Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution (2019) Movie Script

[researcher 1]
The Mythical Pokmon... Mew.
They say it's extinct, but there have been
reports of recent new sightings.
-Those reports haven't been confirmed.
-Yes, sir.
There hasn't even been
a decent photo taken of it.
[researcher 2] Unfortunately true.
[excavator 1] It's Mew.
Having phenomenal powers
that can cause massive flooding,
or plant life to bloom in the wild,
bestowing some of these powers
on humankind.
[researcher 1] Is it good or evil?
[researcher 2] Is it doing this on a whim?
No matter what, one thing is for certain.
It wields great power.
[all gasp]
[excavator 1]
This is the fossil we just excavated.
-It's from the body of Mew!
-[excavator 1] That's our theory.
Let's get this
back to the lab immediately!
If it truly is a Mew fossil...
[Dr. Fuji] Then we may be able to recreate
the most powerful of all Pokmon!
[Mewtwo] Where am I?
Who... am I?
Who are you?
I cannot forget the world...
where a certain someone flew away from me.
Who... am I?
Why am I here?
I am simply here.
That is all.
I haven't emerged into this world.
[researchers gasp]
-[all gasp]
-[researcher 1 pants]
-[researcher 2 gasps]
[researcher 1] It's finally awakened!
Mewtwo. That is your name.
We have given life to you,
using the rarest of Pokmon as a basis.
Yes. That is the rarest
of the world's Pokmon, Mew.
Would that be my parent?
My father? My mother?
-Maybe either or maybe neither.
[Dr. Fuji] Your existence is based on Mew,
but you were created to be even stronger.
[Mewtwo] Who created me?
Neither father nor mother?
Then nature?
Then, are you saying
that I was created by nature?
In this world,
only two things can create life,
nature and human science.
You did? You humans made me?
-It's a triumph of science!
-It's proof we were right all along!
[lab tech 3] We can continue our research!
[lab tech 3] We should start
an even better version!
[indistinct chattering]
Who am I?
Where am I?
Congratulations. I can't believe this.
[indistinct chattering]
[all scream and grunt]
For what purpose was I created?
[grunts] Huh?
[groans and growls]
[Dr. Fuji] Everyone,
we need to leave immediately!
[lab tech 2] Go, go, go!
[Mewtwo grunts]
[screaming and shouting]
Creating the most powerful Pokmon
in the world,
it was our goal and ultimate dream!
[Mewtwo] Is this my power?
Am I the most powerful Pokmon
in the world?
Mew... am I stronger than you?
It's true that you may be
the world's most powerful Pokmon.
But the world has
one other powerful life-form.
If you were to join forces with humans,
the world would belong to us.
The world would belong to us.
However, if you were
to simply let your powers loose,
the world's destruction
would be the only outcome.
Your powers must be controlled.
-Will you let them run wild
and do to the world
the same thing you did to this island?
What must I do?
You place armor on me that protects me,
yet holds back my power.
After all of this,
what do you expect of me?
[Giovanni] It's simple. You only need
to do what everyone in this world does.
And what is that?
Destruction, war and conquest.
The strong will stand victorious.
[panicked bellowing]
[Mewtwo] Where am I?
Who am I?
Ah! [grunts]
[both roar]
For what reason do I fight?
For what reason do I live?
You are a Pokmon.
Pokmon are used for human purposes.
They live for humans' sake.
Are you telling me to fight for you?
Is that what you mean?
Are you saying I must fight for humans?
You are a Pokmon
that was created by humans.
What other value could you have?
[Mewtwo] Value?
Who am I?
For what reason do I live?
What is this?
You dare to defy humans?
I was created by humans.
But I am not human!
And as an artificial Pokmon,
I am not a Pokmon either!
Who am I?
Where am I? Who wanted me to be created?
Who asked for me to be created?
I despise
everything connected with my creation!
And so...
this is neither attack,
nor declaration of war.
You are the ones who created me.
And I will strike back... against you!
[all pant]
[narrator] This young man
is Ash from Pallet Town.
He's traveling with friends
on a training journey,
aiming to become a Pokmon Master.
[Pikachu] Pika!
[all] Wow!
-I can smell the sea!
The view is great here.
-Why don't we have lunch?
-All right! [giggles]
-Man, am I starving.
