Pokkiri (2007) Movie Script

He's Guru, a mafia don.
Settling issues violently,
kidnapping for ransom,
killing for money is his profession.
They occupy disputed property
in the city and mint millions.
lf anyone rebels against them...
...kill them...kill them.
Charges against them
in court go unproved.
The man who remote controls
the entire operation is Ali Bhai.
He's in abroad always.
What he thinks there
materialises here.
Okay Bhai...go boys!
Don't you know who is Ali Bhai?
Sometimes even police wireless
network works for him.
Guru gang works for him.
Tie a stone and throw into the sea.
His writ runs over Harbour area
and has a gang of his own.
He has become powerful off late.
lt's always a gang war between
Narasimhan and Ali Bhai's gangs.
Dass is his right hand.
He follows Narasimhan's
orders with true spirit.
Not only that both the gangs
have political support.
Mohammed Mydeen Khan is the
new Chennai Police Commissioner.
On taking charge,
as the first duty here,
has taken action to get rid
the city of land mafia.
Within 48 hours of taking charge,
over 300 such hired goons
have been arrested,
8 hard core goons
have been shot dead.
General public & lndustrialists
are happy with his action.
- Bump a man.
- Who?
'Korattur' Logu?
Yes, beat him in his own area.
Did you tell him about payment?
Who will beat him?
lf he beats it isn'tjust hitting.
lt's like a thunderbolt.
Don't leave him.
Catch him!
Kill him!
Very nice place.
Raise a dust.
l was in dilemma for beating a man.
No problem, there are ten now.
Okay, l'll get paid for all of them.
This pongal is a windfall for me.
Who are you?
You are the first man to ask this
stupid question in Tamil Nadu.
l'll take special care of you.
Tell me your name.
Won't you get beaten up
without knowing my name?
Will you dare beat me?
l've committed myself.
Once decided l'll not back off.
Close...close the shutter.
Brother...keep it little open.
lt may help him to sneak out.
Close...close...close it.
Hasty decision.
Should've kept the key with yourself!
Today l'll shred you to pieces.
lf you beat, itjust a piece,
if l beat, it's mass.
How dare he asks me,
who am l?
Kill him.
Anyone standing against
him are losers...
'Bhogi' isn't for the city
but for you only.
Catch him.
Aren't you able to open it, brother?
Dance around me.
l'm a sharp sickle.
l'll sing about me. Listen silently.
Dance around me.
l'm a sharp sickle.
l'll sing about me. Listen silently.
lfyou prepare 'Pongal' sacrificing a goat,
lt's auspicious pongal.
lfyou prepare 'Pongal' with verve,
it's 'Jallikattu' (bull fight) pongal.
With fights and action all the night,
lt's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
lf prepared without fire
but with breaking bones,
it's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
Dance around me.
l'm a sharp sickle.
l'll sing about me.
Listen silently.
He's hot to touch.
He's a terror to the city.
Celebrate with song and dance.
The fun will continue till you are here.
Whistles welcome his arrival.
Brother! Welcome!
lfyoung children work to
meet the basic needs.
lfyou disown mother.
Will Goddess forgive you?
ls your mother milk coke to you?
Mother and child are like two eyes.
Worship mother like a goddess.
l'm different. My birth..
My walk is fiery.
With fights and action all the night,
lt's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
lf prepared without fire
but with breaking bones,
lt's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
ln rains huts are like boats
floating in the sea of tears.
ln summer huts are wild forest fire.
My grandson must be born
in a city sans slum.
No need of education
to teach morals.
Remove the social barriers.
That's my aim.
With fights and action all the night,
lt's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
lf prepared without fire
but with breaking bones,
lt's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
Dance around me.
l'm a sharp sickle.
l'll sing about me.
Listen silently.
lfyou prepare 'Pongal'
sacrificing a goat,
lt's auspicious pongal.
lfyou prepare 'Pongal' with verve,
lt's 'Jallikattu' (bull fight) pongal.
With fights and action all the night,
it's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
lf prepared without fire
but with breaking bones,
it's 'Pokkiri' (ruffian) pongal.
l'll meet father and come.
My good wishes.
Useless...l am ashamed to
call you as my son.
Where were you all these days?
No phone, no contact.
ls it any free shelter?
- l'll come back in a minute.
- Where?
There's a girl known as Kelari.
He's calling Gowri as Kelari.
He's killing Tamil language.
Buddy, she's very beautiful.
l love her, may l go?
Will you fall in love if she's beautiful?
Does she know that you're a goon?
- No.
- Why do you ruin life falling in love?
Excuse me! What is the score?
One ball four runs.
One ball?
The situation is sensational.
The bowler is rubbing the ball
to bowl the last ball.
The batsman is...
We want...
lt's a sixer!
l think one can fall in love
if the girl is beaitiful.
Haven't you gone to meet Kelari?
Wait, l'll take you to task.
Do it.
Why did you come here now?
Won't l have lunch if you don't bring it?
lt's your friends who have spoiled you.
Excuse me, sir.
Someone is peeping through the window.
They are disturbing me a lot.
What are you doing there?
The old man!
Who are you looking at?
Haven't you seen girls before?
Put your legs down.
lndecent fellows.
Get out with your useless friends.
Out. Get out.
l will kill them if l see them again.
Let's go.
They exercise for us to see.
Tell this to your dad.
Don't be so stubborn.
Joining letter, sir.
My name is Mugilan, new constable.
Why did you chose to be police when
there are so many jobs out there?
- For bribes...?
- No sir.
l want to win President's medal
for exemplary service.
- Do you know to shoot?
- l was an ace shooter in training.
Take that gun.
Load the gun.
l've loaded the gun.
Shoot me.
Shoot him.
You will die.
- Shall l shoot you?
- No sir.
Shoot this bottle.
1 ...2...3
You missed it.
But how?
Just training isn't enough.
You need courage to shoot.
Want to win President's medal?
Go and get betel for me.
Go. 420.
He is our lnspector. - Greetings sir.
l'm Vishwanath, a builder.
l'm constructing a building on Mount Road.
A rowdy is threatning me for money.
- His name?
- Thamba.
- l will take care of him.
- Thank you sir.
Yes sir.
Did you threaten builder Vishwanath?
l threatened to kidnap him
if he fails to pay money.
Phone him again and
threaten to kill him.
Okay sir.
He has been doing this
for the past 3 years,
but hasn't broken anything till now.
Papu, come here.
- Master.
- Call your sister.
- Sister...
- She won't come.
l will call her myself.
Sister... Shruthi...
Master, she is busy drying the clothes.
Then, l will help her.
- l'll come.
- Good.
Why are you calling her now?
Keep quiet.
Your daughter is very timid.
She must learn martial arts.
The city is very bad.
- Yes master.
- Come my dear.
Do you know the arts of combat?
Where can l get it?
Look, she knows nothing.
l will teach her.
Kannayiram, get my weapons.
We have to bear all this because
he is the house owner.
As soon as l say ready,
attack me from any direction.
Watch, how l combat that.
Anything which is not planned well
ends like this only.
We should plan it well.
Hit this.
No my dear.
- What's next, master?
- Rest.
- Master!
- This is drunken monkey style.
- Thank you very much.
- Who are you?
- Hello aunty.
- What?
Bye aunty.
There is something written on the shirt.
Hey Tamil!
