Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us (2018) Movie Script

See you!
See you later!
Oh, it's you, Sis.
Change of clothes.
How's your leg?
It's just fine as long as
I don't move it around too much.
You've gotta
be more careful!
Well what about your leg?
So. Are you running?
You just
worry about yourself.
Okay, okay.
Hey, Risa? Heard of the
Wind Festival in Fula City?
Yeah, I've heard of it.
What about it?
It's supposed to
be a really big event.
About that...
I wanna ask you a favor.
I'm home...
Me catch a Pokmon?!
No, no WAY!
But Risa! I'm begging you!
Not a chance!
Why are you asking me?
Come on! Would you
take a look at my leg?
What if I went out
and suddenly collapsed?
And nobody was around to help?
I mean, there I am, losing
consciousness, and the only
person I'm thinking about
is my amazing sister!
Is that what you want? Huh?!
I mean how could you?
Okay, I'll try!
But no guarantees!
Got it?
All right!
But I don't expect
you to do it for nothing!
Take it. Here!
What's this for?
to say thank you.
Wear them and have
fun at the festival!
Wow! They're pretty cute!
Not too shabby,
little brother...
Catching a Pokmon...
There will
be an award ceremony for
the winner of the catch race.
All right.
Morning, Margo!
Are you going to the
Wind Festival today?
You take care then!
You, too, Father!
This young man is
Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town.
With his partner,
Pikachu, he's working hard
to become a Pokmon Master...
So, his
journey continues.
He's arrived
in a city that lives in
harmony with the wind...
Fula City.
And right now...
...the city is
holding its Wind Festival.
Wow, this looks like fun!
There's even
better stuff over here!
It looked
light and fluffy and yummy!
Hey... Never thought
it would be this lively...
This isn't bad at all!
Not bad at all.
Now look, you,
stay away from me!
Pity's sake.
A lady can't even look
at flowers in peace!
Impossible! I mean...
It's tomorrow, right?
No, no, I know, but...
Is everything all right?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Don't touch them.
Now, where was I?
Can't we work something
out here? I mean...
Kellie, are you hurt?
I'm okay!
Watch where you're going!
But this
place is so much fun!
I'll take you
somewhere that's even more fun!
There are
lots of places to play!
I love you,
Uncle Callahan!
The Pokmon Channel!
Here we go!
It's the Pokmon Channel!
Get ready!
This only happens once a year.
We're talking the
Wind Festival in Fula City!
Aww! I wanted to go, too...
If that's what you poor kids
are thinking then I'm your guy!
There's no need to fear!
This channel will bring you
all the news from the festival!
They say
that the festival was formed
after a promise with Lugia!
once this place was a
barren, desolate land!
even so, people and Pokmon
supported each other!
saw their bonds of friendship
and promised to grant
them the power of wind!
the people used that power to
build and develop Fula City!
Ever since,
Lugia comes to town once a year.
seeing the bonds of friendship
between people and Pokmon,
it gives them the gift of
the wind for another year!
But wait.
There's one more thing you
should know. A long time ago...
There was
a fire. On a nearby mountain!
But Lugia put it out!
Uncle Callahan?!
I bought some ice cream!
This one's all for you!
Oh, thank you, Kellie!
Uncle Callahan,
please show me your Pokmon!
Do you have the
strongest Pokmon ever EVER?
Uh, of course I do!
What kind is it?
The strongest kind!
Let me see!
now's not a good time.
It was just in a giant
battle! And it's exhausted.
Hey, look out!
Your ice cream!
It's dripping!
Thank you.
You're a good brother.
Kellie just had to come,
no matter what.
No prob.
But is she...
Is she up to this?
Yes. She's been
feeling good lately.
Uncle Callahan!?
What kind
of Pokmon is that?
Ah, that's the
Legendary Pokmon Lugia.
Lugia's the
reason this city has grown
to the size it has!
Uncle Callahan,
you know everything!
It happened
long, long ago.
It was a cold day.
I had just
arrived in town for work.
When suddenly--
I began to see a
red glow up on the mountain.
It then occurred to
me that red glow was a fire!
I screamed...
listen to me!
The fire's
coming closer! Run!
I called for Lugia.
Hoping for help!
And Lugia came and
put out that mountain fire!
Since then,
the town has been living
happily ever after!
The end! Thank you.
Uncle Callahan,
Awesome! Yay!
You lied!
Why do you do that?
It's not lying.
It's called dramatic license.
So, Kellie!
Where to next?
I see some
fun stuff over there...
Yay, let's go!
If only I could speak
in front of people like that...
Lemonade! Lemonade!
Hey lady!
How about some Lemonade?
Hold it!
Now what's going on
here?! Keep it away from me!
We didn't mean it!
Didn't you know?!
That lady's world-famous
for hating Pokmon!
Are you serious?
Don't let go!
See her hand?
Who wears a glove in summer?
I'm sorry!
The mayor's daughter!
Great, what'll we do now?
Now we can't make
Lemonade because you
knocked everything over!
I'm... I'm sorry!
You see,
I'm in a hurry...
Don't give me that!
gonna pay for this!
Just calm down...
After all,
this is a festival,
so let's have some fun!
Hey! Who do
you think you are?!
Get him, Phanpy!
Use Rollout!
Dodge it!
Oh, wow...
Now use Iron Tail!
Phanpy, use Tackle!
So you wanna
go another round?
I'm...I'm letting
you off easy today...
We're going home!
We're not
gonna forget this!
Thank you!
No prob. Are you okay?
Sure. Thank
you, too, Pikachu!
My name's Ash,
from Pallet Town.
This is my partner,
I'm Margo.
