Pokemon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions (2010) Movie Script

As Ash's quest to become
a Pokmon Master continues,
our heroes have decided
to take a shortcut
to the Pokmon Baccer
Championship in Crown City.
However, ...
Hey Brock...
You sure this is the right way?
Of course I am, Ash.
-And that means we're lost, right?
Not to worry, Dawn.
Check out the Beautifly!
They're gorgeous!
You know what,
if we haven't gotten lost,
we would never seen them.
So that means, we are
lost, after all, right?
You shouldn't tell a lie.
Point taken.
The twerps are more lost,
than they normally are.
The result of which is, that
we'll get to Crown City before they do.
Three legendary Pokmon
caught, before they say "boo"!
It's a Skiploom.
Something funny?
Pikachu, what's up?
Look at that.
Hey, knock it off!
Yeah, you!
There's nothing brave
about ganging up
like that!
I choose you!
help out!
Bullying is wrong!
Infernape, return!
Thanks, Mamoswine.
I'm glad we avoided a fight.
I wouldn't have
needed your help, anyway.
Excuse me, but you
were just about to get pushed
off of a cliff, right there.
-He's right. -That's one tough Pokmon.
You talked!?
So, I did.
That's telepathy.
-Meema told me, I should never
talk to strangers.
Too late.
I've never seen
this kinda Pokmon.
Have you Brock?
-No, never.
I'm going to that city,
down there.
Hey, that's Crown City!
So, that's it.
I'm going to save Meema.
But who's Meema?
-Meema's Meema.
So, this Meema, you're
trying to save, is in Crown City?
Meema was trying to protect me
and wound up getting caught.
Some really bad people
brought us here from across the sea.
You mean, they did it
against your will?
Then what?
-The put us on a flying boat.
You mean an airplane?
-Then, I fell of the boat.
So you escaped.
Yeah, let's do this!
All right, so I'll help you out.
-Me too. -Count me in.
Ok, I guess,
I can let you be my friends.
No way!
Well, obviously,
it can change it's appearance.
Come on.
Look, a tail.
I like this better.
your mission begins.
Go and show your illusions
to the people of the city.
Mr. Kodai.
Dispatching remote cameras.
Now, it's show time.
See, mommy, you see?
-Tammy, morning!
Oh, morning.
-So, the Coronet Fighters
are gonna win, for sure!
Watch this.
Coronet Fighters rock, roll, because
they've got the winning heart and soul!
Coronet Fighters in control!
-Oh, my, she's perky.
Good morning, Tammy.
You know, tomorrow is...
Joe, there's no time for that now!
What's wrong?
Wrong? Celebi's finally
come back to the city!
It that true?
It's been years since
all the city's trees and flowers
were laid to waste.
Yes, more than 20 years.
Bells should be
illegal before noon.
Some short night.
-I vote to impeach the sun.
Who's that Pokmon?
-I'm clueless.
Take the form of
Entei, Raikou and Suicune!
Strike fear into
the hearts of the citizens!
Check that out!
We've sighted a Suicune!
-It practically landed in my lap.
My kinda sap.
What's going on here?!
Camera 1,
zoom in on Suicune.
Yes, sir.
And camera 2
on the fleeing people.
Now, give me
a composite shot.
I'm sure, you don't
want me to hurt Zorua.
Suicune, don't
fly the coop like that.
All right,
time for my apology.
Everyone, inside!
all Crown City citizens!
The following is an
urgent communication
from the
Kodai Network Group.
And now,
her's President Grings Kodai.
I'd like to take this opportunity,
to sincerely apologize to you all.
The three legendary Pokmon
I've brought here for you,
Entei, Raikou and Suicune,
are now controlled by the evil Pokmon
The legendary Pokmon
are terrorizing your city!
Your citizens are now
in extreme danger!
Again, my most
sincere apologies.
We will recapture them!
That you can be sure of.
But for now, I implore
you all to leave the city.
All right,
move along, please.
This announcement is
for all people on route
to the Pokmon Baccer match!
The old town in Crown City
is officially off limits
and access will
not be permitted!
Officer Jenny.
You can't deny my
access to your heart!
what's happened?
It's Zoroark.
A bad Pokmon,
Entei, Raikou and Suicune
as they wreak havoc
in the city.
Legendary Pokmon
are doing that?
It's true, I saw
it with my own eyes
and it's just horrible!
-But what's gonna happen
with the Pokmon
Baccer match?