Even after extra helpings
at the Pokmon Center this morning?
-That was breakfast! This is lunch!
You can't battle
on an empty stomach, right?
-Eating is part of training.
-Oh yeah! You said it!
-That's our Brock!
Just be sure to help
with setting the table.
-Sure! I'm all over it!
[Pikachu] Pika-Pika, Pika!
-Pikachu. Pika-Pika.
-[Togepi chirps]
Aw, I'm out of gas!
But, Ash, you know we're not done!
I'm so hungry,
I can't move another muscle.
-Oh, come on!
You have to let it simmer slowly
until it's just right.
You can't rush stew,
or Pokmon, for that matter. Hm.
-Pika-Pika. Pikachu.
-[Togepi squeaks excitedly]
-[Togepi chirping]
Pi! Pika!
-[all] Huh?
[pirate] Hey! You, little boy!
Are you Ash from Pallet Town?
Huh? Yeah, that's right.
Okay! Does that mean we can have
a Pokmon battle?
If somebody wants to battle, why not?
What happened to the guy
who couldn't move a muscle?
I can have a Pokmon battle
before breakfast.
-Maybe two!
You're forgetting one thing.
You're battling before lunch.
I want to be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause
I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokmon to understand
The power that's inside
It's you and me
I know it's my destiny
Ooh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
Gotta catch 'em, gotta catch 'em
Gotta catch 'em all
Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will battle every day
To claim my rightful place
Come with me, the time is right
There's no better team
Arm in arm, we'll win the fight
It's always been a dream!
It's always been a dream
It's you and me
I know it's my destiny
Ooh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
I'll teach you
Gotta catch 'em, gotta catch 'em
Gotta catch 'em all
[gasps and sobs]
-Yeah! We did it!
He just had a weak opponent...
-Who didn't know you can't rush a Pokmon.
-[Togepi squeaks]
Pikachu is getting ever more skilled
by the minute!
Oh! Gorgeous!
We've got to get our paws on that Pikachu
and grab it for Team Rocket,
no matter what!
[both] Hm!
[James] Mm. But there's more.
Just look at that spread!
Here, Togepi. Say, ah!
-Taste good?
-Am I hungry...
-I've got a frying pan.
But without something to fry,
it's little more than a round anvil
made out of iron!
[stomachs growling]
[all sigh]
[servant] That's Ash from Pallet Town.
And with him are Misty,
the Cerulean City Gym Leader,
and Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader.
Master, shall we invite these people
as well?
As you wish, Master.
[all exclaim]
Hey, who are you?
Hey! Don't do that! Stop!
[laughs] Charizard never changes.
-[Togepi squeals]
-Hm. Oh, well...
This is for me?
Please forgive this surprise message
from a stranger.
She's so beautiful! I can't believe it!
You three have been acknowledged
as up-and-coming Trainers.
As such, you are invited to a party
held by my master,
the world's greatest Pokmon Trainer.
The location?
Pokmon Palace, on New Island.
We ask that you RSVP,
whether attending or not,
by checking the box on the return card.
The greatest Pokmon Trainer alive
invites you.
We beg you to accept.
-Whoa! The pretty lady just...
-What do you think?
-I think we should go! I know we should!
-She called us up and coming.
-I don't think that sounds bad at all!
So, you're going to mark the RSVP yes?
-I sure am!
[all grunt and groan]
It's bad manners
to rush by without even a hello!
-What's this?
[Mew squeals]
[thunder rumbles]
[all pant]
[Pikachu] Pikachu!
Ra! Ra! Raticate!
-Calm down, Raticate!
-Just relax. Please?
-Now, cut that out!
[all pant]
-And the weather was so nice before!
-Seaside weather can change in an instant.
[thunder rumbles]
Huh? What? The ferry's grounded?
-So we can't go to New Island?
-[boy] After getting an invitation?
Please, quiet, everyone!
We have the harbor manager right here.
I'm Miranda. If you want to hear the will
of the sea, listen to the harbor Wingull.
But there's no need.
Listen to these winds.
I've never seen a hurricane like this
in my life.
Is it really that bad?
I grew up near this harbor and I've never
experienced a storm like this.
And not only that, the storm is directly
over New Island, far out to sea.
I cannot in good conscience allow you
to wander into such obvious danger.
I beg you, as one sworn
to protect the harbor.
