Polis Evo 2 (2018) Movie Script

Your radio is too loud,
we can hear you from down here.
We've got a big score
and you're acting up now?
When you told me to increase its potency
from 80 to 85 percent,
the chances of overdosing are doubled.
Now you want me
to increase from 90 to 95 percent.
That's triple the effect!
The human body can't take that.
Don't forget,
they like it potent.
The potent is the better.
Too many have died because of this!
Excluding those who've gone crazy.
I'll give you one last chance, Li.
Let us not dwell on the past.
Tonight, you come back to work for me.
What'd you say?
Sudin! Get down!
How to get down? I'm stuck!
When you were peeping just now,
you didn't worry about getting stuck?
Only now you think with your head?
Sudin, you are good for nothing!
I know you took photos of me
to upload them online, right?
Give me your phone!
It's my turn to take your dick's photo.
What are you going to do with it?
Our eyes will be screwed looking at it.
That's enough, Sani.
Just tell him nicely.
Listen carefully.
Listen carefully!
Repeat after me, okay?
-I hereby declare,
-"I hereby declare,
-that I, Sudin bin Rahman,
-that I, Sudin bin Rahman"
will never again peep at any girl,
woman or lady in this village
and I will not upload
any photos or videos
on the social network.
Gosh, that's too long!
Do you want this machete or my ax?
The ax!
Okay! I'll say it!
Yes, I promise
I won't peep at anyone anymore,
I won't take any photos or videos,
I won't upload them online
or keep them on my phone.
Get him!
-Get him! Quick!
-Get him!
Stop! Sudin!
I should've taken you to the station!
That's just my brother.
If it was me, I'd tie you to this tree.
Get everyone to take selfies with you.
You pervert!
Calm down! Don't steal the show.
Let me do my job.
You're being too kind.
Was I supposed to chop him
with the ax, then? Unbelievable.
Hey, what's all this?
-Get out of here! Don't you have school?
-Go home! Go on!
-Let's go home.
-Come on, guys.
Mind your own business!
Come down quickly! You're so slow.
Calm down!
You're in shock, take it easy.
-Help me clean this bathroom.
Why am I suddenly the bad guy?
There! He's there!
-I don't know.
Hey, you fool!
Why did you bring a cop?
I didn't know!
He has worked for me for nine months.
He seemed fine to me.
You're an idiot!
Officer, go in now.
Move in!
Move! Go!
I'm going to make you proud today.
Oh, look at you.
It's been five years since Dad left us.
You're still saying the same thing.
I still don't see anything to be proud of.
You can't leave me in peace, can you?
You're going to be sorry.
Oh, you want to fight?
You'd better run!
You're too slow!
Of course, run off to your hideout.
Never mind, we'll finish this tomorrow.
Sani, aren't you going
to have breakfast first?
No thanks, Mom. I've got to send the car.
The station needs it back.
I'll grab a bite there.
Zone 3 to Zone 1, come in. Over.
This is Zone 1. Over.
We need a narcotics officer
at Lorong Petani.
There's a victim is on scene. Over.
2046, got it. Over.
A body of a 64-year-old man...
Good morning.
-Get my car to the station, please.
-Yes, sir.
Sergeant Rosalinda!
-Good morning, Inspector Sani.
-Good morning.
Your lipstick is bright red today.
Like a police roadblock from far.
Do not wear this lipstick color often.
The bad guys can see you
coming from a mile away.
What have we got?
We do, sir.
The victim's name is Adli Hashim,
65 years old. A retiree.
A former school teacher
with no criminal record, sir.
What's his name again?
-Adli Hashim.
-Adli Hashim?
Let's have a look.
My goodness.
Do you know him, sir?
-My old school teacher.
-May his soul rest in peace.
We're initially going to report
a hit and run.
-But we found this, sir.
-The other side, please.
We've checked the area,
but there are no skid marks.
-Did you take photos?
-Yes, sir.
What's that, sir?
Looks like some drugs.
I've never seen drugs this red before.
What's this?
You should stop smoking, Khai.
I'm on undercover. It should be fine.
How's the arm?
It's nothing.
It should heal in no time.
If only all our wounds healed so quickly.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Anyway, Khai.
I've got a call from Terengganu.
They found a body.
The victim was carrying
certain red-colored drugs.
Naga Meth?
We're not sure yet.
But I want you to go there, Khai.
Have a look around,
and get some rest there. Unwind a little.
"Unwind a little"?
They don't have people
like me in Terengganu?
Here, take this.
Your flight is tomorrow morning.
You can't keep doing this, Khai.
There's no use blaming yourself.
