Polis Evo 3 (2023) Movie Script

20 years, I've been doing this.
No one's dared mess with me.
You know why?
Because every night.....
Sorry Chao, it's the dust.
It's not his fault.
His nose is too small.
Because every night...
...when I fall asleep,...
...and wake up
with sweaty armpits.
It's a sign.
Someone must be playing me.
Oh God, oh God.
Is it leaking?
-Gross! Wipe it off!
You're disgusting.
Thanks, bro.
Just this week,
I was raided twice!
Five kilos of cocaine, gone!
All since you two showed up.
Now start talking.
Between you two,...
...who's the cop?
I've got nothing to do with it!
Then prove it. Now!
You ever seen a cop this weak?
No, right?
-You're weak, I know.
But what about him?
It's steroids, Chao.
Can I lift? Nope.
Alright then.
Fadil, I have a question.
Could a cop kill an innocent man?
How would I know?
We're not cops.
We're gangsters!
We wouldn't know.
I want you to shoot him.
Prove to me that you...
...are a gangster, not a cop!
Chao, let's talk this out.
Shut up!
Do it, or I'll shoot you instead!
I didn't think you had the balls!
Fadil, no more pushing
drugs for you.
You'll be my assistant, yeah?
Personal assistant.
Jambu! What's wrong?
How about now?
Armpits sweaty yet?
Damn, that was loud.
Didn't we swear
no more crazy stunts?
Chill. We're wearing vests. Here.
A souvenir.
People wear vests
to avoid bullets,...
...not chase them.
Let's go, we're late.
Damn he's heavy!
Full of crap, that's why.
Go, go.
Hold up.
Hey! Look at our boss, wild night!
You call that wild?
It's not wild until
you've partied with me!
Cops! Cops!
Everybody! Calm down.
Let's work this out.
There's a time to play rough,...
...and there's a time
to play nice.
What is all this?
You think you're tough?
Let's be sensible!
Let's all be sensible!
Why do you need machetes?
You have a deathwish?
Is life that cheap to you?
Khai! Be sensible, Khai!
That's right!
Be sensible!
No, Khai! You be sensible!
There's just the two of us.
Don't be an idiot!
What are you waiting for?
That's my head, idiot!
You trying to kill me?
Is that all you've got, Chao?
That's it?
You had to say it, huh?
-Say it from hell!
Let's go, Khai!
Damn it!
What now?
-I only see one way out.
Nothing else?
How about a door?
Do you see a door?
Do you?
My shoulder blades!
Khai! You swore,
no more crazy stunts!
When will it end?
When we retire.
Where are you taking me?
-Get in!
I'd rather die,...
...than sleep in jail, got it?
How about a short nap?
Sani, get going!
Shut up, I've got this!
What's wrong with you? You know
I'm getting married, right?
Fasola, package en route.
You made me jump three stories!
And now this.
Where did you find these guys?
Sani, standby.
Not again.
-You got a better idea?
-God help us!
That was intense!
Did you see that?
Where you off to?
Run! Run!
-Go, go!
Can't they give us a break?
You're giving them a break!
Where's your gun?
Shoot back! Moron!
-You trust me right?
You trust me right?
I'm gonna die!
Fasola. Package needs
"hand delivery".
Go right!
Brakes. Brakes.
Hit the brakes!
-It's not working!
Please, enough already!
Oh crap! That's bad.
Get down!
You're Muslim?
Stop shooting at me!
Quick! Run!
Police! Drop your weapons!
Drop them!
Move! Move! Move!
Drop it!
-On the ground!
On the ground now!
Awesome, Inspector Julie.
Please arrest me, ma'am.
Lock me up.
Get me away from these two.
Ma'am! Ma'am!
Who knew,...
...there's a method
to your madness.
I'm the method.
-He's the madness.
Lucky my face is okay.
Or it'll ruin my wedding.
You're getting married?
-Why not?
Is that so hard to believe?
Lucky you.
Damn straight.
Look who's your partner.
Aren't you lucky?
-Yeah, right.
Good morning!
Early morning?
-Early? The sun's already high.
You're just too busy with your car.
Here, let me help.
