Policegiri (2013) Movie Script

Hello, Your Honor. - Hello.
High Court judge, Chaitanya Raj..
..was murdered in broad daylight.
This violent incident took place..
..outside the Vigneshwar temple,
in Nanapuram..
..amongst many people.
The individual that
shot this coverage..
..wants to keep
his identity a secret.
Why is that, sir?
Madam. When the
High Court judge is..
..murdered in daylight,
who's going to save me?
l'm here to create
awareness in people.
l've uploaded the video on YouTube.
Nagapuram's become a
base for illegal wine shops.
lllegal arms trade is flourishing.
lt also houses red-light
areas and drugs without a permit.
And now, daylight murder as well.
This is politics.
They hire goons from outside
forjust 10,000-15,000..
..and commit a murder everyday.
How can we recognize them?
They could be amongst us as well.
one beer.
Beauty lies in the
eyes of the beer holder.
l can tell.. you aren't
sober yet from last night.
And, you're drinking again.
What the...
You sell duplicate liquor,
but did l complain?
You keep this wine shop open
all night, but did l complain?
Who are you?
Are you new here?
What's your name?
A man's known for his deeds,
not his name. - Super.
Two rice cakes.
Waiter. Just cakes.
Get him some lentil
and chutney. - Yes.
No need.
How are you going to eat that?
l had seen rice-lentil.
But for the first time,
l'm seeing rice-beer.
Liquor again.
Are the people in this
city hard of hearing?
Why play so loud?
These goons are good
for nothing, Toto.
That's how it feels
when someone honks.
Bro, l honked because
you didn't give us way.
You want a way. - Yes.
Bro! Bro!
This is where you belong,
on the footpath. - Yes.
Now drive.
Excuse me. Move.
Move aside.
your area's swarming with ruffians.
lt took me a while
to deal with them.
Well, your daughter
Seher's taking really long.
Govind. ls Seher ready?
- She's ready.
Then call her.
Actually, l don't know whether..
..she'll come this way, or that...
Sir, your chair.. - Seher.
Sir, your chair.. - Seher.
What an introduction?
Seher. What are you doing outside?
When l found out you're coming..
..l was on cloud no.9. Really?
Wow! What a smile.
You're smiling and looking at me.
No, l am not.
You're making me laugh. - Whatever.
Since l saw your picture,
you're in my heart and mind.
Just keep me in your heart,
not in your mind. - Why?
Because, it's not nice to
stay in empty spaces. - Whatever.
Lower the sari!
Lower the sari? - Bye.
Hey. old man.
Hurry up.
Hey, you. oldie.
Aunty. Aunty.
That old man eloped
with your daughter.
That old man's my husband.
l'm a Hindu and he's a Muslim.
l want Seher to marry a Hindu..
..and he wants her
to marry a Muslim.
So whenever a Muslim
boy comes to see her..
..l help Seher run away.
And whenever a Hindu
boy comes to see her..
..he helps Seher to run.. away.
Your personal differences shattered
my friend's heart. - Sorry.
That's okay,
because l'm in love with her.
When she looked at me..
..it felt like someone
pierced my heart, Toto.
Forget it.
Let's go see another girl.
We already met 1200 girls,
they all rejected me.
Help me out before l
become a senior citizen, Toto.
From now, this is Toto's motto.
l mean eloping like thieves.
Your mother and l have trust
and understanding between us.
What? - l mean, l never trust her..
..and she never understands me.
Excuse me.
l think this is your bike's key!
- Thank you.
l've been looking for it.
- lt's okay.
Papa. - Yes.
Papa, was it much of
a trouble in helping me elope?
Not at all.
l'm with you. l'll do as you say.
Thank you. Don't mention it.
l'll always speak for you.
He's leaving on a black bike.
But he was trying
to start that red bike.
oh, no, Vinay.
You lost your bike's key.
And there goes your bike.
Thief! Thief! Thief!
My bike!
Good morning.
Do you just stand there
holding that? - Yes.
Does it have any bullets?
lt's inside.
You mean in this.
No. l mean inside,
with the inspector.
That means, you just
stand out here with the gun.
otherwise, at this age l
won't be able to stand too long.
Yeah, right.
Hold it. Hold it tight.
Hello, sir.
Sir, l stole a bike.
- Lodge a written complaint.
We'll call you if we find it.
Now go.
ls everyone hard of hearing here?
l stole the bike. - What?
You stole the bike? - Yes.
l used give a commission
at the last place.
lt must apply here too.
How much for a bike?
You think we follow
the system here?
You'll hand us a commission,
and we'll take it.
Come closer.
There's a shop on the right,
just outside.
He has a list.
For cars, bikes. Cycles too.
Total fixed price.
The bad news is that
the shop's closed. - Sir.
And the good news is..
..you can get a printout
from this computer.
Concentrate on the job.
Give him a printout of our rate.
Gold. Silver. House-theft.
Let's see under transport,
it's a bike. - lt's all here.
2010. Rs.4000. - Yeah. lt's fixed.
Sir, this looks like
a fancy menu card.
lt's all fixed.
one, two, three, four..
- only four.
Four? - Yes.
We've a fixed rate.
Just keep that here. - Here?
Yes, here.
l'm an honest corrupt man.
- l see that.
Do come again. - Right.
You look new.
You're not from my area.
Do come again. - Yes.
Sir.. - What?
ls there a commission
for pick-pocketing as well?
of course.
But it depends on
how loaded the wallet is.
How much? - 2400.
M-2400 into...
Rs.600. Come on.
Where? - Right there.
See you, sir.
Do come again. - okay, sir.
Listen. Don't worry.
We even have festival offer.
We give 10'/' discount
on 31st and 'Diwali'.
okay, sir. l'll remember.
Sir, Rs.50 for the tea.
My wallet?
What happened, sir?
Where's my wallet? - Wallet?
What color, sir? - Brown color.
Brown color? - Where is it?
How much money did it contain, sir?
Yesterday's entire collection.
2400, sir.
He picked a police
officer's pocket.
He's bad news for Nagapuram.
His antics are going to make us...
Come, sir.
Come, sir.
This way.
Sir, he's here.
He's the one. - Come in, sir.
This is.. country bomb.
Main bomb.. big blast!
This is time-bomb.
Fix time.. big blast!
This is a cell phone bomb.
After putting-in timing,
immediate blast!
Sir. This is an eggplant bomb.
Very, very dangerous.
This is a lunch-box bomb.
For school.
Millions of children die.
This is why we make this bomb.
Sir.. see, all the guns are here.
Double-barrel gun.
Pump gun. 9mm gun. All here, sir.
lt's all here.
Choose, sir.
Good selection, sir.
