Population Purge (2024) Movie Script

[church bell tolling]
[scattered screaming
in distance]
[helicopter whirring]
[narrator] I suppose
no one saw it coming.
Or perhaps we should have.
This wasn't some viral outbreak
of a deadly new disease.
[PA voice] May I have
your attention, please?
This is a reminder
from the district.
[suspenseful instrumental]
[narrator] It was
a government program.
[PA voice] If you know of
any unregistered citizen
with AB positive blood,
selling unregistered blood
is illegal
and punishable by death.
[narrator] All in the name of
population management.
The government poisoned
every man, woman and child.
Genetically engineered
to only spare those with
the rarest blood type,
AB positive.

And now the few chosen ones must
share this wretched new world
with the last of
these hemocide survivors,
who only can survive
as long as they receive
regular infusions
of AB positive blood.
Government rations.
[PA voice] We are now accepting
all individuals who hold a red
or green blood ration card.
You must have a card in order
for you to participate in
the government's blood
ration program.
If you or anyone
you know is buying blood
on the underground market,
please report them immediately.
Purchasing blood outside
the government system
is not only harmful,
but illegal,
and may result in being
put to death if apprehended.
this program is only for
those who survived
the recent governmental purge.
[helicopter whirring]
[metal clanking]

[dramatic melody]
[brooding instrumental]
Steady, son.
Now, when I tell you,
I want you to point this
where the sound is coming from.
Number three.
Number three,
I cannot hear you.
Speak up, please.
You hear that, son?
No plea,
no seeking forgiveness.
Just his last words before hell
itself becomes his eternal home.
Well, welcome to
the new world order, Mr. Cooper.
Don't you just love it?
New world order.
Has a nice ring to it,
don't you think?
I suppose
we should call you
by your proper title,
shouldn't we?
Bishop Cooper.
Members of the jury,
your verdict, please.

Oh, I love it when
we all agree!
is served on this here day,
Mr. Cooper.
[dramatic instrumental]
Concentrate, son.
[dramatic instrumental fades]
[wind whooshing]
[birds chirping]
[mysterious instrumental]

[helicopter whirring]

[PA voice] May I have
your attention, please?
If a member of
your family is being purged,
we ask that you remain in
our bereavement room
until called.
The governmental purge
is painless
and the entire process
will only last a few minutes.
To the remaining citizens
of the once fair town,
East River...
designated district 22.
As you all know,
it has been some time now
since the day of the poison.
And as they say,
that which does not kill us...
...makes us stronger.
We will persevere
and we will remain steadfast
and I will do everything
in my power...
...as your district warden
to get you back up on your feet.
I stand ready to lead you into
a new future
where we will rebuild
our infrastructure
to reverse what they did to us.
[brooding instrumental]
[man] Come on, get up.

[flies buzzing]
-Come on!
-Come on!
-[man] Get up!
[loud thudding]

Come on.
[muffled whimpering]
[dramatic instrumental]
[muffled whimpering]
Stand down, soldier.
Let Tobias handle her..

Three pints of blood
for the person that
brings the girl to me.
[group] Yeah!
Let me remind you
that you were left for dead.
Because of me,
you're a survivor.
So the way I see it,
every breath you take is mine.
[dramatic note]
[bell tolling]
[tense instrumental]

[ethereal vocals]
[circus march music plays
on speakers]
[humming to music]
[mournful piano music]

Let's just get on with it.
[man groaning]
Music, please?
[jazz music plays on radio]
I am so tired of this.
Just think about all the people
you're saving, grandpa.
[Charlie chuckles]
I'm no savior.
Just a cash cow
for those vultures
who run the blood underground.
You think they give
a damn about me?
Or any of
those miserable vampires
they got lining up
for their next fix?
Trust me,
if we didn't leave the money,
I'd be keeping
my liquid gold where it belongs.
I could maybe just go to town
for you to do the draw.
No, Maya, no.
You are not leaving the park.
The woods are
full of scalpers
just waiting to
get their hands on us.
Be careful.
[ominous instrumental]
[ethereal vocals]