Your father is very lucky.
He sees beautiful girls every day.
But doesn't allow us to see one.
What's happening?
What does he mean?
Won't you allow girls to
walk on the road?
Why do you have befriend such wastrel?
How many times to tell you
not to be friendly with him?
Auto...father, auto.
This is not right.
There is a horn in the meat.
Dogs don't have horns, sir. Eat.
Those eating for the past
3 years have no questions.
Who is Tamil?
Are you Tamil?
Who is Tamil?
Are you Tamil?
Who is he?
Where is he?
- Are you Tamil?
- Brother...
- Do you want to meet Tamil?
- Yes.
When someone hits you and
if you feel tremors in your brain,
then, he is Tamil.
l'm Tamil.
What is the matter?
Take your hands off me.
Go. Do as he says.
Now you are caught.
l will beat you to pulp.
Tell me Guru.
What shall we do with him?
You broke my leg, didn't you?
Sit down.
Why did you allow him to sit?
Get up.
Logu, shut up.
He beat you all to pulp.
We need him.
Why should l be with you?
Why friendship?
Go and fall at his feet.
lnsulting me infront of him.
Will you work for me?
l don't work for anyone.
Tell me your work.
Tell me our share.
This isn't any ordinary job.
Very serious.
You shouldn't be afraid of police.
Lecturing to me?
You are a rowdy by profession.
l'm a born rowdy.
l fear none.
You shouldn't be afraid of death.
l hit your man in your den.
You can do anything to me.
lt's a sample to prove
that l'm fearless.
Wondering why l hit him?
He mishandled me.
He held my collar too.
What is the job?
What is our share?
Pass on the message. Bye.
Hey Hero...!
l like you very much.
- Who is she? - Mona.
Take it.
You are ease with the gun.
But how?
l've seen so many movies.
He is little arrogant.
That's what we want.
Hereafter, everyone will lose
their teeth one by one.
You are pretty handsome.
You could've been
born as a woman.
Going to the market?
What's your name?
Police. Checking.
- Tell me.
- Shruthi.
Where is your house?
Near Murugan temple.
Where are you working?
At Rainbow aerobic centre.
l'll go.
Have you been to any police station before?
No sir.
- Will you come?
- Excuse me.
Write you address.
- Why?
- Police...
What happens when you take drugs?
But l'm intoxicated without having drugs.
Who is to be lynched?
Narasimhan's man.
What has he come?
l will inform you when he comes.
Got a matchbox?
Get lost.
- Do you have a matchbox?
- l say get lost.
- What are you doing here?
- Please don't beat me.
l'm innocent.
Brother tell me,
What happened?
Police boss.
Tell me. Who were you talking to?
What happened, sir?
This area comes under yourjurisdiction.
lnfact, l should've asked you this question.
l doubt him. Something is wrong
around here. Go & search.
lt's him.
Postpone this to some other day.
l'll handle the police.
- You finish him.
- He is mad.
- l will handle the police.
- Okay.
- What is this?
- Gun
l found it over there.
l was coming to giving it to you.
- Where?
- Over there.
l thought it was a toy.
But it is heavy.
ls it real gun?
Where do you live?
ln a colony near by.
Where are you coming from?
Cinema...? You...
- Hey you...come here.
- Me?
Yes you. Come here.
- Check him.
- Yes sir.
What is it?
l want to check you.
- Shall l leave?
- Keep quiet.
- How long should l wait?
- l said wait.
l have to go.
Why did you slap me?
l found a gun...
My friends are waiting for me.
l have to go.
Do you know who you are talking to?
lnspector Govind.
l will kill you.
- Where is she?
- She left.
What's happening here?
Who is he?
- l was checking him.
- Sir, l was coming from a movie..
A dead body over here, sir.
Now we know who killed Suri.
MLA Dandapani hired Guru to kill Suri.
MLA has the support of Ali Bhai.
Who is Ali Bhai?
He will surely die in my hands.
Kill that MLA.
My name should create
tremors in the city.
Long live MLA Dandapani.
Long live permanent Assembly member.
Long live our protector.
You killed MLA...
Yes, l killed MLA Dandapani.
Why did you kill him?
He crossed our path.
So, l killed him.
We will kill anyone who dares
to cross our path.
What if police catches you?
Police means nothing to me.
Shall l take a snap of yours?
- Photo?
- Yes.
MLA murdered.
The killer gives an open statement.
ls police sleeping?
Why are they doing like this?
2 vadai & a tea.
l'm very happy.
My love Kelari sent me a love letter.
Where do you stay in Madras?
Give me your phone number.
This is notjust a letter.
lt's my life.
- Wait.
- Listen.
24 33 53 14
This is Saidapet's number.
l live close by.
We can meet regularly.
l heard that you were in love with a girl.
What happened to it?
Tell me the problem.
Mad man!
People call me Bodisooda.
But l've a nickname 'Blood thirsty'.
Tell me who it is.
l will crush him.
l wasted my vada.
l haven't yet got my tea.
Tell me.
ls it over?
No one should stand infront of me. Out.
Be careful. That was for myself.
Hello Shru...
She is looking somewhere else.
- Buddy, your gym girl has come.
- l know that.
May l...?
- Thank you very much.
- Why?
For helping at the right time.
Will you have tea?
No thanks. l'm late for my class.
Anyway, nice meeting you.
l'm Shruthi.
- And you?
- Tamil.
Even my mother tongue is Tamil.
- Tamil is my name.
- Nice name.
Anyway, see you later.
- Shift that patient to a ward.
- Okay doctor.
- What happened?
- A small fight.
- One man cut her with a knife...
- Knife?
Lodge a complaint in the police station.
We will treat her after that.
We've no time for that.
And l have no intention of going
to the station. Treat her.
Trying to threaten me? Move.
Don't you understand?
Do what l told you.
What if something happens to the patient
on the way to the police station?
l'm not answerable to that.
We have rules to follow.
We need a police complaint.
lt is a must. Go.
Okay. Treat her.
Why are you talking like a fool?
Do you know how to behave
in a public place?
Security...throw him out first.
Now, let's both go to the police station.
You lodge a complaint on me and
l will lodge a complaint on him.
You both can get treated later.
- Please leave me.
- l can't.
We have certain rules to follow.
You come.
Treatment first.
Rules second.
Was so much violence necessary
for my treatment?
lt's not violence.
lt's treatment.
Who tried to hit you?
Might be one of those whom l hit earlier.
What's your profession?
What can l say if you ask
all of a sudden?
What do you think of me?
You must have completed college...and
...should be looking for a job and
having fun with your friends.
Why beat around the bush?
- A rogue without a job.
- Correct.
Yes, l 'm a rogue.
Can't you take up a job instead
of wandering around.
Who is wandering?
l will do anything for money.
Anything means?
l cut the doctor's hands with a knife.
For others,
l would've taken money for it.
- What do you mean?
- Self employment.
Self employment...
Want to know whether
l'm a good man or not?
l'm not a good man for sure.
Shall we go?
Where do you want to go?
- How did you call the auto?
- By blowing a whistle.
- How do you do that?
- lt's very easy.
Fold your tongue & blow.
Show me your tongue.
Fold it.
A dove is dancing like
the spring flower.
Like little children,
she attracted a crowd of onlookers.
ln the game of love,
he made to play by the rules.
