Pomegranate Orchard (2017) Movie Script

You said he fell off the roof?
Yes, doctor. Last year.
But his eyesight got weaker recently.
Could it be related?
It's possible.
There could be disruption
to the nervous system.
Perhaps the child was frightened,
when he fell.
These things happen
with nerves.
What can I say?
Well, it's taken you a long time
to bring him to a doctor.
You should have come earlier.
I brought him as soon as I knew.
You know, he's an only child.
He's everything to me.
Have you heard recently
from his father?
You know the treatment
is very expensive.
Come here, son.
Come closer.
Very good.
Make him wear this
three or four hours a day.
The weak eye will over-compensate
and develop a little bit.
That'll help.
What about colours?
Can he differentiate them?
I don't know.
What's this?
An apple.
No. I'm not asking for its name.
What colour is it?
- Green?
- That's right.
And this one?
This one?
Look again, son.
No, it's black.
- You're welcome.
- Hear me out.
I'm not interested.
If I say no, it's no.
- Uncle Shamil.
- I'm not just anyone.
Do you know what I've been through?
And now you want
to spit on all my work?
Destroy my orchard?
Get out!
Just think it over a bit.
Don't let us get into debt.
Who asked you to?
You were the one
who planned the factory.
Build it somewhere else.
I'm not selling.
As long as I'm alive and kicking,
you won't get this land.
- All right.
- Get out.
All right. I'm sure it won't be long.
We'll see that day soon enough.
What's up?
Why are you at each other's throats?
Talk some sense into him.
What do you want?
Come to buy the orchard too?
Wait, Uncle Shamil.
I asked you for
some pomegranate saplings.
I've come to get them.
Am I the only one
growing pomegranates here?
Everyone who wants saplings
comes to me.
Don't be angry.
Who else can we go to?
We can hardly go asking
that other lot.
Here they are.
Take them.
Thank you very much.
God bless you.
There isn't a garden in this village
without a bit of your orchard.
All right, don't try and flatter me.
What's that on your eye?
Doctor's orders.
What colour are pomegranates?
You should have had his head checked.
What colour are pomegranates.
They're red. Or they're green.
They're different colours.
Go on, off you go.
Deal with the rotten pomegranates.
I had a strange dream last night.
I dreamt the tree branches
were touching the windows.
The pomegranates
were splatting on the glass.
The juice was running down the glass
like blood.
Do you think it's a good sign?
Look what the cat dragged in.
Don't even think about it.
I see you're as welcoming as ever.
My greeting's about as welcoming
as your goodbye was.
I've put the clothes on the bed.
Go and get changed.
Don't you have a TV?
It's broken. I put it in the loft.
What do I need with a TV
at my age?
All I've got are these trees.
You'll catch a cold.
Drink this.
Not the poison you're used to,
I suppose.
You're not used to things like this.
It's not your usual medicine.
I kicked that habit.
A long time ago.
I don't believe that.
What's wrong, Dad?
You disappear for years.
Now suddenly,
you turn up out of the blue,
in the middle of the night,
and you ask me, "Dad, what's wrong?"
Where have you been all this time?
Did you stop to think
about your family?
Not to mention your dead mother.
You left your young wife
on her own for 12 years,
with a child.
No news, no visits.
I know, Dad.
I understand all that.
But I asked after you all.
It's just how it was.
- Fate.
- Oh, please.
Don't say anything.
It's just my fate.
Thanks to God,
everything's OK now.
I have money now too.
I don't see any sackful of gold.
Looks like you've only got
the clothes on your back.
Sacks of gold
don't look like they used to.
I've done well in Russia.
Everybody knows me.
As my old mum used to say,
I was one of the best.
Don't wake people up.
Sleep in your mother's room tonight.
In the morning,
go and visit your mother's grave.
You're the one who drove her to it.
Please don't say that, Dad.
Have some compassion.
You don't deserve any compassion.
Good morning.
Good morning, my dear.
Have you caught a cold?
You were coughing all night.
Your dream came true.
This is your father.
Go and say hello.
Well done.
He's really grown up.
What's up with his eye?
He fell off the roof.
His eye got weaker after that.
The doctor says he has to wear it.
Where were you when he fell?
Didn't you hear?
Last night,
the house nearly flooded.
What do you mean?
You didn't realise?
It was leaking in the loft.
All night.
We should probably fix the roof.
What do you think?
see what a lovely orchard we have?
Look how beautiful it is from here.
Put that down.
Come and have a look.
See how beautiful it is?
Take your glasses off.
Your father's back now.
From now on,
you'll all live together.
I don't want him to live with us.
Don't say that, son.
He's your father.
I'm old.
I don't have long left.
Someone needs to look after you.
Well, this is my patch.
No place for me, I see.
Why do you need one?
You're not going to die
here at home, are you?
They'll bury you in a Russian cemetery
and that'll be that.
I know.