[thunder rolling]
You must be Naomi.
[jazz music play on radio]
Judging from the voice,
you must be Onslow.
Oh. I'm sorry.
The warden.
Can you save my boy?
Put him on the gurney.
[reporter on radio]
According to our sources,
it's only a matter of time
before things get
completely out of control.
A government spokesperson
told us that there's
nothing to worry about,
that everyone should relax,
-and have an optimistic...
-[thunder rolling]
...In other news,
district warden also spent
two days taking the law
into his own hands,
which he calls
his personal agenda.
Apart from what
the government has set aside...
What do you think?
More than likely
the disease is spreading.
Once it gets to the eyes,
it's in the brain.
[rain pouring]
Is there anything
you can do for him?
[regretful scoff] I--
I'm running on fumes as it is.
A couple of boxes of stolen
medical supplies only go so far.
Whatever you need,
just let me know.
I'll-- I'll send my men
to go scavenge for it.
What he needs is clean blood.
AB positive.
What do you think
I've been giving him?
He's gone through all of
his rations and half of mine!
That's not enough anymore.

Full transfusion?
I'm afraid so.
[birds chirping]
[tintinnabulation of wind chime]
[dog barking]
Come in.
You're late, Charlie.
That it?
If you had brought me
double the blood,
I could bring you
double the gold.
Look, Charlie,
you gotta earn it.
If that granddaughter
of yours turns of age,
then we could talk about
more additional gold.
Anybody lay a hand on her
and I'll blow their brains out!
You hear me?
Charlie, Charlie,
Charlie, Charlie...
You'll never change, will you?
Except the fact government
had gone made us all puppets.
Feel them tugging on
your strings, Charlie?
So serious.
Take this and relax.
What is it?
A little concoction of my own.
Herbs and mushrooms
from the garden.
You'll be back, Charlie.
[thunder rolling]
The underground blood auction
is going to be
the last chance any of us
get to survive.
Do you think I haven't
thought of that?
Do you know what
the government would do to me
if they found out that I am
buying off of the black market?
I'd lose my-- my title,
my rations, everything!
You just might lose
a lot more if you don't.
Look, even if
I could afford to bid,
they're just selling
marked up mini infusions.
It's not enough to save him.
I need to cut out
the middle men, find the source.
What kind of, uh,
source would that be?
An unregistered
AB positive survivor.
Look, I want to help your boy.
I really do.
[PA voice on radio] May I have
your attention, please...
He's got
his whole life ahead of him.
Reminds me of my granddaughter.
[PA voice]
...please report them now
to the government health
tip line for a sizeable reward.
If you think of anything,
please let me know.
There's a woman.
Her name is Jade.
We used to work together before
the government attempted
the purge.
she works for them now.
The underground.
She gets the blood ready
for distribution.
Here's her address.
Tell her I sent you.
[soft jazz music continues]
Consider it a humanitarian gift.
[tense instrumental]
[loud rattling]

[clown-like diabolical laugh]

