Pony With a Broken Wing (2019) Movie Script

The ancient Greeks told a tale
of a winged white stallion
named Pegasus.
Mighty and majestic like no
other on Elysium or Earth,
Pegasus had two wondrous wings
that made him lord of the skie.
Wherever Pegasus
would stride upon the earth,
springs would appear,
bringing with them
plants and fruits
that fed on
the nourishing waters.
One day, Zeus told Pegasus
he would bestow upon him
a great gift.
Pegasus stood patiently,
staring at the waters
as the offering arrived.
And so, Pegasus,
lord of the skies,
flew into the heavens to soar
among the clouds and the stars
with his daughter for all time.
Pretty cool, huh?
I guess. Only if you're into
horses and stuff.
It's way more
than just horses and stuff.
Anyway, I think
it's pretty cool.
[thunder rumbles]
It's going to storm all summer.
I just know it.
Don't be silly, Jonathan.
It's just a storm. No big deal.
It'll be gone
by the time you wake up.
[Jonathan] Sydney?
I don't wanna move.
I don't wanna leave
the house or the ranch.
I thought you didn't
like horses.
I don't, but I like it here.
Everything's gonna be
all right, Jonathan.
Good night.
[switch clicks]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [insects chirping]
[laughing] That's so funny!
[thunder roars]
[rain pattering]
What is that?
- [buzzing]
- [bubbling]
I don't need this. [grunts]
[thunder rumbling]
[man] I just can't.
Please don't ask me again.
- [woman] You have to let it go.
- No, I can't. Not yet.
We are doing our best.
It is time to put what's best
for our family...
We are working
80-hour work weeks.
Okay? We deserve better
than all this debt.
We could sell the ranch
and start over.
We could move on.
Melanie, this ranch has been
in my family for over 60 years.
I can't just walk away from it.
You may have lost all hope.
I haven't.
[rain pattering]
- [sobs]
- [thunder rumbles]
Please help us
through these hard times.
Keep my family together.
That's all I really want.
For me and my little brother.
[birds chirping]
Hey, little man.
Why the long face?
- No reason.
- No reason?
Is there somewhere
you'd like to go?
Can you drive me
to Simon's house?
You bet. Hop in.
Put your seat belt on.
Oh, look. Someone moved into
the old Johnson place.
[horse snorts]
Hey, buddy.
[snorts, grunts]
Can I give you a scratch?
Come on.
[grunts, snorts]
Come on, J.R.
- You need to eat, boy.
- [snorts]
The vet says
there's nothing wrong with you.
[J.R. snorts]
[boy] That's a pretty
horse you got there.
Thanks. He's not feeling
too hot, unfortunately.
Sorry to hear that.
- What's his name?
- J.R.
What's got him down?
No one knows for sure.
He's just depressed, I think.
And don't tell me horses don't get
depressed, 'cause I know they do.
No, no, you're right.
They have feelings, same as us.
I'm, um...
I'm Peter, by the way.
We just moved into the house
down the street.
And you are?
Oh, Sydney.
Ah. Nice to meet you,
So, uh, how's school
around here?
Same as everything else.
- Can't be all that bad.
- Yeah? Well, you'll see.
[chuckles] No wonder
your horse is depressed.
[Sydney chuckles]
Anyways, I was driving
my mom nuts, so she told me
I ought to come down here
and take a look around.
You know, see if you guys
had a summer job or something.
I have always
wanted to be a vet.
I love animals,
especially horses.
My dad can't afford
to hire anyone right now.
Um, I can help out wherever I'm needed.
I don't have to be paid.
- Maybe. [chuckles]
- Okay.
Would you look at that?
- [Peter exclaims]
- [J.R. huffs]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- [Sydney] Whoa.
- [Peter chuckles]
- [Sydney] Whoa, J.R. Whoa.
Whoa. Hey, hey.
making him nervous.
Pretty. What kind of bird
do you think it belongs to?
I don't know.
There's another one.
Poor little thing,
whatever it was.
I don't know how little
this thing was.
Look at that. I don't think I've ever seen
a feather that big or that white ever.
- Whoa.
- Did one of your horses get hurt?
No way.
Sounds like one
got away.
[exhales] Hold on.
What do you
make of this?
You think a goose got
knocked around in the storm?
- That'd have to be one big goose.
- Yeah.
I guess you're right.
You look like
you could use some lemonade.
You always know
how to cheer me up.
Well, not much an ice cold
glass of lemonade can't fix.
Oh... [sighs]
If only that were true.
But I do feel better.
Thank you.
Oh. Look what I found.
[man] Oh, my. I...
I haven't seen these
since I was a little kid.
I found them when I was
cleaning out the basement.
