Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! (2017) Movie Script

Yes, this battle
of the Pokmon League finals
is really picking up steam!
Gengar dodges it!
It's Night Shade!
But Blastoise withstands it!
That was an Ice Beam!
And Gengar is frozen!
What will the Trainer do now?
There goes the Pok Ball...
And the next Pokmon up is...
It's a Razor Leaf!
But Blastoise's
Hydro Pump scores a direct hit!
Wow! Venusaur's
Solar Beam, and Blastoise's
Hydro Pump... What POWER!
MAN! Oh, wow!
Yess! Yeah! Get 'em!
This is Ash Ketchum,
from Pallet Town.
Ash is almost ten years old.
When youngsters with aspirations
to become Pokmon Trainers turn
ten, they can choose their first
Pokmon from Professor Oak.
They can choose from
Bulbasaur... Charmander...
and Squirtle.
Then, they can begin
their exciting journeys
as Pokmon Trainers!
Charmander... Squirtle...
Here we go.
All right, I choose you!
Ash Ketchum,
are you still asleep?
You'll be late getting
to Professor Oak's lab!
Yeah, right,
Professor Oak's lab...
Mom, why didn't you wake me up?!
You said yourself
when you turned ten,
you could wake up on your own!
Hey Professor Oak!
I made it. I'm here!
Oh. Hello, Ash.
So, Professor Oak,
where's my Pokmon?!
Ah, so you're
the last of the four young ones
starting out on
their journeys today.
I've thought about it
a lot and it took me a
really long time,
but I finally decided.
I'm gonna choose Squirtle!
I'm afraid
Squirtle was chosen by
a Trainer who wasn't late.
I've got no one
to blame but myself.
Okay, then I'll
choose Bulbasaur!
Bulbasaur went with a Trainer
who also got here on time.
All right! I mean
I really want Charmander!
Being a second
late for a train, or even a
Pokmon, can be life changing.
Does that mean... I go on
my journey without a Pokmon?
Well, there is another, but...
Uh, I'll take it!
I think I should
warn you that there is a problem
with this last one...
So what?
Since I was late, then I've
got a problem with me, too!
All right...
Awesome! All right then,
you're my Pokmon! Whoa!
This Pokmon is called Pikachu.
It's so cute! Looks
like I got the best one!
You'll see...
Oh, yeah! Hi, Pikachu,
my name's Ash Ketchum!
You and I are gonna
be best friends!
It's the Electric Mouse Pokmon.
Pikachu can be rather shy,
but quite electrifying
when touched by humans.
Hey, I can take a little zap!
All right then.
If that's how you feel, then
this is Pikachu's Pok Ball.
Thanks a lot, Professor!
Remember, you were going
to head out on your journey
right after getting your
Pokmon. For goodness sake!
Here. I packed shirts,
underwear, a towel,
your toothbrush,
and a sleeping bag.
Let's go, Pikachu!
Don't Pokmon usually
go in their Pok Balls?
They sure do!
Come on, Pikachu, get in!
Get in your Pok Ball!
Oh, right.
This Pikachu hates getting
into any sort of Pok Ball.
Whoa, it does? Now get in!
If you're playing catch, then
you're good friends already!
Yeah, you're right! We're
best friends already, right?
Pikachu? Are you gonna
be like this the whole way?
Is it because you don't like me?
Well, I like you a lot!
And no matter what,
I want to be your friend.
So we're all done with this.
Now. Put 'er there.
You're a handful.
Hey, a Pidgey!
That's awesome! Yes!
Catching that Pidgey's
gonna be my first step toward
becoming a Pokmon Master!
Go, Pok Ball!
I caught it!
The way to catch 'em is
have a battle! Go, Pikachu!
Aw, come on, aren't
you gonna help me out?
Fine then.
I'll do it myself.
It's a Spearow!
Let's get out of here, quick!
Knock it off!
I'm the one who threw the rock!
You should be attacking me!
You all right, Pikachu?
Pikachu! You're gonna be
just fine! Hang in there!
No, Pikachu. This
can't be happening, right?
