Polina (2016) Movie Script

- When did you start dancing?
- When I was 4.
- Does your back hurt?
- No.
- Have you had any operations?
- No.
- Allergies?
- No.
Get on the scale.
25 kilos.
126 cm.
63 cm.
Stand at the barre
and wait until we call your name.
Come on, come on.
That's him, Bojinski.
Hes scary.
He looks like a boogeyman.
Xenia Plisiska.
Come to the center of the room.
Show us the sequence
two times, please.
Tendu, fifth position.
Tendu la seconde, rst position.
Saut, chapp.
Three times, please.
And one and two...
One, two...
Polina Shanidze.
Take your position.
That's better.
No. I said, tendu la seconde.
Start over.
Youre not listening.
Start over again.
Third position.
First arabesque.
Dont look at me.
Look into the distance.
Lift your leg.
Youre not very limber.
I passed the audition.
I know that. And?
They took me.
They took you?
Good girl! That's wonderful!
I told you, Natalia,
Polina will be a prima ballerina.
No, I won't.
Why not? Whats wrong?
Its far too expensive.
Keep your backs straight.
Hold the position.
The arms.
Dont you want to watch the students?
I see them just fine.
Once again.
Stand straight.
Look at the mirror.
What is dancing" for you?
It happens by itself.
You think so, do you?
Well start from the pirouette.
- Its not too heavy?
- No.
- ls this the last one?
- Yes.
Polina, wake up.
Give me a hand.
Put the pants over there.
Jeans and T-shirts go on the shelves.
This bag too.
And that one too.
Its all here. Count it.
- No need.
- Nice work.
The cars filled up!
See you, Sergei.
Bye, sweetheart.
One, two, three, four...
Higher. Even higher!
Look at Xenia.
Her position is almost perfect.
Her body rotates almost ideally
around its axis.
Thank you, class is over.
Why dont you ever watch me
when I dance?
Work harder, young lady,
instead of asking silly questions.
If you didnt miss classes,
youd dance better.
I have to help my mother with her work.
A ballerina has only one job.
To dance.
Be quiet!
You want to warn the entire forest
that were hunting?
Off with their heads!
- Are we seeing each other after class?
- Okay.
The audience must see
only the beauty of your movements.
If you dont have
lightness and elegance,
they will only see
effort and difficulty.
Only soccer fans
are interested in that!
Hang on, youll see.
Not now, wait a while!
I love to see you dance, Dad.
I hope were not spoiling the party?
Nice place you got here, Anton.
Business must be good.
Right, missus? Business is good?
How much do you owe us?
I told you, I'll have the money soon.
Your dad says
you'll be a big ballet star.
ls that right?
Ill do the Afghanistan route.
I like working with you, Anton.
You catch on fast.
Your women are beautiful...
Whats the Afghanistan route?
Nothing, its no big deal.
Dont let the effort show.
Your leg higher.
The arms breathe,
the legs breathe.
Youre completely off.
Wheres your head when you dance?
Stand up straight when I talk to you.
I'm sorry.
Youre somewhere, but not here.
You have no grace.
Your movements are...
stiff, mechanical,
Once again, please.
How long have we been
working on this?
I can't even remember.
And each day, it gets worse.
Once more please, from the beginning.
Thats not it at all!
This isnt the circus!
| ts horrible! Stop!
Do you feel what you're doing?
You dont feel a thing.
You dont know
where your arms or your legs are.
Look at me when I talk to you.
Once more?
What for?
Look, everyone is waiting for you.
But no.
You must keep your emotions in rein,
learn to control them.
A dancer who has no self-control
doesnt interest me!
Get out! You won't dance this ballet.
please replace Polina.
What are you doing here? Its late.
I want to understand
what Im doing wrong.
And what do you think?
My legs are too stiff.
The problem isnt your legs,
its your back.
Your back is weak
and so your legs compensate.
Fifth position.
Pull your shoulder blades down.
Imagine that your head is being held
by a thread.
Open your arms.
Close your eyes.
Feel the axis.
A la seconde.
Feel the position, your arms,
your legs...
Open your eyes.
Very good.
For the audition at the Bolshoi Academy,
you'll dance the adagio variation
from Act 3 of Raymonda.
Thank you.
Wait for me here.
The Bolshoi?
It's a long path to get there.
You want to pass the exam?