I don't understand, Sofian. What is this?
Don't get angry, sir.
IT is easy.
You just have to show some love.
What are you talking about?
I love people, Mother Nature.
That's a lot already.
Do I have to show love to this too?
That's too much.
No sir, it's like this. It's easy.
When this menu shows up,
you key in your username,
and password, that's all.
Excuse me, sir. The lab sent this for you.
Thank you.
What's that?
The report, sir.
Read it for me.
It's the red methamphetamine
on the victim.
People in Kuala Lumpur, they call it,
Naga Meth.
Seems quite special this one.
What's so special about it?
An average drug dealer
who's looking for a profit
would mix the drugs.
But this one, sir, it's 97 percent.
It's pure.
That's some strong stuff.
Why do you seem to know everything?
I'm from the city, sir.
I know a thing or two.
That's why I like it here in Terengganu.
By the way, sir.
The headquarters emailed me.
They're sending someone over
to help us with this case.
-The headquarters?
He's the one who handles these cases
in Kuala Lumpur.
Sir, rumor has it that
this guy is really good.
He has nicknames like Jackie Chan,
Super Cop and whatnot.
I don't care if he's Super Cop, Superman,
or whatever.
He just has to know one thing.
This is Terengganu.
He doesn't know the ins and outs here.
-You're right.
-He has to learn a lot.
You're already a handful.
I don't need more pain.
Inspector Hasani.
Captain Mokhtar wants to see you.
-Yes, come in.
Have you heard the rumors?
The headquarters is sending someone over.
He's an inspector.
Yes, sir. I heard about that.
But you know me, sir.
I don't indulge in gossip.
I never listen to rumors.
You never know it might get nonsensical,
superstitious and whatnot.
But I did wonder
why you'd need someone else
since you have me here, right?
I understand.
But wouldn't it be better
to solve this case with two heads?
Two brains? Four hands? Four legs?
But if the extra head thinks like me,
then it's great.
But this is someone else's head.
Because I'm from Terengganu, he's from KL.
Our two heads are quite different.
That head you're talking about
is right behind you.
Take a look at his head.
Is it the right size? Is it a good fit?
Inspector Khairul, let me introduce you
to Inspector Sani.
Sani, this is Khairul.
He's from the headquarters.
He's your new partner.
-Go on, shake hands!
-Oh, okay.
What's with your arm?
Bullet wound.
I've been handling all these big cases.
But I've never once gotten shot.
Not even a single scratch.
You see, it's different around here.
Nice pistol.
-Is that a Glock 13? Or 12?
-It's 37.
Mine only needs six bullets.
The biggest case so far this year,
I found two kilograms of cocaine.
I didn't lose a single bullet.
But they're all in jail.
To me, that's the way
a super detective rolls.
I only see him once a year.
And that was during Eid,
after his wife died.
It pains me to see Mr. Adli like that.
He's all by himself.
No one around.
White people call it, "Lonely."
After his wife died,
he rarely spoke to anyone in the village.
But I used to come to his house
to see how he was doing.
You still tried to seduce him, Jah!
I thought you've changed your ways
after coming back from Mecca.
Excuse me, sorry.
Mr. Adli has a child, right?
Do you know where she is?
That useless child? Don't ask!
What a disgrace.
Ever since her mother died,
she just left her father
here alone at home.
She hasn't returned until today.
-How could she do that?
-My goodness.
What's with this guy?
He was so eager to ask questions.
Now, where's he going?
Didn't you learn anything in school?
You can't just barge into people's rooms.
Someone just passed away.
His family and friends are right here.
Have some manners.
Show some respect.
I'm working.
What are you doing?
Oh, look who's here.
Your father is dead and buried.
Why don't you just show up next week?
-Let's go home.
-Our people will not behave like this.
Why didn't you interrogate that woman?
You're very impatient.
How could I interrogate her
when she's in that state?
If you ask her one thing,
she'll reply something else.
Are you going to smoke that cigarette?
What else? You expect me to eat it?
I wonder.
In a single day,
how many sticks can you smoke?
You don't seem to stop.
You really love your car, huh?
It's not the car.
If you crash a car,
you can always buy a new one.
But where are you going to buy new lungs?
Weak a woman I am
I leave it to fate to decide
Every time we set eyes on each other
Meeting you remedies my longing
Now that it's ingrained in me
Mat Yam!
That's sexy.
Still getting down and dirty?
I didn't see you were coming.
Well, I'm here looking for you.
How did you know I'm working here?
I could hear your voice from a mile away.
The sweetest voice in the village.
That's not true.
I thought you're working at the karaoke?
