Porinju Mariyam Jose (2019) Movie Script

Porinju! Hey!
I am here, Jose!
Maria is coming!
What happened?
Did you tell Maria?
- No.
- I came back.
She is on the way,
with her friends.
Here she comes.
You say it yourself.
No way!
Porinju, Maria is coming.
She is alone.
This is the best time to say it.
Dude, you say it.
No! That won't work.
You say it yourself.
Haven't you seen PremNazir saying
this to Sheela in the movies?
Say it like that.
If she doesn't like it,
it will be a shame, right?
That's true.
Then we can't face her.
Not just you.
Me too!
She feeds us in plenty if we go to
her house when her dad isn't there.
Don't put an end to that!
Isn't she from a rich house?
And me?
Then you become rich and say it!
I was happily sitting at home,
listening to my dad playing the band!
Get lost!
Hey Maria!
What are you both doing here?
Are you smoking?
How's your choir singing going?
- It's going on.
If it's bad, I'll boo, okay?
Yeah right!
Try booing!
I'll show you!
What's that fishy look, Porinju?
It's your dad who
has a fishy look!
Hey! Look there!
It's Velankanni
Mother Mary's idol.
It's for the Chapel at our market.
It's from my dad.
Hey! Say it if you want to.
What is it?
- Nothing.
Say it!
Get lost!
Ah! Now you mess with me!
What is it, Jose?
- He will say it himself.
I'm also coming.
It's time.
Where is she?
She's not coming!
Maria, are you coming?
Hey Maria!
What is it, dad?
- Wait!
Just a minute.
I'll come now.
Her dad!
What is it, dad?
Wait. I'll drop you to
the school in my car.
It's already late. The bell will ring.
I'm going. - Stop there!
Are you going to school
with these scoundrels?
Why are you talking
like this, dad?
I will talk!
Dad, they will hear you.
Say it softly!
I'm saying this so
that they can hear it.
When did you come after going to sing
Choir in the Church last Sunday?
Your friends told me...
... that you were
talking to these guys.
His forefathers are the kind who used to step
away when they see people from Alappatt.
Do you know that?
What are you staring at?
Run away!
Get into the car!
Ouseph, open the gate!
Jose, would Maria have reached?
She left in the car, right?
She would have
reached long back!
I'll be giving big trouble to
that Alappatt Varghese soon!
No, dude!
He is our Maria's father, right?
You and your father-in-law!
Where are these earrings from?
They are really pretty.
I bought this from the town.
From the town?
Is it from Sait's shop?
Yes. Near the Church...
What are you doing, boy?
Give it to me.
You look really beautiful
even if you don't wear this.
Give it back to me!
- If you want it so badly,
I'll put it on you.
- Hit him, Porinju!
Leave me.
- You'll take flowers from girls' heads?
I will.
What will you do?
I will show you!
- Kick him, Porinju!
What are your legs for?
Hit him on his head, Porinju!
What are you looking at?
Punch him on his face!
Did you see that, Maria?
Porinju is hitting him for you...
Hey! Stop it!
I won't allow such
hooliganism in my school!
Come here, both of you!
I will sort you both today!
Sit down!
What is your name?
Father's name?
- Joseph.
Which Joseph?
- Malakkaran Joseph.
So you are Joseph's son?
- Yes.
What about you?
- Father's name?
- Which Joy?
Master, 'Beedi' Joy.
You are 'Beedi' Joy's son?
I will handle you later.
- No wonder!
Are you coming to the school
to study or to be a goon?
Move away!
Master, he started it.
Sit down!
This guy...
... should be beaten to pulp!
- Why are you hitting me alone?
I'll decide that!
Leave my hand!
You will enter my class again
only when I let you!
Go and sit!
He has come to study, it seems!
To spoil the rest of the kids as well.
Where are you going?
- Get lost!
Porinju! Wait.
I'm also coming.
Headmaster, it seems!
He doesn't like us!
We're not rich, right?
Come, dude.
- You go and sit.
Where did we stop during
last week's special class?
The 8th Chapter, Master.
What have you done?
What? - Porinju is the best
student of this class.
Do you find the culprits looking at the
family name? - Do you also want a beating?
Master, Maria is from Alappatt house.
Sit down.
Those who are interested in studying,
pay attention here.
Or you can plough fields
and ride buffalo carts!
For your entire life!
What is it?
No! Don't do it.
Master is going for a wedding!
Don't do it.
Don't do it, son.
Don't do it.
You ruined my clothes!
Damn kids!
Let me see how you're going to
write the 10th grade exams!
Bloody beggars!
Throw him into the marsh, Porinju!
Oh no!
Oh my God!
I'll put an end to your studies!
I'll show you how I'm
going to ruin your lives!
Get lost!
Come, Porinju!
Let him lie there in
the marsh for a while!
What happened, Porinju?
Are you sad that you
can't go to school?
I've quit studies, Maria.
I've been saying this
to you for a long time!
What all do we study?
Love, peace...
Do we get any of this?
Don't worry, Porinju.
Am I not there for you?
I'll be there for you...
Always with you!
Me too!
Ready... 1...
1... 2... 3... 4....
[Pallan's Fireworks]
Hey Franco!
What the hell are you doing?
That's what!
Don't be scared.
Just light it.
I'm lighting it.
- Hey kids! My shop!
If the bottle flips,
it will blow up someones bottom!
Yes, it's lit.
What speed, right?
Hey! Where is Puthenpally Jose's house?
- Take this road.
The first house in the colony.
- Let's go.
