Polar (2019) Movie Script

Retirement, here I come, motherfuckers.
What's your name again, baby?
I'm still Sindy, baby!
Well, hello again, Sindy baby.
- How about a little bubbly?
- Oh, yeah!
You got a little on you!
Come here.
- ...thirteen, fourteen...
- Yeah, baby!
You're so strong!
In position.
You like that?
You know I do!
You got it, babe!
You're such a great dancer.
Oh, yes!
- Come here, honey.
- Oh, these hips don't lie.
- Rawr!
- You like that?
I love it! Come here.
Easy now, Disco Man.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh!
It's blow time, mister.
- Oh, is that an order?
- Mm-hmm.
Be my guest.
Oh, yeah. Hello there.
This retirement thing
is really working out.
Thank you, thank you.
Moving in.
Oh, God, fuck!
I fuckin' love that song!
- All you, Facundo.
- Oh!
- You got old, Michael.
- Sindy bab...
Not that old, after all.
Karl, we're ready
to get the fuck out of here.
At your service!
Please come onboard.
Yeah. It's done. We're heading back now.
Fasten your seatbelts.
Enjoy the ride.
Great job, Facundo.
See you back at the mansion.
Yes, ma'am. Safe flight.
Okay, sweetie,
Dr. Becker will see you now.
If I can get you to take
a nice deep breath in.
And out.
And once more.
And out.
Lung's good... considering.
It's never too late to get
that metal removed.
Lift the arm up.
Gosh, it must hurt.
Eh, it's not too bad.
Okay, you can lower it.
How's the hearing
in that left ear, Duncan?
What was that?
Funny. Very funny.
Did you get all the shots I recommended?
Hep-A? Shingles?
All good.
Okay. If you lie down
on your side, please.
And I'll get you to bring your knees
up to your chest, please.
And deep breath.
When people ask me why I save
the prostate exam till last,
I just think it's nice for my patients
to have something fun to look forward to.
And exhale.
We're done.
Oh, I baked a pear tartine.
- You want some?
- Thanks.
All right!
Here you go.
What are you looking forward to most
about retiring?
Don't know. The normal stuff.
The most dangerous time for men
is the year they retire.
They take up some crazy sport.
They ditch their wife and fuck girls
younger than their daughters.
They think they're king of the world.
It's not always the things
I test for that get you.
We got you covered for cancer
and heart disease and basic human biology.
But sometimes the killer's in your head.
The mental side of retirement. Phew.
It can be deadly.
Wow! This pie is great. Hmm.
What about cigarettes?
I quit. Good for you.
Yes, going through your
financial report, the good news,
yes, is that you've got
no financial worries at all.
Will you be making the same
charity donation again this year,
$200,000, yes?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Same recipient, the trust, yes?
- Yes.
- Yes.
And from the same bank account,
the Montana Union Credit Bank, yes?
As per your employment agreement,
Damocles will be matching
your pension contributions,
which have been substantial.
You have put away the maximum
and the company plan has seen it grow
at a rate of a good six percent per year.
You can draw half of that
on your official retirement date,
which is in...
Fourteen days.
Then in 14 days,
Damocles will be cutting you a check
for the best part of...
eight million two hundred and seven thousand five
hundred and twenty-three dollars and four cents.
How about that, Mr. Vizla?
You have properties in four states, yes?
I just need to know which one
you'll be retiring to so...
Use the Florida address.
The Florida address, yes.
Keeping the old golf handicap down?
Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I shall fear no evil,
for you are with me.
Your rod and your staff comfort me...
And I will dwell in
the house of the Lord forever.
- You wanted to talk.
- You watching me?
We need to meet.
- Jimmy's in ten.
- I'll be there.
Dom Prignon, 2004.
You remembered.
- It's good to see you, Duncan.
- What happened to Michael?
I figured you might show up,
so I brought you this.
Apparently, he'd been partying
in his big-ass McMansion down in Chile
for days when he got attacked.
- And for you, sir?
- No.
- You're not drinking?
- I quit.
