Pokemon Heroes (2002) Movie Script

Pocket Monsters, Pokmon for short.
They are the most mysterious
creatures on this planet.
In the oceans, the forests,
and in the cities.
There might be...
No, maybe even more species than that.
And this boy loves all of these Pokmon.
He is Satoshi from Masara Town.
He received his first Pokmon
Pikachu, from Professor Okido.
The two left Masara Town behind
and embarked on a journey...
...of battling and getting,
learning to be a Pokmon Trainer.
Overcoming obstacles
and striving to become...
...the champion of the Pokmon League...
...to become the greatest Pokmon Master,
he encountered and parted
ways many times over.
The journey of Satoshi and his
friends continues even today...
And continues... and continues.
Once upon a time, on the island of Alto
Mare, there lived an old man and women.
One day, by the seashore, the couple
found two children who were injured.
By the gentle and skilled hands
of the old man and woman...
the children became healthy again.
But all of a sudden, an evil
monster began to attack the island.
The island was almost
completely consumed by the monster.
Just then...
Before the old man and woman's eyes,
the two children began to transform.
They were the Infinite Pokmon,
Latios and Latias.
They called their friends
down from the sky.
They brought with them the power
to turn back the evil darkness.
It was a jewel called the Heart Drop.
Peace returned to the city.
Afterward, on this island
where the Heart Drop resides...
Latios and Latias began
visiting quite often.
From that day forward, the island was
never attacked by the evil monster again.
- [Girl #1] Hold on a sec.
[Girl #1] Someone's coming.
Somebody there? Who's there?
[Guard] What in the...
So, tell me what
the last chapter's about, Oakley.
It tells all about
how to operate a machine,
something called
the defense mechanism of Altomare.
[Motor revving]
It's amazing.
According to that book,
it's the most powerful weapon ever built.
I'm not really interested in that.
I care much more
about that beautiful jewel.
It turns out you have to use
the Soul Dew to power it.
Why do they call it the Soul Dew?
They say it contains
the soul of a Latios,
and it looks like a giant dewdrop.
Speaking of Latios, we have to remember
to capture those Pokmon for Giovanni.
- There it is.
- Looks nice.
- And so peaceful.
- Not for long.
[Both laugh]
Theatrical Edition
Pocket Monsters
Guardian Gods of the City
of Water Latias & Latios
[Man's voice] It's time once again for the
famous Water Pokmon-Only competition,
the Tour de Altomare.
And Ash and Misty are ready to race.
[Announcer] Testing.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's a beautiful day
for Altomare's annual
Water Chariot Festival.
And it looks like
we've got a record turnout.
Are you ready for the main event?
- Pika!
- [Chirping]
Trainers, when you hear the Xatu,
that'll be your cue.
- [Squeaking]
- Xatu!
[Laughing] Let's go!
You don't mind if I stand here, do you?
- [Mumbling] Huh?
- Pika?
No time to question my moves
I stick to the path that I choose
Hold on!
Me and my friends
are gonna do it right
You'll never see us
run away from a fight
To be a master is my dream
All I've got to do is believe
I've got a chance to win
I'm on my way to victory
I can be a champion
If I just believe
I'm on a master quest
I want the whole world to see
I'm gonna be the very best
'Cause all I've got to do
is believe in me
I believe
[baby cooing]
I'm on a master quest
I want the whole world to see
- Yes!
- Oh, hi!
Those are my friends in front.
My name is Brock, and...
- [kissing sound]
- Ech!
No time to question my moves
I stick to the path that I choose
Me and my friends
are gonna do it right
You'll never see us
run away from a fight
I believe
I've got a chance to win
I'm on way to victory
I can be a champion
If I just believe
I'm on a master quest
I want the whole world to see
Gonna be the very best
'Cause all I've got to do
is believe in me
[bells tolling]
[Announcer] The leaders are approaching
their final turn
and heading for the homestretch.
It's no surprise that last year's champion,
Ross, and his Wailmer are in the lead.