-Thanks, Anis.
Cik Mah, come join us.
Over here. There's space.
Okay, mom.
Stop polishing your body.
Come polish my car.
Get down. Here.
Enough flexing. Let's go.
Yes, Officer Sani. As you command.
Want to see the wedding dress?
How about tomorrow?
Look. Why the long face?
You guys fighting again?
I saw her Facebook last night.
It says "it's complicated."
What did you do this time?
What, me?
-Who else?
You did this!
Because of you and
your wedding plans,...
...now she wants the same from me.
Enough, let's get this done.
So what's the issue?
You've been together for so long.
She's not wrong to ask.
Just propose. What's your problem?
I really don't get you two.
When you're in love,...
...it's so sweet,
it makes me sick.
But, when you
fight, it's hellish!
I'm not you.
Starting a family, I.....
Forget it.
You won't understand.
Poor tough guy,
stop being a chicken!
Good God. Hey!
Mimi! Hey!
Keep hugging that tree!
Hug it until it hugs you back!
Come here!
Kids these days.
You're so mean, Sani.
I made some fish curry.
There's extra,...
...I thought I'd give some
to Khai.
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Why did you cook so much anyway?
How much can you eat?
Have you no shame?
Khai's taken.
He is?
Well, I don't see a ring!
Watch it!
-Thank you.
My pleasure.
See you.
Wow. Someone's friendly today!
Here she comes.
-So being friendly is wrong?
Fine, I'll be unfriendly!
I'm taking these
before they go bad.
Anyone else sending more food?
I'm opening a stall!
Such a waste!
Come on, I didn't ask for it.
There! Showing off your nipples.
That's not asking for it?
Where's your shame?
She's right.
Plus, your nipples weird me out.
They look droopy.
You know Rambo, right?
They're like his eyes.
And you! All you care
about is your car!
Have you even gotten the ring yet?
Hold up now. Listen.
Keep your fight between you two.
Don't drag me into it.
The ring can wait
but the car's buyer won't.
And that pays for the dowry too.
I've got this!
Look at my brother.
He's giving up his "steel wife"
for a real wife.
And they've only just met.
How long has it been for us?
One thousand one hundred
thirty eight days,...
...and eleven hours.
Oh, you can count.
You care.
I thought you didn't.
You're getting married,
so why am I the one stressed?
No, wrong question.
The real question is,...
...how do you put up
with my sister,...
...when I'm her brother
and I can't?
Learn to wear a shirt!
Yeah, you should,
I can't handle your nipples.
They look so sad.
Can't they smile a bit?
Dude, stop.
With nipples like that...
...how can I?
You, make them stop.
Thank you.
Wait for daddy, okay?
Just a while.
You've got me, right?
What else do you want?
-Your choice is simple.
Set off the main bomb and...
...your family will be safe.
Or give up your wife and daughter.
And all those civilians will live.
Choose, to whom your duty...
...lies with.
Mama, where's daddy?
He should be here by now.
He's not picking up his phone.
Need a car washed,
I'm your man.
Need me to catch a bullet,
I'm your man too.
But this,...
...how would I know?
Khai, come on.
We came all this way.
You're my best man.
I need you!
But I've never shopped for a woman!
And I had never taken a bullet,...
...until I met you. Choose.
This one.
Dude, seriously.
That'll bankrupt me.
You told me to choose, right?
-What about the others?
Why did you have to...
...pick this one? It costs a bomb.
Sani, don't they say
the more you sacrifice,...
...the greater
your love is for her?
This tough guy,...
...really knows a woman's heart.
This guy? Uncle, no way.
You got the wrong guy.
Yes, sir.
It's a limited edition.
Extremely rare.
Available only every ten years.
Yes, sir.
Khai, he said it's limited edition.
Once every ten years.
HQ called. Let's go.
Wait. This is more important.
We settle this first.
If you want cheap,
we have lots of options.
Come on, Uncle.
Forget cheap.
I'll take the expensive one.
Do you have extra cash?
Or a card? Lend me some.
How much?
-Not much. Hold on.
I've got...
Just nice.
All I need another six thousand.