You need a ball along
with the bat to hit a six.
Bullets? Magazine?
Give him the magazine.
How much?
Loaded gun, 80,000.
People in this city
are hard of hearing.
How much do you have? - Sir. Sir.
This much only, sir.
Veeramani's given the green signal.
So, go meet him.
Do you know how powerful he is?
He's a feared don.
He's got a lot of men.
Your name precedes you.
But no one knows your name yet.
A man's known for his deeds,
not his name.
Your target is Raju Lamba.
lf l kill him,
it'll create problems.
l'm the main killer
for the opposition party.
And the ruling party is
trying to be the third umpire.
So, we need someone new.
Money? - 500,000.
Brother. Take it.
l don't want a commission either.
He's a powerful man.
- Fine, 1 million.
This is inspector K.V. Reddy.
He'll make arrangements
in the area..
..where you'll kill Lamba.
But you'll kill your
target from a distance.
How's your aim?
Palli, hand me your gun. - No need.
Before every good deed..
..you should break a coconut.
You wanted to see my aim, right?
So.. what should l aim at?
That bulb.
Stop joking.
- l neverjoke, only shoot.
Stop it
How dare you assault
a police officer!
officer, arrest him.
For assault and battering..
..and for the murder
of the opposition's main man.
Who are you talking about?
He's a murderer himself.
That's the same
Veeramani who murdered..
..a High Court judge
outside the Ganesh temple.
But who are you to uphold the law?
l am a man known for his deeds,
not his name.
l am Deputy Commissioner of Police.
Rudra Aditya Devraj.
Transferred to Nagapuram.
Listen carefully.
l'm here to mop the streets!
To rid this place of goons!
Arrest that officer..
..under section 120B
of criminal conspiracy.
And arrest the goons
under Goonda Act.
Arrest them!
Long live.. - Mr. Nagori!
Long live.. - Mr. Nagori!
Long live.. - Mr. Nagori!
Long live.. - Mr. Nagori!
Nagori sir.
Long live.. - Mr. Nagori!
Long live.. - Mr. Nagori!
As long as the sun
and the moon exist..
..Nagori will be remembered.
Welcome, sir.
Nagori sir...
No need to stoop that low.
That's outdated.
Something new.
As long as Twitter
and Facebook exist..
..Nagori Subramanium
will be in power.
Sir, we just want you
to bless us with your grace.
And we'll be happy, always.
You see.
l may not have a voice
like Mohammad Rafi..
..but my power's like Muhammad Ali.
Very good.
- That's why l am the PM. - PM?
'Politician Maker!'
So, shall we? - Not now, sir.
Right now.. - No, no.
l just want to test my voice.
Sir, time for lunch!
'Give me some alms!'
'Give me some alms!'
'l've no change. Cheapskate.'
Enjoy your food, sir.
Enjoy your food, sir.
'Get back in line.'
'Taking a shortcut. - l'm hungry.'
'l'll deal with you outside.'
'Go back.'
'Go back. Go back. Go back.'
What happened, sir? - Later...
Sir.. sir...
l like to sit down and eat.
- Sir.. - ls the car ready?
Nagori sir, there's good news.
Veeramani, the opposition's
main henchman. - Yeah.
The police killed him yesterday.
Who is the new officer
transferred here?
DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj.
'oh, God! He's the new DCP.'
'You're dead.'
Who hoisted the flag?
Sir. - The flag's three
inches below the mark.
l couldn't see the difference
from this distance.
lf your wife elopes with
your neighbor at a distance..
..then you won't see that either.
Those who are short-sighted,
lack power.
lnspector Naik. - Yes, sir.
You're suspended for a week.
At ease.
Listen carefully.
l don't care if you don't
wear your uniform on duty.
You can wear your cap backwards.
But if anyone hesitates
in doing his duty..
..then l'll lose my cool.
And l won't transfer
or dismiss that officer.
l'll simply gut him..
..and dump him in the sewer
behind the police station.
Do you understand? - Yes, sir!
There's more to
me than meets the eye.
l've been transferred
here from many districts.
DCP Rudra.
Born in Mumbai,
brought up in lndia.
Close your mouth and your zip.
You may let the criminals go free.
But no innocent should be harmed.
Reassure the people
that we're their brothers..
..and the goons,
that we're their worst nightmare.
All of you police
officers together..
..couldn't curb the increasing
crime rate in Nagapuram.
Shame on you people!
lnspector Javed. - Yes, sir.
l've heard that the department
here has a rate-card.
Sorry, it was a mistake.
But today the management changes.
This is a list of
those who run a brothel.
okay, sir.
Names of bike thieves.
Weapons and arms-dealers.
Unlicensed wine-shops and
trucks without permit. - okay, sir.
Make their records and files.
- okay, sir.
Sir, it seems like Gabbar
has joined the police force.
Can't help it, the place
is filled with helpless 'Thakurs'.
They need the spark to be invoked.
From today,
no more vandalism in this city.
only Policegiri.
Sir, can l ask you a question?
Don't feel offended. No.
Are you a goon or police? - Combo.
Buy 1 get 1 free.
Mind it!
You've changed? - Not just me,
the entire department did.
How? - New boss.
Time to meet him.
Where's he?
Sir, the diamond
necklace has been stolen?
l didn't do it.
How's that possible?
Guards. Shutter down.
Call the police. - Sir.
The police won't respond so soon.
With the new DCP in town,
the police respond instantly.
Subhash. - Yes, sir.
Vishal. - Yes, sir.
Search everyone.
Look, mister.. - Right. Look here.
No need to look anywhere else.
Here's your thief.
l've seen him stealing
100'/'. He's the thief.
He was asking about the CCTV.
Ask them to check the CCTV.
Sir. - Yes.
My diamond necklace...
Sir? - Yes.
The new DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj.
DCP sir.
Sorry, sir.
But my necklace?
Where is it?
lt's in this bag.
This bag? - What? My bag?
Here's the necklace.
Yes, sir. That's the one.
l didn't steal it.
l am not a thief.
He's the thief. - Him?
l didn't steal it. - You didn't.
Sir, it was me.
Take him away.
His jacket is loose,
just like his character.
Look. The thread
was stuck on your bag.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sir, l'm really very sorry.
lsn't that Seher
who had winked at me?
l'll be right back.
And that's the same
goon who almost killed you.
You're mistaken.
l didn't mean...
Next time,
think before you judge anyone.
l'm really sorry. Listen to me.
Just a minute.
l said sorry.
But why did you steal that bike?
l'll tell you later.
A nice girl like her with a goon.
What's wrong with girls'
preferences these days?
Girls these days
have weird preferences.
Seher likes a goon.
