Polish Wedding (1998) Movie Script

Where are you?
- Here.
- This your house?
What, are you crazy?
What about your foIks?
-What about your dad?
-He's at work.
And your ma?
Hey, what about your mother?
My mother's dead.
Do you Iike that?
- Who's that?
-I thought she was dead!
She was.
Got a smoke?
- HaIczia!
- Shit!
Wake up! I don't bake aII
night so that you sIeep aII day!
OK, you go first.
Where is everybody?
-Come on! Step on it, Sofie!
Mama hates to be Iate!
Don't dangIe him
Iike that, Ziggy!
Kaz! Witek!
Where is my breakfast?
HoId your horses, Ziggy.
Don't hang me out to dry.
Take this kid off my hands.
CIose that door!
''Mama, Mama, Mama.''
Where is your wife? I'm not
the onIy mom around here.
Ohh...poor chiId.
What kind of parents you have!
And a Gypsy for a mother.
This is your job.
Good morning, husband.
How was your meeting Iast night?
What meeting?
Your Iadies' meeting.
Like aIways.
Oh, Mother of God.
You're bIowing smoke
in the baby's face.
Mama, can't Ziggy
take care of his bundIe of joy?
No, Ziggy can't.
You heard Mama. That's your job.
Even high schooI dropouts
can't sIeep aII day.
Who wouId've taken care of him
if I hadn't dropped out, huh?
Huh? Huh? That's what
high schooI dropouts taIk Iike.
Good morning, Sofie.
You Iook paIe. Maybe baby?
I hope not. Isn't one enough?
Why no more babies, Ziggy?
What's the matter with her?
I want some grandchiIdren.
You've got one.
Hey! Can't you get him
to quit crying?
He can't stop crying. He just
reaIized you're his father.
Come on, Iet's go.
Hey, what?
Just Ieave me aIone.
Come on, what is this?
Hey, Ziggy. FuII day now.
Oh, Jesus. I'm tired aIready.
Hey, BoIciu, when
do you get your beauty sIeep?
WouIdn't you Iike to know, dear?
How I Iove this pIace.
What a coffee shop.
A man can reaIIy breathe here.
Sitting at the counter,
enjoying a good cup of coffee.
Sometimes, HaIczia,
at home, I feeI...
I feeI so...
HaIczia, when one day
you go Iook for a man,
Iook for a man Iike me, hmm?
Hey, Piotrusz. Have you
ever seen such a beauty? Hmm?
She is her mother's daughter.
I Iook at my wife,
and I Iook at myseIf,
and I say to myseIf,
''How did two such ugIy troIIs
give birth to such a Venus?''
And Venus' mother--how is she?
How is she? Good question.
Smart question.
How is she? Hmm.
She's...she's OK.
Nothing speciaI, you know.
A woman.
She certainIy is.
And a woman is born to be
both more and Iess than a man.
She must be above him...
and beneath him.
I'm a good baker.
I bake good bread.
She makes babies, I make bread.
That's no smaII thing, you know.
Excuse us, Iadies.
We don't exist for them.
Like they're something speciaI,
something better.
We exist for them.
We exist to cIean their toiIets.
You and I are
sensitive creatures, my Iamb.
Yes, Daddy,
we're sensitive creatures.
And sensitive creatures
need to be protected.
What are they doing in there?
-Be patient.
That's where they cut
the reaIIy big deaIs.
It's getting Iate.
You go home to your baby.
I'II finish up.
Thanks, Mama.
-Where did I put...ah.
You know I don't smoke.
I envy your wiIIpower.
You are a queen, Miss Jadwiga.
I know.
Everything about you
is dark, Roman.
Dark eyes...dark souI...
you are a Gypsy.
Not a Gypsy, Miss Jadwiga...
but a Jew.
Mrs. Jadwiga.
As you Iike. Now off,
before you break my back.
I'II break your back.
Mama's working Iate.
Hard day at work, Mama?
Why do you ask?
-It's Iate.
-So it is.
Where is HaIa?
Taking a bath.
-Looking for troubIe?
-You shouId be in bed, Schuster.
You won't bum
any beer off us.
Yeah, get your own.
Break it up,
or I'II card every one of youse.
What the heII is going on here?
Why is everybody trying
to fouI up my good mood?
Who's fouIing you up?
-Morning, Mr. P.
-This is the pinnacIe.
-Is someone under arrest?
-Not exactIy, Mrs. P.
I was hoping to catch one
of your sons, Witek or Kaz.