Only six thousand.
You're lucky I don't
charge interest,...
...or I'd be rich by now.
So calculative!
I gave you my sister!
Thank you.
-You're welcome, Uncle.
For wife number two and three,...
...do come again, yeah?
If God wills it.
Inspector Dani Khir.
ACP Farouk brought me in.
Dell. Done your digging?
On this pretty boy?
I WhatsApped you yesterday.
You did?
Oh, I forgot I muted you.
Too many TikTok videos.
Bomb expert.
Not a bad record for a pretty boy.
Better than "not bad," I'd say.
Here come the whackos.
New face. Must be a big case.
Bro, what's up?
Grab a seat.
ACP Farouk Ar-bain.
Unit D9, Special
Investigations, HQ.
I brought you here today...
...for a special operation.
Ops Siong.
Two weeks ago,...
...two of our men
were killed in cold blood.
Last night,...
...we lost another.
I'm sure you've heard,...
...about the attack
in Penang yesterday.
Twenty two civilians dead.
All these casualties...
...because of one man.
Reza Rashid.
An ex-cop.
Last we heard of him,...
...he burned down his own house,...
...with himself in it.
He was presumed dead.
But last night.
He was spotted.
-I just got back...
...from the bomb site.
Based on the wreckage,
we know for sure.
Semtex. A favourite
of the Thai military.
But something this rare
is hard to get.
Unless you're Gaya Anuwat.
Notorious arms smuggler
in southern Thailand.
Her modus operandi:
burner phones.
That's how she
contacts her clients.
Our mission:
infiltrate her hideout.
Grab those phones.
And trace their call logs...
...until we find Reza.
But listen,...
...do not touch Gaya.
She mustn't know we were there.
-Yes, sir.
Chief, we're clear. Marjina?
In position, Kassim.
Enemy down. Coast is clear.
10 minutes 'til guard rotation.
Remember our mission.
In and out. Quiet as a mouse.
Sir, you sure it's Reza?
It's him, Khai.
After Ops Sabrum,...
...he went rogue.
You saw what he became, right?
Did you guys know,...
...Reza and Khai,...
...were partners?
Khai. What we do is rooted in...
...our oath as officers
of the law.
I trust you know your duty.
So, it's true.
He was your partner?
Now I know where
you got your crazy side.
Lucky you've got me now,...
...or you'd be a real mess.
You're right.
A real mess.
We're out of beer.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Five minutes.
Yes? Your Semtex has arrived.
Exactly like what you want.
Rafael will send it by tonight.
I don't know and I don't care...
...what you want to do with them.
Whatever you do,...
...none of it will come back to me.
You understand?
Okay. Nice doing
business with you.
Don't move.
Hand me the phone.
You want?
Go get.
Khai what's going on? Let's go!
There's one more phone.
Kassim, situation report?
Cover's blown! They saw us!
Go, go, go!
-Damn it!
Four Tangos, ground floor unsafe!
-Tangos moving in.
At least a dozen.
Get out through the balcony, now!
Khai, move it!
This could be the "Reza" phone!
Dani! Now!
Get in!
-Sani, move!
Julie, cover us!
-Covering fire!
Didn't we swear
no more crazy stunts?
It's just one floor!
Move, move!
Sani! Dani! Move, move!
Go, go!
Backup incoming, six o'clock!
-Dani, go!
Sani, go!
-You first!
Oh God!
Go, go!
Get in! Get in!
I ordered you to be discreet.
Not start a shootout!
Are you aware you've
jeopardized this operation?
What if this gets to Reza?
If I hadn't taken
the last phone,...
...and it was Reza's,...
...wouldn't that be worse?
-You disobeyed my order!
Not all orders are right, sir!
On behalf of everyone,
I apologize for what happened.
Things got out of hand.
But if that last phone
is Reza's,...
...and Khai hadn't taken it,...
...our operation would've
been for nothing, sir.
Dell. Crack those phones open.
Find Reza. I want to end this!
Oh my God.
Still so much to do.
Will it ever end?
Sorry for troubling you, Cik Mah.
It's no trouble.
Today, it's your son's wedding.
Soon, it'll be my son's.
