Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns (2000) Movie Script

I am Mewtwo.
I am unlike other Pokmon.
This is my story.
A team of scientists working to create
the world's most powerful Pokmon...
... discovered a fossilized remnant of Mew...
... and from it created me.
Radio Giovanni's helicopter.
Tell him what's happened!
Let us hear its psychic powers.
Soon the Team Rocket leader,
who had ordered my creation...
... trained me to control my abilities.
But he viewed me solely
as his personal property.
You were created by humans
to obey humans.
I was not born a Pokmon, I was created.
And my creators have used
and betrayed me.
So, I stand alone!
After destroying his laboratory,
I created my own.
I lured Pokmon trainers
to my island fortress to create...
... a powerful new breed of Pokmon
and wreak vengeance on humans.
I seized their Pokmon and cloned them,
as I had been cloned from Mew.
But soon, I encountered my nemesis.
A great battle ensued.
A battle to determine who would rule:
The Pokmon born into this world...
... or the cloned Pokmon created in mine.
The clashes were brutal.
And as Mew and I summoned
all our strength for a final confrontation...
... the young trainer cried out
for the fighting to cease.
His selfless actions puzzled me.
He was a human who valued all Pokmon,
whether born or created.
Our battling ceased.
Finally, my eyes had been opened...
... as had my heart.
The Pokmon clones and I left
to find a place to live in peace...
... and I used my psychic powers
to wipe out the memory of our struggle.
Now I am forgotten by all
but the one who created me...
... the one whose desire
to control me still burns.
These are live satellite pictures
of a remote area of the Johto region.
Extreme weather makes it uninhabitable
for people.
But keep watching.
I've found you.
This place is beautiful.
But what right have I to judge?
What do I know of this world
and its beauty?
I am not like other creatures.
I am not of this world.
We are clones, copies...
... products of science.
We are outcasts.
So we must live as outcasts...
... if we are to live at all.
We shall stay here, far from the world...
... far from man.
It is our only hope.
For if we do not live in secret,
we shall never live in peace.
Today, Ash and his friends
begin an unforgettable adventure...
... as they approach an intriguing landmark
in the far reaches of the Johto region.
- That must be...
- Must be!
That's it all right: Purity Canyon,
the Johto region's greatest natural wonder.
Yeah, no wonder.
- Wonder how we get across it?
- The book says it's impossible on foot.
The only way to get across is by bus,
but it only makes the trip once a month.
- When does it leave?
- Lunchtime today.
Too bad we won't be able to go.
Why not? We still have time to make it.
I know.
But I've been planning to try a new recipe
and make spicy pizza pancakes for lunch.
That must be the bus down there!
I guess so.
Come on! Maybe we can catch it.
Oh, no, it's raining!
I know, I'll use my trusty frying pan
as a drying pan.
Look at those twerps running in the rain.
Imagine coming to Purity Canyon
and not having the foresight...
...to bring shelter from the storms.
It's a good thing I packed this umbrella.
Yeah, but what will we do
when the bad weather hits?
This is bad weather.
What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about typhoons.
- Typhoons?
According to the guidebook,
''The unique geologic formations...
''...and atmospheric conditions
at Purity Canyon...
''...create severe
and unpredictable weather.
''Because blizzards,
thunderstorms and typhoons are likely...
''...we advise tourists to avoid this area.''
I don't believe a word of it.
Those guides sensationalize everything.
Hey, what's that sound?
How many times
must our plans be destroyed?
Before they're allowed to be tried.
''The answer, my friends,
is blowin' in the wind.''
We're blasting off again!
There don't seem to be any more
passengers for this month's trip.
I know it's a little early to leave,
but the bus is full and the weather's bad.
It sure is. We'd better get going.
Hey, wait for us!
Are you okay?
Does the bus to Purity Canyon stop here?
Yes, it does, but you just missed it.
Forget the bus. If you want to stay dry
there's room under my pan, if we get close.
- I can smell what you're cooking up.
- Not the ear.
There's gotta be a way to catch that bus.
Not when the weather gets like this.
The wind and rain are treacherous here,
and the roads can get very dangerous.
It's hard enough to make it by bus.
On foot, you don't have a chance.
Why don't we all get out of this rain?
- This is some kind of a miracle.
- I can't believe it.
How could this happen?
You ask why I saved those humans?
For our own protection.
An accident would bring human rescuers.
We might be discovered
and our peace disrupted.
