Policeman and Me (2017) Movie Script

Oh no. Oh no.
- Kako, hurry up.
- I'm sorry!
Oh no. Oh no. Look, the tram is coming.
Sorry, sorry.
Hurry up!
- Sorry I'm late.
- It's fine.
You're finally here.
Look over there.
That is...
But you said you wanted a boyfriend.
No, that's a little more normal.
What kind?
Exactly the kind to hold hands with.
Kiss kiss!
They kissed!
- Sorry we're late.
- Long time no see.
I know.
Sorry that it's so sudden.
My friend stood me up.
We were at a loss. Thank you.
Long time no see.
Sis, did you try too hard?
You're still wearing that cute little red cap.
Let's go!
You two are 22-year-old college students, okay?
No drinking, of course.
Also, because you're young, you can't be popular.
Got it? Please.
I didn't hear it was a mixer.
Sorry sorry. I forgot to tell you.
But if I did, you wouldn't be here.
What the hell is it about that we're 22-year-old college students?
We're still 16 years old!
If you don't say anything, who's going to find out?
No, no.
We're Mikado and Kako.
Please write your name. Thanks.
Today will be worth it.
Everyone looks so cute!
Cute! All so cute!
Since we're men,
things like hair...
It doesn't matter. Hair doesn't matter.
Everyone, do you want to be happy?
Want to meet your fated person?
You want to find him?
Thank you, everyone.
Let's toast!
Who? Who's stronger?
Another drink.
Who's the man?
Drinks are free. Just drink.
But we really...
It'll be a waste.
How much do you want to drink?
There's a bottle.
Let's fill it up.
Fill up. Fill up.
Fill up, fill up. Come on.
Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink...
If you won't drink, I'll drink.
That's hot!
Drank it straight!
Kota, you're the man!
Come on, let's go.
They didn't drink at all.
Let's go to the next one.
No way. No way.
Why Kako, stay with me again.
I'm sorry, Kako. I'm going back.
Take care.
Good bye!
Bye bye.
Bye bye!
Please accept this.
Actually, we can't drink.
You were really a big help.
Thank you.
You're Kako-chan, right?
Thank you.
I'll be going then.
Are you going home?
Yes, on the last tram.
Then, I'll be going too.
Sorry, I'll be going. Bye!
What time is the last tram?
Let's hurry.
It's almost time.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Missed it.
The alcohol shots sure were strong.
I'm sorry.
Once I catch my breath, I'll take you back in a cab.
Thank you.
We just have to walk some more.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I don't.
If I did, I wouldn't have joined the mixer.
I see.
You don't have one.
That's good.
Kota-kun also?
Yeah, I'm currently single.
Next time...
Can the two of us meet up?
No... that is, if you don't hate that.
Not at all.
How do I put it.
Things like "Thank you for the food." or "Thank you."
Although you say it's no good,
But I want to get along well with you.
That's how I feel.
Kako-san, how long have you been living here?
Well, all my 16 years.
I see.
16 years?
Aren't you 22 years old?
That... That's...
I'm sorry.
Actually, today, I was just called to fill in for someone.
I had to say my age was 22 year old.
I absolutely had no other intention.
You can't drink sake.
You need to go home now.
Then, can we exchange emails?
You still have the nerve to say that?
Stop this nonsense.
Little brat.
I'm sorry!
Little girl, you're really cute.
Wait wait.
Let's have some fun.
Hold up.
You know her?
A friend at school.
He's on probation so he doesn't have friends.
What do we do with this girl?
Who cares.
Really cute.
What are you doing?
Hey, mister, you'll be sorry.
Leave your money and get lost.
It hurts!
Don't move! Police!
Stop fooling around.
You're kidding.
You're really a police officer? No joke.
Okami, how many times do you have to do this?
You tell me when to stop.
You police are too much trouble.
Otoo Police station, this is Sagano in officer in charge of the first region.
There are suspects deliberately damaging property, committing crime.
I request for dispatch of police cars.
Location is near the Toyokawa-cho warehouse.
Yes, please.
Are you ok?
