Por Thozhil (2023) Movie Script

[sharp exhale]
Why don't you guys
do it during the day?
It will be too bright, sir.
Hey! Just try it once!
I don't know if she will agree.
You shouldn't let it go
just because she doesn't agree.
A newlywed woman will
have a lot of expectations.
If you don't fulfil them,
she'll go looking elsewhere.
Why are you staring at me?
I am being practical, man!
Hey, drive slowly, man!
I don't want my liquor to spill.
please ask them
to put me on the day shift.
It hasn't even been
a week since my wedding.
- I married really late.
- Hey!
Don't keep repeating yourself.
You should sacrifice
your libido for duty, man!
Look ahead and drive.
And stop yapping!
[Song from "Dharma Durai"
playing on radio]
We just listened a romantic song
for our friend, Sandhiya
at this pleasent night.
You are listening to
"Your secret friend."
- Hey, don't change it.
- Next up is a letter
- She sounds really sexy.
- "from one of our listeners."
- Let me read it.
- I want to hear her voice.
Like any other woman,
I got into a marriage with a lot
of expectations and desires.
But immediately
after our marriage,
my husband started
working night shifts.
Our wedding night was the only
night we were together.
My nights were
starting to get lonely.
I wanted a companion
to get rid of my loneliness.
And that is when I met him.
We became friends as
soon as we got talking.
And as days passed...
we became more than friends.
Our relationship evolved.
And my nights were
no longer lonely.
I knew I was doing
the wrong thing...
- but as a woman...
- [brakes screeching]
Sounds exactly like your story.
Don't you dare compare my wife
with some jobless, shameless slut!
Okay, okay.
I am sure your
wife is faithful, man!
Start the car.
[engine starts, stops]
[engine starts, stops]
Why are you staring at me?
Check what's wrong!
I need to take a leak.
I'll go do that.
The stupid thing keeps
stalling all the time!
[call connecting]
The subscriber you
are trying to reach
is currently busy
with someone else.
You may wait on line or...
[lightning thunders]
B... Bala! Hey! Bala!
- Who saw it first?
- One of our officers, sir.
From the patrolling team.
Why is it so dark?
Can't you guys get
a couple more lights?
They are working on it, sir.
I see. Have you
identified the girl?
- We are looking into it, sir.
- [grunts]
- Careful, sir!
- St!
The forensic team?
- They are on the way, sir.
- What?
[distant voices chatter]
The forensic team is not here!
There's no light!
Then why the hell did you
call me here so early, man?
Darn it!
Sir, remember the death
of a migrant worker girl
three days back?
Yes. In Thuvakudi, right?
'Exactly, sir.'
What about it?
I've been trying to wipe that image
off my head. It's been haunting me.
This one looks very similar, sir.
Hey! Turn the light away!
The victim's hair is pulled back
and tied to her hands
and there is a similar
slit in the throat.
Both murders have been
committed by the same person.
Hey! Remove the cloth!
[Title Montage]
[dogs barking nearby]
[screams, grunts]
What is it, Uncle?
Got scared?
Do you want me to wait?
No, it's fine.
I can take care of myself.
[inhales deeply]
[all cheering,
speaking indistinctly]
- You look so dashing!
- Thank you, Uncle!
You look majestic...
like a lion!
- I'm proud of you! Great!
- Thank you, Uncle.
Go, get my phone from my room.
Please give me your blessings.
Are you going to your exam?
I'm done with my exams.
I'm a police officer now.
Deputy Superintendent of Police!
Where is your moustache?
all the cops in town walk around
with tight shirts
and big moustaches.
So, I thought let me stand out
by being a little more
neat and presentable.
How do I look?
You look like a delicious dessert!
Just like your grandpa!
You're so sweet!
Uncle! Your phone!
I asked you to bring the phone,
and you're throwing it?
Will you be able to catch
criminals like this?
You are going to be
my first arrest!
- It is getting late! Hurry Up!
- [clamour]
- Look there, Mom!
- Meena, come here!
Sir, please hold this.
Ready, madam!
Ready, sir.
Look here, sir! Smile!
This is your order.
Your reporting
officer is SP Loganathan.
In all these years of my service,
he's the best officer
I have worked with.
Don't tell him
that I complimented him.
And don't have this smile
when you meet him.
He is a very serious man.
You can learn a lot from him.
But working with him is...
How do I put it?
I get it, sir.
I have known the man for 30 years,
and I still don't get him.
Try to get along with him.
It is in your hands, really.
Sure, sir.
Grow a moustache!
Yes, sir.
Attendance register.
I know you guys are here
because it is mandatory.
I don't wish
to talk to you guys either.
And even if I did, it is not going
to get into your thick skulls.
I can't stay idle here any longer.
Just sign and leave.
[indistinct chatter]
Not a single sound!
[thumping on door]
I can't be so detached like you.
I need to think
about the department.
We are struggling due to
a lack of efficient officers.
Here, we have an able candidate.
What is your problem
in mentoring him?
Why should I do it?
I got to this position on my own.
There was no one
to guide me on my way!
What's with this mentor
bt all of a sudden?
I don't believe in all this.
This isn't my job either.
Hey, buddy!
You don't have to do
any hand-holding.
Just keep him with you.
Let him hang around
for six months.
If you think he is not
going to make the cut,
I'll personally send him off.
The order has already
been issued. Do this for me.
Three months.
[phone ringing]
You're impossible!
Very adamant!
Sir, Home
Department on line 1.
[on phone] Sir!
Come in.
Yes, sir.
We're taking over
a high-profile case in Trichy.
He has been nominated.
You are going with him.
Yes, sir.
This is your first case.
It will be quite challenging.
Observe his
working style closely.
Learn everything.
What say?
- Yes, sir.
- Good luck.
Also, getting the case reports,
summons, permits, forms...
- I can't do all that.
- 'Not needed!'
I'm sending along a technical
assistant. Don't worry about it.
Go with him, man!
At least his salute is proper.
- Sir, what is the case?
- A double murder in Trichy.
Who has done it?
Meet me at the airport
in two hours.
[planes taking off nearby]
Is this coffee?
Didn't you order tea, sir?
I ordered coffee.
Sorry, sir.
Can I take this?
Well, I was planning to order tea.
If it's not a problem...
Sure, ma'am. Fifty rupees.
Can I get an extra cup, please?
Can you please...
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Sir, coffee!
Your coffee.
Sir, you've already paid for it.
