Poppy Field (2020) Movie Script

Big boy!
How are you?
Thanks for letting us park here.
My pleasure.
Make sure to leave me
your phone number, just in case
No, my brother isn't home this week,
the spot was empty anyway.
No, really, at least let me
give you my number.
And then give me a ring.
It's even.
It's a joke.
I was thinking
we could go somewhere together.
Take the car,
stay someplace overnight
You don't have to justify yourself,
it's not worth it.
-You don't have to explain yourself.
-No, I'm not.
Yeah, you are.
I'm not, you are explaining yourself.
You don't have to justify yourself.
So, bon apptit.
Bon apptit.
You're spoiled.
Wait. Were you ever little?
-Did she really?
What are you doing here?
I told you not to come.
Oh, come on.
Give me a kiss.
Was that so hard?
I brought you the food from Mum,
I don't have any room for it in my fridge.
Wouldn't hurt to call her now and again.
Sorry for coming like this, but I have
something for Cristi from our mother.
How do you say
homemade food in English?
I don't know.
There's cabbage rolls, cake, beef salad.
Homemade food, you loser.
Oh for God's sake
-How was I supposed to know?
Kind of like saying grace.
Well, Bismillah then.
Have another.
Leave it there.
Good, no?
I don't know
You know better.
[in Romanian] I don't know,
I leave for work in one hour.
Say it in English.
Why are you so boring?
Why don't you do
something nice these days?
Take him somewhere nice.
Take him to the mountains.
Take him to the castles, Bran, Pele.
Oh, come on, Ctlina.
[in Romanian]
How do you say Four?
[in Romanian]
Four times?
Okay, I'll leave you two.
Cristi, please. I swear this is not okay.
Why are you acting like this?
It's your sister visiting us.
What's your problem?
Come on.
-So what was this about?
This whole thing,
your visit, your attitude
-What attitude?
-Oh, come on
I was nice, he was nice,
you're the one with a problem.
-I have a problem?
-Yes, I was just curious.
I wanted to see for myself
this phase you're going through.
-What phase?
-Your gay phase.
After I get home tonight, I don't plan
on getting out of bed until Monday.
I heard the weather's
meant to turn bad anyway.
Yeah, but you're so old.
Oh, I forgot, I can't tomorrow.
I'm going to the mountains
first thing in the morning.
With whom?
My girl, her brother and his girl.
Can't wait to have some mulled wine
when we get there.
Are the slopes already open?
Yeah, man, it's been snowing
for two days, that'll do.
How about the roads in those parts?
Are they snowed in?
Who cares? I'll clear the snow
with my bare hands if I have to.
Yeah, well, we might just have to do that,
the weather's meant to turn bad.
Yo, Gym-boy, I think Cristi
wants to ask you nicely
to take him along.
If you behave, maybe I will.
He could also take that Mirabela girl
Or whatever her name was.
We don't talk anymore.
We broke up.
Man, are you incapable
of being with a girl?
What's wrong with you,
do you beat them or what?
Why did you break up?
Whatever, some bullshit.
Why am I never home,
why do I work so much,
that I'm never there,
that sort of stuff.
Man, I hate that shit.
I don't get it.
Mine gets pissy about that stuff too,
so I ask her:
do you want food on the table,
shoes on your feet?
Stop talking nonsense, man,
it's not the same.
It's not like they were living together,
he had only known her for what,
two months?
So it's not the same
with you and your girl.
He's just a moron. Doesn't know
how to act around a girl.
Listen to me, you call her
and tell her Mirabela
how about coming to the mountains
with me and my colleague, Alexandru?
She'll be on her knees, I bet.
What am I, stupid?
I don't beg.
This one will die alone, man.
He'll call us to go
wipe his ass when he's old.
No way, I'm not touching him.
And if we have to,
we'll just send Claudiu.
Don't be such an idiot.
-Hey, listen.
What do you want?
-Why are you making fun of him?
-Well, well, look who's up.
Look out the window, how lovely
the city is, cars, manhole covers.