But newcomer Misty and her Corsola
are not gonna make it easy for 'em.
These two are neck and neck, folks.
- Go, Misty! Yeah!
- Come on!
[Pikachu] Pika-pika!
Wait, it looks like Ash Ketchum and his
Totodile were just shot out of a cannon.
[Laughing] What in the world's
gotten into you, Totodile?
Ash has taken the lead,
coming into the homestretch.
Oh! Wrong turn, Ash.
That's gonna cost him the race.
- Totodile!
- Pika!
As we approach the finish line,
it's Ross by a length.
But here comes Misty.
And it's a dead heat, folks!
It's gonna be too close to call!
- A photo finish!
- [Flailing]
Let's go to the videotape.
This is awfully close, folks.
It looks like Corsola inched ahead
just enough to win it.
Judges? Yes!
- Misty is the winner!
- Yeah!
- [Crowd cheering]
- All right! Yeah!
- Corsola!
- You were amazing, Corsola.
Great race, Misty. Why don't you
let me show you around Altomare?
All right, Misty!
- That's it here in Altomare!
- What happened to Ash?
I'm sorry.
It's okay, Totodile.
Everybody makes a wrong turn
once in a while.
- [Purring]
- Pikachu!
[Laughing] That's enough, Totodile.
- [Ash] Cool.
- [Brock] Yeah.
[Misty] The buildings in this town
are really beautiful.
- [Brock] Yeah, so are the girls.
- [Ash] Brock.
Thanks a lot for taking us
on this tour, Ross.
Don't mention it Misty.
Nothing's too good for the recipient
of the first-place glass medallion.
Oh, thanks.
Pretty cool, huh?
Check out all the symbols on there.
They tell the story of our town.
Do you like it, Misty?
Yeah. It's really nice.
They sort of look like Pokmon.
Hey, there they are again,
on top of those pillars.
- Huh?
- Pika?
[Ross] Yeah. Those are known
as the Guardians of Altomare.
That's Latios on the left
and Latias on the right.
Legend has it that they watch over our town
and protect us in case of danger.
Are they just statues,
or do they really exist?
They say they do.
- I sure would like to see the real ones.
- Pika.
Me, too.
- I bet they're really cool.
- [Ross] Yeah.
I guess we never see them because things
are always so peaceful around here,
we haven't really needed
their protection.
[Annie] If these Latios and Latias
are supposed to be guarding the town,
how come we haven't seen them yet?
[Oakley] It's not that simple.
The book said they can take on
a completely different shape,
even human beings, if they want to.
- That's pretty cool.
- Yeah, it is.
But they're still Pokmon,
so this scanner will find them.
They have lower body temperatures than us.
That's one of them.
Let's go pay our new friend
a visit, shall we?
We all scream for ice cream!
[Yelling, moaning]
- Was that Team Rocket?
- Huh?
- They didn't spot us, did they?
- Who are they?
They're spies for Giovanni.
Don't tell me you've never heard
of Annie and Oakley.
This could be just the chance
we've been waiting for.
Why don't we follow them?
They're obviously up to no good.
Yeah, and that could be good for us.
Besides, they owe me
a chocolate chip mint.
[Ross] That place has great seafood,
and if you're still hungry,
there's an ice cream place
around the corner.
- [Misty] Thanks for everything, Ross.
- [Ross] Any time. Enjoy your stay.
[All] We will!
- [Ross] Ciao!
- [All] Ciao!
- [Brock] Ice cream?
- [Ash] Absolutely.
- [Brock] Let's go.
- [Misty] I hope they have pistachio.
- Come on, Vaporeon.
- [Trilling]
[Delighted squeals]
- Pikachu, don't you want any ice cream?
- Pika-pika!
Come on. Let's go.
Uh... uh... ah...
- Pika?
- Mmm-mmm-mmm.
[Oakley] She's taken on the form of a girl,
so that must be Latias.
Is she kidding?
With that hairstyle?
