Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice (2012) Movie Script

Narrator: Pokemon!
The creatures that give
the Pokemon world
its mystery and wonder!
Thriving in abundant numbers
that are hard to imagine:
In the sky, in the sea,
on mountains and in forests,
in fields of green
and in towns and cities
Some Pokemon live with people,
and some choose to live alone
in the wild...
while some unite in
groups large and small,
living with their
Pokemon friends!
This young man is Ash,
who hails from Pallet Town.
He and his partner Pikachu
work together
to find and catch other Pokemon
and perfect the art
of the Pokemon battle!
Together with good friends,
they're traveling on
an amazing journey.
Meeting an abundance of people,
dreaming an abundance of dreams,
and looking forward
to an abundance
of new and exciting adventures!
Got you!
Keldeo, you did well
detecting my presence.
I listened to the voice
of the grass!
The grass and I are
friends now, Virizion!
Here I come!
Catch me if you can...
Sword versus sword!
Something wrong?
My sword... is my horn!
Battle with me!
Ready to go again?
l'll battle you anytime!
Then let's start with this!
No problem!
We'll see about that!
Want to keep going?
You bet!
Cobalion, let's battle!
The storm is going to get worse!
I don't care!
You're reckless!
No, I'm not!
I won't let anything defeat me!
When will you
let me battle Kyurem?
I want to be a Sword of Justice!
Let me battle Kyurem!
Tym, Tym.
So what do you think?
Keldeo's gotten fairly strong...
Do you think we should allow
a battle with Kyurem?
Keldeo is still
unable to use its sword.
That's true...
Once the true weight of
the sword is learned
and able to be used...
...then Keldeo will be able to
become a sword of justice!
Always the cautious one,
aren't you, Cobalion?
I heard everything you said!
What do you mean,
"weight of my sword"?
- You see...
- Terrakion!
You must think for yourself!
The truth is I don't
really know either!
l'm going to battle Kyurem!
lt's why I've been working
all this time!
l'm ready to battle
even the strongest Pokemon!
You're not ready yet.
I agree.
Let's train a little more,
all right?
Keldeo's not here!
You don't think it's gone
to Kyurem...
l'm ready to battle!
Then I'll be a Sword of Justice!
That's the reason...
the whole reason
l've trained so hard!
There it is!
- Cryogonal!
- Cryogonal, Cryo!
- Cryogonal, Cryo!
- Cryogonal!
Come on out, Kyurem!
My name is Keldeo and I'm here
to challenge you to a battle!
Do you think you're worthy
of battling me?
Well, do you?
I am a Sword of Justice!
Sword of Justice...
Very well then...
Pass through the gate!
Here I come, Kyurem!
The battle's already begun!
Keldeo has already passed
through the gate!
ls that all you've got,
Sword of Justice?
Sword of Justice?
Give it up already!
I am a Sword of Justice!
That's not true!
What is Keldeo thinking?
l'm not through...
Too strong!
Keldeo has given in to fear!
We've got to help!
This is not our battle.
Stay out of it!
I can't stand and do nothing!
That's enough!
Do not interfere!
You heard Cobalion!
Kyurem changed!
As I told you...
None shall interfere!
- Cryo, Cryo!
- Cryogonal, Cryo!
This battle...
is not yet over!
A new adventure
Another day
One more challenge
that comes our way
lt's up to me and you
We know what we've got to do
lt's so simple
it feels so right
It all makes sense
When we're side by side
We lean on one another
We make each other stronger
We are together now
Friends forever now
Whatever comes our way
We won't run away
Standing tall
We're one for all
lt's our destiny
There's no question
No mystery
I'm much better
when you're with me
No mountain we can't climb
The power's yours and mine
We are together now
Friends forever now
Whatever comes our way
We won't run away
Standing tall
We're one for all
lt's our destiny
You're my right hand
You're my left
You give me courage
You I promise to protect
Through every challenge
Through every fight
When we're together
It always feels so right
We are together now
Friends forever now
Whatever comes our way
We won't run away
Standing tall
We're one for all
Always ready when we hear
the call
lt's our destiny
Our heroes have arrived
at Wind Station,
as Ash's journey to become
a Pokemon master continues!
