Polaroid (2019) Movie Script

Hey, I found something.
Its my mums old stuff.
Cool, it looks like a love letter.
What is that?
Its a camera.
Look, your mum.
Ive never seen that one before,
it looks like just before she died.
Maybe it's your camera. Whered she get it?
City Auction.
Ah, cool.
She liked that kind of stuff.
Um, Craig just liked my picture.
Sorry, I told you to take one of your own.
Its only Marjorie Sarah, on the beach.
Well then, lets take one.
For real?
But I want it to be special.
One of a kind,
something hell have a copy of.
Okay, what do you have in mind?
We take it, with this.
Are you ready?
Is it broken?
No, it just takes a little while.
Uh, I gotta jet.
You look good.
Is anybody there?
Linda, this isnt funny.
Zeno, smile.
Um, Bird.
Bird Fitcher
You wanna take that off?
Oh look, its scarf girl.
Um, no.
No, Im gonna
Um, keep it on, thanks.
And... smile.
Hey Oh, hey.
Any customers?
You do realise I work here because
no one ever comes in, right?
And because my uncle gives you a discount.
You fix that yet?
No, not yet.
Well, anyway, thanks for covering for me.
I got you something from
the Yard Sale I just hit.
Thanks. What is it?
Oh my God!
Its an SX-70.
Oh, shit.
Do you like it?
Harold, where did you find this?
Seriously, Ive never seen one
of these before in real life.
They dont even make them anymore. They
made them for a couple of years in the 70s.
Wow. This is the same camera that
is Anjel Adam Walker Evan used.
Whoa, theyre?
Oh, yeah
Anyway, it comes with film and there is
a camera case for it. This is so cool.
If you want to make sure that it
works, theres a photo in it.
Oh yeah.
Want me to take your photo?
No, thanks, once is enough for today.
Well, you can try it out on me then.
Okay. Alright.
Stand against the thing.
Okay, yeah, thats it.
Uh, 2.
Did it work?
Oh wow.
What are you doing?
Im sorry, I didnt
No, no, you know what?
No, it's be fine, I
Im going anyway.
Okay, Ill see you later.
Oh, Bird, hey.
You forgot the
Are you going to work right now?
Yeah, I picked up another shift.
You know I have to.
Make yourself useful,
please and help me find my keys.
Oh, mum
Right where they always are.
Thank you.
Its not always gonna be this way.
Okay, I love you.
All right, I love you.
Oh, it's okay, boy.
Look, it's a camera.
Hey boy, do you wanna take a picture?
Dont you ever knock?
The front door was open.
You shouldve seen your face, though.
Neddy, hi.
Oh, whos a good boy?
Hey, Ned. Ned, do you wanna get
the Bird out of the house tonight?
Dont drag him into this.
Well discuss it later.
Come on boy, come on.
Good boy.
So, hows your mum?
Still not talking to me.
Its awesome.
Yeah, she told my brother
shes praying on it.
Like thats gonna fix me.
Oh Im sorry, that sucks.
Hey, at least on the bright side
Im one and a half years from college.
You still wanna go for it?
Yeah, definitely.
Have you changed your mind?
Nope. Still doing Journalism
at County like my dad.
So you coming to the
party tonight or what?
I dont know.
Come on, its a weeknight.
And isnt it a costume thing?
Yeah cause Avery missed out on
Halloween when she was in Belize.
Oh, come on!
Besides, Connor will be there.
You know I dont wanna scandalise you
But I saw him in a speedo
at swimming last week. A+.
Oh, my God. You know I dont even like him.
Hey, a good butts a good butt. Well,
all Im thinking about now is his butt.
Uh-huh, as you should be.
You know you like it.
Did you know that people at
school are calling me Scarf Girl?
Maybe? See, but thats why
you should come tonight.
Let people actually to get to know you.
Look, I dont even have anything to wear.
No, I figured youd be weird,
so I brought you something.
Red Riding Hood?
Oh, come on! Isnt she kind of lame?
He gets captured by a wolf and
has to be saved by a Woodcutter.
Okay, well, if you can put together
a better costume in 20 minutes
Do it. Because thats when
our ride is getting here.
To be continued.
Wow, that is a pretty
realistic looking Bird costume.
Whos actually behind there?