It won't be canceled will it?
-We're working hard to solve the problem,
so, please, don't worry.
-Thank goodness for that!
Zoroark is a Pokmon,
raging with evil.
We're in great danger here.
Because of this,
no one will be
allowed to enter the city,
until recapture is complete.
That's my Meema!
Hold on!
Your Meema's the Pokmon,
Zoroark, who's
terrorizing the city?
Meema escaped from the bad people
and is looking for me!
I'm sure of it!
-Hey! Hang on!
Look, Kodai's the bad guy!
-So, the bad person,
you've been talking about,
is the Kodai?
That's him!
-Hey, keep it down.
I wanna hear about it.
All of it.
I really love my twin brother,
but sometimes he'll just come out
and say the craziest things.
-Twin brother, huh?
And one with the tail,
no less.
A Zorua!
And able to talk.
What a surprise.
-You've seen a Zorua before?
Zorua is the pre-evolved
form of Zoroark.
Celebi presence
It's just as
I saw in my vision.
The Time Ripple
must be in Crown City.
Mr. Kodai!
The Time Ripple!
And the countdown clock!
My vision...
My vision has become clouded!
I must be reaching
my limit!
Who are these people?
I knew it!
The Time Ripple will be mine!
It's a vision
of the future?
That's right, Rowena.
-What are you seeing?
Faces of people,
trying to...
...stop me.
So, Kodai was involved
in the whole thing.
The only thing we wanna do,
is bring Zorua back to Zoroark and fast.
I'm gonna go
find my Meema.
Right, I'll help anyway I can.
-Awesome, wow, thanks!
Hey, I'm Ash
and this is my partner, Pikachu.
My name is Dawn
and this is Piplup.
I'm Brock.
The name's Karl.
I'm a journalist.
I had a hunch, Kodai has been
keeping some kinda secret
and I've been
investigating it.
What's that?
-It connects to the old part of the city.
The truth is,
Crown City is my home town.
Bronzor, use Flash!
Grings Kodai has been called
"The man who can see into the future".
And it sure seems that way.
Kodai has had an incredible
series of business successes.
Like he knows what's going to happen.
He now has control
over the mainstream media..
The word on the street is,
in order to get, what he wants,
there's absolutely nothing
he won't do.
But, what's Kodai
doing this time?
By controlling Zoroark?
Beats me.
-But he's a bad man!
Let's hurry!
Hey, don't you dare
change into me!
It appears, that the old town
is completely deserted.
I'm heading there now.
Zoroark's mission is complete.
Recapture it.
Zoroak's recapture complete.
Now transferring
to airship.
No fair,
getting Zoroark was our game!
Who were,
those greedy rascals?
Strange ones.
-But the legendary Pokmon
trio's still prime
for pluckin'.
Those three are for me!
So shall we make history?
Rowena, continue
transferring the footage.
As you wish.
I was afraid he'd
never leave.
Ok, maybe now, I can
get some real work done.
Yes, it won't be long now.
Thank you, Bronzor.
Wow, what a pretty place.
-Sure is.
Hey, Karl,
isn't that Celebi?
They say that Celebi sometimes
comes here to visit.
Take a look.
It's like the city and forest
coexist in perfect harmony.
Yeah, but it wasn't
always this way.
Twenty years ago, almost all of
the trees and flowers here
died off.
-How did that happen?
No one knows.
It was a terrible time.
But working together,
people and Pokmon,
finally brought Crown City
back to it's beautiful life.
You could never tell,
that things were once so bad.
I can smell Meema.
Are you sure?
Meema was here,
for sure.
I told you before,
not me!
Thank you.
I'm over here!
Hey, don't worry.
Meema's looking for you too,
I'm sure. It's not gonna
be very much longer.
Yeah, I can feel it.
That's weird.
It's not destroyed.
You're right.
But, I saw Entei on the news.
What does it mean?
Kodai did this.
He manipulated
the TV news images.
Fake video?
Zoroark has the power
to take the shape of the
legendary Pokmon.
-So, you mean,
legendary Pokmon
aren't really here?
Then Kodai tricked us.
Meema's scent is this way.
Ok, let's go!
Zoroark is an evil Pokmon.
Until it is captured,
no one will be allowed
to enter the city.
Thanks you
for your cooperation.
My vision of the future
has been proven correct.
This is Rowena, sir.
Beginning today,
she'll be your
executive secretary.
It's an honor, sir.
Very good!
Mr. Kodai!