Thought it might be nice
to let them out for some air.
- That's Grandpa William, right?
- Mm-hmm.
With Grandma Molly. [sniffs]
Willy built the ranch,
named it after her.
Those two
loved each other so much.
- Molly's Ranch used to really be something, huh?
- Mmm.
The horses we raised
were the most beautiful around.
Breeders and riders
came from all over.
And the Hollywood folk
loved it, too.
I was just a little girl then,
so I don't remember much, but...
Oh, my mother used to tell the
most exciting bedtime stories.
Dad would be really ashamed of
what I let happen to this place.
Your father was very proud
of you, Joshua.
He's proud of you now.
You're a wonderful teacher,
a loving father.
What happened around here
is not your fault.
And it's not gonna be the end
of Molly's Ranch either.
So, you just shoo
those unpleasant thoughts
right out of your head,
young man.
Okay. I'll try.
Oh. [chuckles]
Maybe this'll bring us
some luck.
- Whoa, whoa.
- [whinnying]
Whoa, J.R., whoa.
Do you have any idea how many more
clients you'd get if you had a website?
Why would I need
more clients?
To make more money.
I don't need more money.
[chuckles] Uncle Nate,
I could design you the most amazing
website that you've ever seen.
I have no doubt.
I'll give you a good price.
Look, Alan,
if you need more money,
why don't you wake up at 5:00,
and come work for me.
- I don't need more money.
- Neither do I.
- I'm just saying, it's...
- No, that settles it.
- Hi, Mr. Craft.
- Hey, Jonathan.
Lord, what I wouldn't give
to be you this fine summer day.
- Why's that?
- Ain't this just about the greatest day ever created?
The first day
of summer vacation.
I'm too old to care
about summer anymore.
Now, don't you go
growing out of summer just yet.
There's plenty of time
for that later on.
Keep the magic
in your eyes, Jonathan.
There's no such thing
as magic, Mr. Craft.
This is gonna be
my masterpiece.
Nothing you build
ever works.
What about that stupid
rocket ship last summer?
wasn't my fault.
You almost burned
your house down.
That rocket ship
would've worked
if my stupid sister
didn't get in the way.
Nearly killed her cat.
With great achievement
comes great sacrifice.
Someday they'll finally regret
how they held me back.
What about inventing something
that will prevent my dad
from selling the house?
- Hmm.
- [footsteps approaching]
Hey, Alyssa, I'm building
a scooter this year. For real.
We may even go into the city
to buy comic books.
We'll be cruising around
all summer long, in style.
Heck, I may even
let you ride it.
I'm gonna be
the owner of NASA someday,
and I'm gonna be
the first person ever
to put a comic book store
on Mars.
Mmm! You're a gross,
little worm, Simon.
I don't get girls.
They don't have any foresight.
What's foresight?
I don't know.
I hear Mom saying it
all the time...
to Dad. He doesn't
have any of it.
- Did he find a job yet?
- Yeah.
He's working
at the construction site.
But someday,
he won't need a job.
I'm gonna get
this whole family rich.
Yeah, sure.
Just wait and see, buddy.
Once it happens, the world
won't know what hit it.
Come on, boy.
Good boy.
- [Peter] Syd, is that one of yours?
- [snorts]
Most definitely not.
Those aren't
what I think they are...
are they?
[Peter] I think
it's got a broken wing.
Wait a minute.
Are you more surprised
that it's got a wing
or that it's got
a broken wing?
'Cause last time I checked,
horses don't have wings.
This one does.
Where did it come from?
[Peter] I don't know.
[Sydney] This has gotta
be some kind of joke.
Someone's idea of a hoax
or a prank or something.
It's just gotta be.
Look, it's real.
Those are real.
What are you?
Are you a Pegasus?
- [whinnies]
- [Peter] What's Pegasus?
An ancient creature
from Greek myth.
I doubt it flew here
all the way from Greece.
It doesn't look
all that ancient.
So, what are we gonna do?
I don't know, but...
we can't leave her here
for the grown-ups to find her.
What do you mean?
[Peter] They might sell
her to a circus or...
- something worse.
- Worse?
[Peter] Might take it to a lab and
do experiments on it or something.
There's a shed.
We haven't used it in years.
That sounds good, but can
you get it to follow you?
I don't know.
Good girl. Or "it."
Mr. Warren.
Boy, it always
makes my day brighter
to hear my name called
by a beautiful woman.
I'm Melanie Killian.
My husband and I
own Molly's Ranch.
Well, it's nice
to finally meet you.
I don't mind admitting
you've cost me a lot of sleep.
Yeah, sorry about that. Your offer
on our property was very generous,
um, Mr. Warren, but...
- My husband and I...
- I understand your concerns.
