Polednice (2016) Movie Script

Luckily we have water, at
least here in the office.
Last time we had a
heat wave like this...
Drink some.
You know your dad, when he was a
little boy, he stole our cherries?
Well, look, Elika.
We want to sell you the house, of course.
It's in our interest.
I see that your Tom signed
the purchase agreement, but...
But now... How are you
going to pay for it?
I have insurance. Once it's
settled, I'll pay it all at once.
Yes, but the right thing would be
to wait until it's all settled.
I know, Mr. Mayor, but this
is a new beginning for us.
Anetka and I thought that
it'd be nice to move here
where her dad grew up.
Well, in the village we've
helped each other since forever.
And Tom...
He even stole our apricots.
Here's my stamp of approval.
I've registered
your address there.
- Thanks. You didn't have to do that.
- No problem. Anything for Tom.
Though, why did he pick
this place for you?
For that money you could've
bought a house in the village.
Not far from us,
by the cemetery.
- We don't want to live in a cemetery.
- Right.
Who would want to live
in a cemetery, right?
- This is where I'll go to school?
- You want to go to school?
- You still have a month's vacation.
- No, not now! In September.
Then yes.
- Where dad went to school?
- Yup.
- When is dad coming to be with us?
- Soon, don't worry.
I don't like how
he's always away.
- You're driving like you stole us!
- Sure I'd steal you, you treasure.
We had so much fun with Tom!
Though he was
always kinda weird.
I've hooked up the lines for you.
Gas and electricity should be on.
- Thanks. You didn't have to do that.
- No problem. Anything for Tom.
But I gotta tell you, that
house isn't a mansion.
If you need anything done,
now that you're alone...
If you need help with
anything, just tell me.
Where are you going, Anetka?
Are you thirsty?
You thirsty?
- You still have water?
- Yup.
We've had none since last week. I
may come by to take a shower, eh?
I'll do it, after
I gulp it down.
Where do you want it?
In the back.
Anetka? Have you seen her?
Anetka, I've been looking
for you everywhere.
I'm sorry.
- What are you doing?
- Cleaning up.
- Why here?
- It's for dad.
When he comes, it'll
make him happy.
There was a letter for you. I hid
it so the girl wouldn't find it.
Could you give me a hand?
Sure. From the
authorities I guess.
Thank you, Mr. Polek.
It's Zdenk. Since forever.
We ain't strangers.
Once we settle in, Anetka and
I would like to give a party.
I hope you and your
wife will come.
Sure. My wife is busy, but
I can stop by anytime.
For coffee or to fix something.
Thank you.
They're waiting for you.
- So see you around.
- Goodbye.
What is it?
- A letter.
- From who?
How come you're not sleeping?
Well? First night
in a new house.
- How do you like it here?
- I do. And you?
I like it.
Bang, bang, sounded in the room, and
little Johnny hid behind the hearth.
Bang, bang, sounded again,
this time even louder.
Little Johnny drew aside a curtain
and looked behind the door...
- Mom?
- Yes?
- Are we going to have a party?
- We will.
As soon as we settle in a bit.
- Will dad be here for the party?
- I don't know.
- When is he coming?
- Soon.
Will you argue again?
You can't argue at a party.
Parties are fun.
We'll never argue again.
Want to finish the story?
I know what happens. Sun takes
him away but Moon saves him.
Want to sleep in my bed?
Not even tonight?
The first night?
You're a brave girl.
My curious kitty.
You're looking at the
pictures without me?
I was just looking
for something.
I'm here only because it's the
first night and dad isn't here.
- So you won't be here alone.
- Okay.
Mom, come outside.
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imon, those are new shoes.
Wow, stop bringing more
stuff, there's no room.
But it's yummy, no doubt.
Thanks. Anetka and I did our
best, I'm happy you like it.
I'm happy you welcomed
Anetka and me like this.
We've been here for a couple weeks
now, this is a new beginning for us.
We appreciate everything you do for us.
Thank you.
That was nice speech! Beautiful.
Don't see that very often.
Da here could learn from you. The
cooking and the speaking. Da!
Elika, those were
really nice words.
We live near the church.
You can't miss it, girl.
I mean... ma'am. Let's
cut the formalities.
I mean we're not neighbors, there
ain't any here. What do you say?
- I'd love to. Elika.
- Da.
So, come by anytime.
Bring Anetka too, okay?
And now I want to know how
you manage all this alone.