[Annie] Amazing.
She really is a Pokmon.
Excuse me.
I love that shirt.
Where'd you get it, Latias?
- Espeon.
- Ariados.
- Ari! Ari!
- Espe! Espe!
Wait, Pikachu.
Ari! Ari!
Why did you run away?
We just wanted to tell you something
- about the shirt you're wearing.
- It's last year's color.
- [Laughing]
- [Ash] Hey!
- What do you think you're doing?
- Pika!
We're just trying to prevent
a fashion disaster.
Well, this is no way to do it.
Oh? Would you like to give her
some tips instead?
Yes, please do.
- I've got a tip for you. Leave her alone.
- Pikachu!
Oh, I didn't know
she had a bodyguard.
You're not going to hurt us, are you?
Whatever would we do
if he attacked us, Annie?
Espeon, show Oakley what we would do.
That was a dirty trick.
Two can play at this game.
- Pikachu, get him.
- Pika!
Espeon! Espe!
Pikachu, thunderbolt them!
Come on. Let's go.
This was a very expensive outfit,
and now it's completely ruined.
- Espeon, go after them, now!
- You, too. Capture them.
- Espe! Espe!
- Ari! Ari!
- Pika!
- Come on.
[Ash, Pikachu panting]
Let's see. Uh...
[struggling] Hey!
Have you seen my new boat?
Hey, where are we going?
- Huh?
- Pika?
[Misty] Ash, we're going to the museum.
[Brock] The ice cream is great.
You should've got some.
We're right back where we started.
Who were those people anyway?
Where'd she disappear to?
- [All gasp]
- Pika!
[Brock] Cool.
[Ash] It looks more like a palace
than a museum.
[Oakley] I found the kid and that Pikachu.
But it doesn't look like he's
hanging out with Latias anymore.
We need to keep it that way.
Is this a fossil of a Pokmon?
[Lorenzo] You might say that.
It's also a reminder of our past.
These fossils are of Pokmon
that once terrorized Altomare.
[Brock] Wow.
[Lorenzo] One was an Aerodactyl,
and the other was a...
- [Misty] Kabutops?
- That's right.
Come have a look over here.
This is called the D.M.A.,
the Defense Mechanism of Altomare.
I have seen the light.
I will definitely meet a girl in this town.
- Just don't hold your breath.
- [Chirping]
[Lorenzo] Long ago,
the Aerodactyl and Kabutops
were taught by an evil trainer
to attack people.
So, everyone lived in fear until Latios
came and brought water to the town,
drowning the evil Pokmon
and turning our streets into canals.
That's when the town was named Altomare,
which means "high sea."
That's also when they built the D.M. A...
They wanted to make sure that no one
would ever disrupt their peace again.
- Fortunately, they never had to use it.
- [Gasping]
- It's just a sacred monu...
- Wait a sec.
- It's her.
- [Gasping]
- Don't touch it!
- It was an accident.
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm sorry.
Thanks for the tour, mister.
It was really interesting.
See you guys later.
- Where is he going?
- I don't know.
Which way did she go?
There she is.
Now's our chance.
Come on, Pikachu.
Hey, wait up!
- Careful.
- Sorry.
- Hey!
- Pika!
Why'd you disappear like that before?
I don't know you.
Hey! Wait!
Let's try this way.
- Murkrow!
- Murkrow!
- Pika?
- [Buzzing]
- Where is she?
- Pika.
She acted like she'd never seen me before.
- Pika!
- Huh?
There you are.
Hey, what's the big idea?
Slow down, will ya?
Pika. Pi-ka...
- [Gasping]
- Pika-pi!
- Pika!
- Ah!
- [Yelping]
- [Buzzing]
This place is amazing.
- Pika?
- Hmm?
- Huh?
- Pika!
- Try and hit it.
- Pikachu!
- Pikachu!
- Pika-chu!
It's Latios.
[Angry shrilling]
- Why is he so mad at us?
- [Girl] What's going on here?
What are you doing to Latios?