I haven't told you my
concerns yet, Mr. Warren.
Call me Dan, and I know I dress like
I belong in a Manhattan penthouse,
but trust me, my roots are
right here in the heartland.
Yeah, I grew up
working this soil.
Sweating under
the hot country sun.
You know, I wear Armani,
but my soul
is 100% small town America,
Mrs. Killian.
And you call this
small town America?
Come here.
Let me show you something.
Please don't.
You know, like it or not, small-town
America isn't much of a business model.
It's an outdated concept.
If towns don't evolve,
they get swallowed up
by bigger fish.
And what I've done here is just the
beginning of my plans for your town.
You know?
I'm gonna give your town a fighting
chance, is what I'm gonna do,
and I promise, each and every
one of you is gonna thank me.
On the other side of those woods
is your ranch.
And that's where
I'm gonna build restaurants
and casinos
and movie theaters.
Can you imagine
what an amusement park
would do to that dusty strip
over there?
It would become a mecca
for tourists.
But there's one little thing
holding me back.
Our 100 acres.
Which you are
barely holding onto as it is.
As far as I can tell.
Mr. Warren.
This is Pierian Pond.
My husband grew up here.
And my children
played in this water.
And it used to be as big as an
ocean, and it's smaller now, but...
This is our home.
It's beautiful to us.
Well, I'm sure it's beautiful
to the mosquitoes, too.
I came here today to tell you
that we received your letters.
We're considering your offer.
Well, keep considering.
But remember, the wheels of progress
are moving fast, Mrs. Killian.
With or without you.
[groans] Gross.
- [chuckling]
- What are you laughing at?
Well, let's get it in there.
- It's a she.
- How do you know?
- Are you really asking me that?
- [chuckles]
Yeah, okay. [laughs]
- [Peter] Maybe we should cover her wings.
- [Sydney clicks her tongue]
He's just trying to help.
[Peter] I don't think its leg
is broken, so that's good.
What about her... wing?
I don't know.
So what are you gonna do?
I have some bandages
and stuff at home.
I might be able to make
a splint or something.
And then I also have some books
on horse medicine, but...
I think she's gonna be fine.
I don't know, Peter.
Maybe we should call someone.
- No. No.
- Or...
This has got to be
our secret, okay?
You promise?
Say it.
We're gonna cure this horse,
take care of her,
and get her back
to wherever she came from.
Wherever that is.
Must be starving.
I can do something
about that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, J.R
Let's wait. [giggles]
There we go. He's excited
to get back inside.
[clicks tongue]
- And you said this town was boring, right?
- [chuckles]
I, um...
I'd better get going.
Hmm. No worries.
I got this.
What are you waiting for? Go.
Hi, baby.
Sure is beautiful here, isn't it?
Even if you can't see it.
You can see it though,
Are we gonna have to move?
Your dad and I have
a lot to consider, so...
You're still here, Simon?
Time to go home already?
I'm afraid so.
Bye, Nate.
Bye, Simon. [chuckles]
Get real, Gus.
You're talking crazy.
Aliens aren't real.
How do you know?
I saw the pond.
It was flashing green.
You mean there's a spaceship
hiding under there?
Now I know where our son
gets all those crazy ideas.
- Hey.
- I saw something, Emily.
Did you tell anyone?
No, not yet.
[Emily] Good.
Please don't.
Okay? We need this job.
[dog barks]
[dishes clattering]
[utensils clattering]
You okay?
I'm busy.
Did you have fun at Simon's?
I bet you got a lot of plans
for the summer.
What kind of crazy contraption
is he working on now?
I don't care. I'm sick of Simon
and his stupid ideas.
Hey. I thought he was
your best friend.
Not for long.
What is that supposed to mean?
We're not moving.
We're not selling the ranch.
Yes, we are.
Mom and Dad are just going
to keep fighting
all summer long
and then we're gonna move.
[Sydney] They won't
let that happen.
Yes, they will.
Just leave me alone.
[buzzing continues]
[birds chirping]
[horse whinnying]
Oh, my gosh! Jonathan!
What are you doing here?
You scared me.
I scared you? You scared me.
What are you doing
out here?
N... Nothing unusual or strange.
I know you're hiding something.
Nothing. I'm just cleaning up.
A horse? What's the big deal?
She's a pony,
and it depends.
Can you keep a secret?
- Whatever. I'm heading back.
- Jonathan.
You can't tell anyone.
It's just like in that lame
old story your read to me.
Not so lame now, huh?
Where did you find him?
- Her.
- Her.
In the woods.
Just over the hill.
Can I pet her?
What happened to her wing?
She's hurt.
But we're gonna help her.
[Peter] Hey.
