Pop Aye (2017) Movie Script

It feels good to
finally be out of the city.
You don't like Bangkok?
The city's been good to me.
Came with nothing,
and now I have this truck.
Be careful. It takes you in
as quickly as it spits you out.
You don't look like the type
who'd be traveling with an elephant.
I just bought him.
Oh, for how much?
Not that much.
We should turn left.
This way is faster.
Are you guys around?
I'll get there soon.
Stop the truck!
Stop the truck.
I need to pee!
I can't pee in that!
Clean it up!
Clean it up!
Get the fuck out of my truck!
I should've left you on the road,
you fat bastard.
Five, four, three...
Good evening, Bangkok.
Tonight we have an update
on Gardenia Square.
It has been slated for demolition.
Despite protests,
authorities will go ahead with it.
Joining us this evening
are two special guests.
Mr. Anuwat Chakorndamrongkul...
and Mr. Thana Sukthamma...
from Star Design Assembly,
the architectural firm that
designed Gardenia Square 30 years ago.
What's the atmosphere
in Star Design right now?
It's really nice to know that
people are reluctant to see it go.
Gardenia Square is
one of our studio's first major projects.
It meant a lot to my father,
who headed the studio,
and of course, to Thana who designed it.
Thana, you've had an illustrious career.
Isn't Gardenia Square one
of your first projects as key architect?
We were so young and idealistic then.
We just wanted to create a space
where family and friends
could come together for work and play.
Somewhere I can bring my wife
on the weekends.
That's very sweet of you.
Thank you.
Can you tell us about
your upcoming projects?
Can you talk about the future plans
of your company?
It's sad but this is also inevitable.
The old has to make way for the new.
What's wrong?
When we were at the Tokyo store,
they added us to the wait list.
Where's my address book?
I don't know.
It took forever just to get one bag.
You're home all day.
You should know where things are.
Which address book are you looking for?
The old red one!
With Uncle Peak's number in it.
Why are you looking for Uncle Peak?
I want to call him.
We haven't seen him in so long.
Did something happen?
It's just a present from Nam as a joke.
If it's a joke,
why do you have to hide it?
Hello. You're inside now?
Yeah, the clutch in blue is good.
That's the one with ostrich skin?
Why are you still here?
I'm rushing the mock-up
for the clients tomorrow, Mr. Thana.
Go home.
Good morning, Thana.
June, what time is the meeting
with the clients?
We already had it this morning.
I thought we were meeting after lunch?
Udom and I are better at handling them.
Someone should've informed me.
Stupid animal. Why do you keep running?
You want to buy him some food?
It's $1 for one banana.
What's his name?
Chang Beer. Why?
I know him.
He had many names.
You want to feed him some food?
No, I want to buy him.
What the hell are you going to do
with an elephant?
Come here!
Come inside!
When you left, I was only this tall.
And look at me now.
Fuck everyone else.
From now on, it's just you and me.
Hold on.
Are the files for the CDL development
on your desktop?
Yeah, you know the password.
Anuwat wants to take over the project
and Udom needs the files.
I figured.
He's not like his Dad.
June, you shouldn't waste your life there.
When are you coming back in?
Not yet.
I have to go.
Where's the next rest stop?
Maybe an hour by walking?
Why don't you take my flip-flops?
They're comfortable.
No, it's okay.
They're not dirty, just old.
No, it's okay.
Take them.
I'm going to join my brother in heaven.
I can't take them with me.
Are you sick?
I read it in the stars.
- I could do a reading for you.
- No, it's okay.
Take whatever you want.
I mean, you can still eat.
You can still talk.
You can still walk.
What are you afraid of?
No, I'm not afraid.
I just like to sit and
watch the trucks and cars go by.
I feel a bit like a tree.
But even trees have to die.
Why do you have an elephant?
My wife chased us out of the house.
For my brother. He liked smoking.
Go on.
Go find something to eat.
I'll follow.
That's it?
Have you tried this?
One each.
I haven't had this in years!
Thank you, sir. You're a kind man.
Can I ask you something?
How do you spend your days
at a gas station doing nothing?
I keep busy.
I find food to feed myself.
I have a roof over my head,
and I'm just waiting
to see my brother in heaven.
Okay, if you could do absolutely anything.
If Buddha granted you a wish,
what would you do?
I'd take my girl for a bike ride
around the countryside.
Just like the day before we got married.
You have a wife?
- What's her name?
- Ja.
Why don't you call her?
Ask her to go for a ride.
I don't have a scooter.
I have a proposal for you.
I'm taking my elephant home to Loei...
and the road isn't safe.
If you come with me,
I'll get you a scooter.
There's a bit of money left in this card.
Just slide it to use it.
No, it's okay.
And I'll lend you my phone
to call your wife.
We should help each other.
Call her.
Wait here.