Stop pushing into me, move over!
-You're a fucking fat-ass, that's why.
-Move the fuck over.
You're a disgrace to the gendarmerie.
Boss, let's take him home,
he doesn't fit in the van anymore.
Shall I pull over here?
Claudiu, your hand
is on the gear stick, right?
He's closer to the boss, you know.
You, as a citizen,
are required by law to show us some ID
-Only if I've committed an offence.
-Is he under any suspicion?
Nobody here is under any suspicion.
This is just a procedure
we have to follow.
You interrupted a screening,
people bought a ticket to be here.
And you are?
The projectionist.
I'm going to ask you as well
to show my colleague some ID.
Of course.
I've got nothing to hide.
What do you think
about this movie you're screening?
What do you mean?
Well, you're the projectionist and
you don't know that this movie is filthy,
it shouldn't even be screened.
This is a movie with women
mating with each other!
Let's stay calm,
we're not here to review movies.
People bought tickets!
People paid for this show.
Exactly, for a cheap and dirty show!
Easy, please keep your calm.
The deputy manager
will be here soon.
Great, I'd also like to talk to him.
You'd better ask those from
the Gay Association for some ID as well!
Yes, we will.
Ma'am, the police will talk to everybody
so we can find out what happened here.
Yes, we will.
Lord, save your people
and bless the heritage
Quite the commotion they made here.
More or less.
They made a fuss, yeah.
A few said they're calling the press.
And the NGOs just got here.
So here's what we should do:
ID everyone who's already here
and then let them go home.
I don't think so.
Let's just get it over with,
they're already filming.
Both the guys with the icons and
the ones in skirts, if you get my drift.
So let's just send everyone home
and that's that.
-Weren't you in the mood for a movie?
-Oh yeah, I was dying for one.
I'll go see what the boys are up to.
You'll stay here, right?
Where else?
I'm going for a piss.
Keep an eye on them.
Be back in two minutes.
Gays out of this country!
Can you believe this?
I asked for your full name.
We've got nothing to hide!
We want to know
the legal framework.
The quicker you show some ID,
the faster we get out of there.
You interrupted a screening,
that's what you did.
Why? Who gave you the right?
So, what's the offence?
How is it not an offence to stop people
from watching a movie they paid to see?
You know what?
The police should find out
who this organised group is.
Man, what organised group?
Please, stay calm.
Look at him, a man your age to get
involved with the likes of
Aren't you ashamed?
You wretched man!
That's why God punishes us!
Lower your voice, please.
I hope you realise that
the police need to find out
who interrupted the screening.
You know that, right?
So you have to show them your ID.
But why should I give you my ID?
I'm a free citizen of this country,
I bought a ticket to see a movie.
Are you with me so far? Okay.
You should ID these fine people
who came to chant the national anthem.
How about that?
You are free to do whatever you want.
For example, to leave,
since the authorities
can't handle this situation.
You can't leave right now.
-Why not?
-You have to show me some ID.
Just show some ID
and then you're free to go.
Why? For what reason?
-Will you show me your ID?
-Why should I?
Will you give me your ID or not?
I'm not giving you my ID,
just showing you.
-Take your hands off me!
-Please calm down!
-I want to know why you're touching me!
-Calm down!
You are defending
a bunch of filth! Filth!
-Why filth?
-Because that's what they are!
Ma'am, please stop!
-Why do you call it filth?
-Please, show me your ID.
The Romanian man put by God
on this Earth is not a homosexual.
The Romanian peasant would never
What? The Romanian peasant?
Listen to me, please, for a second.
I was raised in the countryside, okay?
The Romanian peasant is much more complex
than you could ever wrap your head around.
I'm sorry.
And he has the right to love
whomever he wants.
-Are you a sexo-marxist, miss?
-A what?
-Such big words!
That's what you are!
Ma'am, you're dreaming of
orgies in factories.
Maybe you should read
that Bible you keep mentioning.
It says you should love thy neighbour.