I don't do that anymore.
I keep my hands clean.
This job right here is legit.
Now you're telling me
what's right and wrong?
Great, Mat Yam!
Mat Yam.
I have something to ask you.
What is it?
Look at this.
Are you selling new herbal pills?
Don't tell me
you're getting into healthcare now.
Look at it carefully.
This must be the influence of Instagram--
Mat Yam. What is this?
I don't know! I got work to do. Gosh.
Mat Yam!
I've answered you.
Why do you keep on asking?
I'm asking you nicely, Mat Yam.
See, you've made me angry now!
How bold!
What's with the attitude?
Why so fierce?
What've you been eating? Crabs? Lobster?
Sea Horse?
So fierce.
Do you like my new partner?
He's cute.
Do you like him?
Of course, I like him.
I'm really digging him.
If you want my friend,
listen to me carefully.
Please open your ears,
use your nose,
open your eyes.
If you see anyone suspicious, let me know.
Yes, sure.
What's his name?
Ask him yourself.
I'm shy.
Adli Hashim, 64,
was found early in the morning
at a lane in Kampung Cina,
Kuala Terengganu.
The victim is believed to have died
ten hours before the public found him.
The victim was found lying on the street.
The police initially classified this case
as hit-and-run crime.
But forensics discovered a few packets
of drugs wedged inside the victim's pants.
The police believe this case can be linked
to the most wanted drug syndicate...
Boss, the police were here just now.
They were asking about that thing.
I said I don't know anything.
Lucky they didn't ask too much.
This is dangerous, boss.
All right.
They're here.
After that old man died,
there's no one I can rely on.
I don't ask for much.
I just want my product.
Right now, it's not good enough!
I heard you guys have a Ph.D.
But you became janitors here in Malaysia.
Is that correct?
Did you finish the job?
Tell me when you're done.
Make sure nothing on that old man
comes back to me, understand?
Got powder? I'll dab it on for you.
When policemen deal with people,
we got to look clean and smart.
What do you know?
This is how we run things
here in Terengganu.
She's probably still at the cemetery.
Do you smell that?
Don't tell me that
you can smell the toilet from here?
It's kerosene.
I think no one is at home.
Let's come back tomorrow.
All right, let's go.
Don't move!
Hands up.
I said put your hands up!
If you don't want this
to become a problem,
put your hands up
and turn around slowly.
Don't worry, sir.
We're all your friends.
We'll psych him out.
Sir, put your hands up
and please turn around--
You think we're playing?
Put your hands up right now!
Okay, put your hands up slowly.
Hands up. Good.
You take care of the girl!
Where are you going?
Control Center, from 2046,
there's a fire in Kampung Haji Molek.
You're screwed!
You rascal!
We didn't leave anything behind, right?
I took everything with me.
We have to make a report.
There he is!
There you are.
Jackie Chan of Malaysia has arrived!
Excuse me, Jackie Chan.
I want to interview you.
Have you lived long enough? Hey!
What? Have a look at the house.
The house is gone for good.
Our witness?
She passed out and is unconscious.
Not sure if she can be a witness or not.
Do you know why?
Because she inhaled too much smoke.
I know this isn't
much of a thrill for you.
It's nothing.
People from the capital would say
that it's not very "Exciting."
I'm speaking KL lingo so you'd understand.
She's safe right. So what's your problem?
The problem is you! You're my problem!
We almost died because of you, you know?
Why did you jump into the fire?
To chase after the suspect, what else?
If he jumped off a building,
would you jump too?
Well, I'll check if it's safe,
then I'll jump too.
He's making jokes! Is that all you have?
Hang on, I don't get you.
What's the problem now?
We had a plan.
You get the girl and I'll get the suspect.
We had a plan?
Was I in your plan?
We were in your head?
Did you discuss it with me?
Where's the time to discuss
in a situation like that?
The suspect bolted
and you wanted to discuss it?
Or did you want me
to officially request for your approval?
-At least--
-Get a table, a chair, have some coffee.
-Have a group discussion.
-You watch your words!
Should I propose it
to the Parliament first?
You wanted to discuss as if we had time.
I can't work with you.
You know nothing about cooperation.
If we play badminton, we'd lose miserably.
I don't understand and I don't want to!
-You're an inspector. You should--
-I should what?
I get it!
You came all the way
from Kuala Lumpur to teach me.
Thank you for the lecture, sir.
Well, at least I got the witness!
Where's your suspect?
And you still want to smoke!
Hello, speaking.
The patient's name is Maya Adli Hashim.
If anyone calls, please let me know.
All right.
Don't do anything crazy.