You heard her.
The ferry for today is canceled.
Well, I'm going to New Island anyway!
My Pokmon are great swimmers!
-We'll make it to that palace, no problem!
-I know the sea and I am telling you no!
-She's right!
If one of your Pokmon is wounded,
the Pokmon Center here
won't be able to help it!
-[all gasp]
-What does that mean?
Nurse Joy from the Pokmon Center,
she disappeared a week ago.
And with Nurse Joy missing,
your Pokmon won't be treated.
Look. There's the missing-person poster.
So pretty. [sighs]
Huh? Haven't I seen her somewhere before?
[wind whooshes]
[Fearow squawks]
No, don't!
Stop, or I'll have to arrest you!
-I knew we couldn't stop all of them.
They're Pokmon Trainers. Adventurers.
They never would've come here
if they'd known they'd be stopped.
Here's to their safety.
[all pant]
The greatest Trainer in the world
is out there across the sea.
-We've just got to get over there!
-Pika! Pika!
But, Ash, we don't have any Pokmon
that can cross such an angry sea.
-Yeah, you're right.
The waves may be against us
But who cares?
Yeah, who cares?
Just grab the wheel
We hail from the churning waves
Of Cinnabar Strait!
-[Meowth] Sing it out!
-When trouble pays someone a call
That's when we rush to give it our all
That far horizon's got our name
We'll never be the same!
Coming? Well, it'll cost you.
But if ye tell a good tale,
we may just take you anyway.
-All right! Take us!
-Pika! Pika!
You know, that boat sure has great timing.
-[Togepi squeals]
[Team Rocket]
Fits us to a tee Riding the briny sea
Custom-built for three
Riding the briny sea fits us to a tee
Riding the briny sea fits us to a tee
Riding the briny sea...
-Togepi, stay in there for a while please.
-[all moan]
Is this boat really safe,
bobbing in all these waves?
It's just like taking a bath.
Wet at first, but soon, you'll take to it.
Captain! Isn't it about time?
[chuckles] With one click.
[all scream]
[mumbling indistinctly]
I've heard of being wet behind the ears,
but this is nuts!
It's you three! [mumbles]
[all scream]
Team Rocket!
It was about time for you guys to show up.
Why are you here?
-Prepare for trouble, what a thing to say.
-And make it double...
[all gasp]
[all screaming]
[Staryu grunts]
[Brock] Ash! Misty! [grunts]
[Misty gasps] Where's Ash and Pikachu?
[Brock] I don't know. [grunts]
[all scream]
-[Squirtle mumbles]
-[Staryu grunts]
[all exclaim]
[all gasp]
-[all gasp]
[all pant]
Whoa. Do you see that?
[thunder rumbles]
[Mew squeals]
[Mew squeals]
[all gasp]
-Thanks a lot, Staryu.
-[Togepi squeals]
-Squirtle, you were great!
-Squirtle! Squirtle!
[Misty giggles]
My compliments on your arrival.
Present your invitation,
if you would please.
These three are the recipients
of the invitation.
-Huh. I knew it! So it was you after all.
You're Nurse Joy, from the harbor poster.
[Misty] Come to think of it,
they do look alike.
[servant] I don't understand.
I have been a servant here at this palace
ever since the beginning.
Now, if you will follow me.
The other invited guests
have already arrived.
[Team Rocket gasp and groan]
[Mew squeals]
[Mew squeals]
[thunder rumbles]
[Ash] Whoa!
[all gasp]
These are the other guests
I was telling you about.
Wait. Just three of them?
But there were so many more
on the ferry landing.
If a Trainer couldn't make it here
through the storm,
then they wouldn't have been invited.
[Brock] Are you saying
that the storm was a test?
Please release your Pokmon
from their Pok Balls and take a seat.
The six of you who have gathered,
you are all chosen Trainers.
[gate rumbles]
Okay, how do we get into the palace, eh?
Our only choice is to go in
through the exit.
But I don't see one.
Down there.
[James and Meowth] Huh?
[Meowth] A sewer?
-Sewers are not my habitat!
-They are now!
There's no other way, so toughen up!
[James and Meowth whimper]
-[James] Uh, what's wrong?
-[Jessie] Nothing. Let's go.
[Jessie grunts]
[all] Climbing the scary rail
Live to tell the tale!