I never had a place in this house.
You only ever thought about the dead.
Nothing's changed there.
Don't be stupid.
I never treated you any differently.
We're all part of the same family.
You did treat us differently.
You really did, Dad.
I was always a stranger to you.
You only saw one son.
And I was just...
When I was a child,
I thought maybe I wasn't even your son
but an orphan you'd adopted.
You can't let go of your jealousy.
All your life you envied your brother.
Now he's in his grave
and you're still doing it.
That's right.
I was wondering
how long it would take you to say it.
Thanks for holding it in.
Let it all out. Pour your heart out.
I tell myself the same thing
ten times a day already.
Why have you come here?
Have you come to finish me off?
You can finish anyone off
with that bitter tongue of yours.
But anyway,
since you ask,
I'll tell you.
I've come to take my family.
They should be with me.
What does Sara think?
She doesn't know yet.
Don't worry. I'll get her to agree.
I'm sure you will.
You'll lure her into it.
But even if she agrees,
you'll have trouble persuading Jalal.
I know.
But I was thinking.
Maybe you can persuade him.
Leave me out of it.
They're your family.
You work it out yourselves.
Leave me to die in peace.
It would be criminal to eat indoors.
- I've set the table outside.
- Lovely idea, my dear.
Come and sit down.
Let's start.
Your trousers are torn.
I'll sew them for you.
I know what happened.
I couldn't find the way back.
I cut through
and got caught on a fence,
and there was this dog there.
I was lucky to get away.
The road to the orchard's changed?
Lots of things have changed.
Pass the bread.
Rasim bought up the land around here.
Now our road goes through
all these gardens.
You have to walk round to get here.
Which Rasim?
Your old classmate.
Selsovet Samad's son.
Stupid old Rasim?
He didn't know
his arse from his elbow.
Well, he does now.
He grows barley and wheat,
sells pomegranates,
runs a workshop.
Takes care of his family.
And now he wants to build a factory
on our orchard,
because he's a very shrewd man.
Enjoy your lunch. I'm going for a nap.
Hold on, Grandpa. I'm coming too.
Sara, I know it's hard to forgive me.
This is him.
In Year Five.
He was a Boy Scout.
This is me.
They gave me a one-week break
from military service.
I was 19 years old.
We took this photo in the city.
This is your dad.
We'd gone to get a certificate.
The three of us together.
He'll sleep in his mother's bed.
Let's see what happens.
Go and help your mother.
What are you driving?
A Volvo.
No one in Russia has a Lada now.
Of course not.
Do you remember Habil's Lada?
Are you married?
Yes, I am. I've got three sons.
God bless them.
Thank you.
One more.
And I work in Rasim's office.
Do you remember Rasim?
I remember him well.
Stupid old Rasim.
- I have to go.
- Really?
- I'll pay for this.
- Thanks.
Take care.
Uncle Mardan.
Write it in the book.
He's done all right for himself.
Smokes expensive cigarettes,
drives a Volvo.
If he's really so well off,
why is he wearing torn trousers?
You're hard to catch on foot.
I can't imagine how you must drive.
They said you'd just left.
I thought I'd catch you up.
- Shall we go.
- OK.
So, what have you been up to?
I only know a bit about it.
And I didn't tell your father.
He's an old man.
I heard stuff from your friends.
Things didn't go well at first.
You probably heard that.
Yes, I heard. How are things now?
It's good.
It's very good. It's calmed down.
Glad to hear it.
Are you staying long?
Back for good?
No, I'll go back.
I have a lot to do there.
Very good.
Come to the house.
I'm in a hurry.
You can't always talk at home.
Let's get together and catch up.
Talk things over properly.
All right.
Let me know when you're free.
Hello. Where's Grandpa?
In the orchard.
- Is there any tea?
- It's brewing.
Do you want some tea?
Yes please, my dear.
I'm thirsty.
Where did you go?
The tea house.
It seems you're getting bored.
May the best man win.
Now then, Mardan.
- That's too much.
- It's for all.
- Thank you, Gabil.
- Thanks very much.
Thank you, Mardan.
Is there a bank around here?
I don't know.
Why do you need a bank?
I'm out of cash.
I need to take some out.
What about
those bits of coloured plastic?
No use any more?
No. They don't work here.
The only machine here is out of order.
I need to go to the city.
I'll drink one more.
Bon apptit.
To my friend Gabil's health.
I'm always here
if you have any problems.
Thanks very much.
No you don't.
You borrow money
and then pay the bill?
Never mind.
I have a reputation to keep up.
The price is very low.
It isn't enough to live off.
It's best you go with your father.
Jalal doesn't want to.
There's no use me trying.
I don't think he likes me.
Why should he?
He's grown up without a father.
You're a stranger to him.
Maybe he'll agree
if he knows you're coming.
Even if I come,
he won't come
if it means leaving Grandpa.
He's a good kid.
