Polterheist (2018) Movie Script

Fucking hell.
Chill out man.
UDAY: Where the fuck is Frank?
Fucking piece of scouse, fucking shit.
Where the fuck is he?
Tell me, where is Frank?
Bring my fucking nephew and that fucking
nitwit friend of his in.
Don't say anything stupid yeah.
Come on, give me one.
Team work, makes the dream work.
Fuck Sid.
Erm, moms been asking
how the wedding plans
have been going.
Did you get the jalebi she sent yah?
They were er, tasty.
Yeah she makes them the best yeah.
I love jalebis,
they're my favourite erm,
jalebi huh, (LAUGHS)
fucking jalebi.
Fucking jalebi huh.
Fucking jalebi huh.
Fucking jalebi huh.
So jalebi, where's er, Frank?
Erm, erm...
Erm, erm, um, um, um, um,
um, um, um, um, um, um, um
um, um, um, um, um on my big dick,
on my dick, on my dick, give me that J.
You like cricket boys huh?
Strap him up, I need another wicket.
What, what you doing, what you doing?
Tariq, you don't have to do
this, he doesn't know nothing.
I think he does.
TARIQ: I swear on my moms life,
uncle you're not listening.
You look a bit stumped
- jalebi.
- Telling you
the fucking truth.
We don't know where your shit is yeah,
we don't know where your money is,
and we don't know where Frank is.
Honestly uncle he doesn't know nothing,
he's, look he's thick, he's stupid,
there's custard where
brains should be yeah.
Well we'll find out now won't we?
Look honestly uncle
look, we don't know where
your shit is yeah, we don't
know where your money is
and we don't know where Frank is.
BOXY: Just tell us, tell us Frank.
FRANK: Fuck off.
Tell us and we can go home.
FRANK: I wouldn't tell you
if I had to kiss his
fucking throbbing cock.
Well then you'd be at the front
of the queue, wouldn't you?
Go on, go on.
BOXY: Frank, I'm telling
you, don't say that.
You're supposed to talk.
FRANK: You're a dumb bitch aren't you
and you're loving it,
mini knob, mini knob.
BOXY: Don't talk about that.
I'll kill you, I'll
kill you, I'll kill you.
Give us a week.
We'll find Frank and we'll find the money.
You're not back here in
four days with my money,
I'm gonna grind this
so far up your crease,
you'll be chewing corn for breakfast.
What we gonna do?
How we gonna find Frank in four days?
Well it's gonna take
longer than that, isn't it?
You are one dumb piece of shit
aren't you, Boxy?
Because he's floating
down the fucking canal.
Well that's what I mean.
He could be anywhere.
He could be in Liverpool by now.
TARIQ: I swear Boxy.
Shut up or I'm gonna
bash your brains in.
Is it this left or the next?
Miss Moon,
my name is detective
inspector Helen Wilkes.
I understand that you've
got some information
concerning the Charles Sunday murders.
I know where Donna Brown
and Kevin Smart are buried.
How can you possibly know
where the bodies of those children are?
Sunday told me.
Charles Sunday died
while you were sucking lollipops, love.
Have they told you?
I'm a psychic medium inspector.
Miss Moon, I suggest you leave
before I charge you with
wasting police time.
But I can lead you to
where they're buried.
I can.
We've spent years
crawling over the life of that sick man.
What could you possibly
know that we don't?
He cut off their fingers
after they were dead,
kept them in a shoe box.
You found 'em, didn't you,
kept it from the families?
Wait there.
Look, we're here to get information.
Do not play happy families.
You get me?
Hello boys.
BOXY: Hello.
Great to see you, Boxy lad, come here.
Oh steady arm, Boxy,
I thought you were going in for a smacker.
Leave it out, Tracey,
you're like my mother.
I'm nothing like your mother darling
but I appreciate the sentiment.
Go on through and stick kettle on.
Off yourself Tariq,
in the AM take away.
Sorry about the Tariq, I forgot.
TARIQ: It's fine.
Here, let me roast up a
nice cheese and tomato toast.
I'm not hungry, honestly.
TRACEY: You should eat, lad.
I do.
TRACEY: Know what
Frank always says, Box?
Feed the body.
Feed the mind.
I'm glad you mentioned Frank, Trace.
We wanted to ask
does he ever bring anything home?
What, like the clap?
What do you mean?
No, work stuff.
Does he bring work stuff home?