Let me go! Hey, help me!
Female high school student sustained head injury in Toyokawa warehouse.
Requesting support from 119.
There is bleeding and possible shock.
Hey! Let go of me!
Please hurry.
We should go.
I'm very sorry.
My daughter is not seriously hurt.
Also, she's somewhat reckless.
It's all my fault.
I was with her.
You are...
Kako's boyfriend?
No. No, I'm not.
Oh, okay.
Then it doesn't matter.
She will wake up in the morning.
Let's go home first.
I'll stay for a while.
But your job...
Tomorrow is the weekend so it's okay.
Let's go then.
You're a police officer, huh?
You were so cool!
Why are you so reckless?
I thought you were in danger.
My body just moved on its own.
About last night...
I didn't know you were 16 years old before you told me.
I can't go out with you.
Because I'm 16 years old?
Of course. You see...
You still ask why?
You're a school girl and I'm a police officer.
Are high school girls and police not allowed to socialize?
Don't look at me like a kid.
I'm not an adult either.
Never mind. You should go.
Let's get married.
You really got hit on the head?
No, I'm fine.
Then what are you talking about?
Of course I know.
- Kako! I missed you.
-Jiro-chan! Good to see you again!
Is everything okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
But that's too much, you know.
Letting a girl's face get hurt.
Will it leave a scar?
It's fine.
It's fine?
Okami is still at probation.
I wonder if he'll drop out of school.
I see.
How is everyone?
Good morning!
Finally at school.
Good morning!
Let me introduce myself again. I'm Sagano Kota.
The other day, I put Kako-san in danger. I'm terribly sorry for that.
No, no.
Thank you for coming all the way.
Most youngsters nowadays don't have any manners.
But it's different when it's the police.
Today, I came to ask something of you, Sir.
May I ask you to allow Kako and me to get married?
I want to marry Kako-san.
My daughter is just 16 years old.
I know.
That's ridiculous! What?
What are you saying? Kako, why you!
How old are you, first?
I'll be 26 years old this year.
26? Don't tell me you are a pervert?
Pretending to protect my daughter.
Turns out to be this kind of scheme!
Dad! That's not true!
What? Are you with this guy?
Dad, calm down first.
Father, I understand what you're thinking.
I also think it is ridiculous.
But, still...
No matter what happens, I'm determined to protect your daughter.
So, I ask you
to give me her hand.
I am not your father-in-law.
Dad, did you hear what he said?
Not listening. He suddenly called me father-in-law. How can we talk about this?
This Sunday, would you like to go out?
Even though we're not even dating?
Usually, the confession comes first.
Then become lovers and date.
Then celebrate anniversary together and...
Proposal at a charming restaurant at night.
Isn't it best to propose at the highest point of the Ferris wheel?
Why are you laughing?
It's nothing.
Will you come on Sunday?
Getting married... getting married...
Let's eat the cake Sagano-san brought.
This is delicious.
- I'm done.
- Okay.
Mom's first love
was a police station patrol officer.
To catch a glimpse of how he looked in uniform,
I would go around the city on the way home.
It was a long time ago when I was younger.
Well, I still don't understand.
You like him, don't you?
I think so.
What do you think, Mom?
Someone who can cherish my daughter as much as we do,
that would be the happiest thing for a parent.
Even though it's a little earlier than I expected.
I'll be happy.
16 years old.
I don't know what the station will be gossiping but...
Can't you wait until she graduates?
Does her parents think the same?
Well, that's the result of your deliberate consideration, right?
Sir Yamamoto!
I know he's not a guy who will listen to you.
You want a drink?
No thanks.
I'll help you to tell the superiors.
Thank you very much.
Here we are.
Feels so nice!
I was worried.
This is what can be used when a woman will be attacked.
Maybe it's just for peace of mind
I hope you can tolerate my selfishness and accept it.
Okay. Thank you.
do you...
like me?
Why did you suddenly say you wanted to get married?
Because we can just meet each other normally,
even if we don't get married suddenly.
Is that what I said when I got hurt?
I'm a police officer.