You've gotta go inside!
I know you can't stand
going inside your Pok Ball,
but still... in there,
you'll be protected!
So come on...
Get inside, please?
Then leave the rest to me.
I'll take care of this!
All right, you! I don't
think you know who you're
dealing with! But I'm Ash
Ketchum, from Pallet Town!
And I'm gonna be the world's
greatest Pokmon Master!
Mess with me and
you're gonna lose!
I'm gonna catch all of
you Pokmon at once!
Pikachu, you've
gotta get inside your
Pok Ball now! All right, you,
hit me with your best shot!
You'll stay? Mean it?
What's that?
Pikachu? Someday
we'll both meet that Pokmon!
I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them
is my real test
To train them is my cause
I will travel
across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokemon
to understand
The power that's inside
Gotta catch 'em all
It's you and me
I know it's my destiny
Oh you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
Gotta catch 'em all
A heart so true
Our courage
will pull us through
You teach me
and I'll teach you
Pokemon Gotta catch 'em all
Gotta catch 'em all
Every challenge along the way;
With courage I will face.
I will battle every day
to claim my rightful place.
Come with me; The time is
right. There's no better team.
Arm in arm we'll win the fight.
It's always been our dream.
Pokemon Gotta catch 'em all
It's you and me.
I know it's my destiny.
Oh you're my best friend;
In a world we must defend.
Pokemon Gotta catch 'em all
A heart so true. Our courage
will pull us through.
You teach me, and
I'll teach you. Po-k-mon!
Gotta catch 'em all!
Gotta catch 'em all!
Gotta catch 'em all!
Pikachu, use Quick Attack!
Tangela, Vine Whip!
Tangela is unable to battle!
Thus, the winner is
Ash from Pallet Town!
All right!
Man, you were awesome, Pikachu!
Very well. As proof of
your victory at the Celadon Gym,
and by the authority of the
Pokmon League, I now present
you with the Rainbow Badge.
I just got a Rainbow Badge!
How many badges does this make?
It's my third one!
I look forward to you
winning all eight and entering
the Pokmon League!
Thanks! I'll do my best!
Oh, hi, Mom.
Well, well! You
finally decided to call!
Do you have any idea how
many Pokmon Centers I've been
leaving messages at
hoping you would be there?!
So what's this big emergency?
If I didn't say it was a
big emergency, you wouldn't have
called back, would you?!
You're just like your father!
It wouldn't hurt to call me
once in a while, now would it?
Oh! Pikachu! Hi there!
That's all? I'm hanging up.
Now you just hold on!
I want to make sure
you're eating right!
I'm eating...
And eat your vegetables!
It's very important!
And what about laundry?
You're not wearing dirty
shirts every day, are you?
Come on, Mom!
You worry too much.
You're all set. Your
Pokmon's completely healed.
Happy and in perfect health.
I was so worried! Thank
you Nurse Joy. Wanted posters?
Yes, that's Team Rocket.
Team Rocket?
They're awful,
and they go around stealing
other people's Pokmon.
The worst of the worst.
Really? I wonder
what that's all about...
She's wondering
what we're all about.
Actions speak louder than words.
All we do is get
our paws on primo Pokmon,
and they'll know how
magnificently we rock!
Excuse me! Nurse Joy!
Please help my Pokmon!
My Vaporeon's been hurt...
Let me see.
It doesn't look good!
What happened?
Entei came out of nowhere...
Entei? I'm sorry,
mom! Gotta go!
Ash! But...
I thought
for sure we could catch it...
Don't worry.
It'll be just fine.
Thank you so much!
Did you say Entei?
One of the Legendary Pokmon.
They're so rare, nobody ever
sees them! I tried to catch it,
but it was so
overwhelmingly strong...
We were beat
in no time, and after that it
ran into the forest.
It's probably still close!
I'm gonna catch it!
Let's go, Pikachu!
Some big deal!
And they're totally clueless.
I know you!
on the RUN! Ain't we got FUN?!
Where are you, Entei?
There it is!
Let's go, Piplup!