[instrumental stops]
Once upon a time
I dreamt how it would be
When far beyond the forest
green I'd hear your song to me
[dramatic tone]
Beyond the cause
Beyond time
Throughout the ages it calls
Binding forever
My heart to yours
I'll be here stood
Stronger in time
[crickets chirping]
[gloomy piano music]
...Elijah is dying.
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
Who knows?
And for the first time in my
life, I feel totally helpless.
And I'm angry.
I'm angry as hell.
I am angry at the world.
I'm angry at the system.
I'm angry at God.
And in a selfish way,
I am angry...
...with you
for leaving us so soon.
And I guess I'm angry at myself
for allowing the system
to use me as a pawn
for their authoritarian agenda.
And I will swear to you this:
I will fight for our son.
I will fight for our boy
with whatever it takes.
I love you, Lydia.
I'll see you soon.
[lively piano music plays]
[Charlie in unison with movie]
I want you to know
that Abraham Lincoln
is very much alive.
I'm here
to remind you, be free.
-[narrator in movie] Be happy.
-Be happy.
And if you can't be yourself,
be somebody else.
But be the best somebody else
that you can be.
[audience boos]
-You suck, Charlie.
You got a problem, bud?
I don't remember
inviting you to my screening.
Who asked you here?
Was it Molly?
-[audience gasps]
-[Charlie] Molly?
Did he come with you?
Bet it was your idea, huh?
You hang out with
all the lowlifes around here.
Next time, hang out with
somebody that's got some class,
who knows good acting
from a hole in the ground!
And as for you...
Son of a bitch!
[audience booing]
[lively piano music plays]
[somber music plays]
[female singer humming softly]
[music builds in intensity]
[choral singers
vocalizing softly]
[music grows softer]
[song ends abruptly]
[birds chirping]
Demand is high,
supply is low,
so bids are higher than ever.
You know, getting top dollar
and all is great, boss,
But it can't be good
for business
when our customers
are dropping off like flies.
[Roberto] True, eventually,
we're going to need
some fresh inventory to keep
this operation afloat.
And a lot of it.
From what Jade tells me,
the old coot is getting
long in the tooth.
Perhaps his veins are drying up.
We're going to need to start
looking for fresh donors.
What do we have here?
How did he get in?
We need this place secure
or they'll all want in.
Handle it.
I'm gonna stop by Jade's
to pick up tonight's deposit.
Hey, man, you're trespassing
on private property.
[suspenseful music plays]
I-- I just need my blood ration.
We don't do the rations.
Come on, man, give it to me.
This is your last chance.
Walk out or get carried out.
I'm not leaving here without it.
[grunts of pain]
The blood's not ready yet.
Cutting it a little close,
aren't we?
Don't you think I know that,
He was late.
Then don't waste
your time talking to me.
Finish up your little ritual.
Do you worship God or the devil?
Nature is my religion.
Well, I suppose we all
gotta worship something.
Drop it off as soon
as you're finished.
[motor rumbles]
[tense music plays]
Good evening, Jade.
Let's make this somewhat easy
on all of us.
I will ask you a question,
and you will tell me exactly
what it is I need to hear.
Who is the source,
and where do I find him?
His name is Charlie.
-That's all I know, I swear.
-Was he here recently?
Yes. [sobbing]
Please, will you let me go now?
I told you everything.
I suppose
the auctioneer knows him.
Yes, I'm sure they do.
Go see them.
There's an auction tonight.
-It's at the--
-We know the location.
Do you have any blood inside?
Take it.
Take it all.
Just go.
I'm curious.
Do you use what you sell, Jade?
Are you...
Double dipping?
Just what I need to survive.
Finish her off.
Jade seemed overly concerned.
Does it buy him some time?
A few days.
Maybe more.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Charlie] I told you,
don't leave the park.
Do not leave the park!
Why didn't you listen to me?
Look at yourself, man!
[echoing laughter]
Take my blood.
Get me out of here.
[laughing hysterically]
I'm tired, Grandpa, I'm tired!
[Jade] Feel it tugging
on your strings, Charlie?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This is not the way it goes.
No, no.
Somebody, stop this.
He doesn't die.
Stop this.
Somebody stop this!
For God's sake!
[Maya] I've been saying
for you to stop this!
Don't take her blood.
Take my blood.
[townspeople whispering]
[gunshot booms]
We thank you for your patience.
Unfortunately, we were expecting
a few extra vials to arrive,
but there seems to be
a distribution issue.
And it appears we've come up
short for tonight.
As they say,
the show must go on.
Isn't that right, warden?
I trust you're not here
to arrest us, sir.
We run a free
enterprise system,
meaning no harm to anyone.
Only a little hope,