Oh! My heart is flying like a kite.
Oh! My eyes are popping out.
l liked only rap songs earlier.
l've started liking melody songs too.
l saw 'Kushi' waist only once.
Now l see directly into her eyes.
Love is like an owl,
it is awake all the night.
lt is like the pet dog of poet Kamban
to bark poetically.
Her sneeze is beautiful.
Her pimple is beautiful.
Her stretching of limbs is beautiful.
A dove is dancing like
the spring flower.
Love has taken me to a new world.
Come on, my girl.
A dove is dancing like
the spring flower.
l was like screen villain Nambiar.
She turned me into matinee idol MGR.
l grew up mostly behind the bars.
She has now made me
to catch dragonflies.
Love is like a coffee,
it's bitter when cold.
Dried chilly fry will taste
sweet like cake.
Even hardened criminals look
cool like beautiful girls, buddy.
A dove is dancing like
the spring flower.
Like little children,
she attracted a crowd of onlookers.
ln the game of love,
he made to play by the rules.
Oh! My heart is flying like a kite.
Oh! My eyes are popping out.
Why police is entering Shruthi's house?
Check it.
- Who are you?
- Police!
l must check your home.
Why sir?
We got information that
you run a brothel house.
What are you saying?
- Didn't get me? Prostitution!
- You've got wrong information.
This isn't a brothel house.
- Who is she?
- Elder sister.
How many of you stay here?
- l, my sister and our mother.
- Father?
Father is dead.
- Who visits you regularly?
- Nobody visits us.
Who is the man watching us
with a bun on head?
Neighbour uncle.
He disturbs us often. Now it's you.
l want to talk to you, come inside.
Sit down.
Your husband is dead.
How are you taking care of children?
- My daughter is working.
- Where is she?
- Hasn't come to home yet.
- Night work?
Don't cry...don't cry.
You are dependent on
a young girl's earnings.
l can understand.
lf your daughter says okay,
you can live luxuriously.
Want to know how?
l like your daughter very much.
l'll make her my concubine.
You are aslo beautiful.
lf a police man is your paramour,
you're secured fully.
Discuss and take a good decision.
Otherwise there's always brothel,
drugs, court, jail, etc.,
do we need all this for
a honourable family like ours?
Thank God!
Aren't you the master uncle?
Yes. Just master, not uncle.
- Name is Bodisooda.
- What is this?
Kung Fu bun.
Kung Fu?
You are a watchman from today.
Not only to the house
but to Shruthi also.
You must inform me immediately
if anyone ogles at her.
Watchman to my own house!
Why are they responding to me?
Are all the dogs after me?
- Who is the man?
- That man.
Pay first and then eat.
- Who is the owner?
- l own it, why?
- lt seems you've gone mad.
- Who said that?
- Do you know her?
- l don't know.
Mother! Mother!
Selling her property and
taking all her money,
have you sent her to old age
home as an orphan?
- l'll bash you up, fall at her feet.
- Mother, please forgive me.
We'll come here everyday.
l must see your mother with you.
- Have you finished shopping?
- Not yet sir...little more.
- You needn't wait for me,
- l'll come after few minutes.- Okay sir.
- l'll...
- My dad is coming.
- What are you doing here?
- Came to meet a friend.
- Are they your friends?
- Yes.
- Bye buddy.
- Okay buddy.
l saw them beating you.
We've a weekly bashing program,
weekly affection.
Great affection.
Excuse me. What's the price
of that monkey doll?
lt's a mirror sir.
ls my face so horrible?
Your dad is crossing our path regularly,
tell him to be careful.
- Hi
- Hi.
Why are you hugging me suddenly?
- Shopping?
- Yeah.
- You?
- Warning.
- Warning?
- Wait, l'll also...
Buddy, lift must stop midway,
do something.
l thought he was a good man but
he's no different from other men.
Watching the poster desiringly.
Now he's watching me.
He's breathing rapidly.
Lord Muruga!
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- Did you stop it?
- l did.
Oh! Save me! Help...help.
Please save me...help...help me.
- What happened?
- l'm a lonely young man.
What if you misbehave with me?
So...for my safety...
Don't you think you're overdoing it?
You can imagine bad about us.
But, is it wrong if we imagine it?
We too have chastity.
How did you come to know
about my thoughts?
All details l know.
All girls do think about
men like this only.
They stopped the lift in my presence.
Open it...where's the mechanic?
- Lift has stopped.
- We stopped it.
- Playing fun?
- Have fun.
- Will take an hour?
- Will take 10 to 15 minutes.
- Will it take another hour?
- l got you.
- We'll make it an hour.
- lt will take an hour.
So long? What if l die in suffocation?
lt is also good.
You'll not have any problem.
No need to pay cell phone,
electric or rent bills.
No need to shop.
No need to buy eye brow
pencil or lip stic.
l haven't applied too much of make up.
l just washed my face and
applied little lip stic.
- What is this?
- That is just cream.
Just face is working,
all other parts are freezed.
Do you love anyone?
No, l'm yet to find a man with
qualities l want in him.
- How should he be?
- Well educated.
Must have a good job.
Must be very good man.
- lf l find that useless man...
- What?
My good wishes to him.
- How about your girl?
- l don't have any idea.
How am l to answer it?
Everyone has a taste of his own.
l am vexed with girls.
- What happened?
- Habit.
- Lift is ready.
- Switch it on.
lsn't it enough to have got
the stick from you?
- Now the lift must go down & stop
suddenly in the third floor, right?- Right.
- Did you sing now?
- Doubting me again?
- l'll leave angrily.
- Don't get angry.
- Why am l getting all bad thoughts?
- Okay?
What okay?
Do you know how shaken we were?
- ls it okay now?
- lt's okay now.
- Are you okay?
- Okay.
- She's okay.
- Okay...okay.
- That one?
- Yes.
l have 3 more flavours.
Already this is too much.
Switch it on fast.
Do it...charm her with eyes.
Do it...take her into your arms.
Fear me like that. Come Shruthi.
- Ali Bhai's men have already taken money.
- Who is Ali Bhai?
- l don't know who is Ali Bhai?
- Did he say he doesn't know Ali Bhai?
l want a million now.
- Who is it?
- Guru.
What's the matter?
- Arrange for a meeting.
- Why?
Give me.
Logu, ask Tamil to attend the meeting.
Why he...
You wetted your pants on seeing
police the other day.
Take it...call him yourself.
- Me?
- 9...
- Bloody...
- 8410.
Boss, we must have a moll like her.
- You tresspassed into our area...
- Hey, let me see this man clearly.
Why are you staring at me?
Are you going to love me?
You took money from me
and beat his man.
Now you changed sides and
sitting in my opposite camp.
Everyone is same to me.
You pay me...
l'll kill this man too.
- Are you a man or...
- ...l'm a beast.
When will l hunt you?
We'll not enter your area.
You mustn't enter our area.
No: 2, l want Dass.
Want to kill me?
Will you kill me?
Considers himself a hero after
appearing in newspapers.
Yes, l'm a hero...real hero.
You took protection money in my area.
l'll do it again, will you stop it?
He told that he doesn't know Ali Bhai.
Yes l did say.
Who is that Ali Bhai?
He did it on my orders only.
l too don't know, who is Ali Bhai?
What the hell is this meeting for?
All are useless guys.
Bump all of them and leave the place.