Polkov, being nosy again?
Snooping around, eh?
Careful, Elika. When she grips
on something, she doesn't let go.
Watch it! Careful, Mayor, so
your wife doesn't see it.
- You have a wife?
- Yes.
- Why didn't she come with you?
- She did.
And where is she?
Don't lie!
What are you doing?
Where are you manners?
She tripped me.
You stay here and don't move!
I'll deal with it at home.
- He said dad won't come back.
- He will, don't worry.
This is Elika, I've
told you about her.
Tom' wife, remember?
Tom, who stole our cherries.
Then he grew up and
moved to the city,
where he met Elika and they have
this beautiful little princess.
Come say hello. You can do it.
I'm Elika.
I am happy you came, Mrs.
Have you had anything to eat?
Aneka, want something to eat?
Don't you worry, he'll be back.
How is the house? Okay?
Yes, but I need some help.
- Tell me.
- Water's not running.
And it won't. There's a drought.
It hasn't been this bad...
I mean it was. Once.
A tank truck comes to the square
every Tuesday and Thursday.
Then there's this.
Don't mean to cut in. Just wanted
to ask if you have the shades.
Excuse me?
Did you make your shades? If
not, I could help you with it.
- He means glasses...
- I can speak for myself.
I mean eclipse viewers...
- Let's go home...
- Wait!
- An eclipse is coming...
- Let's go!
Now when it's starting to
be fun, I should go home?
Let's go, you're drunk.
I'm sorry, Elika.
- You're on first name terms? Zdenk.
- We are too, Zdenk.
- We've been acquainted.
- Let's go. -Wait!
I'd cut them out of cardboard for
you now that you have no husband.
- Come on, let's go.
- I'm coming.
I can stop by any time.
You can count on me.
- Tell her that she can count on me.
- Yes, you can count on him.
- Let's go, you're plastered...
- Don't let that upset you.
You're drunk as a
skunk, go home...
Why are you taking the chair?
They think that Tom...?
But that means you won't get
any insurance benefits.
What then?
Don't know.
- No, I can't!
- Just take it.
It's terrible what's
happening to people.
No matter what happened,
it's not your fault.
The party cost money, so take it
as a donation from the village.
When everything is settled,
I'll pay you back, everything.
- I know.
- Thank you.
it's time to go.
- Have you seen Aneka?
- No.
That's normal,
she's probably home by now.
- Good night, Elika.
- Good night.
We're glad to have you here.
Bang, bang, sounded again,
this time even louder.
Little Johnny drew aside a curtain
and looked behind the door.
- And there, to his surprise, stood...
- Mom? -Yes?
- Why didn't dad come?
- He's too busy.
- And when is he coming?
- Don't know.
- How come?
- I don't know!
Why did that boy say
that he won't come back?
I don't know that either.
And you shouldn't
beat up local boys.
- Nobody will like you then.
- He shouldn't tell lies.
- So listen.
- You don't need to finish it.
I know what happens. Sun takes
him, but Moon saves him.
And you are my curious kitty and
don't want to sleep in my bed.
- So good night.
- G'night.
Jeez, what are you doing here?
Don't be scared.
I waited for you
and fell asleep.
- Your husband was looking for you.
- I'll find myself.
Should I go get him?
- I really need to talk to you.
- About what?
- She'll come back.
- What?
- She'll come back and take.
- Who?
That solitude and heat, that's her.
She comes and takes.
- Who comes and takes?
- She takes a child, won't return it.
Please leave.
- No, listen to me.
- Leave me alone!
"Give that child here," she'll say
and then you'll be like me. Forever.
Don't worry, little girl.
- You'll find each other.
- Out! Go!
Don't worry.
Nobody will come, nobody
will take you away from me.
I wouldn't give you to
anyone in the whole world.
You're my everything, Kitty.
Together we can do it.
You and I.
And dad.
Mom, I don't want to stay here.
Why can't I go with you?
Because you just can't, dear.
I'll be back in the evening, and
we'll make dinner together, okay?
- Mom, I want to go with you.
- You can't, Aneta! You hear me?
It's just for a few hours.
I'll be back soon.
Wait here. Be a good girl
and don't go anywhere.
Not to the fence, not behind
it, not in the field.
Especially not the
field, you hear me?
I have to go. Mr. Polek
will be here soon.
Your mom's gone?
I see.
Maybe you can draw something.
And I'll take a nap.
Hey, come here!
