Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019) Movie Script

They are outside.
There was a power failure in the detention room.
You hear that.
He is close enough.
This is what I mean, my chest is pounding.
Down, down.
We will not catch
Pokemon for you, right.
- What.
- Say you didn't plan this, Jack.
- Sorry ...
- Jack, said you didn't plan this.
You are serious
you! Of course not.
Okay, maybe.
I have to get him.
I have a bad dream, be him
bring me a glass of warm milk for me.
Dude, I thought you wanted to gather,
and remember old stories. / font
For example, when we were young.
Really, but look.
That is Pokemon
perfect for you.
Jack, I told you I was
don't need Pokemon.
I have thought for a long time
and hard for this.
Water type is not suitable for you.
As well as
fire type, but Cubone ...
Alright, thank you Jack.
Thank you for that.
Is there another secret
you haven't told me yet
Maybe later, but now
honesty is in my hands.
Stupid ball.
OK. Remember to catch one
Pokemon is not about ability. / Font
So you can do it.
Good speech.
Well, he also has to choose you, so
make him want to be your partner.
Hey, Cubone. How are you dear
You know not everyone can ...
Walking with a skull
their dead relatives, but ...
Do you know.
You can do it.
Okay, he doesn't like it.
- throw the bone.
- like a man.
It works!
My ability is still there.
The light is not green.
font color="
He didn't chase me
I was chased.
I know it.
Now see the consequences.
He's a hot-tempered Cubone.
Just say it, Jack. I
too tired to be angry.
I'm worried about it.
- This is again. - Fine, listen, everybody
what we know has moved from the city.
and now I will go too.
Right, but it's okay. what do you have to do
the best for you with the time you have.
That's what I did.
You know i do
the job well.
font color="
What is the meaning of promotion for insurance assessors
Senior Insurance Appraiser
That means in the steps above.
I'm happy now.
Maybe it's an insurance emergency.
Who is that
It was an accident.
Please do not.
Please do not. thanks.
You have a very kind tongue.
This is Linkin Park song.
- No - Thank you for doing
travel with us.
font color="
who will welcome you in the City of Ryme.
Throughout history, Pokemon has been
become part of our world.
Humans in the past caught on
them, and train them ...
to use unique power
they are for the common good.
The country changed welcoming
Pokemon fight.
One person changes all this.
Howard Clifford, inventor and
director of Clifford Industries.
Diagnosed with disease
rare degenerative ...
he resigned from his company, and
traveling the world to find a cure for him.
Apparently, the drug is being
waiting for me to find.
What changed me became
better man.
font color="
that by becoming a partner with Pokemon.
He wants to share everything
that discovery for this world.
This is what inspired Howard
Clifford to build the City of Ryme,
a place where id is human and
Pokemon can coexist.
Unlike other continents, at
where Pokemon lives in the wild.
Here, we live
and work together.
There is no war,
no Pokemon coach.
No Pokeball.
A stronger and more harmonious world.
For all our inhabitants,
welcome to the City of Ryme.
Hi, Tim.
Tuan Yoshida.
Your father is the best
among the best. / font
He is a legend
in this police station.
For your statement. That's action
intentionally to eliminate him and his partner.
His Poikemon.
Oh, I mean ...
Sorry, is Pokemon angry at me
- Snubbul
- Right.
Maybe he looks angry from the outside,
but I make sure he has a good heart.
If you don't mind I ask,
how can you not have a Pokemon
I think I remember, Harry said you wanted to
became a Pokemon Coach when you were young.
Yes, that doesn't work well.
Now I work in insurance.
font color="
But Tim, please charge
all of this to yourself.
And also nobody asks you
to get past this problem alone.
If you are just like your father.
well cared for by my grandmother.
You have a spare key for his apartment, me
going there and clearing the things.
Of course.
- Here, the address.
- awesome.
I can tell you if you want.
No, no. I am fine.
Thank you very much.
This job...
demand many things.
But only you are there
in his mind every day.
font color="
of anything in this world.
Nice to meet you, Lieutenant.
Excuse me.
You want to try
rob me or bother me.
She's my partner.
- We have to talk.
- Really
I have been waiting for people
who will open the contact.
You continue it,
really shocking news.
Stories like this spread fear.
And they are afraid of that.
But I'm not.
I will walk, talk and do anything
which is needed for honest news.
Sorry, who are you
Lucy Stevens.
- Reporter for CNM.
- Oh. / Font
You're still young enough for that.
I work for CNM blogs, make
Pokemon news every day, okay
- 10 funniest Pokemon.
- Yes, my grandmother likes it.
Yes, the latest news, they are all funny.
Really a waste of time for
people who can catch up on the news.
No, no, not now,
Psyduck. Briefly.
OK. Good luck.
I need you to record anything
what you know about Harry Goodman.
- Wait what
- Harry is investigating something big.
Really big.
And suddenly, the car crashes,
which in my opinion is not an accident.