[Ash stammers]
- Well?
- Hold on a second.
We weren't doing anything.
We just followed this girl here.
- This is my friend, Pikachu.
- Pikachu!
And I'm Ash.
I'm a Pokmon trainer.
- Latios, get 'em.
- [Man] That's enough.
Bianca, Latios.
I'm sure this boy means no harm.
- Grandpa, they were...
- Hey, I know you.
But they...
It's okay. Latias, do you want
to play with your new friends?
Latias? Hey!
No offense, but I thought Latias
was the name of a Pokmon.
- [Yelling, moaning]
- [Shrilling]
Thanks. I'm okay. Thanks a lot.
- [Shrilling]
- [Laughing]
She must have really taken a liking
to this young man.
- Pika.
- [Shrilling]
- Pika!
- [Cooing]
- Pika? Pikachu!
- [Shrilling]
[Both shrilling]
I'm Bianca. Sorry I almost
attacked you before, Ash.
That's okay.
I do have a few questions, though.
[Lorenzo] I suppose you're wondering why
Latias looked exactly like Bianca.
That's one of her powers.
She can take the shape of a human.
And since we're best friends,
she turns into me a lot.
- Pika! Pika!
- [Shrilling]
- Pika!
- Huh?
- [Laughing]
- Pika!
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, come on!
That's my favorite hat.
Got it.
- How is this happening?
- Don't be afraid, Ash.
Latios has the power to project
to us exactly what he's seeing.
- It's sight sharing.
- Sight sharing?
This is a rare privilege,
to see through the eyes of Latios.
I guess Latios thinks he can really
trust you and Pikachu.
Latias, this is amazing.
Tell Latios we say thanks.
[Ash] How long have you guys known
Latios and Latias?
[Bianca] Grandpa's known them
since they were babies.
[Lorenzo] Since their father
brought the water to our town.
He rescued the people from a life of terror
and left us this beautiful water city.
But I'm afraid it was too much for him.
[Bianca] He used all his power to bring
the water, and then vanished into thin air.
[Lorenzo] In his place, there was a
beautiful crystal orb called the Soul Dew,
said to contain the spirit of Latios.
So, Latios died saving the town,
and his children became orphans.
- I'm afraid so, Ash.
- [Shrilling]
[Ash] Hey, this looks like the defense
mechanism that's in the museum.
[Lorenzo] That diagram shows how
the Soul Dew is used to power it.
Where is the Soul Dew?
That's really cool.
I'll tell you something, Ash.
That beautiful jewel contains
not only the spirit of Latios,
but, in the wrong hands,
the power to destroy our town.
It must never leave this pool.
So, you see, it's important that
its location be kept a secret.
- [Shrilling]
- Hi, Latias.
- [Yelling]
- Pika.
- Latias, hold on a second.
- Pika!
- [Trilling]
- [Laughing]
She wants to play some more.
Sorry. I've got to go find my friends.
- But we'll play again real soon.
- Pika!
- Shall we head back then?
- Okay.
- Bye, you guys.
- Pikachu!
[Computerized beeping]
[Lorenzo] We can cut through here.
- Where are we?
- This is my workshop.
- Grandpa makes gondolas here.
- Cool.
It's a job that keeps me
pretty busy in this town.
Bianca, why don't you take Ash
the rest of the way back to town?
Bianca, why were those two girls
chasing you before?
- Did you know 'em?
- What are you talking about?
It must have been Latias.
- Somebody was chasing Latias?
- Yeah. These two girls were.
That's weird. Hmm.
There they go.
All we got to do is follow 'em
over them rooftops.
I used to be quite a good gymnast.
This is our big chance.
I can almost taste it.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah!
[Meowth] Hey, my foot! Ow!
- [Panting, gasping]
- [Jessie squeals]
That was a close one.
- Wobbuffet!
- [All] Oof! Huh?
[All scream]
Team Rocket, blast...
Hmm? Well, hello there.
Are you lost?