[Sydney] Jonathan,
this is my friend, Peter.
He just moved in next door.
Peter, this is
my brother, Jonathan.
Is he your boyfriend?
He is a boy who is my friend.
But we literally met yesterday,
so slow your roll, dude.
He's just helping us
with Harmonia.
Har who, now?
[Sydney] Harmonia.
Greek goddess
of peace and harmony.
I think it's rather fitting,
don't you?
Harmony for short. I like it.
Whoa. Shh.
- It's okay.
- It's okay, girl.
Hey, can you help me?
- Sure. How?
- Why don't you get some food so she'll be more calm?
[Jonathan] Okay.
[Peter] All right.
Easy there, girl.
We just wanna help.
We just wanna
make you feel better.
Very good. Just like that. Good.
[Peter chuckles]
Your brother's a real natural.
He doesn't even
like horses.
This is no horse.
This is Harmony,
daughter of Pegasus.
[Sydney and Peter chuckle]
What are you,
a vet or something?
[Peter] Uh, not yet,
but I'm doing my best.
Harmony's out cold, sleeping.
Is she gonna be okay?
I don't know. I hope so.
Why don't we
just ask for help?
We can't.
The grown-ups
wouldn't understand.
You do realize that she could
solve all of our problems.
What do you mean?
Sydney didn't tell you?
We're about to lose the farm.
Jonathan, no.
We have to save her.
Look, um...
If anyone found out...
the military could come
and take her away.
She can't help us save the farm.
And we have to help her
fly home.
Wherever that is.
I, uh... I think I know somebody
who could help with that.
[snorts, whinnies]
[gasps] Are they...
[both snorting, grunting]
Do you think
they were talking back there?
- I think so.
- Yeah, why are you guys acting so surprised?
Didn't you know animals
can communicate?
Not like that,
I didn't.
Anyway, where's she going?
No idea.
[Sydney] Ah, I'm so
getting scared right now.
J.R., where are you taking us?
I don't get it.
What's he trying to tell us?
Yeah, why did he lead us here?
What's so special
about Pierian Pond?
It's the pond from the story.
The one with the magic water.
What's he talking about?
Legend says that Harmony was born
out of a pond with mystical powers.
It said whenever the water
touched the soil,
magical flowers would bloom.
[Peter chuckles]
I guess it's
more than a legend.
[horn blaring]
What's that?
It's the siren for the workers.
We have to get to the flowers
before they discover them.
[indistinct chatter]
[Peter] Let's come back later
when no one can see us.
- Can I come?
- You better.
You're one of us now.
- Hey, Simon.
- Dad.
- What are you doing in here?
- Building a scooter.
You were always the smart one
around here.
Hey, Dad.
Do you need something?
What do you know about space?
I know that Alpha Centauri is the
closest star system to our solar system,
at a distance of 4.37 light-years away.
And that...
Good, good. That'll be fine.
That'll be fine.
Let me sh...
Let me show you something.
I took this last night.
What do you think?
It's a new phenomenon
called glowing photosynthesis.
It only happens
a couple times a year.
You mean...
Underwater plants
reflecting the sunlight
they have accumulated
through the day.
Can I show you something?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Can you guess what this is?
Blue fireflies
in North Carolina.
They only do that
two or three times a year.
How'd you get so smart?
So, let me show you what
I'm gonna do with the scooter.
This is really, really powerful.
It can climb
a pretty steep incline.
Is that legal
at your age?
Yeah, you know, I don't want
anything to happen to you.
- You know, just tell me.
- Uh, yeah. Sure it is.
Well, that's great, then.
I'm very proud of you, Son.
Thanks, Dad.
Hey, Dad.
Aren't you forgetting something?
[Simon on tablet]
Hey, check this out.
How did you get this?
My dad said he saw aliens
last night or something.
Do you know what it is?
I have to go. Now.
- Bye.
- [Simon] Bye.
Guys, look at this.
- Where'd you get that?
- Simon sent it to me.
He said his father
took the video last night.
- Did you tell him?
- Of course not.
You do realize
what this means.
That legacy was right.
It is a magic pond.
- [chattering]
- [engine starting]
Mr. Warren. I think
you need to come see this.
[Warren] How many times do I have
to tell you? Stay on schedule.
Time is money.
What is this?
Destroy these.
Boss, we don't own this yet.
But we will own this!
I don't want anything
slowing us down,
including pretty flowers.
So, destroy these right now.
All right, guys. Pull everything up.
Don't leave anything behind.
Well, if it isn't
Nathaniel Craft.
Hello, Sandra.
So, who's the lucky gal?
These... are for you.
Well, it's been a long time
since a handsome man
brought me flowers.
Well, come on. Let's go inside
and put them in some water.