Hold it! I got here first!
I got here first!
Piplup, use Bubble Beam!
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Lucario, Aura Sphere!
Piplup, Bubble Beam!
All right!
You let it escape!
I totally could've
caught it if you hadn't
gotten in the way!
You were in the way!
No, you were!
Wanna see if you can beat me?
Good idea.
I'm Ash from Pallet Town!
Let's have a battle...
And I accept! I'm Verity
and I'm from Twinleaf Town!
Hey, dude! Once I polish off
this kid, you're gonna be next!
I want a battle with you, too!
Hey! What do you mean,
polish me off?!
I'm Sorrel from Veilstone City.
I'll take a pass on the battles.
Running away?
Come on!
Let's have a battle!
Here's a little warning for you.
You're going to
feel the wind soon.
I'd start looking for
shelter from the rain.
It's gonna rain?
Before you find shelter,
I think you'd better
call your mommy!
Hey! Quit it!
Let's do this!
Right with you!
I'll give you the first move!
Quit trying to be a gentleman.
You may wind up regretting it!
Now, Piplup, use Drill Peck!
All right, Pikachu,
use Iron Tail!
Now, Quick Attack!
Piplup, are you okay?
Then use Hydro Pump!
Dodge it...
My Piplup!
Here! Let's move!
Well, I'm here,
so where's Entei?
What's that?
Entei's coming to check us out!
We're blasting off again!
That rock!
Let's get on top of it!
Onix! Stop it! You're only
gonna hurt yourself this way!
Yelling at it is only
going to make it worse!
All right!
Ash! Be careful!
Stop it!
Use Whirlpool!
I'm sorry for scaring you, Onix!
I wish you'd just
calm down, please!
Onix, I'm sorry!
Piplup, your Whirlpool
really saved the day!
Ash, thank you.
I've gotta tell you.
You do some dumb things,
but I'm impressed.
Forget it.
Just like that kid said!
A Charmander!
It doesn't look
like it's very happy...
Hey what are you doing
out in the rain like this?
That must be its Trainer.
You're still here?
Go away!
Hey wait, are you its Trainer?
Who's asking?
Answer the question!
What're you worked up
about? Yeah. Originally I was.
I ditched the weakling.
There are Charmander like
that one all over the place.
But then,
it just kept following me.
So I told it to wait here.
What an awful thing to say!
Ash is right!
When you've caught a Pokmon
and then you tell it to wait,
some of them will
actually wait forever!
So what's the problem?
Hold it!
Ash, No!
Only a Pokmon's
strength matters.
If it's gonna survive,
it had better grow stronger!
Isn't it a Trainer's job to
help their Pokmon grow strong?!
Nah. And what do you
get for that work anyway?
You get to become friends!
You're too soft.
The only thing friendship
does is make a Pokmon weak!
My name's Cross.
I'm going to become the
greatest Trainer ever.
Hey! Hold it!
Its flame is getting weaker!
And if Charmander's
flame goes out then...
Ash, We've got to do something!
You left it out in the
rain! What were you thinking?!
Calm down.
It isn't Ash's fault!
It was in the rain after
its Trainer abandoned it!
It would've stayed out
in the rain forever!
Can you help?
That's what I'm trying to do.
No Pokmon
with that much loyalty
is going to go untreated!
I know it's hard,
but please take this.
That should stabilize you.
Now all we do is wait
for it to recover.
Make sure it doesn't get cold.
I'll warm it up!
Don't worry, Charmander.
You'll be fine!
How do you feel?
Are you still cold?
Things are looking a lot better.
'Cause ou.
Thanks a lot!
You're like Nurse Joy
at the Pokmon Center!
I'm hoping to
become a Pokmon professor,
and you need medical
training for that.
Right now,
I'm traveling all over,
gathering data on
Legendary Pokmon.
So it's good that
you ran into Entei, isn't it?
Of course.
It was a priceless experience.
By the way, why did
you come here, Verity?
You're a long way from home.
Well... Long story.
Hey, Ash, why are you here?