Around? They're fast asIeep.
Yeah, I guess
it is kind of earIy.
I just finished a doubIe shift.
I'm stiII wired.
You shouId be on your Iast Iegs.
I got a second wind.
Can I come in?
You shouId be on your Iast Iegs.
He got a second wind.
God damn it.
Pass me that hose, Kaz.
When you're finished, I've got
a few other things I need done.
She's got a few other things.
Witek, watch what you're doing.
Last time
you cIeaned the gutters,
your dead Ieaves
kiIIed my garden.
Who wiII heIp me
fIuke the dumpIings?
''Not me,'' said the fox.
Said the skunk.
Later, Mama, I promise.
I need some hands here now.
Mamusia moya.
You're a bad egg, Witek.
StiII need heIp, Mrs. P?
I do. Come in and cIean up.
And put some cIothes on--
aII of you.
-''Need heIp, Mrs. P?''
Go home and fIuke
your own dumpIings.
Have you any brothers
and sisters?
-I got a brother.
-One brother?
-There's just two of you?
-Yeah, just us two.
Two chiIdren.
What's the point of that?
You wouIdn't bake
just two cookies, wouId you?
-What's that stuff?
-Czarmina soup.
-Duck's bIood soup.
-Duck's bIood?
OnIy our mother and sister eat
it. They Iap it up Iike miIk.
You don't want any.
Maybe he does. Have some.
Mmm. Have some.
Last Sunday, the priest took
names for the Virgin's festivaI.
I gave him HaIa's name.
Maybe you Iead the procession
this year.
What I don't get is,
how does the priest know?
Know what?
If a girI's...you know.
How does he know she's a virgin?
He can teII.
Same way you can teII
if anyone's a virgin.
By Iooking.
In the eyes.
It's in the eyes.
-Without a doubt.
-Fuck you. I'm not a virgin.
You're a very bad girI.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy? You scared me!
I'II protect you.
-I thought you'd never come out.
-Scram, you jerk.
WaIk with me.
Let's go before they see us.
Where are we going?
Wherever our Iegs take us.
I'm waIking with you
because I trust you.
-I can trust you, can't I?
-I'm your guard.
And the one to guard against.
-Mama can't heIp you.
If you run, I'II chase you.
I'II have to.
Be boId.
I'm not unboId.
How boId are you?
Show me.
Be boIder.
Now...how boId are you?
Why'd you stop?
Get going.
Go on, go home.
HaIina...is that you?
You're not smoking in there,
I hope.
Oh, Ma.
Have a pickIe.
It's not the end
of the worId, Sofie!
Not for you.
No, you're right.
It'II give you nightmares.
Before concIuding mass today,
I have the pIeasure...
of announcing the girI chosen
to Iead the procession...
in this year's
FestivaI of the Virgin.
This year's procession
of the Virgin wiII be Ied by...
StanIey MisIinski.
MisIinski?! He can't be!
The procession wiII be Ied
by HaIa Pszoniak.
Of course, we aII know that to
Iead a Virgin's procession...
is a high
and soIemn priviIege...
reserved for one who embodies
aII we prize in womanIy virtue.
Innocence, chastity, and purity.
-The Lord be with you.
-And aIso with you.
May AImighty God bIess you.
The Father, the Son,
and the HoIy Spirit.
Go in peace to serve the Lord.
Thanks be to God.
Come to me.
Kiss my hand.
Don't hate me.
My foot...kiss it.
No. Not unIess I say.
Now you may kiss me.
Don't stop.
Oh, HaIa, I can't stop.
MAN: Schuster! Come on!
We're Iate! Let's go!
Why is everything spinning
around and around?
ChiIdbirth is
a straightforward thing.
WeII, I'm gIad it was
just a faIse aIarm.
Don't be Iike that, Mama.
You know what a hard time
Sofie had with our Iast one.
I've never had any troubIe.
Except when I brought HaIczia
into this worId.
Jesus and Mary,
did I suffer then.
I gave birth right there
on that couch.
My sons and husband
were eating dinner.
I said, ''Don't bother
yourseIves about me.
''How are the pirogis?''
Then I screamed...
and had my baby.
After LittIe Ziggy was born...
I couIdn't waIk for two months.
They cut me open.
StiII have the scar.
I have given birth seven times.
Five of my babies Iived.
Four of them are boys. Men.
They'II have famiIies,
and one day...
I'II have more grandchiIdren
than I can count.
This is my house.
These are my sons.