Hey mad man, shut up.
Look at me and say that.
Do you know where you are now?
What did you say now?
How dare to threaten to
bump us off in our area?
- Will you bump us off?
- Take you hands off him.
l'll not take it, what will you do?
What will you do?
Guru, forget him, you tell me.
Bump them off?
- l've decided.
- Who are you to decide?
- You just say yes, we'll finish them.
- lf he says yes, will you do it?
You are a greenhorn in this business.
lt's not about if l'm a greenhorn or not,
it's about the bullet
piercing into you.
Hey...it's me Logu.
Don't you know who is Ali Bhai?
Leave him, he knows nothing now.
Don't disturb him.
Hey mad man! We all would've
perished for you.
Do we need him?
What did you say? Me?
Did you tell about me?
Have you started it again?
lt's our mistake to allow
him into our gang.
Hey come.
Have all of them come?
Have you had coffee and snacks?
Had it sir.
Care for some betel leaves and nuts?
You're making fun of us.
l'm not making fun of you,
l'm telling the truth.
Eat, sleep and wake up.
That's how the life is going on.
- Any background to the incident?
- lt's gang war between two gangs.
We are still unaware of the
reason for their shoot out.
So many have died,
you are replying carelessly.
Shall we close the schools
and hoist the flag half mast?
Answer like a responsible officer.
Good, l was waiting for you.
We are searching for an elusive criminal,
but you visit him in his den,
enjoy the feast he throws to you,
interview him,
you run cover story with his photo
and make him a hero.
Won't you inform police
about his whereabouts?
You will not do.
You're interfering with press freedom.
What is press freedom?
Do you know who are real journalists?
Rajaji, Periyar, Anna, Kalaignar,
they are also journalists,
you're holding the same pen
with which they worked.
But how do you write the news?
5 men gang rape a 10 year old girl!
You'll publish it with this headline
and colour photo to boot,
and spoil the little girl's life.
lf we arrest criminals,
you take his photos in the court,
and make him a VlP,
he too gives big smile and
leaves waving his hand.
lf we arrest a man in Tirunelveli,
an advocate descends from Delhi,
A Tamil bagging gold medal in
America doing research,
is just a bit news of your
newspaper's last page.
We know what news to cover
and how to cover a news.
Who is it?
Ka. Ma. Punniyakoti from Oli magazine.
ls it you?
lsn't you who wrote,
Lorry smashed, Driver crushed!
Relatives of the dead man are
crying in bereavement,
but you're worried about rhym.
To keep you in home safely
with your wife and kids,
we are working at nights
leaving our wives and kids.
Violence is on raise. But you pillory us
saying is police sleeping?
Please repeat it again sir.
TV media? l'll repeat.
What do you do?
Without caring about the culture,
father-in-law rapes daughter-in-law,
watch after the break!
You dramatise and
increase your TRP ratings.
People like it sir.
l'm telling to them also.
Every Policeman is
a citizen in uniform.
Every citizen is a
policeman without unifrom.
Nobody is responsible in this society.
The only department that
is responsible is Police.
Sorry, l got little emotional.
Take down.
Law will do it's duty.
- Going home?
- Yeah.
What's that colour box?
Lunch box...Upma.
- Got it?
- No, l had it.
l'll catch him red handed, and
hand over him to the lnspector.
lt'll be good if l get her cell number.
- What is your cell number?
- Give.
- l'll give a missed call to my number.
- Okay.
Charity please.
Following us, bloody Bodisooda!
l'll break your teeth.
Get lost man.
They can never find me in this get up.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- He'll come.
- Who?
My husband. He went ot the toilet.
- Local trains don't have toilets.
- Okay...get up.
- Why?
- Get up!
- Why?
- Get up l say!
- What?
- Asking me reason? Get up bloody bitch!
l'll smash your face, silly girl.
This is too much.
Shut your gob and take a walk.
She looked educated but...
Sister, you don't panic,
please be seated.
He isn't seen.
l'll lynch you, Kedisooda.
He's enjoying with two girls.
Where's my girl?
Where is your sister?
She left to home long back?
Thank God! Atleast you made it.
Ask your sister to call me
on phone once.
Have you started talking on phone too?
Just now.
Okay...okay...l'll tell her.
You look handsome boy!
l've a doubt.
What if your sister too becomes
fat like you in future?
lt's all fat!
lt's beyond our control.
You're right.
What's in the lunch box?
ls your entire family running on upma?
Pack this Bodisooda
and throw him out!
What do you think of yourselves?
l'm changing disguises
using all my talent.
But you're finding me very easily.
What's the use in changing disguises?
How are you able to find me?
Are you spying on me?
Why should we spy on you?
Your bun head is identifying
you, bloody fool!
Alas! l forgot about this!
- Okay, push me out from the running train.
- ldiot, the train is stopped.
- Stopped?
- Go.
- Go.
- l'm going.
Hi Lakshmi!
Have you spoken to your daughter?
When shall l come to your home?
Sir...please don't disturb us.
Why? Don't you and
your daughter need...?
Sir, Thamba is threatening me
to pay Rs. 5 millions.
Or else he's threatening
to kill my son.
ls it? l'll ask him.
What are you doing there?
Come here immediately.
How much will you pay
if l finish the deal?
- lf you finish...
- How much will you pay him?
Sir, l don't want anything.
Take it.
You can have fun with women.
l'll give you company.
Greetings buddy!
Are you laughing at me?
No...no...new Constable,
he's refusing bribe.
Useless guy.
He wants to win the President's medal.
You're a sharp shooter, aren't you?
Shoot him.
Aim him and fire.
- Sir...sir.
- You don't get sacred.
Aim at Thamba.
He's a braveman, aim at him.
- Sir.
- Fire at him.
- Sir!
- You shot him?!
Do you know he's a great land shark?
You shot him easily.
You'll not face the inquest.
l've to answer.
l must find an answer to it.
What to do?
Sir, l'm lnspector Govind here,
Constable Mugilan and Thamba
shot each other to death,
Yes sir, send additional
forces immedaitely.
l did all this for you.
- Two lives are lost.
- You take the Rs. 5 millions
No, l don't want money.
My second wife wants a pent house.
So give her the tenth floor.
Sir, its Rs. 15 millions.
- That's all? Then give her two floors.
- Sir.
Feel happy to be alive still.
K. Padmavathi, register it on this name.
You say okay.
Raise the accelerator slowly.
Good mummy, learnt it very well.
Who stopped the lorry?
- Are you the driver?
- Yes, it's me.
Get down.
- Get down.
- What's the mater?
- Why are you wasting water with leaking tank?
- Just plain water, isn't it?
Just water?
Governments are
changing on this issue.
Are you rubbishing the water
issue so cheaply?
This is unnecessary to you.
ls it? Get lost man.
l'll stop the leak.
Oh God! lt's full open now!
l'll take you to task.
He's more short tempered than me.
How did they gave him a lorry?
How did this happen?
What's happening here?
Stop researching,
stop it with your hand.
- My hands are not enough.
- Use your head to stop it.
That's it!
Sarasu, water lorry is here,
come fast.
Shanthi, bring the vessels.
Calm...don't fight.
Everyone will get water,
form a queue.
ldiots! They are filling water
wherever it may come from.
- Look at the wonder.
- lt isn't wonder,
Connection changed.