We know that the real Bird
doesnt leave the house.
Hey, I go out sometimes.
Your job doesnt really count.
Uh-uh-uh. Not in the car.
My dad will sniff that shit out.
He wont come til Monday.
Yeah, when he will probably sniff it out.
Wait. You two fighting again?
No. Yes. Oh my God.
He forgot our anniversary. She didnt
remind me. Its not my job to remind you.
You my bae. Youre stuck on me.
Well, you still cant smoke in the car.
Bae, come on.
Hey, you know what I heard?
Apparently, bae means poop in Danish.
What? Its just We
cant take you anywhere.
Drive, poop.
Dont call me poop.
Are you kidding?
That is not gonna be a thing.
Why are you laughing? Thats not funny.
Its funny.
Its not.
Then dont laugh, dont smile.
Im not laughing. Im not smiling.
No. No.
That counts. That counts.
All right
Are you guys ready?
We party!
Hit it!
What the
Were here.
This is cool.
You good?
This is really great.
Come on.
You guys look great.
Um, everybody, get in.
Pics or it didnt happen.
Hey, girl, what are you dressed as?
A sexy fortune teller.
Come on.
Everyone who comes in, gets a card.
For you two, the lovers.
Kasey, you get this one.
The Fool?
Its perfect, right? Yeah.
And you just pick one.
Yeah, thats not good.
Can I try again?
Not really how it works.
Hey, Becky Jay.
Hey, girl.
Oh my God,
stop obsessing and just get a drink.
Im not really in the mood.
Whatever. Just promise me youre not gonna
hang out in the dark corner like a weirdo.
Of course not.
Oh my God!
So, howd the photo turn out?
That was you, right?
The one behind the camera.
Taking my picture.
Oh, no, I wasnt taking a picture.
I was just doing this like, uh
Camera test thing.
Oh, so you werent taking a picture?
No. No, no, itd be weird.
Yeah, little bit.
Hey, come on, take a seat.
I'm Connor.
I know.
I mean, hi, Im Bird.
Nice name, Bird.
Uh, thanks.
Thought I looked like a little
Cornish game hen when I was born.
Whats that?
Oh, this?
Its its what we called an SX-70.
Its a camera?
Yeah, it's a little old.
Oh, I'm not used to seeing people
carrying these things around.
Where did you get it?
I I work at this antique store.
Didnt know anyone under 80 did that.
Yeah, well, Im actually 82.
I just look amazing for my age.
Something kinda cool about it?
Like, Im the only person in
the world who gets to have this.
What is going on over here?
Do you guys know what tonight is?
No. Do you?
Tonight, marks my one-year
anniversary with this little beauty.
Group photo. Come on.
Yes, yes. Here you go.
Come, Little Red Riding Hood, dont be shy.
Wait, you know, you have to
Youre framing it weird.
No, like, down.
Weird angle.
Third wheeling it over here.
Wait guys
I can take it. With this.
Does someone shop at Urban Outfitters?
Here it is.
Wait, dont you wanna get in with us?
Oh, no, Im uh
Im much better behind the camera.
Well, all right, howl on 5.
5, 4, 3, 2 Photo bomb! 1.
Its pretty good.
Except for Kaseys big ass
head in the foreground.
Shut up.
Is that what I look like?
Yeah, pretty much.
I need another drink.
Lets do that.
You guys have fun together.
Hey, you should jump in
the next one with us.
So, you guys are taking a photo without me?
Oh, hey Avery.
How does this thing even work?
Its like a tiny ass accordion.
Oh yeah, theres like a little
red button that you have to press.
Its blank.
Yeah, well, it takes a minute
for the film to develop.
Oh shit! Its the police.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Bird, get down here!
I'm Sheriff Pembroke.
Why am I here?
Is my mum okay?
Your mums fine.
Shes on the way.
Okay, well then, whats going on?
You worked with Tyler Drill at the
antique shop on Darby Street, right?
Yeah, I work with him, why?
Whens the last time you saw him?
Around 6, when I left the store.
I'm sorry that I gotta tell you
this, but uh
Tylers dead.
No, I was just with him. He was fine.
Was he having any problems with anyone?
Anybody who would wanna hurt him?
No, was that what happened?
What about the last time you saw him?
Did he seem nervous? Agitated?