What's this about, Vivian?
Michael was the fourth dead Damocles agent
in the past month.
Our intel says Michael's killer
is tied to a Russian outlet.
They hired some Mexican hit man
by the name of Pedro Gonzalez Gonzales.
He's currently staking out
in Belarus, Russia.
Your old boss, Blut,
sanctioned a revenge hit.
A million dollar bullet
to tell this pendejo
that we are not to be fucked with.
Well, Blut fired me.
Oh, don't be such a cry-baby.
He lets go of everybody at 50.
You know that. Company fucking policy.
You can't be a hit man with Alzheimer's.
Get one of the young guys, then.
Technically, you're still active
for the next two weeks.
This needs somebody
with more finesse, more...
Why don't you do it?
He wants you.
The Black Kaiser.
...got me some Lip Smackers for
the store just like you said I should.
- Oh, the flavored ones!
- Yeah!
I got strawberry, I got raspberry,
I got rhubarb.
- But do they taste good?
- They do.
I was thinking, maybe in the summer,
I could do a promotional tie-in
with the pies.
- Did you say "Italian"?
- No, a tie-in.
- It's like marketing.
- Like a commercial.
- Absolutely!
- Like on TV.
Do you remember that TV series
that I was telling you about?
You have to start it from the beginning.
I got it in the box across the street.
Now, it's British,
- It sounds kind of religious.
- It's not as religious as you might think.
Do you find Jesus attractive?
Oh, my, Jesus is a handsome man, isn't he?
He likes you, man.
What's his name?
He doesn't have one.
I like dogs with human names.
- Like what?
- Like "Rusty."
I don't know anyone human named Rusty.
- Isn't that a dog's name?
- No, it's human.
Okay, whatever you say, man.
He's only 50 bucks.
I don't need a dog. Okay.
Finally you're free.
After all these years.
I want to take a picture of this moment.
Pretty good, huh?
Oh, shit!
It's not about who you are
or what you think...
Just imagine. You and me.
There's a strong energy between us, right?
I quite enjoy writing my feelings
down in a journal.
The bond between
an elephant cub and its mother
is unmistakable...
- Speak.
- I got your message.
Which one?
The first or the 15th?
You only get 30 seconds.
Blut won't take no for an answer.
You didn't hang up, so I assume
you want to know how much.
Two million. One now, one when it's done.
It's still a no.
This shit-spit really struggles
with that two-letter word.
What the fuck else you got going on?
A lot.
You don't strike me as a man with a hobby.
- Your 30 seconds is up.
- Jesus, Mary, fuck.
Are you retired or ret...
It's $2 million.
Don't make me fuckin' beg.
Leave the file on the company server.
You don't have to be such...
You did well.
your description of me as a shit-spit
didn't go unnoticed.
Does he scare you?
You fucking scare me.
Just talking to the Black Kaiser
makes you nervous.
You're shaking.
You should just forget about him
and move on.
Who can forget about the Black Kaiser?
So very special!
This is a bad idea.
Spare me the lecture.
Unless you have a better way
of putting him in our crosshairs
and saving me $8 million.
So shut the fuck up
and let's go with my plan
and send him to Belarus to die.
If he accepts this assignment,
he'll expect $1 million in his account
before he makes a move.
I need authorization to make it happen.
Ha! Ha! Yah!
Ha, ha! Yah!
As you know,
swords are synonymous with Damocles,
but this...
...this is my most special sword.
Owned by the great
German general Arminius,
butcher of the Romans
at Teutoburg Forest.
The handle is made from Roman bone.
My father was a big fan
of this kind of stuff.
Thank you for your incredible sword show
and touching story.
Now, let's get down to business.
We have some questions regarding
the purchase of Damocles.
Accounts show this year,
your liabilities are at 29 million,
yet next year your liabilities
are predicted to be paid off.
In fact, we were surprised to see
that they have become revenue.
This seems to be done in order
to inflate the value of your company.
We control the pensions
of our former employees.
They pay into our fund,
we match their contributions,
and manage the investments.