No need of tanker lorry, bring him.
Why are you distributing water here
that is meant for my street?
lt isn't good.
There are people here and
they too need water.
Okay, first we'll take 5000 litres
and then you take 5000 litres.
Take me?
- Get lost fools!
- Stop man.
They are after me, the water isn't mine.
Stop, you pig. Don't run.
Super shoot!
- Who is it?
- l'm Bodisooda, your watchman calling.
Come sir.
Didn't l tell you about a young man
after Shruthi?
- He's here.
- Who is he?
The man with the brown scarf.
All of you go back, l must check him.
Police...back off.
You gave a gun you found, right?
lt seems you found a girl
known as Shruthi?
What is this? Tell me.
Drug peddling?
Tell me.
Tell me l say.
l'll take you to task in the lock up.
For this...
Where is it?
Drug peddling?
l'm the head master of the school
in which you're now studying.
l want that girl.
The gun l gave you saying
l found is infact mine.
Look, l've the bullets also.
Threatening me?
You've to give an
account of bullets used.
l don't need to give an
account to anyone.
l can use it as l wish.
l'll kill you in an encounter.
Am l the new Constable in your station?
Shall l tell you how he died?
Shall l?
Are the two floors registered
on Padmavathi's name?
lt seems tile work is going on.
lt seems the floors are
centrally airconditioned.
ls your second wife able to see
the city from the 10th floor?
Go fast.
Are you both happy?
Shruthi is mine.
l'll do anything for her.
Gun & girl both are mine.
Anyone standing against him are losers...
Thank God!
Gita, tell me your mobile number.
Come here.
What do you think of yourself?
Sir...excuse me...who are you?
Hey shut up.
You've mistaken her for somebody else.
Go man.
Are you so proud?
You want a man?
Who is he? Who is he? Boy friend?
Am l not enough?
Didn't your mother tell you?
l need you.
He says you belong to him.
He also said that he would
do anything for you.
lf l see you with him again...
Be careful.
Shruthi is mine.
l will do anything for her.
You may be right.
But he is a rowdy.
He might be a small time offender.
l will correct him.
Do you love him so deeply?
- Hello.
- Hello.
l'm Jaya, Shruthi's friend speaking.
l'm English, Tamil's friend speaking.
- l'm Shruthi speaking.
- Yes, tell me.
- Can we meet?
- Why?
Actually, l just wanted to tell
you something personally...
Can we meet please?
lt's really important, you know.
He is alluring me.
..brushes my shoulders.
..takes me to the height of ecstacy.
..blends me with all forms of love.
Jungle is where the tiger hunts the deer.
Bed is where the deer hunts the tiger.
Am l a complete woman?
Am l a mix of heaven & hell?
God & woman's waist are one.
They can't been seen,
but still they exist.
Are you a garland offlowers?
Are your eyes spears?
Are you a naughty scorpion?
Are you the magic wand?
For the first time l saw a hot rain,
a cool sunny day,
..a day which is dark and
a night which is bright.
l play with lightning & cyclones.
But l was scared to pluck a flower.
Your are the hard rock.
And l'm the gentle breeze.
You melt down & l'll devour you.
The earth has started to spin in the
opposite direction because of you.
My small heart has opened
up like an umbrella.
l was a free bird till now.
But l lost myself in you
in a matter of seconds.
You sneak into me.
And l peep into you.
Let's merge into one.
And our world gets frozen.
Jungle is where the tiger hunts the deer.
Bed is where the deer hunts the tiger.
Am l a complete woman?
Am l a mix of heaven & hell?
God & woman's waist are one.
They can't been seen,
but still they exist.
Are you a garland offlowers?
Are your eyes spears?
Are you a naughty scorpion?
Are you the magic wand?
You wanted to meet me since
you were getting bored.
So, l came.
lt's been 30 minutes since then.
Now, l'm getting bored.
Speak out.
l won't mistake you.
Should l have to say first?
Won't you say anything?
You won't say it even though you like me.
You're following me without my knowledge.
lf l see you,
you see somewhere else.
The moment l phone you,
you knew what l was going to talk about.
But you behave as if you
don't know anything.
l thought you were an ordinary girl.
But you are very clever.
Who isn't clever?
But they don't show off.
Like you...like me.
Come to the point.
Oh my God! May no woman
face this situation!
l don't know how to start it.
You've none of those qualities which
l expect from my dream boy.
But l wonder why l'm always
thinking about you.
l've asked my heart many times
whether you are my Mr. Right?
lt always chants your name.
l know that our wavelengths
are not the same.
But if you say that l would
feel very happy.
l did love you.
But l didn't tell you.
Because l'm an illiterate & jobless.
But people say that l look handsome.
l'm not the right guy for you.
l like your frankness.
You've many good qualities than me.
- l'm not the right guy for you.
- Why?
l myself dpn't know what
a downright rogue l am.
Still l like you very much.
Think again.
Once l decide,
l'll never back off.
- Close your eyes.
- Why?
Just close your eyes.
- Find if they have killed Tamil?
- Okay
Call him.
- lt's ringning. No response.
- Give it to me.
- ls it the correct number?
- Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone.
l'm not a rogue.
l'm a criminal.
Will you now express your love?
But l like you very much.
Think again.
Master, get up.
Why is your Assistant crying?
What happened?
Volcanoes never cry.
So, l made him cry on behalf of me.
My love vanished in thin air
because of police & bullets.
They played with my love
making me a puppet.
Bad lnspector & bad rogue.
That's why l'm crying.
You come and you go...
Shruthi, aren't you going to class today?
lt's getting late.
Yesterday in one of the
Chennai's tourist spot,
12 men died in a gang war.
Chennai's Commissioner Md. Mydeen Khan
is investigating the case.
lt must be him.
- Just answer my question.
- What?
- Did you kill Narasimhan's men?
- Yes l did.
- He is gone mad.
- Why?
They started the fight & l finished it.
Do you know the consequences of it?
What happened?
Narasimhan killed Guru.
You are his next target.
lf you are caught by the police,
they will kill you in the
name of encounter.
Escape from there.
Have you put all our men in the streets?
Please don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Leave me. No.
Won't you reform?
Do you know how much l love you?
l hope that you will reform.
Come, lets go.
Someone is murdered over there.
What do you want me to do?
Should l love you or forget you?
Forget me.
l don't need answers. Say the truth.
l think about you always.
How could l forget you?
But you are killing someone or the other.
How many crimes will you keep committing?
Shruthi, you don't understand one thing.
l'm committing crimes.
And l'm not new to what l did now.
l have done this earlier.
But you are commiting
fresh mistakes again.
A mistake offalling in love with me.
l haven't commited any mistake.
l'm in love with a very good girl.
No one had ever shed tears for me.
l like you shedding tears for me.
l won't cry.
Who are you?
Why should l cry for you?
Who are you to me?
Should l cry if you love me?
l won't.
Your kiss is a culmination of
all the 3 streams of Tamils.
Your smile is divine Tamil.
Your talk is classical Tamil.
Your kiss is a culmination of
all the 3 streams of Tamils.
Your smile is divine Tamil.
Your talk is classical Tamil.
l learnt sweet Tamil seeing your lips.
l learnt musical Tamil with your speech.
You're a bit of dramatic Tamil,
.. a bit of Cupid Tamil,
Ours is Tamil.