Who, me? I wanna be the
world's greatest Pokmon Master!
Master? Do you mean
the world's best Trainer?
Oh, no way!
Much more than that!
It's so cold!
Are you all right?
Sure! That was nothing!
Trying to warm me up?
Thanks, Piplup...
As a precaution, you're
going back in your Pok Ball.
We shouldn't let the Pokmon
spend the night out in the cold.
You're right.
You, too, Piplup.
You know...
I'd like to do that.
But Pikachu really
can't stand getting into
its Pok Ball, right buddy?
No, you can't!
You'll catch a cold!
It's for the best.
Alright, Piplup...
Seeing the
fearsome forces of nature...
people and Pokmon are the same.
There's a legend,
that proclaims Ho-Oh
gave life to Entei.
You mean it?!
You see, around a
hundred and fifty years ago,
there was a
magnificent Bell Tower.
And this Bell Tower made it
possible for humans to actually
make contact with Ho-Oh.
But lightning
struck the tower, engulfing
it in flames. Suddenly, a great
rain came down, and the flames
were extinguished. But three
nameless Pokmon succumbed to
the inferno. Amidst the
destruction, Ho-Oh descended
and bestowed life upon them once
again, and they were revived.
They represented the
lightning that struck, the flame
that engulfed, and the water
that extinguished the tower.
Three natural forces made flesh.
Raikou, Entei... and Suicune.
Oh, I just love Suicune!
And this,
is the Pokmon who guards over
their existences; Ho-Oh.
You've seen it?
The first day I
started out on my journey!
Are you serious?
Yeah! And as soon as I
did... this came floating down!
No way you got the Rainbow Wing!
What's the Rainbow Wing?
Few people have ever
even seen Ho-Oh, and on rare
occasions, Ho-Oh is said to
bestow a feather on a human
it particularly likes.
Yeah? I guess that must
mean Ho-Oh likes me! Huh!
But, why
would Ho-oh do that?
There's a legend that
explains it. It says there is a
Rainbow Hero who is led by the
Rainbow Wing to seek out Ho-Oh.
A Rainbow Hero?
I don't know about
any of this, but it's cool...
Oh. Impressed
with yourself, huh?
Morning, Piplup.
Sleep well?
Entei and its
friends are gone...
Hey! Charmander!
You feeling better?
Let's see.
Your tail flame looks good. Yup.
That tells me you're back to
feeling fine! You're good to go.
Isn't that great, Charmander?
Hey... You wanna
come along with us?
I'd like us to
become good friends!
Great! You really mean it?
'Kay, here goes.'
I just caught a Charmander!
Congratulations, Ash.
You too, Pikachu.
It's a rainbow!
So beautiful!
They say that Ho-Oh
lives at the end of the rainbow.
The legend. Says the
Rainbow Wing will guide you.
So, what's over that way?
There are quite
a number of steep mountains
over there. The
Raizen Mountain Range.
I know!
I'm gonna meet Ho-Oh
and have a Pokmon battle!
I'd love
to meet Ho-Oh, too!
So would I!
Then I can determine for myself
whether the legend of the
Rainbow Hero, is actually true.
We've gotta get
moving and find Ho-Oh!
That's music to my ears...
Entei proved too elusive, but...
Ho-Oh would rule!
We're so cool...
A Bug type against a Bug type!
Yeah! Caterpie, I choose you!
'Kay, Caterpie use String Shot!
All right!
It's evolving...
It turned into a Metapod!
Pinsir's getting away.
That's okay!
This is what counts.
Congratulations, Metapod!
Really? Suicune?!
Standing right in front of me.
Man, I wish I
could've been there...
Our eyes met...
and it was like time stopped.
We were so connected.
Wow. Must've been nice!
To meet Suicune
so soon after seeing Entei.
Incredible luck.
I think so, too!
I wonder how my mom
would feel about it.
Oh. My mother...
She's a famous
Pokmon Trainer back home.
Nothing I ever do is
good enough for her.
If I'm honest, we haven't
talked since I left.
You know what I think? I
think she would be proud of you.