Don't worry.
What is this?
I need more clarity.
The Time Ripple!
No, don't stop!
I still can't see the precise
location of the Time Ripple!
It's been quite a long time,
since Kodai last had a future vision.
A future vision?
I'm losing my power!
The Time Ripple appears.
It's the day before the
Pokmon Baccer championship begins.
Zoroark and the legendary
Pokmon are running wild.
And I'm there too.
I must find it.
Before the
Time Ripple disappears.
The countdown clocks,
they're all around the city.
And the Time Ripple
must be near one of them.
Shuppet, use Foresight!
Not here.
Twenty more spots.
So they showed up after all!
Goone, do you copy?
There's a little problem,
I want you to take care of.
Meema's scent is here too.
Hey, Karl,
what's that a statue of?
The city's
Guardian Protectors.
Guardian Protectors?
When Crown City
was in danger in ancient times,
it is said, that
Entei, Raikou and Suicune,
came here to rescue it
and its people.
Their statues are
all over the city.
And to think Celebi
comes here as well!
Sad to know, it's being hurt.
That's still
in one piece too.
Meema's this way!
...controlled by the
dark Pokmon, Zoroark,
and are now running amok.
It's all lies!
No one will be allowed
to enter the city,
until we capture it...
Who do you think you are?
I'm strong, you know?
I'm... strong...
You okay?
Come on, cut it out!
Yeah, all right!
Been a long time,
Ok, ok...
-Oh, my, Karl!
It really is you.
Hey there, grandpa.
Great to see you.
My dear Karl,
such a long time.
-This little one is your friend?
Tangrowth's sleep powder
worked a little to well.
I'm sorry.
Got to find Meema.
Entei, Raikou and Suicune
are now controlled
by the evil Pokmon Zoroark.
Those three are terrorizing your city.
Zoroark must have changed
into the shape of those
legendary Pokmon.
The city hasn't been destroyed.
So, this whole event
was nothing but a trick?
I knew all along, that our guardian
protectors wouldn't do any of this.
Yeah, Kodai's the only bad guy.
-And of course, that means,
Zoroark is innocent too.
-You're right.
But, why didn't the two
of you evacuate?
The truth is, neither one of us,
could bear the thought of leaving
our beautiful home.
-After all,
Celebi finally just returned,
after so long.
Celebi's here?
-Are you sure?
Tangrowth and I, both saw
it with our very own eyes.
Right, see it's been twenty
long years, since the day,
when all our lush greenery died
and that's when Celebi stopped
coming back to visit.
Meema's calling me!
Zorua, calm down!
Where's my Meema?
Follow me!
What do you want?
I've got no
reason to fight you.
Out of my way!
I'm gonna go find my Meema!
Look at that!
-The berries.
That's for me?
I surprised you.
No, I can't fly.
I think, I'll let you
be my friend too.
Come on, you can
help me look for Meema.
Let's go!
You see that?
That Pokmon with Zorua?
It looked like Celebi.
Of course! So, Celebi
made the berries grow.
What do you think...
Ash, no.
-Are you ok?
Not one of you,
has the power to resist me.
It's you.
So, why did you
lock us up?
I don't know, who you are,
and I couldn't care less.
But, I'm certain, I won't allow you
to get in my way
and that you can depend on.
-What do you mean?
I have the power
to see the future.
And all obstacles in my path.
And so, I must remove all of them.
No use.
-But, Karl...
Check out the wide load.
-A legendary load, per chance.
I'll wager it's Entei,
Raikou or Suicune.
Well, this time we have
the element of surprise.
Words to the wise!
Meema, where are you?
I miss you so much.
You're amazing.
It's kinda of like
being curled up in Meema's fur.
So, his most important files
are locked.
Now, what password,
would he come up with?
On one try, that was
almost too easy.
Books of ancient prophecies.
Ah, so that's it.
That explains everything.
I'm heading back to Kodai's location,
I'll be a bit longer.
Stay put, until
our mission is complete.
Understood, sir.
My heart!
That scared me.
What's that?
Who are you?
-My name's Rowena.
Mr. Kodai's
executive secretary.
Right, and I'm his mom.
I'm actually a news
paper reporter, just like Karl.
I'm working undercover,
right now.
Investigating Kodai.
Your on our side!
I had a feeling
you'd show up.
My investigation's complete.
It's all here.
So, this is it.
-You see, Kodai is trying
to locate the Time Ripple.
Grandpa told me about it.