I did?
Not today!
here to catch a flight?
No. Train.
Pandian Express.
This has always been my problem.
When I meet someone
for the first time,
I don't know how to start
a conversation.
And you mess up like this.
It has been much worse.
- Veena.
- Nice to meet you.
Shall we leave?
Are you guys done talking,
or should I wait?
No. We can leave, sir.
Are you the new
technical assistant?
Well, you don't look like a cop.
[indistinct chatter]
- Let me...
- I'll manage. Take her luggage.
- No, it's okay.
- Let me take it, ma'am.
What do you want, boy?
I'm from the Crime Branch.
DSP trainee.
Head Constable Maarimuthu, sir.
Give me your bag, sir.
Get in the car, sir.
Hand over the case
without any goof-ups.
They will be waiting
for us to make a mistake
so that they
can humiliate us.
if we get some more time, we can
crack the case ourselves, sir.
It is the Home Department's
order, sir.
What do you expect me to do?
Be patient.
We will have our day, and we will
show them what we are capable of.
The team from Chennai is here, sir.
So what?
Let them wait.
Sir, do you want me
to go get the case files?
[door opens]
Sorry, sir.
There was an important meeting.
Hence, the delay.
Was your journey
comfortable, sir?
What will you do if it wasn't?
Can we get on with the case?
- Naveen!
- Sir!
- Switch on the projector.
- Yes, sir.
The first victim's body was found
on the morning of 10th November
in a cornfield near Thuvakudi.
No one has claimed the body yet.
There was some loose cash
and an open railway ticket
from Bihar inside her blouse.
As per the autopsy report,
the time of death
is the day before,
that is, the night of 9th November
at around 11:00 PM.
She is the second victim.
Her name is Malavika.
Age, 26.
She was pursuing
PhD in REC college.
Her body was found in a forest
area in Somarasanpettai.
Like the first body,
her hair was also pulled back
and tied to her wrists.
No sexual assault.
Nothing was stolen.
Malavika's father
is a senior journalist...
and that is why you
guys are here.
the press does not know
about the first murder.
We have reported it
as a stray murder.
Why did you hide it?
The two victims have absolutely
no connection to one another.
We have exhausted all
lines of investigation.
There's no motive.
There is... it's just that
we don't know it yet.
I didn't get you.
Who was the last one to see
the second victim?
She was at her friend's place,
They said that she left
at around 9:00 PM.
She had told them that
she was going home.
How far is the friend's place from
the place where the body was found?
Her friend's place...
What is the name of the area?
Pirattiyur, sir.
Should be about
four kilometres, sir.
So, how are we going
to approach this case?
- Mister...
- Ram Kumar.
Mr. Ram Kumar, we are not going
to do anything together.
This is my case.
I didn't mean it that way.
If you could share
your line of action,
I can do my bit...
We are here because you
couldn't do your bit.
If I need help, I know how
and where to ask for it.
Can you please step aside?
Sir, are we going to the hotel?
Take me to the mortuary.
Sir, I'll find out
where the workspace is
and arrange everything accordingly.
And the case files need
to be up on our database.
I will digitize them
and upload them by tomorrow.
Sir, have you read this
book called Homicide Diaries
by John Douglas?
I've read about a case which
is very similar to ours in it, sir.
It happened in Atlanta,
in 1974.
It was a highly
sensational case, sir.
It took them almost 15 years
to catch the killer.
It's the most fascinating
case study I've read.
Actually, if they had missed
that single piece of evidence,
they would have never
cracked the case, is what...
John... Doughlas...
Luckily, I have brought
that book with me, sir.
If we take notes from it
and compare it with our case,
I feel it would be of great
help to our investigation.
So, what do you think about it?
You wait here.
Crime Branch SP,
on special deputation.
- Please wait here.
- Hmm.
Feels like I've seen you
somewhere earlier.
Where did you study?
No wonder!
I stay in Chrompet. Must have
seen you in the neighbourhood.
You too feel that you've
seen me somewhere, right?
MIT, Cambridge.
In the U.S.
Aren't you going inside?
I wasn't called inside.
Cause of death, asphyxiation
due to strangulation.
It can be assumed from
these ligature marks
that the killer has used a steel
binding wire to strangulate her.
Time of death...
12th of November, night...
around 11:30.
there's an important detail.
Generally, in strangulation cases,
the cut mark crosses
behind the neck...
but in this case, it is in front.
So... he has stood in front
of her and strangulated her.
Most likely.
notice the force with
which he has strangulated.
Even though he has used
a wire as the murder weapon,
see how deep the cut is!
It's almost like the flesh
has been cut with a knife.
A person of average build...
cannot apply so much force, sir.
Any struggle wounds?
Chloroform? Sedative traces?
How did he abduct her, then?
Could he be known to the victim?
One girl is a migrant worker,
and the other is a PhD scholar.
I don't think so.
Anything else?
Apart from what I told you now,
there's nothing more.
Fingerprints, nails, hair,
skin particles... nothing!
He has executed it cleanly, sir.
Doctor, just a minute.
Doctor, can you repeat
what you just told me, to him?
- Sir!
- Come closer.
Only then can you learn well.
Cause of death, asphyxiation
due to strangulation.
The murder weapon
is a sleek steel binding wire.
Observe the ligature marks closely.
Time of death,
November 12th...
11:30 PM.
Notice the force with which
the killer has strangulated.
[overlapping chatter]
[Prakash retching]
There is a flight leaving
for Chennai tomorrow at noon.
There is a train
that leaves tonight.
Even if you leave now,
there will be a bus to Chennai.
Catch one of them
and scram from here.
I am here to solve a case.
I can't waste my time coaching you.
Sir, what about the other officer?
- He is not coming. Let's go.
- Okay, sir.
Let's go!
We need to visit the crime scene
in the morning. Come early.
What are you doing?
I'm going through
the case files, sir.
Were you not paying attention
when the AC was briefing?
Well, he could have
missed a few details.
Best firing exercise.
From the Academy, sir.
Do you know how many
policemen have retired
without firing a single bullet?
It is not because they didn't
know how to fire a gun,
it is because they did not have
the balls to pull the trigger.
What's all that?
I've brought some books
along for reference, sir.
Which one of these books taught you
to puke at the sight
of a dead body?
I know you scare easily.
And you are using all this
academic bt as a shield.
Fill out the case diary first.
Won't you do all this
since you've won medals?