When that day comes,...
...it'll be with my daughter too.
Looking at these two,...
...will that ever happen?
You guys used to mock me.
Now look who's getting
married first.
Oh, so you are getting married?
You eat like you aren't.
Good luck fitting into your suit.
So unfair.
Always lashing out at me.
This is all your fault!
Just propose already!
What about your work friends?
Any more to invite?
He's been sitting on it all week.
Quiet, the grown ups are talking.
Or this fish will make you.
Kids today. So annoying.
Leave it. I'll do it later.
It's fine.
Just leave it.
I'm going to the night market,...
...to get something. Coming?
We just ate.
Maybe later.
We need to talk.
Oh okay, we're going.
Let's go.
What about the colour
of your suit?
My suit, definitely blue.
Since we're boys in blue.
-Khatijah agreed?
Mom, I'm paying.
She has to agree.
Here's the catering bill.
Pay up, we need
to book them soon.
What? Eleven thousand ringgit?
No way! Cancel this.
It's the cheapest one!
-You call eleven grand cheap?
If that's cheap,...
...Khai should
just slaughter a cow.
Better yet, two cows. Our
neighbors can come, grab, and go.
Like a drive through.
-That's not right, Sani.
Starbucks does it,
and nobody complains.
Where are you two going?
Just the night market.
-Not alone, you're not.
Hanky panky invites the devil.
But Sani,
isn't that like inviting you?
Sani! We're not done.
PM me later.
-And this?
Cancel it. Gotta go.
This is a disaster.
It's okay, it'll be fine.
Am I wrong?
For thinking about us?
It's not that.
Then, what is it?
You know my feelings for you,
right Anis?
How could I?
You won't open up.
Tell me now.
Why do you keep me hanging?
I'm a cop and even that
I mess up sometimes.
And with this.....
Just spit it out already!
What if I die on duty?
Do you want to be a widow?
My dad was a cop.
My brother too.
I'm not new to this.
That's why I shouldn't add
to your worries.
Marriage won't change how much
I already worry for you.
Nothing will change.
Life is uncertain.
I could be the first to go.
Not on my watch.
As long as I'm here,...
...I won't let anything
happen to you.
Anis, stay here,
until I get back. Got it?
-Fighting again?
Reza's here!
-Hold this!
Where'd he go?
Khai, Khai!
Let's split up.
Be careful.
Hello, Inspector.
Get up!
Inspector Khai.
Let him go, Reza.
-You think you're safe behind me?
This is too easy.
Take the shot, Khai.
Shoot him!
You're gonna shoot me, Khai?
Do it.
I thought so.
Get him!
What's wrong with you?
Dell, what's the hold up?
I don't care what it takes,...
...I want that scumbag tonight!
Got it?
Good. Then get to it.
You're just like your late father.
Always giving me heart attacks!
Stop worrying, Mom.
I know I'm getting married.
Ow. Ouch!
Damn it, take it easy!
You're one to say.
Always finding trouble!
Are you new here?
Yes, I transferred from Besut.
I'm not the one in trouble,
somebody else is.
If you need anything to eat,
or drink,...
...just let me know, yeah?
-It's okay. I'm not thirsty yet.
Having fun?
What's going on here?
You. Your orders
are to watch my house.
Not my sister.
Don't even try!
Sorry, bro.
-Who you calling "bro"?
Sorry, sir! I'm sorry.
-Yes, sir!
Did he get your Facebook?
There'd better not be any DMs.
It won't go well.
Fine, be mad! I'm just saying!
Didn't you see that?
You call yourself a big brother?
That and I.....
Reza? Your ex-partner?
We go way back.
Since the Academy.
After graduation,
Farouk pulled us...
...into Ops Sabrum.
A special ops
for terrorist cells in Malaysia.
IED. Ammonium nitrate,
three drums,...
...fifty five gallons. C4 charge.
Twelve kilos.
Timer, seven minutes.
If this thing blows,...
...it'll take the whole building.
EOD, sir?
-No time.
I'm contacting HQ.
-Copy, sir.
Request for evac.
Is HQ on?
Inspector Shan, EOD HQ.