Did you two come
here for the Wind Festival?
Yup. You bet!
Indeed! Such agility!
So what plan to pinch
Pikachu is on today's menu?
The right one. We'll
start our own juice business.
A perfect idea,
of course...
Let's get started.
you're not serious!
We can help those
thirsty folks. Success is the
right product at the right time.
And we've managed both!
We're cool cash magnets!
What about Pikachu?
How does that relate?
Do you get it?
Wow! Cash
relates to everything!
Then we'll
be able to see Lugia?
Sure. On the
last day of the festival.
After all,
it's the main event!
Sounds awesome!
Hey! Look at that!
The eternal flame!
Lugia first sees the
flame, then it sends the wind.
Wow... And, what's that?
An old power plant.
That's what I've heard.
It broke down years ago
during a fire on the mountain.
They haven't used it since.
I also heard that
during the fire, Lugia brought
heavy rains and put it out!
Lugia's just so cool!
Well, I'm gonna
be heading this way.
And the Wind
Festival is over that way.
Got it. Thanks a lot.
See you later!
All right!
Oh yeah!
I am the best at this!
See that folks,
everybody's a winner!
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Here ya go, pal!
Thanks, kid!
This is for you.
You did it!
Thanks, Uncle Callahan!
I'd win
a dozen before lunch.
Good for you, Kellie.
This toy that Uncle
Callahan won for me will be
my treasure forever and ever!
You all right?
I'm sorry.
Me, too! Are you hurt?
Thanks. I'm fine.
I wasn't looking
where I was going.
'Scuse me.
Where's your Pokmon?
I came here to catch one.
And it must be super-rare
because I haven't found a thing!
All you have to do
is ask Uncle Callahan!
He's the best
Pokmon Trainer ever!
Please tell me where
to catch one, please?
All right.
What Pokmon?
It's this one.
Oh. That one.
super rare, all right.
Yeah? It is?
Where can I find it?
Hold on, hold on...
I've got it!
Over there, over there!
The latest info
says it's up on that mountain!
That's wonderful!
That's so nice of you!
No prob.
Now you've done it, buddy!
Coming up on Main Street,
the Wind Festival's exciting...
...Pokmon catch race!
All Pokmon Trainers
are encouraged to join
in on the fun!
Pikachu, did you hear that?
Uncle Callahan!
It's a catch race! Do it!
I'm sure
you'll be the winner!
Of course!
No doubt I will!
After all, I'm the
best Trainer that ever trained!
I'll bring down
the strongest of the strong,
and win the trophy to give
to Kellie as a present!
Yeah?! All right!!
Come on, now.
The speaker isn't coming?
Now what, Toren?
think of something...
What do you mean,
think of something?!
You know
the presentation's tomorrow.
Find someone? You could've
just asked us to...
I'll be all right!
I'll figure
something out, don't worry.
We need this
to continue our research.
You of all people
should know how important
that is, Toren!
We're counting on you.
What's in there?
Winning a catch race...
This says it's
the Pokmon Research Pavilion.
Research Pavilion?
work around here?
Yes. That would be me.
This awful heat
has finally gotten my brains
to the point where
they're extra crispy.
I don't
think you're crazy...
I'm sorry!
Did it touch your clothes?!
But don't
you go jumping out from
behind things, understand?!
Want to give me a heart attack?!
No, of course not...
Here. Sign these...
...and give them
to festival administration.
Yes. I will!
I'm very sorry.
Brother! You're
a Pokmon Re... searcher...
And that means you
know everything about Pokmon!
These are for you two.
Dig in.
I'm sorry! I know it's
my fault that you got hurt.
The Oran Berries
will help you get better,
so eat them all up, okay?
Be back soon.
Wow... So many people!
Lots of luck,
Uncle Callahan!
I wonder what kind of
Pokmon we'll be catching...
It'll be fun, right pal?
Get your Lum Berry juice!
Perfect for a catch race!
Give something
healthy to your Pokmon!
Lum Berries are
the best thing for a Pokmon!
It's a very special
berry that can cure sleepiness,
numbness, confusion, or just
about anything that ails ya!
Hello everyone!
We're just about to begin the
Wind Festival's catch race!
The rules are
simple! Pokmon with a special
mark are waiting all over Fula
City for Trainers to come along!
But some of
them are very strong Pokmon,
too, and they won't
be caught so easily!
Trainers must catch these
Pokmon with special
catch race Pok Balls!
will be awarded according
to a Pokmon's strength.
The Trainer
with the most points at
the end of the competition
...will be the winner!
One, two, three. Come in.
Everything's fine.
I can hear
you loud and clear.
Mr. Callahan, if I
do this, then you'll do our
presentation for us right?
Of course I will.
It's a win-win for both of us.
So I'm counting on you.
Right. But I
sincerely want you to avoid
overworking my Staryu, okay?
You've got it!
to the starting line!
Let's hit it, Pikachu!
We'll catch a bunch
and win that trophy!
An Ekans!
Use Quick Attack!
We caught
our first Pokmon!
It's strong!
The Trainers are really
scooping up those Pokmon!
But the
trainer catching the most?
A guy named Callahan!
Uncle Callahan, go, go!
Ability is Illuminate!
Other Pokmon love it!
And they're
making awfully good use of it...
Pikachu, see that?
Right. Let's go after it!
Aww...I'm beat!
You're doing great!
You're in first place!
Now what's going on?
Sudowoodo is weak
against water! You can catch it!
Oh, no!
We're just receiving word of...
...a Tyranitar
rampaging though the city,
and a Trainer named Ash
seems to be chasing it!