Come, I'll show you something.
You'll see I didn't lie.
- I can't.
- It's close, just across the field.
Come on.
- What is it?
- Shhh!
Aneta, eat.
You don't want it?
You like grits, don't you?
Aneta, eat, damn it!
- I don't want it.
- So you'll go to bed hungry.
- So what? I don't care.
- Don't talk like that!
- I want to be with dad.
- Go! Go to bed.
Anetka, come finish it.
I thought you were gone.
- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to talk to you.
About what? Does your
husband know you're here?
- No. He doesn't believe.
- Believe what?
That she's here. That she
comes back again and again.
She's close, Elika.
I was alone then. And
the heat, Elika.
- I have to be with Anetka.
- Cry. Cry together.
She comes, takes and
won't give back.
There's still time, Elika.
Aneta, what is it?
Aneta, open up!
- Come out, now!
- I'm not coming out.
- Why not?
- I'm scared here without dad.
Come out! Aneta!
- Aneta, are you going to bed now?
- Yup.
Want to hear a bedtime story?
Once upon a time in a place
far, far away, was a kingdom
where, in the Eastern Land's vast
fields, lived little Johnny.
He didn't have a
mommy or daddy...
One day, when the sun beat
down even more than usual,
little Johnny decided to go
further than he often did,
to a place he had
never been before.
Anetka, I want to
tell you something.
Good evening, Elika.
Good evening. Is your wife home?
She's sleeping.
Could you please tell
her that we don't want
her to come visit us? Could
you please tell her that?
Come in. Please.
It was a year, maybe
two, before it happened.
I'd taken a job at the regional
office and almost never saw them.
She came back to me
after seven years.
They said she wasn't sane.
Supposedly it happens,
to hurt like that.
But she talked about some being,
who takes and doesn't
give back...
A coping mechanism.
She has had the delusion
that the person who strangled
our Honza was not her,
but some kind of creature.
She's unable to bear the
responsibility for what she did.
You know we hadn't talked for ages.
She returned to me years later.
Yet I couldn't even look at her.
But not because of
what she did to Honza.
Out of guilt.
She was alone in every way.
But it's too late now.
Anetka is really
scared after all this.
She won't leave her room.
This is not what I wanted.
We came here to be close to Tom,
to start all over, but not this.
But I can't just tie
her to the bed.
sometimes I would love to...
Between you and me, Elika,
sometimes I wish
God had taken her
to His loving home
and freed her from her pain.
And Anetka still doesn't know...
Damn it!
Finally you came!
You'd always drop her
here when I was at work,
but today I have time
for the princess.
No, not for me. I have to run.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Polkov.
I mean Da. I wanted to ask
if your husband could stop by.
The drain's plugged, blind's broken,
if you could send him over.
I'll send him there. He
chases after you anyway.
- That mangy old fool...
- This is the last time.
And Anetka and I will
have some fun, right?
Rise and shine! Lunch is ready.
Chicken soup warms your soul.
- Hi.
- Hello.
What would you like to do
in the afternoon, Princess?
See, I didn't lie.
Don't you worry, little girl.
Your mom's here, Princess.
To the table, the meat will be ready soon.
What'll you have, Elika?
- We should go now.
- Oh no, no way!
You think that you can
just run away each time?
What about the meat?
It's bad, eh?
Let me get you something
for it, it's your nerves.
I have these pills, I
take them all the time.
- This is a fucked-up world.
- It's done, ladies!
Done? It's still white!
Keep grilling! Can't
you see we're talking?
I heard two people
died over the hill.
An old man and a baby.
One got sunstroke, the
other heatstroke.
It's brutal, this heat.
I finished my beer.
Anybody want some?
The old fool. He's
losing it too.
As long as we have food and
drinks, no need to worry, right?
What is it, Princess,
you don't like it?
When is dad coming back?
When is dad coming back?
Soon. Eat.
"No sign of foul play." "Our deepest
condolences, State Insurance."
It's from dad?
- No.
- Who then?
- It's just... the authorities.
- What do they want?
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- What's wrong, Aneta?
- Nothing.
- Where is dad?
- Gone.
- And when is he coming back?
- I don't know.
- When is he coming back?
- Don't know.
I don't know when!
Hello. Da sends some
flowers or whatnot.
And the drain needs
fixing, Da said so.
And something's wrong
with the blind.
- Where is the girl?
- There.
So I'll get to work.