Climbing the scary rail...
-Squirtle! Squirtle!
Pika! Pi! Pi! Pi!
[Togepi squeaks]
So you made it here, too?
-So did you. But how?
-We simply took to the skies.
A little hurricane means nothing
to Pidgeot, does it?
Everyone, say hello.
[Pokmon cheer]
[both gasp]
I just rode over here on Gyarados' back!
Isn't Gyarados known
as the Atrocious Pokmon?
-[Misty] Huh?
I'm here with this one
and those over there.
Just lovely.
Blastoise, Dewgong, Vileplume, Ninetales,
Rapidash and your Wigglytuff, too!
And yet, nothing can compare
to their lovely Trainer!
Your boundless beauty. My queen.
My lady, once this storm passes,
let's gaze upon the sun-drenched seas
and eat my famous jelly donuts
made with love... [grunts]
Yeah, yeah, if you're going to eat,
you're better off eating alone.
-[confused murmuring]
Thank you all.
I'd now like to present
the world's strongest Pokmon Trainer,
who will now join you.
[all grunt]
[all grunt]
-What is that?
-[Mew squeaks]
-[Mew squeaks]
-[Mew chuckles]
[Mew giggles]
-[Mew squeaks]
Hm. Huh?
-[Jessie] Meowth!
-Huh? [pants]
[Team Rocket giggles]
So, my master is not only
the strongest Pokmon Trainer,
but also the strongest Pokmon
in existence... Mewtwo.
A Pokmon can't be a Pokmon Trainer!
No way!
-[both] Are you sure?
-What's that voice?
-It's telepathy.
-[all gasp]
[both] I am the one
who chooses my own rules.
If this is a bad joke, I'm going home!
[all gasp]
[Fergus grunts and gasps]
[groans] Get it, Gyarados!
[gasps] Gyarados, use Hyper Beam!
[Fergus grunts]
[both] That was trivial.
-[Mewtwo] I have no more use for you.
[whimpers and groans]
[breathes heavily]
-I knew it. Nurse Joy!
-Where am I?
What am I doing here?
[Mew-two] I brought you here
from the Pokmon Center to look after me.
It is convenient
to have an expert well versed
in the physiology of a Pokmon's body.
You were quite useful.
-I suppose you remember nothing, correct?
-What did you say?
With my power, it is easy to control
something as simple as the human brain.
-That's just awful!
[all gasp]
[Jessie] What kind of place is this?
[James] It doesn't look like
a treasure vault.
-How cute can you get?
-You think that's cute?
[Dr. Fuji] Our research has produced
a device that can make clones of Pokmon.
With this, we found great success.
-What's going on? [yelps]
-[Jessie] Meowth! Meowth!
Wait! Stop that thing!
[grunting and groaning]
[squealing and grunting]
[Meowth squeals and grunts]
[all scream]
Look what you did to my precious fur!
[Jessie] Three hairs.
[Dr. Fuji] It needn't be much.
If we can study a Pokmon's tissue,
we can make a clone of that Pokmon.
-[James] Who's that Pokmon?
-[Jessie] It's Meowth!
-[Jessie and James] Meowth?
-[Meowth] But I'm Meowth.
[Jessie] Then this is...
-[James] A Meowth clone?
-[Meowth] Please!
[Dr. Fuji] However, one clone I made
was different from the rest.
From the Mythical Pokmon Mew,
found deep in the jungle,
we discovered the tiniest of fossils.
And from that,
I was able to bring forth Mewtwo,
creating the most powerful Pokmon
in the world.
That was our dream.
[Jessie] Then this...
[James] Is a lab
for creating Pokmon clones?
Wait, why isn't there anybody here?
Maybe it's their day off.
If that's true, they must need it.
[Mewtwo] At one point,
I thought I'd work alongside humans.
But I was disappointed.
Humans are a dangerous species,
inferior even to Pokmon.
If cruel, weak humans
are allowed to govern the planet,
the world is headed for ruin.
Who will rule the world?
I suppose a Pokmon like you?
Pokmon are unfit as well.
After all, they allowed humans to rule
in the first place.
For some Pokmon, the purpose
of their lives is to serve humans.
Pika-Pika! Pikachu!
What's this?
You say you do not serve this human?
That you are with him
because you like this Trainer?