Uh uh, no but I wish
he'd bring himself home.
Lucy's missing him like mad.
BOXY: Where is she?
She's taken to her bed.
She won't eat,
she can't sleep.
BOXY: Oh that's terrible.
I've tried making her favourite dinners,
taking her to get her nails done.
Sorry Trace.
She might come down in a minute
if she hears your voice.
Does he have a shed Tracey,
you know, a lock up somewhere?
Why don't you ask Frank?
He's away on business for a few days,
asked us to sort something out for him.
I fancy a brew lads,
I won't be a sec.
Stop fucking around.
Start searching the house.
What for?
Keys, anything.
Now go on, fuck off.
I'm just gonna pop
upstairs, Trish, see Lucy,
see if I can cheer her up a bit.
TRISH: Alright love.
He's got a kind heart, has Boxy?
Yeah, he does.
I'm glad me and Frank
took him under our wing.
Yeah, it's kind of you.
So does...
I sometimes worry
that folks take advantage
of his simple nature.
But then I remember he's got
my Frank covering his asshole
so he's bound to be alright.
He has got my Frank covering
his asshole, ain't he, Tariq?
Yeah, course.
We just want to know if he
keeps stuff around the house.
TRACEY: Frank never
talks about his work.
He never brings anything home.
TARIQ: Are you sure?
And he'd never go
away without telling me.
What the fuck's going on, Tariq?
What'd you find?
Why the fuck did you have to bring Lucy?
She's all I got left now thanks to you.
Tracey knew.
She would've told the cops.
No way.
Or Uday after he used his
cricket on her a few times.
Can we at least take Lucy out the boat?
She's not crying, is she?
Missing mommy and all that bugger.
Fuck that no way,
not in my fucking car.
Besides, you're the one
that brought her along,
it's your responsibility.
It was up to me, I'd just.
No chance, no chance.
There's a box here.
We've got to get out of the country.
Bring your girlfriend,
what's her name, Dawn?
Dawn, yeah?
Bring Dawn and Louise.
Can't take that shit.
REPORTER: News, our
headlines this hour.
Two bodies have been
discovered on Baildonmoor.
It's believed they're the
Sunday school murder victims,
Donna Brown and Kevin Smart.
Police are being assisted in their search
by a Bradford woman, Alice Moon,
who controversially claims
she can talk to the dead.
In other news,
a leading drugs charity...
You believe in all that?
TARIQ: What?
Do you believe in that...
Life after death, spirits, when you die?
No way.
It's all bullshit.
seeing a massive increase
in drugs coming in straight from.
REPORTER: Kevin Smart.
Police are being assisted in their search
by a Bradford woman, Alice Moon.
Kevin Smart and Donna Brown,
victims of notorious child
killer Charles Sunday.
Ah babe, get packing babe, get packing.
I'm working at a saloon tomorrow, Box.
You can get a saloon
job when we get out there.
Well how long are we going for?
BOXY: 20 years.
we're gonna live out there.
It's no big deal.
No big deal?
No, we fly out and we buy a house.
It's easy.
What's happened, Boxy?
Don't ask me what.
I can't tell you, babe.
What about my friends and my mom?
You don't even like your mom.
What about Tracey and Frank?
What about Tariq?
don't worry about them.
It's you and me that I care about.
This is mental,
surely you can see that.
Mental is when you've got a bloke
who wants to stick a
cricket bat up your asshole.
Look, I've got to get away from here, Dawn
and I really want you to come with me.
The father are the kind
that burnt you at the stake.
I just want to do the right thing,
bring closure to the families.
OFFICER: Alice, I'm not
buying this mumbo jumbo bullshit.
Thanks for the lift.
We'll be in touch.
With a gentle bit of
drizzle throughout the day.
Now as we move onwards,
we'll see that rain drift away
and it'll get warmer, generally dryer.
It's about making sure (MUMBLES)
with high temperatures
around 10 to 11 degrees.
Moved away
and become generally drier
with temperatures around 10 degrees.
Tomorrow is a widening
band of cloud and rain
pushing slowly southwards
and then throughout the day,
it'll be gentle and wetter.
Yeah I'm just at home,
just not doing anything,
just watching TV.
Yeah I know, you didn't
ask about the wedding.
Yeah, uh huh.
Now not much is known about
this Bradford woman Alice Moon
other than we have a promotional flyer
with a picture of her.
Can I ring you back?