[Romanian national anthem]
Wake up, Romanian, from the sleep of death
Into which you have been sunk
by the barbaric tyrants.
How've you been?
-Don't you remember me?
-Beat it.
What are you doing here?
Bored already?
It was too hot inside.
Yeah, it is.
-What's wrong?
-Nothing, why?
I don't know,
you're making me nervous.
-Want a cigarette?
Man, how crazy can you get
These people inside.
Lucky we have Oancea.
She saves the day and
gives us something nice to look at.
-Yeah, she's hot.
-Yeah, very.
Sorry, can you spare a cigarette?
And a lighter?
-Don't you know her?
-No, how would I know her?
Let's go.
Come on, I need a drink.
Beer, wine,
half a bottle of vodka, whatever.
Let's stick around for a bit.
What for?
I don't know, see what happens.
What's gonna happen? I might start
punching people, that's what.
I can't stand them, I swear.
Chill. Really.
Just wait another 15-20 minutes,
and then we go wherever you want,
drink whatever you want.
What are you doing here?
-Can't you see?
-Come inside.
Oh, for fuck's sake
They have to stop these homosexuals.
Youths these days
are all a bunch of leeches
I do mind my own business.
This is my business.
Why do you let them?
Aren't they ashamed?
Watch your language!
You have no reason to yell.
This is strictly police work.
Did we break any laws?
Did I say you broke the law?
We're only asking people for ID.
So you're not kidnapping us.
Of course not.
Please, just show us some ID.
No, you're keeping us hostage.
You're not letting us leave.
-No one's taking you hostage.
-Yes, you are.
Just show me your ID.
Did I do anything?
Why can't I leave?
Shame on you
for watching that filth.
Ma'am, enough with this nonsense.
What filth, ma'am?
Is it not obvious?
You're ruining our children,
shoving dirt down their throats.
I have a small child at home, but
when he's older I'll show him this movie.
Are you not in your right mind?
-God will punish you.
-Why me?
Because you're reckless parents
raising reckless children.
Watch your language!
I didn't talk to you like that.
Watch it. I didn't insult you.
Please watch your language.
Excuse me?
I asked you to watch your language.
Me? What about this lady?
What is the gendarmerie here for?
To defend us, honest citizens,
or these people who committed an offence?
Why would they defend you?
Didn't you see your colleague
grabbing that young lady?
Yeah, this one!
My colleague didn't harass anyone,
he didn't grab anyone.
The police will write a report
Come on, what report? Can't you see
what these people are capable of?
Sir, I was trying to be polite, okay?
I've had it.
You bunch of assholes!
You should be ashamed
to talk like that,
considering your age.
You're one of those
strutting around the streets
with feathers up your ass
for all mankind to see.
Shame on you!
So what, did I come
into your home or what?
That would take the cake!
Leave me be.
Listen, lady.
I hope you'll have a gay grandson.
Then we'll talk.
Gay? Can't you speak Romanian?
You homosexual!
Lucky you're straight!
Ladies, enough!
You've been yelling for an hour!
How can a serious man like you
associate with all these
-All these what?
-All these faggots!
Why use a word like that?
It's the truth!
Let the authorities to do their job!
You're really gonna pretend you
don't know me?
What kind of education
are you giving our children?
This is a disease!
Stop defending the homosexuals!
Do we all have to have sex on the streets?
Don't provoke us!
Please come with me,
I need to see your ID!
You're just an employee here,
stay out of it!
This is a state cinema!
It belongs to the state!
The Romanian language!
Romania! Not "gays' and other crap.
What the fuck do you want?
Wow, hypocritical much?
Not that I had any expectations from you,
but this is too much.
Piss off.
Lame. Are you ashamed
your colleagues might find out?
Get the fuck out of here.
So why are we here?
I thought you wanted to talk.
Talk about what?
I don't know you, you followed me here.
What? You beckoned me to get in here.
What the fuck are you doing?
Get the fuck out of my sight,
you hear me?
Listen, fancy a threesome?
I was wondering if you and your lover
wanted a threesome.
What are you doing?