You'd better fill it out
before you sleep.
That's not going to make
the lift come any faster.
Why are you so frustrated?
Please don't think
I am showboating.
I am a gold medallist.
But I am not expecting
to be celebrated.
Just the basic bit of respect?
- He must've been stressed...
- There's nothing like that.
He does not like
the sight of me.
I've been noticing
that from the beginning.
Whatever I do, he does
not seem to approve of it.
He's always like that.
Have you worked with him earlier?
How? That too,
after having studied in the U.S.?
You must have gotten some
really nice offers abroad, right?
How come you left all
that and came here?
Rather than working
for some stranger there...
when I see that my work here
creates a difference
in our society...
it feels satisfying.
Do you like this job?
People around us are
going to keep saying things.
But... we can't let
that stop us from doing
what we are here to do, right?
So, basically, you are asking me
not to expect any respect?
[Veena chuckles]
All I'm saying is...
just hang in there.
When we do our work well,
respect will follow.
You have a point there.
Had I not seen you
near the lift...
I would be on a bus back home.
[both chuckle]
Good night.
I'm not here to waste time.
I'm not here to
waste anyone's time.
Darn it!
I'm not here to waste your time.
Sir! Don't forget
to call him "Sir"!
I'm not here
to waste your time, sir.
I have come to help you.
Till the case is solved,
I will be with you.
You were going through
the case files last night, right?
What did you infer from it?
Why are you opening that?
Cause of death, asphyxiation, sir.
Time of death, 11:00 PM.
Nothing was stolen...
So, this murder was
definitely not done for money.
And within a 4.5 km radius
of where the victim
was abducted...
I did not ask you what
was in the case file.
What did you infer from it?
In cases like these,
there isn't much you can do
with mere physical evidence.
There are a few things that
you cannot physically collect
from a crime scene...
like the killer's rage,
his cravings and fetishes.
How do you factor those things?
To know about
an artist's character,
you need to study his painting.
to know
about a killer's character...
you have got to study the murder.
Didn't get it, right?
How was the body
when the cops found it?
I want you to show me.
Why am I pulling your hair back
and tying it to your wrists?
Eye contact.
How do I appear to you now?
Big and imposing, sir.
You look tiny and submissive to me.
I have an inferiority complex.
And this staging...
is to compensate that.
Now, I am above you...
and you are below me.
My intention is to enjoy
your soul leaving your body.
But... are we related?
So, I am harbouring vengeance
against someone.
And by killing you, I am
vicariously getting my revenge.
I do not have
any sense of empathy.
If killing you was
my only motive,
I could have done it close
to the place of abduction.
Why should I bring you to
a quiet place like this, then?
Because I want to spend some
time with you before you die.
I am a sadist and a psychopath.
Now that I have killed you,
why am I not burying you?
He is trying
to communicate with us, sir.
I am just leaving you to rot.
Because I am confident that no
one can get to me using your body.
I have committed this
murder with such perfection.
I am a very organized person.
Whatever it is, I will take
my own time to do it perfectly.
Do you now have a sense
of what the killer is like?
Tomorrow, if you
see him in a crowd,
you should be able to spot him.
You being with me till the case
is solved is not important.
Don't slow me down.
I can't keep explaining things
to you every single time.
Another body has
been found, sir.
Requesting the
nearest unit to respond.
Please rush to the spot ASAP.
- [siren wailing]
- [indistinct chatter]
Have you found out
the time of death?
It is not possible
before night, sir.
It really depends on
which doctor is assigned.
I need to know it
within two hours!
What can I do, sir?
The doctor needs to be available...
Make it happen!
Okay, sir. I'll try.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [siren wailing]
Sir, do you have a thermometer?
What are you doing?
I am checking
the temperature of the brain.
From the time of death,
the temperature starts
dropping by one degree per hour.
The normal temperature
of the brain is 37 degrees.
The current reading
is around 25.5 degrees.
the time of death should be
around 10:00 to 11:00 PM, sir.
I learned this from a book, sir.
[distant voices chatter]
If I go to
the Commissioner's office,
will you be able to
start the inquest here?
Can you do it or not?
Yes, sir.
Have you identified the victim?
The girl's name is Sayoni, sir.
She is 26 years old.
We received a missing complaint
from her parents last night.
- Have you informed her parents?
- Yes, sir.
Where would they be now?
Let's go and talk to them, sir.
[indistinct chattering nearby]
Not now, sir.
I don't think it is the right time.
Sir, they are crying because
their daughter is dead.
Let us do our job.
Shall I go and talk to them, sir?
Sir, the girl teaches slum children
in her free time, apparently.
She left home
last evening for the same.
By teaching, you mean...
in a school?
No. It's...
They said it's an NGO.
How many times
do I need to tell this?
Don't keep an empty box there.
Make sure there is
some money in it.
Only then will people
feel like giving their money.
Take it now.
[horn honking]
This girl...
I think I have seen her, sir.
Come here.
Was it this the girl who
conducted the class last night?
Yes, sir.
Were you in the office
when she left here?
Yes, sir.
Her bike had some problem.
She tried starting
it for a long time.
It didn't start.
I asked her if she needed any help.
She said no, and just rolled
her bike out of here, sir.
What was the time then?
Must be between
8:00-8:30 PM, sir.
- Anna!
- Sir!
Find out the registration number and make
- of the girl's bike from her parents.
- Okay, sir.
Is there any mechanic shed nearby?
did this girl come here last
night to get her bike repaired?
Hey! How dare you nod
your head arrogantly!
Answer his question properly.
No, sir. This is a car shed.
[notification chimes]
Sir, there's a message.
The registration number is 3593.
Purple scooty.
[alarm blaring]
I swear, I don't
know anything, sir.
I left by 6:00 PM yesterday, sir.
The owner must have
taken the bike!
Where's the owner?
He must be around the corner, sir.
- I'll call him, sir.
- Hey!
Stay here and call him.
The owner shouldn't
know that we're here.
The engine ceased, sir.
I told her that the lathe work
can be done only in the morning.
She said okay
and left the bike here.
What did you do after she left?
I didn't do anything
after she left, sir.
What is it, sir?
Rifle recoil?
Did you go hunting?
Do you have
a licence for the rifle?
I am only bothered about where you
were between 9 and 12 last night.
I don't give a damn
- about anything else.
- Sir...
I had gone hunting wild
rabbits with my friends, sir.
- Where?
- Pachamala, sir.
