have to let her go!
Whether it is right or wrong...
...I will do as she wishes!
We have to do something, Charizard.
We have to get Molly out of here.
- Entei, don't.
- This will end it!
No more fighting.
Please, Papa, no more.
You're a great Pokemon trainer, Molly.
A big part of battling
is knowing when to stop.
You already have the right instincts.
I bet you could be a gym leader easy,
if you wanted to.
You see, Molly?
We always battle hard, but we stay friends
because we all love Pokemon!
Pika! Pika!
Come with us, Molly.
On the outside, the
battles might be hard.
But the friends are real.
What do you say?
It's just what your papa would want.
I want things real again.
I was created to be the father
who could make you happy here.
If you would be happier outside,
in the real world...
...I must go.
Let's stay calm.
This way.
Charizard, you take Molly.
Come on, let's go!
- Professor, something's happening!
- It's the Unown.
They've generated so much psychic energy
that they can't control it any longer.
The crystallization is heading this way.
Listen! Get out of there
or you could be trapped forever!
There's pandemonium
at the Greenfield Pokemon Center...
...as the entire structure is
being engulfed by the crystal formation!
- We can't stay!
- Right! Let's go!
The Unown are causing this!
We have to find a way to stop them!
Some kind of barrier is protecting them!
Try to break through it!
You try, Pikachu. Use your Thunderbolt!
- Pikachu, are you okay?
- Pika.
This is a very dangerous situation.
Whenever the going gets tough,
Team Rocket gets going.
Yeah, on the double.
Go, Team Rocket.
- Let's turn back.
- It's too late. Somebody help!
Let us out of here, now!
I was happy and proud...
...to be your father.
The last thing I can do for you
is to take you out of this place.
But how?
I was born of your dreams.
If you believe in me...
...there is nothing I cannot do.
- Papa!
- Molly! Help me!
Molly, you have to believe in Entei.
Believe it can stop the Unown and it will.
Believe in me, if that is what you wish.
You can do it, Entei!
I must go now, Molly.
Entei, I'm going to miss you.
And I will miss you.
Just keep me close in your dreams.
You were right about Greenfield.
I told you it was beautiful.
- And it's real.
- Pika! Pika!
Great job. Everything's back to normal.
We've got the situation under control.
Thank you, Entei.
Come on, Molly.
Want to go see everybody?
- They were really worried about you.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Pika!
Young miss!
Well, we can't get out of this tower now.
Not with all of those police around.
Guess we're stuck here all alone.
We should be happy.
How could we be happy?
We didn't capture one new Pokemon.
I'm happy for that little girl.
She was adorable, yet indomitable.
Just like me!
And that Entei was powerful
and inscrutable, just like me.
And that Meowth was lovable,
just like me!
What does it matter if we failed
at catching a Pokemon this time?
We'll get another chance to fail next time.
And so, until next time...
...Team Rocket is fading out again!