Please do explain, Mr Blut.
It's our company policy thatall
our agents must retire at the age of 50.
We have a plethora of agents
who have now reached this milestone.
Their combined fund
adds up to $29 million.
How do you consider this income?
If our agents were to die
in the field of duty
or in an unspecified accident,
the clause in their contract states
that Damocles would be the beneficiary.
And you are assuming they will die?
I don't assume they will die,
I guarantee it.
If you can uphold that guarantee,
we will move forward with this deal.
The train woke me up again.
I can't sleep.
Go back to bed, baby.
I'll be back.
Do you want to go
somewhere else for a few days?
Let the kid get a good night of sleep.
You pay me for sex.
My regular life is not for sale.
How much for two nights?
He's not your kid.
I know.
How much?
Excuse me.
Hotel service.
Yes, I'll call maintenance right away.
Thank you so much.
A woman and her son
are locked inside.
These doors havehigh security deadlocks
for our VIP guests.
We can't release it from the outside.
I have to drill it.
Okay, but try to keep it down.
No fucking way!
Yes, you said that two days ago.
When the fuck is he coming?
What is that fucking sound?
What is that fucking sound?
What the hell is this?
You know we are in here!
We are so sorry, sir.
We're just...
- Sir!
- Oye, cabrn!
Sit down.
Be quiet.
I need some answers.
Nod if you understand.
I was sent to kill you.
But it looks
like I'm the target here, right?
Do you know who ordered this?
I don't know anything.
I don't know anything.
I need to make sure
you're telling me the truth.
I'm not lying!
I swear!
I'm not lying!
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Do you have authorization
to hire me for the Belarus job?
Yes. The first 50 percent is sitting
in a payable account, ready to go.
Wire it over.
One million dollars...
Okay, the job is done.
I'll send you a picture.
Wait, what? Duncan...
- Duncan...
- I want the second half
of my payment in 24 hours.
Vivian, somebody set me up over here.
You better pray
you have nothing to do with it.
- Duncan...
- Don't ever contact me again.
Spank me again!
Let's go.
Let's leave.
Come on, let's go. Don't look.
Somebody call the police!
You make all this money
from killing people?
We could have been killed up there.
One day...
even you will get killed.
Don't come near me again.
How nice to see you, Ms. Vivian!
Where's the shit-spit?
Mr. Blut is busy.
He's not answering my calls.
What the fuck is he doing?
A cup of tea to calm down, Ms. Vivian?
This is not a convenient time.
I don't give a shit what time it is.
You tried to kill the Black Kaiser
with some low-rent Mexican clowns?
Yeah, that plan worked well.
I told you we should
leave him the fuck alone.
- You worry too much.
- You have to pay him everything now.
I don't have to do shit
until his birthday.
Pay him the second half of his fee
so we don't have to look over
our fucking shoulder
for the rest of our lives.
Okay, do it.
Smart move.
I'll send in the A-team.
They'll get it done.
As long as you pay him.
These are all the properties he owns?
Y-Yes, all of them.
I can't see where it says one of them
is his actual permanent address.
His home base?
- He... He...
- Florida? Texas?
Where does he live, Paul?
He doesn't tell me much.
He moves around a lot. Yeah, I...
I know that from... from his,
uh, accounts.
I want to see these accounts.
The profit and loss, expenses.
I want everything.
Please let me go.
Yeah, it's all in there, under V.
V for Vizla.
Duncan V-Vizla.
For 20 years, I... I worked for him.
- Please let me go.
- Thank you, Paul.
Y-You're welcome.
- You've been very helpful.
- I can still be helpful.
I can call and s-send him a message.
That's how we do it. Talk to him.
I'm good at that. And you can trace him.
Or we could meet at a coffee shop
or... or at a park.
He trusts me. He always says that.
"You and me, Paul, I trust you."
He does. Yes, he really trusts me. Yes!
Take all the files.
Let's start with Florida.
I have a perfect outfit.
No, we didn't deliver any logs
and we only deliver what we get asked.