I'm just a bit busy.
Yeah, yeah, (MUMBLES)
I got to go,
I'll ring you back later, yeah, okay?
Alright, I love you, okay,
I love you, bye bye.
What you can see behind
me here on Baildonmoor
is that a major police investigation
is taking place as two
bodies have been found,
both believed to be those of
Kevin Smart and Donna Brown,
victim's of notorious child
killer Charles Sunday.
Now in a bizarre twist
to this horrific crime,
a lady named Alice Moon,
who's a psychic medium
and professes to be able
to speak to the dead
has led police to this very spot.
Dawn, have you seen my Night Rider DVDs?
Right, I've got an idea.
Where's Lucy?
I put her in the shed.
What the fuck's she doing in the shed?
I can't tell Dawn why she's here.
Well listen, just go get
a photo of her right now.
A photo?
Just get it fucking done,
I'll ring you back.
Of course, uncle.
Fuck, fuck you all, man!
And fuck Dusseldorf.
You, come lick my dick.
Don't fuck with the Asians.
So don't fuck with the Asians.
BOXY: This is never gonna work.
TARIQ: Shut the fuck up.
Looks like they've arrived.
BOXY: Fireworks in the sky
BOTH: Everyone's getting high.
TARIQ: Police business.
It's those trendy southern bastards
from the end of the street, isn't it?
I knew there were dodgy fuckers.
TARIQ: Yes, it's them
at the end of the street.
Make sure you taser the twats.
TARIQ: Yes mam, just get back inside.
ALICE: Hello?
TARIQ: We've got a 10 AM appointment.
ALICE: You're a bit early,
I'm still in my pyjamas.
BOXY: Bollocks, it is.
ALICE: Ah, please!
TARIQ: Go on then.
Do whatever it is you do.
You told them cops
where to find them kids.
No one got paid or killed.
You do all this mysterious
shit, don't you?
I don't use a Ouija board.
BOXY: I told you this
was a waste of time.
TARIQ: Shut up, man.
BOXY: So alright then,
what do we do?
I need your help.
I need something personal
from your beloved.
BOXY: Hey, that's all?
Yeah of course.
Just I need something that
belonged to the dead person
to make a connection.
TARIQ: You got it.
BOXY: This is mine.
Don't take it.
He gave it to me.
Well it might mysteriously
end up in your pocket.
TARIQ: What?
BOXY: Well you're
always taking my pens.
TARIQ: Are you fucking serious?
BOXY: I lend you my pen
and you never gave me it back.
You must have about 50 of my pens.
TARIQ: Shut the fuck up, sit down.
Go on then.
We all need to join hands, please.
BOXY: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I'm not holding his hand.
There needs to be a circle.
Take my hand and do the job.
We wish to speak with the soul of...
Yeah Frank, Frank Shaw.
We wish to speak with the
soul of Frank, Frank Shaw.
Frank, is that you?
TREVOR: Bastard.
You Yorkshire bastard.
Hey Trev, nice stereo,
did you nick it?
Fucking hell, Boxy,
not all (MUMBLES) Nick stuff.
You do.
Here Trevor, customers.
How are you love?
TREVOR: I've just got 40.
Well that's okay.
Till tomorrow, okay?
That's weak shit that is, Trevor.
Thanks for the feedback, Tariq.
Anyway, hand over the money,
we haven't got all day.
It's already done and left.
Fuck are you on about?
Frank collected a couple of hours ago.
It was a side job.
Frank turned up and said he
was collecting this week.
Bit weak at all since
the fireworks went off.
Whoa boys, watch the wheels.
Where is the money?
I swear,
(MUMBLES) to Frank.
Frank's (MUMBLES).
Actually fuck yeah, sorry yeah,
yeah you did say, he did
say he was collecting.
BOXY: He didn't say that to me.
Well he told me, I forgotten it.
See you later, you stuffed bastard.
Yorkshire bastard.
Bastard, fucking knew it.
He's making a play without us.
BOXY: Playing what?
TARIQ: That's 10, 15
grand he's pocketed at least.
Frank wouldn't do that.
Frank's gonna do it and
run of with the money.
No way.
Frank's gonna take that cash
and leave us to deal with my crazy uncle.
Frank's like my dad
and Tracey, they just wouldn't.
It's our job to do the collections.
You said so yourself.
So who's Uday gonna come looking for
once the cash goes missing, eh?