I'm fed up of people acting crazy.
All right.
You've only been here for a day.
Excuse me, sir.
The captain wants to see you two.
What is this?
It's only been half a day
and you got a house burnt down.
What else?
Car windscreen damaged,
and look at the primary witness,
What is this?
What you should have found
was picked up by the forensics.
The old man that we found
was no ordinary drug dealer.
Did he cook the methamphetamine?
It's not just any methamphetamine.
That's the formula
to the exact recipe used to make
Naga Meth.
So you two listen up. Okay?
I want you two
to look after the girl.
As soon as she opens her eye,
get her statement.
In the meantime, here.
Find out the location of this map.
I'll watch the girl, sir.
I'll find the location.
I want 95 percent next time.
Rafael, where are we at?
We just weighed it.
We're ten kilograms short.
Get it done quick!
I don't want any problems
when we deliver this later.
Jimbo is back.
Your brother would've succeeded
in one attempt.
I shouldn't have relied on a rookie.
The girl is at the hospital.
I'll finish the job.
If you can't finish the job,
I'll have your brother finish you off.
Help him up.
How did this happen?
You were fat like a dugong.
Now you're skinny like a model.
Good morning, Kuala Terengganu Hospital.
Inspector Sani,
someone called asking for Maya
Good Morning, Kuala Terengganu Hospital.
I want to visit a friend,
but I don't know which ward she is in.
What's the patient's name?
Maya Adli Hashim.
May I know who's calling?
Attention to all units in the building.
Code Red from 2046.
Request for backup immediately!
The witness is in danger.
310. We're on our way there now.
-Why did you call code red?
They're coming for Maya.
What do you expect me to do?
Get her out of there. I'm on my way.
How long will it take?
Ten minutes.
Hurry, we only have five minutes.
-Sir, use this.
-What's this?
Put it under her back.
Turn her over first.
Slow traffic in Terengganu?
You've got to be kidding!
What's the matter, sir?
Help me. One of you should
watch the door. Quick!
-Yes, sir.
-Help me out, please.
-Okay, on three.
-We need to lift her.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
Hold it right there.
Put your hands on your head, slowly.
Something is wrong.
I'm on it now.
310, report your status.
What's wrong?
310, come in. 310.
This has got to be
the worst day of my life.
Hello, Khai.
Where you at?
Exit Maya's room, turn right. Find a door,
and turn left.
I'm in the room on your right.
Don't call me again!
Don't move!
Put down your weapon slowly and...
What took you so long?
What's all the commotion about?
Why don't you ask him?
He's the one making all the noises.
Why didn't you bring backup?
Why didn't you tell me he has got an Uzi?
Where's the girl?
Can't you see we're having a party?
They really want this girl dead.
Okay, I have an idea.
We drew him in.
We make him come to us.
You stay down here. Pretend you're dead.
If you want the girl, come and get her!
Are you crazy?
Why are you inviting him in?
If your plan fails and I die,
-I'll become a ghost and hunt you down.
-Shut up.
Khai, move!
Khai, move!
Khai! Get in!
Let's go!
Who's taking care of the girl?
Got a unit there, they're watching her.
Don't worry.
Where is he?
How should I know?
That's him!
Stop the vehicle!
Stop the vehicle!
This is your last warning!
Do you really think he would listen?
If he did,
he would've stopped shooting by now.
Now is not the right time to smoke!
Just drive! Let me do my job.
Where did you come from?
You can't catch that piece of junk?
I'll show you how we drive in Terengganu!
Shoot him! Shoot Khai!
Stop! I'll shoot if you don't!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Stop right there!
Go up.
Okay. Up.
I believe this is so unexpected.
Okay. Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
Looks like I've got to
start getting used to this.
Get used to what?
All this chasing and shooting.
Then busting up a van like that.
Is it always like this in KL?
What day is it?
Right. Every Wednesday.
Did you just try to make a joke?
So much for trying to be a tough guy.
This is your first time in Terengganu?
Where are you off to after this?
-Going back, I guess.
-Going back?
Follow me.
Where are you going? Getting revenge?
Now's not the time for that.
We got two days until the drop.
Once the job is done,
take how many men you want.
I'll join you myself.
We'll find your brother's killers.
We'll chop them to bits.
Don't forget.
The enemy is still out there.
Don't do anything stupid.
Mom, Sani's on TV!
...said that there are two deaths...
After this,
he's going to be the talk of the town!
Hi, guys.
What a handsome hero.
But his nose is a little big.
He must be eating too much fish sauce.
You're going to be
Mr. Celebrity after this!
Wow, my son. He's become a hero!