Their destination, Roshan City,
is a bit further ahead.
We're only stopping
for three minutes.
l'm a boxed lunch Connoisseur,
so follow my instructions.
- Right!
- Right!
girl: Daru-Darumaka!
Get your Windy Station Darumaka
boxed lunches here!
And the box can be
displayed as a statue!
Or you can make them into
such glorious wind chimes!
Ah, the many joys
of this boxed lunch!
- Scrag, Scrag, Scrag.
- You know a lot!
l'm a boxed lunch Connoisseur...
l'd like to get a Darumaka
boxed lunch too, please!
So how many in all?
All right...
l'll take fifteen
Darumaka boxed lunches,
three bags of Oran Berry
ices for dessert
and three bottles each
of spring water and ice tea!
My greatest pleasure!
There's no lunch like
a Darumaka lunch!
Three Oran Berry ices,
Look at the Oran Berry ices!
The train bound for Roshan City
is about to depart!
- We've gotta go now!
- Axew!
Oh no!
Got it!
- Best wishes!
- Vanillite!
Have a safe trip!
Thank you! 'Kay, bye!
- Thank you!
- Take care!
Scraggy, Scraggy,
Scrag, Scrag, Scraggy!
Scraggy! Let's go!
Scraggy, Scraggy, Scrag,
Scrag, Scraggy!
- Scraggy!
- Scraggy, Scraggy, Scraggy!
Scraggy, Scraggy,
Scrag, Scrag, Scrag!
Scraggy, jump, come on!
Scraggy, Scrag!
Snivy, use Vine Whip!
Sorry about that, Scraggy...
Hey, Pikachu, what's up?
That Pokemon is new to me...
Me too!
lt must be hurt!
Ash! Iris!
Pansage! Pansage!
lt's coming...
Kyurem's coming!
Did it talk?
I think! I heard it!
I did too...
Kyurem is coming!
Hey, hold on!
Try to calm down!
I thought it said
"Kyurem is coming"...
l've heard that name before!
Come on, wake up, please!
ls that Kyurem?
Cilan: Run!
Pan, Pan, Pan!
Pan, Pan, Pan, Pan, Pansage!
Why do you keep attacking us?
lt's obviously really weak!
Hang in there.
We'll get some help in the city!
You know,
the Elder of the Village
of Dragons
told me about Kyurem once.
lris: Elder?
Who's the strongest
Dragon-type Pokemon?
lf I tell, you might not
like it very much, lris.
But Elder, you know that I love
all kinds of Dragon types!
This Dragon-type Pokemon
came into being
with Zekrom and Reshiram.
And that gives it unsurpassed
strength and power!
This Pokemon's body is
constantly giving off
a harsh, freezing wind...
Well, that sounds
way too chilly for me!
l'm not a big fan of cold...
... is the strongest...
Pokemon in the world!
Oh my!
lts horn was recently broken!
So, exactly what happened?
Thing is...
we really don't know.
l'm sorry.
We're guessing.
...but we think it
might've been Kyurem.
You mean, you met Kyurem?
That's strange...
Kyurem lives in an abandoned
mine up over the mountains.
They say it's
almost always there.
But it came and attacked us
out of nowhere!
Then, Kyurem
battled with Keldeo...
So that's Keldeo?
Keldeo's its name!
You didn't know?
We never saw it before!
I see...
Here, let me show you something.
Who're they?
They're called
the Swords of Justice.
Swords of Justice?
They train tirelessly
and travel the world,
protecting those who need help!
Everyone... people and Pokemon!
- Axew!
- Pika!
That's awesome!
Terrakion, with unparalleled
strength and charging skills...
Virizion, with great speed and
a clear sense of justice...
...and Cobalion, the
Swords of Justice leader!
Cool and calm, with a body
and heart of steel!
...there's Keldeo.
Training to be the newest member
of the Swords of Justice,
so I've been told.
Then Keldeo and the Swords
of Justice are friends!
That's right!
Oh wow!
lris: I'm so glad you're
feeling better!
My name is Ash!
And this's my buddy Pikachu!