I'll bet you'd love
some ice cold lemonade.
That sounds just about perfect.
Come on.
Hey, baby.
How you doing, J.R.?
Let's go for a ride.
Would you like that?
Let's go for a ride. Come on.
Come on. Good boy. Come on.
You ready?
[J.R. snorts, whinnies]
Looking good.
I'm so glad
you came to visit.
Can we do it again?
I'd like that.
- [J.R. whinnying]
- I don't believe it.
[Sandra laughs]
And we thought that horse
was just about to keel over.
I told you.
It's a magical day.
Well, I guess
you're right.
[both laugh]
[Jonathan] Look.
[J.R. whinnies]
Hi, guys.
- Wanna go for a ride?
- [Jonathan] Yeah.
Come here. Up. Ho.
- Ready? Wanna help?
- [Jonathan] Yeah.
- [Peter grunts]
- [Sydney] There you go.
- [Sydney] Jonathan.
- [Peter] Hang on, buddy.
You ready? You all set?
Okay, let's go.
[clicks tongue] Let's go.
[J.R. whinnies]
[both chuckle]
Can you believe that ride?
You're such a good boy.
- [Melanie] He's the best boy.
- [Sydney] Hey, bud.
Hey, bud.
[Josh] That was
quite a surprise.
J.R. looks like
he's doing a lot better.
It's incredible,
isn't it?
You... I have never
seen you this happy.
- Your mom is watching.
- My mom is?
Hey. Hi, Mom.
Mr. Craft.
I'm gonna kiss my wife.
Just a little bit.
- Love you.
- I love you, too.
[Sydney] Gross.
- What?
- [laughs]
That's not... This is not gross.
You want... You want gross?
I'll show you gross.
[blows raspberry]
That's gross!
- [grunts] Did you get to ride, too?
- Yeah.
- He did.
- Yeah? How'd you do?
He did so well.
[Warren] So, how much
longer is that gonna take?
- It's done.
- And it'll record all night?
- Twelve hours, continuous.
- Perfect.
- You don't have to...
- No, no. Take it.
It's for your silence.
All right, I gotta make
a phone call.
Kids, dinner's ready!
[phone rings]
- [phone beeps]
- Hello?
Oh, hi, Mr. Warren.
Yes, um, this isn't a really
good time right now. I...
No, we haven't made
a decision yet.
We're about...
We're about to have dinner.
Mr. Warren, hi. I don't
know if you heard my wife.
She said it's not
a good time. Good-bye.
[Melanie] Oh, I love it.
What did you kids
do today?
- Nothing much.
- Nothing?
- Nothing?
- Well, we hung out with Peter a bit.
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh.
Seems like
a nice enough kid.
He's Sydney's new boyfriend.
Shut up, Jonathan.
He's not my boyfriend.
And he is nice.
He wants to become
a veterinarian.
Really? Well, maybe we
have him to thank for J.R.
[chuckles] Yeah, maybe.
Maybe we should call
an actual vet.
- No.
- No?
I mean, J.R.'s fine.
Everything's good. Um...
We don't need to waste
any more time or money.
All right.
Good enough for me.
Let's not waste
any more money.
You know,
I've got a good feeling.
Yeah? What kind of feeling?
Like things are finally
going to turn around again
and everything's
gonna be all right.
Everything's gonna be fine.
[bicycle wheels whirring]
You know what?
[clicks tongue]
Not tonight.
[music starts]
Love you like the first time
I'll love you from now on
Josh, I have to finish
the dishes.
I love you
For the first time
Oh, my love
Nobody ever took my heart
- Nobody ever could...
- I sure do love you.
And no matter what happens...
Baby, right from the start
Till I met you
I love you
For the first time
I'll love you from now on
- [snickers]
- Oh!
Hey. What are
you guys up to?
Uh, oh, we're going
to play outside.
[Peter grunts]
I sure hope this works.
- It has to.
- I can't wait to see the magic.
It's gonna be amazing.
Harmony's gonna eat
some magic flowers
and get well again.
You'll see.
[Peter] Hey, look.
Where'd these flowers come from?
We're good.
[sighs] Oh, no. Look.
[sighs] Let me try
one more time.
Hey, can your bag hold water?
We can try.
The water may help
Harmony feel better.
[Gus] Hey, you kids!
What are you doing over there?
We need to go now.
[Sydney] I hope this water
helps her wounds.
[Sydney] Sadly, the flower was
dead, and it didn't help Harmony.
We've got to bring Harmony
directly to the flowers.
I'm gonna go to sleep.
Do you think
she's going to die?
We'll save her.
I know we will.
Can we keep her if we do?
She doesn't belong to us.
This isn't her home.
I'm gonna miss her.