He's right!
'Course she would
Jigglypuff, Double Slap, go!
Charmander, use Flamethrower!
Jigglypuff is unable
to battle! Ash is the winner!
Great work, Charmander!
You evolved into
Charmeleon! That's awesome!
Nice to meet you!
I'm Verity.
I'm Sorrel.
I hope Ash hasn't been
causing you too much trouble.
Oh, well! He's rambunctious,
but he's got a big heart.
I hope you'll all
be good friends!
Mom, I wish
you'd stop worrying...
Sorrel? You find anything?
Yes, this is an excellent book.
So well researched.
Listen! From high above,
Ho-Oh watched over the many
works of people and of Pokmon,
and they experienced the
Aura of Happiness. And they
received energy from it.
And yet, the Heart of
Evil stole strength from it.
What's that?
When the Rainbow Wing
touches the Heart of Evil,
its color vanishes.
The Heart of Evil?
Its color vanishes?
Looks like mine's just fine.
Like your mom said, you
may be a little rambunctious,
but you sure don't have
an evil heart.
That's right! 'Cause I'm
big-hearted and rambunctious!
Knock it off! That's
not nice! Quit laughing!
Pikachu, use Iron Tail!
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Snorlax is unable
to battle! Ash is the winner!
All right!
Very Nice!
So, since Ash was victorious,
who is his next challenger?
What do you say, Piplup?
I am!
It's Cross!
So he's the trainer
you were talking about...
I heard a rumor,
you started working with
that useless Charmander.
There's no such thing
as a useless Pokmon!
Charmeleon, let's go!
It actually evolved?
It doesn't matter.
A weakling is still a weakling!
You're not even close!
When a Pokmon works with
a Trainer, it gets stronger!
All right,
my strong Fire-type Pokmon,
Incineroar, to arms!
Look at that...
An Incineroar.
Now come at me!
Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!
That's it!
Use Slash!
That's odd...
Keep it up, Charmeleon!
Seismic Toss, now!
Incineroar? Let's do it.
Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!
And we'll use Flamethrower, too!
Of course.
When Incineroar
takes enough damage,
it gains more power.
But that means...
It took the attacks on purpose.
Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!
It can't keep up!
Its newly-evolved
powers aren't ready!
Ash shouldn't be
relying on strength alone...
Use Throat Chop!
Let's wrap it up.
Use Cross Chop!
We're not gonna lose this!
Use Flamethrower!
No, Ash, you can't!
Charmeleon is unable to battle!
The winner is Incineroar!
You're too soft!
You battled using cheap
friendship, and called moves
your Pokmon couldn't use,
so you lost. You're the worst
Trainer I've ever seen
and you'll never win!
Your Pokmon are all
fully recovered and healthy.
Thanks very much.
Cheer up, Charmeleon's fine!
That guy...
His training is totally wrong!
I know I should have
won that thing, but...
Try as you might, you
cannot deny his convictions.
He and Incineroar are bonded
together through their shared
belief in pure, raw strength.
Even so, it's wrong
for a guy like that to win!
Your first step, needs
to be accepting that you lost.
Can't you channel
the frustration of losing,
into working hard, so
that you'll win next time?
Yeah, I hear you.
You know? Pikachu
would've won that thing.
Ash you shouldn't say that!
What if Charmeleon
had heard you?!
If winning's
all you care about...
then you're no
different than Cross.
Ash, wait!
Hold on Ash come back!
What's with those two
thinking they're so smart?
Hey, I'm right,
don't you think?!
So you're saying
it's my fault, huh?!
Even Pikachu...
If only my first
Pokmon had been a Squirtle
or a Bulbasaur...
Ho-Oh, I thought
I was the Rainbow hero.
Who needs Pikachu anyway?!
I'm just fine... all by myself!
Ash Ketchum,
are you still asleep?
You'll be late getting to
Professor Oak's class!
Yeah, right...
Mom, why didn't you wake me up?!
Professor Oak!
Oh, if it isn't Ash...
Am I on time?
There are four students who came
to school late, and you
were the latest of them all.