You believe there is another reason?
That I felt concern
or cared about the safety of those humans?
I assure you that was not the case.
I could never feel compassion for humans.
Good thing we had the umbrella.
If it wasn't for the umbrella...
We'd be out on a limb.
The company that runs the buses
built this lodge about 10 years ago.
People who miss the bus stay here
until the next one comes in a month.
We can't stay here a month.
Isn't there another way
to get across the valley?
You could take a boat down Purity River
in the canyon and get across that way.
I'd love to take a boat ride, Luna.
My family runs a water Pokmon gym,
and I just love the water.
Well, if you love water,
you came to the right place.
Have a drink, Brock.
This water is absolutely delicious!
This is the most devastatingly
delicious drink I've ever encountered!
Hey, I wanna try some, too.
It makes me feel refreshingly alive
and tingly.
I guess it's good,
but how good can water be?
Here, take a taste and find out.
If you ask me, it tastes
like something's been swimming in it.
We should've known better
than to ask you.
You know what your problem is?
You have no taste.
Well, maybe I don't,
but neither does this water!
Pikachu, try some of this.
Looks like four out of five water drinkers
prefer Purity River water.
Guess so.
I can hardly wait to ride on a river
that's this super pure and clean.
Come on, guys, let's go!
I'm kind of glad we missed the bus.
The current's doing the work
and the water's crystal clear.
It's fine with me but I wouldn't be so happy
about this nice clean water if I were you.
I know how much you hate Bug Pokmon.
And nice clean water is
just what Bug Pokmon love.
That's just fine because this is one time
I'm not gonna let Bug Pokmon bug me.
- Whatever you say.
- I say, bring on the Bugs!
Hey, look there.
It's a Christmas tree.
That's no Christmas tree. Is it, Brock?
Not quite. That's a flock of Ledian.
Ledian are Bug Pokmon.
They glow like that on clear, starry nights.
Ledian, huh? You know, guys,
I think I'm starting to like Bugs.
These are cool Kakuna.
I wouldn't be surprised
to see a bunch of Beedrill, too.
With this many Kakuna,
there's gotta be some around.
You should've mentioned
you don't like Bug Pokmon.
Sorry, next time you'll know.
Is there another way across the valley?
I know there's one.
We can go straight over the top
of Mt. Quena.
I don't think you wanna take that route.
Why, is it too hard to get up there?
Mt. Quena is the highest mountain
in the whole Johto region.
At the top of the mountain is Clarity Lake.
It goes on for miles and miles,
and the water is incredibly clean and clear.
It's beautiful,
but humans could never live there.
The height of the mountain
and the weather even keep visitors away.
The only ones that live up there
are some wild Pokmon...
...types that can thrive
in the extreme conditions.
Well, if there are Pokmon up there,
I say we go.
What's that?
It's a flock of Butterfree.
Some people say the Butterfree
come to lay their eggs on Mt. Quena.
For these Pokmon, life is as it should be.
They were born into this world.
It is their home. They belong here.
We were not born as they were.
We are not of this world.
We do not belong in it.
But where do we belong?
Do we truly deserve to live here
as much as the other Pokmon do?
We are unlike the others.
I am sure the moon is round
and bright to those Butterfree...
... just as it is to us
and any other Pokmon who sees it.
If we see the moon as they do...
... why can't we see the Earth as they do?
Yes. Why?
I sure would like to see the place
those Butterfree are headed.
Good morning.
- A visitor?
- At this hour?
I said ''good morning''
'cause even though it's after midnight...
...if I said ''good night''
you might go to bed.
We hate to bother you,
but we've been exploring...
...and we need a place to stay.
By the way, my name is Cullen Calix.
I know that name.
You're the famous researcher
and professor of medicine.
Yes, and if my guess is correct,
you're Luna Carson.
I've read dozens of your research papers
on Pokmon.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you
in person.
Please, come in.
Research papers?
Working for the bus company
is my part-time job.
I'm actually here observing native Pokmon
and their habitats.
I can't believe I'm finally meeting
''the'' Luna Carson.
I'm a total fan of yours.
I wanna be exactly like you when I get old.
Great. And you are who?
This is Domino.
She works for the Pokmon Institute.
Hi, everybody!
Domino, what a beautiful name.
So black and white, yet so playful.
Please, let's find a quiet spot to line up
and find out if we're a match.