We all will.
But just think about
how beautiful it will be
when we reunite her
with her father.
You mean Pegasus?
I sure hope so.
You really think he exists?
Well... [laughs]
Until two days ago,
I wasn't sure.
But now,
what do you think?
I want to believe!
[laughs] Good.
Go to sleep.
[Sydney, echoing]
The ancient Greeks told a tale
of a winged white stallion
named Pegasus.
Pegasus had two wondrous wings
that made him lord of the skie.
Wherever Pegasus
would tread upon the earth,
springs would magically appear,
bringing with them flowers,
plants and fruit
that fed on
the nourishing waters.
[Sydney] Jonathan, ask Simon to use his
scooter to bring Harmony to the flowers.
Can you finish the scooter
by tonight?
- Maybe.
- I'm not asking much, Simon.
- Come on.
- I want to know why.
I can't tell you.
But I warn you,
you won't believe me.
You know about Pegasus.
- The Greek?
- His daughter fell from the sky, breaking a wing,
and the only way to heal is to eat
the magic flowers from Pierian Pond.
But the flowers die
if we bring them to her.
I need your scooter
to take Harmony to the pond.
Who is Harmony?
The daughter of Pegasus.
Do you really expect me
to believe you?
You finish the scooter
and I'll prove it to you.
Mr. Warren. What is going on?
That's actually
a question I have for you.
I don't understand.
Yeah, well, your kids
and another kid
trespassed on my property
last night.
- That's impossible.
- Really?
Well, here's footage
of your daughter
contaminating my pond.
Sydney? Jonathan?
We are very sorry that we
trespassed on your property,
and we promise
never to do it again.
Yeah, well, I'm afraid
it's not that simple.
What does that mean?
They're just kids.
Yeah, I know, I know,
but I had to drain the pond
and then refill it
with uncontaminated water.
You probably have no idea how
expensive an operation like that is.
What have you kids done?
I think we know
what the kids did.
I mean, it's pretty clear. The question
is, what are you willing to do?
- What does that mean?
- I mean, I could press charges, or...
you could sign the contract
and sell me this place,
and I could forget
this accident ever happened.
- That's blackmail.
- I'd be really careful
about the terms you use, 'cause
I got witnesses and a videotape.
Is there something that we would
like to say to Mr. Warren?
- But we didn't do anything wrong.
- You poisoned my pond.
- No, we didn't.
- We're sorry.
Kids, can you go
in the other room, please?
Right now. Go.
Mr. Warren, why don't you
come back another time
while my husband's home?
Here's the contract.
Sign it, and I'll be
back to pick it up.
See you later.
[Gus] Hmm.
Suppose I have to start
looking for a new job.
You didn't hear
a thing? Really?
I told you,
I... I was watching TV.
It gets lonely there.
And where's Simon?
I mean, these are
his friends, after all.
Just let me handle it.
I'm sure
you didn't mean to, Dad.
That's okay.
No, it's not okay.
I didn't really
like that job anyways.
You know why
they did it?
You won't believe me.
Try me.
[Josh] Hey, honey.
What happened?
Come on.
[clicks tongue] Well,
it doesn't sound good.
No, Mom, it's not good.
I'm sorry.
Well, [sighs]
what do you suggest?
Well, we can either sell
the property...
or explain the situation
to a judge.
Warren has bought every
single official in this town.
No judge will help us.
It's all my fault.
I filled their heads
with all those stories
about Pierian Pond and...
[doorbell rings]
[sighs] Who now?
- Hi, Simon.
- [Simon] Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello, I'm Gus, Simon's dad.
Nice to meet you.
Hi. Come on in.
I'm sorry, Simon,
but Jonathan is grounded.
Oh, we're not here
for a playdate.
- Oh?
- May we take a seat?
Uh, of course.
You may wanna sit down
for this, too.
So Simon was telling me
this incredible story,
and I need to check it out.
Do y'all know anything
about Harmony?
Um, who?
Your little white pony.
- [chuckles] We don't...
- We don't have any ponies on this property.
Well, that's not
what Simon's saying.
Dude, you were supposed to
keep this a secret.
You are supposed to be
in your room, young man.
I'll tell the story.
[Sydney] Remember the storm
three nights ago?
Mom and Dad
were fighting about the farm.
I was so sad.
I couldn't bear the idea
of seeing this family
torn apart.
I didn't wanna leave
this beautiful place.
[thunder roars]
That's when I heard it
for the first time.
[thunder rumbling]
I looked up,
but I didn't see it.
The sky was dark.
The next morning
Peter and I went on a walk.
That's when we found
giant feathers
like we've never seen before.
J.R. got very nervous.
I think he knew what they were.
That's when we found Harmony.