Look, all I'm saying is that
we find Frank, we ask him
what the fuck he's playing at?
Surely you can see that Boxy.
I suppose so.
See, Frank's not the only
one who's got your back.
And another thing,
I've never called you a mini knob.
I swear Boxy, the shit we've been through,
we're practically brothers.
Brothers, you and me?
Yeah because I'm the only
one trying to save our skins,
not Frank.
Well if we're brothers and all that.
Take them ski masks off.
No wait, I don't want to see your faces.
Get back in your box, mystic meg.
Well look who it is.
Mr. Shiny suit and mini knob.
BOXY: Sounds like Frank.
TARIQ: Frank?
Take 'em off or this
conversation's over.
God, I'd almost forgotten
how ugly you are, Boxy.
Me and Tracey used to say
your mother never gave birth to you,
she shat you out like
a slippery little turd.
That is definitely Frank.
Fuck you Boxy.
As if you haven't done enough?
You drowned me in that stinking canal.
He put a bullet in Tracey
and then the pair of
you dragged me back here
like I'm your fucking puppet.
You couldn't even let me rest in peace.
Where's the money, Frank?
This was your plan, was it, Tariq?
I might've known it had been yours.
Well you're just an amateur
in a shiny suit.
That's disrespectful that is, Frank.
It is kind of shiny.
Fuck off.
The money, where is it?
You haven't thought
this through, have you?
How are you gonna make me tell you?
Are you gonna shoot me?
'Cause here's the problem,
I'm already dead.
TARIQ: Not so fucking amateur now.
I always knew you were a fucking snake.
Lucy's fine Frank, I promise.
You hurt one hair on her head...
What, what are you gonna
do, Frank, eh, haunt me?
I love that bitch, Boxy.
I know, I know you do, Frank.
So please, just tell
us where the money is.
Hey Frank, what's it like having tits?
You should know, Boxy,
you've got a cracking pair there yourself.
Can I touch 'em?
Fuck off.
You should've told
us where the money was.
Yeah I was gonna.
But you drowned me before I had the chance
you big dumb fucking ape.
Yeah he's right you know.
What do you mean?
- Oh fuck off Boxy!
- It's your life.
If it wasn't for you,
we wouldn't be in this
fucking shit now, would we?
Oh, it's my fault, is it?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't
fuck yourselves over it!
This being dead luck, it ain't too shabby.
I'll tell you what,
I get to go anywhere I want now.
You won't believe the things I've seen.
Like what?
Like what really goes on in bedrooms.
Like you see everything?
Yeah course I do.
But you don't watch like
homos doing it, do you?
Oh for fuck's sake, Boxy,
are you still obsessed with cock?
Has he not tried it on
with you yet, Tariq?
Oh fuck off Frank.
Take it, have you seen the size of it?
As if.
You wanted to know where the money is.
You bought a travel agent?
Stop messing Frank.
I spent it on a cruise.
You spent 15 grand on a cruise?
You're lying.
To be fair, it wasn't just any cruise.
Well where you going?
Where were we going?
ALICE: It was an
around the world cruise.
Cut the shit, Frank, where's the money?
Do you remember Tracey,
Tariq, my beloved wife?
Stage four lung cancer.
Why didn't you say?
I didn't want to worry you, Box.
She'd always wanted to go on a cruise,
the love boat, she called it.
I kept saying I'd take her
but I was always too busy
hoping you'd get rich.
I'm sorry Frank.
Go get the money.
How am I supposed to do that?
Sorry boys,
the fact is we were flying out today.
So it's gone?
So you might as well let Lucy go
and I can let this silly
cow have her body back.
Tariq, what you doing?
Don't do anything stupid.
Come on then, Tariq, get on with it.
What are you doing?
No Tariq, stop!
Bloody cock, he'll find you again.
Shoot me, Tariq, shoot me.
You don't have the balls, do you?
This is what happens
when you're left alone.
This is why you're fucking amateurs,
getting your knickers in
a twist about 15 grand.
You should be thinking
about where the 100 grand is.
What are you on about?
You thought with me out the way
you'd be stepping into my shoes.
Uday's, never gonna give you that,
we both know it.
You might be family
but he treats you like shit.
What's this underground then?
Let me tell you
how our friends
in the Polish immigrant
community do business.
As you know they're our main competitors
for the drug trade in Bradford
and its surrounding districts.
So how do they get their
money back to the motherland?