You don't look familiar.
- [Growling]
- Uhh!
[Groaning, thudding]
Bravo, Espeon.
- [Trilling]
- [Shrilling]
They must be in here somewhere.
This is where the kid
was playing with them.
We're in luck. It looks like now
they wanna play with us, Annie.
I know.
First one to catch Latios wins.
[Angry shrilling]
Uh-oh. That's a new one.
These two are just full of surprises.
Which, of course,
makes them even more desirable.
Right there.
Espeon, use your swift attack.
These sunglasses rule.
It's Latias.
Ariados, use your nightshade.
Ari! Ari!
If you wanna be the hero,
we'll take you first.
- Espeon, psybeam.
- Espe!
- Espeon, tackle attack.
- Espe! Espe!
Psychic attack, Espeon.
Ariados, string shot.
Come on.
Going somewhere?
At least we got one of them.
That may be all we need.
Especially if we have...
[struggling]... this.
[Straining] Stubborn little gem, isn't it?
- Just try not to break it.
- I don't think that's possible.
Got it.
Let me just take a look at this thing.
[Delighted gasping]
It's like it's... spiritual or something.
- You know what I mean, Oakley?
- I found it.
Well, technically, yes,
but it belongs to both of us.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Check this out.
What is it?
[Oakley] The etching in this stone
explains how the Soul Dew
is used to power the D.M.A.
[Annie] Didn't we have that info
from the book we stole?
[Oakley] But this has a lot of stuff
the book didn't have.
[Annie] Like what?
[Oakley] Hold on a sec.
It's written in some kind of code.
Are you gonna be able to crack it?
[Oakley] It says the defense mechanism
must only be used as a last resort.
It'll cause the water to recede
and destroy the Soul Dew.
[Annie] I don't care about the water,
but we can't destroy my beautiful jewel.
Our jewel.
- Be careful with it.
- I wouldn't worry about it.
They probably just made that stuff up
so people wouldn't try to use
the defense mechanism against them.
[Bianca] Oh, no!
You were right. It's gone.
Just as I suspected.
We better get to the museum right away.
It's working.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
Just like the book said.
We only have one more thing to do.
- Just what do you think you're doing?
- I guess you're a light sleeper.
We can help you with that.
Espeon, psychic attack.
- [Growling]
- [Groaning]
Sweet dreams.
Now, where were we?
Look at it go!
- [Light snoring]
- Pi?
What's the matter, Pikachu?
Hey, what's up?
- [Misty and Brock] She's Latias?
- Right.
Latias, I'd like for you
to meet my friends.
This is Misty and Brock.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hi.
- [Shrilling]
- [Gasping]
Latios, you've got to open your eyes
so Latias can see what's happening to us.
[Bianca] Latios! Please!
This is the control seat.
It doesn't look very comfortable.
[Shrilling, yelping]
Oh, no! Latios!
- It's happening.
- [Gasping]
How did we get in here?
- What's going on, Ash?
- Sight sharing.
Sight sharing?
We're seeing exactly
what Latios is seeing right now.
- Bianca and Lorenzo.
- Pikachu.
Somebody's stolen the Soul Dew.
Let's see what this baby's made of.
First, we'll bring in some reinforcements.
Are you crazy?
You're going to destroy the entire city!
Kabutops, Aerodactyl, rise!
- It's the fossils.
- The evil fossils.
- Aerodactyl.
- And Kabutops.
- How is this happening?
- Think about what you're doing.
All right, you two,
bring me back that Latias.
- [Shrieking]
- Kabutops! Kabutops!
- [Shrilling]
- [Gasping]
- Latias, are you okay?
- Pikachu!
Ash, what is going on?
I think we're in trouble.
- Everybody in this city is in trouble.
- Huh?
I can control the whole world from in here!
Initiate citywide lockdown.
[Maniacal laughing]
- Let's get out of this place.
- Where did we leave the boat?
[Groaning] Ooh!
There it is!
- Hey!
- What's going on here?