Something happened and I will
find out until the truth ...
font color="
I haven't seen him for years.
Where are your Pokemon friends
I don't have, why all
people keep asking me.
Alone. Possibility
hiding something.
Okay, I'll leave.
Maybe I'm not an apprentice
paid for. But I can sniff the news.
And I will find it.
OK, do it.
Come on, Psyduck. Come in.
Who is that
This is me, Smiths.
I can't stop.
Believe it or not, follow it
I ordered and left here.
Okay, Johnny.
font color="
Still with old-fashioned detective films.
"More and more findings from Mew."
Ancient at the Ryme City excavation site. "
What a ...
What a ...
Unique items.
Tim dear, I can try more
good if you give me a chance.
I always have a place for you to live.
Your father will come and pick you up.
I won't leave.
I don't want to go, this is bullshit. How
if there is a danger to you, grandma
Oh, man.
This is the most important day of my life.
I know, Tim.
But your mother must meet
doctor. It can't wait. / Font
Someone there
The computer is good.
Okay, let's see you.
Whoever you are ...
I know how to use this.
So Pikachu
Hey little friend. How
the way you go inside is here.
I know you don't understand my words.
But drop the stapler,
or I will shock you.
Did you just talk
Wow, are you new
just understand my words
Wait, wait, wait ...
Very eye contact
means You hear me.
- No, no...
- Yes, right. / Font
Oh God, this is awesome.
You understand me.
- stop.
- I'm so lonely.
- I'll throw up. I will throw up.
- No, kid. I need your help.
I got into trouble, and
I want you to listen.
No, no, sorry, Aipom.
Whatever it is, I try
save yourself.
- Stop talking, you hallucinations.
- Always suck. You will only be fishing
You are hallucinations.
You go out, hush ...
Now be careful,
they don't pay attention to you.
Get away from him.
Wake up, kid. They
stand again again.
font color="
Okay, you have to bite
they. You have to scream.
We'll pretend.
We will not pretend.
Well I'll take a knife.
OK. Bad idea with that knife.
I will look for something else.
Feel this!
Thank you again.
That's because you're hungry.
Come on kid, hurry up.
To the roof!
Brilliant idea.
You hold that door,
I will seek help.
- What
- please!
God, please!
Please! Please!
Oh God, please! Help me
don't want to be eaten alive. / font
Nobody helps,
they are very insensitive.
Reuse your pants,
we run like the wind.
Bullets are 16
What people will still be
think they're funny.
Well, we will jump from here.
Not! No, I won't use it
Nice. Tell me how
its development with the crazy Pokemon.
You will fall like a hero.
A cool way to jump kid.
Do not bother me.
Oh, there seems to be someone
the mood is good.
Run away, run hard.
Watch out.
Go, go, go!
font color="
I think your pants will
very useful now.
Really cool
I think he uses drugs.
I am not wearing underwear.
You know I'm not being polite.
Excuse me, excuse me. Hi, sorry.
You can hear him talking to you
Oh, yes.
She wears a blue hat. Very sweet.
You're sweet. They don't
can understand my words, son.
I can, it's because of the thing
I put it in my nose.
No, it's not like that. That
gas, I'm breathing gas.
Unless you don't want Johnny, let's go.
give you a ticket to Gala. Let's go.
font color="
- This is the first time too
for me, kid. - He said words.
I've talked to people
others, heard only 'Pika' th
Keep me, kiss me, and insert a finger
into me. That's really disgusting.
You know why I can see him
You can see him talking
You can hear it
put out words.
What don't you understand here, kid
Only you can hear me.
- It's like fate.
- This is not fate.
Then why can you
in the apartment
That's where my father lives.
That's why I'm there.
font color="
You are his son
How do you know the name?
You're Harry's Pokemon partner
You want coffee
Because I need coffee, that's all.
Right, let's drink coffee.
Come on
So that's where I am.
Middle of nowhere with cases
not yet finished, and memories lost.
The only place to stay is the name
Harry and the address in this hat.
So, I'm looking for a way to get into
apartment, and there I met you.
I have no idea. Maybe he
involved too deep.
- Too deep for what problems
- Do you know...
font color="
It often happens to us.
The bodies are piled up, the walls are close together.
False is correct.
False becomes even more wrong.
- Wait, who are you
telephone - Nobody.
Yes, it sounds great.
There are a lot of things wrong.
Wait, I'm confused what you are
heard another voice besides my voice
I just wanted to know
why I can understand you.
I can't help you for that, kid.
Like I said I'm amnesia.
Okay, so you mean, pikachu can
talk, but without memory. And addicted to caffeine.
I can stop whenever I want.
This is just an option.
One more. Duplicated. / Font
Look, I'm a great detective. But
I can't finish my mystery
alone, if I have no memory.
Then how are you
can you know detective
That ... I can
feel it in me.
What is that?
In our body, something
you can feel.
Where you really believe though
other people say you're wrong.
That's why me
must find Harry.