Then you II have to work.
And I mean work hard!
The Bolshoi Ballet
is the symbol of Russia.
Her pride.
The very name recalls
the grandeur of Russia.
The Bolshoi Ballet has...
the richest dance repertoire
in the world,
a company of outstanding virfuosos.
Ulanova and Lepeshinskaya danced here.
And many others too.
For two years now,
Ive trained you without respite
to join this company.
This majestic ballet.
To succeed,
you will need energy,
and the love of hard work.
The date of your audition
is rapidly approaching.
So forget about partying
and work even harder.
Polina, I told you to wait for me.
Please dont forget
our rules and requirements.
I hope I can count
on your common sense.
Thats all.
You can go now.
Hey, Frenchie.
Coming to the Karma Bar tonight?
Just to make Alexandrovna happy.
We have tomorrow off.
Come with us.
I can't, I'm busy.
Come on!
You seeing Bojinski again?
Youre wasting
your only free night on that old fart?
He's doing a solo for me.
Isnt he too old-fashioned?
He's still more interesting
than Alexandrovna.
Youre coming to the Budan festival?
Of course.
Come on, meet us after your rehearsal.
I'll try.
Not bad French.
You impressed?
Thats not bad at all.
ls something wrong?
I feel like I'm stringing moves together
without dancing.
Thats fabulous!
A true artist
always longs for perfection.
Only time will tell...
if the path was right.
People say your ballets
were too provocative for the Soviets.
Yes, you could say that.
They reproached me
for not being patriotic enough.
I used music by American composers.
I was too stubborn.
Thats why people respect you.
Shall I start from the beginning
and you'll show me the rest?
I have to go.
Youre not going to leave us like this?
Look at me.
No one will ever harm you. Ever.
And you?
When do you start with the Bolshoi?
In June, if I pass the exam.
You will.
I have to get going. Goodbye.
When will you be back?
Polina Shanidze.
You may begin.
Are you going back to France?
Im coming with you.
What do you mean,
youre coming with me?
I want to pass the audition
with you in Aix-en...
Why would you want to come to Aix?
You just made the Bolshoi.
Besides, you don't know the technique.
Who cares?
I want to perform what we just saw.
It's a mistake.
Even if you're in Moscow and Im in Aix,
well be together.
I dont care,
even if you don't go to the audition,
I will.
You're crazy!
Are you leaving for long?
I dont know.
Youre going to France?
Yes, to the south of France.
What about the Bolshoi?
You know what it means for us.
Trust me.
It's beautiful here.
You like it?
Hello. Welcome to the audition.
Well start the first routine
with Sergio.
Spread out.
Good luck.
Four, five and go!
Get into position.
In lines, please.
Third line. One!
And exit.
Sonia, Aurore, Claire, Kim,
Elise, Margot,
Polina, Anthony, Tha, Lisa,
Adrien, Emilie, Jrmie
and Chlo.
The others can leave. Thank you.
Now well work on
a different style of movement.
Use your breath.
Stretch, stretch...
That's it.
From the top.
Use your weight! Heavy!
If you like, I can translate for Polina.
I havent spoken yet.
Well, just in case. I can do it.
Thats why I asked you to come.
Youve surely heard,
I always give my dancers a trial period.
Youll start as trainees.
And if we get along, I hire you on.
I understood.
Polina took
a few French lessons in Russia
and weve been together
for a few months,
so she's starting to understand.
But it's good hes here.
He could be of service anyhow.
Shes right, he could be of service.
Help yourself.
Have you seen Snow White?
At the Budan festival.
Youre very classical,
but you have an inner strength
that interests me.
Youll learn the role of Snow White.
And you Adrien, the prince.
Thank you.
Youll work the corps movements
with Sergio,
and the duets with me.
Pay close attention.
You need to change
your technical approach.
In my work,
the center of gravity is much lower.
It's more grounded than classical.
You need to work really hard in class.
All together...
Push off!
Okay. That wasnt bad.
But the beginning wasnt very clear.
Well go over it again.
When you drop to your knees,
use the momentum of the upper body.
- This will help.
- Thank you.
The movement starts from your center.
Lets take it from the beginning.
Without music.
Stop it.
You training to be a commando?
Whats that?
Commandos are tough guys, like you.
I have injuries everywhere.
Theyre called bruises.
Its part of dance.