- I had nothing to do with it!
- Mama!
It was their idea!
That's right.
We don't want any intruders.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
No! Latias!
- Ash!
- Where's he going?
We'll be okay.
We're going to the museum.
- We have to stop them.
- [Shrilling]
- Good luck.
- [Chirping]
- Pika.
- [Struggling]
All right, Latias,
can you guide me to the museum?
- Let's get going.
- [Shrilling]
[Wicked laughing]
- Huh?
- [Shrieking]
Hey, get off her!
Pikachu, thunderbolt!
[Both shrieking]
- [Shrieking]
- [Yelling]
- [Trilling]
- [Gasping, coughing]
- [Trilling]
- Thanks, Latias.
Latias, hold on a sec.
- Ready, Pikachu?
- Pika!
- [Shrieking]
- [Shrilling]
- [Ash grunts]
- Pika!
- [Shrilling]
- [Shrieking]
[Ash screams]
- Pika!
- Hey, Latias, we lost him.
[Brock grunting, straining]
- It's no use. It won't budge.
- What should we do?
If Ash gets in trouble,
he's gonna need his Pokmon.
We'll send him ours.
Go, Crobat!
Corsola! Politoed!
- [Twittering] Corsola! Corsola!
- [Croaking] Politoed! Politoed!
We need you three to go find Ash
and help him out.
Don't worry.
We'll be coming right behind you.
Be careful, guys!
All right, I've had it.
- Pika!
- Kabutops!
- [Grunting]
- Ka! Ka!
- Kabutops!
- [Shrilling]
Ka! Ka! Ka!
- Pika!
- Ka!
- Yeah!
- [Cheering]
- Thanks, you guys.
- Pika!
There she is.
Not that kid again!
It's not too late
if you stop what you're doing.
Just remove the jewel
and release Latios.
Do it now!
Pops, I don't care if your town dries up.
With this machine, I have the power
to control the entire world if I want to.
All right, now to have some fun.
- Oh!
- Pika!
Not gonna get away this time.
[All shriek]
- Pika!
- [Screaming]
Now for the grand finale.
I am really getting good at this.
[Gasping] What?
- [Groaning]
- Pika!
- [Shrilling]
- Latias!
- Latias, are you okay?
- Pikachu!
We better get going.
What is happening to my control panel?
Pikachu, thundershock them.
- Are you guys all right?
- I think so.
We must hurry.
Pikachu, you got to help us out.
What is happening to that thing?
We've got to turn it off
before it's too late.
Oakley? Oakley!
[Both shrilling]
We have to save Latios.
Pikachu, try a thundershock.
[All yell]
- [Shrilling]
- [Gasping]
Let's get him.
[Shrilling, pained yelping]
He's hurt badly.
I've got to help them.
[All struggle, strain]
That's weird. It just stopped.
I guess it was Latios.
Latios. You're okay.
Hey, Oakley, the party's over.
Come on. Wake up.
[Groaning] What happened?
I think you got a
little in over your head.
- [Brock] Ash!
- [Misty] Are you guys all right?
Maybe I'll hold on
to that jewel from now on.
How does that sound?
- I think we should get out of here.
- Uh-huh.
What happened to it?
It's all black and weird-looking.
Check it out.
- Don't touch that!
- Huh?
[Girls gasp, squeal]
What's happening?
The prophecy was true.
The Soul Dew is dying.
It's been out of the pool
for much too long.
- All the water is leaving.
- [All] Oh!
Look at that!
[Ash] It's all gone.
[Lorenzo] I'm afraid it's coming back.
[Misty] What do you mean?
- Pika!
- Huh?
[Low rumbling]
- Just as predicted. It's coming.
- [Sobbing]
[Roaring, crashing]
- Latias!
- Latios!
- [Soft tinkling]
- [Mournful shrilling]
Where are they?
- Look. The water.
- [All] Huh?
- [All sigh]
- I'd kill for a hot bath right now.
[All] Huh? Aah!