You fuckin' faggot!
Fuck you, you ass-fucker!
Get off him!
What the fuck are you doing?
Hitting him in the face? Are you crazy?
Fuck him!
I caught him jerking off in here.
-What do you mean?
-Are you an idiot?
Stroia sent me to see what's in here
and I caught him on the last row,
dick in his hand.
Who are you texting?
Calling Mircea in here, you moron.
That guy is going straight to the cops
and everybody will see his fucked-up face.
Go where? I scared him off,
he's gone, I'm sure.
With everybody outside, all those who can't
wait to blame it all on the gendarmerie?
Okay, I'll go take a look.
What are you doing?
Cristi, stay put.
I kept my eyes on you today
as if you were my girlfriend.
You left the unit
like you didn't give a fuck.
Cigarette breaks and whatnot.
You idiot, I saw you coming in here.
I thought to myself, look at Cristi,
going to see dykes banging in a movie.
I told you Stroia sent me here.
So what?
Are you trying
to aggravate things with him?
Acting all hysterical?
Are you on your period?
Fuck you.
No, fuck you! You dickhead,
always getting us in trouble!
How could you hit him in the face?
What are you doing here?
Talk some sense into this moron!
He's a lost cause.
I'll go outside, see what's up.
You're bad news, listen to me.
Shut up already!
Fuck him.
He's ratting us out to Stroia
like he damn pleases, I'm sure.
So what happened?
I caught some guy jerking off in here,
that's what happened.
And I kicked him out of here.
Fuck me.
Did you hit him or what?
Just a couple of slaps.
I wanna go see what's going on.
Hey, hey, Cristal, where are you going?
Don't you start with me too,
or I'll lose it!
Start what?
Cristal, don't you know me?
Why do you wanna get out?
Stay here, it's warm, take a break.
It's worse if you get out.
He'll recognize you and rat you out.
I'd say that's worse.
He has nothing to say.
What could he say? I bet he's gone.
What makes you so sure?
Like Alex said,
the guy may very well still be outside,
talking to Stroia and the cops, right?
Did anyone else see you?
Fucking nobody.
Didn't you hear only Alex was here?
Who else is here?
What are you looking at me for?
And this wanker
Who is he, what does he look like?
The one from outside
who asked you for a cigarette.
Do you have any on you?
I want one.
I just wanted to let you know
that the guy is talking to the cops.
And Stroia knows, he asked me.
He saw the guy with blood on his face.
Yeah, I bet he asked you.
-Sit down.
-What did you tell him?
Wait a second. What blood?
Yeah, he kicked him in the face,
fucked up his lip or nose,
I didn't see up close.
Come, let's see what the fuck's going on.
-I'm coming too.
-Stay here. Didn't you hear me?
What? Have you all lost your minds?
Hey, calm down.
It's all good.
Mircea, listen to me.
I want to know
what that guy is telling Stroia.
I just wanna talk to him myself.
You stay here.
Isn't it enough
that you embarrassed us today?
Us and the whole institution.
One gendarme equals the gendarmerie.
Shut the fuck up,
are you three years old?
Cristal, you're risking your job.
Fuck my life, risk what?
What am I risking?
I don't know why you're acting like this.
Really now.
You have the caution from last year,
Stroia's got his eyes on you
all the time
Why the fuck are you acting like this?
Understand that if you go outside,
this whole thing blows out
and everybody finds out.
Finds out what?
This thing that just happened.
Cristal, you hit somebody.
Mircea, listen to me,
this one's a lost cause.
I swear I won't hit him.
I won't do anything.
I just wanna talk to him.
I swear.
I know you wouldn't do anything to him,
that's not the point. What the hell?
We'll go first and see
what's going on and then,
I promise you,
I'll personally talk to Stroia.
I swear.
So, just to be clear.
From this moment on,
you no longer exist.
We don't know what happened.
He was walking,
fell down, broke his nose.
We didn't see anything.
Easy, right?
No need to worry so much.
Be right back.
Okay, so where did you say
your seat was?