It's nothing, Mom.
Like a Bollywood hero, that's all.
What are you looking at?
Why are you poking
your head out like a turtle?
Let me introduce you to my sister, Anis.
Anis, this is my friend, a carcass.
Sorry, I mean Khai.
You're only introducing Anis?
What about me?
So young and already so demanding.
Khai, this is my youngest sister.
She looks adopted, I know.
Mom, look at him!
Khai, have a seat.
You can join us for dinner later.
Hey, where's your headscarf?
Go put it on.
Stay for dinner, Khai.
It'll be ready soon.
Don't worry about it, ma'am.
Come, help me out in the kitchen.
Why are you acting all soft?
Where's "Super Khai"? Where?
Can I sit down?
Sit, then.
Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts,
which we are about to receive
from Thy bounty. Amen.
Let's eat. Take the chicken.
Just a simple village dish, Khai.
Nothing special. Eat up.
Thank you.
When you called just now,
you said that you're bringing
a friend over.
I thought you were bringing a girl.
Mom, you know Sani always exaggerates.
He can't get any girl to like him.
You two are such sweethearts.
So what about Ju then?
Ju! Where is she?
Is she hiding under the table?
Oh, she is! Look!
Which Ju is this?
Juliana Evans or Juliana Aziz?
Oh, you're funny.
If Juliana Evans was my sister-in-law,
I'd be so lucky.
But it's Junaidah from across the street.
Don't embarrass your brother.
If I wanted Juliana Evans
I could've had her.
But I'm not the type that shows off.
I want to live here.
If I lived in KL, I'd be so popular.
I'd get more than just Juliana Evans.
Fasha Sandha, Nora Danish.
But Nora Danish is taken.
She's got a big company man.
Why are you so quiet?
-You're never like this.
-It's nothing.
Nothing, really.
Khai, these two are always annoying me.
Put them together
and they're like a famous song.
Exploding all over your ears.
Actually, Anis is only quiet for a reason.
Aren't I right?
Khai, are you married?
What is it?
Not yet.
Well, speak up.
Don't just shake your head.
How would we understand?
Try this fish sauce. It's homemade.
We bought this across the street.
It's so good. There's nothing like it.
It has been a while
since I had Mom's cooking.
It smells so strong!
You're speaking our dialect now?
Told you this fish sauce is special.
You're not supposed to pour it.
That's how you get acne!
-It's a dipping sauce.
-Dip the fish in it.
That's right.
The car is fine.
Just filled with bullet holes.
It became ugly.
So I was right about your love for cars.
Love it or not,
this is what gets me to work.
You have to care for it
like it's a girlfriend.
But I'm curious.
The top got hit,
but didn't go all the way through.
What's on your mind?
The map on your teacher's jacket.
Why did he go through all the trouble
sewing it in like that?
That's easy.
Here's my experience.
It's what I've observed.
He worked as a pusher.
His job is to deliver goods
here and there.
He needs to know where the drops are.
So he keeps a map in case he gets lost.
If that map was for his own use,
why did he sew it into his clothes?
Why did he have to hide it?
Besides, the packets that you found
were the original sizes
from the suppliers.
But they were neither in chunks,
nor powder.
No one does business that way.
What does that mean?
It means...
Have some tea, Khai.
How about one for your brother?
Go ahead, chuck it.
Hey, what are you looking at?
Respect her brother. He's here.
You have quite a happy family.
I'm thankful.
What you saw just now is something
you'd see on a normal day.
When it's Eid,
it's a full house and very festive.
Asking for money and whatnot.
Where's your father?
My dad?
My dad passed away some time ago.
He died of old age.
But I felt at ease when he left.
He left peacefully.
My father is gone as well.
What about the rest of your family?
My mother's still around.
But she's in an old folk's home.
You sound like a sappy TV ad.
That's not good for your mother.
Why do you do that?
My younger brother
used to take care of her.
But he was hooked on ketamine.
One day, I came back from work.
I entered the house.
I saw my brother holding a knife
to my mom's throat.
I didn't have a choice. I had to...
My mother couldn't look at me anymore.
She'd rather stay at the old folk's home.
But I do get to see her once a week.
I should head back.
We got an early start tomorrow.
Drive safe.
I can't wait to go to the office tomorrow.
I can't wait to tell them I work
with the Super Cop.
Do you know why they call me Super Cop?
It's true I took down
all those syndicates,
cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine,
and ketamine.
From the biggest fishes right down
to the small fry who sold
drugs to my brother.
I killed a lot of people.
The rest were hung.
So they started calling me Super Cop.