Ash, you're late!
I overslept a little.
Where's your homework?
Aw, I forgot it!
What were you thinking?!
Ash, what is it?
Uh... It's nothing.
You're weird.
The subject of
today's class is rainbows.
Rainbows are caused by the
sun's rays moving through the
atmosphere, and when they
encounter water vapor,
their light is bent and
refracted, causing a
multicolored arc.
Children, have you ever...
How long are you
going to stand there?
Aren't you sick
of that view yet?
What's on your mind?
I was just wondering
what's way out there.
Let's see.
There are forests and rivers,
and mountains... And there's
the next town, too.
And past that?
More forests and rivers...
and eventually,
you get to the sea.
And past that?
I'm sure it's more of the same.
The thing is... you never
know until you go there.
For me... I wanna see what's
out there with my own eyes.
On a journey?
Sounds like fun.
You don't have to worry
about school and schedules.
You can see lots
of new things in places
you never even knew about.
And at night, I can look
at the stars and talk things
over with friends
I'm traveling with...
And as long as my buddy's
with me, I can go anywhere.
Your buddy?
What buddy?
You even have to ask?
My buddy's with me all the time!
Oh, yeah...
Ash, you're crying.
I am? So?
So pull yourself together!
What's the matter?
Hey, wait!
Of course! We used to
run like this all the time!
But... But...
I can't remember who you are!
You were my very best friend,
Don't go!!
Pikachu! Pikachu!
It was all my fault!
I'm sorry!
I just... I just...
Look, Ash. Here.
Thank you very much.
Do you know how long
we've been looking for you?!
Uh... sorry.
Do you honestly
think you're going to win
every battle? It's the times we
lose that we truly see what
a Trainer's made of.
But that's just my opinion.
Charmeleon... I'm sorry.
You forgot that
Pokmon even existed?!
That had to have
been the worst dream ever!
But, you know,
it's not impossible for
Pokmon to leave us.
When I was young,
my parents were away for work
more than home. My family had
a Luxray who took care of me.
It was always with me.
But then.
There was one awful day
when I went out alone...
Luxray! Luxray! Luxray!
After that... I was
afraid to make friends with
Pokmon for a very long time.
The only thing that
snapped me out of it...
was when I met Lucario.
What was that?!
A Pokmon?
They're Primeape!
Once they're angry,
there's no calming them down!
What's going on?!
Ash, we need Metapod!
But why?
If we try to fight back,
they'll only get angrier!
Got it!
Metapod! Use String Shot!
Come on, Primeape,
don't be so mad!
Metapod, you were awesome!
It evolved into a Butterfree!
They're after us again!
Butterfree, use Sleep Powder!
Butterfree, you're the best!
Now's our chance!
lookee what we have here...
A pack of primo Primeape!
And they're
all blissfully asleep.
This is a
gotta catch 'em all moment!
We're blasting off yet again!
A river!
We'll take care of this!
Now, it's your turn, Lapras!
Look that
Butterfree's in trouble!
Right! Butterfree,
I choose you!
Butterfree, now use Gust, go!
That Butterfree
has different coloring.
It's really cute.
I think that
Butterfree's a girl.
That's right.
The source of the rainbow.
The Raizen Mountains!
That's the highest
mountain in the range.
Mount Tensei!
You mean that's
where we're going?
That's right.
Then I'll meet
Ho-Oh real soon!
Pikachu. Let's go!
You hear that?
With stereo ears.
We're Ho-Oh catchers!
Sneaky and snarky!
Oh wow, look at
all the Butterfree!
All right...
Time for you to come out!
Isn't that the
one Butterfree rescued?
Sure is!
This is the season when
Butterfree gather in groups,
and head south to their
spawning grounds.
Look! Your
Butterfree's joining in.
That's their courtship dance.
I'd say they both agree...
Good for you, Butterfree!
But, Ash,
you know if they both fly off
to the south... that means
goodbye to Butterfree.
But... that's...
not what I want to happen.
I mean, Butterfree's
one of my good friends!