Uh, there
appears to be some sort of cord
wrapped around Tyranitar's neck!
No way!
Pikachu, do you think you
can lead Tyranitar over there?
I'm counting on you, buddy!
You know, you
shouldn't lie to yourself.
It's habit forming.
That's the Imitation
Pokmon. That's what it does!
Shut up!
Hurry and
find me the next Pokmon.
I've got you now,
Oh, no!
There are dozens of people
right where Tyranitar's headed!
Right, Pikachu! Go for it!
Use Iron Tail!
Hey... Everything's gonna
be all right now! I promise.
You were great, Pikachu!
Ash managed to save Tyranitar!
They created a
bond that's even stronger than
simply catching! What passion!
Can you stand?
We present
the Mayor's Prize to the
second-place finisher in the
catch race, Ash Ketchum, for his
brilliant rescue of Tyranitar!
Thank you very much!
Not so fast, son. Thank
you for rescuing Tyranitar.
All 'cause of Pikachu!
That's why it worked.
All 'cause of Pikachu!
And now! The
grand prize... goes to Callahan!
See, Kellie?
Uncle Callahan,
you're the best!
on your first-place finish.
But you come to expect
these sorts of things with me.
By the way,
are there any Pokmon that
you'd like to catch next?
Next? Let's see...
I've been hearing
there's an extremely rare
Pokmon around this area...
I hadn't heard about that.
An extremely
rare Pokmon?
Since I'm already
at the Wind Festival, I was
hoping I could catch it.
Heard of this before?
I wanna catch it!
Wonder what Pokmon it is!
We'd like
to thank Callahan, our winner,
for his time!
Thank you!
The Pokmon Channel!
I've got a late-breaking,
important newsflash!
There's an extremely
rare Pokmon in Fula City!
If you're
a Pokmon Trainer, you can't
let this chance pass you by!
I'm imagining things...
I wanna play
more with Uncle Callahan...
Little miss
is talking in her sleep.
She did run all over
the place. She's exhausted.
That's fine with me.
What are you doing following us?
don't give me that!
I returned
all the Pokmon I caught!
And excuse me,
but I never caught you!
You're following
my big brother because
you like him, right?
Go home!
Why don't you go and
find somebody else to bother?
you hear a word I said?
Oh hey!
Did you
like the Wind Festival?
It was lots of fun!
I rode the roller coaster
and went in the haunted house...
What about you?
I was very busy today.
The man who won the
catch race said something
about a rare Pokmon
being in the area, but...
Some story! I haven't
heard one word about that.
But...weren't there
stories about Zeraora?
Now, Margo.
It doesn't exist anymore.
We can't have
our citizens panicking!
I want no
more talk of this!
Yes, Father...
Oh, come on! Where's
this thing supposed to be?!
Would you
stop scaring me?!
Hey, you! Don't you
know this mountain's off limits!
You've heard of
Zeraora's curse, haven't you?
Now wait just a second!
Zeraora? Curse?
You're not
from around here are ya...
Anyway, it's forbidden
to be here, so let's go.
Fine, I'll come! Just
tell me, okay? This Pokmon...
I hear it's rare.
You know it?
Rare? Really?
Looks like just an Eevee to me.
They don't
live around these parts.
That old man lied
to me through his teeth!
You scamps! How did you
get in here in the first place?!
This one is
off limits! You got that?
Stay away from me!!
You worked hard,
didn't you, Staryu?
But thanks
to your work, it seems
we'll get through tomorrow.
That man is extremely
good at performance, isn't he?
So the presentation
should go well.
So, Meowth, what kind
of research is he doing?
Let's see...
It looks like research
on Pokmon Abilities and moves.
Perfect! I mean,
I have no idea what it means,
but it's got to help!
All right.
Let's do some stealing!
Is, uh, somebody there?
Hey, everyone!
Wait, please!
So. This is all it was.
careful of the glass.
This is the essence
we made from Smeargle ink.
I wonder
why it fell down.
That was close!
I panicked.
always another day.
Imagine, there might be
Pokmon we've never heard of
before living somewhere
around this place, you know?
Oh, yes...
Those scamps
forced me to sleep outside...
So what do
you wanna do today?
I found you!
You found me?
Whaddaya mean?
Pikachu's sorry about that.
No problem.
Ancient history!
I'm just so glad
the second-place winner in
the catch race can help me!
Hope I don't let you down.
You see, my last
"big helper just fed me
nothing but lies!
You're the best, Pikachu!
That's the one!
Before you can catch it,
you battle it.
What Pokmon do you have?
I don't have any.
You don't, huh?
'Kay!o you mind, Pikachu?
So now...
...you go take it on!
You're kidding!
I can't!
Sorry, Pikachu!
Just keep calm!
Now listen! Watch Eevee closely!
All right!
Pikachu, dodge it!
Risa! Call a Quick Attack!
Use Quick Attack!
Do it!
Throw the Pok Ball now!
Right. Got it!
Tough break! Try again!
Now Iron Tail!
Iron Tail, go!
Now Thunderbolt!
Use Thunderbolt!
Here we go!
Good for you, Risa!
Does that
mean I caught it?
All right! All right!
I just caught myself an Eevee!
Thank you, Ash, Pikachu!
Where are your eyebrows?!
Thanks for waiting.
Hey, let's see Eevee!
I'm Risa.
Can we be friends?
You'll see!
You'll be friends in no time!
This was the first time
I ever caught a Pokmon.
This feeling. I haven't
felt passion in so long!
Right? Fun, isn't it?
I've been training
in track and field since
I was little. I had no idea
I could catch a Pokmon!
Then you're quick on your feet?