Does the forest ranger know?
How can we do it without
his silent approval?
I will enquire, sir.
How did she leave here?
I didn't notice, sir.
I asked her where she lived,
while she was leaving.
She said she would handle
it and left quickly, sir.
Sir, he was in the forest
the whole night.
The ranger requested
us to not let this out.
- What happened, sir?
- Get lost!
I need 40 officers.
Able and armed.
I also need ten patrol vehicles.
All this should be at my command
from 9:00 AM tomorrow.
Sir, we've already prepared
the duty chart for tomorrow.
The DCP has to talk to securities,
and get it amended.
So many signatures,
so much paperwork...
do you think this is so easy?
I'm talking to the Commissioner.
- Why are you interfering?
- Who is interfering, sir?
This is my job.
You are here on deputation, sir.
This is my jurisdiction.
- Crime Branch is not...
- Ram!
Sir, you have the right
to request all these things.
But how can I sanction it
before I know
what you're going
to do with this force?
Tell me your plan of action first.
If we keep reacting only to
the murders that have happened,
we cannot go near the killer.
We must anticipate what
he's going to do next.
To find out the culprit
behind a murder,
what helps us more than
the evidence is the motive.
If you are not able to ascertain
why someone has been killed,
how do you even begin
the investigation?
The killer could be
anyone among us.
But the guy we are
looking for is not young.
We are looking for a guy who
is aged between 45 and 55.
In certain crimes, you can
ascertain the age of the offender
from the age of the victim.
In that way, serial killing and
chain snatching are similar.
There is no relation between
the victim and the offender.
If you notice the guys
who snatch chains,
they always target older women.
Because they won't come chasing,
or shout and call for help.
Low-risk victims.
What's happening in our
case is the exact opposite.
All the victims are
aged between 20 and 30.
- Sir, tea.
- Thanks.
Once you smoke a cigarette,
you feel like smoking
another one soon, right?
It's very similar
to the case of a serial killer.
Killing is an addiction for him.
Like a well that never goes dry,
the water will keep
getting replenished.
There have been three murders
in total. One, every three days.
The fourth murder
is likely to happen.
We cannot trust the killer
to stick to the pattern.
He might lose patience.
Three days may become two days.
He may even commit two
murders in a single day.
We have got to be ready.
There is a good chance that
the killer will step out tonight.
Whatever happens, he must not
sense that we are expecting him.
There will be no police jeeps,
checkposts, or barricades.
Even when you are
interacting with the public,
do not let them know that you
are a cop, as far as you can.
If you find anyone
suspicious, do not stop them.
Inform me immediately.
- I will tell you what to do.
- [telephone ringing]
And all complaints of missing
girls, starting this evening,
should be reported directly to us.
There should be no
mistake from our side.
Tonight, our mission is not just
to stop a murder from happening,
but also to catch the killer!
We're looking for
a psychopath serial killer.
Till we catch him,
he won't stop killing.
Mom, you asked me to add
a spoon of fenugreek, right?
I added one spoon,
but it was absolutely inedible.
It was so bitter.
Yeah, right.
Who would save this?
At least let dad have
good food outside.
Nothing else, Mom.
I just cleaned the kitchen.
I'm just clearing out the trash.
Wait. Let me just clear the trash.
[car beeps]
- [car beeps]
- [gasps]
[breathes shakily]
[gasps in shock]
[cell phone ringing]
Sir, we have received a complaint
about a missing girl
near Rettavaikal Road.
[brakes screeching]
Mari, is there any forest area near
Rettavaikal, within a 5-km radius?
Sir, forest...
Plantations? Fields? Anything?
There's a housing board complex.
Then, on the other side,
there is an alley.
Think properly, Mari.
Sir, there's
a sugarcane plantation.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Darn it!
I have switched it off, sir.
Put your phones on silent mode.
Reduce the volume
of the wireless sets.
you see that car, right?
Go to that car and deflate
all tyres and stay hidden.
Okay, sir.
Alert me if anyone comes
near that car. Careful!
Okay, sir.
- Hello?
- Sir... [muffled audio]
Hello? Veena?
Can you hear me, sir?
Hello, Veena!
I can't hear you!
Veena! You're breaking!
I can't hear you.
Veena? Hello?
- Hello?
- Can you hear me?
Tell me now, Veena.
Sir, that girl had gone out
with her friends
without informing
her parents.
She is back home now.
False alarm.
[gasps, screams]
Sir, I had suggested a lodge,
but he brought me here
and got us trapped now.
Hey! Did they ask you that?
Sir, I know the Palakkara S.I.
Hey! Don't speak unnecessarily!
I'll put you behind bars!
Hey! Let them go!
Ask them to leave!
5310, come in.
Responding, sir!
Sir, there's information that
a girl was found dead near Olaiyur.
Please go to the spot
and confirm it immediately.
Sir! [cries]
My wife just called saying
that my daughter is missing!
Can you please check
if it is my daughter, sir?
Check whether she has a mole under
her right pinky, sir.
Sir! Tell me, sir! [sobs]
How could he do this to my girl?
I have lost everything!
Let go of me.
My daughter, sir!
Please let me see her, sir.
Let go of me!
Let me go!
Tell them to leave me, sir!
Tell them, sir.
No one has seen anything,
or heard anything.
He keeps killing someone
every three days,
and we are just running
behind, collecting bodies.
Between this report
and the last one,
only the victim's name
and date have changed.
How, sir?
Four murders.
No difference at all.
Like a photocopy.
have you seen anything like this in
all these years of your experience?
Why are we assuming that
the first murder in this case...
is the killer's first murder?
Check if there have
been murders in the past
similar to the ongoing killings.
Both solved and unsolved.
Sir, I have collected all
the case files in this office.
Apart from these,
reports of 236 strangulation
cases from the past ten years
are in our database.
And among them, there are 105 cases
in which, the victims are female.
I remember reading in a book,
that there are a few cases,
where these killers
stop killing suddenly,
and then they resume
after 20 or 30 years.
Why would they do that?
The emotional feedback
they get from killing...
they must have received it from
something else or someone else.
That's why they would
have stopped it.
And when this something
or someone is taken away,
they start again.
We need to go back
another 20 years.
Sir, I am stepping out for tea.
Will come back and pull out
the remaining files.
A lady by the name of Neema Mathew.
This is in 1979.
Cause of death,
strangulation by rope.
We got suspicious
and dug deeper.
It dates back to 1973.