But if I can't take care of
my only two family members,
do you think I deserve
to be called Super Cop?
If you ever want to come over to eat,
or just stop over, shower or whatever.
Just come. No problem.
My sisters
and even my mom seem so into you.
What I mean is,
they seem to like you.
They feel comfortable with you.
Tell them I said thanks.
Drive safe, Khai.
What's wrong with you two?
I asked for 2 heads to work together,
to explode! Explode!
You know what I mean, right?
Not burn down a house together!
-And not to blow up a hospital!
-But sir...
I'm talking! Don't...
-Relax, sir.
Do you see that telephone?
From yesterday till today,
it hasn't stopped ringing.
Everyone wants to know.
What happened? What happened?
I've memorized the reply now.
"Yes, this is Mokhtar. Yes.
Two people died.
Yes, seven were injured.
Yes, the witness is dead."
-But sir, the witness didn't die.
-That's right.
I know that!
But anything could've happened
thanks to both of you.
-Even I could die...
-Sir, calm down.
At your age, you should always keep calm.
Careful with the heart.
From heart problems comes diabetes,
then high blood pressure. It's dangerous!
There are times when we can joke around.
Go on, laugh!
But there's also a time to be serious.
And right now, I'm being serious!
What are you waiting for?
-What are you still doing here?
-Thank you, sir.
We'll take our leave.
Gosh, it's stressing me out.
Regarding the sim card
from the dead suspect yesterday,
this is his caller log.
Take a look at it.
All incoming and outgoing calls
are all from the same number.
Since last year.
Have you tried calling the number?
I have, sir. But all lines are dead.
But I have checked.
The last GPS coordinate was...
That's it!
That's P2P.
P2P. The stuff used
to make methamphetamine.
This is no ordinary store.
Don't you think it's weird?
How can the teacher's map
lead us all the way here?
It's weird.
Well, hello!
It's the suspect we saw the other day.
We have to call for back up.
It seems dangerous.
We'll get them red-handed!
-What are you doing here?
Where am I?
Where's this place?
Where's my fish?
It hurts! It hurts!
Help me! Help me!
You're too strong, dude!
It hurts!
Why are you doing this?
His name is Jimbo.
Please excuse him. He's not very happy.
The police just killed
his brother yesterday.
You come at the wrong time.
You are looking for trouble.
You don't understand.
We came here for business.
We don't know why your men beat us up.
We came here to sell fish.
Inspector Hasani!
Stop playing the fool.
-Or we'll really make you look stupid.
-We came here to sell.
No one wants to listen.
I don't know why you're doing this.
Khai! What are you doing to him?
I'll ask you one more time.
How did you find this place?
I don't know. I don't know!
Stop troubling yourself, Inspector!
I told you I came here to sell fish!
Answer my question.
How do you know about this place?
-I don't know!
-You really want to die.
Sani, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Okay, I have a plan!
I don't want your plan!
-Then what?
-You follow my plan!
What is it?
Here's my plan!
Let's run!
The truck!
-Quick! Start it up!
-The key!
-How did you know it was there?
-I saw it in Hollywood movies.
Start it up!
The gear!
Get me information about this company.
Captain Mokhtar!
What's up with you two?
What games are you playing at?
-Sir, we found it.
-Our biggest catch of the year.
The biggest!
It really is a big catch, sir.
They're here, boss.
Alpha, what's your status?
There's no movement or activity, sir.
Copy that. Secure perimeter.
Secure east wing.
Yes, sir.
May I speak to Inspector Hasani?
I thought people like you are used to
the bad habit of people
showing up uninvited.
But when I showed up at your house
and made my way in
your mom and sisters weren't pleased.
Hey, don't you dare touch my family.
If you touch them, you're finished!
Inspector Hasani...
Don't threaten me.
I'm just returning the favor.
What do our elders say?
What you give is what you'll get back.
Let go!
- Hey!
- Let go!
If you touch my family,
Let go of me!
I will kill you!
Listen, Inspector.
I have a shipment tomorrow.
I want my business to run smoothly.
No police.
I will borrow your sister.
As they say in English,
she'll be your "collateral."
Bravo, report your status!
Hurry up!
Sani, Khai!
Hurry, Khai!
Khai! Sani!
Mom! Wake up, Mom!
Where's Anis?
Talk to me!
What happened?
Where's Anis?
We've secured the perimeters,
and we got roadblocks at all exits.
IT team is scanning all our databases.
We'll move as soon as we get something.
How's Sani?
His mom is in the ICU.
But she's stable now.
Miss, have a drink first.
Tell him we're doing everything we can
to find his sister.
If there is any update,
I'll tell him myself.