Can you describe the IED?
Digital timer.
Brown, green and blue.
The TT4 cables?
-Black and red, sir.
Okay. If the blue connects
to the C4,...
...cut it.
Faizal, come in.
Faizal, do you copy?
If you love your wife,...
...you and your friends
should leave now!
Faizal, do you hear me?
Sorry. Shan, say again.
Which cable?
Reza, what the hell?
Are you crazy?
Khai, it's Farah!
Sir! They made contact!
They have Farah, sir!
Reza, listen.
I tracked the call.
I sent a team over.
Sir, there's only
five minutes left!
Khai, there's no time!
Get yourself together!
-It's Farah!
I know! But let Farouk handle her.
Our job is here!
Please, help me.
Hang in there, love.
Patch me to Khai.
Khai, listen.
This is a direct line.
Only you and me.
300 civilians are at risk.
And we can't evacuate.
300 lives, Khai!
This mission depends on you.
I promise. Whatever happens,...
...someone will come for you. Okay?
Khai, you're out of time!
Damned if you do,
damned if you don't.
If Reza shows up,...
...these cops don't stand a chance.
I just spoke to Dell.
I told him to speed up the search.
He's working on it.
When we find Reza, this ends.
Khai. Remember our time
on the island?
Nothing could be worse.
We're stronger now.
We're stronger.
Cause you got baos, get it?
Okay, thanks.
You know how many stalls
it took,...
...to find your stupid bao?
Don't curse in front of the bao.
And you complain you're fat.
My job only needs
strong fingers, right?
-Sani just yelled at me.
Now he's sending his muscle?
You okay?
I need a minute with Dell.
Don't make me nervous.
No. I just wanted to ask,...
...if I can do anything to help.
I know you're worried.
But these things take time.
Old machines. I have to do it
manually, one by one.
Scan Gaya's call logs.
Then match them
with Reza's movements.
Banting, Muar, Penang.
And recently Kuala Terengganu.
But there's progress.
I can confirm that
these five phones.....
Oh God! Dell!
Don't sweat it.
It's okay. Chill.
Sorry, Dell. Sorry.
-It's okay.
My table's used to it.
Those documents don't matter.
I don't know why I'm here.
I shouldn't be here.
Spills my coffee, then runs?
What's going on?
Just missed your voice.
Yeah, right.
I mean.....
I just wanted to say,...
...you give me peace.
Are you okay?
But I've been so selfish.
You could've been happier.
Please forgive me?
Why are you saying this?
Sorry I woke you.
"Sultan Mizan Stadium. 0200.
Let's talk - Khai."
We're almost there.
I know. I can't wait
for our first time too.
No. I mean,
the first time we pray together
Yes. I'll be your Imam.
Praise God.
Good night, I love you.
You weren't listening, right?
Something's wrong.
"Assalamualaikum," Khai.
"Waalaikumussalam," Reza.
Didn't think you'd show.
For old time's sake,...
...why not.
10 years, Reza.
10 years, I thought you were dead.
Like you'd care,...
...if I were dead?
You're so happy now with.....
What's her name?
...Ops Sabrum...
What happened then...
...had scarred me for life.
Lucky dog.
My wounds still bleed.
You know,...
...Farah would've loved it,...
...seeing you happy with a girl.
Remember how Farah...
...always wanted to set you up?
Forgive me...
...for what happened to Farah.
For what happened to you.
If you brought me here...
...just to say sorry,...
...it's too late!
-You know why I did it!
I know!
And I know you've never known...
...anything beyond your duty.
Enough Reza!
How many more innocents...
...need to die?
What did Farah have to do...
...with Ops Sabrum?
You've always wanted this, right?
Finish what I started.
But promise me...
...this ends now!
Swear it!
Do it!
-None of this is up to you!
For you, Khai.
It can't be this easy.
I've waited this long...
...what's a few more days?
Don't move! Stay down!
What are you guys doing?
Damn you, Khai!
Stay down!
What a crowd!
Just like old times.
Once a snake,...
...always a snake!
Don't you love my sister?
-Do you love her or not?
You know my intentions.
To hell with your intentions.