No, he seemed normal.
If you remember anything
Give me a call.
You're Don Fitchers daughter?
Um yeah.
I was at the scene on the
night of the accident.
You are a very brave girl.
Birdy, its freezing out here, honey.
Youre gonna catch a cold.
Do you wanna talk about it?
Maybe I dont know.
This doesnt seem fair.
I know.
I know.
Why would someone do this?
Partys over. Thatll be all.
Get the hell out.
Are you sure that you
wanna go to school today?
I could stay at home with you.
No. Its fine.
Well, you think about it, all right?
Hey, Kasey, whats up?
You're never gonna believe this.
Avery fell down her basement stairs.
Shes dead.
They think that it was an accident.
I mean, how does this just happen?
Ill call you back.
This shit is crazy.
I heard her parents came home, found
her at the bottom of the basement steps.
Like, head completely turned
around, full on Exorcist style.
How is this even possible?
I mean, two people that we
know, in one day.
Doesnt make any sense.
I mean, Avery wasnt even that drunk.
How do you fall like that?
She didnt.
What if something happened to her?
See that thing?
In the group photo.
The smudge?
Its not a smudge.
Looks like a smudge to me.
This shadow
I saw the exact one last night,
before, the party, in Tylers photo.
What are you talking about?
I took a photo of him.
With this.
Right before he died.
And that shadow was in the picture?
Wait, what?
I dont see a shadow.
No, thats exactly my point.
After Tyler died,
the shadow moved to Averys photo.
And then when Avery died, it moved again.
I think youre all in danger.
Come on, Bird.
You should submit that shit to Creepypasta.
I think if it takes your photo, you die.
First Tyler, now Avery.
That means next is one of you.
I dont know, maybe all of you.
It's not even a very good photo.
Its not magic camera, Bird.
I mean, if it really freaks you out,
then we can get rid of the damned thing.
Wait, no.
Devin Its a stupid photo.
Problem solved.
What the
Its not working!
Keep going!
Its not working!
Oh, shit!
This is so messed up.
I mean, how are we in a picture?
Hows that even possible?
I dont know.
What do you mean, you dont know?
This is your camera.
Yeah, its not like this is in
the instructions manual, Devin.
Let me see this thing.
No, no, no, no.
No one touches this until we
figure out whats going on.
Excuse me. Your girlfriend is out of
surgery now if youd like to see her.
- Yeah, yeah.
- And miss?
Dont go far. Someones gonna come here for
you in a few, take a look at that scalp.
Figure this out, Bird.
Fix it.
Where did you even get this?
I dont know, Tyler brought it
in yesterday from some yard sale.
Did it come, like, in a box or anything?
Just film and the case.
Wheres the case?
Are you sure you wanna do this?
I mean, if you want, I can go.
No, it's okay, youre in the photo.
I should stay here.
Yeah, who says the car is any safer?
Well, look, if the police come,
its better that youre not in there.
Okay, just
Call me if you see anything weird.
Were way past weird.
Even though youre not in the
photo, be careful.
Oh my God, Tyler.
I got you, come on.
Come on, lets go.
Get in the car.
Are you okay?
Connor, there was something in there.
I dont know.
Why is it coming after me?
Because youre in it.
Look in the reflection.
Youre in it.
I talked to your parents.
Theyre gonna fly back tonight.
Happy anniversary.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
I will go get a nurse.
Be right back.
Listen to me, you guys are in danger, okay?
Something just attacked me in the
antique store and it might come for you.
Just dont be by yourself.
What are you doing over there?
Just talked to the nurse,
she said shell be back
Im telling you, she didnt kill herself.
Look, youre not listening!
Try to relax.
What? Ill see what I can find out.
Ill be back in a couple of minutes.
- I'm so sorry...
- Save it! You did this.
Shes dead cause of you!
Devin, stop. Its not her fault.
Isnt it? Who got the camera?!
Who took the photo, huh?
Are you okay?
It was the heat of the moment.
He didnt mean any of it.
No, he's right. It is my fault.
It is my fault.
What do you mean?
My dad.
He was a reporter.
Worked for the town paper.
This one night, when I was 12 years, he was
driving me to a friends house, for a sleepover
And we get about halfway there,
and he says he wants to take a detour.
To show me something
that he was working on.