It appears when Celebi
comes to visit us from the future.
The Time Ripple is a temporary
focal point that
actually collects time energy.
The Time Ripple last
for only about a day
and it provides all the
necessary energy
for Celebi to
be able to time travel.
Kodai wants that energy
for himself, before it disappears.
Which he'll accomplish by
absorbing it into his body.
Why would he wanna do that?
-So, he'll have the power
to see into the future.
-The future?
Of course, remember,
he said, he could do that.
It was twenty years ago,
when Kodai gained the power
to see into the future.
By deciphering the ancient texts,
Kodai was able to unlock
the secrets of the prophets
and he learned, that the
Time Ripple actually
contains the power
to show people the future.
And so Kodai came here.
To the city, where Celebi
is known to appear.
Shuppet, Foresight.
Finally, there it is!
The Time Ripple!
Don't let Celebi
touch the Time Ripple.
I've learned, that the Time Ripple
disappears, when you touch it.
But, now it belongs to me.
I did it.
The future truly is all mine!
So, the flow of energy was reversed
and the trees and flowers
in the city withered and died,
and Kodai gained the power
to see into the future.
Since that time,
Kodai's plan has become reality.
So then, Kodai was the one
responsible for killing
all of the city's greenery.
Not here!
-Is this the last
of the countdown clocks,
Mr. Kodai?
We've checked all the others.
Where is it?
My visions never failed me before.
Mr. Kodai!
It's Celebi.
But now, Kodai's
power to see the future
is fading.
And that's why,
he's so desperate
to absorb the energy of
the Time Ripple again.
I get it now.
-Now, according to one
of Kodai's visions,
the Time Ripple is near
a countdown clock.
So, needless to say,
he's frantic to find it.
But, if Kodai finds
the Time Ripple again,...
Then the city will wither
and die, like before.
You've got it.
We won't let that happen!
Kodai's on the move again.
Zorua! So, this is where
you've been hiding.
Be careful.
He's a very bad man.
So, you can talk!
But, I never wanted
to talk to you.
Then, stay out of the way.
My business is with Celebi.
-What do you want?
Now, Shuppet,
Psychic, let's go!
Stay out of this!
I won't let you
hurt Celebi!
Impudent upstart!
Your powers of
deceptions have grown.
But, they have no
effect on me.
All right, Shuppet,
Shadow Ball!
Was that...
All four, en masse.
'Cept they're not looking
quite the same as before.
Stop living in the past.
We've got us a one-stop swipe,
isn't that neat?
My vision's unfolding
just as I thought!
Yes, the Time Ripple.
Show me more, now!
Cut it out!
-Somethin' strange is up.
Those are the real
three legendary Pokmon.
Guardian protectors.
-That's right.
But, they must think,
that Zoroark is the enemy.
We're in danger!
Mr. Kodai.
I still want to see more.
Get them!
I knew it.
Sorry, I lied to you, Kodai.
The last paycheck...
Forget about it.
Those punks.
Mr. Kodai,
what do we do now?
I foresaw,
that Rowena would betray me.
And I know, precisely,
what will happen.
What's this?
-It's grandpa's workshop.
You're back!
And you're all right.
-Hey, Joe.
Hi, Tammy.
So, Kodai was behind
Crown City's disaster
from twenty years ago too.
You'll be just fine.
I couldn't protect Celebi.
Not long,
before you came back,
we actually got a glimpse
of the real Entei, Raikou and Suicune.
They must have sensed,
that the city is in grave danger.
Yes, but they're all convinced
that the enemy is Zoroark!
So how can we get them to
understand that they're wrong?
Take it easy, Celebi.
If we can somehow
reach the Time Ripple,
then Celebi
should be just fine.
Yeah, but where
is the Time Ripple?
Kodai was searching around
the vicinity of the countdown clocks.
But he had already
checked them all.
So, you mean, Kodai's
already gotten his hands
on the Time Ripple?
No, not yet.
The city's still lush and green.
The thing is,
there's one other countdown clock.
Up there.
See, I'm the one,
who designed them all.
It's in the Stadium.
Located among the trees,
that were moved there from the city.
I placed the prototype there,
to commemorate the Stadiums completion.
So, the Time Ripple
must be there too.
And I'll be the one
to reach it first!
What's that?
-One of Kodai's robots.
But, what we just said...
-He heard all of it.
We've got to get
to the Time Ripple.
Or what happened twenty years ago,
will happen again.
It just can't!