You are as pathetic as the rest.
-[Pikachu shrieks]
-[Ash grunts and yells]
[both grunt]
-[Ash exhales]
Weak Pokmon nestle under a human's wing.
-[Misty] Ash! Are you all right?
How dare you do that to Pikachu!
No matter the Pokmon,
there shouldn't be any Pokmon
that can't be caught!
-Go! Rhyhorn, I choose you!
-[Rhyhorn grunts]
[banging and clanking]
-[Corey] Rhyhorn!
A waste of time.
Since my creation, I've been far stronger
than any Pokmon alive!
You sure? You never know until you try!
[Pikachu] Pika.
[Mewtwo chuckles]
You want to try?
[all gasp]
-[all gasp]
-[Meowth] I'm not liking this at all.
[all gasp]
[all gasp and cough]
-[Mew squeaks and squeals]
-[Team Rocket gasp]
-[James] What was that?
-[Meowth] Beats me.
[Jessie] It said "mew".
[Mewtwo] Humans aspiring
to become Pokmon Trainers,
first choose from three Pokmon
anyone can get.
Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.
These before you are their evolved forms.
-They are my copies.
-Copies? Huh?
-A battle arena!
-Are we being challenged to a battle?
I choose to battle
with Bruteroot the Venusaur!
And my partner? I choose Shellshocker!
Me, too! Charizard, I choose you!
[yawns and grunts]
-Charizard! I didn't say start.
-Pika. Pika.
Your Charizard is poorly trained.
[grunts angrily]
Which of you will oppose me first?
I underestimated you once,
but that won't happen again!
Go, Bruteroot! Use Razor Leaf!
Use Vine Whip.
Use Energy Ball!
Use Leaf Storm.
[gasps and pants] Bruteroot!
Are you okay?
I'm battling you now!
Go, Shellshocker! Use Skull Bash!
-[Mewtwo] Use Skull Bash.
Shellshocker, use Hydro Pump!
Ash, be careful!
Their moves are really strong!
Yeah, I know! But don't worry.
None of those attacks can hurt you
as long as they don't hit you!
-Okay, Charizard! Win it with speed!
-[Charizard growls]
[growling and grunting]
[growling and grunting]
-How are you going to win it with speed?
-Ugh. They're too fast.
Pika! Pika!
[grunting and groaning]
[all gasp]
Use Seismic Toss.
-Charizard! [pants]
-[Pikachu] Pika!
It seems you lack both speed and power.
-[Pikachu] Pika?
-[Ash gasps and grunts]
-Pi. Pi. Pika!
[grunts and pants]
-Are you trying to steal our Pokmon?
Steal? No.
I am only making
more useful, stronger clones
from these Pokmon,
of which you are so proud.
-Making clones?
-Stop it! You can't do that!
-Do not attempt to defy me!
[groans and yells]
[both groan]
I make my own rules!
-Here they come!
-Run, everybody!
[all gasp and pant]
[pants] Pi. Pi. Pika!
Pika. Pi. Pi. Pikachu!
Pidgeot! [shrieks]
We've just got to get them
into their Pok Balls!
A waste of time.
-Bulbasaur, Squirtle, return!
Got 'em!
[gasps and grunts]
That's not possible.
Anything is possible
with the Pok Balls I make!
-[Misty] Be very quiet in there.
[pants softly]
No! Psyduck!
[Brock and Nurse Joy pant]
-Vulpix! No!
-[Nurse Joy gasps]
Pika. Pika. Pikachu.
-Pika. Pika!
-[Ash groaning]
-Pikachu, run away.
-Pi. Pi. Pikachu.
Pi. Pika. Pi. Pi. Pi. Pikachu.
Pi. Pi. Pi...
Pi. Pi. Pi...
Don't let them get you! Pikachu!
Pi. Pi. Pikachu!
Pi. Pi. Pi. Pika. Pika!
Oh! [groans and yells]
[gasps and grunts]
Pika. Pikachu!
Pika. Pi. Pika. Pikachu.
Pika. Pika. Pika!
[Pikachu screams]
[gasps and pants]
[gasps and pants]
[yells] Ah! Pikachu!
[Jessie and James] Who's that Pokmon?
It's Scyther!
It's Dewgong!
It's Vileplume!
[Meowth] Sandslash. Nidoqueen. Vaporeon.