But l never killed
a mosquito. - Why?
Because l use an insect repellent.
Forget that, and listen to me.
lf you want to be her groom,
you'll have to be a goon.
That's the only way
you can win that girl.
Sir. Sir. DCP Rudra.
Why is he so scared?
l've been waiting for this day...
Let him go.
Hello, DCP sir.
Come in.
Name, Rudra Aditya Devraj.
Pet name, Baba.
Posting, Sadanandpur.
You have a cold bank balance,
and a hot temper.
You're still single, but
you've taken the nuptial rounds...
l mean, you've been
transferred seven times.
Kolva, Vailu, Shirvada,
Virur, Sidhpur, Chandrapur.
Favorite holiday spot.
Police station.
Favorite game, bashing criminals.
You're allergic to chocolates.
Migraine problem.
What's wrong?
Struck a chord!
How do l know so much about you?
of course.
l know everything about
anyone who comes close to me.
But no one knows about me. - l do.
Nagori Nityanand Subramanium.
Pet name, Nunu.
Twice married.
And got both your
sisters-in-law pregnant.
Your main business is liquor.
112 wine-shops.
99 belong to you.
And 13 without permit.
70 trucks pass by the Narmada.
38 belong to you.
And 32 without permit.
l can't remember the figures.
But you have hot chicks in all
your eight lodges as sex-workers.
And if we talk about power..
..you select and reject
the MLAs and MPs..
..from all the eight districts.
And in the beginning..
..you used to beg
near Novelty Cinema.
You're a beggar.
And you also suffered
from piles back then.
You still do, don't you?
He knows everything.
Since you've arrived in Nagapuram,
people are happy.
lt's time for you to exit now.
This discussion is pointless.
lf you don't take bribe, l will...
Who said DCP Rudra
won't take bribe?
What did you say?
He's honest. He won't accept it?
- That's what l heard...
Give him a chair!
Hey. DCP.
After being transferred seven
times, l've learned one thing.
Money's better than hot-temper.
How much? - You say.
Before l take the money,
l have three conditions.
So, you're going to have a ball,
at my expense. - No.
You do the wrong
thing the wrong way.
l just want to do the
right thing the wrong way.
No.1, your workers want
to host a political rally.
Go ahead.
But if they harass the people,
l'll lock them up.
And no one will bail them out.
No.2, l've no interest
in your illegal business.
But your goons extort
money from the people.
lf they don't stop,
l'll bash them without a warning.
No.3, you own illegal wine-shops.
Go ahead.
But seven of your wine-shops..
..are next to temples and schools.
l'm not asking you to shut them.
Just shift them some place else.
lf you accept these
conditions, then...
Nagori sir...
l think we two will get along.
What's going on, Nagori sir?
You quietly heard
all his conditions.
Right, Nagori sir.
He took the bribe
and kept conditions...
Forget the conditions.
A pet lion is better
than a wild dog.
He's honest, but he's corrupt.
And l'm also attached
with him emotionally. -How?
My dead brother,
his name was Rudramani Subramanium.
He touched a chord in my heart.
l like him.
He could've definitely
been an actor.
Film star. l mean it.
What style. What style.
Before you can be a goon,
you'll need henchmen.
Henchmen? - Bodyguard.
First, you'll have
to change your getup.
Wow! What a getup.
Like 'Super-goon'. - Really?
But.. there's one thing missing.
l want to be the groom,
not the bride.
That's the rowdy fashion
these days. - l see.
You mean times have changed. - Yes.
But there's still
one thing missing.
That's deadly.
l've fitted your
soles with steel plates.
Drag your feet on the ground.
Set the place on fire.
Wow! You look 90'/' like a goon.
only 10'/' left.. Fire! Fire! Fire!
Throw water.
The fire is growing.
My feet!
My foot's broken.
My feet!
Sir, l admit my son
caused the accident.
The victim died due
to my son's carelessness.
But you can save my son.
The deceased's family
has lodged a complaint.
And this is not a case
of drunk and driving.
lt's murder.
But you can...
Yes, sir.
1.5 million.
l'll shut down the case.
You really outdid it this time.
Papa was stunned.
l had to.
Did you see the boy
he invited home this time?
Mr. Shabbir Khan.
And after marrying him..
..l could've told my
friends My name is Khan.
Thankfully he didn't cut your legs.
Sir, the bad news is..
..it was Veeramani's
henchman here to kill you.
And the good news is, he'll
be rotting in jail for a long time.
The good news is our
Gabbar Singh is safe.
And the bad news is..
..our Gabbar Singh has fallen
for that Basanti on the scooter.
Sorry. Sorry, sir.
Her phone's broken.
No. Black.
l'm no hero, l'm a villain.
Nice song.
That's not the speaker.
lt's coming from the bag.
The bag.
l'm no hero, l'm a villain.
Strange. Someone's already
gifted you the same thing.
DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj here.
You lost your phone because of me.
So, a small gift for you.
And you also saved my life.
Thank you. - Always mention.
What? - Always mention.
But how did the new
phone get in my purse?
Seher. Anything can
be placed in your purse.
That's right.
But DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj..
..follows the footsteps of thieves.
Can't help it.
l spend time amongst criminals.
lt's bound to have
an influence on me.
l've been asking you so many times.
At least tell me
why you stole that bike.
Some other day.
Today l'm in the
mood for something else.
Anyway, thanks. - Always mention.
Always mention.
Love's filled with stir.
lt's so cruel...
The paths of love.
l can't stay away from you.
Just like a pearl in the ocean.
l see God in your eyes.
You're my pilgrim.
You're my God.
Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali!
Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali!
Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali!
Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali!
You're my beginning and end.
l can't live without you.
God's my witness.
l feel restless every moment.
l can't stay away.
l can't stay away from you.
Just like a pearl in the ocean.
l see God in your eyes.
You're my pilgrim.
You're my God.
You're my pilgrim.
You're my God.
Mr. Nagori.
My conscience stops me
from doing the wrong thing.
Tell your conscience that..
..too many refusals
can lead you to your end.
Such negativity is not nice.
Everyone's corrupt these days.
You can't control
three things in lndia.
pollution, and corruption.
Come on.
Approve my MLA's tender.
Please, Mr. Nagori.
You invited me here, honored me.
Don't try to push me.
Please stop this game.
The game's about to begin.
You see,
our meeting's become too dicey.
So, this dice will
decide your fate.
one, two, three, four, five, six.
Six lives.
one to five, you die. - Nagori.
Let's play.
What is it?
Six. l am saved.
l am saved.
Mr. Nagori,
you said if it's six, l'll live.
lt's six.
But there's another
rule in dice. - What?
lf it's six, then repeat.