I just wanted to get to the party.
Told him I didnt care.
So, he turned the car around and
Thats when we got hit.
Its my fault.
It's always my fault.
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I bet that if he were here, hed be
telling you that this wasnt your fault.
No, if he were here right now,
hed be trying to figure out the why.
Grab anything between October
through December 1974.
Got it.
Oh my God!
In 1974, three kids were abducted
and murdered in Locust Harbor.
Roland Joseph Sable,
the man responsible for
the abduction and slaughter
of three teens,
was a Photography Teacher at
Locust Harbor High.
Roland Joseph Sable.
This was his camera.
And this is what he used it for.
He took their pictures.
The suspect, Roland Joseph
Sable, was shot and killed.
Before he could be taken into custody.
This is so messed up.
I mean, we shouldnt have to die
because we took a stupid picture.
I wanna know how you got
away from it and Mina didnt.
I dont know, Devin. Would you sit
down, so we can figure this out?
Okay, so
When it was coming after me, it got
near something hot, and did this, like,
Weird blurry thing.
Blurry thing? What do you mean?
When you develop photos,
you have to be careful, because
Heat and light can mess up the images.
What does that even mean? Maybe this
thing behaves like a photograph does.
Maybe it only develops in the dark.
Thats why its not here now.
Look, we cant just wait for this
thing to kill all of us off, okay?
Any one of us can be next.
Okay, look, I found this, guys.
Haunted photos.
Cameras capturing ghosts.
I mean, this stuff is real.
Yeah, but, how is this shadow
in the photo coming after us?
Cursed objects. Sometimes,
things absorb energy from their owners
And with ghosts, its always that
they have unfinished business.
Look, this is his house.
Maybe someone named Sable still
lives there. Let me check.
It says the house is owned by an
Anne Faraday as of 1977. Shit.
Were wasting time, okay?
And if we dont figure something out,
that thing is gonna come back for us.
Hey, we dont even know
how this thing works.
I say we find out.
Devin, put the camera down.
Dont touch me!
No. Stop.
It was an accident
Guys? What? Its moving.
It changed the order.
Hey, hey, hey. Come on. Devin, dont.
Im not gonna be next.
- Devon, stop. Stop! Put it down.
- This is her fault.
put the camera on the table, okay?
If it werent for her,
Mina would still be here.
Thats not true, Devin.
Its her fault Mina is dead! No, its not!
Devin, put the camera down.
Its your fault.
Devin, let go!
Devin, just put it down!
What the hell?
What did you do to me?!
What did you do?! Hey, hey, Devin!
What did you do to me?! Hey, son, just...
You dont understand. Hes in danger.
Hes in danger getting
charged with a felony.
Oh, come on, Matt,
his girlfriend just died.
Hes not exactly in his right mind...
That doesnt make it right
to smack one of my guys.
Listen, we took a photo of him and now this thing
inside the camera is gonna come here and...
A thing inside the camera?
I know how it sounds.
But this camera belonged to a serial
killer and now its killing our friends.
Okay, look, I know this has been
I understand that this
has been hard on you.
Averys accident. Minas suicide...
That wasnt an accident.
Tyler Or a suicide. And I get that
sometimes to deal with tragedies like this
We make up stories.
Urban legends. Right, except this wasnt
an urban legend. This guy was real.
He lived in this town 40 years ago
and his name was Roland Joseph Sable.
Look, I want you to listen to me
Now, hes come back and we have his camera.
And somehow, its helping him
continue this murder spree
Im gonna stop this, now.
This is his home, okay?
If we could go there Listen to me!
Okay, if I get one peep about you
going anywhere near that house
Your friend in there is
gonna have a new roommate.
Im gonna give you a minute with him.
But then, I want you to go home, leave
all this alone. This is police business.
This is such bullshit.
How's your hand?
It hurts.
Im sorry. About what I said.
I know Mina wasnt your fault.
But maybe me being next,
Ill buy you guys the time you need.
To stop it.
Its Kasey.
Please tell you found an
old neighbour or something.
No, I did one better.
Really? Yeah, well, it turns out Anne
Faraday didnt buy the house in 77.
She just changed the name on the deed.
Her real name is Lena
Sable, shes Rolands wife.
You guys should check out the house.