This might surprise you,
but I was the regional champion.
That's awesome!
But then...
I gave it up.
Why's that?
I got injured. It's healed
up good as new now, though.
I suddenly
got scared to run.
I think now that
Eevee's here, you'll
be able to run again.
How come?
I mean...
What you can't do on
your own, you can do with a
Pokmon pal there by your side!
Officer Jenny?
What's wrong?
Hey, Professor!
What? What do you want?
It's early in the morning.
I want to know
how you explain them!
By them,
do you mean these Pokmon?
They've been
acting strange ever since
I came here yesterday!
Ah, yesterday's
chemical spill...
Of course that spill was
the essence of a Pokmon move
that we call Sweet Scent.
Pokmon love the smell,
so they gather around...
What kind of
useless chemical is that?!
I don't want any
Pokmon anywhere near me!
I want that
stuff neutralized, now!
Wait. I'm afraid...
I have nothing prepared...
There's trouble!
We just got word from
the festival admin!
There are
signs of tampering with the
attractions' electrical systems,
detergent spilled around town...
...and reports
of other minor vandalism.
I can't believe someone
would do something like this?
Hey! YOU!
Because of you,
I spent all night...
Look, I'm sorry!
I improvised. See?
My niece is right over there,
so give me a break, okay?
Pretty please?
I'm begging here!
People like you
end up in deep trouble.
I know you! You
caught the Pokmon you wanted!
Right, thanks
to your cool uncle here!
Everyone my apologies!
We'll make an
announcement when we're able
to reopen the festival.
We ask for
your continued patience.
I guess it can't be helped.
Let's head
back to the hotel and wait.
Mr. Mayor?
We can help out, too!
Hey, it's Ash!
Fascinating! You two
already know each other?
We met in town yesterday.
When you said,
We'll help out, you weren't
signing me up, right?
Sure, the sooner the city
goes back to normal and the
festival starts, the better!
Come on! Can we
PLEASE help out, too?
It would be great to
receive aid from both the catch
race winner and the runner-up!
I actually can't stay.
I have a speaking
engagement at an important
research conference.
Why would you go to
a research conference?
See, it's like this...
Liar. I feel so sorry
for your little niece.
I'll stay quiet...but
you'd just better help out!
All right. You win!
Awesome. Let's do it!
Now they've
added another one.
There, there you go.
Don't you have a
research presentation today?
The Pokmon Channel!
again for the Pokmon Channel!
Day two of the Wind Festival
was marked by chaos!
played a bunch of pranks,
threatening the
festival's opening...
...but the vendors and
townspeople are working very
hard to reopen the festival!
So don't you worry!
Man, why do we have
to be on cleanup detail?
It's gotta
be Zeraora's curse!
It's you guys!
Hey you! Tell us
what Zeraora's curse is!
You don't know?
When Zeraora vanished
during the fire fifty years ago,
the whole mountain was cursed!
If a human sets
one foot onto the mountain,
it'll bring disaster!
And that's
Zeraora's curse!
It's a lie!
It's just not true!
Hey, Margo...
What's wrong?
This is a message
from festival administration.
Since we've met safety
standards in all locations...
We hereby reopen
the Wind Festival!
Thank goodness, buddy!
It went a lot faster
with everybody pitching in.
Goody, goody!
We've got
an emergency situation...
Let's clean up what's
left in one shot, okay!
Thank goodness!
Let's get the
presentation ready!
All right!
Another one's
joined the group!
Can't you be a
little quicker about this?
I'm about to be buried
in an avalanche of Pokmon!
Forgive me. I'll find a
solution before that happens.
Right after
my presentation!
I'm counting on it!
Wow! The cable
car's working again, too!
Our work here is done.
Oh, no!
Where did my uncle go?
He's acting strange!
I'll bet he did this!
He did not!
Let's follow him anyway!
Where is he?
'Scuse. Toren...
It's time.
Here's the image
data for the presentation.
Are you going
to be all right?
I'll manage somehow...
Says it all.
Let's see...
Just do your best!
You can do this.
I...want to thank you...
Thank you...for coming...
Pull yourself together!
You're a scientist!
Today we w-wish to present...
our Pokmon r-research...
What's wrong with him?
Stage fright?
the product...of a lot of hard
work and...uh...late...nights...
Uh-oh! I'm too late...
What business do
you have coming here?
Um, well...
Toren! The visuals, now!
This is just great!
There aren't more of you,
are there?
Catch this one and
you'll be in first place!
Cyndaquil is weak
against water, so use Water Gun!
Got it!
Use Water Gun!
Now I won't
let Kellie down!
My niece will think
I really am a great Trainer!
What was that all about?
Is that...
No. Um. that's, uh...
Did you... tell a lie?
I got you! Who are you?
Prepare for trouble!
We're the best.
And make it double,
while forgetting the rest.
Just shut your yaps,
we're hard-pressed!
But still the best!
Back to the nest...
Uncle Callahan, I...
Kellie, wait!
Are you all right?
We're off!
The robbers
are getting away!
Team Rocket?!
Let's go, Pikachu!
Eevee? Eevee?
Oh, no! What'll I do?!
Eevee! Hang in there!
Let me see!
Is it...
It's fine.
No need to worry.
Chansey, use Heal Pulse!
You'll be fine, Eevee!
Stop right there,
Team Rocket!
It's the Twerp!
He's everywhere!
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Wobbuffet, take it!
all right now.
first aid helped a lot.
Eevee's leg still
hurts a bit, but just be sure
not to aggravate it and
allow it plenty of rest.
Thank you very much.
How's Kellie?
The doctor just
finished examining her.