I don't want to hear it!
Answer me, do you love Anis or not?
Because if you really did,...
...you wouldn't be this stupid!
It's because I love our family,...
...that I did it!
I know him too well!
He has marked our family.
Don't you get it?
So you put that mark
on your head instead?
Khai, if you had died
back there,...
...what would I tell Anis?
What would I tell your mom?
I didn't ask you to be involved.
Khai, you should know.
You're my partner,...
...my friend,...
...my family.
Your worries are mine.
Your burdens are my burdens too.
That's all you need to know.
We hacked Reza's phone.
His last call was to Gaya.
20 kilos of Semtex.
Now we need to know
where he's keeping it.
Yes, sir.
Reza. Look.
It's been a long day.
And I'm tired.
How 'bout you work with us?
Do this the easy way.
Just tell us where the bomb is.
Let's get it over with.
It hurts, huh?
When those we trust,...
...sneak behind our backs.
This was our plan all along.
You know that, right?
Khai and I are tight.
If you guys are so tight,...
...why are you in here,...
...and he's back there?
Reza, don't bother with mind games.
I won't fall for it.
Mind games?
You're living with a tiger,...
...not a kitten.
When it's time,...
...he'll eat you alive.
My question's simple, Reza.
Where's the bomb? That's all.
I put my life,...
...my family's life,
in Khai's hands.
But look...
...where that got me.
You did it to yourself, Reza.
Then what's this?
Which cable? Over.
Come in!
What the hell are you doing?
Reza, calm down. Listen to me.
They're going to save Farah.
This is Farah! My family!
And you trust Farouk?
You believe him?
Tell me! Are you stupid?
How is five minutes...
...enough to save Farah?
Reza! I know they will!
Now I have to figure out
how to save Farah!
And you're stopping me?
-Reza, you have to think...
...of the 300 lives
in this building!
All I care about is Farah!
Only Farah!
You're a brother to her!
Update on Farah!
There's nothing to update!
Reza! Calm down!
You want me to calm down?
That's my wife!
My family! My duty!
Now I ask you.
If you had a family,...
...where would your duty lie?
To them? Or your job?
Khai? We're out of time!
You'd shoot me? I can't believe.
-Reza! Reza!
You're a brother to her!
And now you'd kill me?
How dare you?
First they'd kill Farah.
And now you'd kill me!
Khai! Stop the bomb now!
This is an order!
Do you copy?
Come in! Which cable?
Blue! Cut the blue cable!
Blue! Roger!
Reza, I'm here.
Look at me!
Medivac! Sabrum 01 down!
Sabrum 01 down!
Stay with me!
They're going to save Farah.
Khai did this!
Did you know?
I knew.
Do you want to know,...
...how I survived,...
...10 years ago?
Because in that fire,...
...I found my purpose.
My real duty...
...to teach them the meaning...
...of loss and suffering.
When the people they love,...
...their reason for being,...
...are viciously stolen from them!
I've had quite enough...
...of your stories.
It's your turn to listen.
My question is simple.
Where's the bomb? That's all.
We're the same, you and I.
We are family men.
Now tell me.
How far would you go...
...if anything happened...
...to your mother?
Don't you dare say their names!
Like I said.
You and I are the same.
Shut the hell up!
Inspector Sani!
Dell found the bomb.
Officer Farouk.
Some things don't change, huh?
Barking orders...
...to your men.
To do all your dirty work.
Everyday I think of
the decision...
...I made that changed your life.
I know the choices I've made.
Do you?
Do you know what you've done?
All those lives you've taken?
I accept the weight of my duty.
That's why I'm throwing you...
...in the darkest cell
in Kamunting!
Take him!
By triangulating...
...Reza's phone 48 hours ago,...
...the bomb is in this building.
It's a big building, Dell.
We're dead if the bomb is timed.
Not if you let me finish.
Class isn't over.
Based on Reza's phone signal,...
...my best estimate is...
...the middle floors.
Got it?
Let's finish this.
I'm over it. What a pain.
What Reza said.....
About the tiger and the kitten?
You and me,...
...it's not the same.
Move, move, move!