She's the key to my past.
- Ready to go
- Yeah, thanks, Doc.
I have bad news for you because
Harry is dead.
No, no...
No, Harry isn't dead yet.
font color="
Late. Sorry.
- I've seen the police report if he's already
die. - Only because the police thought he was dead.
- He is died.
- Really
Did they find the body
I do not think so.
And by the way, what is reported
they also said that I was dead
Because if I'm still alive,
that means Harry is also out there.
Case is closed. But it's still open.
Until I see it myself.
I will follow you. Give me a clue.
Oh, I'm glad you asked.
All right, here it is.
Harry falsified his own death.
font color="
Harry's death, or ...
Harry falsified the death of another.
- The third does not make sense.
- Not.
The first and the second make sense.
Not. I will go.
We are done. This...
Wait, wait, wait a minute, where are you going?
Wait a minute, we will need each other.
No. Not at all.
I don't need Pokemon. Point.
- You understand
- Then what about world-class detectives
Because if you want to find
your father, I am your best hope.
I think a world class detective
will know that I'm not looking for my father.
I'm here for
saying goodbye.
font color="
give a goodbye.
Listen, you can talk to humans, me
with Pokemon. We can talk to each other.
This doesn't usually happen, kid.
There must be meaning.
- Really - There's definitely something
why are we united together?
And that magic is called Hope.
Hope that Harry is still alive.
Oh, you feel it
inside you, no
There is nothing inside me.
We will do this. You and me.
I don't believe ...
I'll see you here tomorrow morning
Where are you going
To my apartment.
font color="
Okay, you can sleep on the sofa.
No, I won't sleep on the sofa.
Then you can
sleep anywhere.
Be a good person, please
open the door for me.
I just invited
people to my apartment.
I never did this,
I'm not a Pokemon like that.
You will continue here
Fake fingerprints.
Something does not make sense.
What's going on here
I'm looking for a meeting point and instructions.
- no!
- Does Harry have another child
Is this your room
font color="
small, so he made it like my little room.
Damn, we've already discussed that place
Your childhood sleep is better than Pikachu.
It was a coincidence.
Sorry, can you talk louder
I can't hear you.
I have never felt praised
and fear at the same time.
Will you make me
so mince
Oh, maybe.
Wait a minute ...
All the Pokemon battles,
card game, something to do.
Ya kan
- You love Pokemon.
- Not.
Yes. Yes, you like it.
It's been a long time.
font color="
spend more time
with Pokemon compared to his son.
Right, your mother is dead.
Well, listen, how about this
This photo is in this entire apartment.
It has a clear connection with Harry.
Maybe he knows me.
He can be a clue.
That's my mom.
He died when I was little.
Sorry I do not...
I didn't realize it.
Tomorrow morning I'll take you to Lieutenant
Yoshida so we can get an answer.
My guide!
What is this
font color="
hard, and by the way ...
we can't go to the police. Not up to
we know who we can trust.
So return my instructions
according to arrangement, okay
Here are instructions
like a serial killer.
Almost a clue.
- What does that mean - I tried fishing
my memory. Retrace what I don't remember.
That's how I found this. This...
called party
festive by French people.
Not French.
Kiss my finger.
I will never kiss your finger.
The point is that this R object has something to do with it
with the Aipom attack yesterday.
- R
- Right.
font color="
Harry has solved the case.
Which makes a criminal boss
send his men to ...
- Why - If we follow Harry's steps
and resolve this case yourself ...
we can fish with that villain and
they will reveal themselves.
Can you stop doing that
How to login
The answer is in this room.
This is not a room. But
fire place
There is a lot of rubbish and ...
paper on ...
What can you do, boy
I just met someone,
he ... junior reporter at CNM.
font color="
I think he knows more than us.
Smart people always have information.
We have to go there and make it
amazed by our work.
- That's a metaphor.
- Yes, I know what that means.
Yes, I drink it.
I drink too. Just go where
what you like except stepping on my work.
No, no.
We don't do that.
Okay, I'll walk.
I tried to step as much
100,000 steps now.
Hello, I'm Roger Clifford, President
CNM, and chairman of Clifford's enterprises.
And I'm Howard Clifford, icon
visionary behind Ryme City.
font color="
we will hold the biggest parade
to be celebrated by the City of Ryme.
You might not want to miss it.
So weekends, we invite
residents and Pokemon to be there.
Celebration for harmony
between humans and Pokemon.
All right, cut!
I think that just worked.
Shut up dad.
He looks good.
Roger, please. This should be
our gifts for the citizens of this city.
Visionary icon, really
Have you forgotten your actions
Your people
take notes, son ...
Please tell the truth about
how do you kill cancer.
Oh yes, that's right.
font color="
what you usually do.
After all, nobody likes you.
There he is.
I understand why you're excited.
That's ... Okay, that's good.
I am curious.
Mr. Clifford, maybe
I have news for you.
I heard about Pokemon
which attacks humans
But nobody covers it, I guess ...