She's never had
the best energy or stamina.
I guess the
last couple of days
have taken their toll.
I'm so sorry.
I'm responsible.
No. It was my fault
for lying to her all the time.
How'd it go?
No luck.
I'm afraid we lost them.
Wait is Eevee hurt?!
Yeah. It got caught in the
panicked crowd after you left...
But now, Nurse Joy's
treatment helped out a lot.
It'll be fine.
I'm glad.
That Team Rocket...
I'm afraid what Rocket stole was Effect Spore.
What about Officer Jenny?
I filed a report.
She told me that she
was going to investigate.
I'm sure we're tired.
What a day.
Let's get some rest.
How's Kellie?
She's sleeping.
I'm thinking of taking
her back home with me tomorrow.
I see.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
But Kellie doesn't want
to see my face anymore.
Not after
I let her down.
You big idiot.
Don't follow me.
Go away!
It isn't
like you're my partner...
You're throwing words
I said to you back in my face,
and I deserve it!
I'm giving
up lying forever.
There's no
point in following me.
Go someplace else.
I told all of you over
and over not to follow me!
I'm not
putting up with it!
better being alone!
If I had tried to run...
...I could've
protected you...
Well done.
Hey, Father?
What about
the Wind Festival?
The committee just
decided to reopen tomorrow.
We'll tighten security,
and any safety concerns
will be addressed.
That's great. I'm glad!
No need to worry at all.
We'll call
on Lugia tomorrow.
Night, Father!
To us!
Okay, let's see it!
But I thought you had it!
But I gave it to Meowth.
My paws never
even touched it!
I gave it to you!
I called you and did
a behind-the-back flip thing.
Genius, I was running
in front of you the whole time!
That means...
Then who
did I fling it to?
Did I fling
it to a Ghost type?!
Now what's
going on here?
seen that before...
Hi. It sounds like
there's trouble outside, Ash.
Ash, up there!
The windmill...
They say the winds have died
down because the eternal
flame is gone!
As in completely?
This isn't just
about the festival, is it?
The eternal flame?
Come on!
Why do we have to do this?
Whose fault
does he think it is that
the presentation was a bust?
He'll hear you.
I knew we
should've never released
our results with his!
It would've been better.
Next time, say
something before we all meet up!
Enough of
that kind of talk!
There's no one who's
more concerned about the
welfare of Pokmon than Toren.
Which one of you loves
Pokmon more than Toren?
Does anyone know
more about them than he does?
I think the one thing
needed in Pokmon research...
...is what he gives.
More than any
of the rest of us.
They say the wind died.
Hey what's going on?
are you feeling all right?
Where's my uncle?
He said he was going home.
I think...
...I said
something bad to him.
It's all right.
Now cheer up! Your uncle
doesn't mind at all!
Mr. Mayor!
It's Ash.
I heard the
eternal flame is out!
And that's why the wind...
Lugia sends it
toward the eternal flame.
But now...
Does that mean
that Lugia doesn't know where
to send the wind anymore?
We need the eternal
flame. By the end of the night.
No later than dawn tomorrow.
Without the wind,
the city will eventually
run out of power.
No way...
Do you mind if
I take a closer look?
I'm really afraid
of high places!
What's up, buddy?
You figured something out!
Us, too?!
Good! It's nice and lively!
We can sell every one
of these for a good price!
hunting is a good thing...
Love the great outdoors!
It's Pikachu.
The crook that
stole the eternal flame...
Is that Smeargle?
Eternal flame?
Yeah, it's been stolen.
Pikachu has been
following the scent and
it led straight here.
Right here to Smeargle.
Smeargle's scent...
You mean Smeargle ink?
It can't be...
I initially thought
it just slid off the table,
but now...
Somebody stole it!
I can't be sure,
but if that's what happened...
You see, Smeargle uses
its ink to mark its territory.
I thought I can use it
for marking, but the chemical
is invisible after
distilling its essence.
Except this
light reveals it.
There. Case in point.
You did it, Pikachu!
If we follow these,
it should lead us straight
to the culprit.
Then let's go!
Wonder if it's
been called off.
It's all right!
I'll protect
you this time.
Who knew there was a place
like this in Fula City?
Let's hurry
up and find that rare Pokmon!
There are a lot of Trainers
who saw that video...
they're after it!
Hey, there!
What are you two guys doing
all the way out here?
Hi, little
girl! You from Fula City?
Have you ever seen any Pokmon
you don't see anywhere else?
Sure I have!
You mean it?
So where?!
Uh...that way!
I never saw one like it!
Thanks for
your help, sweet heart!
You're welcome. Any time.
What's that?
A Ditto and a Teddiursa.
No don't!!
If you don't hurry,
that rare Pokmon will get away!
We'll just take these two first.
Go, Sneasel!
use Flamethrower!!
Sneasel, use Icy Wind!
Hide, Zeraora! Hurry up!
Hey, I've never seen
that Pokmon before!
It's the rare one!
Use Fire Fang!
Use Slash!
Zeraora! It's too much!
Your wounds
still haven't healed yet!
Wow, it's fast!
Hey but it looks like
it's already wounded.
Yeah, now's our chance!
Sneasel, Ice Shard!
All right, Houndoom!
Follow that with Flamethrower!
Zeraora! Wake up!
Zeraora? They'll catch you!!
Time to wrap this up.
You okay, Margo?
You were awesome
all by yourself.
Ash, you're here...
I am the
mayor of Fula City!
your next move wisely,
or I'll take legal action!
What do you think?
I think we leave.
Hey, you!
them would be dumb!
Stay here.
Oh, Father...
It isn't Zeraora's fault!