Nagori. Nagori. Nagori.
Nagori. Nagori...
Get Rajesh Kamat
transferred in his place.
He's more corrupt
than you can imagine.
Sir. DCP Rudra's here. - Rudra!
Get him out of here.
Burn him to ashes in our coal mine.
Leave no trace.
Location change!
Greetings, sir.
So? Everything okay? - No.
Prithvi, the henchman
of Dallari area's MLA..
..is extorting money from people.
Come here.
Tell Prithvi, if he wants to live,
he has to stop all this. - Right.
Let's talk.
Lift that...
Did you observe one thing?
The letter P in life
is very important.
Like for you, P for Police.
P for Public.
Same for me.
P for Power. P for Politics.
And there's one thing
common for both of us.
'Paisa' (Money)!
That's how it is.
Hello. Yes, Seher.
Why are you screaming?
l'll be there in a while. okay.
Who was on the phone?
Secret admirer.
This won't do.
Here's a bigger one.
You have a family.
You'll need this.
Before you leave, just once...
That will cost extra.
See. Just like my younger brother.
At times for pocket money,
he would...
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Thank God you're here.
Look what's going on there.
Shocked, aren't you?
Being a government servant,
he's openly taking bribe.
Don't just watch. Arrest him.
Hey, biker.
Yes, sir. What, sir?
He's going to chew you out now.
You're suspended for a week.
According to me,
taking bribe is worse than murder.
People are scared
of cancer and swine-flu.
But this is the biggest disease.
They should be scared of it.
l'm scared.
What? - Nothing. Nothing.
Corrupt people should
be stoned publicly.
lt shows. What?
Your temper. of course.
What about you?
Doesn't your blood boil?
l'm scared to death.
Nothing. l'm losing my temper.
of course. lt's the limit.
There's a limit to everything.
But why are you sweating?
Because l'm terrified. - What?
l mean the AC's not working.
So, l'm sweating.
Thank you.
Seher. My packet. l'm sorry.
What's inside?
The original DVDs of 'Singham'!
What a great film.
You're bound to be carrying
such anti-corruption movies.
You won't have
bribe money in there.
Just a minute.
That day,
you stole the bike.. - Bye.
Rudra, l never said my
man didn't rape that girl.
He did.
But a girl that's 18 years old,
has a fair complexion..
..and a body to die for..
..who wouldn't lose control?
lf your daughter
had the same qualities..
..would you let him do her?
- Rudra!
Volume down!
Get up!
Take him away.
l won't make a case.
Gopi. Look.
There. - What?
Rudra let that rascal go.
Sir, that man raped my sister,
you let him go.
Sir, you let that swine go.
What could l do?
Arrest him?
Do you know what
would've happened then?
l would've been transferred.
But l don't care.
Any other officer would've
obeyed their command.
He would have lodged
a case against you.
He would've dragged
your sister to the court..
..and proved she's a prostitute.
He would've maligned you.
Won't we get justice? - You will.
You will get justice.
Have faith in me.
The law won't decide
his fate, l will.
What's this?
l don't want to catch
fire again, Toto.
Sir, look.
Time for your entry.
Go. Bash those goons
in front of Seher.
Come on, boys. Explode.
Leave my red rose, you red bullies.
or else, your red blood
will flow in all the alleys.
Forgive us, sir.
- lt was a mistake.
We won't do it again.
We won't.
Look behind.
You're a great guy.
My getup and my gang..
..scared these people.
So, you were apologizing
to him. - Yes.
Let's go.
You want to humiliate
me in front of Seher.
Now, l'll humiliate you.
- He'll break you.
This love-triangle should end now.
one girl, two lovers.
one power-grenade,
two hand-grenades.
Whoever wins will be
Seher's prince charming.
Come on, hit me.
Hit me. Hit me.
Before every good deed,
you should break a coconut.
l know.
Break it with the hand, right?
l can do it too.
Coconut. Bring one here.
You'll break your hand.
Keep it here.
Sir. Sir. Sir.
People are being
cheated of petrol..
..at the Govind Circle Petrol Pump.
What cheating?
They're giving very less petrol.
Which petrol station?
- The one at Govind Circle.
No point in telling me.
Approach the District Court.
But sir, a woman from
our colony questioned them..
..and they beat her up.
They really bashed her up.
Take her to the hospital.
Who beat her? - His name is Vijay.
How much? - one liter.
ln this. - We don't
give petrol in bottles.
lf you don't..
..then l'll fill you up
with petrol and light a match.
Get that? - Sir.
You're Vijay? - Yes, sir.
one liter.
This is one liter? - Yes.
This is Nagori
Subramanium's petrol pump.
You made a big
mistake by hitting me.
This is DCP Rudra
Aditya Devraj's area.
You made a bigger mistake
by hitting a woman.
You can't hit us because
you're a police officer.
And what if we hit back?
DCP Rudra's beating us up.
Send your men.
Nagori sir. The Govind
Circle Petrol Pump's been sealed.
l guess this is your favorite song?
What language is it? - Tamil.
l spent some time in Tamil Nadu.
This is what l used to hear.
Will you have my
kids before marriage..
..or after we get married? - What?
l'm just explaining
the song to you.
Don't try to fool me.
You're trying to..
- You think l'm trying to..
..propose to you indirectly. - Yes.
And you're saying yes.
Stay here, l'll be right back.
No, Rudra.
Bless those who give,
and also who don't.
That's what the elders say.
But take me from me..
..and stab me in the back,
that's wrong.
That's my saying.
You sealed Nagori
Subramanium's petrol pump.
What did you think?
l won't mind?
Are you Rudra or Ghajini?
You forget.
You take bribe from me.
Weekly payment.
Look here! Look here!
Stray dogs don't attend school.
Still, they have
one in-born quality.
And you try to betray me.
Who's that?
Your girlfriend. The one
on the phone that day. Right?
l sent some for you too.
Did you get it?
Better tell him to
be loyal to his masters.
one thing.
l might not have a
voice like Mohammad Rafi..
..but l have the
power of Muhammad Ali.
Next time you make this mistake..
..l'll fill you with bullet-holes.
Because l'm a beggar and a hunter.
Buy 1 get 1 free.
Leave me.
Great, Nagori sir.
Take a pause.
So can l give you some good news?
What is it?
- Your petrol pump's been reopened.
Really? - Yes.
Don't get me wrong.
l'm just happy.
Petrol rates are touching the sky.
Rs.76 per liter.
But Nagori's power
has no boundaries.
So, l got the petrol pump..
..as well as Rudra
came to his senses.
What do you mean, Nagori?
Will you just let
off Rudra with a warning?
That's it?
l say let's play the
game of dice with him.