We are not tabloids, which means we don't release
with reference to rumors, gossip, or what we hear.
Not news if it cannot be verified.
You want to tell the story.
Oh, and tips from professionals.
Have a way to dress
that isn't tacky.
font color="
What are you doing here
Hey again, uh ...
Yes, but I need to
ask something to you.
Now this is not the right time.
Yes. I see that. Forgive me.
Sorry, this drink is very hot.
You got a Pokemon partner.
Oh, he's funny.
Yes, he tried to tease me kid, but
believe me, I can't ... oh my goodness.
So .. hear ..
What happened
I found something on Harry's desk.
He tried to strangle me to death, so ...
No, not here.
In my office.
font color="
This is crazy.
This is not an office, this is a coffin.
With pencils.
Yes, that's right, I can talk with
this boy as well as with him to me.
You're stupid, do you realize he's Psyduck
His head exploded when he was depressed.
Hey, calm down, calm down, never mind.
- Not..
- OK
- ok ..
- Are you okay
This is it.
Where did you find this?
Born on the street is
Henry's main character.
I went there sneaking up.
And that's where I found the file.
But the dock can be dangerous.
font color="
visit yourself at night.
I'm actually pretty good
when alone at night.
No, that's not true at all.
That's ... that's not what I meant.
- It is okay.
- I was gonna ...
we must leave immediately.
Yes, we have to go.
- Psyduck - My God, you don't
ever talked to women
Yes, I've talked to women,
and I don't need your help.
When you were born into the world or
You know what you need. Shoulder saddle.
I'm sure there are those who sell.
Okay, is there another way to
you come along It's embarrassing.
font color="
and my lungs were only as big as wine.
We need basic rules
so that this partnership works.
- You're not my partner.
- Mentor, sensei, teacher, it's up to you.
Can you shut up
What if this is not a gas
What if this fog, huh
What if Henry can too
singing sounds bother you too
You don't need to talk
to us to understand.
I can feel what you are talking about.
You have to be open with experience.
- Try it sometimes.
- Yes, I prefer not.
I'm already sick of talking to you.
What is that
Silent but deadly, forgive
I sound my stomach because of coffee. / font
No, euw, step aside!
I mean that.
Oh, oh ... that.
That's Mistermime, those who are
worst, calm but disturbing.
Does he recognize you
I think he knows you.
Well, I used to be Harry's partner, so I was with him.
Harry's informant is Pokemon!
Catch him!
- He barely moves.
- Don't tell that to him.
Oh, he rides a motorcycle.
Come on, he thinks he escaped, to
front of it! In the future! You can!
He fell hard.
He should wear a helmet.
- I hope he survives.
- Come on, this is ridiculous! / Font
Good police or bad cop
- We are not police.
- Just pretending.
You're bigger and look more
tough than me, stand tall!
We can always make you talk. We are cruel!
Tell us what we are
want to know, why is Harry here and ...
what is the connection with R
Pipe, yes, can
Dig Push
I promise I'll push
people move away and hit them.
He said you shut up.
Am I silent Okay, enough. We change assignments.
I'm a bad cop, you're a good cop.
- No more police toys.
- Oh, this is very difficult.
font color="
we have an invisible wall.
Yes, I know, it doesn't have to be
Pokemon to remember it.
Harry thinks this man doesn't know anything.
I think the trick is
into his head.
I have an idea.
What do you mean
What's that? There's a door there. Maybe
because the door is not visible.
Huh Yes, now you are with me
You're very confident right
What are you doing
It's water jerry cans. You do porn
- no.
- Salt. You spread salt ...
- no. - You're trying to tell
he's your main recipe!
What are you talking about Gasoline!
font color="
Oh yeah, it's so dark. I like this once.
All right, all right.
Okay, you can turn it off, I use another method.
You think it's funny. You think it's funny huh
You won't laugh anymore.
Who is laughing now, hah
Oh ... oh I understand what you are doing.
That's right the Mastermind, or it will be
sir melted unless you talk!
Cards, cards, playing cards, poker.
I think he's talking about R.
Someone is heading to R
Use your body language, where
Circles, houses, moon houses. Month, home.
Just play it, say it!
Say it! Speak, you're stupid! / Font
Hey, relax.
Round. Round house.
The source of R is from a round house
Good work kid, maybe you're really talented.
Look at that, there's a Pokemon battle!
We shouldn't be here.
He got it! Using fireballs!
Come on, let's look around here.
Okay kid, so this is what we know.
Harry follows Audrey here.
And it's clear that he knows something.
We only need to find
something and someone.
Hey, where is Pikachu's colleague Don't go!
I think someone just found us.
font color="
Who are you!
Let's see this will
Where. Just say I'm your partner.
I am his new partner.
There's no way Pikachu is with you.
He must have been stolen.
That's how I read your faces.
Fresh meat.
What I hear is all consonants and barks.
Hey, do you know
He hurt me, man, see this.