I don't want to
say goodbye. NO WAY!
Yeah... I hear you.
It's your decision,
what do you say?
Hi. So what do you
think you wanna do?
Do you really wanna go with
the rest of the Butterfree...
and say goodbye to all of us?
You should go with your friend!
Hurry up!
If you don't go now, you'll both
get left behind! You're both...
really great Butterfree,
so take care of each other!
You take
good care of yourselves!
Now you two
be careful out there!
They're gone...
But you know... I'm really
glad I met Butterfree. True,
it's not here... but we'll
always be good friends.
One thing's for sure.
Trainers raise Pokmon, but
Pokmon live their own lives.
It's Raikou!
It looks like something's made
the wild Pokmon upset.
It does.
It's Ho-Oh!
All of them gather here!
All of these wild Pokmon want
to receive power from Ho-Oh.
It's faint, but I'm
catching a whiff of Ho-Oh.
Hey, could it be this?
It's the Rainbow Wing!
You know of it?
Hey! I know you!
You wrote the book!
What was your name?
Why don't you
just call me Bonji?
For the past twenty years I've
been on a quest, searching for
Ho-Oh as part of my research.
Twenty years?
You see, I've pulled data
from many places, which led me
to this mountain for
Ho-Oh's next appearance.
Then let's all go together!
Yeah we're on our
way to see Ho-Oh as well.
All right. That shine
is the shine of youth.
How I missed it. It's almost too
beautiful for me to look upon.
It's probably thanks in large
part to the Rainbow Wing... that
you were able to come across
Entei, Suicune, and Raikou.
Ho-Oh wants to know
if there is a young person out
there suited to be
the Rainbow Hero.
You mean me?
That means you may
have someone guiding you.
A guide from the shadows.
Have you noticed anything?
From the shadows? Wait
yeah there was something...
I wonder if it's still there...
I suspect it's
an extremely rare Pokmon.
Yes. They say it's
a guide from the shadows.
When a color of the rainbow
fades, Marshadow seals it back
up and makes it right.
There's the summit...
The Rainbow Wing!
When a rainbow flower
blooms upon Rainbow Rock,
Ho-Oh shall appear.
Well, I can't just stand
here waiting! Let's go, buddy!
Hey, wait for me!
Time flies, and
rainbows quickly vanish.
Yes, young ones. Hurry!
The "young ones" have to hurry!
I'm not
feeling all that young...
Hurrying's for the harried...
And all on an empty stomach.
That's where you should
place the rainbow wing..
I'll do it!
It's Cross!
What's going on?!
I'll take that!
The Trainer who battles
Ho-Oh is the strongest,
and that Trainer is me!
That's not how it works!
Now look! The one
who gets to battle Ho-Oh
is the chosen one!
The Rainbow Hero!
You're too soft.
Remember might makes right.
And that's it.
So, what about the weak then?
They're trash!
And people who lose?
Worse than trash!
There's no way I can
afford to let you win this!
You're... Marshadow!
That's the
Pokmon we saw that night!
Marshadow is so cute...
That's the guide
from the shadows? Wow.
Its only purpose is to
observe the proceedings.
Charmeleon! I choose you!
Use Flamethrower!
Charge, Charmeleon!
Charmeleon, now use Slash!
Throat Chop, GO!
Use Slash again!
Use Flamethrower!
You evolved into a Charizard!
Go Charizard!
Aw, who cares?
Even when weak Pokmon evolve,
they're still weak!
Now use Throat Chop!
Charizard, use Slash!
Use Flamethrower!
Now use Dragon Rage!
Charizard! We've
gotta wrap this up quick!
Build up your power. Let's
end this one with a big attack!
All right, Fire Fang!
Dodge it, quick!
Grab and drag it down!
Use Seismic Toss!
Incineroar, use Flamethrower!
Charizard, use Flamethrower!
You did it, Charizard!
I saw Ho-Oh, too!
But it didn't gift
me with the Rainbow Wing!
And here I did everything I
could to become the strongest
Trainer of all!
Why must it be you?!