I can't be in an ambiguous relationship with a high school girl.
Even if we did enter a relationship,
someone will end up gossiping.
That will eventually hurt you.
I might as well not see you.
Does your family approve?
My parents are dead.
I have a sister.
She's married and settled in America.
I see.
We are usually both too busy to see each other
but I called her and told her.
She said that the family is growing,
and that she's happy for me.
Although it's not good for parents to say this,
but I believe we raised Kako very well.
She can be a stubborn and reckless
but that kid loves to laugh.
One reason Kako smiles...
is probably you.
Sagano-kun, I have a request.
Please go ahead.
Does it hurt?
No, it's fine.
I see.
Well, then...
I've tried my best
Though I'm a weak man
But I've been protecting my family so far.
I've always wanted my daughter to be happy.
If she's unhappy someday,
When my daughter is in sorrow,
I can always kill you.
Even with a heavy resentment from the father,
do you still want to marry my daughter?
I do.
I leave
my daughter in your care.
you should know
between students
Pregnancy, that thing, you know Even if a couple is married
I will keep that in mind.
I will always
protect you.
You don't have to answer me right now.
I just hope you think about it.
I do.
I'll marry you.
It's beautiful.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'll cook.
It's hot.
Mmm yummy!
Then take care.
Here. I made it a necklace.
So I can wear it to school.
See you!
I'm off!
I'm saying, are you really serious about getting married?
So disappointing.
Eh isn't it supposed to be "congratulations"?
Anyway, you're the only one I've told about this.
Please don't tell anyone else.
Well, it's not like anyone will believe me if I tell them.
It's like a fairy tale.
26 years old looks like it.
What's that?
Is he really awesome?
What are you saying?
Welcome home.
I'm home.
You look very tired.
There were a lot of reports to be done last night.
I haven't slept in more than 30 hours.
Do you want to eat? Or drink beer?
Take a shower first.
Take a shower. That means
I'm hungry.
Wow. That's awesome!
Kako, let's go.
- Kako.
- Kako.
With "had" + past participle of the verb
The meaning of this sentence pattern is based on the past.
The act or state of doing something earlier or from that time up to the present
Okami-san is staring at you.
Everyone, let's go to page 103 of your textbooks.
Let's start with the first sentence.
Excuse me.
Could you give this to him?
This is a wife's packed lunch, huh?
Lucky Sagano-kun.
That is
Yamamoto-san, this is yours.
So happy.
That's good.
Thank you.
Ah. That's right.
I'll show you something good in return.
So young!
That's a good one!
Can I take this picture?
No problem but what are you going to do with it?
I'll use it as a screensaver for my phone.
This picture can be seen by others and not arouse suspicion.
Young girls
Kota-kun looks so mischievous.
He used to fight a lot or something of that sort.
Now, he's changed a lot.
Probably because of his father's case.
Sagano-kun didn't tell you?
10 years ago, there was a series of serial murders in this city.
The suspect stabbed two people with a knife and fled.
Sagano-kun's father was leading the search
and confronted the suspect.
He lost his life.
Sagano-kun accidentally witnessed the whole thing.
After that, Sagano-kun
was determined to be a police officer like his father.
So that was it.
I guess I don't know a lot about him.
Don't mind it. Take it slow.
You're married.
500 yen
500 yen. Here.
Thank you.
Welcome. What do you need?
I'd like these 2 oranges please.
Okay, that's 280 yen.
Here. Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry about last time.
Okami-san, part-time work?
Yeah. Work.
I see.
Your part-time work.
How is your forehead?
It's fine.
That's good.
I wasn't really planning to hit you.
Just didn't want to get caught by that guy.
It's childish
I'm really very sorry.
I'm really okay.
Well, then
Because of you
Nothing. That suits you. {/??]
Ah I have to get the tissues.
Then, I don't think it'll be a problem.
I will check with Sir Yamamoto.
Would you like a tissue?
Would you like a tissue?
Umyou two aren't on a date, are you?
This is not a date, is it?
We were going to the company's drinking party.
What are you saying?
Here you go.
What are you doing here?