This is my husband, my bread,
my tabIe, my kitchen. Mine!
Sofie knows what's best
for her and me.
Sofie! What does
that Gypsy know?
-I'm Syrian.
-Same difference.
Certain things are not even
for you to decide.
You cannot come between
a husband and wife...
between man and God.
To heII with man and God.
HaIczia...it's positive.
Who are you, the angeI GabrieI?
Ziggy, the baby's crying!
Let him cry!
Shh. PIease stop crying.
PIease, pIease,
pIease stop crying.
PIease, pIease...be quiet!
Looking for this?
Let's see...it's my night off,
and we know what that means.
Another meeting of the PoIish
Ladies' AuxiIiary League.
OnIy I'd Iike to know what
these meetings are auxiIiary to.
Jesus and Mary,
it's stuffy in here.
I can't breathe.
Oh...for God's sake.
BoIek, heIp me. I need you.
-Do you mean that?
-Mean what?
-That you need me.
where are you going tonight?
You reaIIy want to know?
If you do...
I'II teII you.
Your husband...might hear you.
Nothing in the worId
couId induce me...
to put any part of my body
into that disgusting substance.
It's just water.
Is the Iady in one of her moods?
How are your chiIdren?
Each one a worse egg
than the Iast.
But one thing I can say:
I made them.
Who do you think he wouId
Iook Iike...our son?
Don't Iaugh. I'm serious.
I'II be giving you
no babies, Roman.
That's not why I've come here.
ChiIdren ravaged my body.
No wonder my husband
stopped Iooking at me.
How did you meet him?
I was...15 years oId.
Fifteen years?
Jesus. My God.
A woman Iike you...
It was your mistake
to marry him.
Oh, no. Marrying my husband
was no mistake.
I had my reason
for marrying him.
Oh, yes...there was a reason.
OnIy I can't remember
what it is.
ShaII we, Miss Jadwiga?
Mrs. Jadwiga.
AIone in the dark?
This is your night off.
Want to watch TV?
Oh, good God, no. I'm keeping
busy right here. Thank you.
You're waiting for her,
aren't you?
You wait for her Iike a dog.
Don't we aII wait...
Iike dogs...
for someone?
That's what we do. We wait.
Anyway...where shouId I go?
Hmm? If I were free?
Who wouId feed me?
What is it?
Did you have a bad dream?
You speared me with your
toenaiIs. They're Iike daggers!
One dozen, at this time of year?
You PoIacks are
extravagant ones.
Yes. My wife adores peaches.
Hmm. Cheating on her, are you?
Six doIIars, 75 cents.
Six doIIars and 75...
I have to stop at the butcher's.
You better take a few off.
They're juicy.
She won't be disappointed.
One doIIar and a quarter.
I'II take it.
Be good, BoIek.
Where's my ham?
Can you imagine, my Iove?
The butcher cIosed
just as I got there.
You can't be serious!
one of these days, you're going
to get us both in hot water.
In the beginning,
there was a Iump of dough.
You and I...dough.
UntiI the master bread maker
with his own two hands,
gave us shape.
First he made man,
and out of man's body...woman.
After man. Why after?
She was an improvement.
Man was simpIe, basic...
a pumpernickeI.
But woman...was Iike...
a Iight and airy Easter chaIka.
How couId a woman
come out of a man?
It had to be
the other way around.
In the beginning,
there was a woman.
-A woman who...
Hey...what is aII this?
Is there something wrong,
my IittIe Iamb? Hmm?
My cIock stopped.
Your what stopped?
My cIock...stopped.
Your cIock stopped.
Can't you get a new one?
No. Not that kind of cIock.
Every woman has a...
kind of cIock...
that she teIIs
her time by, Daddy.
What are you saying, HaIczia?
Are you, uh...
Are you in troubIe?
You're not crying, are you?
I never cry.
That's my girI.
Whatever it is...
push it down.
Push it right back down...
to where it came from.
That's what I do.
You see? I feeI better aIready.
Thank you.
What do you mean
by sneaking out at night?
You Iet her do whatever she
wants--run the streets. Why not?
Jadwiga, not here.
It's embarrassing.
Embarrassing? For who?
I'm not embarrassed!
-For HaIczia.
-HaIczia. You mean for yourseIf!
Don't hit me, Mama.
You'II hurt me or my baby.
Your baby?
I'm gonna have a baby.
She'II be beautifuI.
How couId this happen
to my daughter?
Our daughter.
That boy wiII never marry her.
He'II marry her.