This is not what I had in mind.
[Gasping, screaming]
Team Rocket's blasting...
[Annie] You had to go for world domination.
It wasn't enough that we had
the most beautiful, valuable jewel
in the entire universe.
You had to be a control freak.
[Oakley] Don't knock it till you try it.
Do you have any idea what it's like having
that kind of control over everything?
[Annie] Too bad you didn't have
control over yourself.
- [Oakley] Like you did.
- What are you talking about?
The Soul Dew?
You tried to pick it up, remember?
Oh, yeah. Anyway, we should
probably go home now, right?
I'd love to.
- [Annie] Uh-oh. This is a problem.
- [Oakley] No kidding.
[Annie] No, I mean, I'm not too good
with closed spaces.
[Oakley] You're not too good
with closing your mouth, either.
- [Bianca] Latias!
- [All] Latios!
- [Bianca] Latios!
- [Ash] Latias!
[All] Latios! Latias!
- Pika? Pika-pi!
- Huh? Oh!
[Ash] It's Latias.
[Grunting, straining]
[Ash] Can you hear me?
- [Laughing] Latias.
- [Shrilling]
Latias... where's Latios?
So, that light is Latios?
Like his father,
Latios gave his life to save the city.
[Groaning] Latios!
[Groaning, gasping]
- Hey, this is...
- Sight sharing.
[Bianca] That's right.
Latios, is this what you're seeing?
Show us.
The earth is so pretty... so blue.
- Latios?
- Pika.
[Mournful shrilling]
- It's perfect. Just like the old one.
- Yeah.
We now have a new guardian of Altomare.
[Bianca] Thank you for saving our town,
Please, stay with us forever.
[Bells tolling]
- [Boat motor]
- [Ash] Lorenzo!
Thank you for everything.
- You're leaving already?
- Yeah.
Hold on.
Bianca was going to the market,
but she may still be here.
[Lorenzo] Bianca!
Your friends are leaving!
I'm afraid you just missed her.
[Ash] Tell her we said thanks and goodbye.
[Brock] Yeah. We had a really great time.
[Lorenzo] Come back and see us.
[Ash] We will.
- [Brock] See you later.
- [Ash] Bye!
Bianca. Hey, driver, can you pull over?
- Huh?
- Pika!
Hey! Uh...
Wait a sec.
Was that Bianca or Latias?
I don't know...
but I am extremely jealous!
- [Chirping]
- Pika.
Uh... hmm.
[Laughing] Mmm.
A magic feeling
It's grown so strong
Always leads me to
A place where I belong
Won't go away
Never lets me down
I've got the greatest friends
That ever could be found
Across every river
Behind every tree
On top of every mountain
They're a part of you and me
- One world
- One world
Now and forever
best friends
- Best friends
- Loyal and true
- One dream
- One dream
Side by side
There's nothing we can't do
- One hand
- One hand
Helping the other
- Each heart
- Each heart
Beating as one
- We live
- We live
Always together
Sharing the same bright sun
- One world
- One world
You and me and Pokmon
You know that you're the one
So I choose you
There's no one else
I'd rather have here by my side
And you can help me
win this fight
Because we need to face
the challenge that's ahead
You know there is no other
I choose you
Because you are my brother
In this game we play
And if we have to go all day
So we can leave
the other masters far behind
It's you and me
I choose you
You and me forever, yeah
You and me, yeah
I choose you
I close my eyes
And I can see
The day we met
Just one moment and I knew
You're my best friend
Do anything
For you
We've gone so far
And done so much
And I feel
Like we've always been together
Right by my side
Through thick and thin
You're the part of my life
I'll always remember
The time has come
It's for the best, I know it
Who could have guessed
that you and I
Somehow, someday
We'd have to say goodbye
Until the end
I will be with you
We will go
where our dreams come true
All the times
that we have been through
You will always be
my best friend
Until the end
I will be with you
We will go
where our dreams come true
All the times
that we have been through
You will always be
my best friend