It's none of your business.
Are you okay? He didn't do anything to you, did he?
I'm not doing anything to her.
He just picked up my vegetables for me.
What do you want?
Don't mess with me.
Both of you, calm down.
You hit her, right?
Of course, he'll be suspicious.
Okami-san didn't do anything.
The ones who know what happened will be worried about you.
Don't you know that?
Let's go.
Thank you.
If anything happens, make sure to call the police.
It's fine.
In any case, stay away from Okami-kun.
I don't think Okami-san is bad.
You still don't have a person's insight.
You sound like a policeman.
I obviously can not compare to Kota-kun.
It's different.
Totally different.
In your eyes, I'm a stupid female student,
and Okami-san is a bad boy.
That's all you see.
Guess which one has sugar and which one has salt.
I'm sorry.
I said too much.
Me too.
It's salty.
Two cups with sugar.
The first year's class D program for the school festival is
It is decided we will be having sound transformation photo booth!
Then let's create the teams responsible.
Then first, who wants to be the receptionist?
- Me.
- Me.
Who wants to be the receptionist?
Why don't we work on the design together?
I can't.
I'm not good at that.
Then, who wants to be the make up artist?
- Me.
- Me.
Why do you care about him?
Because Okami-san is always alone.
But that's how he wants to be.
Alright then. Who wants to do the costume designing?
Let's do it.
- Me.
- Me.
We'll call you again.
Thank you very much.
Hey there!
That store isn't for high school students.
You're wrong.
I'm not a customer there.
It was for a part-time job interview.
If you can't go through an interview, you can't get a part-time job.
But they promised to hire me at night.
Are you in trouble?
I don't need to talk to the police.
Why do you have something against the police?
It doesn't matter.
It's just trash to you.
I'm back.
I'll find a way to make money before you graduate from high school.
We can't do anything about that guy owing money.
Mama's going to a store that pays higher salary.
Why don't you break up with him?
That man is a good-for-nothing.
I don't have enough money.
What 'eh'?
Look at this. It's cute.
What did you say?
Don't mind him.
You take a shower.
Hey, what did you just say?
That brat went off to work?
I only have 5000 yen today. Sorry.
Wait, wait. Hey.
Watch your expression. Your expression.
Exactly like your dead father.
Shut up!
Hey, what do you want to do with my hand?
Let go of me, you bastard!
You let me go!
You brat want to rebel?
Both of you stop this!
Stop it.
I'm leaving.
Where are you going?
Off to drink.
You can't take it to school and you can't take a picture.
You're a really good artist.
Will you come to our school festival?
I will be a strange outsider.
There will also be other visitors joining the activities.
I wish you could wear a student uniform on a date with me.
That's impossible.
I'm going to shower.
What are you doing?
Ah no
It's nothing.
I won't do this outside.
There's no point in hugging clothes without a body.
Okay, come here.
You're so handsome.
Kota-kun, you're a police because of your father?
Yamamoto-san said so.
When you were in high school.
What's wrong? Are you mad?
Then, tell me about your father next time.
Just tell me if you want to talk about it.
Hey, Dad.
Dad! Dad!
So tiring.
Do your best.
Ok, Kako. Let's do our best!
So excited!
I'm starving.
You hold it well. Jiro-chan, let's start.
I heard you guys talking.
Because someone has been too busy to help, we are really tired.
Here from my part-time job.
Okami-san, thank you!
Hey hey!
Eat that bread later. Let's cut this first Jiro.
Hold it there.
Okami, that side.
You too.
Hurry up.
Okay, take this.
Cut it.
Okami, you're pulling too hard.
That's won't work.
Okami, I didn't expect you to be this stupid.
Shut up.
Come on, cut it.
Here goes.
Yeah, it's really delicious.
Where's this bakery?
At the station.
There's a bakery there?
Yes. You just need to look for it.
You can get it when you're working?
More or less.
Really? That's good. Let's go there also.
Let's go. Let's go.
No don't go there.
Why? I want to go there with my mom.
Don't come.
Why not? Let's go.
Let's all go.