if you're lucky.
I'm here for personal reasons.
Well, good luck to you, sir.
Let the bidding begin.
Our first bag on the block.
About the size of two
government rations.
Good for one person to get
an extra health boost.
Do I hear two bags of gold?
-Two bags.
-Very good.
Who will go to three bags?
-Three bags.
-Bags. Thank you.
Who will go to four?
-Four bags.
-Four bags.
Thank you very much.
Who will give me five bags?
-Five bags.
-Thank you, sir.
How much will this get me?
That's Jade's lockbox.
How did you get it?
Jade has donated to
a good cause.
[box rattles]
Don't worry.
You get to keep the gold.
If you tell me
what I want to know.
the source?
If I knew that, do you think
I'd be auctioning vials?
I'd be selling pints.
I'll just find someone
who does know.
No, no, hang on.
Supposedly, he does
a drop-off twice a week.
And Jade does her magic.
And two pints make four.
Four pints make eight.
I suppose it's
the American system
of checks and balances.
[townspeople laugh]
You know I can shut this
whole place down if I want to.
Can't have any illegal activity
in my district.
Then there'd be a trial.
My trial.
A warden's day in court...
if you get my drift.
Whatever it takes,
you bring him to me.
I'm so glad you loved me
'Cause now I get
to spend some more time
With my mannequin friends
I love my mannequin friends
I love my mannequin friends
I love my mannequin friends
[sighs] So, did you go
to class or anything?
No, I'm mostly self taught.
You can learn to be good at
anything if you gotta be, kid.
Uh, I guess
I'm still looking, then.
[Charlie] It will come.
One day, you'll just wake up,
and realize what you're good at.
That, in turn,
will often be your purpose.
Just-- Yeah, okay.
I guess my purpose
is pissing people off.
You're not that bad.
[laughs] Okay.
Yeah, uh, tell that to Mom.
It's not easy being
a single mom.
It's not that hard being
a good-- a good kid.
Or person, even.
I guess I just missed
the lesson.
I-- I don't know.
I mean, all she got
was this tomboy.
Hand me that wrench, please.
Are you kidding me? It's--
[Charlie] Yeah,
it's right there.
I-- I know it's right there.
Yeah, that's it.
you know...
as much as I...
don't want to--
[sighs] um...
You, um...
You-- you, I guess,
still are kinda, um...
kinda like the dad
that I never got to have.
We had some fun, didn't we?
Good times.
When you weren't grounded
for getting into mischief.
Fights, you mean.
Those boys
in your neighborhood
didn't get anything
they didn't deserve.
I-- I didn't really care,
I mean, being grounded
was hardly torture.
It was just watching a bunch
of your old movies.
-[Maya] Yeah.
Truth be told, Maya,
my films were all flops.
I eventually became a street
performer just to survive.
Then I came here.
"Presenting Charles Flint,
and his mannequin friends."
[audience cheering, applauding]
You put on a good show, Charlie.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen...
Don't go too far, Charlie.
...to the most messed-up
show on earth,
the human race.
Did you take your medicine,
Featuring, the dead.
A moment of silence
for the dead.
What good is my sanity,
when I cannot do my art?
That's long enough.
You're gonna be such a big star.
And also starring, the living.
And my beautiful
granddaughter, Maya.
Parade around
for all your government
and corporate ringmasters
pulling your strings.
That's what you do,
isn't it, Charlie?
You're freaks.
I'm sick of it!
Do you hear me?
Be good all the time.
We can't let out
our evil side, can we?
I'm not gonna be
good old Charles anymore.
I'm gonna be something else.
My dear audience.
Who I have given
my heart's blood,
who has drained me dry,
drip by drip,
drop by drop,
over the years.
Ah, yes.
I'm gonna be the Ringmaster!
[laughter, applause]
And I'm gonna be in control.
How do you like that?
Let's dance.
Let's play...
for the bloodletting.
[laughs maniacally]
Yes, it is.
Ha, ha!
[loud thuds]
[shotgun clicks]
General, have you seen
any vampires about?
[laughs maniacally]
Just stop!
Huh? [laughs maniacally]
[man] No!
Help me!
[maniacal laughter]
I was just going...
-Oh God, what's--
-You're safe now.
[shotgun clicks]
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
You just tried to kill me.
That was just an act.
An act? Well, it felt
pretty damn real to me.
You didn't like my performance?
No, I didn't like
your performance.
I thought you'd gone crazy!
[scoffs] Maya!
No, you can't go "Maya-ing" me.
I don't know if you went
into town,
and sucked in
some of that madness.
I'm fine, really.
Our type can't get sick.
You know that.
Do I, though?
Do I really know that?
You know I would never
do anything to hurt you.
Are you sure we should
really be going back out there?
What choice have we got?
The generator
won't power itself.
Keep that shotgun close by.
[tense music plays]