T A M l L
Nudging your lips is like
the prattle Tamil.
l learnt ancient Tamil in you.
When you caress me, l feel shy Tamil.
When we unite,
our love is succeess Tamil.
l study you. l love your heart.
l breathe you. l yearn you.
l learnt Tamil from your stealthy looks.
l got stuck in your mesmerising smile.
Your youth is Tamil.
Synonym of your beauty is Tamil.
Ours is Tamil.
T A M l L
My youth which emits
fragrance is virgin Tamil.
When l get you,
l become mother Tamil.
Time may come to an end,
but not my love Tamil.
We may grow old,
but not our desirous Tamil.
l met you. Life turned sweet.
l met life. l came alive.
When our eyes met,
the heaven & earth become one.
When true love succeeds,
it's an abode of Tamil.
Tamil is life.
Life is for Tamil.
Ours is Tamil. T A M l L
Your kiss is a culmination of
all the 3 streams of Tamils.
Your smile is divine Tamil.
Your talk is classical Tamil.
l can't control it.
Who is it?
Why are you ringing the bell when
there is no one on road?
- You're standing here, aren't you?
- l'm standing close to the wall.
He is arrogant.
Who is it now?
- Why did he stop here?
- Please get down, mother.
Tormenting me with an old junk bike.
How could you stand like this?
People have so much work to do.
- Make a decision.
-Will you please help me?
- What help?
- Push my bike.
- Why has he come again?
- Sir, thank you very much.
- Go man.
- Thank you son.
Why aren't they allowing me to piss?
- Hey!
- Who is it now?
Trying to piss in public place?
Don't you have any sense?
l'm helpless.
Bladder is about to burst.
Come here.
- What?
- Come.
lt was you who came with
the police, isn't it?
That was my brother Sanki Monkey not me.
- And you?
- l'm Monkey Sanki.
- Stupid names! Get on the bike.
- Why?
l will drop you in a secret place.
Get on.
Mind your work.
Why do you use kerchief as a knife?
l can't.
- Stop there.
- l can't.
- Stop here atleast.
- l can't.
You idiots!
What was that sound?
Did the tyre go flat?
lt is the tank which blew off not the tyre.
Petrol tank?
Urine tank not the petrol tank.
Look at your shit face!
You've grown like a beast.
How could you piss on the bike?
What are you talking?
l was about to piss on the wall.
But you made me sit on the bike.
Look at the way he fell.
Give my bike for a water wash
and return it to me.
lf you don't, l will break you head.
Greetings Bhai.
Boss, Ali Bhai has come.
l have come.
l don't know to excercise.
l take out the gun & shoot.
Sir, Narasimhan is dead.
We have information that
Ali Bhai has killed him.
Yes, father is at home.
Just a second.
You go.
Shanmugavel, l want to meet
you immediately.
- l will get you the house rent.
- ls Shruthi inside?
- She is busy.
- Let her be.
Oh my love!
My world revolves around you.
When l remember you,
my heart catches fire.
ls the rain alluring!?
or is the sun alluring!?
The rain is alluring
when we romance!
The sun is alluring
when you're annoyed, my love!
Who are you?
l'm lnspector Govind speaking.
Sir, l'm your watchman speaking.
What are you doing there?
Came to take the rent.
They offered me a cup of coffee.
Do not drink.
- Pour it on your head.- Okay.
- As you say.
- Give the phone to Lakshmi.
Lakshmi, phone for you.
- Hello.
- Yes Lakshmi...
Today is a good day.
Make arrangements for my first night.
l'll be there with milk and fruits.
Don't ruin my daughter's life.
Please leave us.
- We are living with respect.
- Oh Really?
- Hey, who is inside?
- Who are you?
Take her out.
Open the door... please...
- Hey, why are you so adamant?
- Please save her...
Uncle, please save my sister.
Please come. Uncle, please save my sister.
Outsiders will think that
we have raped you.
- Can you identify the attackers?
- Yes uncle.
- He?
- No...
- He?
- No uncle.
- Hey Constable, get 4 kgs of Chicken.
- Okay sir
- Get the due also.
- Okay sir.
Hey, take that fish.
Give me good fishes.
Pack 2 kgs of small fishes.
My constable will collect it from you.
Parcel one more of same quantity.
Give it to the driver.
Hey, who are you? Tell me...
l'll kill if l find him.
- l beat you on suspicion.
- Hey, who are you?
lf it's confirmed,
l'll definitely kill you.
Who is it? Tell me...
Please tell me...
Padhu...coming with chicken.
Give me our family doctor's number.
Has Tamil come?
Call him.
Tamil, l heard that you used to solve
things in a unique way.
All are talking high about you,
except him.
But you look simple.
Even you look like a pimp.
You don't know about me.
Know it.
l like 3 things very much.
1 . Killing.
2. Killing.
And only killing.
l'm a photo copy of God of death.
What would you like to have?
- Rum...
- Don't want.
lt's okay, come on...
don't get scared.
l won't drink in compulsion.
l'll drink when l feel like.
Hey, what you said about him is right.
lf l pinch, endure it.
Don't squeal.
l'll tear you apart.
- ls this what you are?
- Yes, from my birth.
l'll replace you in Guru's position.
You've to kill a Central Minister.
November 14th is the Children's day.
Central Minister is the Chief guest
in a School funtion.
Blow him to death there.
What children?
lf school children die?
Let them die.
That is my concept.
l'll kill Minister.
But l won't agree to harming children.
- Why?
- Never harm children & women.
This is my concept.
lf you don't kill him,
l'll ask him to do the job.
l won't allow him also to do that.
Think and tell me.
Once if l decide,
l will never back off.
l'm a horse from Greece.
l'm a warship.
l'm a treasure hunt.
My pet name is Apple,
take a bite.
My native place is Ooty,
make me your sweater.
My pet name is Apple,
take a bite.
My native place is Ooty,
make me your sweater.
l'm the new Davinci Code
with many remarks.
Always take the illegal route.
Hey Rosy, am l sexy?
l care for none.
My sign is Leo.
l'm a Saint of love.
My pet name is Apple,
take a bite.
My native place is Ooty,
make me your sweater.
He asked my name & was staring at me.
He stared at me & left.
He caressed & assaulted me
with his eyes,
..and finally touched me.
English women & lndian men
have a great apetite for sensual desires.
O my sweetheart!
You're an Ellora statue
dancing with me.
Dance and enjoy.
Our desires are plenty.
Cameras focussed on me
when l was just 15.
Love sprouted when l was 16.
Handsome men were around me
when l was 1 7.
Harmone development took
place when l was 18.
My lips are so hot..
...even a thermometere breaks
on touching my lips.
Are you the modern day Haiku?
l'm the man of the moment
and l'm always prepared.
My pet name is Apple,
take a bite.
My native place is Ooty,
make me your sweater.
You've committed a blunder
by arresting me.
This is my life ambition, man.
Are you expecting more from me?
- Throwing a deal?
- l'm giving you a chance.
lf you don't agree with me,
Before you die, you will see hell.
You used to pray 5 times a day.
- l used to kill 5 people a day.
- Hey...
l've lucky hands.
l've corrupted many honest Cops.
Will you also join them?
Don't underestimate Police dept.
by meeting few corrupt officers.
When you meet an upright Police officer,
you will wet your pants.
Not done. l didn't wet my pant now...