No, dont.
What did you say Okami-san will wear?
Must be nurse clothes.
Right. Must be good for him.
It'll fit him. Isn't nurse outfit, with white thighs?
Not bad.
Okami, where do you live?
Over there.
Same with me.
It's fine. Okami doesn't do what they do.
You should protect first, okay?
See you, Hei-chan.
Bye bye
You guys are always like this.
Because we're friends.
I see.
Thank you.
Okami-san did us a big favor.
I didn't do anything much.
Hey, look at this.
It's almost gone.
So stop feeling guilty about it.
Let's be friends.
Ok. Friends.
Could you?
[ Application for dropping out of school ]
Hei-chan! You came to school.
Mikado got angry, said we don't have enough time to prepare.
You're quitting?
So fast. Are you coming back?
You can leave after the school festival, right?
Everyone is looking forward to enjoying the festival with you.
Okami. You're late. Hold these clothes for me.
Finally the last step. Mikado, come on.
It's done. It's done. Can we do it?
I don't know. It'll be hard.
Ok! Let's go, Hei-chen.
Next, the four of you.
Come on, come on.
Make a face. Make a face.
What face?
Did you take it?
So why should we make a face?
What's that kind of look? That's disgusting.
It's not disgusting.
Excuse me. Give me a minute.
Don't you know what making a face is?
I don't.
Why are you here?
We haven't seen each other much lately.
It's a busy day preparing for the festival.
I see.
Jiro-chan wants to cosplay a nurse outfit.
And Okami-san will wear a doctor's white coat and he's looking forward to it.
I see.
I wonder why Okami-san is always injured.
Does he still fight with others a lot?
Do the police know anything?
Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you.
Civil servants have a duty of confidentiality.
But we're married.
Doesn't matter if we're married or not.
You're an outsider.
I understand.
Never mind.
I told you not to ask too much.
But he's a friend I'm worried about.
Won't that work?
Okami's case, leave it to the police.
The police again.
Where is Kota-kun that is not a policeman?
You don't tell me anything important.
It's not just about Okami-san.
Your father.
That's my problem.
It's our problem.
I can't see what you are thinking.
What's the point of our marriage?
Yes, this is Sagano.
Right now?
Sorry. That was the department.
I need to go.
Okay. Go.
See you.
Is this a face?
Did you have a fight with your boyfriend?
I'm sorry. It's nothing.
I'm the one who's sorry.
No. I'm sorry.
I'm going back.
Thanks for your hard work.
Digging in.
Komori-san, are you going to get married?
No way. Why on earth are you asking me this?
Do you think you have another side besides being a police?
24 hours, 365 days.
I want to be a good police officer.
In fact, I am often confused
but I can only bite the bullet.
But that means
I'm always complaining about my boyfriend.
Is that ok?
A man who wants to be with you
will definitely show up.
This is Sagano of Otoo area.
Friend forever, huh?
The culture festival doesn't matter to you.
Go and start working.
Excuse me. This is the police.
Someone called us about a disturbance.
Please let us in to have a look.
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
You should be in school now.
Forget it.
Okami. You're late. Hold these clothes for me.
Don't always think about solving problems on your own.
You're just a kid.
A kid should rely on someone.
That's what we police do.
Are you the homeowner?
I need to ask you a few questions.
Do you have a warrant?
We received a few reports
about your family's problems.
We can no longer turn a blind eye to this.
It's really so hard to make a living.
We need to ask you a few things.
Not now.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry guys I have to go out for a bit.
The store will close.
Wait a minute. The festival is tomorrow.
What's Okami up to this time, being lazy before the big day?
That guy will get away tomorrow.
He hasn't been motivated from the start.
What's wrong?
I'm going to Hei-chan.
Me too.
This way.
What are you doing here?
Okami, are you ok?
Okami, are you coming tomorrow?
Sorry, I can't.
I have a lot of things to do.
So, you can see.
I can't make it to the festival.
Need to arrange this, right?
Arrange this and you can join the festival, right?
Never mind. Just go.
Are you done with the preparations?
Stop that, Motoya.