[somber music plays]
[knocking lightly]
No, no, no!
[sobs] No...

[mysterious music plays]
[ominous music plays]
[crossbow click echoes]
[crossbow click echoes]
[tense music builds]
[water babbles]

[footsteps echo]

[Maya screams]
[both breathing heavily]
[man groans]
[Maya screams]
[Maya screams]
That's far enough, Charlie.
You seem to be
the man in the hour.
It's Charlie, isn't it?
You two must be
the bastards who killed Jade.
That's none of your concern.
Trouble is, the market
is running a little bare,
and we're seeking the source.
You understand our dilemma,
don't you, Charlie?
Another step...
I'll blow your kneecap off.
No reason to get excited.
Not when I got
the real stuff here.
Yeah, check it out.
One pint of uncut,
clean blood.
Just for you!
[gunshot booms]
Grandpa! Go!
[Maya panting]
[gunshot booms]
[gunshot booms]
[somber music plays]

It doesn't look so bad.
[Charlie grunts]
[Maya] So what's the plan now?
Stay inside the park, I guess.
There's nothing for us
out there.
So that's-- that's your plan?
To just stay in
this rat's nest, and what?
Wait for us to just die here?
N-no. Yeah, no, I--
I can't-- I can't do that.
You got your purpose,
and I just gotta find mine.
I gotta-- I gotta find my life.
They sucked the blood
out of Jade.
Do you want that
to happen to us?
Do ya?
I don't wanna scare you,
but, it's over.
The world as we used
to know it, it's gone.
Poisoned, along with
everything else.
So you want me to just,
what, give up, like you?
I can't do that.
Look, I don't want
to crush your dreams,
but you gotta see the reality
that I'm seeing, okay?
Yeah, you're calling
this reality?
We're living in a bubble
of the past, buster, all right?
We're watching old movies
over, and over again.
And not to mention the--
the mannequins.
You've got me going crazy.
The mannequins?
We have creepy--
I just-- I just--
I just-- I don't understand.
I don't understand your madness.
And then--
And then you have the gall--
You have the damn gall
to go treating this place
you're so hell-bent
on calling our home,
you treat it as
a shooting gallery!
I apologized!
That doesn't take it back!
It doesn't.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
It doesn't stop it.
It doesn't just erase it all.
It's not like magic.
This isn't like a fantasy realm.
And then, you know what?
We can't forget now.
We can't forget, Gramps,
that you dressed
like a freaky ringmaster,
for God's sake.
Enough, okay?
Enough of that.
We can't just
bury our heads in the sand
and expect the rest of
the world to disappear.
But we can disappear
and never let them get to us.
Trust me, Maya.
Trust you?
This. This isn't life.
How long's he got?
What if I told you
where to find the source?
Jade told you?
His name is Charlie.
You know him?
And you kept this from me?
My son is dying
and all along, you knew?
Look, come off your high horse.
I've no more respect for you
than any other survivor.
Who is he?
My husband.
Your husband?
All this time, you knew?
For my son...
For his future, please.
Tell me where I can find him.
On one condition.
You don't hurt him.
Hurt him?
He's my last hope.
The thing with Charlie
is he needs help.
What kind of help?
He's almost 80,
and he's not well,
and he really needs to be
in an institution,
not out there in the wilderness,
indulging in his--
in his foolish fantasies.
Okay, I am totally confused.
He was doing one of
his performances
over in
the old amusement park...
and it got out of hand.
People were scared.
I was scared.
The judge ordered
a psychiatric evaluation
after he got arrested,
and eventually they let him go.
Oh, to be placed under my care.
One day I woke...
and he was missing.