I did everything!
That's Zeraora?
The stories
said it vanished.
But there it is,
in the flesh.
This is it...isn't it?
Do you have any idea how
much trouble you have caused?
For everyone.
It's only been a little
while since I first met Zeraora.
I was playing with
the Pokmon in the foothills
of the mountain...
there was a rockslide.
I should have been
crushed by that boulder.
Zeraora is the one
who protected me back then.
But by doing that,
Zeraora was badly hurt!
It was all my fault!
So I vowed to
help make it well again!
Everybody in town
seems to be so afraid of it.
I thought that at
least I could be its friend...
...and take care of it
until it was all better again.
But then they said
someone knew of a rare Pokmon.
And I knew...that
everybody would try to catch it.
That's when...I thought
that if the Wind Festival
was called off...
I knew it would
cause problems if the eternal
flame was taken...
But I was gonna
put it back the minute the
festival was canceled!
I'm sorry!
I'm really, really sorry!
Thank you
for protecting Zeraora.
There's something
I need to talk to you about.
the truth about Zeraora.
Zeraora lived in
this area for a long time.
It was master of
the land, beloved by Pokmon.
And they
all lived in peace.
So what did we humans do?
We cut down the forests
that were home to the Pokmon...
to enrich our lives.
The reason for the
mountain fire? We did it.
That was fifty short years ago.
No way...
Fire was everywhere!
And people never
thought for a moment of
the wild Pokmon living there.
Everyone was in a panic.
But Zeraora was the only
one who never gave up on saving
the many Pokmon left behind.
Ever since,
Zeraora has been deeply
angry with humankind.
I see. That's why.
You see, people
did things that made Zeraora
trust them less and less.
All Zeraora wanted
was to live in peace
with the forest Pokmon.
But huge numbers
of Trainers gathered in
the forest to catch Zeraora!
The previous mayor,
wishing to make up for
this injustice, decided
to lie to the townspeople.
He said that Zeraora had
vanished, and the mountain was
cursed. He forbade anyone from
entering the mountain again.
He did it hoping to
protect Zeraora. It was the only
thing people could think to do.
That explains it...
Very few people
know about it. Very, very few.
And even
fewer young people.
And that's...
...the truth about Zeraora.
What was that?
It could be related
to the Wind Festival...
That doesn't look good...
Here it comes!
What was that?!
Oh no...
It just can't be...
Do you know about this?
The color of the
smoke...and these symptoms...
It's possible
that this is Effect Spore...
Team Rocket stole that!
Correct. Chansey,
use Aromatherapy.
Tell me about this
Effect Spore... What is it?
I was in the
process of researching it.
Since it's a chemical
version of the Ability, Effect
Spore, I kept it in a capsule.
What does that have
to do with these Pidgey?
When you breathe in
that chemical, it becomes a
poison that numbs your body.
That's what the smoke was.
Why would
you ever make that?
During my research, I
found that it's also effective
against certain human diseases.
Yes, it's me.
Your Honor,
I have a report.
There's been an
outbreak of an unknown smoke,
engulfing a quarter
of Fula City.
spreading as we speak.
Anyone who breathes
it experiences numbness,
so we classified it as a poison.
We have also
ordered emergency evacuation
of all affected areas.
not a moment to lose!
Please return to the city!
Oh, no, Father...
It's all my fault.
Let's go! Watching
won't help anything!
So whaddaya say we
go and protect Fula City?!
Easier said than done,
but how do we do that?
We've all got Pokmon
partners! Right by our sides!
Whatever you can't do, you
can do it with a Pokmon pal!
When you're with a Pokmon,
it's like your muscles and your
mind get a lot stronger!
And that's
called--Pokmon power!!
What does
"Pokmon power" mean?
Pokmon power, huh?
Right. Let's do it!
That's the spirit!
Professor, is there
any way to disperse the smoke?
Now let's see. I could
go back to the lab and produce
large quantities of the
essence of the Pokmon
Ability Natural Cure...
But it's no use!
There's no way to spread
it throughout the city!
What about
using the wind to do it?
The wind?
There's the
old generating station.
You're right....
But wait, I thought
that it was broken down.
Harriet? If you
can't fix it, no one can!
What do you mean?
You see,
I built that power plant.
Granny, that is so cool!
I built the propeller
so it could run backward, too.
If you run it in reverse,
it will cause wind to blow.
Question is,
will it still spin?
I give it
a fifty-fifty chance.
Yes! We can do this!
You scamps
will have to help, too!
We're going to need
some muscle!
Very well.
Toren and Harriet, you need
to go to the power plant.
Risa, Margo, and I are
going to stay here, and treat
Zeraora and the wild Pokmon,
then we'll lead them to safety.
Smoke is heavier
than air, so the tops of
the mountains should be safe.
And take this.
Super Potion.
It will help
heal injured Pokmon.
Thank you, Toren!
All right, everyone...
Good luck to you!
Remain calm and orderly!
Evacuate as quickly as possible!
Mia, where are you?!
Is Kellie all right?!
She's fine.
We're both doing just fine.
We're on the gondola ride.
We seem to have
come to an emergency stop.
It hasn't moved in a while.
Uncle Callahan! Help us...
Kellie! Mia!
How can I help them?
So stupid...
Such a stupid liar!
I told you to go away...
What's with you?!
What do
you think we can do?
All I ever
do is lie, then run away.
We're weak.
Both of us.
What's that for? Stop!
But why?
You're not lying.
You're actually
willing to help me.
Thank you. Sudowoodo.
I'm taking back my pledge.
I'll do
whatever it takes...
If it helps to
keep the ones I love safe!
we can't be beat!