If we do this together,
we can get it ready.
Your uniform is finally done.
You need to see it to the end.
You said it last time, right?
That we are friends.
Let me do something for you.
That's what friends are.
You said something cute like that.
I... said it...
Then, me too.
Because we're friends.
Let's clean.
Then, me too.
The 70th Annual Cultural Festival is finally open.
A sea of people.
We have popcorn for you.
- What will you eat today?
- Popcorn, of course!
Awesome! You also make tea.
You came.
I got the day off.
we haven't seen each other recently.
Of course.
You're going to help us.
I will do my best.
One guest for our shop.
To our shop!
Are you ok?
Come, come, come on.
Change outfit. So no one will find out.
What can happen?
If I'm seen by my colleague, my trustworthiness will suffer.
It's a date.
I've always dreamed of a school date.
Come on.
There there.
Wow that was awesome!
Wasn't that great?
What's wrong?
Saw a colleague.
Over here. Here.
I'm in trouble.
People in other departments don't know about you.
Stupid kappa.
What do I do with you?
Oh, sorry.
Don't apologize.
Are you angry?
I'm not.
Are you angry?
I'm not angry.
Don't take that out.
Stupid kappa.
The door won't open
Is anyone in there?
What's happening?
Can't open it?
Let's go.
Almost got caught.
In this school
Being a policeman shouldn't
Why am I so stupid?
We need to get out of here.
It's goo dangerous.
Come to the change studio.
Jiro-chan, please call Mikado inside.
Welcome back.
Kako-chan, I want some takoyaki.
-Ok! -Thanks.
What's the octopus?
What are you doing in this school?
Sometimes we have to work with locals too.
I'll be attending every year.
You're doing cosplay too.
That's disappointing.
You, too.
You're a policeman with blonde hair and piercings.
Are you ok?
Who cares?
I'm going to get the takoyaki.
Me too.
Your wallpaper is your boyfriend?
Looks flashy.
It's not flashy anymore.
Motoya. I'll take that.
Thank you.
Your boyfriend's not here?
He did come.
Your boyfriend, what kind of guy is he?
Serious, not flexible,
definitely can adapt to the situation
he is a big superhero who can protect me.
Showing what kind of love?
Didn't you ask me?
There's Okami.
It's okay. You take it first or it will get cold.
I got the takoyaki here.
Thank you.
Hey, flashy man.
You have brother and he looks special.
What are you talking about?
I don't have one.
Then you
Wait, wait, why are you running?
Those guys
Your meeting place, where is it?
Mihara's club.
Those guys are trying to get back at me
for leaving the gang.
I didn't draw a line.
What do we have to bring back a woman to deal with Okami?
I'm sorry.
That guy won't act alone.
Where's Okami?
Tell him to come out.
What a bother.
Otoo High School, night festival.
This year's theme is for peace.
Where's Okami?
Still not here.
Why is still not here?
Let's go.
Did you steal the motorcycle?
I just borrowed it.
No way. Ordinary citizens can't get involved.
Then I'll go by myself.
Faster come on.
Who are you?
I'm Hashimoto from Higashi High.
Never heard of you.
I have a grudge against this guy.
Planned to kill him at the festival
But he begged me saying to come here.
Not good.
Let Motoya go.
Is she his woman?
What are you going to do with her?
Not of your business.
We just used her to call Okami.
Don't tell anyone what happened here.
I'll have you shut up forever.
I'd like to see the cute little girl cry.
Stop it! Dammit.
- You're scared.
- I'm not scared.
Come here.
Wait a minute.
I feel like I've seen you somewhere.
You were that policeman.
Oh crap. What do we do?
Get in position!
Copy that.
Sagano-kun hasn't given the signal yet.
We'll send out a breakout signal once the hostages are secure.
Whoa she's your woman.
Sagano Kako?
For real?
That's right.
This guy.
Hey Sagano, what's going on?
What sister?
Are you married to Motoya?
Now is not the time to discuss it.
You're the one who makes Motoya sad.
Okami, calm down!
People like you are the most dangerous.