Haven't you learned by now
that you shouldn't play if you can't win?
I'm afraid I have some bad news:
The bus won't be back for another month.
I didn't come here to take the bus.
I came to study the water.
- The water?
- Yes.
I've been studying Purity River
for some time...
...and I've discovered
that its water contains rare minerals...
...that have an amazing effect on the health
of both Pokmon and human volunteers.
Here's a sample I took today.
I've come here to explore Mt. Quena
and unravel the secret of this water.
That's too bad.
If the water does heal people
they'll come here from all over the world.
Thousands of visitors will start coming
to Mt. Quena and Purity Canyon.
They might accidentally destroy
the very thing they're looking for.
I see what you mean.
Then again,
Mt. Quena is almost impossible to get to.
Hard, but we're prepared for trouble.
We'll scale that mountain on the double.
To protect the world from devastation.
To unite all peoples within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love.
To extend our reach to the stars above.
- Jessie!
- James!
Team Rocket blasting off
at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight.
Meowth, that's right.
What do you want?
I don't remember these clowns.
Today's the day we capture Pikachu.
You never will!
Don't bet on it, brat-o.
Go, electricity-absorbing wire!
You may as well conserve your energy.
You can't shock us now that we've got
your power plant on-line.
We knew we'd need cable
to absorb his attacks...
...so we planned things
right down to the wire.
Now it's time for our getaway.
We burst that thing before
and we'll do it again!
You may have done it before,
but not anymore.
We've always had the team,
but now we've finally got the rockets.
They're embarrassing.
You can't go. The air currents
in this valley are treacherous.
If you launch that rocket,
we might never see you again.
Finally, a man with intelligence,
intensity and ruggedly attractive stubble...
...cares about me passionately.
What could this strange sensation be?
It must be love.
But our love can never be.
I have given my heart to Team Rocket.
Please, don't try to beg. I must leave you.
When it comes to romance,
she's got a pretty vivid imagination.
And that's all she's got.
I'm not finished yet!
Now we must go our separate ways...
...but I hope when you think of me,
as you certainly will...
...remember that there is
something good in ''goodbye.''
Farewell, my love.
This unfeeling rocket now carries me away
towards the pale and heartless moon.
- I don't see no moon.
- It was there a second ago.
The weather's changing again.
Taking off in a balloon like that
is careless and reckless.
You forgot to mention brainless.
If they get away,
I might never see Pikachu again.
I have to follow Team Rocket,
no matter what.
Well, if that's the case...
I know Mt. Quena pretty well
and I'll lead you up there.
I'm ready when you are.
We're ready, Luna.
And I'm ready, too.
This is so scary.
You knew this would be tough.
You should've stayed at the lodge.
Staying there alone
would've been even scarier.
- Domino!
- Here I am.
I'm pretty lucky.
That big rock missed me by an inch.
With all these updrafts and downdrafts
and sideways drafts...
...we're not getting anywhere.
Do you think we're in danger?
As long as we got them rockets,
I'm sure we'll be okay.
It's getting windy.
There goes Team Rocket.
Hey, come back here!
Look out, it's heading right this way!
With all of them hanging on,
we're never gonna get away.
You're gonna drag us down,
you lightweight. Return!
The wind just stopped.
The storm is over for now.
- A gigantic lake.
- And look at that island.
I think I see...
...just what we're looking for.
It's definitely Mewtwo.
You got away from me once.
It won't happen again, my friend.
Those children again.
Can this be an accident,
or is it something more?
Now we will find out once and for all
whose will is stronger.
Well, what's this?
I've spotted Pokmon with bio-prints
similar to Mewtwo's.
That doesn't surprise me.
It's natural that Mewtwo...
...should want to be with its own kind,
no matter how unnatural they may be.
009, begin operations at once.
Copy. Over and out.
Who are you?
009 to Team Rocket Combat Unit leaders.
Proceed to coordinates.
- The Team Rocket Combat Unit?
- They're here?
- There they are.
- Pretty impressive.
Where are the Meowth head balloons?
Now we've got you.
Domino, what are you doing?
- Domino?
- Is that your real name?
I don't reveal my true identity.
That's a secret I keep to myself.
Things are simpler that way.
But, within the elite ranks of Team Rocket,
I have an identity that is known to all.
My fellow agents
know me as 009, Domino...
...but my adversaries know me
as simply the Black Tulip.
Black Tulip? You told me you worked
for the Pokmon Institute.