She was standing under
a snag tree by Pierian Pond.
And from that moment on,
this has become a happier plac.
Hang in there, girl.
We're all friends.
We're just trying
to help.
I can't believe it.
It is true.
It's all true.
Can I...
She doesn't really trust adults.
Sydney, what...
What's your plan?
We have to take her to the pond.
That's not gonna be easy.
Simon and I have a plan.
You can really help?
I'll do whatever it takes
to take down Daniel Warren.
Dad got me an engine
at the junkyard.
That's right. Now you get
to show them how smart you are.
Jonathan, I need your help.
- Aye aye, Captain.
- Uh, Peter.
All right, guys. Let's get
this thing off of here.
Get ready. Go.
All right.
- Jonathan.
- [Gus] Tools.
So, this is the brake
and the clutch.
To turn it on, you need
to put that to start
- and you need to put it into gear.
- Yeah. But not yet.
We still gotta fix the engine.
Yeah, buddy.
- [Peter] Hey.
- Peter, all right.
I want you to tighten
this bolt for me, okay?
- [Sydney] Here's some lemonade.
- Here you go, boys.
This is good stuff.
Don't mind a little finger
there, do you? [laughs]
All right, let's work on
getting this thing started.
Okay, Son, try it.
No, no, no. Okay, okay, okay.
Hold on one second.
- All right, come on.
- [engine starts]
All right.
Let's go. Come on.
Okay. Here.
I know what I can do
to help.
We got it.
You mind helping me in the back?
Right. I'm gonna
sign it right now.
We're gonna make America
great again.
I'll leave the envelope
on the front door.
Good deal. I'll get it.
Yeah, right there.
That's the way to go.
Come on, Son,
give it a try.
[engine starts]
- [Gus] There.
- [Melanie] Nice!
It's working!
[Peter] Good job.
Just remember
to keep it on.
- I'll wait for your signal.
- Okay.
Good luck.
Okay, let's do this.
Forgot something.
Okay, let's do this.
- [Sydney] Oh, my God.
- [Peter] Oh.
Hey. Gus, hey.
Come on.
We don't have much time, all right? We
have to get her to the pond, now. Come on.
- Come on, girl.
- [Jonathan] Be careful with the wings.
Josh, can you hear me?
Loud and clear.
Mr. Warren's here.
Thank you.
All right,
keep pushing.
[Sydney] Whoa.
Keep pushing.
- Push.
- Push, push.
[Melanie] You're going into the
bushes a little. There you go.
- [Gus] Wide, go wide.
- [Melanie] Keep pushing.
Keep pushing, guys.
Turn, turn.
- [Josh] Right.
- [Melanie] Easy, easy.
Okay, this is a good spot.
Right here, right here, stop.
Good job.
Guys, so, unfortunately,
I think that was the easy part.
Why don't you kids go down to
the pond and prep for the pony?
And we need to make sure that
this doesn't run away downhill.
- Gus, you got this with me?
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
- [Melanie] All right.
- Real slow. Ready?
- Go.
- Okay, nice and slow.
- I still got you. Come on.
Real, real slow.
You got it, Gus?
- [Melanie] Everybody okay?
- [Sydney] Yeah.
Easy, easy.
- [Gus] Easy. Easy.
- [Peter] Go.
- Okay, nice and slow.
- I still got you. Come on.
Real, real slow.
There we go.
There we go.
- Almost there.
- Yeah, come on.
- [Peter] Whoa.
- [Gus grunts]
- All right, a little bit further.
- [Melanie] Everybody okay?
[Sydney] Yeah.
[Josh] All right.
All right, slow.
- Whoa, whoa!
- [Melanie] Whoa, whoa!
- Go, go, go!
- [grunting]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- [Sydney] Oh!
Is she okay?
She's all right.
- She's all right.
- She's okay.
[Sydney sighs]
- Come on, We gotta go.
- [engine starts]
Good luck, Mr. Warren.
Path's clear.
[Josh] Hi, you hear me?
We're here.
And it's time.
I'll call him right away.
This is it.
Are you ready?
Uh, just arrived.
We'll be there soon.
Is it so hard for you
to do your old uncle a favor?
It's fine. It's whatever.
So, you still working for
that, uh, newspaper of yours?
[scoffs] It's a blog.
It's over two million followers.
I don't see anyone.
- It's online, Uncle Nate.
- [scoffs]
Come on. Let's go.
[sighs] Okay.
I got it.
- [Josh] Let's go!
- [Sydney] Faster!
Hey, we need to go faster.
Faster! We need to move!
She's not gonna make it
much longer, guys.
All right.
Let's open her up.
Come on.
[Harmony whinnies]
[Sydney] Come on. Come on.