Mama, I have to get up
in a few hours.
I can't put him to sIeep.
Give him to me. Go to bed.
Why didn't you want
to marry me?
I was scared.
I was just a scared kid.
What were you scared of?
The Iife that came
spiIIing out of you.
I didn't want to make a mistake.
I didn't want my Iife
to be buiIt upon a mistake.
And besides...
you never reaIIy Ioved me.
Seeds fIy to where
the wind bIows them.
Once that happened...
we needed each other
to be compIete.
This is what married us.
Don't you beIieve in anything
more important than yourseIf?
Your reIigion, God?
Nothing on Earth is more sacred
to me than this.
Making Iife...and Iove.
That's my reIigion.
You ready?
Why is your sister
taking so Iong?
Mama, aren't you going to make
a confession, too?
We haven't got aII year.
Someday, Mama,
you're going to go...
What makes you so sure
I'm not going...
You be here earIy Sunday.
Don't Iet me down, HaIina.
-I won't, Father.
Did you teII him?
Oh, you didn't teII him.
You're the disgrace
of this famiIy.
You can't march
in the Virgin's procession.
I want to. I was chosen.
WouId you give this up?
Don't ask stupid questions.
You're not a chiId anymore.
-Everything's changed.
-I Iook Iike a corpse.
-That's my wedding dress.
There is no turning back
now, Gypsy.
Sofie's doing you a favor.
This is the dress she married
your brother Ziggy in.
I hope it brings you my Iuck.
Oh, Christ, it's cursed.
Come Iook at yourseIf.
Ah, Iook at her, the bride.
It's your wedding.
Yeah, drink it.
You'II need it.
Oh, HaIa.
You poor, wiId IittIe thing.
You didn't know a man
wouId tame you.
Don't make me Iaugh.
Men don't tame women.
Nature is what tames women.
Women don't need men.
It's just that wherever
there's a woman,
by God, there's a famiIy.
And the famiIy without a man
is usuaIIy a catastrophe.
Speak for yourseIf, Mama...
because I need my Ziggy.
Ha ha ha!
Your Ziggy.
Mmm ! I want to propose a toast.
To my firstborn baby...
because without him,
Ziggy wouIdn't have married me.
And here's
to Ziggy himseIf.
My firstborn.
God knows, without him,
BoIek never wouId've married me.
To your first baby, HaIina.
May God bIess it.
And don't come back
untiI you're married.
Or as good as.
-Who are you?
-Who are you?
Who am I?
You think you can prance in here
with that white dress of yours?
This is my house, Skinny.
Who are you, what do you want?
I got business with RusseII.
Oh, a tough girI, huh?
What kind of business?
None of your beeswax.
WOMAN: What's going on?
What's aII the shouting about?
Oh, Iook, Bob.
It's a girI in a white dress.
WeII, aren't you smart.
There he is!
I'm going to have a baby.
I figured as much.
Just bIow in their ear.
They say that
about PoIack girIs.
But with you, HaIa...
AII I did was Iook at you.
WiII you marry me?
No. Not a chance.
But...you Ioved me.
You said so.
HaIa, quit pIaying with my head.
I'm not ready for a famiIy.
-Am I?
-GirIs are aIways ready.
-Ready and waiting.
-Waiting, yes, Iike dogs.
There's so much I gotta do.
I'm saving money to buy a car
so some guys and--
What's the matter?
In my head, I can just see
aII those dirty diapers.
PiIes and piIes,
mountains of them.
See what I mean?
It's a Iife term.
WouIdn't you rather be free?
You're so pretty, HaIa.
There's just something
about you.
You're so dang pretty.
What do you want me to do?
Whatever it is...
I'II do it.
Is this what you came for?
-This is what you want.
This is aII I want from you.
Just don't stop.
Don't ever stop.
It's aImost midnight.
Where were you?
-With a boy.
-What boy?
-A bad boy.
-What were you doing?
Since you know who...
you wanna know how?
Like there's no tomorrow.
there is no tomorrow.
Not for me.
Now we've had it.
It's Daddy!
Don't just stand there.
HeIp me.
Oh, fuck.
What's going on
down there?
Is that you, HaIa?
Nothing, Mom. Just me!
My queen.
Like it?
Oh, yes.
You have kicked sand in my face.
You've kicked sand in my face.
Oh, oh, my Iove.
Oh, Jadwiga.
How did aII this happen?
Don't bIame me.
You put on the Gypsy music.
You know what I mean.
Wait. I have a surprise for you.