I do, but Team Rocket
has agents working everywhere.
You never know. It may look innocent, but
a friendly face may hide our fiercest foe.
- Look at our faces.
- They're friendly.
And foe-y.
All I see are the faces of losers.
Here's a little souvenir.
'Bye. Nice to see you go.
Do either of you think
it might be a good idea...
...to explore the possibility of utilizing
an alternate means of transportation?
Not really.
At least this time,
we finally captured the twerps' Pikachu.
That's certainly progress.
It must have got loose
when the balloon crash-landed.
Now it's just standing there.
- Why's it sparking like that?
- Maybe it wants to play!
- It went easy on us that time.
- I wonder why.
- Pikachu and...
- Pikachu!
- What are they saying, Meowth?
- That one up there said:
''So, we meet again.''
- They know each other?
- I don't know.
The one on the hill sure knows
the twerps' Pikachu.
It ain't happy. It's saying, ''You shouldn't
have come here. This place is ours.''
It said, ''We came here to make a home
and live in peace...
''...but you brought humans,
and they're the last things Pokmon need...
''...especially clone Pokmon.''
I never saw a clone Pokmon before.
Wonder what they are.
The twerps' Pikachu doesn't know
what they are either.
''Get out, or you'll regret it! ''
Looks like they're about to battle.
Pikachu versus Pikachu?
This could be the match of the year.
No. Fighting is senseless.
There is nothing to be gained
from such battling.
You are the same as the other Pokmon,
neither stronger nor weaker.
You proved that the last time we met
and battled the Pokmon...
... from which we were copied.
- This is awfully confusing.
- This is like the sequel to a movie I missed.
Don't mind us.
We're looking for a balloon repair shop.
I searched for a place
to live in secret and in peace.
Now these humans have found us again.
Perhaps we shall never find peace.
I know you're psychic,
but have we met before?
It's saying their only choice
is to stand their ground.
If they don't,
their home will get taken away from them.
They gotta battle.
''This has gotta be more than a battle''?
''This is war''?
What did I get into?
Pikachu's right. There's no reason
for you Pokmon to fight us Pokmon.
Yeah, it is a full moon.
Sure is pretty.
The moon reflects the light of the sun.
Pokmon born into this world
may walk freely in that sun.
But we were created. Reflections.
We are shadows.
Perhaps we should not live in sunlight...
... but in the shadows of moonlight.
The moon looks awful bright tonight.
It's saying that it ain't fair
that they have to live like shadows.
''This place is beautiful.
But beyond this place, there's a big world.
''A bright world.
''You know that world, don't you?
You were born in it...
''...and you can live in it,
any way and anywhere you want.
''But because of what we are,
we can't live in that world like you do.
''Whatever we do or wherever we go,
we don't belong.''
I know that feeling.
Ever since I was a little girl,
the world's always treated me as a misfit.
As an outcast.
As someone who doesn't really belong.
- Prepare for trouble.
- And make it double.
We unite all peoples,
we extend our reach, we blast off.
So, surrender now or prepare to fight.
Meowth, that's...
We are what we are.
We will remain here, and live in peace.
If we can.
Prepare, my old friend.
For at sunrise, we will meet again.
- Is everybody okay?
- I'm all right.
Togepi's fine, too.
I won't be fine.
Not until I see Pikachu again.
Team Rocket's balloon
was headed for that island, Ash.
- Then that's where I'm going.
- Ash, wait.
I have an idea.
See that giant tree trunk lying over there?
- We'll build a canoe out of it.
- A canoe?
Sure. And we can use our Pokmon
to help.
Let's get started.
Chikorita, Bulbasaur, I choose you.
Okay. Let's see
if you can make that log a canoe.
We can't let them see us here.
The quicker we get there, the better.
If the humans will not leave us in peace,
so be it.
We will leave this place
and search for another.
We will continue to search
until we find a place to live...
... and to belong.
The Combat Squad will rescue us.
- I certainly hope not.
- Why?
Do you want the boss to see us
in another humiliating situation?
Pipe down. The other Pikachu
wants to say something important.
It said, ''lf we don't get out of here...
''...they're gonna catch us and use us
in Pokmon cloning experiments.
''Just because we're clones don't mean
they can treat us any way they want.
''I say we leave this place
and go wherever we please! ''
That's great news.
Ask them to bring us, too.
We'll be glad to go anywhere.