Within six years,
nine murders, in total.
All of them by strangulation.
But all these nine murders
were reported separately, sir.
The last murder happened in 1979.
There is nothing afterwards, sir.
There's a difference between those
cases and the ongoing murders, sir.
All the victims in those cases
were aged between 40 and 60.
Like you said, back in 1973,
the killer would have
been 20-25 years of age.
So, all of them were
low-risk victims.
Anything else?
Sir, these files contain only
the photos of the victims.
There are no photographs
of the crime scenes.
There are reports of the hands
being tied only in some cases.
So, we don't have
a clear picture of the M.O.
But there is one connection, sir.
Though all these murders
have happened
in different jurisdictions,
they were all investigated
by the same officer.
Inspector John Sebastian.
This is his address.
I will go and meet him.
- Veena,
- Sir!
check who else has
worked on these cases.
Yes, sir.
Go through the case
files once again.
Check if you can spot any
patterns or connections.
Yes, sir.
What kind of wound is this, Doctor?
It's on all four bodies, and
that too, at the same spot.
This looks like a haematoma...
Pressure point contusion, sir.
Pressure point?
Pull up a chair and sit.
It's okay. You continue.
There are 32 pressure
points in our bodies.
Depending on how
you trigger them,
the body responds
in a particular way.
You would have
heard of reflexology,
acupuncture and stuff, right?
But if done the wrong way,
it could have adverse effects.
It's called
a pressure point attack.
Just a minute.
This is why...
if you locate the point
and apply sufficient pressure,
you can knock a person out.
But it is temporary.
10- 15 minutes?
How could a person get
to know about this?
Just like how we got
to know about it now.
This would do now.
what about 30
years back?
Thirty years back?
The only way is to refer to books!
Is this Mr. Sebastian's house?
Is he at home?
He passed away
several years back.
What's the matter?
You are?
I am his son.
May I know who you are?
I got acquainted with him when
he was at Ponmala Station.
I got settled in Dubai after that.
I came to Trichy
on a business trip,
so I thought I'd
drop by and see him.
Please come inside.
All books published before 1979
can be found in this section, sir.
Did you work with my father?
No. When I was a student,
he had helped me
a lot, financially.
How did he die?
[kettle whistling]
Will you have some tea?
Thank you.
Cardiac arrest.
He was doing fine.
I guess it is all part
of God's plan.
So, what do you do?
Textile business.
I owe a lot of it to sir.
Did he pass away while
he was in service?
Must have been work stress.
I just know that he was a cop.
He never discussed work with me,
and I never bothered to ask.
There used to be a driver
who was always with him...
Sorry. What did you ask?
How come you have so many
photographs in your house?
I clicked all of them.
I am a professional photographer.
I shot it during the temple
festival over the Kaveri Bridge.
It's really nice.
Can you place it back
exactly in the same spot?
Can I see those photos?
Do you still use
film for photography?
Once we get used to certain things,
it is very difficult
to get out of it.
That's my son.
He is studying in Delhi
Your wife?
She is no more.
She passed away
just three months back.
I'm sorry.
In fact,
tomorrow is our
wedding anniversary.
Oh! How many years has it been?
It's our 31st anniversary.
We got married in 1979.
The last murder happened in 1979.
There is nothing afterwards.
These killers stop
killing suddenly,
and then they resume
after 20 or 30 years.
And when this something or someone
is taken away, they start again.
Have you found out?
Have you found out where
I am in this photo?
Second row from the bottom,
and the third person
from the right.
Even if you've found out,
it is difficult to
tell it is me, right?
Sorry if I disturbed you.
My mind gets disturbed
only when I am by myself.
Sometimes, it is good
to have some company.
See you, sir.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
From the way you look or speak,
you don't seem to be a businessman.
You seem like a policeman.
Don't forget to close the gate.
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello!
- Sir!
The name of the person
we're looking for is Kennedy.
I know.
I was just talking to him.
We have our suspect.
What you're saying
makes sense, Loganathan.
But how can I ask the magistrate
for a warrant based on this?
I never asked for a warrant, sir.
A killer who is so clinical...
There's only a 50-50 chance
that we'll find
any incriminating
evidence in his house.
If we get it, it is fine.
But if we don't?
He will go into hiding
or retreat into a shell.
We can't say how or where he
would commit the next murder.
What do you suggest?
When I visited his house,
I noticed that
the neighbouring house was vacant.
We need to watch him
from inside that house.
There are only two exits
to the street.
Our men will be watching
at both exits.
If he's going out, the patrol will
inform us about the direction
and follow his vehicle,
and we should enter his house.
How many people do
you need this time?
Just a small team would do.
He should not get suspicious.
We need to stage it like someone
is really moving into the house.
Better if it is someone who
does not look like a cop.
Sir the owner has been
briefed, and we have the keys.
So, no problem.
Any problem, sir?
Are you the new tenant?
[cell phone ringing]
- Yes, Freddy.
- Good morning, Papa.
Where are you?
I just woke up.
I have come to the dining
hall to eat something.
It is the same routine
as last night, sir.
He's cleaning his room
after dinner.
Be alert.
He may leave any minute.
Yes, sir.
This is my house! You can
get the hell out if you want!
I am leaving.
I am leaving for good.
- You can be at peace.
- Just shut up, will you?
I am sick and tired
of your bickering.
Just go ahead
and break everything.
I have already wasted
enough money on you.
It's my bloody fate
that I'm stuck with you.
Hey! Won't you ever listen?
Won't you listen?
[glass shattering]
I'll kill you!
Shut up!
Shut your bloody mouth!
Don't you dare touch
my phone again!
Always suspecting
me of something...
Sir, he is leaving in his car.
Which side?
Stand by.
Sir, he's coming towards
the patrol vehicle.
Patrol, come in.
Patrol, come in.
What can I do?
These assholes keep putting
me on night shifts.
- Patrol, come in.
- Shall I come there?
Why don't you show me
this affection during the day?
- There's a time for everything!
- Hey, Bala!
- Come here!
- Yes.
Come on, man!
Bring your wife along
for duty from tomorrow!
[engine starts, stops]
Sir, shall I go in?
These guys have messed up.
It's risky if you go in
before we know where he is.
- Stand by.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, the suspect's vehicle has been
at the North D railway crossing.
The Patrol SI has called it in.
I need that SI's contact number.
[cell phone ringing]
Palanisamy speaking, sir.