Each month, they collect cash
from their various distributors
which is then counted,
changed into large denomination notes.
Taken to the airport
and handed over to a sympathetic
airline professional.
The cash is then flown to Krakow
where it lives happily ever after
except for when you two get to it first.
Robbing Jenak's mob'll be suicide.
Yeah, you're right
Tariq but everybody knows
that Janek and Uday have a
special business relationship.
Janek would have to assume
that it was a couple
of adventurous junkies
on an outside job.
I don't know, Frank.
It sounds risky.
TARIQ: When does it happen?
I'm not sure.
Well what fucking good is that then?
Alright, calm down Tariq.
As I explained,
I'm the all seeing eye these days.
Just give me a few hours
and I'll go and find out.
Well hop off then.
I want a guarantee that Lucy gets a cut
so I know she's comfortable.
You swear it Boxy, I don't trust him.
I swear Frank,
Lucy'll get a cut.
Please don't harm me, please.
I swear I won't tell anyone.
Please let me go, please.
Hold on.
It's Frank bloody Shaw.
This is gonna get messy.
This is all we need right now.
A bloody gang war.
Where you going?
Time to rattle a few cages.
Come on.
ANNOUNCER: Thomas Smart,
Thomas Smart and Donna Brown
on their way to school in Birkenshire
are thought to be the first victims
of notorious serial killer Charles Sunday.
I hope that fucker burns in hell.
Go on then.
Is there a hell?
It's not like in the bible.
The spirits of the dead are
all around us all the time.
What, like now?
And it was these spirits
that told you where these kids were?
Something like that.
Tracey wants you to know
it wasn't your fault.
For fuck's sake Boxy,
you look like you've
swallowed a bucket of cum.
TARIQ: What?
The money's being moved tomorrow.
The one place we know he's
got to go is the airport.
Our courier always parks
here in this multistory.
TARIQ: We'll take it
in the airport car park.
ALICE: The exchange always
takes place after hours
so it'll be quiet.
TARIQ: Yeah cameras?
Just one on every level.
We'll park near the
entrance of the car park,
follow him inside
and take him when he gets out the car?
If he's carrying money,
he's going to be carrying something else.
No, it's a gun.
It's the barrel.
He's at the airport.
If he's carrying anything,
he'll have to leave it in the car.
Now Boxy, I need you to get some wheels,
something anonymous.
Yeah, yeah as long as I can drive it.
You know the getaway car?
You can drive the car.
are we set?
This better work Frank.
You do as I say and it will.
Let's hope so, for Lucy's sake.
No, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank.
Lucy's fine.
I took her some food on the way over.
You can't leave her in that shed.
Just give me five minutes
with her Box, please.
Not till the job's done.
Box, she needs me, please.
Look, let's just have a game of poker.
Like old times.
I'm going to bed.
You two can keep in here.
Prick's probably forgotten how to play.
He's missed that many
card nights recently.
I'll give you a game, Box, your deal.
Aces on the flop, nice.
Fuck all, again.
Blaggy Box,
how many times have I told you,
look like a winner and the losers'll fold.
I've never been a winner though, Frank.
Each hand is a lesson, lad.
In cards and in life.
I never seem to learn though.
Well that's fucking true.
Few cards short of the deck.
Split the pack and
left half behind, mate.
Sod off.
You're alright, Boxy.
And that's coming from
the man you murdered.
It was an accident.
I know.
I want to fix it.
You can't.
I'm such a fuck up.
Closest thing I've ever had to father...
We all make mistakes, son, even me.
Good morning, love.
How could you let that
bastard do this to me?
I loved you like a son.
Fuck you doing?
Couldn't sleep.
Boxy's having nightmares.
Sleep in the bathroom.
You sleep alright, Tariq?
Yeah, like a baby.
Inspector Wilkes,
welcome to the circus.
To what do I owe this honour?
Frank Shaw, we fished him
out of the canal yesterday
and when we went to tell
his poor wife the sad news
we found a bullet in her head.
But you wouldn't know anything
about that, would you?
You're right, I know
nothing about it at all,
very sad news.
But I don't understand
why you're telling me.
We thought you might be interested
given that he managed your drug operation
across every white estate in the city.
Okay please just hold
that thought for one minute.
Oh fuck.
Okay good, get off.
So where were we?
Oh yes, you said something about drugs.
It's an awful thing, this drugs business.