Move, move, move!
-Bravo 3-2 clear!
Bravo 2-2 clear!
Eagle! Prisoner's bleeding!
Code red!
PTV, pull over now!
PTV! Respond!
Pull over now!
This is an order. Pull over!
Ashraf! Close in!
Officer Farouk!
Thanks for the ride!
Ashraf! Step on it!
How 'bout now?
Having fun yet, Farouk?
I can do this all day!
Come on!
Damn it!
Get him Ashraf!
Move! Move! Move!
Man down! Medic!
All clear.
Dani, over here.
Get up.
You look pathetic.
What more, Reza?
I'm not like you.
I want you to call your wife.
I want to give you a chance.
The one you never gave me.
I forgot my plans with your mom.
The chicken's on the stove.
Should be done soon.
Remember to turn it off.
See you later.
Let go!
Don't be scared.
I'm not just anyone.
I'm Khai's friend too.
Don't worry about...
...what happens to me.
My duty is yours now.
Make sure Reza rots in prison!
Khai, Khai!
Remember what you said?
That we're not like that?
You know he's going
to kill Anis, right?
I know.
-Do you?
I know!
I know.
This time, no second guessing.
We're taking him down.
Khai. Eight o'clock tonight,
at Bukit Bintang.
Okay, facial recognition on.
Come on, Mr. Bomb.
Where are you hiding?
Game's on.
Let's play along.
Dell, what about the CCTVs here?
I'm on it. It's Bukit Bintang
Station, friend.
There's thousands of faces to scan.
We found Anis.
Food truck, in front of McDonalds.
No sign of Reza but there's a CCTV.
Cover us.
Anis, you okay?
-Stay back!
There's a bomb on her.
Hey, that's not fair.
Drop your comms...
...into the glass.
Please sit.
I brought you presents.
Open them.
The vest on Anis,...
...will kill only her.
But there's another bomb,...
...the one you're looking for.
20 kilos of Semtex.
You know what that can do.
Guys, I think I found it.
In the vents.
Anis, look at me.
Now choose, Inspectors.
Save your beloved Anis,...
...or everyone else.
Just cut the blue wire!
But so you know,...
...if you do it,...
...20 kilos of Semtex goes off.
And if your friends...
...find the Semtex first,...
...and disarm it,...
...Anis gets blown to pieces.
So Inspectors,...
...the choice is yours.
Save your sweet Anis...
...or the lives of many.
Choose where your duty lies.
Your time starts now.
Anis. Remember what I said before?
As long as I'm here, I won't
let anything happen to you.
Julie. Julie, Julie, Julie.
You got it?
I have the package.
Disarming now.
Twin cut, ten seconds?
The bombs are connected!
Dani, come in!
Do not disarm!
It's a two bomb loop!
A loop?
I got bigger problems.
Reza has eyes here.
If he sees me, we're dead.
The jammer, use it.
Anis, listen. Don't panic,
there's still time.
Reza! I know you want revenge.
I get it!
But you.....
Do you think Farah
would want this?
Punishing innocent lives.
What have they done?
Reza, I know you're there.
Talk to me.
Dell, the camera is too far!
I can't reach!
-Come on!
If Dani can't reach
and Reza sees him,...
...how to cut the wires
at the same time?
We need to distract Reza.
-Any ideas?
I think so.
I can't just sit around like this.
Waiting for her to die!
-I know, Sani.
Dani might find
the Semtex anytime.
And your friend's gone quiet!
-This is his game.
He wants to play with us.
To hell with him and his game!
This is my sister's life!
So you'd let everyone else die?
Enough. Stop!
Please look up.
Stay calm, okay?
Anis, give me the cutter!
No, I can't.
Not like this.
How can I let those people
die for me?
Don't be stupid!
I want you to know I don't regret
a single day with you.
I'm so grateful.
I want you to promise me...
...promise me, you won't.....
Enough! Enough!
-What are you doing?
I'm choosing my duty.
And you?
Dell, we're out of time!
Khai said to cut at ten right?
So, cut at ten!
Do not touch that bomb.
This is how you repay me?
I brought you into my family,...
...and this is how you thank me?