You brought him up well.
Get anything good, Jalal?
You're having a bad day's fishing.
The water's cold.
The fish don't go for bread
when it's cold.
It's better with worms.
Try using worms then.
I don't like them.
They make my hands stink.
So you fell off the roof, right?
Mum told you?
It doesn't matter.
Why did you go up there?
I wanted to see what's up there.
Are you cold?
It's fine.
Listen, Dad,
without your help,
this could take ages.
You think I don't want to?
If I knew you were with your family,
I could die in peace.
But the boy's being a bit stubborn.
He hasn't agreed to it yet.
Dad, just give it another try.
Do that, and I'll deal with the rest.
You've become so smart.
Hey, Jalal.
Come here.
I promise.
- Sit down.
- Yes.
Don't worry.
It'll be all right.
I promise.
- No, no.
- Gabil.
Dinner's ready.
I'll let you know.
I'll let you know. I'll call you.
You'll have more opportunities.
Go to university.
You can get an education,
become a scientist.
Maybe an engineer, or a doctor.
Believe me.
I'm your grandfather.
I love you.
My boy.
It's for your own good.
Don't worry about it.
Who was that?
My partner.
Calling about business.
He sends his regards.
The same to him.
- So here's our fish.
- On its way.
Bring it over here.
We've been looking forward to this.
Excuse me, I can't help myself.
Here's the pomegranate.
Thank you.
Nothing like eating a fish
you've caught yourself.
Here. Have some.
Eat slowly,
or a bone will stick in your throat.
Anyone'd think you were starving.
It was so funny when we fell in.
- You should have seen it.
- You fell in?
Where are you going?
I was remembering my childhood.
I don't understand you.
If you want to remember that,
go and jump in the canal.
You spent your childhood swimming.
Not around here.
We'll come and visit anytime you want.
You'll have more opportunities
in Russia.
Grandpa says the same.
He can't look after the orchard
on his own.
The neighbours will help.
There's only one neighbour left
and it's Rasim.
The same Rasim
who wants to buy the orchard.
Is this our last crop?
Come here.
Grandpa, fill it up some more.
No, it'll be too heavy for you.
Go on.
I don't remember the last time
we all picked the pomegranates
as a family.
Thank God,
however long it's been,
that I got to see it one more time.
Jalal, you look tired. Go to bed.
I'll go to bed too. I'm also tired.
Good night.
Good night, Dad.
See the beauty of Goychay.
Real Goychay beauties.
Three manat. You won't find better!
No, no. But I can go a bit cheaper
with these ones.
Yes, good. Quick.
Did you say you're from Goychay?
That's it, sir. Quickly.
What do you think?
Anyway, when your children leave
you can't look after the orchard.
All right.
Let's do it.
Come on. Let's go.
I don't want to stay here.
You know how the accident happened?
Dad sold the pomegranates
and bought a Lada for us both.
We both drove it,
but we had no experience.
We were coming back from a wedding.
We were both drunk.
Habil was more drunk than me.
He told me to let him drive,
because I wasn't a real driver.
He was putting me down.
He didn't know what he was saying.
But it really hurt me.
When we got to the village,
I stopped the car
and threw him the keys.
Then I went home on foot.
You know the rest.
I knew he couldn't drive.
Everyone had seen me driving
when we left the wedding.
Next day there were rumours all over
that I'd crashed the car and run off.
I felt guilty.
I couldn't stay here.
So I left and went to Russia.
I thought I'd be back before long.
It's been 12 years.
Well, that's the story.
You're the first person
I've ever told.
Do you understand?
Go to the bank.
Open an account in Jalal's name.
Put the money in that account.
All right, Dad. I will.
This is for you.
And this is for you.
God knows, they'll cut down the trees
and throw them all away.
Well, Shamil.
How are things?
Haven't seen you for ages.
- You made the tea too strong?
- No, it's good.
What's up?
Everything's fine.
Don't stop.
- Go to the bus station.
- Why?
Just drive. I'll explain later.
You've got me confused.
What do we do now?
Tell my dad everything tomorrow.
Tomorrow. All right?
Maybe you can tell him.
Uncle Shamil will understand.
He'll never forgive me.
Tell him everything tomorrow.
It'll be very hard for you
without a TV.
It at least helps to pass the time.
Don't worry.
He'll be back later.
I'm on my way back.
I've got the money.
Let me talk to the child. Put her on.
Hello, sweetheart.
I'm coming back.
Don't worry.
I'll be there first thing,
in the morning.
Big kiss.
He came here for money.
He's in debt.
They're holding his daughter.
He has a family in Moscow.
Did you know?
I asked you a question.
I no longer have a son.
The other eye's got weaker.
The patch isn't helping.
He needs glasses.
You can get an eye test
and a prescription in the city.
It won't be expensive.
What about his colour blindness?
Do you think it can be corrected?
Nothing can be done.
It's such a pity.