I knew.
He went to the one place
where he could find hope.
His home away from home.
The stage.
The old theme park
just outside of town.
He's been there ever since.
What do you mean,
he's been there?
It's been shut down for years.
To the public, yes...
but not to Charlie.
In his mind, it's still open.
In his mind,
he's still performing.
We need to bring him back
before the scalpers find him.
Then I'll send my men
to get him.
Charlie is not in control
of his own person.
He is a danger to himself
and to everyone around him.
Then go with them.
He doesn't listen to me.
He never has.
Maybe seeing
a familiar face will help.
-[Naomi sighs]
Is there any relative that
he would listen to?
Our granddaughter...
[engine rumbling]
[plaintive instrumental]
Tomorrow and tomorrow...
creeps in this petty pace
from day to day,
and all our yesterdays
have lighted fools the way
to dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle.
Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player that struts
and frets his hour
upon the stage
and then is heard no more.
[Charlie] It is a tale...
told by an idiot...
full of sound and fury...
signifying nothing.
[Charlie] Well, I see
we have some uninvited guests
out there in the dark.
We do ask that
once inside the park,
that you obey all rules.
For your own safety, of course.
Now, the activities can begin
if you will direct
your attention to that young man
behind you. [cackling]
She'll be coming 'round
the mountain when she comes
-[Naomi] Charlie?
-She'll be comin'
[Charlie singing faintly]
[unnerving instrumental]
-[Naomi gasps]
What the hell
are you doing in my world?
Oh, my God, Charlie.
We gotta get you out of here.
Where are we going to go, Naomi?
It's not safe out there anymore.
[unnerving instrumental
Let me take you back to town.
-We'll get you some help.
-[Charlie] Help?
Is that what those men with guns
are trying to do? Help me?
[coughing, choking]
[breathing stops]
Charlie, when did you decide
to give up on reality?
[Charlie] Reality?
Is the population purge
not real?
Or will you only care
when they come for you?
No, when did you decide
to give up on me?
You and I were
a great team, Charlie.
Yeah, we were.
But now you're
on the Warden's team, I see.
He has a son who's dying.
We're all dying, Naomi.
Now, if you will excuse me,
I have some visitors
to entertain.
-Charlie. Charlie!
-[Charlie laughing]
[unnerving instrumental]
[growling, indistinct voice]
[Charlie] Freaky!

[Charlie] Mannequin friends
I love my mannequin friends
They are the only ones
with whom I pretend
[Charlie giggling]
I'm so glad you...
[tense instrumental]

[Charlie giggling]
You have got to stop this.
You have lost all sense
of what is real.
This isn't one of your movies.
This is reality.
These men are evil.
They're trying to kill me.
And you led them to me!
Listen to me.
Listen to me, Charlie.
I thought they were here
to help you.
I was wrong.
They went rogue.
But the warden, he promised me
that he wouldn't harm you.
First rule of thumb, Naomi.
We don't put trust in
the government, only ourselves.
[tense instrumental continues]

You remember that time we walked
across the Brooklyn Bridge?
We found that little joint,
had a band playing?
Yeah, I remember.
What was the name
of that place?
Something like that.
Yeah, Sam's Hideaway.
Yeah, Sam's.
I think we danced
all night long.
I think I wore a hole
in my shoe that night.
[Charlie chuckling]
[Naomi and Charlie humming]
[Naomi humming]
[Charlie chuckling]
You've been so good to me
[both humming]
May I have this dance, my lady?
[both humming]
[eerie, ethereal instrumental]
[sobbing silently]

[music continues]