And then of course, this one's Meowth.
-[Ash groans] Ow!
-[both] Huh?
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...
[both] It's the Twerp!
[gasps] Team Rocket! [pants and grunts]
I don't have time
for your dumb motto today!
[Jessie and James] Who's that Pokmon?
It's Pikachu.
[groans and screams]
[yells and groans]
Pika. Pi.
Pi. Pika.
[Jessie and James]
Whoa! Look at all the copies.
-There's no stopping them.
-Send in the clones.
-Those are... clones?
Huh? The originals too?
[all] Stay out of my space!
-Pika! Pika!
-Squirtle! Squirtle! Squirtle! Squirtle!
-Pikachu! Pika!
-Squirtle. Squirtle. Squirtle!
[all] Oh!
[grunts softly]
Humans, I have no desire
to cause you harm.
Simply go home now!
[all] Huh?
[wind howls]
That is, if you can make it home
through the storm.
What was that?
[all grunt]
[Ash] You can't do this.
I won't let you!
-It's Ash!
-All right!
-It's Psyduck!
[grunts in determination]
You set them free?
That's right. I had to.
I'll protect all my friends!
[grunts and yells]
[groans and grunts]
-Ash, oh, no!
-Stop it now!
[Ash screams]
[grunts and gasps]
What is this?
Mew. Mew.
[Ash yells and groans]
[squeaks and giggles]
-Is that...?
-A Pokmon?
[squeals playfully]
Mew. Mew!
I've read about that one.
Right. It's the Mythical Pokmon.
[Mewtwo] Mew,
said to be the only one of its kind
and the strongest Pokmon alive.
-So, it does exist.
However, I am the strongest Pokmon!
I may have been made from part of you.
But now I will prove
that Mewtwo is better than the original,
superior to Mew!
Mew and Mewtwo...
Then Mewtwo was made from Mew.
This world is too small for two of us!
Why do you flee from me?
Are you afraid to find out
which of us is greater?
[Mew squeaks]
-[Mew gasps]
-[Ash gasps]
[Ash gasps]
-[Ash gasps]
-[all gasp]
[Mewtwo] So you do have some fight in you.
But I have no time for games.
Destiny is at hand!
Who will rule? My super Pokmon?
Or your pathetic group
of inferior Pokmon?
We were created with powers far stronger
than the originals!
[squeals excitedly]
-Hm, it's talking truth.
[Meowth] Mew says you don't prove anything
by showing off a lot of fancy moves.
The Pokmon's real strength
comes from the heart!
A Pokmon's real strength, you say?
[yells and grunts]
Very well! My clones
don't need moves to prove their worth!
Now we shall see who triumphs!
[all clamoring]
[grunts and pants]
[all clamoring]
[Pidgeot shrieks]
[Ash grunts]
[Psyduck grunts]
[Dewgong groans]
Pi... Pika?
[Pikachu clone growls]
[Ash pants]
[Pikachu grunts and pants]
[Pikachu groans and pants]
What good is this fighting?
They're either originals or copies!
But they're all alive!
This is wrong.
Even if they're copies,
they're all living in the same world.
Originals and copies.
They're all living creatures!
Does winning or losing really matter?
[James] We tell others to prepare for
trouble, but I'm not prepared for this.
It troubles my heart
to see them all this way.
It seems like
they're only hurting themselves.
-It's like seeing your old self...
-Battling with your present self.
A blast-off bad dream!
Huh? [shrieks]
-[clone howls and hisses]
-[Meowth growls]
I'll bet these claws hurt.
[Meowth clone murmurs]
[Meowth sighs]
You've got a lot of nerve
being here, you know?
The rest are duking it out!
Eh? You're telling me
I've got even more nerve?
Just 'cause I'm not duking it out?
Oh, so you think my claws
would hurt a lot, too.
Well, your claws
would hurt a lot more, you know.
[Meowth] You want to know
if tonight's gonna be a full moon?
Yup. I think tonight is gonna be
a full moon, filled to the top!
[Meowth] Wow. Thinking of the moon
at a time like this...
You know, palley, you've got class.
Pika! [pants]
-Pika! Pika! Pikachu!
[gasps] Pikachu!
[groans] Pi, Pikachu, Pi, Pika...
Pika... [grunts]
-[Pikachu] Pika-Pika!