Forgive me.
Forget the coat, where is the shirt
This ... this is my place.
You know you have come to my place.
And saw me become a Pokemon master.
font color="
- You want to exchange my coat
- Okay, coat.
Coat, you know ...
I don't know, kid
stop talking to me.
Ah, listen, I'm just curious
why is his former colleague here, that's all.
And I want a rematch.
You give me your challenge and
I tell everything I know.
I think he wants to, man.
New battles are held. Pikachu vs Charizard!
Hold my hat, I'll beat him up.
Compete relax,
you don't want to be seriously injured.
I want to win this time, okay
What are you doing? What is your attack plan?
font color="
just see what happens next.
This is it.
Obviously I've been faced with
him, so I will do it again.
I pull my word, he explained
put something in there.
Hey, like you said, okay
You have done it before.
Use your strength, use an attack
fast, discharge, or electro bolt.
But I think bolt attacks are the best.
First of all, where are you from?
learn to be a Pokemon trainer.
And second, get me out of here!
Watch out!
I forgot everything he did.
I forgot everything ever
I do with him.
font color="
this is. Use the Bolt attack.
Attack bolt I'll use thuderbolt!
Come on, you can, you can!
Come on, come on.
Hey buddy, what are you doing?
I can't when I'm there
people who see.
Can you please look the other way
This doesn't work. I forget my strength.
Pikachu, lari!
Receive a heavy blow!
What's up, you want to cry
You don't want to do
this. I'm cute, pika pika.
Are you crazy! Get out of there!
I can do it! Go!
What are you doing to him!
font color="
Oh oh, this isn't good!
What are you doing!
Tell me what you know!
The man you are looking for to know about R.
He knows from the doctor, that
all I know. Step aside!
Nice catch, boy, let's get out of here!
- I have an idea.
- This won't work! This is the worst!
Magickarp will be able to change
Gyrados with small stimulus, be careful of water!
In my head I saw this differently.
Hey man, I'm not floating.
I already said Magickarp is not useless.
You're detained.
I think you can't stand out of town.
font color="
I do not understand.
Harry isn't dead yet.
If it's a Pokemon partner
still alive then he too.
That's not proof, boy.
- Tell him about chemistry ...
- Give me time.
Harry's case has something to do with
dark fight, that's why I'm there.
- There is chemistry.
- We are investigating.
- Harry knows it and he's in trouble!
- This has been completed!
Reopen his investigation, he
out there, I can feel it.
Continue Alex.
I just want to talk. I could
feel it in my bones.
- Not good.
- Stop!
font color="
we are partners, so ...
Tim, I know it's hard to accept loss ...
- Denial ...
- No, I'm not denying it!
I am right! I know! He is out there.
I never want to show this to you.
But I think it's important for you to see it.
No one can survive
from an accident like that.
Even your father.
He is gone, Tim.
I shouldn't have taken the train.
What do you want
After my mother died ...
my father and i went to the park.
He moved here and worked seriously.
In the end he tried to
I'm close to him, but ... / font
I want to go.
How can
I don't think he cares.
I think I'm used to not being near him and ...
I can't give it to him.
Until I'm here, and ...
it turns out he cares.
I do not know, so me
don't give it a chance.
And now it's too late.
I really..
I really miss his voice on the train.
Listen, kid.
Look, I don't have memories, but I know.
That's not your fault.
Not anyone's fault.
font color="
he will hug you with
close up your bones out.
And he will tell him
sorry for everything.
He will be proud of you, son.
I'm not being too kind to you.
No, you are already very good.
Well ..
- There is still one mystery to solve.
- What
Your mystery.
Let's find out who
who does this to you.
- To remember again.
- I want.
I want.
It's a criminal's car.
- Thank you, Miss Norman.
- Thank you Miss Norman, that's enough.
Norman Plavernaut.
Please come in.
font color="
Wow. Flareon.
Imagine being able to evolve into
the best version of yourself.
Greatness in you,
waiting to be raised.
- Hello team.
- He knows you
I see you partner
with Pikachunya Harry.
And he also knows me.
You know Harry
Harry's case has been done.
- That's because of me.
- It's a twist, very twisty.
This concoction endangers everything I build.
He knows about R. How can he know about R
I hired Harry to find out the source.
And I was very surprised because
the culprit is my own child.
font color="
the mob between humans and Pokemon.
A companion where Pokemon
to get the best out for us.
And because I did that, I ignored
my responsibility as a parent.
Roger hates Pokemon.
I think he sneaked in
my shadow blades all this time.
He really wants to destroy my inheritance.
Well, there's no father's problem
without a father figure.
But sir, how can you
let him do that
Since I got sick on this chair, Roger
has taken over this company.
Managing the board, he too
controlling police and politicians.
And he has a press.
font color="
that's why you have to find him.
You heard that Harry died.
Oh no, Tim, your father is still alive.
Watch out!
Advanced hologram image.
Since I was stuck in this chair,
I invested the world for me.