We'll save
Kellie and Mia as a team!
Say what?!
Now you tell me!
More than
half the city is already
engulfed in smoke.
We are sending
evacuees to the Pokmon Center,
but it won't be enough.
Mr. Mayor,
what are our countermeasures?
We'll use Pokmon power!
Where have you been?
We've been given
evacuation orders, too.
I see. Sorry.
Give us a hand with these
research materials would ya.
What's the matter?
Toren, are you listening?
No. I mean...
Pokmon power.
Pokmon power.
Pokmon power! Pokmon power!
would you hurry, time's up!
Listen to me, NOW!
I know you all hate me!
I easily get flustered,
and I can't always speak!
You probably think
of me as some weirdo!
But right now,
I really need your help!
There's still a way for
us to save our home!
I won't run!
I want to use my research
to save people and Pokmon!
You're always like this.
Always putting other
people and Pokmon first.
This time is no different.
I respect you as a researcher.
So what do you want
us to do? We'll help you.
Whatever it is,
you know we'll get it done!
Just say the word.
Let us know what you need.
You mean it?
I want to make
massive quantities of the
essence of Natural Cure!
You heard him!
Let's get started right away!
There it is! That's the one!
Where is it hiding?
Come out, Zeraora!
Don't let it escape! Catch it!
All done.
Zeraora, you're awake!
It's okay.
The bad men are gone now!
Margo, wait!
Zeraora, it's okay!
We don't wanna hurt you!
Well, I got it.
Where's the professor?
He hasn't arrived yet.
Hey! What do I do
to get rid of all that smoke?!
Well, it's you!
So, we want to
get the former power plant
to disperse the poison.
Kellie is in danger!
So let's get to that
formal whatever it is!
What was that?
It's by the transformer.
It could be the
smoke caused a short circuit...
The power's going out...
We've gotta get
outta here or we're toast!
Nothing changes, DOES IT?!
Hurry up! Come on!
We made it...
It follows
that we're saved...
It's a power outage!
No, you can't!
Not after all the work we've
done! Please, I'm begging you...
What is it, Chansey?
Are you all right?!
a bed for her. Quickly!
Don't bother. I'm fine.
We can't wait for
the professor, so let's go!
We'll need time
to get that junk started.
Okay, then let's go!
I'll take you there!
Right after toxic smoke
appeared in town, a power
transformer exploded,
creating a gigantic
mountain fire!
Here you go.
Thanks a lot.
The power's out, plunging
the area into total darkness!
To everyone in Fula City,
be careful!
Where do you think it went?
It went to rescue
the Pokmon there...
I'll go after Margo!
You've gotta get that
back to where it belongs!
And call Lugia!
Wait a minute!
Nobody can get it over
there faster than you, Risa!
It's something
only you can do!
You can do this!
I know it!
I really can't!
I mean...
I can't...
...run anymore...
Why do you keep
trying so hard?!
I mean...
What you can't do on
your own, you can do with a
Pokmon pal there by your side!
With a Pokmon...
I can do anything...
You showed me just
how determined you are...
So I have to be the same.
This time,
it's my turn to try hard!
Let's deliver it.
Come here!
Now hang on tight...
Get ready
for our Pokmon power!!
I've got to think!
Think! Think!
I've got the knowledge
if I can just THINK!
I've got to think harder
than anyone in the world!
Lum Berries? That's it!
Excuse me!
It's these!
They can do it!
May I please
have all these berries?
To save the city!
Just a little longer...
It'll be okay.
Uncle Callahan
will come and save us!
Got it. So we just
have to get the place running.
Then we use
it to spread out the
professor's chemicals.
You've got
a way with words.
this supposed to be?
The only thing we can
do is find a different route.
But isn't
the old power plant that
big rusty thing up there?
Let's spray all
of it and bust through!
No, you can't!
I won't permit that!
What's the matter,
It was this hand...
If I held
it out a little more...
Come back here!
This way! Hurry!
I should
never have let it get away!
Get it together!
I don't know about the past...
...but we're with you now!
Thank you, Snubbull!
My beloved,
you protected the key.
You probably did it just
for this very moment!
So, now it's my turn!
Will you do this with me?
Then let's all
show 'em what for!
Give 'em
our Pokmon power!!
Can you hit it
from the air?
else it may have done,
it managed to open up a path!
What'll I do?
If I just keep
running from the smoke,
I'll never get there!
I'll be your navigator!
I'm searching for a route
to the eternal flame pedestal
that keeps you out of the smoke!
Found it!
Why are you doing this?
Hold on! Just how
do you know where I am?!
Never mind!
Just keep running!
See the woods
in front of you? Go in!
It should slow down the smoke!
I knew it!
Look out!!
I'm all right!
You hate people, right?
You can't trust us, right?
a lonely way to live.
Don't you think?
So I want to be your friend!
So stubborn...
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Pikachu, Iron Tail!
Use Quick Attack!
We did it!
All right!
We did it, we did it!
The mayor
sent a car. It's here.
Your Honor!
Preparations are complete.
This is
countermeasure headquarters.
We request
everyone evacuate due
to the Effect Spore smoke.
If there are any people
or Pokmon that are in need of
assistance, I'm asking for
those nearby to give them
whatever assistance they can.
We have also dispatched
a countermeasures team to help
solve further problems.
We will spare no
effort to make the citizens
of our fair city safe again!
I'd also like to
take this opportunity to
make a request, as mayor.
The outbreak of
the Effect Spore smoke
has caused a mountain fire.
Once our team's plan
is in place, I ask that as
many of you as possible
please join me...
...in working to
help us put out the fire.