The jazz band
was playing this song at the beach bar
when it started to rain.
In Hua Hin?
- That was years and years ago.
- Yeah.
And you even carried me
to keep my feet dry.
You stink. Get away from me.
He was touching me!
Who touched you?
Put that clock down!
Popeye, out!
You know this elephant?
Popeye. This is Popeye.
What Popeye?!
My elephant!
Don't you remember?
- Your elephant?
- Yes.
I can't believe you.
Just for a second,
can't you be happy for me?
Happy for you? He was in the house!
He could've stepped on me.
I could've died!
He was just trying to know you!
You know what? I've had enough.
I'm not staying around
to be your zookeeper.
- I'm done.
- Where will you go?
I don't know, but I'm done here.
Where are you going?
Take your hands off me.
Listen, how he calls out for you.
I'm sorry. We don't need you today.
I can come back tomorrow.
I'll reschedule with you.
A zookeeper once told me
those who don't know elephants
aren't scared of them,
but those who know them are.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
On the count of three.
Three, two, one.
Did we hit it?
Maybe the hide is too thick.
Go again.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- That's my elephant!
- What?
Someone called to say
there's an elephant on the loose.
Why are you firing at him?
This is for public safety.
Where's your elephant license
and travel permit?
I'll still have to take you to the station
for negligence
and violating urban tidiness.
- Urban tidiness?
- Yes.
These documents are fake.
Tell them we're bringing someone in.
I'm charging you with negligence,
violating urban tidiness,
violating wildlife protection and forgery.
This is ridiculous.
Get in the car.
Lend me your phone.
I want to call my lawyer.
The animal control officers
just had a raid.
- The animal detention center is full.
- So?
Chief wants us to take the elephant
to the other one at Phetchabun.
There'll be guys there to take over.
Popeye, you shouldn't have ran.
If you got lost,
I may never find you again.
He must be the worst mahout I've seen.
This is going to take forever.
What the hell? What's the hurry?
Stop eating.
We will clear up this mess
and return the melons to the owner.
But they're already broken.
Put it down.
- Put that melon down.
- I'm fucking thirsty!
Put it down.
Stop your elephant too.
There's an incident on Highway 2051.
Watermelons have fallen off a truck.
It's causing a roadblock and needs
to be dealt with as soon as possible.
Oi! Get off the car.
How long more does it say?
About an hour,
but that's what it said two hours ago.
Let me see it.
It's an hour by car.
We're on elephant speed.
You moron!
Do we have water?
I'll find him something.
Wake up.
Do you have a heart condition, diabetes,
Hey, wake up.
Fuck me.
There is a bar up ahead.
Fuck you, you fuck!
What's up?
You feeling better?
Drinks are on me tonight.
No one picked up the phone.
I think they're watching football.
Drinks are on him.
What are you doing
with an elephant anyway?
We're going back to my hometown.
You have family back there?
Just my uncle, who outlived everyone.
Can I get more beer?
What are you looking at?
They aren't real.
You a cop?
Then why are you with them?
They've taken my elephant.
That's yours?
Well, fuck the cops.
Can I go out the back?
How's your mother?
The same.
I still have to shoot her up
in the morning and wipe her ass at night.
I hope I drop dead when the time comes.
I'll find a way to get us out.
Want some?
I'm glad some things don't change.
Hey! Get back in.
Come on.
Don't go out there again.
I'm sorry!
She's the most expensive girl here.
But nothing stays tight forever.
You're from the city?
I've had a few good years in Bangkok
but that was that.
You can go first.
I'll be quick.
I'm still free tonight.
You left it in the toilet.
Finished it.
Powder's all here now.
Is it still obvious?
It looks okay now.
My wife uses the same brand.
It's high-quality stuff.
I swiped it from Sephora in Bangkok.
Swiped. Got it?
Take this.
Want a drink?
No, I should go.
You're just scared to be
caught drinking with me.
Can I go next?
I am writing a letter to you, dear John
Writing in the house we used to sleep in
At the province of Udon
In the Kingdom of Thailand
I broken heart, you must understand
She's no spring chicken,
and she still comes to embarrass herself
every night.
You left your rented wife
Packed up, went home
Leaving behind your traces of kisses
I am worn out
Because you enjoyed me so much
You forgot your wife
Went back to Illinois
I was sad till I got typhoid
Applied Tiger Oil to stay alive
It's sadder than a sad movie
Oh, John, you make me cry
So lonely till I got skinny
Look, miss.
You have to tell me where to go.
I wanna die
Why'd you leave me?
My teardrops fall on my signature
I put the letter in an envelope
But don't know where to send it
My goodness, who will help me?
I tear up the letter and turn towards DD Good-bye, Sawatdee
Meet me at a city called The End
Let me help you.
You like transvestites?
- Hold on.
- Let me try.
Ow, gentler please.