Logs are expensive.It's not like
they grow on trees, you know!
Yeah, I know, but my woodpile got filled.
I mean, that doesn't just happen.
Sounds to me
like you've got yourself a magic woodpile.
Golden goose would be better,
but we don't get to pick and choose
what sort of supernatural events
we witness.
Oh, hey, there's your neighbor!
Did you happen to see anything peculiar
out by your place
over the past couple days?
Perhaps some sort of supernatural event
of someone dumping a truckload of logs?
- No.
- This young lady rents up where you are.
You can probably see her cabin
from your place across the lake.
Maybe not, I don't know.
Seems her woodpile
got filled up as if by magic!
- Shit! I'm so sorry.
- Let it be.Let it be.
I should have fixed that door years ago.
Well, well, well,
look who's having himself a birthday!
And baking a Betty Crocker.
So much better when you make it yourself.
You know, I got all sorts
of fun party stuff.
I got streamers and balloons and poppers.
Come on back this way.
I got paper plates
with Disney folk on 'em and napkins.
...easy way to make some delicious cakes.
You'll love these recipes
just as much as I do.
...you may find this process
even more satisfying
with the smell wafting...
Hi there!
Um, I'm looking for apartment 506.
What's it say on the door?
Sorry! I didn't see that.
- Come in.
- Great! Um...
I've been expecting you.
So, is your name Mr. Vizla?
- Mr. Duncan Viz...
- You want a drink before we get started?
No. No drink, thanks.
I'm really just here
regarding the questionnaire.
- Oh, yeah.
- We are making a survey...
So, what are you into? Being hit?
You like takin' it up the ass?
It's not him.
- What'd you say to me?
- It's not him!
What'd you fucking say?
What the fuck? My door!
Who the fuck are you? Fuck this!
- Do you have a fucking warrant?
- Who do you pay rent to?
I didn't fucking touch her.
You're paying for the fucking door!
Fuck! My teeth!
- Who do you pay rent to?!
- Shit!
What are you fucking talking about?
Some fucking accountant.
- His name Lomas?
- Yeah. That's his name. Why?
This is fucking stupid!
I'm not saying anyth...
Sindy, enough! Let's go!
- Speak.
- Yeah.
Nah, he's not here.
We're moving to the next location.
Don't leave any witnesses behind,
you hear me?
Yeah, whatever you say, ma'am.
I'm serious. And call me
from the next location.
- Find him.
- Okay, we're on it.
I think he's dead now, Sindy.
Let's go to breakfast.
Good idea. Eggs and toast.
You're paying this time, goddamn it.
Yeah, I'm fucking starving.
- Winter coffee?
- Yes, please.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
It's funny we're neighbors.
Yes. That is funny.
You live in the house with the big porch.
I live in the gray cabin,
just across the lake.
- It's so funny.
- That is funny.
I like it here.
Me too.
- It's peaceful.
- Yeah.
It makes me peaceful.
Me too.
- I'm so, so sorry.
- It's totally fine.
It's okay. It's fine.
I don't know, man!
It's not my house!
- It's just...
- Boom!
...give a shit if we stay here.
- Hey, man.
- The place is always empty.
I need you to answer
a simple question, okay?
Who do you pay rent to?
Is it Duncan Vizla?
Bro, we don't live here! We don't pay.
- I don't owe shit!
- Well...
- Why are you doing this?
- I don't...
All right, I'm coming.
Who the hell are you?
Where's Shotgun Frank?
You should probably get the fuck
out of here, sweetie.
- I'm just here to...
- Whatever.
- Wrong place at the wrong time.
- Please!
What the fuck is going on in there?
I'm outta here!
Come on, I wasn't gonna...
Come on, let's get out of here.
No, ma'am. He's not here either.
- We got one more place to check.
- That better be the place then, Facundo.
- Come on! Let's go!
- Right.
You okay? You're making a mess.
These are very good.
You're not from around here, are you?
- Like Europe or something?
- Mm.
You don't have the same look
as people around here either.
What's that?