Ill stay here and keep digging.
Can I help you?
Hey, yeah, um.
Mrs. Sable
There is no one here by that name.
Wait, please. I have your husbands camera.
Look, I know you changed your name, okay? But
you were Mrs Roland Joseph Sable, right?
And this was his camera?
Well, it has his initials on it.
Look, R.J.S.
Rebecca James
Our daughter.
Whats going on out there?
This is her?
She is pretty.
She was.
Oh. Oh, Im sorry.
Um, what happened to her?
That is the part of the story,
no one ever talks about.
See, just because she was pretty,
Doesnt mean she was without issues.
Rebecca, bless her soul, was slow.
Lived in her own world.
The only thing that seemed to bring
her out of it, was that camera.
After we gave it to her,
she became attached to it.
Took it everywhere with her.
The kids at school started
to tease her for it.
But, what started as harmless whispers,
Somehow got out of hand.
One night, four kids,
tricked her into coming out.
Poor Rebecca, had no idea.
They took her most prized possession
and turned it against her.
They took horrible photos,
no parent should ever have to see.
The next day, they passed
the photos around the school.
Humiliated her.
The embarrassment was too much to bear
She couldnt handle it.
We were both devastated.
And then, Roland saw the photos.
He became obsessed with that camera.
But punishing those four
kids for their cruelty
He wanted to make them suffer.
And he did.
My husband.
So, a fathers vengeance
His anger turned him into a killer.
Then they caught up with him.
Down in the dark room at the school.
He died. Holding that camera.
The police confiscated all of the pictures
But I held onto this one.
Roland told me, he wouldnt stop
until they were all punished.
He never got to finish what he started.
One of them got away.
Bird, we have to go now.
Come on.
Its Devin. We have to go now. Now!
So, if Devins dead, then were next.
I know. Look, Kasey, you gotta
meet us at the school, all right?
Yeah, Im heading over now.
Okay, bye.
Wait, are you sure about this?
Yeah. I think I know how to fix this.
Hello? Bird? Connor?
Oh, come on!
Holy shit.
Sheriff Pembroke.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?!
I'm the police.
And you're all breaking and entering.
You followed us.
You know that were right about
I followed you because
youre taking this haunted
camera thing too far.
Bothering the Sable woman...
Oh, youre really considering
that were bothering her?
Or maybe youre afraid of what she told us.
She tell you I bullied her
daughter until she killed herself?
Youre the one that got away.
Put that thing down.
Put it down.
Bird, listen to me, put that thing away.
Connor, I cant do it.
Give it to me.
Put it down!
The only way hell stop is if
he gets the fourth. Shut it off!
I'm sorry.
I really am,
I know it was a long time ago, but
Our friends are all dying
because of what you did.
Jesus, you got it all wrong
We tried to get her away from him..
We didnt take those photos of Rebecca.
Her father did.
We tried to take the pictures,
so we could take them to the police.
But he found out and snapped.
Went crazy. Came out after
us, killed us one by one.
To make sure his secret never came out.
He took pleasure
In our suffering.
Thank God the police got there
Before he could kill me.
But Rebecca
Couldnt live with the guilt.
Thats why she hung herself.
Check the dates,
Rebecca killed herself after the murders.
Rebecca was my friend.
We were all her friends.
Lena Sable told us
Lena Sable stood by when all this happened.
Of course shes gonna
concoct some batshit story.
Shes been blaming me and
my friends ever since.
Hes coming.
Behind you.
Shoot him! Shoot him!
Bird. Bird! Hes getting closer. Go!
Its stuck! Get the door!
Get the door! Go!
Its a dead end.
We need heat.
I have to go find Connor, okay?
Youll be safe here until I get back.
Look, hes still there. Once it takes
your picture, it uses it against you.
Connor, we have to get the camera.
We have to take it some place where
that thing is gonna be fully formed.
Come on.
OK go.
Okay, okay, quick.
Bird, hes coming, run!
Fuck you.
Oh my God, youre okay!
- Hey. -Hey.
I thought you were dead.
Is it over?
He's gone.
Hes gone.
Guys, I should sit down.
Easy, easy.
Im never doing a stupid photo bomb.
We should take you to the hospital.
What about you?
- Youre hurt.
- I know.
Theres something I have to do first.