Why? Why Motoya?
Of course because I like her.
What farce is this?
Don't be ridiculous.
Ito, there are policemen outside.
You have nowhere to go.
I'll be in jail soon.
So I'll settle this score with you.
Are you ok?
Emergency dispatch, this is Yamamoto calling.
Sagano is wounded.
Requesting emergency ambulance support.
Location: a club in Nihaima-cho, inside Cocoa.
Sagano-kun? It's going to be alright.
Sagano-san, are you okay?
Already called the paramedics.
They'll be here soon.
Please save Kota-kun.
Calm down. Calm down.
Sagano-kun, can you hear me?
You were here.
Kota-kun was dying.
It's okay.
He'll be fine.
It's all because of me.
It's all my fault.
Make a wish.
Are you ok?
You said that even if you risk your life,
you have to protect me, right?
Is that what this means?
You were really about to die.
As long as you're fine.
It's not good enough.
Why don't you care for yourself?
Don't say anything like giving your life for me.
That's my job.
It would have been better to not get married.
What are you saying?
I'm just an ordinary high school girl.
I can't carry the weight of a life.
It's too heavy.
I can't be a policeman's wife.
Thanks for the food.
I'm off.
Take care.
- Here.
- Got it.
Is everything okay?
Yes, thank you.
What's up?
I'm moving.
To my mother's home town.
Ah yes.
I've broken off ties with that guy.
You could say I've been reborn.
Really hate to say goodbye to you.
Stop pretending.
You brat.
Have you thought about what you want to be like 10 years from now?
For me, 10yrs ago,
I wouldn't have thought I'd be the way I am.
I wouldnt have thought it was possible.
No matter what kind of person you become, it won't be surprising.
Sometimes you say things that are difficult to understand.
This kid is adorable.
Are you and Motoya okay?
It has nothing to do with my job.
She has no spirit.
Always laughing noisily.
Honestly, you aren't a too smart superhero, am I right?
Shut up.
See you.
Hold this.
Let's go.
Alright, here we go.
Thank you.
Hei-chan, you forgot this.
How's this girl?
This one?
I told you, I'm ok.
I'm not seriously hurt. You don't have to come back.
Say hello to James for me.
Nee-chan also.
Take care.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing?
Father was a good officer.
I'm a useless son.
Father was always only working.
Always not at home.
Not saying a word.
I really don't know what he was thinking.
I really
love him a lot.
Why didn't
I talk to him?
Raise your head.
Your sister is glad you are ok.
Look forward, Kota.
Dont say Sorry.
To be able to say Thank you,
you need to look straight ahead.
(Crime Prevention Workshop Venue)
Today, we have the officers from the Otoo Police Station.
to tell us about crime prevention strategy.
Thank you very much.
Did you know about this?
Well then, are there any students who want to ask questions?
- Yes.
- Please go ahead.
I think being a policeman is a dangerous job.
Why do you want to do this job?
Police work
often comes with the danger of losing one's life.
But, why do I choose to continue to be a policeman?
My father was a policeman.
During a case, my father sacrificed his life to save me.
I've always believed that the police should be like my father.
Always having the consciousness of death
But I was wrong.
I'm my father's son.
I hope he lived.
Someone important to me told me:
Don't leave the pain of losing a loved one to the living.
As a policeman,
don't die for the one you love.
Live with the one you love.
That's what I think now.
That was awesome!
- Right?
- Yes!
When the police wants to live for the ones they love.
So awesome!
I'm going to be a policeman.
You can't do that. You can't. No way.
I must become a policeman!
You can't.
You guys go ahead.
You're going to the clinic?
Yes, go on.
Sagano-kun, didn't you forget something?
Forget something? What?
Forgot something.
I'll get it.
We're going back then.
What did he forget?
You really don't know?
This is why you aren't married.
I guess.
I'm sorry.
Kota-kun has been trying to protect me.
I always gave you trouble.
But, I'll be fine with you.
Let me say that.
Together with you,
I want a lifetime.
For a lifetime.
It's time to close.
Let's go.
No one will bother us here.
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