After all I've done?
Reza was right.
-Sani, have you lost it?
You're a cop, Sani!
-I'm her brother first!
Hands off!
-I shot my partner once.
Don't think I won't do
it again. Sani.
If that's your choice.
Then do it.
Is this what you wanted, Reza?
Is this what you want?
Are you satisfied?
Show yourself!
Show yourself!
Wait for ten!
Damn it!
Sani, are you hurt?
I'm okay. It's fine.
I'm wearing a vest.
Just like you.
How dare you shoot my brother!
Cross my heart.
No more crazy stunts.
Anis, Anis, Anis.
You've never hugged me.
Why would you hug him?
We're outside, everyone's watching.
Behave. Okay?
Get down! Down!
Reza's in the building
right above them!
Dani, you copy?
Copy that. On my way.
Move! Move!
Damn it!
Dani, cover me! I'm going in!
Dani, medic!
-On the way!
Anis, stay here.
Stay here!
Dani, stay with them.
Let's go.
Move Khai. Move!
Twice now.
Twice you failed
to watch your six!
Get up!
Drop your weapon.
Why is betraying him so hard?
When it was so easy to betray me!
No second guessing, Khai.
-Shut up!
Don't hesitate, Khai!
Shut up! Until you've lived
with my pain,...
...my duty will never be done.
Okay! Okay! Reza.
It's me you want.
Let him go.
It's me you want, right?
Then take me. Take me!
Indeed. It's you that I want!
You want him? Take him!
Sani! Sani!
Sani. Sani!
Come on, Khai! Get up!
You know, Khai.....
That morning,...
...Farah told me that...
...she was three months pregnant.
She was carrying my child, Khai.
But you betrayed me.
You killed Farah.
You killed my child.
You took everything from me!
Damn you!
"Mohd Reza bin Mohd Rashid"
You okay?
Hasani bin Majid.
I hereby wed you to my daughter,...
...Khatijah binti Kassim
with a dowry of RM969.
I accept this marriage
to Khatijah binti Kassim...
...with a dowry of RM999.
I get it, you're a cop.
But that's the emergency hotline!
Good God! My bad.
I'm sorry.
-I'm nervous.
Hasani bin Majid.
I accept this marriage
to Khatijah binti Kassim.....
Wait, I'm not the one
getting married!
It's okay. Relax, dad.
Maybe you're a bit nervous.
-I'm nervous.
Nervous? Just relax, dad.
I'm not your dad yet.
Did I say 'dad'?
I'm so sorry. My bad.
Again. Hasani bin Majid.
I hereby wed you to my daughter,...
...Khatijah binti Kassim
with a dowry of RM969.
I accept the marriage
to Khatijah binti Kassim...
...with a dowry of RM969.
Praise God.
Sani's looking sharp today.
Khatijah looks even prettier.
Everyone was stunned.
That's because they haven't seen
you as a bride.
You'd be prettier, right?
If you would.....
Khai, I.....
"You" what?
Just spit it out already!
Of course I will!
God, how embarrassing!
Why are you smiling to yourself?
It's finally settled.
I'm just thankful.
Do I pass?
Your blessing, Sani.
My blessing?
You want my blessing?
I could give you my blessing.
I could give it anytime.
But you must promise me,...
...right here, that you're done.
Done with what?
-Swear by it.
You're done with
all your crazy stunts,...
...endangering people's lives,...
...and wreaking havoc everywhere.
It's a mess because of you,
you know that?
Hey, I didn't ask for any of that.
They asked for it.
-Like hell everyone did!
Rascal! It's all you! Okay?
Fine, if you're not done
with it,...
...no blessing from me. Simple.
Isn't having me in your life
already a blessing?
You? A blessing in my life?
More like a wrecking ball!
And now you want me as your...
...brother-in-law? No way.
If not for me in your life,
it would be super boring.
What's wrong?
-I suddenly feel sick.
Cut it out.
Okay, okay.
No one is more deserving
to be my brother-in-law.
Only you.
In that case,...
...Inspector Hasani,...
...I want to thank you
for all we've been through.
For our last five years together.
Inspector Khai.