My name's lris!
- And this is Axew!
- Axew!
My name is Cilan!
Hey, Keldeo, so what just
happened, anyway?
I challenged it to a battle...
- Wait, Kyurem?
- Pika!
I wanna become
a Sword of Justice!
So becoming a Sword of Justice
means you have to battle
with Kyurem then?
- Whoa, so that's it...
- Pikachu.
But... as the battle got underway,
I got scared!
And because of me,
the Swords of Justice
were all frozen in ice
by Kyurem...
Then l...
I ran away!
But what about the Swords
of Justice?
They're still trapped in ice!
l'm sure Kyurem is furious
with me for running away!
That's why it attacked us...
You still scared?
- Tell me!
- What?
You can't keep being scared
just because you got beat!
Remember who you wanna be!
l'm not scared of anything!
l'm gonna go and save the
Swords of Justice right now!
- Now that's the spirit!
- Pikachu.
l'll go along and help you out!
Pika, Pika.
- Me too!
- And me!
- Let's go together!
- Pikachu.
Ash... everyone...
All right!
- Ew.
- Wait just a minute...
Let's not forget...
First, it's Boxed Lunch time!
- Ew, Ew, Ew, Axew, Ew!
- We can't battle on
an empty stomach, now can we?
Yeah! Darumaka boxed lunch!
All right! With the cool box!
- Ew, Ew, Ew, Axew!
- It looks delish!
Yeah, go ahead
and dig in, Keldeo!
Cilan: What a delectable
aroma and texture!
Juicy yet firm!
I give it five stars!
- Delicious.
- lsn't it great?
The true mark of
a great boxed lunch
is that it remains scrumptious,
even when it
sits for a long time.
lris: You two!
What a couple of little kids!
- Water... water!
- There's plenty!
No one's going to steal it.
Cryog, Cryogonal.
Cryogonal, Cryogonal!
Cryogonal, Cryogonal!
Cryogonal, Cryogonal, Cryogonal,
Elder: This is White Kyurem...
and this is Black Kyurem.
- They look strong!
- Axew!
You see, Kyurem has
the power to transform.
And that allows it
to wield the power
of Reshiram and Zekrom!
That's why Kyurem's
the strongest Pokemon
in the world...
Ash: The powers of Reshiram
and Zekrom!
What's going on?
I can't stand the cold!
Cryogonal, Cryogonal! Cryog!
- Cryogonal, Cryogonal!
- Cryogonal!
Keldeo: Careful, they're friends
with Kyurem!
Hey, what're you doing?
Leave my friends alone!
Cryogonal, Cryogonal!
Ash, this way!
Cryogonal, Cryogonal! Cryog!
Cryogonal, Cryog!
Cryo, Cryogonal!
White Kyurem!
Cryogonal! Cryogonal!
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
lt changed again!
Now it's Black Kyurem!
Hey, Ash, where are you going?
Pikachu, use lron Tail!
Cryog! Cryog!
Thanks, Pikachu!
Cryog! Cryog!
Great, Keldeo!
Pikachu, Electro Ball!
Cry! Cryog! Cry!
Cryog! Cryog!
Cryogonal! Cryog!
Ash, Pikachu, grab on!
Ash: Whoa... whoa!
Hey, thanks!
Let's go!
Cryogonal! Cryogonal!
Ash, look! We're over here!
Ew, Axew!
Cryogonal, Cryogonal!
Cry! Cryogonal!
Boldore, I choose you!
Cryogonal! Cryogonal!
Cry! Cryo!
Ash: Keldeo!
Pikachu, Thunderbolt, let's go!
Ash! We're over here!
Ash: Boldore, return!
lris: How are we gonna
get out of here?
Cilan: This city's
subway system is designed
so you can go anywhere
you want to go!
Ash: Wait... so we're
going by subway?
I thought we could
take advantage
of the unused train
tracks, but I'm afraid...
... the door is locked tight!
Lemme try...
Will that work?
- Cryog! Cryog!
- Cryog! Cryog!
- Cry!
- Cryog!
Hey, I'm kind of hungry.
Ash Ketchum,
you just ate, didn't you?