Resigned to a slow death.
No future.
No money.
No work.
Well, I'm not working anymore.
I'm retired.
What was your job?
I was in the funeral business.
Different places.
Mostly overseas.
A traveling funeral business?
Yeah, well...
Well, people die traveling
in foreign countries.
- Americans.
- Hmm.
I go over and I take care of it.
How many countries have you been to?
Most people don't even know 99 countries.
Albania. Austria. Australia.
Antigua. Angola.
Algeria. Afghanistan.
That was ten.
And I'm only at the As, so, yeah.
Do you speak any languages?
You should give a class at school,
here in town.
About what?
Tell the kids about the world.
How many teachers have actually
seen the places you have?
Would you do it?
Why not?
I don't know how to talk to kids.
Oh, right.
- I'll rip your fucking arms off!
- Speak.
Yeah, we're all out of luck here, too.
He ain't at this last location, either.
- Go, girl! USA! USA!
- I'll rip your spindly fucking arms off!
- What?
- One, two, three.
Can you get it done already, goddamn it?
- Four...
- Fuck!
Sorry, I can't hear you.
You better tell Hilde
her boyfriend is not gonna be happy
if she doesn't find the Black Kaiser.
Stop fighting.
Stay still, Meatloaf.
She's replaceable.
Come on!
You all are.
Yeah, I can't remember all that.
Better not call me again without a plan.
I'm sorry, it's really noisy in here.
Can you repeat?
Unless you have a serious death wish.
Come on!
One, two,
- three, four...
- Hold him down!
I'm doing the best I can, okay?
Fuck it.
- Get out of the way.
- Come on!
- Fucking hell!
- Oh, no, you killed him!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Get back here, you fucking sacks of shit!
- He's alive!
- I'll fucking kill you!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
All right, all right. One more time.
Last time, okay?
All right.
The kukri is an arterial weapon.
Perfect for slicing through flesh.
But it sucks at...
- Stabbing!
- There you go. Let's see what it can do.
Here we go.
And here. Boom!
All right, all right, all right.
Have a look at it.
Pass it around.
Good. Any questions? Let's start with you.
How do they bury people in India?
They burn 'em.
And if the man dies first,
they'll burn the wife as well. Alive.
- What clothes do they wear in Africa?
- Summer clothes.
White. A lot of red.
- Yeah?
- Do they eat turkey in Turkey?
Very good, very good.
No, chicken.
And they put 'em on skewers.
Right, last one.
Do they speak American in England?
They don't speak a lot.
All right. Have any of you ever seen...
a dead body that's been in the sun
for three weeks?
Well, take a look at this, then.
Here you go. Pay attention to his face.
You can hardly see it anymore.
How did it go?
Pretty good, I think.
They liked the knife.
That was a pretty cool knife.
I guess.
That fucking accountant
was hiding something.
Hey, what are you guys looking for?
You really think you're gonna find him?
Shut up, Junkie Jane.
You guys are so fucking boring.
I said, shut up, Jane.
- Hey there.
- I brought you something.
Uh, thanks.
You told me
how much you like knives, so...
I thought this might be something.
It comes in black if you like that better.
- I don't know how to shoot. I...
- That's okay.
I'm a teacher now.
I would do anything for you,
my love.
That's my girl.
I miss you so much.
I know, baby.
Tell me again, what is it you plan to do?
I will kill him for you.
Oh, yeah!
I love you.
Shit! Imagine how much dope
you can get for 200,000.
- Give me that.
- Can we cash this?
What are you talking about?
Let me see.
I got one more here
made out to some fucking charity shit.
Let's cash 'em all. We'll be rich.
Shut up, Jane.
A charity.
I've got two more here.
2005, 2009.
Well, the charity is not what's important,
it's the bank account.
Fuck me. The Montana Union Credit Bank
in Triple Oak.
The fuck is Triple Oak?
Looks cold.
Why the fuck would he live there?
- Why wouldn't he?
- No shit.
Looks like we're on the move.
Let's go.
We have a long drive ahead of us.