- Anyone for volleyball?
- Sure.
- Girls?
- Why not.
No. Tomorrow were working with Liria.
Its up to you. Let's go.
No. Sergio, stop the music.
Thats too pretty.
It's pretty.
Im looking for something real.
It's the first time
youre giving yourself to him.
Theres danger, there's urgency...
theres fear.
And I feel nothing.
Whats your background?
Where are you from?
My father comes
from a poor family in Georgia.
My mothers Siberian.
There you go. You know it all.
You know about not having enough.
But its a love duet.
It's a duet of desire, of passion.
It's about having nothing
and wanting something
more than anything in the world.
I dont want a pretty dancer.
I want to see Polina dance.
You understand? Once more?
Already dressed?
I want to rehearse.
We rehearsed all week.
Liria gave us a day off to rest.
Thats part of the work too.
Get undressed and come back to bed.
- No.
- Yes.
Do what you want.
Didnt I give you a day off?
I want to get the movements right.
Youre rehearsing without Adrien.
For me.
I see.
Have you ever missed someone?
Felt the absence of a loved one?
A little.
All my work is about this.
Longing for someone who's not there.
Its important
to feel that when you dance.
See you tomorrow?
And stay grounded.
Thank you.
I don't see enough hip.
Look. Come here, Sergio.
Give yourselves to each other.
Your legs join all the way down.
You see?
There has to be full contact
in all of the lifts.
Lift her with your head.
You need to be in tune.
Feel her weight.
Feel her weight before pushing off.
One goes up
and the other goes forward.
- Why aren't you in front of me?
- I am.
You give the direction otherwise I slip.
That's not exactly it.
You both give the direction.
You need to feel her weight
to push her forward,
otherwise it wont work.
- See? Youre doing it wrong.
- Lets do it again.
Thats enough.
Well continue tomorrow.
No use getting upset.
It was hard today.
- Why are you stopping me?
- Im not.
lm doing my best. Like you.
My work is shit because of you.
She's not happy.
Your work isn't shit.
She just wants us to make progress.
It's no big deal.
I'm too classical.
You have a torn toenail?
Maybe. I don't know.
Why are you changing subjects?
Im not changing subjects.
I dont know!
Im not in her head.
Im just as lost as you.
Im trying to make her happy too, okay?
From above...
Hold your center. Watch your feet.
No, the feet have to be...
You dont really need
to put your weight on them.
You're like a rag doll.
That's better.
Let your head go.
Sonia, you go rst.
Thats better. Did you feel it?
Get into place.
Are you okay?
- Where did you hurt yourself?
- My ankle.
- Oh shit.
- Lie down.
I suggest Massimo for Berratham.
- You okay with that?
- Yeah.
Back to the barre.
Four ronds de jambe en dehors.
Battement pli devant...
Take your foot.
Devant, la seconde...
Port de bras.
And come back.
Knees in your hands.
Knee in your hand!
Watch the hip, Massimo.
Hi there.
- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Sure.
I want the role of Snow White back.
- Youre not ready.
- Yes, I'm sure I am.
Youre hardworking and you have talent,
but you cant demand things.
Youre too obsessed with yourself,
your work.
Look around. Observe.
An artist is someone...
someone who observes.
Watch Sonia when she dances with Adrien.
Something happens.
She listens to him, feels him, sees him.
Everything shows onstage.
You understand?
I'd like to know,
are you looking for dancers?
Okay, thanks.
No. Dont flap around.
I see arms and legs all day long.
Make me feel something.
Make me feel what it is to know God.
You dont want me to dance?
Id rather you didn't.
But lm a dancer.
Since you can dance, why bother?
You wanted me to audition you?
No. That's not it.
Find something else.
- But what do you want?
- I dont know.
What are you doing?
Im leaving.
Are you sure?
The same energy.
Everyone on the same rhythm.
Rotation and...
Good. Don't worry.
Follow me.
In a circle and back to your places.
Stay in a group. Move together.
Im a dancer.
I studied at the Bolshoi.
Im looking for work.
We dont need anyone right now.
Thank you.
Mom? Hi.
Yeah, everythings ne.
Things went really well in Berlin.
We got a standing ovation.
No, right now Im in Paris.
We're still on tour.
Im not alone, I'm with the troupe.
Wait, I have to say hi to someone.
Sergio! Hows it going?