If Ho-Oh doesn't consider
me the strongest,
I'll just crush Ho-Oh!
But, Cross...
I wanna get stronger,
too, you know. But still,
I only got this far with
the help of my friends!
So I know it's not
only about strength!
Then what do
you even battle for?!
I do it... because
I wanna make friends!
Not just with Ho-Oh!
I wanna make friends with
all kinds of Pokmon!
That's why I battle!
Not good!
Now come to me, Ho-Oh!
You see, the Rainbow Wing...
loses its color when touched
by one... with an evil heart.
Marshadow seals it
back up, and makes it right.
I'll pound you down, too!
Lycanroc, use Crush Claw!
Oh no!
controlling Lycanroc!
It wants to tear people
and Pokmon apart!
You just...
Don't you see?!
That means it never forgot
you were once its Trainer!
That's just like
Charizard to be awesome!
Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt!
It looks like
Marshadow wants to control
all of you as well!
No way!
Ho-Oh will never appear
now that it's come to this!
Is everyone all right?
I think so...
Young man, you have got
to get the Rainbow Wing back.
Marshadow is getting its
power from the Rainbow Wing!
And there's only person who can
get it back. That is you!
Then I've gotta do it!
We'll do
whatever we can to help!
All right!
This way!
Charizard, use Flamethrower!
Use Hydro Pump!
No, don't!
I've gotta do this! Go!
You bit me the day we
met too, remember? Remember?
Lycanroc, REMEMBER!!
Give me the Rainbow Wing.
Hit it right back
with Iron Tail!
Keep it up!
Let's go, buddy!
Dodge it!
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Oh, Ash...
Get inside, please?
I know you can't stand
going inside your Pok Ball,
but... you'll be protected!
Now you look,
I don't think you know who
you're dealing with! I'm
Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town!
And I'm gonna be the world's
greatest Pokmon Master!
Mess with me and
you're gonna lose!
Pikachu... why won't
you get in your Pok Ball?
It's because...
It's because...
I always want...
to be with you...
Pikachu, you...
Pikachu... You guys...
Where are you?
We used to run
like this all the time!
You're alright!
Verity! Sorrel!
When a rainbow flower
blooms upon Rainbow Rock,
Ho-Oh shall appear.
Yes! Now go, young man!
The one who is
guided by the Rainbow Wing...
may meet Ho-Oh...
...and become the Rainbow Hero.
Yo, ho, Ho-Oh HO!
It's all downhill from here!
Looks like
everybody's healthy again!
And that's
the power of Ho-Oh!
Ho-Oh! Let's have a battle!
Pikachu! I choose you!
All right! Use Thunderbolt!
Excuse me!
Oh, my!
You were battling, weren't you?
Who was it this time?
It was Ho-Oh.
That's nice...
The atmosphere is crystal clear!
Somewhere in the world...
there's a new Trainer,
soon to be the Rainbow Hero.
Young men and women, live on!
Just keep on living on!
And if you do, a path
will open for you!
The future is bathed
in a rainbow-colored light!
I'm going to get even stronger.
And someday we'll battle again.
Okay! And I'll give
it everything I've got!
Just don't lose
to anyone before then.
This is where
our paths must part.
I'm off to learn about
the legends of Articuno,
Zapdos, and Moltres.
I think I'm going
to head on back home.
I'd really like to see my mom!
What about you?
You know me!
I'm going my own way!
Working to become a
Pokmon Master!
I hope we get to
meet again in the future.
Then we'll have a battle!
Let's go, Pikachu!
The always-fascinating world
of Pokmon, the most diverse and
unusual creatures on the planet.
They can be found up in the sky,
under the sea, in forests,
and living in towns.
One can see Pokmon in
every corner of the world!
People and Pokmon, forming
all kinds of bonds, and
living harmoniously in a
world made just for them...
And this young man,
Ash Ketchum from Pallet town,
together with his partner
Pikachu, continues to work
toward his goal of
becoming a Pokmon Master.
And as many
Pokmon as there are...
well, our hero has just
as many dreams to follow,
and just as many
adventures to come!