This is the Crime Branch SP.
Sir, I was waiting for your call.
The car you're looking for
is here, at the level crossing.
Okay. Go to his car.
it is just me here.
I am here at the spot.
You won't get hurt.
Just do as I say.
Check if there's
anything in his car.
Ask him where he's coming from.
Where are you coming from, sir?
I had gone to a movie.
Which theatre?
Ask him to show the ticket.
Do you have the ticket?
Do you have it or not ?
Sorry. It's crumpled.
Ask him to open the trunk
and come behind the car.
Sir, please open
the trunk of your car.
There's nothing inside, sir.
Even the show timing on
the ticket seems to be legit.
He could have bought
the ticket and gone out, right?
have you seen that film?
Yes, sir.
Was there anything
different in that film?
Something you'd know
only if you've seen the film.
Sir, there were no
fights in the film.
Palani, go to him...
and don't ask if there were
any fights in the film.
Talk to him like there were
fights in the film.
How was the movie?
It was okay. Not bad.
What are you saying, sir?
The movie had amazing fights.
They literally kicked up a storm.
And you're saying it's not bad?
Did you watch
the climax fight or not?
Did you actually watch the movie?
Sir, I am asking you!
There were no fights in the film.
[train horn honking]
Let him go.
Yeah, that's right.
I confused it with
some other film.
You may leave.
Sir, looks like he
has seen the film, sir.
He said it correctly.
There is no guarantee
that he saw it today.
Enter the house
and begin the search.
I am tailing him!
I'll tell you when he reaches
near the house. Leave immediately.
- Sir?
- Leave the house immediately.
He is very close! Get out!
- Sir?
- Did you find anything?
As far as I looked, nothing.
He has not been in the house
for the past 3.5 hours, sir.
Where was he, sir?
The killer has been caught, sir.
They've caught him
at a police checkpost
a few kilometres
from the crime scene, sir.
He had the victim's jewels,
and they have confirmed
multiple prints on the body!
This is ridiculous, sir.
He could have taken the jewels
after the death, right?
There were no thefts in
the previous murders!
- And the fingerprints...
- He has confessed, sir.
He has confessed to having
committed all the murders.
[overlapping chatter]
[siren wailing]
Sir, this case is not with
our department anymore.
You both have been ordered
to return to Chennai.
What's up?
Have you not left yet?
Please step aside.
You are blocking the way.
Let's go!
What will they do if there
is another murder, sir?
The police get to decide
what they report.
But how will they build
the case in the court?
I will be surprised if this
guy makes it to the court.
The accused in the Trichy serial
killer case, Ravikumar,
attempted suicide
at the High Court,
following which he was admitted
to the Thillai Nagar
Government Hospital.
He was under intensive
care for the whole night
and passed away
early in the morning today.
Investigating officers are seeking
permission to examine his body...
We shouldn't leave, sir.
We must do something.
I spoke to the ADGP.
Only you are leaving for Chennai.
I will be here.
I won't spare him.
I am staying with you, sir.
Don't be stupid.
You have just joined the force.
There will be
tribunals and inquiries,
and you won't be
able to handle it.
I don't mind losing my job, sir.
There can't be
another loss of life.
Are you going to
Kennedy's house now?
Even if we solve the case now,
our department won't be
credited for it, right?
That's correct.
when we do our work well,
respect will follow...
Someone I know had told me that.
When will your work be over?
In another two-three days.
Call me if you need anything.
Is it very evident
that I am scared?
I never wanted to become
a police officer, sir.
It was my father's dream.
In fact, it was my
entire family's dream.
In our backyard,
there is a mango tree.
It's a huge tree.
One day, I threw
a stone at the tree
trying to hit one of the fruits.
I did not know then
that there was a thief
hiding in the tree.
He fell down, screaming.
And it all started then.
Wherever I went
and whoever I met,
they said, the kid caught
a criminal at the age of ten,
he is going to become a great cop.
I sort of got trapped
in that image, sir.
Within the four walls
of the Academy,
I managed somehow.
But this?
This is different, sir.
I am always anxious.
[inhales deeply]
I keep wondering if I am
really fit to be a cop.
I don't know, sir.
It does not matter why one
chooses to become a cop.
What one does after becoming
a cop is what matters.
You have put your job
on the line to stay back
and do the right thing.
I don't know of any other
cop who would have done this.
Being scared does not
make one a coward.
A coward is the one who runs
away when he is scared.
You are not a coward.
We can't lose sight
of him this time.
Go inside,
pretending to buy something.
Hello, sir.
Sorry. I never got
a chance to meet you.
Looks like you are
searching for something.
I was just figuring out
what to buy for dinner.
You don't have to buy anything.
We are having dinner
together at my place.
No, sir.
Why take the trouble...
- [cell phone ringing]
- One minute.
It's my son.
- Yes, Freddy.
- Hi, Papa.
- Did you get the parcel?
- Yes.
Don't waste the food, okay?
Sure, Papa.
And yeah, my results are out.
- How much did you score?
- 91%, Papa.
Oh! That's fantastic!
Thanks, Papa.
So, what are you doing?
Nothing, son.
We have a guest at our house.
I am just chatting with him.
Call me as soon as
you reach the hostel.
- Sure, Papa.
- Okay?
- Okay. Bye.
- Okay, bye.
Shall we leave?
- Why take the trouble, sir?
- I insist.
In fact, after a long time,
I feel really happy today.
Will be a shame
to celebrate it alone!
Please come, Raghav.
I am not going to eat you.
Please close the door.
Can you please lock it?
Would you mind
cutting the vegetables?
Okay, I'll do it.
Do you need something to drink?
No. Just water would be fine.
If you want cold water,
it's in the fridge.
You look a lot like my son.
I guess that's why I have taken
an immediate liking to you.
The food will be ready in
15 minutes. Let's chat over dinner.
Where's the toilet?
In the backyard.
Sir, in 1979,
a lady called Neema Mathew...
[door opens]
Who are you?
[doorbell rings]
Do you remember me?
Tell me.
What are you doing here
at this time of the day?
May I come in?
Is there anyone
else in the house?
No, it is just me.
I have some important work.
Can we meet later?
[door unlocks]
Where did you find this?
Behind that, sir.
Who are these women?
These are all the pictures
clicked by me!
I am asking about the women
in these pictures!
I don't know.
You don't know
who Neema Mathew is?
[cell phone ringing]
- It's my son.
- Shall we ask your son, then?