-[Ash gasps]
[grunts and pants] Pikachu...
[both pant]
Stop, please! Knock it off!
-[Brock] Ash!
-[Misty] Ash!
[pants] I've got to stop this!
You can't.
Until Mew and Mewtwo stop,
the fighting goes on.
Living things won't give up
their territory
to other members of their own species.
That means...
They'll battle until one is defeated...
till only one remains!
That's how living things are?
But Mewtwo was created by humans.
And yet, it's a living thing.
They're alive, all right.
Both Mew and Mewtwo.
And Pikachu!
And the other Pikachu too!
-[both pant]
[all gasp and yell]
[all pant and groan]
[groans softly]
[Ash gasps]
-[both pant and groan]
-Pika... Pika...
[pants and grunts]
Will you guys stop?
Knock it off!
-What's going on?
-What happened?
Foolishness! A human
would actually attempt to stop our battle?
[Pikachu pants]
[pants] Pika...?
[Pikachu] Pikachu... Pika-Pi?
-[sad grunting]
Oh, no, Ash...
[grunts and pants]
[Pikachu pants]
[pants and sobs]
[sobs] Pika-Pi! Pi!
[all sob]
[hisses sadly]
[grunting sadly]
[Pikachu sobs]
[Pikachu sobs]
[whimpering and sobbing]
-[Ash groans]
-[pants softly]
[groans softly]
Huh? [gasps]
-[Ash laughs]
[gasping and chuckling]
-[Brock and Misty laugh]
Squirtle! Squirtle!
[grunts happily]
[grunts happily]
[growls happily]
[all chuckle]
[both] Psy!
-[squawks happily]
[all cheer]
-[squeals happily] Pika-Pi. Pika-Pi.
-[Ash laughs]
It is true that both you and I
are living beings... Pokmon.
I see now that the circumstances
of one's birth are irrelevant.
It is what you do with the gift of life
that determines who you are.
Squirtle! Squirtle!
Squirtle! Squirtle!
[Togepi squeals]
Mewtwo, where will you go?
Where my heart can learn
what yours knows so well.
What transpired here,
I will always remember.
But perhaps for you,
these events are best forgotten.
-[Ash] Huh?
-Huh? Whoa. Whoa.
[Ash] Oh. Oh!
Please, quiet, everyone!
No boats will leave the harbor!
This hurricane is stronger
than any seen here before.
You must evacuate!
Aw, why right now?
Please remain calm
and I'll do my best to help.
The Pokmon Center will function
as a shelter, open to anyone!
Come with me, if you wish to use it.
Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Miranda, too!
The rainwater
hardly blurs their radiant beauty!
Huh? Why are we here in the first place?
It doesn't make any sense.
Well, since we're already here, who cares?
-Yeah. Right!
-[Brock and Misty] Hm?
[all gasp in awe]
Like it never happened!
-No hurricane...
-It disappeared!
-The ships can sail first thing tomorrow.
-Oh, what's that?
-What's what?
-You see that? Just up there!
I didn't see anything at all.
Nothing but clouds.
[Ash] On the day I set out
and decided to become a Pokmon Master,
I saw a really rare Pokmon,
just like I did now.
Well, then maybe you'll see
that one again sometime.
-That really rare Pokmon!
[Ash laughs]
Mm. One day, for sure!
[narrator] The world of Pokmon,
full of mysteries and legends
and the stories of those who dream
of becoming Pokmon Trainers,
as well as the amazing Pokmon who live,
work and battle by their sides.
As the journey continues,
for a long time to come!
Beautiful! Everything clean and natural!
Pristine, untouched!
Now, that's a big change.
[all] And it sure does feel good!
It's about time!
So many ages I lived
A life unknown
I led an army of one
With heart of stone
Determined to rule my time
Destined to be alone
Once I awakened
I made a vow
-For that day
-To love my sister and brother
I abdicated my throne
And walked away
Swearing my heart to all
Hoping for everyone to heed the call
Stand still too long
Feel the world revolving
Embrace the changes
Now your fear is dissolving
We can survive
If we just keep evolving
Sharing a dream, leap for the sky
Stand still too long
You'll feel the world revolving
Embrace the changes
Now your fear's dissolving
We can survive
If we just keep evolving
Sharing a dream, we aim for the sky