- They didn't say we were going to prison.
- Next time we use a travel agent.
You humans are all alike.
What do you expect them to do,
invite Team Rocket along for the ride?
You're on Team Rocket.
Why aren't you locked up like we are?
I'm valuable 'cause I can talk human talk.
That'll come in handy.
But then why are we?
They'll let you go as long as I do my job,
and don't try any funny stuff.
You scratch its back
and it scratches yours.
Well, we're moving out.
- Hey, that's the twerps' Pikachu.
- Meowth, you're working with the enemy.
Take it easy, you two. Don't you see
this is the perfect opportunity?
As soon as we get this mess cleaned up,
I'll grab Pikachu.
- What do you think, Jessie?
- I think we can trust Meowth.
Then I'll take Pikachu straight to the boss.
He'll be so happy,
I bet I'll finally get a Team Rocket uniform.
Should I let them go?
All creatures ought to control
their own destinies.
Or should I force them to stay?
Here I can use my powers
to protect them from harm.
But do I have the right to keep them
from living as they choose?
Which is more important:
Their safety or their freedom?
I'm coming, Pikachu.
What is this place?
It's off the chart!
Luna, this spring must be the source
for Purity River.
The water's chemical makeup
is astounding.
I knew it would be.
The human body, in fact all living things,
are made up of mostly water.
Water is essential for life.
The quality of water helps determine
the quality of life.
Yes. This place is bursting with life.
That's because it's clean here.
Untouched. Pure.
And the source of that purity is the spring.
Maybe this spring isn't just the source
of all the water in Purity Canyon.
It could be the source of a new way
to bring health and happiness to the world.
We may be standing on the edge
of the most important discovery...
...in medical history.
Without a Pokmon breeder around,
it's amazing they all look so healthy.
In a habitat as clean as this, they couldn't
help but be strong and healthy.
The air, the food and the water
are all natural.
I wonder if their parents are nearby.
They're watching over them from up there.
They're all very protective and very proud.
The babies here are living happy,
healthy lives.
They look just as happy and healthy
as their offspring.
I think we should move on now.
They might get nervous.
We have to find Pikachu.
I just hope Pikachu's someplace
where it's nice and safe.
I made it.
Come on. Hurry. Pull yourself together.
Sorry, pal. I didn't mean to scratch you up.
I just don't want them to catch you.
Come on. We gotta get out of here.
Run for it!
It's been quite a while. You look well.
Leave this place at once.
I warn you, my strength is far greater
than when we first met.
Your increased strength
comes as no surprise.
Fortunately, my technicians predicted it...
...and they've created new technology
to deal with it.
It seems my new equipment
is worth the considerable investment.
You should fear my powers most of all.
You cannot conquer me.
Your psychic attacks
bend the wills of living creatures...
...but they cannot influence machines.
We will see about that.
Activate the force fields.
Well done, Mewtwo.
You have demonstrated
that technology has its limits.
An important lesson to keep in mind.
But living creatures have their limits, too.
Do not test the limits of my power.
It appears that would be futile.
So, we'll take our battle to that island.
I'll fly over there...
...for Phase 2.
I understand that some Pokmon friends
of yours are over on that island.
- We'll see how powerful your loyalties are.
- You are despicable.
What's going on?
Unfortunately, your being here
is very inconvenient for us.
We can't let anyone interfere and
prevent us from reaching our objectives.
We can't let you leave
until our operation is over.
You better!
- James.
- What?
If Meowth doesn't come back,
what do we do about...
If Meowth doesn't come back,
what do we do about what?
- What do we do about the motto?
- I never thought about that.
Maybe we should start practicing.
One, two...
Looks like Team Rocket's
never blasting off again.
Aren't they simply adorable?
Those Pokmon are just babies.
Leave them alone!
Stop it, Domino!
I know trainers catch their Pokmon
with Pok Balls...
...but I prefer our method.
Make certain not a single one gets away.
These Pokmon are just going to be used
in experiments and as bait for Mewtwo.
No sense in wasting Pok Balls.
Well, what do we have here?
Some rare and valuable Pokmon?
- You know very well we're not Pokmon!
- Oh, that's right. I was mistaken.
Team Rocket agents are as useless
as you are rare.
But they certainly are not very valuable.
009 to Giovanni.
Except the Pokmon brought
by a young trainer...
... the island's populated
by Pokmon clones.
And we've got them, over.
Excellent. The trap is set
and now we have our bait.