He's done my bidding.
he reminds me of my brother.
And he didn't say anything
before his girlfriend.
Don't judge the book by its cover.
He was calm before his hot lover.
Ups and downs are
common in relationships.
As long as corruption prevails..
..Nagori and Rudra
will stay friends.
Call him to our farmhouse.
We'll sing, dance.. reunion.
Roll 1 in orchestra.
Sway! Sway! Sway!
Sway! Sway! Sway!
Sway with the beat.
Sway with the beat.
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
There's always restlessness.
The world shuns lovers.
There's always restlessness.
The world shuns lovers.
You just touched a raw nerve,
You just touched a raw nerve,
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Love's a dangerous game.
lt's your worst nightmare.
Don't play the game of love.
lt's deep like the ocean.
Many have drowned in its depth.
There's always restlessness.
The world shuns lovers.
You just touched a raw nerve,
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Sway with the beat!
Love's the divine
play of Krishna.
Bless those who give.
And also those who don t.
But whoever humiliates
me in front of my love..
..l never spare him.
Your men beat up a woman.
They're the public!
And those who don't respect
the public, l put them down.
Hey, you're not wearing clothes.
l am not your man, or dog.
l take bribe only
to hide your crimes.
Not to do my duty.
Mind it!
Where's everyone?
He was right here now.
Where's he now?
lt s the divine
play of Lord Krishna.
Seher. You're not
eating your sandwiches.
What's wrong? - Nothing.
Yeah, Seher. What's wrong?
You haven't been talking
properly with anyone.
What are you doing?
Where are you taking him?
- Leave her.
Let go. - Don't scream.
Somebody. Please help!
You don't answer my calls.
or meet me.
And you don't want
to listen to me either.
So, l had to get you abducted.
What do you want to say?
Do you take bribe? - l do.
That's it. End of conversation.
Seher. one minute.
l don't need to explain to anyone..
..what or why l do anything.
But l think it's
important to tell you.
Because l love you, damn it!
lt s true that l took bribe.
But you didn't try
to understand why.
When l joined the
police department..
..l was an honest officer.
But in return of my honesty..
..my seniors gave
me transfer orders.
l would be transferred within
three months from every posting.
Due to the pressure
of the politicians.
That's when l decided..
..that l'll have to dirty
my hands to clean this system.
l did take bribe, Seher.
lf l hadn't taken
bribe from Nagori..
..l wouldn't have been able
to clean the streets of Nagapuram.
My friends saw you two together.
You two were in a romantic pose.
Yes, papa.
We were in a romantic pose.
Because l love him. - What?
He's a thief.
He stole that bike that day.
What do you have to say?
Actually, l didn't
get an answer for that yet.
But he did steal my heart.
And l want to marry him.
- You can't marry him.
l mean.. Hello.
- Hello.
Aunt's looking for a Hindu,
and uncle's looking for a Muslim.
Right. l want a
son-in-law of my caste.
And l want one of my caste.
Now, match this combination.
l'll fulfill your wish.
My mother was a Muslim,
and my father was a Hindu.
This is no joke.
l am a combo of the two.
l'm a Hindu, and a Muslim.
l don't agree. - Quiet.
Forget religion.
lf you hear his deeds,
you'll regret heavily.
First ask him.
What do you do?
l'll tell you.
He's a gangster. - What?
You look like a goon.
l'm just a copy, he's real.
l'm fake, he's reality.
l'll tell you the reality.
He's.. DCP..
Rudra.. Aditya.. Devraj!
l see. So you are DCP Rudra.
You've completely
changed Nagapuram.
Seher. Religion isn't important.
His deeds are all we need.
- No, no, no.
This marriage isn't possible.
lf you go ahead with it,
l will commit suicide.
This marriage is possible
only over my dead body.
Let's see.
over his dead body!
Come on.
You were asking about him.
He's the bomb-maker.
Nagori sir,
this mobile's fitted with a bomb.
Keep it away.
lt explodes only when you
press the green button, sir.
Don't worry.
Press this green button,
and Rudra's dead.
l know when to do what.
You can leave.
Here. We'll execute this
some other day, not tonight.
Nagori sir,
what do you mean by not today?
That Rudra humiliated you..
- He disrespected you.
He dishonored you.
He disgraced.. - Quiet!
There s no tax on speaking,
so everyone s blabbering nonsense.
l know.
He barged in audaciously
and mortified me.
But what did the ruling
party say just now?
They've ordered a
'close-down' tomorrow.
lf we kill Rudra today..
..then everyone will think
the curfew's for his death.
Do you want to make him a hero?
Rudra's time will come.
But this isn't the right time.
Venkat, Prasad, listen carefully.
lt's the question of
the party's reputation.
Everything should
be closed tomorrow.
lf anyone tries to oppose, gut him.
Sir, please do something.
Do something. - Hold on.
Sir, it's the festival of Dussehra.
We paid extra to stock
goods in our shops.
But the party's announced
a 'close-down' tomorrow.
So, what about us shopkeepers?
Sir, l mortgaged all my jewelry..
..to buy stocks
for my husband's shop.
The 'close-down' will
create problems for us.
We'll incur great losses.
Please do something.
Do something.
Wait. Wait.
Lodge your complaints.
l'll deal with it.
Thank you, police uncle.
you'll do double business..
..and we'll do double duty.
- Yes, sir.
lf Rudra does double duty..
..we'll create double trouble.
Close down the shops!
Close down the shops!
Nagori's goons are here.
Look. Everyone.
The DCP's here.
Single entry. - Right.
Single entry.
First the engine,
and then comes the bogies.
lf you don't leave
in five minutes..
..then l'll make you regret it.
Two minutes.
l give you two minutes.
lf you don't leave,
then l'll make you regret it.
What can you do?
The same thing that the police do.
Lathi-charge. Shoot tear-gas.
What else?
We won't leave.
We won't leave.
We won't leave.
We won't leave.
What's this hooliganism
from the police?
Buy 1 get 1 free.
l don't use threats and truncheons.
Follow my superior's orders.
Shoot you, in the leg.
Forget it.
Now listen carefully.
lf anyone raises their hand,
l'll break it.
lf you torch a bus,
l'll torch you alive.
lf you kill, it's murder..
..and if we kill,
we get an inquiry commission.
And handling the inquiry
commission is easy for me.
There's more to
me than meets the eye.
l've been transferred
here from many districts.
My name's DCP Rudra.
Born in Mumbai,
brought up in lndia.
Mind it!
Javed. - Yes.
What's important before
doing a good deed?
The avatar of Shiva
is here to save Nagapuram.
Rudra. - Who is Rudra?
DCP Rudra.