-Tammy's right!
So, we've got to get Celebi
to the Time Ripple first.
Don't worry, Celebi.
I'll take you there myself.
I'm going.
-Me too.
There's no way
I'd ever give up,
so you can count
me in too!
All right, let's go.
Wait a minute.
Kodai can see the future, right?
That's why, we'll work together
to change the future.
Taking this shortcut,
should get us all to the Stadium
before Kodai!
-You're sure you're right this time, Brock?
Trust me, no need to worry!
-I always trust you, Brock!
What's this?
They're trapped
in Zoroark's illusion.
Stop all this, at once, Zoroark!
-They made a mistake, that's all!
The Stadium!
-It's right over there.
It's them!
Ash and Pikachu,
go on ahead!
Good luck, you two!
You go and deal with them, now!
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Psywave, quick!
Celebi, hurry
and fly to the Time Ripple!
Stop Celebi!
Don't let Celebi
touch the Time Ripple!
Now, Piplup!
-Hang tough, everyone!
It's about time
to finish you punks off!
It's Zoroark!
But how?
Everyone, get back!
Zorua, it's you!
Use Psywave
and Shadow Ball!
You are a bad man!
That's enough!
Sorry, but Zorua
managed to lead them away.
Come on, just a little
further to the Time Ripple.
Guess, you still can't fly.
That's it!
Mismagius, Psychic!
Of course.
Celebi is hurt,
that's why it has revealed itself.
Stop right there, Zoroark!
One step closer
and this little one is no more.
I guess, there isn't
much time left for me.
Shuppet, clean this up.
I've thoroughly enjoyed
playing our little game of tag.
However, I already knew
it would end this way!
Stop, Kodai!
All the trees and flowers will die!
What do I care!
So long, as my visionary powers grow,
it's all worth it!
So, you don't care
what happens to Crown City?
It's true, that twenty years ago,
when I touched the Time Ripple,
Crown City withered.
But, no one knows
a thing about that.
Just as no one will
know what I've done today.
All anyone knows is, that I'm
doing my level best
to capture the evil
Pokmon, Zoroark.
Victory is mine!
This can't be an illusion?
But, my illusion canceler!
When it bit me!
You're finished, Kodai!
Give it up!
It's Karl!
Not you!
I missed you.
Shuppet, quick.
Use Shadow Ball!
How dare you trick me!
For what you've done,
you're going to pay!
Yes, Zoroark!
You okay?
-We're here!
Dawn and Brock!
Thanks, Bronzor!
Pikachu, Thunderbolt, let's go!
Pikachu, Volt Tackle!
All right!
The Time Ripple...
The Time Ripple
will be mine!
Entei, Raikou, Suicune!
-Guardian protectors of the city!
Wake up!
Please, Zoroark,
hang in there!
You have to.
You finally found Zorua!
I promise, I'll get stronger.
I'll get strong,
like you, Meema.
What's going on?
This is Zorua's illusion!
You're right.
This is Zorua's home.
Zorua's home?
Meema, let's go home together.
Go on, Celebi!
I knew you were stong, Meema.
I knew it!
I'm so happy for Zorua.
It's all thanks to you.
-You were great, too.
I'm so glad, you're
feeling better, Celebi.
Celebi, thanks for everything!
Celebi is about to Time Travel.
I'll be your friend forever.
-Yeah, so will we.
Stop Kodai, all the
trees and flowers will die!
What do I care!
So long, as my visionary powers grow,
it's all worth it!
-So, you don't care
what happens to Crown City?
-It's true, that twenty years ago,
when I touched the Time Ripple,
Crown City withered,
But, no one knows
a thing about that.
Just as no one will know,
what I've done today.
Such a terrible man!
All anyone knows is
I'm doing my level best
to capture the evil
Pokmon, Zoroark.
You can tell me all about it,
back at the precinct!
Have a great trip!
You take good care!
-Come back again, anytime!
Don't be strangers!
Hey, Zorua!
Will you please,
stop lookin'
like me, already?!
We promise, we'll
come and visit you
in your region next,
Count on it!
We can't wait!
What would you two do,
if you could peer into the future?
I'd be bored out
of my creative mind.
Why, pray tell?
-Not knowing, what will happen
is the spice of life.
The uncertainty of the future
makes the here and now
a party.
Hey, stop simplifying my shtick.
Lovely breeze.
-A day of ease.
Life's but a dream.
-Float downstream.
And this time
in a boat!