I will tell you.
I need to talk to my son.
If I don't answer,
he will start worrying.
What is it, Freddy?
I have reached the hostel.
Just wanted to inform you.
Did you have dinner, son?
No, Papa. I am yet to have dinner.
How about you?
Yes, I did.
Go to bed on time, okay?
Sure, Papa.
I'll go to bed after dinner.
You, too, have a good sleep.
Good night!
Good night, son.
Okay, Papa. Bye.
Will call you in the morning.
- Freddy?
- [call disconnects]
Tell me now!
I love my son.
He is my everything.
And he too loves me.
what I had with my father
was something very different.
All these women died...
because of him.
You're so grown-a!
Don't you know how to
serve it without spilling?
How many times do
I have to teach you?
Clean it!
Everything had to be
perfect for my father.
Not enough!
Not enough!
Not enough!
Not enough!
Clean it!
Not enough!
More! Not enough!
However hard I tried,
I was never able to meet my
father's standards of perfection.
[screams in pain]
There was a deep
seeded fear in me...
...because I couldn't tell when
he was going to hit me next
and for what reason!
I tried my best
not to stay at home.
Madam! Please madam!
- Hey!
- Don't tell my father.
- Hey! Let go of me!
- Please, I'm begging you.
You have the nerve to bunk
your classes and smoke a beedi!
Madam... please, madam!
I'm going straight to your father.
Only then will you
learn your lesson.
Madam! Please listen to me!
Madam! Please don't!
[screams] Madam!
I committed that
murder out of fear.
[horn honks]
Could it be 'Mutta' Ravi's gang?
Don't make me swear at you!
What is the connection
between Ravi and this lady?
I can come up with 100
other names like Ravi.
How many of them
would you interrogate?
We don't know
the motive of the killer.
There is no evidence, no witness.
Where do we even begin?
There is no way we
are catching this guy.
This case is going to go cold.
For the first time in my life,
I had a good night's sleep.
I was happy for a few days.
Just for a few days.
And then, my father started again.
I couldn't sleep.
It was not so much the pain
but the anger I harboured
against my father.
As long as they don't find
the evidence or witness
to prove my presence
at the crime spot...
and as long as I had no
connection to the victims...
I knew my father stood
no chance of catching me!
And then, whenever my father's
abuse got too much to handle...
But I did not like
the sight of blood.
In fact, I did not
like the act of killing.
I felt disgusted by it.
There's nothing more horrific
than looking into the eyes of
someone just before they die.
This way,
I did not have to look
into their eyes.
There was always something
I learned from every murder.
I began to evolve.
Careful, sir.
[indistinct chatter]
Though I felt happy seeing my
father crumbling bit by bit,
the guilt of taking innocent
lives was tormenting me.
But I didn't have any other option
to save myself from my father.
I wondered how I should
seek forgiveness.
My father could not
take the pressure.
He requested transfers and kept
moving from station to station.
But he never changed.
There were times
I have wondered
if it would have been better
to just kill my father
instead of killing
so many people.
But I couldn't.
I was so scared!
But one day, I felt that resolve.
Call a doctor!
From the day I began till today...
There's not been a single day
when I haven't asked
for their forgiveness.
Do you understand
why I did all this?
Or else, my father would
have killed me, inch by inch.
- You...
- [Kennedy whimpers]
You narrate your
stupid sob stories,
and then expect
a shoulder to cry on?
Tell me!
Please let me go.
For my son!
Do you even understand
why I did all this?
My intention is to enjoy
your soul leaving your body.
I did not
like the act of killing.
I felt disgusted by it.
I do not have any
sense of empathy.
The guilt of taking innocent
lives began tormenting me.
Sir, something is off.
Sir, these photos were
all clicked 30 years back.
Why am I pulling your hair back
and tying it to your wrists?
There's nothing more horrific
than looking into their eyes.
Why would he want to kill anyone
after his father's death?
So, the guy caught by the police...
is he not the killer?
And the newscast
today about his death?
Where are you coming from?
I am coming back from a movie.
He passed away early in the
morning today, at the hospital.
After a long time,
I feel really happy today.
He is not our guy, sir!
you are not here because
of his confession?
What are you blabbering?
I will kill you!
Hey! Whom are you talking about?
I'm asking you!
I can make sure your son does
not know about any of this!
What do you know?
I don't want my son
to see me go to jail.
Kill me!
But it should look
like an accident.
Only then
would the insurance
money go to my son.
Can you do it?
Who is this person
committing the murders now?
I make frequent visits
to see my son in Delhi.
Must have been two months back.
I had just returned from Delhi.
I could sense that something was
off in my house that night.
Do you remember Nirmala?
You carried her into the mango
grove behind the old mosque.
You even clicked her photo.
[Kennedy grunts]
Do you remember Nirmala or not?
Nirmala was our housemaid.
The night you killed her,
she was leaving my place.
I found out who you
are and where you live.
At times, I had this urge
to come up to you and talk.
Do you know why?
Why are you here
after so many years?
I need it more than ever now.
That's why I came looking for you.
I have seen you commit murder.
It wasn't your first,
and it certainly wasn't your last.
But you never got
caught by the police!
You were walking around...
a free man!
Teach me!
I answered all his questions.
This is the spot, right?
After a few days...
only when I read about the murder
he committed in the papers
did it make sense to me.
I had a reason to stop killing.
But... he is different.
He is an animal, a devil!
All the lights are on!
No one has any responsibility here.
How many times do
I have to tell them?
I have to do everything myself.
You're still here?
I am leaving.
Please make sure
you lock the doors.
Who is he?
Where would he be now?
I know him only by his voice.
I don't know anything else.
Had I known, I would have
gone looking for him myself.
Bring him!
I told you that I don't
know anything else!
Where are you taking me?
This is not fair!
Hey! Don't you dare open
your mouth about being fair!
I will chop off your tongue!
Get him into the car!
Car? Car?
I saw his car that night.
Grey Esteem.
What are you saying?
It had a very weird reverse tone.
Weird as in?
like a kid's play rifle!
[reverse tone beeping]
Hey! Open the door!
Hey! Open the door!
Hey! Open the door!
I knew I would have to pay
for my sins one day.
I have told you
everything I know.
My son cannot know any of this.
He shouldn't know!
Or else,
there will be no difference...
between my father and me.
Hey, Kennedy!
What are you doing inside?
Hey! Move back!
Move back!