For many years,
our city has lived a lie.
But this time,
I would like for the people
of this town, together with the
Pokmon always by our sides...
...to join hands
in fighting this fire!
This place is unbelievable!
So how do
you intend to get it
running without electricity?
With this!
Would you look at that?
Good boy!
Is she serious?
Now it's
time for brute strength!
We're gonna need
everybody on this!
Listen up! You have
to push that all at once!
Wait, Granny!
This runs on muscle power?!
You have
some other power handy?
You're kidding...
Hey! Don't
just stand there! Positions!
And we're off!
All together now...
Pikachu, are you okay?
Please stop this, please?
Deep down,
you know it's true...
You know there are
people who aren't so bad!
Please trust us!
Oh, no!
All right!
Glad everyone's safe!
Hey Ash! You scared us!
Now we're friends, right?
Sorry to
keep you waiting!
I finished it. See?
Oh, Professor, look
at this! I got this lump moving!
That can't be the truth!
Let's call
it a half-truth!
This is incredible!
I can see this working.
It'll work!
Now, to spread
this onto the propellers...
Leave it to me.
I can throw it.
Now wait just a minute!
You're, you're going to
throw this into that?!
What about a ladder?
The ladders
all got burned up!
Come on. This is the only way.
What's going on?!
Okay, gang!
Get this moving again!
This time
we'll turn the propeller!
my colleagues put all their
efforts into making this,
and it's all that exists!
Okay, I get it.
I'll make sure
it gets there for the sake
of my little Kellie!
Push with all your might!
This looks pretty bad.
All this debris will
break the ball before it even
gets to the propeller.
Do you know
a different way?
Okay, pal!
I trust you...
give it everything you got!
Now turn, baby, turn!!
Look at that...
It worked!
The city's people
and Pokmon need to know
of this right away!
Yes sir.
This is some blast!
Toren did it!
Hey! Look outside!
What do you know?
They all did it!
did you see that?
Of course I did!
It was incredible! One shot!
You're a genius!
It was all
because of Sudowoodo!
Too early
for celebrating just yet...
This mess isn't over!
The fire isn't going out!
It's okay!
We'll just keep it contained
until Risa can call Lugia!
Isn't that...
Take half
and go around the back!
It's Father!
It's Zeraora!
I'd never seen it...
It's okay, Zeraora!
This time, everyone's
here to protect the forest.
Don't worry!
All right! Get going!
You're all right!
This situation's not good.
The sprinkler system!
If it's not broken,
we can get it to work!
I'll ask the
Electric-type Pokmon
for assistance!
put this fire out!
Right! We can help, too!
Zeraora? Listen to me.
There are bad people...like
those hunters out there...
...and I admit we all
make bad mistakes sometimes.
But I want you to
realize that we're not all
like those bad people.
Ash said something...
People can be
pretty weak by themselves.
But when they team up
with Pokmon, it creates energy!
I was wondering...
If it's also true...
If Pokmon felt
the same way about us...
Well...I think
that it'd be nice.
Try it now!
We're counting on you!
Okay, work with me!
All right!
Hey, Ash!
Give it your all!
You can do it!
You can do it!
Please, Zeraora...
If Pokmon felt
the same way about us...well...
I think that it'd be nice.
Just a little more...
It's almost there!
Go on!
Just a little more!
You can do it!
I know you can!
Zeraora, wake up, please!
Thank goodness!
Lugia, could
you make the rain fall?
We need to put the fire out!
Please, will you?
Whaddaya know?
I saw the real thing!
Risa got to the
eternal flame just in time!
Eternal flame?
She made
it there so quickly!
Yeah! She said that
she'd make sure Lugia showed up!
You've gotta admire
that girl's sheer moxie!
Once again our city
was saved by Zeraora and Lugia.
Not quite...
This time,
everyone saved it!
Fellow citizens! The only
way we were able to reopen the
festival for its final day...
...is through the
complete cooperation of all of
you, people and Pokmon alike.
During the day's events,
I'd like to share what I heard.
A young man said if
one can't do something alone,
one can with a Pokmon.
Those citizens and
Pokmon who helped put out the
fires, along with many others,
proved those words are true.
My wish is for this city
to be a place to live together!
And now, our city is that
much closer to that.
In order to see that
realized, I revoke the lie about
the disappearance of Zeraora.
I hereby proclaim that we
will live with Zeraora in peace!
There are strange
and wonderful forms of life
inhabiting this planet.
They can be found
in the skies, in the sea,
in forests and towns everywhere.
these creatures can
be found the world over!
They work and play with us,
and we all help each other.
They live with us and around
us, and even battle with us!
They form all kinds
of different bonds with us, as
they live in peace alongside us.
Each living
being has its own dream.
And there are as many
adventures to be experienced as
there are living beings!
And the name of all
these incredible creatures?
We call them...Pokmon!
When I was young
I'd lie alone
And listen to the wind blow
Now I know
'Cause now I'm grown
Just how many dreamers
It takes to keep a dream alive,
and I I believe
In the power of us
Us I I believe
in the power of us
With you by my side
I'm ready to run again
With you by my side
I'm ready to run
I'm ready
With you by my side
I know I can win again
So many dreamers
I know we'll keep the dream alive,
'cause I I believe
In the power of us
All the best us North, south,
east and west us
I I believe
In the power of us
Sea to sea us
You and me and we us
And so...
Fula City
created a nature preserve!
Tell me! How in the world
did you know where I was?
And it had
better be the truth...
It's really kind of
I wanted pictures
of the Wind Festival...
So I uh...
I wonder what kind of
Pokmon we'll meet next?