What a kid.
Got anymore box lunches?
Oh, not you too.
- We're here.
- Ew?
Another door?
Just leave it to me!
Wait a minute!
Some doors are unlocked,
you know...
Cilan: This old subway station
has been transformed
into a museum!
Ash: Wow...
Once we pass through here,
we should exit
just outside the city!
I just had the greatest idea!
lris: Yup!
l'll bet we can still use it!
Ew, Ew!
Axew, everything'll be fine!
Don't worry!
- Will she be okay?
- Pikachu.
We have to believe in her!
... so I'll make myself
the bait!
Meanwhile, you go and save
your friends!
- Good luck!
- Ew!
You're out of luck!
lt's just the two of us...
Axew and little ole' me!
Axew, Ew!
Ew, Ew, Axew!
lt runs on electricity!
l'll distract the Cryogonal!
Save the Swords of Justice,
We're over here!
Stunfisk, give it more power!
Greater than one is two!
Greater than two is three!
When the strength of friends
is combined into one...
all: then true power
and courage are created!
True power... and courage!
Ash: Hey, Keldeo...
The Swords of Justice...
- So what are they like?
- Pika.
Well, Terrakion is
the toughest Pokemon I know!
Listen, Keldeo.
When you're in battle,
never take your eyes
off your opponent.
Keep up your concentration
to the very end!
- Ha!
- Basculin!
Keldeo: Terrakion's nice
and really funny too!
lt sounds totally awesome to me!
How about Virizion?
Always calm and really cool!
Fear is your greatest enemy.
You must conquer the fear
that lives in your heart!
Keldeo: Virizion!
Once your fear is gone,
you are free!
Virizion's really smart.
and also the fastest
of the Swords of Justice!
What about Cobalion?
The Swords of Justice
leader, right?
- Pika, Pika.
- Right.
Cobalion's an
inspiration to us all!
l'm not finished!
lt is what you learn from
defeat that is truly important.
Now is a time to learn, Keldeo.
Until you know the
true weight of the sword!
Sometimes Cobalion says things
I really don't understand...
- I hear ya!
- Pika, Pikachu.
Hey, Keldeo?
I hope you'll become a Sword
of Justice soon, too!
Pika, Pika.
Let's go!
- Crustle!
- All right...
- Use Rock Wrecker!
- Crust!
Ready, Crustle?
- Attack!
- Crustle!
Thanks, Crustle!
l'm sorry to tell you,
but we're the only ones in here.
- Stun.
- Crust!
- Crust?
- Fisk!
- Keldeo: Ash!
- Pika.
Ash... Why are you
doing this for me?
I mean, you just met me...
What're you talking about?
Come on! We're friends, right?
And besides, you're a blast
to be around!
- That must be it!
- Pika.
Let's go and get this done!
Pika, Pi.
- l...
- Pika.
I told Kyurem I was
a Sword of Justice!
I lied when I challenged it
to a battle...
That's gotta be
why Kyurem's so angry...
Don't worry!
We'll handle it ourselves!
- Pikachu, let's go!
- Pika.
Down here!
Ew, Axew! Axew, Ew!
The Swords of Justice...
- where are they?
- Pika.
All right!
No doubt about it!
That's gotta be them!
Pika, Pika!
Let's get 'em outta there!
Pignite, Flamethrower!
Boldore, Rock Smash!
- Pikachu, use lron Tail!
- Pika!
Don't worry!
We'll get you out!
This is no place for a human!
Now leave!
We've got something to do
and you won't stop us!
- Nite!
- Boldore, Boldore!
- Keldeo!
- Pika.
- I knew you'd come!
- Pignite: Nite!
Yup, I just knew you would!
- Pikachu!
- Nite!
Ash, Pikachu...
I lied to you.
l'm not a Sword of Justice yet!
l'm just training to be one.
I had no business
challenging you to a battle!
But... but I did it anyway!
I wanted to battle you
no matter what!
I knew it all along!
Pass through the gate once more.
Time to finish this!
Ash: Keldeo!
You can do it!
You're gonna be a Sword
of Justice, right?
Pika, Pika!