I have seen that car, sir.
Are you planning on eating
up all of your inheritance?
Like you've worked your ass off
to earn this food!
Begging the streets with donation
boxes! You call that a job?
Look at me!
A loser like you should
have never gotten married.
There is not a single damn thing
I have gained by marrying you!
It is all my father's fault.
Dreaming of money,
he ruined my life!
I said eat!
Why? Do you want to hit me?
Lay a single finger on me,
and I will go to the cops.
What are you doing over there?
Come, be with me.
What are you staring at?
I am not sleeping
around like your mother.
How much longer, babe?
I really like him a lot!
And I am leaving with him!
Don't follow me like a dog!
- [panting]
- Hey!
Don't you have any sense of shame?
How many times should I...
Have you seen any other vehicle
with the same reverse tone?
No, sir, it is a very old siren.
It is not even on the market now.
I have asked him several
times if I can change it,
but... Sir, look, sir!
Over there.
That's his house.
Name, Malavika.
She was doing her PhD
at the REC College.
The girl's name is Sayoni, sir.
Sir, the girl teaches slum children
in her free time, apparently.
Sir... all of these are bills
from the same coffee shop.
He had been there
yesterday and the day before.
Why would he be at
that coffee shop, sir?
Why would he click photos, sir?
I am wondering the same.
All the victims have
a dimple when they smile...
just like his wife.
Dimples appear on the face
only when someone is alive.
We have only been seeing
the corpses of the dead girls.
I don't know whether to feel
angry or sorry for such people.
What's there to feel
sorry for these losers?
They do all sorts of crazy st
and blame it on
their upbringing and environment.
Sir, they must be punished for
the crimes they have committed.
But how can we blame them
alone for everything?
If these guys did
not have it so tough,
maybe they wouldn't have
turned out to be criminals.
Our job is to catch criminals.
No one can stop them
from becoming criminals.
That is not our job, either.
Not everyone who has had it
tough turns out to be a criminal.
Some of them turn out to be
the cops who catch these criminals.
You might have turned
out to be a cop, sir.
But you are by no means
a normal person.
- Police!
- Tell me, sir.
Have you seen him?
He has been coming here
for the past couple of days.
Was he here today?
No, sir. Not yet.
What does he do
when he comes here?
He orders coffee and cakes, sir.
Does he have it here
or take it out?
He has it here, sir.
He sits there, at that table...
and he just keeps looking out
at the road through the window.
Keep the stock inside.
Wait in the car.
If he comes here,
alert me immediately.
Okay, sir.
- Police.
- How can I help you, sir?
- Where is the function happening?
- In the party hall, sir.
But it is over, sir.
Have you seen this man?
No, sir.
- Is this lady staying here?
- Yes, sir.
Room number?
303, sir. 3rd floor.
How do you know that
he is targeting me?
He has been watching you
over the past couple of days.
Well, what do you
want me to do now?
Are you kidding me? I am not
willing to play the bait here.
I'm sorry. I can't do this. I
need to speak to my manager.
Room service, sir.
What happened, sir?
Sir? What happened?
I don't get you!
Inhaler ?
Shall I call a doctor?
- Where is it?
- Outside the hotel.
In... the grey car.
Please hurry!
You said he has been watching me
over the last two days, right?
From the coffee shop
across the road.
But... I came to Trichy
only this morning, sir.
Hello, sir?
- Any sight of him?
- No, sir.
I don't think he is coming here
either. We are missing something.
Sir, what happened?
- Hello?
- Hello! Veena, where are you?
I'm at the hotel.
Stay there! Don't leave your
room! I will be there shortly!
The killer is somewhere
around here...
and I think he is
going to target you.
Don't leave your room!
Hello? Hello? Veena?
Hello, Veena?
[alarm blaring]
Sir, he has taken Veena! Come, sir!
What? Let's go!
[overlapping chatter]
[Veena screams in pain]
Sir! Sir!
[both grunting]
The gun in your hand...
is only as good as this brick now!
Stovepipe malfunction!
This is how you fix it.
Kneel down!
Kneel down, I said!
Do you how many policemen retire
without ever firing a bullet?
It is not because they don't
know how to fire a gun,
it is because they did not have
the balls to pull the trigger.
The one who runs away
is the coward.
You are not a coward.
Sir, please wait.
Let me tie it up.
- Is it okay, sir?
- Yes.
Madam, let me check if
the physio is here.
How is your leg?
It is okay.
You have solved
your first case!
Is that an X-ray?
No. Passport-size photo.
The physio is here, madam.
Shall we go?
Take care.
Who is Loganathan's attendant?
- Tell me, sir.
- Are you related to him?
No. I work with him.
How do you put up with him?
He is such a pain in the ass.
It's impossible to talk to him!
That's how he is.
Ask him to take these
medicines without fail.
And to take complete
bed rest for two days.
Okay, Doctor.
I'd rather graze cows
than treat such people!
Sir! Sir! The electrodes?
Let's go!
Bring your things quickly.
We have to go.
Everything is packed, sir.
Won't take long.
Why the hell can't you
take me to visit my parents?
You haven't done anything today.
Don't you start again!
This is the only day off I get!
And I don't want to by
waste it on your parents.
Well, you always seem to have
time for that chick of yours...
I want you to make time
for me as well, or else...
Why the hell are you
talking about her now?
Of course, I will
talk about that bh!
You know what?
I'm sick and tired of this. I am
going to complain to my father.
- Sir, two minutes.
- Where are you going?
[distant voices chatter]
Don't you dare talk
about my father like that!
With the love that it gives
The heart turns into a flower
- Hi.
- [soft music playing]
What is your name?
Who do you want to meet?
[glass shatters]
With the love that it receives,
the heart turns into a garden
I suggest you come
back after some time.
If the seed is good
It turns into a sapling
If it is bad
It turns out to be poison
Every living thing
Surrenders before love
When the rain touches
The ground
Many flowers blossom
And even if the roots fail
The soil holds on
To the moisture
Let's go, sir.
Life is like the pebble
That lives
Within the flowing river
The times keep changing
Sometimes, it flows
With the current
It gets washed ashore
If it foresees these changes
It will survive
That's the wisdom it needs
To attain
What did you tell them?
What did you tell
the boy's parents?
I told them, if they
did their job well,
our jobs would be a lot easier.
Isn't that correct, sir?
Let's go!
The next case has been assigned.
To you?
To us!
Please wipe that
smile off your face.