Mewtwo, are you going to let
your little friends battle me alone?
I cannot. I must help them.
These guys all want to help out, too.
Who, me? I should come along with you?
What do you think?
Okay. I have to admit I ain't got
a lot of experience at being unselfish.
But if you can do it,
I guess I can give it a try.
We must live where and how we choose!
Friends, to the island.
- This is 009.
- Mewtwo is headed your way.
Roger, we're...
I've been expecting you.
This little Nidoqueen sure is a cutie.
Release that young one.
Maybe that's something
you should take up with my boss.
Here he is now.
Nice to see you.
Do I take it that you're willing
to obey my commands?
No. I would sooner leave this world
than serve you.
I suggest you reconsider your opinion.
If you choose to defy me...
...your fellow creations will all be used
in our experiments...
...and will certainly leave this world.
Stand away. I must submit to him.
This is not meant to destroy you.
It has been developed...
...to simply harness your abilities
and mold your will to my purposes.
Your purposes?
Don't waste your time destroying them.
We're quite capable of building new ones.
But, if you try to fight us,
your little friends will pay the price.
I will do as you say.
All you have to do now
is step into the light.
They're telling it to stop
but it's going anyway.
This could be a big mistake.
That's a good boy. Now you won't be able
to run away from me again.
You may control my body.
But you will never control my will.
We'll soon see.
I will not submit!
You are strong, but pain makes the body
master of the will.
Let's see how long they struggle.
This is a very charming place.
I had a feeling you'd find
a pretty little hideaway like this.
It's perfect for my new laboratory.
Finally, I will create a vast army
of the world's most powerful Pokmon.
And you.
You will be at its head,
carrying out my commands!
Together, we will rule the earth!
Pikachu. You both look wiped out.
What did they do to you?
Luna, get the spring water
that's in the vial in my pocket.
- It may revive them.
- Right.
This might be just what they need.
It worked!
That water is just incredible.
I knew it was healthy, but its healing
powers are absolutely amazing.
Stop muttering and start walking.
You can't stay here.
We have a place all prepared.
And where's that?
You better let us out of here right now!
You may not get out at all.
Everything is going according to plan.
Construction of our base is proceeding.
What's the status of Mewtwo?
It's stronger than I realized.
Its brainwaves haven't altered in the least!
If this goes on much longer,
its body will be destroyed before its will!
You can't destroy it.
It could take years to clone it again.
I know that! But this has become a battle
between Mewtwo's will and mine!
Well, don't take it out on me!
Can't you two work faster?
Use some elbow grease.
I want to be able to see my face
in that floor. Now, hurry up!
We'll show her!
What are they saying?
They say they're coming
and they're very angry.
What are you talking about?
Who's coming?
The Bug Pokmon.
They're mad at the people
that are polluting the lake.
And they're coming to stop them!
Be quiet.
What's happening?
Hey, what's that?
What's going on?
Hey! Look!
- A way out.
- Now's our chance. Come on, everybody.
Luna, I'm going back that way.
- What for?
- I'm worried about the spring.
I'll go along with you.
They'll never stop the Black Tulip
because I can think on my feet.
I guess that floor we mopped
is still a little slippery.
Perfect for a character like her.
What happened, Domino?
You looked fine when you first came in.
- But now your face seems...
- A little pale.
The water hasn't been contaminated.
Thank goodness.
I am glad you are safe.
But I cannot bear this much longer.
- How do you know my name?
- We heard it from Meowth.
And Meowth told us you're the one
who saved my Pikachu.
There's got to be some way
we can help you now.
Stop these machines.
Brock, maybe there's a cutoff switch.
It's no use. They're all sealed up.
Well, we'll have to tackle them!
Hit it harder.
We can't stop it!
Then I must use what remains
of my power.
Either these machines will be destroyed,
or I will be!
- Hang in there, Mewtwo!
- You can do it!
Both of you,
help out with your thunderbolt.
You did it. You beat them.
... but I have also destroyed myself.
The spring. They're saying,
''Come to the spring, Mewtwo! ''
The water there did revive the Pikachu.
Maybe it'll help Mewtwo.
Then let's go there.
You're not going anywhere.
Mewtwo belongs to me
and I alone will be the one to decide...
...whether it will survive or not.
No, you won't!
We won't let you!
It's the boss. What do we do?
If he sees us, he may do something drastic,
like ask for our expense report.