I see it on TV what it does to people,
women selling themselves
to pay for their habit,
little orphans running
around stealing shit,
babies addicted at birth
with their faces all fucked up.
It's awful, awful.
And I'm deeply offended
that you police always think
I have something to do with this
disgusting scud on our society.
It's because I'm Asian, isn't it?
It's actually racist.
I think that your informants
need to start attending
Ku Klux Klub meetings.
Ku Klux Klan?
Ku Klux Klub.
Ku Klux Klan.
Ku Klux
Ku Klux Klan.
Ku Klux Klan.
Thanks for your time.
Any time.
I'll see myself out.
All out!
I want that shit of a nephew
and his fucking psychic
back here in pieces.
Fucking do something!
I thought you told him
to steal something anonymous.
These fucking tickets.
I hate these things.
Can't fucking reach it.
What's that?
The ticket.
I'm not paying for it.
You'll pay for it.
It's your fucking car.
So what are we supposed
to be waiting for?
Like I said, he's driving
a white Audi four by four.
Half the crims in Bradford
drive white Audi four by fours.
But not every crim's packing
it in tonight, are they?
Time for a piss.
Fuck's sake, Boxy.
Hold it in, Boxy lad.
Oh here we go.
See, I told you.
Just follow him.
What do we do?
Stick it over there on the left.
Tariq, you take me in, I've got to see.
Oh these stink?
TAQIR: Did you get new ones?
BOXY: I didn't have time.
Shut the fuck up and
remember quick and quiet.
BOXY: Quick and quiet, quick and quiet.
Okay, here we go.
Janek, it's me, it's Tariq.
It's me, man.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, it's me Tariq man.
BOXY: The money's in the
other car, the other car.
The case, get the case.
BOXY: I forgot the ticket.
I swear, if we get out of this alive,
I'm gonna fucking kill you, Boxy.
Robbing bastards.
ALICE: Come on, Tariq.
Ugh fuck!
ALICE: Janek!
Now get in the fucking car.
Come on, get in, fucking get in!
Nice job boys, slick.
BOXY: Fuck you, Frank.
ALICE: I think you'd better thank Boxy
for saving your ass flaps.
Now we need to lie low
and I know just the place.
What's this, Frank?
Looks like a pink unicorn.
It's not my fault you two fuck ups
couldn't rob candy from a baby.
BOXY: Fuck you, don't touch me!
Who's side you on anyway?
What you doing Tariq?
Hey that's my knife.
You can't help yourself can you?
I knew you were gonna keep it.
We're a day away from
ending up in the canal
and all you can think about is this knife.
It's my knife.
Actually it's my knife.
Look Tariq,
I've got an emergency stash.
Let Boxy go
and I'll take you to it.
Stop lying Frank.
Hey I'm old school.
We're always taught to keep
your stash hidden away.
How much?
Maybe enough to stop Uncle Uday
from chopping your fucking head off.
If you're lying Frank,
I'm gonna gut Lucy in front of you.
Don't you ever put a
knife to my throat again.
Have you got me, Tariq?
Alright Boxy, alright.
we're gonna go with Frank,
he's gonna tell us where the money is
and then we're sorted.
You know I'd never hurt you, right?
And another thing
give me my fucking knife.
I want their families dead.
I want their pets dead.
I want the guy
who delivers their online
supermarket shopping dead
and I want those diamonds
back here tonight.
Do you understand me?
MEN: Yes boss.
Now I have it from a good source
that Janek and his people
were all over that car park.
So we start with their car washes yeah?
MEN: Yes boss.
MEN: Yes boss.
I told you to go straight on.
Are you deaf as well as stupid?
We're gonna go get Lucy.
She stays in the boot of the car
until we get the money
and if you're lying Frank, I swear.
Janek, friend,
I'm gonna ask you one more time
where are my fucking diamonds?
One more time, one more time,
where are the diamonds?
One more time, tell me, tell me.
Where the fuck is it?
Why don't you just put it (MUMBLES)
like every fucker else?
Under there.
You got a shovel?
It's in the car.
Well then Tariq, off you trot.
Do you remember Tyrone?
Kid with long hair, speech impediment.
Yeah Tyrone, that's right, condoms.
Do you know that he loaded
a condom full of smack?
Yeah, went through
customs and it exploded.
They're still cleaning shit off walls
in Manchester Airport.
Hey, Falcon said his eyes
nearly bulged out of his head,
how 'bout that?