That's enough!
Hey, we're closing.
Give us a minute.
Don't worry.
This happens way more often
than you think.
I think it's the other one.
You do it.
Don't get caught again.
This lady won't be there next time.
- Thana, where's Uncle Peak?
- Don't know, Pa.
Go find him. A wild elephant was shot
but its baby is alive!
An elephant!
Uncle Peak!
You're just like me.
Old, fat...
and homeless.
If we ever get lost, go along this road.
Keep going straight.
That'll take you back to Loei.
Don't look back.
And don't let anyone catch you.
You understand me?
I'm Popeye, the sailor man
You remember this song?
Popeye, the sailor man
I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam
Popeye, the sailor man
I met him in town and he was boasting
about having met a saint.
I guess it's more like he met death.
- Hello?
- Dee? It's Ja.
It's my phone.
What the hell are you doing?
You already took the phone!
Are you Uncle Thana?
Dee said he's using your phone.
Is Dee with you?
Maybe it's better
if you told Dee not to come.
It'll be strange to see him again
after so long.
Where are you?
At the hairdresser's.
- I'm on my way to Loei.
- Oh?
I'm about to visit Uncle Peak.
To take Popeye back to him.
Remember to buy him something.
How are you?
And you?
I'm a bit nervous.
Uncle Peak will be happy to see you.
If he still remembers me.
- Hello!
- Yes?
- Did you bring the dead man?
- I'll call you back!
You know him?
Do you want to take him?
It's better than leaving him here
as an unclaimed soul.
I don't have so much cash on me.
We take VISA too.
Hi. You're Ja?
I'm Thana. We spoke over the phone.
Dee met with an accident on his way here.
No, I can't take it.
You were the only one he mentioned.
He'd want you to have it.
I'm sorry but I don't even know you.
This was his.
This is too sudden.
I've not seen him since I was 20.
- Who's that?
- Just a friend of an old friend.
You remarried?
Dee and I were never married.
Before Dee died
he said the only thing he wanted to do...
was to take you for a motorbike ride
around the countryside.
Wait a second.
You know what happens
when an elephant steps on you?
Get back in.
Meet me at the road in front.
This is where I used to wait for Dee.
I think he said he felt
like a tree sometimes.
But that trees have to die too.
That sounds just like him.
Was he living well?
Keep walking.
Are you sad? Come on, let's go.
What's wrong?
Oh, no!
Here, I'll go get help.
This is my father.
How's the elephant?
I cleaned the wound.
Where are you going with him?
I'll drop you guys off.
I need to take him to Loei.
I thought you said somewhere close by.
I've stopped driving
for some time already.
I can drive this.
My first job was in construction.
I'm so sorry to trouble you,
but I'll bring it back by tomorrow.
If we don't help him
the elephant has to walk for days.
You're responsible if anything happens.
Thank you so much.
It's good you came.
Or else I'd always be wondering
what happened to Dee.
Who are you here to see?
Is this 44/112?
- You're Thana!
- Yes.
Remember me? Uncle Kam.
- Where is Uncle Peak?
- He lives on the 3rd floor.
On the right.
Have a drink.
This is my son.
He's eight this year.
How is Bo?
She's good.
And how about you? You've been well?
I wasn't expecting to see this.
- To see what?
- To see our home become this.
You didn't think I would find out?
A developer offered a good price.
I even joked
that they should've asked you
to build the apartment.
You should've asked me first!
Let's go back to the room.
I don't want to.
Go do your homework.
Why are you here?
What did you come all the way for?
If I came earlier,
our home would still be here.
Now you miss home?
You sold that elephant to go to Bangkok
and never looked back.
Is it about the money?
That's all I got from the land.
How much do you want?
It's not about the money.
Why are you showing him the file?
He doesn't need the cash.
That's my nephew.
What's the harm in letting him look?
Are you giving him money?
Don't tell me how to talk to him.
Lift your leg.
It looks better now.
I'll take you to an elephant sanctuary.
You'll never have to
walk on concrete again.
That's nice, huh?
I've got it. Grab the tools.
Slide it in.
A truck is difficult to drive,
not like a car.
You've got to be careful.
I found Popeye again in Bangkok.
So I brought him here.
That's not Popeye.
The circus called me a few years back.
Popeye broke his knee,
and they had to put him down.
I tried to call you.
You okay?
I'm okay.
Are you sure?
You better get home for dinner.
You know where to find me.
I told Anuwat that
we will go to the launch tonight.
This is not safe.
What if someone catches us?
Everything looks the same.
Do you remember the day
of the 2012 earthquake?
I think I was in Mandalay
on a business trip.
I was here in this building.
I don't think you ever told me.
The building was swaying from side to side
and everyone ran out.
But I continued shopping.
Death by shopping suits you.
I knew nothing was going to happen.
Because you built this.