- Hey, guys, it's great to see you.
- You?
- Come on, let's find a place to hide.
- Right.
- You take Mewtwo.
- Okay.
So, you wish to defy me
as your leader has?
Very well then. I'll crush you, too.
Thanks, guys. Keep going.
Why are you helping me?
For one thing, you saved my Pikachu.
That's a good reason.
The only one?
Do you always need a reason
to help somebody?
Perhaps you are unique.
A unique human. One of a kind.
You're one of a kind, too. Everybody is.
I do not know what I am.
And soon it may not matter.
What Pokmon is that?
This is Mewtwo. It's real weak
and it needs to get into that spring...
...or it's not going to make it!
- Ash, wait.
Don't get that Pokmon near the water,
it might contaminate the spring.
This water has minerals humans need.
I'm sorry, but right now the one
who needs that water most is Mewtwo.
I have seen this place.
I have been here before.
Was it in my dreams?
But this is no dream.
I feel new life rising within me.
If these waters have
the same restoring effect on me...
... as they do on other Pokmon...
... Pokmon who belong to this world...
... could it be...
... that this world is my rightful place, too?
They're here!
Tell me where Mewtwo is.
Stop it. You can't come here
and destroy the spring!
Yes, I can. This place belongs to me.
You will not defile this place.
It does not belong to you...
... any more than I do!
What's happening?
This place has given me new life.
Now I shall use all my power to defend it.
What's happened here? What's going on?
Why is everyone standing around?
Where is Mewtwo?
The spring is gone.
What about the sample?
We may be in luck. We may be able
to create a synthetic version in the lab.
Yes, but I wonder what happened
to all the Pokmon.
This is amazing!
I have moved the lake and the spring
beneath Mt. Quena.
They will be protected here.
Wait until I call Professor Oak
and tell him about this!
You will tell no one.
Once you leave this place...
... you must leave behind your memories
of me and all you have seen here.
You're going to make us forget?
You can't do that!
- Meowth, be quiet!
- Don't stick your nose into this, Meowth!
It's got nothing to do with my nose.
It's what all the other Pokmon are saying.
It's only natural to wonder about who
and where you came from.
And some day,
these little ones will want some answers.
Only, there won't be any.
Not if you're going to make
everybody forget!
So what if their parents were clones?
They're all living creatures.
They deserve to live.
They deserve to know about themselves
just as much as you, me, or anybody does.
That's what we think.
I think we should remember, too.
Meowth is right.
Forgetting things doesn't change the fact
that they happened.
Don't you think everyone deserves to know
who they are and where they came from?
Yes. They deserve to remember.
If we are able to look to the future
as other Pokmon do...
... we must also be able to look to the past.
The shame of that past is not ours.
It belongs to those
who used our past to set us apart.
To ensure the safety
of all my fellow Pokmon...
... and of this healing place...
... I will clear only the memories
of those who seek to destroy them.
Only they shall forget.
009, why are we here?
What's the Combat Unit doing?
Maybe we're on some kind
of a secret mission.
What kind of secret mission?
I don't know any more than you,
but if we don't get out of here...
...it won't be secret!
- We should withdraw our forces at once.
It's strange, but I have the feeling
I have been utterly defeated.
The time has come for us to depart.
If you ever see our balloon,
fly by and say hello.
Thank you. I will remember you always.
This time, we'll both be able to remember.
Lf, someday, you hear my voice,
know that it is my spirit...
... calling across time and space to yours.
Luna called and said you might need a ride
back to the city...
- Hey, don't you even have a knapsack?
- I'm not going back.
Luna and I discovered we have
a lot in common besides research.
I will remember you...
... always.
- What's wrong, Ash?
- I know it might be impossible, guys...
...but I could have sworn
I just heard Mewtwo talking.
But maybe it was just my memory.
Our friends continue on their journey.
But in a faraway city,
stories are told of a mysterious Pokmon...
... who roams freely...
... but always by moonlight.
"Pokmon, Pokmon, Pokmon
Let's do it
"I wanna be the very best
"Like no one ever was
"To catch them is my real test
"To train them is my cause
"My whole life has lead to this
"Time to test my skills
"I know I just can't miss
Going to show the world
"Born to be a winner
"Born to be a champion
"Born to be a winner
Born to be the very best
"Born to be a winner
August 6.
Today my colleagues will reach the site...
... where an ancient civilization
may have created a shrine to Mew...