[music continues]
I gave you one...
Bring me...
the blood...
of a crazy old man.
And you failed!
Sir, please.
Please, you say?
What is that, begging I hear?
I also begged!
I beg God to save my son!
And yet he died
from their purge.
So now...
a true purge is coming.
-[heavy thud]
If he dies, you die!
We all die!
[tense instrumental]

[music continues]

Killing Charlie
will not bring Elijah back.
[Onslow] No.
But it will put an end
to this charade.
[Charlie] Naomi!
[Charlie shouting]
Say your prayers, old man.
I did.
And they've been answered.
[Onslow shouting]
-[Charlie groaning]
That's my girl.
[eerie instrumental]
[PA voice] May I have
your attention, please?
If a member
of your family is being purged,
we ask that you remain in
our bereavement room
until called.
The governmental purge
is painless.
And the entire process...
And it's my birthday.
Happy birthday.
Time to go, Charlie.
[PA voice] May I have
your attention, please?
If a member of your family
is being purged,
we ask that you remain
in our bereavement room
until called.
The governmental purge
is painless,
and the entire process
will only last a few minutes.
If you have any questions,
please ask
your local district warden.
[music continues]
[PA voice]
Good afternoon, Charlie.
Let me be the first to
thank you for your patriotism
and your role as an outstanding
citizen to the system.
Charlie, let me explain
what's going to happen
during your purge experience.
We're going to give you
a drug that will slowly
decrease your heartrate
until it eventually stops.
You will feel no pain.
It's simply like falling asleep.
Time until death will be
approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
We hope you have chosen
someone special
to be with you
at your departure.
If you have loved ones
waiting in our bereavement room,
you can request
visitation at this time.
Damn you and your government
...Comply with all laws
governed by this democracy
into the ones that have
been set forth for the purging
of all citizens who have
made it to 80 years of age.
To each and everyone
who passes, you...
And your government burn in hell
for what you're doing.
You're [indistinct]
to exterminate us!
Who made you God?
...Of the expense of keeping
its elderly citizens alive.
Let the procedure begin.
Can you get these straps off me?
Send my friend in.
[shakily] Are you afraid?
Not anymore.
[Charlie] Read this with me.
-What's this?
-Just the last scene.
[Charlie] Please?
we don't have much time.
Please. Please.
[Naomi] Oh, my God, Charlie.
Oh, my God, Charlie!
Charlie, wake up.
Please, wake up.
-You got shot.
-[Charlie groaning]
You gotta help me, honey.
I have to get ready
for the show.
I never wanted this to happen.
Please, just...
Just open your eyes, just...
This can't be the end.
It can't be.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry that I drove you away
when I needed you most.
I'm sorry
I wasn't there for you...
when you needed me most.
And most of all,
I'm sorry I'm leaving you now.
[Naomi] Oh, Charlie.
I don't know
what the future holds for you
or everybody else...
but don't give up.
Never give up hope.
I'm not giving up
on you, Charlie.
-[breathing heavily]
You need to understand,
I created
this character of Charlie
because the world didn't
feel safe or normal anymore.
And I surrounded
myself with people...
who would make my life complete.
-[Naomi] That's it.
Keep talking.
Stay with me, Charlie.
Our granddaughter, Maya,
she was terrified of
the craziness at the park.
And yet I tried to protect her
from the real horrors,
the horrors of reality
that are so much worse.
Yet, she showed me.
When she finally
faced the outside world,
she showed me she's
way tougher and braver
than ever I could have imagined.
the warden.
Every story needs its nemesis.
And he became mine.
My judge.
My executioner.
you're the love of my life.
My leading lady,
here at the end,
for my big goodbye.
[Naomi] Don't say that, Charlie.
This isn't goodbye.
Not yet.
My blood might
not be perfect like yours,
but it'll buy us
some more time together.
The record.
Would you mind...
playing the record?
Hold on.
Don't cry, my sweetheart.
Don't cry.
This isn't real.
The only thing that's real...
is love.
[tender instrumental]

[music continues]

[music continues]
[mouthing words silently]