Keldeo: That's it.
l've never, ever been alone...
My friends have been with me
the whole time!
They've always
helped me to grow!
But, this time...
l'm not running away!
I will become
a Sword of Justice!
Keldeo... transformed!
- lris! Cilan!
- Nite!
Here I come, Kyurem!
Then come!
- Way to go, Keldeo!
- Pika!
You'll never defeat me
with that sword!
Keldeo, no!
- Keldeo...
- Pika, Pika.
- Axew!
- ls that it?
- That's enough!
- Pika, Pika!
Quick, Pikachu, Thunderbolt!
This battle...
is far...
...from over!
The Swords of Justice!
- Yes!
- Ew!
Ash, you have our gratitude!
How do you know my name?
We heard you through the ice...
Thank you for saving Keldeo!
Ash: Pignite, Boldore, thanks!
lt can't take any more!
I know...
Please, you've gotta stop this!
lt's not our battle.
lt's Keldeo's!
Only Keldeo can end this!
- Ew!
- Pika!
Never take your
eyes off your opponent.
Keep up your concentration
until the very end.
Fear is your greatest enemy.
You must conquer the fear that lives in
your heart.
lt is what you learn from defeat
that is truly important.
Keldeo is battling well!
Now if it can only use
its sword...
- Way to go, Keldeo!
- Pikachu!
Ash! Pikachu!
- ls that...
- Yes!
Secret Sword!
I can still battle!
- Do it, Keldeo!
- Pika.
- All right!
- Ew, Ew!
Now that's a taste
of real power!
Keldeo can do this!
- lt's blocking it!
- Pikachu.
I was waiting for this...
your true power!
Because you found
your true power,
this is now a real battle!
Ew? Axew?
You win.
I yield...
Rather than pursue victory,
you protected your friends...
You have a fine sword.
Ash: Keldeo!
That was a totally
amazing battle!
Pika, Pika.
And look at that!
- Your horn grew back!
- Axew!
Now you understand the true
weight of the sword...
- Ew!
- Pika, Pika.
Climb aboard!
Keldeo: I'll go on ahead!
lt's like a castle
made out of ice!
lt looks kinda cold, though...
- I hate the cold!
- Axew!
Cobalion: Keldeo!
You're now a true
Sword of Justice!
I am in agreement!
Let's work hard together
from now on!
- You did it, Keldeo!
- Pika, Pika.
- That's great!
- Axew, Ew!
lt's a joy to offer
my congratulations!
I owe it all to you!
I think it's time for
the Sword of Justice oath,
and I'd like Ash and his friends
to be our witnesses!
- You bet!
- Pikachu.
Look at Keldeo now!
That's Keldeo's Resolute Form!
Axew, Ew!
Greater than one is two!
Greater than two is three!
Greater than three is four!
When the strength of friends
is combined into one...
all: then true power
and courage are created!
Be brave be strong
Be honest
And to yourself
Be true
And with your friends
Beside you
You'll know what to do
There's a time in everyone's life
When it's hard to know
What's wrong or right
What should you do
Maybe just turn and walk away
Or somehow find the strength to stay
Only you alone
Can find your way
ln the cold of night
Or your darkest hour
Listen to your heart
'Cause you've got the power
Be brave be strong
Be honest
And to yourself be true
And with your friends
Beside you
You'll know what to do
lt's all inside of you
When you're out there all alone
Feeling scared of the great unknown
But you will survive
You will survive
Have the faith
Do what's right
Just believe and never lose sight
Of your destiny
You won't be denied
ln the cold of night
Or your darkest hour
Listen to your heart
'Cause you've got the power
Be brave be strong
Be honest
And to yourself be true
And with your friends
Beside you
You'll know what to do
lt's all inside of you
So stand tall
You can make a difference
When you hear the call
lt's your chance to shine
Give your all
And don't resist it
This is your moment
This is your time
Be brave be strong
Be honest
And to yourself be true
And with your friends
Beside you
You'll know what to do
Be brave be strong
Be honest
And to yourself be true
And with your friends
Beside you
You'll know what to do
lt's all inside of you
lt's all inside of you
lt's all inside of you
lt's all inside of you