All right. Here we go.
Always two hands.
One thumb there, one right there. Right?
Then when you feel you have the target,
you squeeze the trigger nice and easy.
Click. Got it?
Now it's loaded.
It's all yours.
Two hands.
That's it.
It's okay.
It's okay. We'll get you something else.
I still have the receipt.
I have never heard
about winter coffee before.
I use bourbon and maple syrup.
You really like animals, huh?
I used to have a dog.
We don't have to talk about it.
I had this job when I was 13.
I liked it a lot.
I was Santa's helper at the library.
And, uh...
this one day,
it was just me and him there.
He was more drunk than usual.
He just came up to me.
Hit me.
Real hard.
So hard, I landed on the floor.
And then he...
I always imagined what it would be like...
to find him.
Surprise him.
I would have a gun in my hand.
"Sit down," I would say.
And then I would tell him
what he did to me.
To my life.
I guess I would tell him what he did.
And he would listen.
Tell him how that day
never left my thoughts.
Never. And then...
It would all go away.
I would never have to see him again
when I close my eyes.
It would all go away.
Do you think it would be difficult
to kill someone?
I don't know.
Oh, hey there, Mr. Duncan!
- How are you doing? What can I do you for?
- I'm looking for a gift.
Well, you came to the right place.
- It's for a girl.
- Oh! What kind of gift?
Something normal.
Shit, man.
I got visuals on the target. Right there.
Here we go.
Sindy, he's coming your way.
What's the problem?
Do I look like a mechanic?
I don't know. It just died.
Did you call a tow truck?
My phone's dead, too.
Could I charge it in your car?
Not in this car.
Goddamn it!
Well, um...
Do you live far from here?
Thanks for helping me out.
You're welcome.
The soonest they can come out
is ten in the morning.
Wow, look at that storm.
You hungry?
You get the couch.
You're cute for an older guy.
I said I'd never fuck anyone
older than my dad.
Oh, yeah!
Goddamn, Sindy!
Take it easy on his old ass.You're gonna
kill him before I get a chance to.
He'll die a lucky man.
In position.
- Let's take this fucker out.
- Yes, ma'am.
Take it away, Sindy.
It's blow time, mister.
- Yes, sir.
- Here we go.
Consider yourself retired, motherfucker.
All yours, Facundo.
Sindy, talk to me.
By the bed, southwest corner!
- Where the hell is he?
- Under the bed!
Fuck! I can't see him, can't see Sindy,
can't see shit.
- Moving in.
- Breaching now.
"Fuck" what?
What's happening?
He's not here.
- Find him.
- I'm on it.
I got nothin'.
What the fuck was that?
You there?
Facundo, what the hell is going on?
Did you hear that?
Try not to be scared.
Scared of what?
You make mistakes when you're afraid.
No mistakes. Not today.
Alexei, activate plan B.
I'm going to kill you.
Because that's what
I get paid to do, Duncan.
Who is paying you?
Does it fucking matter?
You'll be dead
before we leave here.
Well, in that case,I guess
I wouldn't want you to leave, then.
You can't always get what you want,
old man.
- I need a name.
- Fuck you, you cunt!
A different name.
- No fuckin' names.
- Right.
You know what this...
Did you hear that?
Try not to be scared.
Did you get the girl?
What girl?
Who the fuck are you?
- What the fuck's going on, man?
- You tell me.
What's going on?
Alexei got a call.
We was told to go
and fetch the girl and shit.
What girl?
The girl the old man bought a gift for.
What the fuck do I know?
Don't be sad.
You'll find a new girlfriend.
Shouldn't be a problem
with your hot looks.
I'm gonna cut him into pieces
and feed him to the rats!
I told you not to fuck with him.
I'm gonna chop his balls off
and shove them down his throat!
What you should do
is pay Duncan his fuckin' pension
and enjoy the rest of your life.
This is personal.
Stealing his pension,
trying to kill him, twice,
and kidnapping his cute little neighbor,
that is personal.
I want him.
I'm sick of giving you advice.