These are recreated from police recordings,
this makes us able to see things ...
which they cannot see
or don't want us to see it.
He is still alive.
That's me, I'm with Harry in this accident.
He needs my help.
If Harry is still alive, why
they can't find it
- What is that
- Mewtwo.
font color="
Created in the lab using
DNA from ancient Meow fossil remains.
I do not believe that.
If he comes from Mew, so do we
is watching the strongest pokemon in the world.
That's it, that's what happened to me.
Mewtwo erases my memory.
But why
Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, where did he take it
It is your job to solve it.
Find Mewtwo and you will find your father.
The second chance is a special case, son.
Will make me better
if we can solve this.
But there is one question, where are we?
font color="
walk, you told me.
Okay, if it's Roger Clifford
is the key to all this,
So we need people who know him.
Then we both know who that person is.
- Men lovers.
- Okay, come on, don't start again.
There he is.
Why with a black glasses
can he see us
I don't think he can see us.
- Hey, thank you for coming.
- Don't talk to me.
- What happened
- Start normally.
But don't look at me.
There is nothing ordinary about this.
Look at this.
Forgive me.
font color="
Never mind, why don't you just sit here
You want to sit with us
I should never
trust it to you.
- I have access to Roger's computer.
- Oh wow, how do you do it?
I spilled kapucino in his lab.
Ah, it seems like a waste of coffee.
So I started to see all the notes,
I target property in that area
and crosscheck it with city records ...
about financial business and I found this.
I offer PCL,
Pokmon's Genetic Research Facility.
- But that's not all.
- He's good.
Last week, PCL experienced incidents and
must turn off all facilities.
font color="
no one knows why. It's really dark.
What does all this mean, I don't know.
This is very interesting, are you interested
- Ya.
- I think he's nervous.
- So ...
- Yup, it's me, only me.
So there is a closure.
What they cover
What do you think if we find out
So I straighten this, we are forced to listen
This SPA music so you don't explode ...
and kill us all.
Pikachu is very unnatural.
You lower it! I will not massage you!
I never knew there was a Pokemon wearing a hat.
font color="
He is weird.
Of course I care
my partner's life, here is your leg!
What are you doing!
It's okay, what I'm curious about.
It was the chief scientist of PCL, Dr. Laurent.
I'm sure this is the Doctor Shirtless talked about.
He was convicted of experimenting with
Pokemon to control their thoughts.
He is basically neurological pokemon.
Maybe this doctor can know the psychological effects
long term because it's tied in a baby chair ..
next to a bomb!
This is it.
Look at the sign.
It's a bad idea.
font color="
Remember that these are all bad things
You must always be alert all the time.
Yes, it works.
Girl, this girl likes danger.
You want to get his heart, you
have to take it right there.
Okay, okay. First, women
do not like to be called so.
Second, women appreciate the intake
calm and responsible decisions.
What is he doing
Hey Hey! Hi!
Lucy, what are you doing
I ... I cut the fence so we can enter.
No ... where you got it from
- Don't think about that.
- After you, Psyduck.
No, I'm first, whatever
the move is dangerous. / font
It is okay. You stay here.
Even though I'm amnesia, but this
the worst place I've ever entered.
What is that
I am not sure.
It's Pokemon, they don't look healthy.
Test 22, adding strength
- They are experimenting.
- But why
Roger Clifford behind this what is
he did experiment with Pokemon
Tortera Park.
Pokemon Test 23.
Addition of growth.
They look normal to me,
Maybe the reaction isn't yet visible.
It seems they are trying
manipulate Pokemon evolution.
font color="
I do not know.
I need all the documents.
You first, I will follow later.
- sure
- Ya.
- What is this
- Bad things.
Very bad.
Still thinking this is just the setting
Boy, hey, here!
This is the station Dr. Laurent.
It looks like it still works.
Remote access starts.
Oh, Psyduck!
It seems that all the files are encrypted.
Oh oh ... hologram again.
After all the experiments and errors,
finally the method of extracting Mewtwo's DNA.
This will be exciting, just wait.
font color="
316 clinical trials proved successful.
We can result from confusion
and the loss of free will.
Which makes Pokemon wild.
Which is called serum R.
- They use Mewtwo to make R.
- And test it to Pokemon.
Your 68.
Neural link operates.
Attention, red conditions.
We are exhausted!
That's a bad way to die.
Now we achieve something.
Then what's the connection with Harry
Good question.
I will try to take us to the beginning.
font color="
So we need now
get the strongest pokemon in nature.
He fled 20 years ago from the Kanto area.
We have sent specialists to
looking for. Good luck, detective Goodman.
That's why Harry has something to do with it.
Which is considered to have been arrested.
That doesn't make sense, Harry
won't do this.
I also won't believe my child.
We have to be honest, you haven't
met him and I had amnesia.
We can't be sure of what
Harry will and won't do.
We have to go back to town. Lucy!