I'm not sure.
Around here somewhere.
Have you seen a small,
black waist bag?
-A what?
-A waist bag.
Have you seen a waist bag?
I haven't seen anything.
I can't remember where I sat.
Maybe you didn't leave it here.
I had it on me and
I only just realised it was missing.
With all this commotion
I don't think I left it at home.
And I had everything in it.
I doubt it's here.
Maybe you should look somewhere else.
So what do I do now?
I don't even have my ID.
Go to the nearest police station.
We looked everywhere, it's not here.
Maybe I left it at home.
Okay, thanks.
Have a good evening.
You too.
-What the heck are you doing?
-What does it look like?
Are you out of your damn mind?
I can't stand being in here.
Oh, you can't?
What about your colleagues
who're trying to clean up your mess?
I have shit to deal with, too, you know.
Worries, problems, call them
what you like. I swear. But
I keep it to myself.
I don't lash out at work.
Let me tell you something.
When my father was
in the Gendarmerie in the '90s
One night they were all
at the command post,
some cards, booze,
you know what it's like.
And my dad goes to take a piss.
One colleague follows him
to the toilet
And tries to kiss him.
In a flash.
No idea how my dad
managed to keep calm, but he did.
And told his colleague
"I won't tell anyone,
but if this happens again,
I'll report it."
Give me a break.
How's that guy?
Is he badly injured?
He had some blood on his face.
Gym-boy was saying how
the guy got all worked up,
but the cop cut him short, saying
no gendarme could've hit him,
since they were all there and
the theatre is closed now to the public.
But that's all I know.
So what does he want now?
How should I know?
And Mircea?
What am I, the encyclopaedia?
Yellow Pages?
How the fuck should I know everything?
I had to watch those idiots
so they don't poke
each other's eyes out with those icons
and whatever the hell they're holding.
You think I've got no other problems?
We're wasting time,
instead of just taking care of things,
sending all these idiots home,
since they're all the same anyway,
minding our own business,
going for a hot meal
It's nice in here, I like it.
It's a long time since I've been
to the movies, never been here.
Listen, Dan.
Why did you come
in here earlier with that guy?
What do you mean?
The guy looking for his bag.
-He was looking for his bag.
-Yeah, I know that.
Did he need company,
why did you come along?
Did he personally ask you
to escort him or what?
Why didn't he come in alone?
What do you mean?
That's what I'm asking you.
And I'm gonna answer too.
You were at the door,
making sure I won't go anywhere.
What the fuck are we doing here?
Is this what we've come to?
Tell me why.
Tell me why.
What did that guy tell Stroia?
Why won't you let me talk to him myself?
You've lost it completely.
I've lost it?
So why shouldn't I talk to him myself?
He can tell me what his problem is.
Be patient,
let's see what happens,
what the cops talk to him about
Why aren't they done yet?
I'm sick of waiting in here.
For fuck's sake!
Mircea won't answer my texts,
same with Alex.
What the hell is there to talk about?
His life story?
How he came out
of his mother's cunt, what?
I'm going right now
to talk to him.
Just go, leave me the fuck alone.
Don't do anything crazy.
I must've sent you like three texts.
Really? Didn't see them, bro.
What's going on outside?
We're getting worked up for nothing,
there's nothing else to do.
We'll wait and see what
Stroia and Oancea say to the guy.
What did Stroia say?
I told him what we talked about.
He didn't say anything.
Is the guy okay?
He's fine
He can stand, talk, fuck him.
It's so stuffy in here,
it's making me sleepy.
I barely slept three hours last night.
Mihaela cried all night long.
Can you imagine what that's like?
Why did she cry?
She's upset with me, that's why.
About a week ago, maybe
After the match.
Mihaela and I found a dog
in front of our building.
A Maltese, I think
Black and curly, a Maltese.
He had a rash on his skin,
covered in that blue healing lotion,
you know.
And Mihaela was like,
let's take him inside and feed him.
Okay, let's.
You can't imagine
how quickly that dog
entered the building
when we opened the door.