I'm not asking for advice!
I'm givingyou a fucking order!
- Are you done?
- No!
To hell with you guys.
Give it up for our own
king of the road, Porter.
Next up, Larry.
What are you drinking?
I don't have time, Porter.
Oh, you got time to have a drink
with a dying man.
One for me
and one for my friend here.
They did try to kill you.
Once in Belarus and once at my place.
You know,
I had the worst winter of my life...
one summer in Belarus.
What's going on, Porter?
We're getting too old.
And that's what's going on.
Somewhere in your contract
is a bunch of words
that says if you die before retirement,
all the money goes back to the company,
unless you've named a next of kin,
and who in our business
has a next of kin?
And you are costing the company...
a shitload of money.
How much they owe you? Three?
You trust Vivian?
D'you fuck her?
I did. Ugh.
Okay. Do you know
where they would keep the girl?
Your guess is as good as mine,
but, uh, she's probably in the mansion.
It's got lots of rooms.
Enough for all of his perverted stunts.
I've only been in that building once.
I had to shake
that disgusting creature's hand.
Thanks, Porter.
And I... I want to tell you something.
You were just too good, you know.
Is that it?
Take it for what it's worth.
Be careful, Duncan.
And down he goes.
Fuckin' drunk.
It's done.
Well done, Porter.
Send someone over, clean this place up.
You got it.
You hurt me, Mr. Vizla.
And that cannot be repaid
with a swift, impersonal death.
When the English caught
the traitor William Wallace...
they dragged him naked
through the streets for six miles
so that peasants could smear
their warm, fresh piss and shit on him.
Then the executioner cut off
his cock and balls,
cooked them over a fire,
and then served them for him to eat.
He slit his guts right open, huh,
and pulled them out.
He could literally see and smell
his own intestines.
And so it went on,
because the traitor had hurt the king.
I guess Wallace hurt England pretty bad.
You hurt me pretty bad, Mr. Vizla.
I have four days
before I have to kill you.
Four days of hell!
And on your birthday...
you die.
I'm gonna have a little fun...
with your lady.
And you're gonna watch.
So I've given it some thought,
and I've decided
that we're gonna start...
with these.
Music, please.
Sorry, did that hurt?
The fun continues tomorrow,
Mr. Vizla.
There you go, honey.
Music, please.
The fun continues tomorrow, Mr. Vizla.
Well, I can't just do one side
and not the other.
Easy now, honey.
You broke my favorite knife.
I said, you've broken my favorite...
I'm obviously not getting through to you,
am I?
The fun continues tomorrow, Mr. Vizla.
Wake up...
What the fuck?
Well, don't just stand there. Kill him!
Oh, shit!
Go, go, go!
He's coming. Get him!
Who the fuck are you?
No. I need your phone, Jazmin.
- Is that you?
- Phone.
- Jesus. What the fuck happened to you?
- Phone!
Here, here, take the phone.
Try and keep him on the line.
I'll make you a trade.
Me for the girl.
You hear? You hear me?
I heard you.
I'll call you back.
Whoa. I got you.
- Please, tell me you got him.
- No, no luck. Not long enough.
We have to keep him on the line longer.
What did he say? He wants a trade.
A trade?
- His life for the girl's.
- The girl?
- Is she even worth it?
- Not when I'm done with her.
Because when I'm done with them,
they're both going to be fucking dead!
How many men do you have left?
Up, up, up. Let's go.
You're not going anywhere soon
with all that shit in your system.
Hey, stop, stop, stop.
This should help.
Okay, just lie down.
There you go.
Okay, Duncan.
How can I help you? What do you need?
An army.
Okay, here we go. You'll need all of it.
- It's like a full package.
- Okay.
Here, try these on.
I always knew you'd come back.
I was just hoping it'd be for me,
not the guns.
Okay, ready.
Be quiet!
Is she alive?
She'll be ready, Duncan.
Stand by.
- Did we trace that?
- We're working on it.
We have his general vicinity,
but we need another call.
Let's get on the move.