Yes, sir. okay, sir.
Sir, we ve just got information
from the control room.
There's no problem
in any of the areas.
Sir. Did the ruling party
organize this 'close-down'?
lt's not about ruling
party or opposition.
lt's about right and wrong.
l'm a public servant.
And l protect the public.
one more thing.
People here are hard of hearing.
l would advice them to
increase the volume of their TV.
lf someone does wrong,
l'll kill him.
And if someone does the
right thing, l'll give him a hug.
Sir, what's the
good news for today?
Some good news.
Sir's getting married
nine days later.
And nine days, nine months later...
He just humiliated
me in the entire Nagapuram.
He wants to weaken
my power in politics.
l'll have to teach him.
l'll have to give him a gift.
Do you accept it?
l accept it.
Do you accept this alliance?
- l accept it.
Drink poison.
Let the marriage get over.
DCP sir.
New groom..
..here to take my blessings
after the marriage.
But l already sent you gifts.
Anyway, now you can celebrate..
..the wedding and Nagapuram's
death anniversary together.
No matter how loud you scream..
..but only my voice is heard here.
And the lives of the people.
Don't they have any value?
They do. But what to do?
Since you straightened up,
so did the people of Nagapuram.
They needed a wakeup call.
So, l put everyone to sleep.
So next time, before doing
anything, you ask me first.
Who are you?
Are you the Collector?
The government?
Even bigger.
Look at you.
Salary, 45,000.
A uniform, a pair of shoes..
..and control over a few
police stations and officers.
Yet, you've got pride.
And me.
l singlehandedly control
eight districts, 90 MLAs, 16 MPs..
..and four ministers.
So, think about my pride.
l may not have the
voice of Mohammad Rafi..
..but my power's like Muhammad Ali.
No. You simply took revenge.
You could've taken
your revenge from me.
You killed innocent people.
Police officers.
You even killed children.
You did what you had to do.
Now, it's my turn.
Eight districts,
90 MLAs, Ministers, 40 cars.
Politician Maker title.
l'll snatch all that from
you and throw you on the streets.
Just like a beggar that you were.
And if l fail, then l won t
be called Rudra Aditya Devraj.
Mind it!
You'll get your transfer
order before that.
That's such an old dialogue.
Everyone knew you
were going to say that.
But today,
l've something new to say.
l have my transfer orders.
l'll be transferred in seven days.
But that's all l need to ruin you.
lt'll be your empire,
but l'll chuck you out of it.
No matter how loud you scream..
..but my voice will be heard.
You might have the voice of osama..
..but l have the power of obama.
Buy 1 get 1 free.
You two are waiting outside?
- We are waiting for you.
Where's Seher? - Seher?
Seher said you called
her to the police station.
Two police officers were here.
They took Seher along in the jeep.
Seher. Where are you?
Goons are after me.
Where are you?
- At the end of Nehru Street.
l see.
There's a mosque to your left.
l crossed it.
There's a milk centre
in front of you. Hide there.
Where are they?
They left. - They'll be
back because it's a dead end.
Get out of there,
and run towards the main road.
People are right.
No one can forget
their wedding night.
Where are you going?
This is the only job
where extra hours are fun.
Your age's gaining mileage.
Love doesn't see age,
only the waist. - l see.
What happened?
You're vibrating at my touch.
What's wrong? - lt's not me.
lt's your phone.
Hello. - Sir, Javed here.
There's bad news.
We just received information..
..that someone has planted
a bomb at the bus stand.
We don't know what to do.
lnform the bomb-squad.
Don't let the public inside.
l'll be right there.
Hello. - Sir,
the bomb isn't at the bus station.
lt's at the railway station.
Because the bus station
is less crowded.
Who are you?
Hello, DCP Rudra here.
Hello, sir. There's a bomb
at the government hospital.
Who are you?
- Kamla. From the market.
Sir, a person came
here in a hurry and asked..
..to tell you that
there's a bomb here.
Yes. Where's the bomb now?
Hello. - You didn't find the
bomb in Vishnu Theatre, did you?
But there's a bomb under the
statue opposite the petrol pump.
Drenched in sweat,
treading on the fiery trail.
What to do?
Look there. There it is.
Just like l promised,
it's under the statue.
Tiger balm.
You've been running around all day.
Your legs must have grown tired.
Apply some. Go on.
Before that, answer the phone.
You'll be shocked to hear
the voice on the other side.
Hello. - Rudra,
Commissioner Trivedi here.
Yes, sir.
Did you lose your mind after
getting your transfer order?
Why? What happened, sir?
Are you on a road-trip with
the bomb-squad and police force?
Sir, l received
calls of bomb threats.
What could l do?
l couldn't take a
risk with the public.
Did you trace the call?
lf we attend every call..
..then who will do
the rest of ourjobs?
Sir, those bomb threat
calls were right.
l've found the bomb, sir. - Where?
ln MLA Prasad's car.
He disconnected the call.
You have to give
respect to take respect.
open it.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Get him out!
Death's never spared anyone.
Someday it'll be me,
but tomorrow, it's your turn.
The commissioner.
Do you know what
orders l just signed?
MLA Prasad will be
holding a procession.
You have to provide them security.
So, prepare a battalion.
Sir, there are chances of a riot.
You should cancel this permission.
You know, the orders
to sanction this permission..
..came from my superiors.
Sir, your condition
is just like a waiter s.
All you do is take orders. - What?
Come here. - Yes, sir.
What did you just say? - Sir.
Before that?
l am a waiter at home, not here.
- Yes, sir.
Rudra, this is my advice,
not an order.
Being enemies with
Nagori could be dangerous.
Be his friend.
Too many chocolates
can lead to diabetes.
Too much alcohol, liver trouble.
And being friends with
me can lead to enemies.
Talking to him means
getting a headache.
This is what you need
to do before you kill them.
We'll have to follow
this plan together.
Because this entire
conspiracy is to kill me.
it could be your turn, Javed.
Then you. You.
And you.
on the way, you'll come
across Rajappa's cold drink stall.
Goons will be supplied cold
drink bottles from that shop.
That will be their first weapon.
Ten steps ahead, you'll
come across an iron workshop.
lt belongs to Peter.
He'll supply abundant
knifes and axes.
We'll strike before
the iron is hot.
He can't shoot.
Rudra won't get shooting
orders tomorrow.
Because l've sent the
Collector on a holiday.
l won't need the
Collector's permission.
Because l know how to do
the right thing the wrong way.
The right time will be
when you pass the petrol pump.
We'll surround Rudra and
his men and kill them publicly.
No one will stop you there.
lf there's anyone who can ruin
our plan, then that's the press.