Sani, listen to me!
It's all my fault, Khai!
I was so busy chasing after them.
I forgot about my mom and my sisters.
It's my fault. It's all because of me!
It's not your fault.
I've been through this before,
don't you remember?
I know how you feel.
Whatever happens, family comes first.
Sitting here and beating yourself up
won't solve anything.
There are things in this world
that we humans can't control.
It's our effort to fix whatever we can.
That's the most important thing.
We'll find Anis and bring her home.
Excuse me, sir. Our witness is awake.
My father wasn't a bad person.
He did all that to pay for
my mom's treatment. That's all.
They took my sister.
I'm sorry, Sani.
I never thought it would come to this.
My father wanted out.
But they forced him.
They threatened him.
They threatened me too.
He told me to go to Singapore.
He wanted me to be safe.
Since I left,
I never heard a word from him.
Until one day,
I got a letter from him.
It's not that I don't want
to listen to this.
But right now, I need to know.
-Where have they taken my sister?
-I really don't know anything about that.
Frankly speaking,
you're the only lead we have right now.
We need your cooperation.
I'm sorry.
But I really don't know anything.
Did you recognize anything?
This tattoo.
I think it's the same one I saw
on the man who burnt my house.
This tattoo?
Where are you going?
Mat Yam!
Mat Yam!
Mat Yam!
We've been seeing that tattoo
on your back a lot lately.
Especially in the morgue.
Your friends have caused
us a lot of problems.
We're losing patience. So, you either
tell us what we want to know.
Or we go talk back at the morgue.
I swear I don't know anything.
I don't do those things anymore.
I don't know, I swear.
I'm clean. I'm a holy man now.
Are you going to talk or not?
Look at my face.
I'm a new man now. A holy man!
You're being very difficult.
I really don't know!
I don't! You understand?
Are you going to tell us or not?
-I don't know.
-You don't? Okay.
Let's cut the crap. Talk to this!
On the count of three. One!
-What are you doing?
Tell him! Quick!
I remember. Yes, I remember now.
I remember.
If you remember, say it!
Jerebak Island, 4:00 p.m.
Today, he's doing business
with Thais there.
I remember. Yes, I remember now.
You could've just told us earlier, right?
Good acting!
What acting?
Arrange that side!
Hurry, move those barrels!
-You guys are damn slow!
-Move the barrels!
According to Mat Yam,
they're moving from here to here.
Are you sure about that?
He was going to wet his pants.
I'm sure he wasn't lying.
- Faster.
- Faster!
- How do you do your job?
- Slow like an old man.
Do it faster!
They have my sister, sir.
They can do anything they want
at any time.
You've got to help me, sir.
Don't think that I don't want to help you.
We have to know how many men they have
and who they are doing business with.
We're talking about life and death.
-We can't just rush in blindly.
-Sir, everything is right there.
-We don't have time.
-I don't have enough men.
We'll do it, sir.
We're all you need, sir.
We can do it.
Zone 2. Ask the nearest unit to Number 7.
Rafael. Did the police make any moves?
Nothing so far, boss.
Looks like they don't know the plan.
Keep scanning and open your ears.
Hello, Captain Wazir.
Mokhtar speaking.
Sir, I need your help.
We found the guys who messed with us.
I'd like to request for reinforcements.
I need to borrow some men.
Two of your best men, sir.
Boss, they're here.
Right on time.
What are you doing? Faster!
Where are you?
It's been a while.
How are you?
I heard that you're having problems
with the suppliers.
He's asking if you had a problem
with your chemist.
You tell him not to listen to rumors.
My chemist is okay. No problem.
He wants to know
if the quality is the same as before.
It's the same.
My product is always top-notch.
I'm not the kind to waste your time.
-Okay, pack it up!
-Take these.
I think six bullets
won't be enough this time.
We got two men from Special Forces.
Inspector Ayub.
Inspector Harun.
They hit us yesterday.
It was hard.
But that's okay.
That was just the first half.
This time around.
We'll make it ours.
Don't bother taking any prisoners.
Guys, standby.
We're almost there.
Boss, hold on. Something seems wrong.
Rafael, anything on the police radio?
Rafael, come in! Rafael!
There's nothing on the radio.
Are you sure? Listen carefully!
Yes, boss.
You fool! I want to know
what's happening. Go ask him!
If there's a problem, tell us!
You tell him there's no problem.
If there's a problem, I'll tell you.
What are you doing?
What do you think I'm doing?
I'm fishing of course. Idiot!
Get out of here!
You can't fish here.
Since when is fishing not allowed here?
I've been fishing for two years.