Lucy! We have to go back to ...
font color="
It wasn't there before, son.
Fire alarm!
Come on! Come on!
Wow, come back!
Look down!
Come on!
It is okay!
Everything will be alright.
He will blast his strength, Tim!
That's okay, Psyduck!
It is okay!
- No it's not like that!
- Hang in there!
There is no time for your stupid headache!
- I know! Psyduck!
- No, wait!
Wait, precisely this is the moment
perfect for headaches!
- Psyduck
- I hate the shape of your feet! / Font
No do not!
And with that fool for what they have
do it. Come on, give us your stupid headache!
Just do it! Do it! Do it!
- Psyduck ...
- Good work, Psyduck.
Where is my hat
There is something wrong.
Did this really happen
Don't worry, side effects
Psyduck makes us hallucinations.
None of these are authentic.
Or this is authentic! Run!
What happened
Let's go! Let's go!
What are the conditions like this, how can it be
You don't believe in climate change
- Oh no!
- I got you!
font color="
Let's go, fast!
Come on, come on, come on!
No, come on, come on, come on, come on!
Let's go!
We did it
I really hate this forest.
- Lucy!
- Tim!
He is getting closer. We must do it
something and we have to do it fast!
- I have to try jumping it.
- That's a great choice!
- Let's try to reach the first level!
- You won't reach it!
- We have no choice. - Yes, choice
to fall dead is not normal!
Come on!
You are very nice.
font color="
Eyes .. Eyes!
Eye ball .. Eye ball!
Oh I understand!
I now understand! This
is not the forest at all!
This is the Torterra Gardens!
Are you okay?
- Is he okay
- I'm in a bad state, boy.
I'm your partner, I'm here.
Are you ... Are you new
just call me a colleague
Yes, of course, you are my partner.
Yes, it is true.
- You're ready to protect me.
- Hey Hey!
Sobat! Hey! Hey!
font color="
Hey! Hey! Please! Please!
Please ..
She's hurt! Please!
He doesn't understand what you say.
But he knows my feelings.
I need to bring Pikachu
to healing pokemon.
Please ..
I beg you..
I don't or not
want to lose him.
It is okay..
Tim ... Look!
I will wait in the car.
You will be fine, partner.
No, no, no. Wait!
Wait! Where do you want to go?
What should I do
font color="
No, no, wait!
- Where am I
- Are you okay!
Yes, I ... I feel somehow
how alright!
I have been indebted to you.
- What is she talking about
- I don't know, kid. Me too
dazed like you.
Where is my father What did you do to him
We're losing energy in detention sheds!
You have done a good job.
Humanity is a devil!
I always believe that Pokemon ...
No, no!
Dude, wait, wait, wait!
Pikachu! Wait!
font color="
have to talk about this matter.
You have to continue without me.
What are you talking about
Roger gets Mewtwo.
Mewtwo has my father, we are running out of time,
we have a case that must be solved!
I've finished my case!
I know who I am.
I'm the one who betrayed Harry.
- You don't know that.
- We both see it,
I betrayed your father.
Which mean..
- I can betray you too.
- You won't do that!
I ... I don't care about
what i see, i ...
- I know who you are.
- How do you know
Because I..
font color="
- I ... I fabricated it!
- There is no gelatin! There is no me!
- I do not believe that!
- You better just go alone.
- Come on!
- Pikachu! I need you!
- Not! Not! You must..
- Please ... No! I will never let you go!
- You have to stay away and that's for your good!
You see
I can't help myself
hurt the people I met.
That is my identity.
Forgive me.
- I am sorry.
- Tim!
Where do you want to go?
Hey! What happened
Are you two alright
No, that's not so.
font color="
OK, come on.
Tenth City of Ryme Celebration, day
Pokemon parade will begin this afternoon.
The whole city is gathered in the center
city to see today's activities.
I ... I don't know what happened on
between you two, but we have to try ..
Wait! Where do you want to go?
tell the public what we find
- This is great news!
- No do not. You spread the news.
You! I'll go talk to Howard.
How do I spread the news
when you are the person who becomes
the news is the big news!
- Stay in the car, okay
- Psyduck. / Font
Mrs. McMaster! Hi, me
Lucy Stevens is her adoptive child
- On CNM Yes. Em ...
- Can you
I have a very important story
that people must hear it.
I hope you can
help me tell them ..
- Like you see, it's like ...
- Lucy, please, get my coffee order.
White all with added sugar.
You got it! Cynthia.
~ Looking in the far distance.
~ Teach Pokemon to understand
the power that is in it!
~ Pokemon, must catch everything!
~ That's just you and me.
~ I know it's my destiny!
~ Pokemon ..
font color="
I know this place ..
This is the scene of the collision!
What is that
Shuriken Greninja.
Roger must have sent Greninja
to cause the collision which ...
Which mean..
Mewtwo is trying to protect us
Continuous astronomical imagery,
it can make us see things that will
happens or things we don't want to see.