I cant, Im talking to my mom!
No, I didnt see him.
Im sorry, I have to go now.
Were going for dinner.
Ill call you back later.
Okay. Love you too.
Good evening.
I'm in Room 19.
You didnt pay this morning.
Oh, Im sorry!
Thatll be 35, please.
Thats not 35.
I know. Ill pay the rest real fast.
Then I can't give you the room.
I'm sorry.
Im not the one who decides.
Excuse me, I'm looking for work.
Im sorry, we dont need anyone.
Thank you.
Come party with us! It's fun here!
- Three vodkas...
- Excuse me...
And one scotch.
Get me some ice!
Im looking for work.
Want to start right now?
Yes, but I have no experience.
Doesnt matter, youll learn fast.
Come behind the bar.
Dont worry.
You speak French?
I saw you working outside the building.
Ive never seen that before.
I use improvisation to teach kids.
Excuse me.
At the Bolshoi school
we never did improvisation.
You studied at the Bolshoi?
I'm impressed.
I love it.
But I just came to post my ad.
- Sorry.
- No problem.
Could it be a girl?
- For what?
- Do you take girls as roommates?
Of course.
Then I'm interested.
Im making tea. Want some?
Sure. I'm coming.
Today we'll do an improvisation I like.
Youll pretend youre an animal.
Any one you like.
Imagine its movements
if it got onstage and danced.
I dont want an imitation.
That's not the idea.
Find something
with your own movements and energy.
It's a good excuse to get up and dance.
Wholl go first?
Very good, Jan, full of imagination.
Polina, you want to try?
Sorry, I don't know how to do that.
Go for it, Polina.
Cant be worse than us.
we've never seen a real ballerina.
Sure we have. Karls a ballerina.
Put some music on for Polina.
Antwerp, Belgium.
But Dad...
Don't make a detour.
Honestly, it's not worth it.
What happened?
It's impossible.
Something mustve happened.
Its obvious.
Come back to Moscow.
I worked hard all those years
so you could end up in a bar!
And I didnt work hard?
That's the whole point.
Im sick of mindlessly executing
other peoples choreography.
I need to learn to look at the world.
Look at the world.
I have to go.
Were not going for dinner?
No, I have to work.
Ill drive you.
Don't bother. Its nearby, Ill walk.
Do you have enough money?
Yes, dont worry.
Give my love to Mom.
The Montpellier Festival
is looking for young choreographers.
I have contacts.
You should present something.
Im sure theyd come to Antwerp.
Your artistic universe touches people.
The kids are still talking about it.
What about the festival?
The Polina from the Bolshoi is over.
The winds stopped. Want to go out?
Let's go out a walk. Itll do you good.
- No.
- Yes.
- Leave me alone.
- Come on!
Let go! You have no right!
I'm fed up
of seeing you like this!
Go sit over there, wash up,
take your clothes,
and get dressed!
Hurry up.
You really think
the guy from the festival would come?
Hell be in Brussels next week.
- Well present a duet.
- "We"?
- You and me.
- No, no.
I was only talking about you.
Well improvise like at the port.
You come up behind me
and follow my movements.
Something wrong?
No. Everythings fine.
Lets continue.
I push you...
Can you do a turn?
That was good.
- But you wait for me.
- Okay.
I wait, turn, and pull you.
Something like this.
- Oh yes!
- Sorry.
No, it's a good idea.
Can I sit on your leg?
And you lift me.
Like this? By the hips?
Like this?
- Over my hip? Yeah?
- That's good.
Like this? Okay, I see.
Its no good.
- It doesnt work at all.
- Yes. It's not bad.
You said it. "Not bad."
You know thats not enough.
Come on, let's take a break.
This could work. Itll get us moving.
Maybe it'll give it more energy.
We can try.
Or this. This is really old.
That was good.
It's getting interesting.
Can you pull
an all-nighter tomorrow?
Back to work.
No, sorry, not tonight.
Hey, girls!
You think you're on vacation?
- The bar's packed.
- Were coming.
We have customers.
Your phone rang three times.
Go on, Mom.
Your father...
wanted so badly
for you to be a great dancer.
Thats enough.
Wait, shes coming!
Im sorry.
Everything was complicated.
- I have other meetings.
- It won't take long. Honestly.
You have to see us.
- You have 15 minutes. No more.
- Okay.