I've never seen any sign here saying,
"No fishing allowed."
You see this?
-I'm off.
I forgot, I'm on holiday.
I'm sorry.
It's just a fisherman.
What did I say? No problem!
Everything's fine.
It's a nice day. The weather is great.
Don't worry. Everything's fine.
You got what you came for.
What did he say?
He said nothing happened. Don't worry.
I thought there's a problem.
My heart almost sank.
As always.
-It was good doing business with you.
-So was I.
You son of a bitch! You're a traitor.
He said that you...
Okay, Harun, Ayub, cover us.
We head for the shack.
Give us a break!
Sani, cover me!
Anis, are you okay? Are you hurt?
Did they do anything to you?
Did they hurt you?
No? Are you okay? Sure?
Thank you for your concern.
I'm fine. Took a bullet, that's all.
Relax, it's just one bullet.
Ayub, come in.
Stick to the plan. Hostage is secured.
Roger. I'm on my way.
Cover me.
Anis, stay here.
Are you okay?
Just a scratch.
Just make sure you
don't slow us down okay?
Anis, you stay safe.
Stay down. Be careful.
All right, let's go! Move!
Get the money!
Come here, Khai!
-Khai come in! Where are you?
What are you doing?
Khai, don't tell my mom about this!
Tell me you're not going to do
what I think you're going to do.
Tell me it's not what it looks like.
Hey! Behind us!
I need a light, Khai!
I thought you were dead.
You think you're the only
exemplary cop around?
Let's go.
My leg.
Exemplary cops must be tough!
Where's my sister?
It hurts.
I guess you were right.
Six bullets wouldn't have been enough.
How does it feel?
Feels good to get shot?
Well, it stings a little.
It's kind of ticklish actually.
You know what?
This time, I lose
because you were
the real Jackie Chan there.
You talk about Jackie Chan.
Have you seen any of his films?
So, today is Tuesday.
My achievement today, getting shot.
Anis is here.
Just play along.
Play along to what?
Just play along.
It hurts!
Hold my hand.
This is my last day.
-Please don't say that.
-My sister.
Khai, he'll be okay, right?
Anis, you have to listen to me.
These could be my last words.
From today onward,
you have to promise me.
That you won't ever go out with this guy.
Anis, don't go out with this guy.
Gosh, that's not funny!
That hurts!
Serves you right!
Your stupid jokes are really not funny!
Hey, be nice. I've been shot!
Sorry about that.
Didn't mean to overreact just now.
Now, this is going to
make me die for real.
Makes me want to throw up.
It hurts!
Hurry, Khai!
Call an ambulance. Get me to the hospital.
You're too heavy!
Let Khai carry me.
I'd rather walk on my own
if you're going to be so rough.
I'm in pain!
Anis, are you okay?
Call them. Let's eat.
Khai, let's have lunch.
Let's eat, ma'am.
Come on, let's eat.
You can talk after lunch.
Bring your mom. She must be starving.
Let's eat.
Stop hassling them.
But it's time to eat!
Anis, pass this to ma'am.
She can't eat this!
-Which one do you want, Mom?
-Bring me some snacks.
Ma'am, don't eat too much of those sweets.
You don't want to get diabetes.
Let's eat.
How does it taste?
To the side. It's flying high!
It's coming down!
Isn't this place beautiful?
We used to play here when we were kids.
My supervisor in KL told me to come here.
He wanted me to unwind.
Now I know what he meant.
You know what?
When I found out
someone from KL was coming to help me,
I wonder what kind of person
they were sending over.
I bet he'd be an arrogant prick.
So I waited and waited.
He didn't turn out to be arrogant.
But he was crazy!
Jumping all over the place,
diving into the fire.
You're not that different yourself.
Driving that forklift, fire trailing you.
Then jumping off! Like Gay Bond!
Are you mocking me now?
Wait, why Gay Bond?
Yes, Gay Bond.
James Bond!
-No, you're Gay Bond!
-You're so full of it!
Hey, I just realized.
You've not smoked the whole day.
Starting to care for your lungs?
-Not really.
Your sister doesn't like smokers.
Now you're starting to get on my nerves!
We can keep being partners.
Don't try to do anything with my sister.
Why not?
-Why not? I'll punch you in the face.
-Are you going to punch me in the face?
-Do you think I don't dare to?
-I didn't say that, but go ahead. Try it.
-Khai, let's take a photo!
-Gosh, that voice.
Excuse me, my future wife is calling.
Jeez, my ears are going to bleed.
Hey, Khai!
Remember Khai, you're in Terengganu.
We have rules here.
It's the land of the sacred.