Come on, Harmony.
Good girl.
Good girl. Good girl, come on.
We gotta go.
Come on.
Okay, you're gonna
feel better, Harmony.
Come on.
[chuckles] Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Look. Look!
Come on, baby.
Go on, look. Right here.
Right here, right here.
Look. Hi.
- Right here. Right there. Get...
- [Jonathan] Stop it.
- Come on. It's inside there.
- Come on, girl. Come on.
Come on. Right there.
- Right there.
- [Peter] There you go.
[Sydney] Eat the flower.
[Peter] She looks like
she's doing much better.
There you go.
Let me check her leg.
She's healed.
[wings flapping]
[wings flapping]
This can't be happening.
But it is.
- Do you wanna come with me?
- Uh-huh.
Let's go.
- [Sydney] Right there.
- [Peter] There you go.
[Sydney] Eat the flower.
It's amazing.
- Right here.
- What is it I'm seeing now?
Just do your job
and take the pictures.
[shutter clicking]
- [Peter] Chew more.
- [Sydney] Right here, right here.
[gasps] Oh...
This is incredible.
This is magic,
is what it is.
[wings flapping]
- What?
- [woman] Oh, my gosh. Look over there.
- [exhales]
- Oh...
[Nate] Oh, my gosh.
- Wow. Wow.
- [laughing]
[woman] Oh, wow.
Look at him.
He's so gorgeous.
This is something else.
Oh, wow. Look at him.
[Sydney] He's coming down
to land.
This is unbelievable.
[wings flapping]
- [hooves clomping]
- [whinnying]
- [neighing]
- Oh, my goodness.
Hey! Hey, hey!
This is private property.
Get off my land, all of you.
What are you hiding?
What are you... Move over!
Move! What's behind you? Oh.
Horses with wings.
Well, guess what?
They're on my property, so now
they're my horses with wings.
And also,
horses don't have wings.
Okay? They're not real.
- [Pegasus snorts]
- Okay, they are real.
But... Hey, you,
stop filming right now.
Too late.
This is already a live feed.
And over $50,000 in donations
to save the ranch.
To save the ranch? I own the ranch.
I bought it from Killian.
You better check
those papers again, chief.
[all laughing]
The old disappearing ink...
What are you,
12 years old, Josh?
We'll see you in court.
But I'm building my mall.
I just want you to know,
all of you guys.
Yeah, about that?
I don't really think so.
See, in the past
ten minutes,
I just started
an online petition
to get this whole land
turned into a national park.
Oh, really?
Well, that's not gonna work.
So Mr. Warren, it's actually
you who are trespassing.
Officers, you might
wanna take him away.
All right, I'll leave.
You know what?
Developing land
is too much trouble.
All right, you guys are so...
This place is a dump, anyway.
[both laughing]
Bye-bye, Mr. Warren!
- [Gus] Bye!
- [laughing]
[both laughing]
Bye, Harmony.
We're gonna miss you.
We're gonna miss you, girl.
Have you ever been to Mars?
What? I'm just curious.
They're flying away.
Mom, you made it.
You had me so worried.
You really are
the best father ever.
You've got something
in your eye, Nate Craft.
You, too, Sandra Killian.
[both laughing]
That was just great.
I loved it. You're a
good kid, you know that?
It's all right, buddy. We'll get
it running again tomorrow, okay?
Hey, Simon,
you built that?
With a lot of help.
Can you take me
for a ride tomorrow?
- Sure. I'd love that.
- Thank you.
I think your wish
just came true.
It did.
That was awesome.
- So cool.
- Yeah.
- Peter?
- Yeah, what's up?
Thank you.
It was no problem, I...
Hey, um...
Yeah. Anyways,
that was really cool.
See? I told you they were
boyfriend and girlfriend.
So, what else are we
gonna build this summer?
A rocket.
Another one? Really?
Yep. A rocket to Mars.
I have all the plans
set up at my house.
All right,
let's do this.
[guitar playing]
Sometimes in the world
When things go gray
I remember what my mama
Used to say
And it makes you feel
Like you'll be all right
And I start to feel
The light
She says
Shine when you're happy
It's like getting wings
You can surround the sunshine
That it brings
And so share your happy
Shine all around
'Cause you never know
Who's stuck on the ground
Maybe you're grown up
Or maybe you're small
You gotta listen
Into that place inside of us
Oh, that's where it begins
Shine when you're happy
It's like getting wings
You can surround the sunshine
That it brings
And so share your happy
Shine all around
'Cause you never know
Who's stuck on the ground
Shine when you're happy
It's like getting wings
Surround the sunshine
That it brings
So share your happy
Shine all around
'Cause you never know
Who's stuck
On the ground
[music playing]