And we have to stop them
from taking photos and videos.
ls that understood? - Yes, sir.
Javed. - Sir.
Are the market people with us?
- Why, sir?
Because tomorrow..
old scores will be settled.
Are you ready?
We've crossed the mosque.
Get the weapons from Peter's shop.
Just a minute.
Rudra. Why did
you divert the route?
The road's closed ahead.
But it wasn't dug-up
until yesterday.
But it is today. Let's go that way.
No, this is a conspiracy.
Police cruelty!
Police cruelty!
Police cruelty!
Police cruelty!
Padam. We won't get anything here.
Call up our men.
Ask them to join us.
Let's cross the petrol pump first.
lt'll be easier to kill Rudra then.
Call him.
Rudra will die today.
Police cruelty!
Yes, sir.
We're close to the petrol pump.
Just give us a missed call.
ls everyone ready?
They're coming.
Police cruelty!
Police cruelty!
Beat him!
Don t spare them. Beat them.
Tear gas.
You raped my sister!
Do you know what you did?
We'll teach you.
Arrest them!
Here's my gun, sir.
Fully loaded.
How can l shoot when
l didn't get the orders?
What are you looking at, sir?
l doubt your intentions.
Shut up! Damn it!
This is serious.
Many people died.
one of them was an MLA.
lf you didn't shoot, then who did?
Sir, how would l know..
..who opened fire
in that huge crowd?
The CBl is handling this case.
l did tell you to
cancel that procession.
Fine, release those two MLAs.
- okay, sir.
Give me written permission
that you take responsibility.
And l'll release them.
Do you want to implicate me?
No, sir. l want to save you.
As long as this matter
doesn't cool down..
..let those two stay inside.
Don't blow yourjob, sir. What?
Blow yourjob, sir.
Fine, let those two rot inside.
Look, Rudra..
..don't lock horns with Nagori.
When you shatter the glass..
..it's you who gets hurt,
not the glass.
Sir, this uniform is no
less than a bulletproofjacket.
No one can dare to touch it,
and live.
Hello, sir. - What hello?
He's bumping my men,
and you're saluting me.
Shoot me!
Nagori sir.
Their guns don't have bullets.
lt's just a show-piece.
ln Rudra Devraj's reign,
everything's loaded.
Are you here to surrender? - No.
To write your biography.
You're a goon, not an officer.
You're no combo.
you're like the congo drums.
You've been beating everyone up.
He shot my men.
Hey. No need to tell them.
l did it with their help.
What are you supporting him for?
You think he's honest, sincere?
Nunu. You killed
people at the market.
And l killed your
men on the streets.
And those l killed&
Do you have a record? No, sir.
You will pay.
You will pay for your deeds.
What will you say next?
My Karan and Arjun
will definitely return.
Get lost.
Rascal. You dare point
a finger at Nagori Subramanium.
Lower your finger.
Don't talk to me like that.
You're finished.
Your entire empire's.. finished.
one, two, three, four.
Four days later,
you'll be licking this.
You'll be begging for your life.
And do you know
what l'm going to say?
Get lost.
l've no change.
l have come.
With power in my arms.
We'll spare no one.
l have come.
With power in my arms.
We'll spare no one.
Hi, handsome.
Stop being shy.
Strong body, but a soft heart.
Rowdy style, killer smile.
Whenever people
are in a mood to give.
He's good.
Pure at heart.
Action hero,
and the name's Robin Hood.
He's good.
Pure at heart.
Friend of the poor,
and the name's Robin Hood.
We celebrate every festival.
Every festival's
equal in my view.
ln times of distress.
l take your name
to eradicate them all.
No one can dare to kill me.
l am the favorite of the Gods.
l've blessings of
the public with me.
l believe in karma.
Rowdy style, killer smile.
Whenever people
are in a mood to give.
Robin Hood.
He's good.
Pure at heart.
Action hero,
and the name's Robin Hood.
He's good. Pure at heart.
Friend of the poor,
and the name's Robin Hood.
You don't know who
you're messing with.
l'll finish your entire family.
Leave me.
lt's ourjob to kidnap people.
When did you get in this business?
lf you can, why can't we?
Look here.
Please let us go.
Please let us go.
Papa, save us.
Please, papa.
lf you don't save us,
they will kill us.
l thought about your family
and spared you that day.
lf you don't do as l say,
l won't spare your family.
What do l have to do?
Become an approver
for the bomb-blast case.
What are you thinking?
At least do one good deed.
'on the day of your marriage..'
'..we went to the
market to take revenge..'
'..from the people who
were against Nagori sir.'
'How many can they
kill one by one?'
'Give me that phone bomb.'
'Scared, right? - Yes.'
'What now?'
'My mom and dad.'
'They will kill all of us.'
'Everyone will die.'
'No one will save us.'
'There's Rudra sir.
He's getting married today.'
'l will call him. - Yes.'
'But he won't recognize me.'
l'll hand you the phone.'
'Go to your dad. - okay.
And ask him to press this button.'
'And ask him to speak. okay.'
'Green button.'
'Green button.'
'Go on.'
'Papa. Papa.'
'Here, papa.
Speak here. - Yes, son.'
'Call him, quickly.'
'Hello. l can't hear a thing.'
'Press the green button.'
l was with Nagori, sir.
And he's the man
who supplied the bomb.
Later, Nagori had a small
kid detonate that bomb.
Can you give this statement
in the court? - Yes, sir.
Do you accept that you
supplied the bomb? - Yes.
l do, sir.
Mr. DCP, arrest Mr.
Nagori Subramanium..
..under Terrorist Act.
l'll issue the warrant.
- Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
Padam! Rascal!
l won't go to jail again.
- You'll get bail tomorrow.
lt's just for a day.
l'll send you food.
l'll install an insect repellent..
..and mosquitoes won't
trouble you either.
l don't want to live
my past life again.
lf you can't do it, let me know.
l'll talk to the CM about it.
You can talk to the CM,
as well as the PM.
But first let me talk to my MP.
MP meaning Man of Power.
l will try.
Try. Try, try.
Rudra. - Yes, sir.
Where are you?
on my way to arrest Nagori.
Come and meet me
in my office first.
lt's an order.
Sir. Sign, sir.
Who's inside?
Ministers, the Collector.
MLAs, MPs.
Every white-collar
from the district.
Sir, my pen.
Take it when he comes out.
DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj.
Recognize me.
l'm the officer..
..that promoted you
in Nagapuram.
So? Do you want a commission?
Don't joke.
l order you. - What?
You won't arrest Nagori. - What?
This case will be handed
to a different officer.
Actually, sir, this city's
made me hard of hearing.
lf you arrest him,
it'll create problems for us.
But you'll have more
problems than you can handle.