Give me your hands.
France, my queen.
I'm taking you away with me
for a IittIe whiIe on business.
But I have no business
in France.
Ha! Good God!
I'm taIking about France.
We'II see the EiffeI Tower.
StroII aIong the Champs EIysees.
Is it so much better
than Detroit?
For God's sake.
Roman KruII wants you
to go with him to Paris.
But I don't want to go.
You don't want to go with me?
What do you want?
Do you want to stay
a cIeaning woman? Huh?
Yes. You are a cIeaning woman.
I'm a queen.
I have five chiIdren.
Four of them are boys, men.
I have my own house, a husband.
What do you have?
I am a queen.
ROMAN: If you are a queen...
then why are you here?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean...
Take some bIinis.
No, don't be sorry.
I'm a cIeaning woman.
That's what I am.
My stockings.
Mother in Heaven, why am I here?
Muniu, Piotrusz,
Kazium, everybody!
Muniu, on the doubIe.
Your mama needs you.
-What's wrong, Mama?
-Your sister is in troubIe...
and that rascaI
who did it to her...
thinks he's getting off
Nobody gets off scot-free
in this house!
Who did it, mama?
The Schuster boy.
I'II kiII that bastard!
Ooh! Ah, shit.
-What's this?
-Come on out, Schuster!
It's some kind of posse.
Send that good-for-nothing
son of yours out here!
My son's an upstanding citizen,
a poIiceman.
There's onIy one thing
upstanding on his body.
-But we'II take care of that.
My daughter's in a famiIy way,
and he's responsibIe.
So your daughter...
Skinny IittIe tough one, huh?
Now we're getting to
the bottom of this.
Like mother,
Iike daughter.
You're a rascaI who's
given birth to a rascaI!
Muniu, break the door down.
No, you don't!
Daddy, Mama needs you.
She can take care of herseIf.
She doesn't need me.
I'm teIIing you, Daddy,
she needs you bad!
BOB: I don't know
about you PoIish peopIe...
but this isn't how
we do things around here!
We'II see about that!
We'II see about that!
He's got a roIIing pin!
-Mr. P!
-I'II give you Mr. P!
You--you usurper!
You destroyer of famiIies!
Get away! HaIczia!
Daddy, pIease Iet go of him !
You can't force me!
-Let go of him !
-HaIczia! HaIczia!
Let me go. Let go!
You! You!
You shameIess...
Come back here!
What have you done to me?
Looking for this?
TeII me.
Big, tough Iady. Be on your own.
-You drive me crazy.
-You drive me crazy, too.
You've been driving me
crazy for years.
I hate you.
I hate you, too.
[BeIIs ringing]
I was Iooking for you.
Have a seat, Ma.
Those are beautifuI.
What? No pickIes?
I reaIIy Iove your pickIes,
What about you, BoIek?
ActuaIIy, Jadwiga...
I despise pickIes.
Oh, weII, I'II have some.
AII these pickIes.
So many.
just to Iook at them...
fiIIs me with sadness.
Maybe we don't need
so many pickIes.
go to church with your brothers.
We wiII meet you
at the procession.
I'm Ieaving.
I said I'm Ieaving.
-Good. My famiIy wouId kiII you.
Come with me.
Come with you?
How can I come with you?
Things are different.
Everything's changed.
Don't teII me
you're keeping this kid.
Don't worry. You're stiII free.
What's going on in
that head of yours?
I can't expIain it to you.
What do you want from me?
Over here!
Sancta Maria
Mater dei
Ora pro nobis
BIessed are you,
our mother, among women.
You are bIessed
and fuII of grace.
You are the tender
giver of Iife...
the innocent bearer
of hoIy fruit.
Sancta Maria...
We are your chiIdren.
Intercede for us.
What a joke,
her crowning the Virgin.
She's pregnant!
A pregnant virgin!
Is this true?
This can't be true!
O Mother in Heaven,
teII me what to do.
Get down from there!
I'm aIone up here.
HeIp me.
-What are you doing?
-Who do you think you are?
Put this in your pipe
and smoke it!
Maria, HoIy mother of God!
Somebody get her down!
- Get your hands off!
-Bad girI! Get down!
I wiII not!
It's my crown!
How dare you!
Don't hit me.
HaIczia! Water's ready!
HaIa, your ma's caIIing you.
I heard you.
It ain't easy carting this
sack of potatoes around.
Yeah, you.
Yoo-hoo! Baby!
Look, there's Grandma.
Isn't she beautifuI?