I'm on it. He'll call back.
- You'd better be right.
- I'm always right.
Let's go!
- What's the deal?
- Me for the girl.
- An even trade.
- I know. You already said that.
Where and when?
Central Train Station, nine a.m. tomorrow.
Why the fuck are you doing this?
I don't know. I like her.
You like her?
Why are you doing this?
This is our fucking job, remember?
You used to have one and be good at it.
Nine a.m. tomorrow.
You, me, and Camille.
That's it. No one else.
Jesus! It has a name.
And you remembered it.
And you have a face I won't forget.
You better not pull a fast one tomorrow.
Unless you want to hide
for the rest of your life, Vivian.
I'm afraid it's a bit too late
for that now.
And to think, you've been
hiding out just around the corner.
Here we are.
Happy to see me?
Not really.
I like the eye patch. Very fancy.
Andyou look extraordinary, as always.
Time to die, Herr Black Kaiser.
Nowhere to run this time.
- Thought you stopped smoking.
- Yeah.
Figured it wouldn't kill me.
Was I on the phone too long?
Forty-seven seconds.
Guess we do get rusty when we turn 50.
Yeah, it's sad.
I know they pay you well for this, Vivian.
But I'm still gonna give you a chance
to walk out of here alive.
For old times' sake.
You've become sentimental.
Me for the girl. An even trade.
You keep saying that,
but you don't have anything to trade with.
You are at a dead end.
The road that you have chosen
doesn't have a rainbow.
No rainbows.
You grew soft, Duncan.
Your bad.
Oh, shit!
You know what? Let him come.
I'm gonna fuck him up.
I'm gonna fuck him up!
Yes, come here, you fucking fuck!
Mr. Blut?
Oh, shit.
Let's get the fuck outta here!
Go, go, go! Move!
Don't you fucking dare!
Hey, you fucking pussies!
Oh, dear! Come back!
- Excuse us.
- He's upstairs.
Go, go, go! Move!
Hello, there.
Is Mr. Blut expecting you, sir?
I'll fetch you a cup of coffee, sir.
- Bring me the girl.
- No.
Bring me the fucking girl!
No fuckin' way. You're on your own.
What do you mean you won't... Hello?
Done already, sir?
Mr. Blut?
Oh, dear.
I always wonder...
...be to find him.
...and tell him what he did.
Do you think it would be difficult
to kill someone?
Will you be making
the same charity donation?
I can see you.
I only see you.
You are always the only one I see.
Sit down.
Everyone else is there
when I close my eyes.
But I can't see them.
I can feel them.
I feel my brother's soft cheek
on my shoulder.
His hair...
His hair smelled of little boy.
I loved him.
I can feel my mother's warm hand
wrapped around mine.
Always warm.
All of her is warm because she's
about to have my baby sister.
I can smell the cigarette
my father just put out.
He smelled of cigarettes and aftershave.
I liked it a lot.
I can feel them.
But I can't see them.
Only you.
Always you.
Why didn't you just shoot me?
It was not supposed to happen.
It was a mistake.
- I was given the wrong information...
- Don't talk.
Just... don't talk.
Every day,
I pray that I'd died that night.
Do you understand?
No, do you understand?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I didn't learn about it
until I turned 21.
Someone paid for my school.
Someone was asking for salvation.
I thought, "Follow the money,"
as they say.
It wasn't as hard as I thought.
It just took me a while to go there.
Too afraid, I guess.
I thought that if I saw you,
I might get my family back
when I closed my eyes.
But that didn't happen.
I didn't move on.
I can't!
Do you understand?
You didn't recognize me
when we met at the store?
You know, the first time we met?
Were you not curious?
You paid all this money and you didn't
even know what I looked like?
Who I was?
I didn't want to disturb you.
Interfere with your life.
Well, but you have... interfered.
I don't want to see you anymore.
I want you to go away.
And I want them to come back.
Close your mind...
and pull the trigger.
It's okay.
Do you know who wanted my father dead?
Well, can we find out?
We can try.