It's fixed, that darn thing.
Don't bother. You
won't catch her.
The kids...
You look tired.
Hope you don't get sick.
Wouldn't be a surprise,
in this heat.
Come sit down.
Come on.
A drink's the best
cure for this.
Always ready.
Since forever.
Want some?
What are we drinking to?
Good, eh?
Then Da and I got married.
But it's been ages now.
Because men are...
I don't know about Tom, he
was always a bit different.
You must know, Elika. He
was always kinda weird.
Men are different in that way.
It's an urge.
They can't help it,
it's in their nature.
It might not seem fair,
but life is unfair.
Since forever.
Where have you been?
- Elika...
- Quiet! Why do you keep coming here?
We came here to find
peace, you hear me?
To live in peace! And
you keep bothering us.
You keep bending her ear.
You're scaring us.
We're terrified of you.
Leave us alone!
- Elika...
- I don't want to listen to you.
I'm scared of you. And she's scared of me.
Locks herself in her room.
- I'm protecting her, Elika...
- You didn't protect your own child.
You know what happened to her?
Her dad killed himself.
You told her?
The pipes must be taken apart...
So I could come...
I'll come back. You
can count on me.
Zdenk, what's up, dude?
Mr. Mayor, we worried that
you wouldn't drink with us.
No, not today. Have
you seen Aneka?
No. But that's normal, right?
It's late.
Zdenk, have you seen her?
Have a drink with us.
She'll be found.
I'll go look in the fields.
Dude, what's up?
Where are you going, man?
I came to finish the work.
You're out of your mind.
Go away!
You should be happy
I'll do it for you.
- It's midnight, leave!
- I can't come tomorrow.
- It's done?
- Sure is.
So thank you.
No problem.
But not everything is
for free, you see?
I think you should leave.
Mrzov is running loose.
I'll protect you.
Please go away.
Speak only good of the dead.
I haven't seen you for
some time, Cutie.
- She was sick.
- Poor girl.
Such a beautiful summer, and you're sick?
Is she okay now?
So stop by sometime,
now that she's better.
That natural event is coming up.
Bring your shades with you
and meet in our garden.
We'll grill something.
What a tragedy. Crazy woman.
She kept running around in
the fields, heat or not.
How many times have I told her
she'd fry, and here it is.
But speak only good of the dead.
Into your hands, O, Lord, we
humbly entrust this good woman,
gone to her rest, may she share
in the joy of your resurrection.
May her sins and failings
committed in moments of weakness
be forgiven by your
merciful love.
We ask this through
Christ our Lord.
Want to watch the
eclipse with me?
I made the shades for us, look.
So come to our house, okay?
I'm sorry. I apologize.
When I drink too much
then I, since forever...
Even with Da.
I didn't mean to touch you.
Nothing happened, right?
I know...
Could you please not
tell anyone about it?
Don't tell anyone.
Why didn't you change, Anetka?
You'll fry in this.
Want to go plant flowers with me?
Or whatever it is.
I don't even know. We
have a flower bed.
Come on.
You hear me?
Damn it, come here, Aneta!
Can you come here?!
I think they're flowers.
Some might be vegetables.
We need the rain to come,
or it will all wither.
The Poleks have
beautiful flowers, eh?
Isn't it nice when we
do things together?
Just the two of us. Together.
Aneta, what are you doing?!
Go to your room! Now!
No way! Go to your room!
I told you to go to your room!
No! I don't want to go!
She takes and won't give back...
She'll be back...
Moon embarrassed little Johnny,
lifted him up into the sky
and took him back to
the land far far way,
all the way to his house.
And they all lived
happily ever after.
Good night, Anetka.
Now I'll wash you, Anetka.
And then we'll make breakfast.
We'll make a strudel. You
like strudel, don't you?
And everything will be fine.
It's over now.
Give me your hands.
Together we can do it.
You and I.
- Elika...
- What do you want?
Open the door, Elika.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Elika, for God's sake,
what's in the windows?
Go away.
I don't know what's going on,
but Aneka... this
is how it started.
And you know how it ended.
Listen to me.
If you want to talk to someone,
you know where to find me.
I'm worried about you.
Give that child here.
Give that child here...
- Give that child here.
- No!
- Mom, let go of me.
- No, I won't let you go.
No! No!
Let go!
No! No!
- Anetka!
- Mom, you're scaring me.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry, Anetka.
Please forgive me.
Anetka, forgive me.