My thrashing will make you bleed
along with wetting your pants.
You're a Commissioner
to this City only.
l'm an lnternational Don.
You Stupid!
Your superiors salute me.
l'll make you also salute me.
l'll salute only our National Flag.
- Not to any terriorist.
- l'll make you salute me.
No way! Give him anything he wants.
But don't allow him to sleep.
- Beat him, if he closes his eyes.
- Okay sir.
You scoundrel!
l'll teach you a lesson.
l won't sleep.
My eyes will be open even if l die.
But l won't sleep.
l won't sleep!
Do you've piles?
Why are you getting tensed now?
- Why are you speeding away?
- Okay... get inside.
Why are you staring at me?
l'll rip you apart.
- Are you eating food or...?
- Hey...
l'm talking to you only...
Minister is waiting for us.
Let's go.
Dog, which place you belong to?
Why are you barking?
You too have piles?
- Have you arrested Ali Bhai?
- Sir, how can l arrest Ali bhai?
He is bombarding the entire
Police force, isn't he?
Till l arrest him,
l won't sleep.
lf l arrest him, l'll inform you first.
He says that he didn't arrest Ali Bhai.
Don't allow anyone to contact him.
Just now, Minister spoke to me.
Nobody should know about his arrest.
No outgoing, lncoming free.
What are you talking?
Didn't Commissioner arrest Ali Bhai?
l'm also confused.
Commissioner will definitely
settle old scores with Ali Bhai.
- Tell me...
- Where are you?
Near Vadapalani post office.
No. You're somewhere here only.
Has she seen me?
Don't lie.
You're here only.
l feel like you're watching me.
- l don't feel so.
- Again don't lie.
You're here only.
lf my love is true,
you will be here only.
l'm in the post office.
Why are you cheating me?
You're here only.
My love is true.
Why are you spoiling health
smoking cigarettes?
Oh my God!
ls this Vadapalani post office?
We are about to go.
Why do you want to go to the Post office?
Why shouldn't l?
lf time permits,
l can even release my stamp.
Didn't you tell me that you're not here?
The one who kills people
can't understand my feelings.
lf you had fallen in love,
you will know it.
Why? Do you love anyone?
Till now, l was in love.
But now, l've dropped out.
Getting angry for a small lie?
l never expected that you will come here.
That's why l hate you.
l hate you completely.
You're in an angry mood.
Let's talk later.
Go to your class.
That's why l hate you.
- ls your girl also like her?
- Why?
Very emotional!
All girls are the same.
Forget them!
Good for nothing!
You're also good for nothing to me.
l've forgotten you.
Ask her to leave the place.
Coming and going like a TV Ad.
Ask her to vacate the place.
Truely, she left.
There was a Muslim guy in Dubai...
Hey tell me, what have you planned?
Tell me...
Hey, don't try to be oversmart.
You may be a great don outside,
but for me, you're nothing.
- l'll stamp & kill you!
- Kill me.
Why can't you kill me?
You can't!
What the hell you can do to me?
You will produce me in the court.
Do you know what will l say?
l'll say that l & actor Amitabachan
are very close friends.
l've a video of our meeting
in Bombay for evidence.
l'll say that actor Rajinikanth
is my business partner.
l've a photo taken with him in Dubai.
l'm in no way connected to them.
But you will take minimum 10 years
to find out the truth.
l'm a dangerous man!
l'll not leave you in peace.
What are you thinking?
Shall we have a deal?
l'll even jail the God who created you.
Bring him here.
Let him also join in our deal.
l shouldn't spare him today.
Leave it.
Stop everything.
First stop being friendly
with such useless guys.
Can't you do this to me?
Tell me...
ls it cigarette to leave it?
lt's friendship.
What have you done for me?
Tell me, what have you done?
You will come.
We will meet in some places.
Or else we meet in the local train.
You will say cheese....
Or else you will cry.
What else you have done for me?
At this young age,
l'm undergoing great hardship.
No one is there for me.
Have you ever concerned
about my food problem?
You never offered Upma even once.
Not at all!
Your entire family is surviving on upma.
You never showed concern on me.
You don't offer me a breakfast too.
How can you expect a commitment for life?
Here you have. Eat.
Eat me too.
l won't sleep. Don't sleep...
Don't sleep, my dear. l won't sleep.
Don't simply gaze at me.
Go and talk to the Commissioner.
You take anything you want.
These idiots are good for nothing.
Don't sleep, dear.
- We can get back our Ali Bhai.
- What do you mean?
She is Commissioner's daughter.
Age 18.
- Leave me...
- Hold her tightly.
Sir, you've got a courier.
Take a look.
Hey Commissioner, l've couriered
you an important CD.
Take a look.
l'll wait in the line.
Play it.
Hey, l'll kill you.
Shut up!
First release Ali Bhai.
Or else l'll show this to the entire world.
Let him take rest. Come on...
That Commissioner shouldn't rest in peace.
We should telecast his daughter's CD
to the entire world.
Look, ask your husband
to shut his mouth.
lf he inquires and does other things...
You can't see your daughter alive.
Are you a woman?
How dare you behave so cheaply
with a young girl?
Hey, what man?
Using a girl...
How bad that family wouldv'e felt?
You will realise their pain,
when your sisters face this situation.
- Hey.... leave me...
- Tamil, leave him.
- Listen to me.
- Leave me.
Hey, look at there..
Sister...look there...
The same rogues who ransacked
our home the other day.
Keep quiet.
Hey, move...
Where are you both going?
- Hey fatso, how are you?
- Shit!
- Don't touch.
- Don't trouble my sister.
l know you.
- You were the guy who misbehaved
with my sister, right? - Yes.
- Are you troubling us in
a running local train? - Yes.
Hey, you're talking too much.
l'll slap you.
We'll reach Nungambakkam station shortly.
- l'll take you to task then.
- Get lost, boy.
Hey, get away.
Are you showing off?
Hey, we are in Nungambakkam station now.
You said some thing,
what will you do now?
- Tell me...
- Don't beat me.
Watch the show now!
Who are you?
Have you come to beat me?
Will you dare to beat me?
Take a look at this
Don of Nungambakkam.
He has come to beat us.
Are you a big shot?
You're more scary than those goons.
l don't know whether you're
a good man or bad.
But l love you.
l'm not afraid of anyone,
when you are near me.
Wow! A great mango!
Wow! She is a Malgoa mango!
You are a mango from Salem.
l'm a Malgoa and Salem mango.
l'll pluck it & eat you fully.
lt's too high.
How will you pluck it?
By becoming a squirrel,
l'm going to bite you all over you.
You've decided to take a chance.
l'll give myself if you come to me.
Tell me, will your lips be sweet?
Will your neck be sour?
Will your hip be bitter?
My body has all the 6 tastes.
You taste it & enjoy.
Tell me where shall l start
and where to end?
There is no such restrictions in me.
You enjoy me as you wish.
Hey sexy girl! Bedazzle me.
Cupid of the night.
Come and have me.
Wow! She is a Malgoa mango!
You are a mango from Salem.
We are all now the upma family, right?
Betel leaves wasn't enough for me.
Shall a take a betel leave from you?
You savor this tender body
and enjoy it to the hilt.
l'll stamp my tattoo and you'll cry
in agony, it's trouble for you.
Count the lines on my body
with your lips.