In a flash.
It went straight to our neighbour's door.
We have this crazy old lady next door.
And the dog started
scratching at her door.
So I go ask her if it was her dog.
She opens and I'm like,
"Hello, is this your dog?"
I hadn't seen her with a dog before,
but I figured I should ask anyway.
When she saw the dog, she went ballistic:
"Why did you bring it here, go away,
I tried to get rid of it
and you brought it back, take it away."
And slams the door in my face.
We were shocked,
both me and my girl.
So Mihaela insists
we take the dog in and feed it.
I didn't want to, of course.
With that skin
I also felt kind of sorry for it,
but I didn't want any disease in my house.
But in the heat of the moment,
I said okay.
We fed it and it went to sleep
on the couch.
And then Mihaela starts pleading.
"Let's keep the dog until tomorrow,
take it to the vet"
I said okay.
We took her it was a female.
She had a little tag that said "Lola."
We took her to the vet
The doctor said she was
very old, had no teeth left.
And that the rash will go away
and that other than that she's fine.
And Mihaela was like, that's it,
we have a dog now and we're keeping it.
For a couple of days,
I tried to convince her, you know.
We couldn't keep a dog.
I'm working all the time,
she's working all the time.
How the hell could we keep a dog?
I finally convinced her.
And after a couple of days
we took Lola to the park
and tied her to a tree.
Mihaela packed for her
a bundle with some food,
with the special shampoo
we bought for her rash
And a note saying:
"My name is Lola, I'm old
and I'm looking for a home."
Something like that.
And we left her there.
And you can't imagine what I
went through with Mihaela after that.
She couldn't stop crying.
With hiccups and all, all red in the face,
I thought she was going to choke.
Really, in the end it got so bad that
we had to go back to where we left Lola,
who was no longer there, obviously.
And yesterday
was just the icing on the cake.
Listen to this.
I get a call on my landline.
Get this.
I had forgotten
I even had a landline.
A lady calls.
Says she is a friend of Mrs. Lctu,
the crazy neighbour.
I don't know how she got my number.
Even I don't know it.
Says she's a friend of Mrs. Lctu,
that she left her the dog
to look after
while she was abroad
and that Mrs. Lctu told her
she had lost the dog and we had found it.
How could the crazy hag
make this shit up?
This lady asked us to give the dog back
because her nephew,
who's in a wheelchair,
is crying after it.
That sucks.
Of course, Mihaela told her
the whole truth, everything.
You can't imagine what I
had to go through the whole evening.
Actually, the whole night.
She complained that we abandoned the dog,
that who knows what happened to it
in this weather
What if a car ran over it?
She drove me up the wall.
That sucks, what can I say?
She'll get over it.
Yeah, she will
But what if she doesn't?
Come on She'll get over it.
How could you have known?
About the dog and the lady
You couldn't have known.
You wanted to do something good, right?
Yeah I mean, yeah.
Lie low for a few days
and she'll get over it.
I mean, yeah, sure.
I might go outside, have a cigarette,
maybe it will wake me up.
You think that guy will leave?
Come on, screw him.
He's probably already gone.
- If anything happens, I'll text you.
- Okay.
Thanks, man.
What are you doing?
I wanna see what's going on.
Why the fuck are you lying
that I sent you here?
Is that why you beat that guy up,
because I sent you?
Don't Stroia me!
How much longer do I have
to cover for you?
You asshole, how many times
have I covered for you?
Answer me, fuck-face,
I can't hear you.
I don't know.
How come?
Are you calling me a liar?
Answer me.
Where the fuck do you think you are?
Doing whatever the fuck you want?
Tell me.
I have 50 people here
and one of them tells me
a gendarme of mine beat him up
because he thinks he is not only smarter
but also more of a badass than all of us?
If I fucking tell you
to stay here, then stay here!
I wanted to see what was going on.
You wanted to see what was going on?
What the fuck could be going on?
Now you see the gendarme,
now you don't.