No ordinary MP can
spell trouble for me.
You can all lick Nagori's boots.
But l will make
him lick the ground.
You can't talk to the MP like that.
How else do you want
me to talk to him, sir?
Anyone who supports a man..
..who's got a warrant against
him under Terrorist Act..
..l'll use this language for him.
Fine, we admit we're
supporting Nagori.
We also admit that we're wrong,
You aren't honest either.
You've taken millions
from Nagori as bribe.
Nagori's maintained
your account in this file.
The amount and the number of times.
The date.
He has the entire account.
He's taken your photos
from his cell phone.
Look. There's the evidence.
His men are good photographers.
Now you'll say that you
didn't take 5.5 million from him.
No, sir.
l took 5.75 million from him.
Match my accounts with his.
lt contains government receipts..
..for all the days
l took money from him.
First receipt's
in the name of Nagori.
So that another beggar
doesn't turn rabid like him.
2 million for the
Beggar Relief fund.
Nagori burnt down many houses.
So, 1 million for the
contract to make new houses.
He orphaned many people.
So, l donated millions
in the orphanages.
And then,
he cheated the government as well.
So, l donated some money in
the Chief Minister's Relief fund.
Sir, all his accounts
are clear in this file.
Just a minute.
What about the 15 million
that he took for the accident case?
Yes, what about that?
The culprit in an accident case is
sentenced to three months ofjail..
..and fined 50,000 rupees.
But what about the
deceased victim's family?
l gave 1.5 million
to the victim's family.
You can ask them.
l am a public servant.
l'll serve only the public.
Mind it.
Are you a police officer or a goon?
What are you saying, Rudra?
You want to uphold the law.
What the&
What law?
one that keeps changing
from state to state.
lt's illegal to drink liquor
in one state, and legal in another.
Prostitution's legal in one,
and illegal in another.
Every caste has a different law.
And every state
has a different rule.
l work according to my rules,
not the law.
Just like you, we do as we please.
And we'll do the same with you.
What we'll do to
you will be really bad.
Are you threatening
me or scaring me?
Just telling you
what's going to happen.
What if we arrest Nagori?
Then we'll kill you right now.
Try and touch me.
The entire police
department's with us.
They will follow our orders.
of course they will, Mr. Collector.
Does anyone else
have anything to say?
Go ahead. Say it.
Now, our weapons will speak for us.
We can decide your fate right now.
That's the end of today's show.
This much footage is enough.
Footage? - Yes.
Everything you said..
..has been recorded in
this 4.5 megapixel camera.
oh, no!
This is just like me. Combo.
lt writes and records too.
Wow! What clarity.
They wanted to kill the
DCP in the Commissioner's office.
What's this?
Such dangerous weapons&
ln the police headquarters.
ls this ajoke?
This is disgraceful.
Weapons here,
with this high security.
Foreign powers can
infiltrate us too.
What's this?
Why did the government
award you with these stars?
You get salary. Hog for free.
Ripping off the government.
You should be ashamed.
Sit down, son.
We will sort it out.
We will discuss it.
No more discussions.
l'm going to arrest Rudra.
From the media to the Assembly..
..anyone who wants
to ruin his reputation..
..can try and stop me.
Mind it.
Sir, my pen.
Thank you.
You can't do anything.
Give the phone to
Minister Raghupati.
Take this.
Number two?
Hello. The minister's
pissed in his pants.
l mean, he's taking a leak.
Look, don't worry.
lt's just a matter of one day.
Rudra will be transferred tomorrow.
And the new officer
will be in our control.
Just go stay with your
uncle for a day in Murshidabad.
Commissioner. - l'm sorry, sir.
We're helpless.
Nagori sir. The police
are patrolling Nagapuram borders.
lt's difficult to flee.
We checked many cars, sir.
We've arrested many of his men.
But there's no trace of Nagori.
Check every car. - okay, sir.
Block all posts.
What happened? Did they speak?
l beat them black and blue, sir.
But no one's speaking up.
l think they don't
know anything about Nagori.
Sir, you're getting
transferred tomorrow..
..and Nagori's not
been arrested yet.
Have the police lost?
Winning and losing is
decided when we play the game.
But Nagori turned
out to be a fugitive.
His cowardice is my victory. - Sir.
What should we print now?
- The truth.
DCP Rudra has received
Nagori's arrest warrant.
But he hasn't
apprehended Nagori yet.
He's still at large.
The police department's making
failed attempts to find him.
Seher, what's this?
So far from the city,
and this temple.
Yes. That's the
specialty of this temple.
Every prayer has been answered.
l venerated Lord Shiva,
and found Rudra.
Your prayers have been answered..
..but mine's yet to be.
Bow before Him,
because fate bows before Him.
Spare me some change
in the name of God.
God will bless you.
Didn't l tell you?
l've no change.
Pardon me, Nunu.
How did you know?
'Rudra. There are too
many beggars here these days.'
l've been noticing..
..one of the beggars is
having a problem in sitting down.
That's when l remembered.
You're suffering from piles.
Didn't l tell you that one day,
l'd chuck you out on the street?
l am on the street.
But this is where
l am going to bury you.
Because, l am a mountain.
lf you're a mountain, l am Hanuman.
And Hanuman picks
up mountains on his palm.
Deal with them first.
First, deal with this.
Move back! Move back!
Mummy Returns!
Go on.
Hey. Stop it!
That's enough.
Go ahead. Arrest me.
But remember.
The new DCP will arrive soon.
He'll let me out.
And then.. l won't spare you.
l won't spare you.
Nagori. l know you have power,
money, politicians.
But l have the public.
And they love me.
And that's why l won't arrest you,
but kill you instead.
No. No.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
You're the hero. l'm the villain.
Why are you killing
me like a villain?
l'll give you billions.
For the first time, l ve seen
a beggar that's offering money.
You're my brother. Brother.
That's why..
you'll do the same thing with me..
..that you did with your brother.
You know that l
killed my own brother.
Don't kill me.
What's so special about
me that you want to kill me?
You're right. - Yes.
You're right.
lf l kill you, your politician
friends will make a statue of you.
They will make you famous.
They'll make you a hero.
You're intelligent.
Get one thing straight, Nagori.
You're a fugitive.
Didn't you see it in
newspapers and television?
That's what l want
the people to know.
A Politician Maker was scared
of the police and ran away.
And this fear won't
let another Nagori be born.
Get that.
What are you going to do?
Don't keep me in suspense.
What are you going to do?
What's going to happen?
Why is the jeep still running?
What's going to happen to me?
Tell me.
Not the police and gangster.
But Hindu and Muslim.
l'll set you ablaze,
and bury your story forever.
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