Have me like a pickle.
This romance is between
a cyclone & a flower.
l've supernatural powers.
You've great magical power.
Show it on me.
Wow! She is a Malgoa mango!
You are a mango from Salem.
l'll pluck it & eat you fully.
lt's too high.
How will you pluck it?
By becoming a squirrel,
l'm going to bite you all over you
You've decided to take a chance.
l'll give myself if you come to me.
Wow! A great mango!
Hey, leave me...leave me...
Hey, what's that noise?
Commissioner's daugher is here.
Your dad raped me in jail.
Now my boys will rape you.
Take her boys!
l should hear her weeping...
Hey, you will die.
My father will not spare
anyone one of you alive.
My father has infiltrated your gang.
He will definitely destroy you.
Who is it? Tell me...who is he?
- Shanmuga Vel.
- Tell me, what is he doing?
- Retired Police Officer.
- Where does he stay?
Retired Police Officer Shanmuga Vel
Find retired police officer Shanmuga Vel.
Tell me...
- His name is Shanmuga Vel.
- l know.
Tell me his whereabouts.
He retired as a Circle lnspector.
His son is undecover...
- Give me his details.
- No other details.
Nobody in the department knows about him.
l got Shanmuga Vel's photo.
Fax it immediately.
Greetings Shanmuga Vel.
l'm Ali Bhai.
l'm a most wanted criminal in the world.
But l've come to you now.
Why are you looking at me?
Shall l tell you a story?
There was a son called Sathyamoorthy.
His father Shanmuga Vel,
after his retirement,
made his son to join the police department.
When his son was on duty
as an undercover agent,
he got caught by a man
known as Ali Bhai.
Will Ali bhai men spare him?
His men beat him severely and
brought him to his father.
Ali Bhai is a bad man, isn't he?
So, he is going to kill him
as his father watches it.
l'm not afraid of death.
Sathyamoorthy lPS.
Yes l'm, you dog!
Ali Bhai, please don't kill him.
- What will you do man?
- Hey, keep quiet.
Ali Bhai, please leave him.
l'll fall at your feet.
Father, don't fall at his feet.
- Fall at my feet.
- No, father.
- Fall at my feet.
- No father.
- Fall at my feet.
- Father, no...
Hey, look at me...dear, look at me...
Saravana, why did you sacrifice
your life for me?
lsn't he your son, Sathyamoorthy?
Death will force you to tell the truth.
lf he is Saravanan,
then who is Sathyamoorthy?
He isn't your son, is he?
No. He isn't my son.
My foster son.
But l loved him as my own son.
Why did you kill him?
Who is your son?
Tell me, who is your son?
Tell me.
Sathyamoorthy lPS.
lndian Police Service, Batch 57!
Batch Number 32567!
Trained at Dehradun!
Topper of the batch!
Sathyamoorthy, son of Shanmuga Vel!
He is my son!
l'm really proud to call him as my son!
What else a father can wish more than this?
Only a Police man can feel this happiness.
You scoundrels can't feel it.
- Am l right?
- Right.
Where is he now?
He is under cover.
He is on duty for 24 hours and 365 days
Tell me, what is he doing now?
Treatment...medical treatment.
He's treating the country
to get rid of virus like you.
He's in the midst of an operation
to eliminate criminals like you.
An lPS surgery for the
welfare of this country.
l was an upright Police officer.
So, a criminal like you killed his mother.
That's why he is staying away
to protect me from any danger.
l've come now, haven't l?
You didn't come.
He made you to come here.
My son Sathyamoorthy
killed your man Guru.
That's why you came back
to lndia from Dubai.
Master plan?
That means if you're alive,
l'll be dead, ain't l?
One is here, where is the other one?
You're sure to kill me,
whether l disclose about him or not.
But you will definitely know him.
Because he will kill you.
You won't die without seeing him.
He will stand before you.
What? Got scared?
Every human has a sixth sense.
Some times it works for
baddies like you also.
Am l right?
You can easily kill me.
Your count down starts immediately.
He will kill each & everyone of you.
November 1 2th, today, my death day.
l know.
November 13th is your death day.
Nice meeting you, Mr Shanmuga Vel.
Will your son come to see your body?
He will.
l thought of killing him today.
But Police have siezed the area.
Don't ask me anything now.
- Do you know who he is?
- l don't know.
Sathyamoorthy, you live as you wish.
But be brave & fight forjustice.
That's the right path of life.
l'm proud to call you as
good Police man than my son.
Aim to destroy evil.
That's ultimate living.
You're a one man army.
Serve the people.
Die for the country.
Live like a legend.
Victory to lndia!
Bhai, he is here only.
l'll inform you when he leaves.
That terriorrist Ali Bhai should be
sentenced to death.
He should have a miserable death.
Without knowing that he
is an lPS Officer,
l've disclosed about
bomb blast in school.
He'll drop it as he told me about it.
He will think so.
But l'll do it.
He may use someone else to do it.
He has many plans
for November 14th.
November 14th is my target.
What l wished should happen that day.
For that, he shouldn't be alive.
He knows all our secrets.
So, change the location.
l'm not able to take any
action against him now.
Because my daughter...
l'll go there, sir.
Please, don't leave me & go.
Either l'll die or those criminals.
You consider me as a
criminal for a day more.
Sir, till then please take care of her.
Sir, me?
lt's you, come...
- Take the jeep.
- Yes sir.
Sir, atleast today, you do your duty.
Sir, what do you mean?
Where is he?
Atleast today, be a police man.
Ask him where he is.
Ask him where he is.
Or else, l'll kill you.
Hello Govind.
Yes Bhai..
- Has he left the place?
- No.
l'll inform as soon as he leaves.
You be in a safe place.
Don't be inside the city.
Hey l know. l'm safe.
- Where are you now?
- Binny Mills.
Okay then. l'll talk to you later.
Start the vehicle. Make it fast.
- Yes, tell me...
- He has come to your place.
- Who told him?
- l told him.
You stupid! Why did you tell him?
Bhai, there was no other way.
When you phoned me,
he was next to me.
He was pointing a gun
on my forehead.
Where are you now?
Bhai, he is already inside Binny Mills.
He has come here. Run fast.
Yes tell me...
How much will you pay, if l kill him?
- Have you seen millions?
- No.
l'll give you 50 millions. Kill him.
Open the door.
Break the door
Make it fast.
Shoot him.
lf you meet an upright Police officer,
you will wet your pant.
Oh my God!
Why did you shoot them all?
Do you consider them as
humans or animals?
They are all criminals.
Very difficult to get them.
Hey, l can find police men
like you overnight.
But where can l find such criminals?
They have been with me from
their childhood days.
l'll not spare you.
l'll not spare you alive.
Oh my God! Stop it, man.
Stop it, dear. lt's painful.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Look, l'll pay you how much
ever you want. You join me.
You can live like a King.
What will you get for
being a Police officer?
lf you die on duty,
you will get mininum Rs 50000.
That's it.
A black ribbon on chest
mourning for a day.
Come on... l'll show you the heaven.
You bargained a deal, right?
Didn't materialise?
Remove a thorn with a needle.
Sir, it's me.
Your daughter is safe.
Ali Bhai is dead.
Sir, bad news is that our lnspector
Govindan is also dead.
Sir, what do you mean?
Once l decide,
l'll never back off.,