Wait. Howard will see
this is a hologram. Oh no.
Oh no, no. Team!
Howard! Mr. Clifford! Your child ... He ...
Have Mewtwo here.
Wait what ..
Tim, that will be fine.
font color="
The transfer works.
My body is in his wheelchair.
But my mind is in Mewtwo!
- Howard
- Good work, Tim!
You, Harry and Pikachu so
I send directly to another world!
- Mewtwo doesn't cause a collision!
- Everything your father has to do ...
Is to take the money and just leave!
But he started asking
we are questions.
- I have to stop it.
- You tried to kill him!
I have no choice!
He made it into a battle!
And back to doctor Ann Laurent
And then he and Pikachunya
help Mewtwo escape!
font color="
from being happy with what happened today.
- So many families ..
- Then.
Thank you very much. thanks.
Excuse me. Hello! Hi!
- I have an interview with that man
- Please pass.
Mr. Mayor. Sir, I have to talk
with you, please! This is very important!
- You're late for the interview,
isn't that right - Please!
Before we start the paradigm, me
want to thank the Teccom Factory.
I can't pay for this.
This is not just about you and me!
I have found a way forward
quickly for all of us!
Mewtwo has the power to
move the human soul into Pokemon. / font
As long as the Pokemon is located
in a state of unconsciousness.
All the guests in this parade ..
The balloon ... There's gas in the balloon!
Society of the city of Ryme!
I finally found it
Healer is not only for me!
But for all mankind!
Pokemon can evolve into people
which is better by itself.
And now! So do you!
Humans and Pokemon!
Join one!
Don't let your Pokemon go
breathe the purple air!
Come on! Go away from here!
This is your commander! All
the unit goes into position ..
Oh no!
font color="
Get away from your Pokemon!
You will turn into a pokemon!
This is Lucy Stevens reporting from
the city of Ryme, whatever happens, don't
let your pokemon sigh ..
- Psyduck!
- Pity!
Okay ... The worst parade I've ever seen.
- Psyduck!
- Lucy!
Lucy! You in there
Where is Tim
- Psyduck, Psyduck.
- Howard is Mewtwo
Psyduck. Psyduck.
This is really a waste
my big discovery to the sea.
Okay, I have to stop
this. Let's begin!
Oke, Pikachu.
Your strength is in there. Just need
a little spark to start it all. / font
Let's do this!
Ah, that's Pikachu!
You think you can face
the future I am the future!
He returns!
The tool ...
Watch your back!
You are Dito!
Take it to the left!
Take the right direction! Right!
How do you learn to fly
With the crow
Not! No, no, no.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Wait, wait, wait ...
Come on! No, that is not fair.
OK, remember.
I don't feel guilty!
Hit the DITO version of the woman
very interesting to me ..
font color="
You breathe the gas, don't you
- Finish him DITO!
Not! Not!
Not! Not! Not!
The opportunity is over!
The team says an electric attack
is my best attack.
Let's do the fight
This Pokemon is right!
Yes! Give your hand!
We have to run! Dito will be back!
That is a joint one
genetically unbeatable.
font color="
A waste of effort! A Pikachu doesn't
can beat Mewtwo in battle!
I don't need to beat you.
I just need to master your attention.
What ... What have you done!
- Pikachu!
- Tim
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Are you okay
Forgive me, I push you away
right when you really need me.
I'm just so happy you came back!
Please tell me, you
can fix this mess.
I will do what must be done.
font color="
The weird thing is ...
No matter what the mistake is ...
Deep down ...
I blame myself
not to be there for her.
You! You work in this story. And have
clues that nobody knows!
- It is true.
- good. Okay, you will enter the camera.
I want you to give me a detailed report
for CMN tonight on solid hours.
And make sure you close it
with Roger Clifford
apologize for all
mistakes made by his father.
Start with experience
Pokemon in it.
I can't believe we succeeded!
- Psyduck!
- Good work.
font color="
Oh ... I hope we don't
will meet each other again.
I will meet you tonight
Sure ... I mean ... Yes.
Come on
Good work, Tim.
There is only one thing left
I have to fix it again.
- my father.
- The father you're looking for ...
Been with you all the time.
What is she talking about
I ... I don't ...
Pika! Pikachu ..
You did it with
well. Humans are devils.
But you showed me
that not all humans are bad.
Harry Goddman.
font color="
to save your life.
There is the sun. With the return
the sun I can repair his body.
Your memory will disappear. But
your heart will know who you are.
I will take the body
this so you can live.
Get back with your son.
Hey, kid.
Grandpa will meet you when you arrive.
- Until found.
- Until found.
Hey, daddy.
You think I can stay
with you for a while
I like that, kid.
Yes, I like it very much.
Me too.
font color="
The strangest thing is all that can
I think it's buying coffee at the moment.
I think I'll help you
looking for your job.
Oh, yes what are you thinking
Em ... Maybe I can give
you work Detective
Long, Long!
I think he likes that idea.