Shouldn't laugh really.
Oh, and did you see
that Chinese girl from Birkenshire.
What did you used to call her?
Loco Ono.
A fucking character.
Right bastard.
Fuck are you looking at?
Hey guess who I've seen shagging?
Oh who?
Wills and Kate.
Oh you ain't?
Uday and that weather girl up Tariq.
I knew it, I told him that.
Yeah Tariq
and your Dawn.
They're at it all the fucking time,
they're like rabbits.
No way.
Just think for once in your life Boxy,
why hasn't he been coming to poker?
He never used to miss a game.
He said he got business.
Yeah, yeah he has got business,
shagging your Dawn.
No, I don't believe you, Frank.
Look, Frank, just stop, right,
it's not honest, this.
Dawn didn't seem that keen
to go away with you, did she?
No I don't believe you.
Well let's find out.
Why don't you ask him?
Ask him what?
It don't matter,
just leave it, alright?
What's he been saying?
Do you want this money or not?
Give me the shovel.
Fucking dig.
Mind what you're doing man?
I'm standing here, you dick.
You fucking dickhead,
you just threw it at my fucking suit.
Fucking pay for it, man.
Are you fucking my Dawn?
What's he been saying?
That's bullshit, man.
Are you shagging Dawn?
That's bollocks, man,
it's the last bullet.
BOXY: He sees things.
He's seen you both doing it.
I've not slept with
your girlfriend, man,
what are you on about?
I'm gonna shoot you in the fucking face.
Wait Boxy, wait,
what would prove it man?
Oh yeah, that's right Boxy,
you two, you're practically brothers
except when he's got a
knife to your throat.
Oh, and when Dawn's with him,
she takes it up the ass.
This is all your fucking fault.
Fucking stupid dick!
Please don't do this, Frank, please.
You killed me.
You murdered my wife
and you kidnapped my Lucy.
Imagine Tariq, if you will,
how I might be feeling?
Forget the money, Frank.
This was never about the money.
Sorry please, I'm begging you, please.
It wasn't me.
Boxy killed you,
he killed Tracey, not me.
Oh really?
In that case...
God that feels good.
I'm sorry Boxy lad.
This was never part of the plan.
I'll look out for you on the other side.
There's just one more thing Alice
before you send me back,
please promise I'll make
it worth your while.
Lucy, come here, come on, good girl.
Oh yes, you're daddy's
Mr. Special little girl.
Who's this?
Have they been looking after you?
Daddy's gonna have to
give you to somebody else
to look after, yeah.
Alice, you've got to promise me.
You've got to swear that
you'll take care of her.
Swear it.
Course Frank.
Lucy will have a loving home for life.
Now, it's time for you to go.
Just give me five more minutes.
Goodbye Frank.
Inspector Wilkes, are the
streets of Bradford safe?
There is no official
statement being released
- at this time.
- Are the streets of Bradford
We need to know,
No comment.
Excuse me, please, excuse me.
Out of the way, thank you.
- Answer our question.
- Please answer.
No comment.
Got two more.
Christ, no comment.
SOPHIE: Seriously (mumbles)
about whether West Yorkshire's streets
are safe or not from gun crime.
We'll let you know.
Back to the studio.
Tomorrow, it'll start brightening up
and we'll have (MUMBLES)
and tomorrow will be cooler and drier
for Friday and Saturday.
REPORTER: Thanks Joe
and now back to our
main story this evening,
a violent gang war
has broken out on the streets of Bradford.
Two men have been shot and killed
at a shoot out in a multistory car park
and two further bodies
have been discovered
in a local cemetery.
All the shootings are
thought to be gang related
and part of a deadly struggle for control
of the illegal drug
trade in West Yorkshire.
With police resources
stretched to breaking points
and a rising tide of gun crime,
we've been asking are the
streets of Bradford safe?
It's a question our reporter Sophie Walker
tried to put to the officer
in charge of the investigation
earlier today.
No official statement is
to be made at this time.
We need to know are West
Yorkshire's streets safe?
- We need to know.
- No comment, no comment.
Whether they're safe or not.
Will you please?
As you can see there
is no official comment
from West Yorkshire police
but as soon as we know something
about whether West Yorkshire's streets
are safe or not from gun crime,
we'll let you know.
Back to the studio.
Help me.
Are you gonna help me Alice?
Help me get the bastard who did this.
Sorry love.
You can't afford me.