If I've been trying for an hour
to convince him
that the gendarme
who beat him up doesn't exist,
why the fuck do you act
like you do exist?
Tell me!
You know what?
Why won't you let me
talk to that guy?
What did he say?
I want to go out and talk to him.
So he can tell it to my face.
You dimwit.
Are you retarded?
Where do you wanna go?
I don't care what he told you.
He's a liar.
He's a faggot.
He takes it up the ass,
sucks cock and lies.
He touched my dick.
Did he tell you that?
There's no talking to you.
If you move, you're done.
You stay here. Look at me
when I'm talking to you.
How long have we known each other?
-Why would you do this to me?
-Cristi, calm down.
-How could I?
-Just chill.
Don't sweat it.
What, because you smacked
that guy in the face?
Big deal.
You know what?
I'm glad you did it,
fuck that faggot.
Fucking pansies.
Snowflakes. Always playing the victim.
If you asked me, he deserved it.
Do you know
what he said about you?
That you're this, that and the other
That you knows you personally.
That you had some dates.
That you like boys.
Crap like that.
He might as well have said that
the whole gendarmerie sucks cock.
A degenerate.
And you go and make
all this fuss for a little slap.
You should've knocked him out,
that fucking piece of shit.
Now I'm angry.
I swear, I don't get all the fuss.
Let's just plant
a bag of dope in his bag
and arrest him
for drug use and that's that.
It happened to me once.
Exactly like this,
with one of his kind, in a toilet.
I swear.
I was in a club
one Saturday night, drinking and that.
I go take a piss
and while I'm pissing,
I see this guy watching me.
Looking right at my dick, you know?
And I was like, yo!
Just to scare him a little.
Like, what the hell is this?
He instantly freaked out, obviously.
But I respect that.
Whoever you are,
win or lose,
might as well try your luck, right?
Any man owes it to himself to try.
But then don't ask
why I smashed your face in.
So I totally get you, man.
I swear it.
And anyway, I sniffed you out.
But it stays between us, don't worry.
You just wanted
to kick his ass, didn't you?
Why would he jerk off
at a lesbian flick if he's a fag?
You set him straight anyway,
so fuck him.
Mine doesn't have any dressing, I hope.
Yes, princess.
Are you worried you're going
to spill some on you?
Make a stain?
Take half.
I don't want any, thanks.
Yo, Gym-boy, eat slower,
it's not good for you to eat that fast.
Let me tell you
what you could eat very fast.
He's buying time.
He's not in the mood
for a trip in the hood.
Where did you get those
nice boots you were wearing today?
Got them on Black Friday.
You like them?
Black Friday is a scam.
Yeah, I never buy anything
on Black Friday either.
They're for hiking, right?
Not streetwear.
Boss, they're good
for anything you want.
They were massively reduced.
From 350 to 100.
Where from?
Directly from the store.
In St. George Square.
Sportswear store.
And is the sale still on?
Boss, do you know
what Black Friday is?
Hello. What's up?
I saw boots like that.
At Miniprix.
-Which Miniprix?
Yeah, I'm not fucking going there.
Something sweet would go down a treat now.
I'll go buy something sweet then.
Does anybody else want anything?
Get some teddies.
-Gummy bears?
Actually no, get a chocolate croissant.
What the fuck?
A thrashing.
Really now,
don't ever do this again.
I mean it.
Whatever happens, come talk to me.
Any problem you have, any trouble,
any heartache, you talk to me.
Don't go and do whatever you want,
like today.
You were lucky.
The stars aligned for you.
I mean it.
He could've hit his head falling.
Lucky we had the cop, Oancea,
she's a good guy
and understood the whole situation.
That guy was lucky too.
Had I been there,
I would've knocked him out.
I mean it.
Just kidding, man.
But for real now,
anyone messes with you, you tell me.
Got it?
-Say yes.
There you go.
When you can, just pull over.
-We're not there yet.
-No, I just wanna walk for a bit.
There, on the corner.
Okay, whatever you want.
So, football tonight?
I don't know, don't think so.
Okay, champ.