... the most powerful Pokmon
to have ever existed...
... now believed to be extinct.
Giovanni is financing the expedition.
When he learned of my work
in the field of cloning...
... he agreed to fund my research,
but only if I would try to create for him...
... an enhanced, living replica of Mew.
I had to agree.
He just wants to control the most powerful
Pokmon the world has ever known.
I, of course, want something more...
... much more.
Our team is bringing back
what we believe to be a Mew fossil.
I pray it's authentic.
If so, I may finally have the DNA I need...
... to create a Pokmon powerful enough
to survive the cloning process.
Perhaps then I can unlock the secret
to restoring life itself.
Where am I?
Who am I?
What am I?
It's just like all the other clones, Doctor.
It hasn't gained consciousness.
I just don't understand it.
Its other vital signs are strong.
When measuring brain activity...
I sense others near me.
But what are those strange sounds
they make?
Those are words. They're talking.
What are you?
What do you mean? I'm a girl. A person.
A person? Am I a person?
You look like a Pokmon, but you talk.
I didn't know a Pokmon
could talk like a person.
Pokmon? Person? What are those?
Which one am I?
Maybe it makes a difference to you...
...if you're a Pokmon or a person,
but not to me.
If you're in this place, I guess you must be
the same as all of us are.
- Saur.
- Char.
- What's that?
- I'm not sure.
But Mewtwo and Ambertwo seem to be
communicating with the other clones.
- But how?
- They could be using telepathy.
Everybody here is a copy.
That's why there's a ''two''
after all of our names.
I don't understand.
They call me ''Ambertwo,''
but I'm still really Amber.
- Squirtle.
- Bulbasaur.
Please, let my theories be true.
I must see my little girl smile again.
I've reawakened her consciousness
here in this chamber.
I just need to keep it viable
long enough to complete the process.
Why are you doing this?
- You can't bring Amber back.
- You're wrong.
Look, she lives within this light.
Her energy is undeniable.
If my cloning theories are correct,
we'll have Amber back one day soon.
"I loved our daughter as much as you did.
But she's gone.
"No one can bring her back.
I can't go on watching you try.
"I'm sorry. Goodbye."
I'll do anything to see you again.
So, how are they doing today?
You should be very pleased, Doctor.
The Pokmon clones are in stable condition
and Mewtwo's getting stronger every day.
One of them is bound to survive.
It looks like all our hard work
is finally paying off.
Yes, Giovanni will be very happy, I'm sure.
He may soon have
the most powerful Pokmon in the world.
But I'll get something much more precious:
Knowledge of how to recreate life.
Then, I'll use it to bring her back.
I call this my ''remember place.''
This is where I used to live.
What is that?
That's the sun.
What is it for?
It makes the whole world bright,
and it keeps us warm all day.
- That's called ''wind.''
- ''Wind''?
The wind helps us along.
Sometimes it's soft,
and sometimes it's very strong.
And that's the sunset.
That's when the sun says:
''Good night, see you tomorrow.''
Is that a sun?
No, that's the moon.
And the stars are the little lights
that twinkle all night...
...just so we won't feel alone in the dark.
We're losing all readings
from Charmandertwo.
No! Not again.
Bulbasaurtwo and Squirtletwo
are fading the same way.
It looks like another failure.
Where did they go?
Doctor, we're losing her, too.
What's wrong, Amber? What's happening?
It feels like it's time to say goodbye.
I feel something.
What are these?
They're tears. You're crying.
- Crying?
- My dad used to tell me a bedtime story...
...that when Pokmon are sad and they cry,
their tears are filled with life.
I'm so sad.
- I have to go.
- Why?
I don't know.
But it's all right.
Thank you for caring about me.
Don't cry, Mewtwo.
You should be happy. You're alive.
And life is wonderful.
These tears, what good are they?
Please, Amber, come back.
Don't go, please!
Doctor, Mewtwo's brainwaves
are out of control!
It's getting too upset, it mustn't
remember this. Administer the serum.
- Do it immediately!
- I'll try 100 units.
10, 20, 30, 40...
...50, 60, 70, 80...
...90, 100.
- What's happening? Is it working?
Lts brainwaves are going back to normal,
everything seems okay.
Nothing is okay.
My Amber is gone forever.
Only Mewtwo survives.
I've slept for so long...
... it seems like forever.
But I remember something, someone.
"Life is wonderful."
But why?