Hey! Who died at
Puthenpally Jose's house?
I don't know!
Hey Vincent! Look! - How do we go
to the Colony? - We'll show you.
Come, let's go.
Go fast!
Those are awesome coffins!
From the looks of it,
I think it's Koratti Xavier's work.
Where are they going?
- I don't know.
Go slowly, Chetta.
Chechi, move!
Who died?
- Don't know, Chetta.
Let's go! Let's go!
Chetta, that's the colony.
- Okay.
Stop here.
Dear... Isn't this
Puthenpally Jose's house?
- Okay. Get down.
Unload it quickly.
Climb up!
Unload it quickly.
We've to deliver the next coffin too.
Don't drop it.
Oh no! Oh my God!
- Hold it carefully.
Oh my God!
- Keep it there!
Open the lid!
Oh my God!
What is this?
Enough. Close it.
- What is this?
Did you bring it to the wrong house?
- No. It's for this house only.
This was sent from Iype's bungalow.
- Hey!
I have enough money
to buy a coffin!
But this one was sent
affectionately, right?
Keep it there and go!
Come on, guys!
What all nonsense!
Chechi, car is coming.
Stop here.
Hey old man!
Isn't this 'Wild-man' Porinju's house?
It's his father's house as well.
Unload it.
That man is nasty!
Hold that side.
Come on.
Keep it inside.
That's an amazing coffin!
One needs to be lucky
to lay dead in this.
This is from Iype's bungalow.
- For whom? Me?
Am I about to die?
It's for Porinju!
Hey! The old man is nasty!
Let's go!
Get into the car!
What's the problem?
- Puthenpally Jose's disco dance.
That's the problem!
Puthenpally Jose's disco dance?
- Let's go!
Hey Stanley!
What is this Puthenpally
Jose's disco dance? - No idea!
[Disco song from the 80s
- Koi yaha nache nache]
Do it.
What is it?
Come on!
What do you want to know?
Chetta, about Jose's disco dance.
Hey kids!
Disco dance has a truth!
That has never caused
trouble for anyone.
Me and Mithun earn a
living from that, right?
But that Jose?
He is my elder brother, all right.
Did you see what he did for the
last festival saying it's Disco? - No!
[Brass band playing 'I am a Disco Dancer']
Seeing those antics,
anyone would feel like kicking him!
If someone dances in front
of Iype's bungalow,
they would get kicked,
no matter who it is!
Once the procession
reaches Iype's bungalow,
they will play the band
for one hour non-stop.
That's a ritual!
Iype and family will come out,
like the royal family.
With his children, in-laws,
relatives and grandchildren.
Just that he doesn't have
a crown on his head,
Iype is still a king!
A king!
Is there any end to his wealth?
Policemen & ministers
are just a call away.
The band set will play
until Iype gets bored.
And while that's going on, leave alone
dancing, no one should even move there.
But it's our Jose, right?
He doesn't bother where
he is or what's going on.
He felt like dancing.
He danced!
If he feels like bathing,
he will bathe!
That's what created
all these problems!
No! That wasn't the problem.
Jose and Iype's grandson Prince had a
fight, in front of Mariam's house.
Chetta, who is this Mariam?
You don't know Mariam?
What kind of kids are you?
Alappatt Varghese was the biggest
money lender in this entire Thrissur.
Mariam is his only daughter.
Ever since her father died, Mariam is
handling the money lending business.
You know how brave she is?
She just has to stand idle!
That itself is a festival!
Anthony Chetta,
play the band!
1... 2....
[Playing 'Dum Maaro Dum']
Chetta, please move.
I'll be right back.
Who are you, you loser?
I... am Prince.
Haven't you seen women?
I am from Iype's bungalow.
Susanna who got married & went to Kochi.
Her son!
We heard that you
had gone to Dubai!
The boy has grown up!
One tight slap I'll give you!
If you are so turned on, go
climb a thorn tree, you pig!
What's that ruckus?
Damn it.
This is not stopping!
Look at him staring!
You don't know this Maria!
- Please move.
You'll have many bloated chicks from
America & London in your bungalow, right?
Go and grope them, you schmuck!
Come here...
What's the problem?
He groped our Maria, Jose!
How dare you grope
our Porinju's girl?
Hey! This area is different!
Go back home, kid!
Go back, kid!
What are you looking at?
Go! Go!
Get lost, kiddo!
Why are you hitting me?
Who is Porinju's girl?
It's you!
Right, dad?
- See!
Enough! All of you
leave from here.
Hey! Isn't he waiting for you?
What are you saying?
He'll only keep waiting!
Dad, shall I go home,
have food and come then?
- Then we'll also go and come back.
- Go!
Hey Stanley!
- What?
Even now, we haven't
got the full picture.
Who is this Porinju?
'Who is Porinju?'
If they hear 'Wild-man' Porinju's name,
entire Thrissur would shiver!
Iype grew so big,
because he had our Porinju's support.
There are the fights that Porinju had
started during the Church festivals.
Among them, the
bamboo fight in '79.
That was historic!
Bamboo fight?
What's that?
Around 10-11 people
came from Nedupuzha.
They surrounded Iype's car.
At the Church ground.
It was about some money deal.
People were all waiting for the
'Arrow' festival to start.
- And what did Iype do?
He just stood there,
leaning on his car.
The people knew where the
fight would start from!
They stopped all the celebrations,
and gathered to watch.
Iype ettan...
What should we do now?
Are you coming with us?
Or should we tie up your hands & legs,
and carry you away?
You won't be able to
lift this Iype, kids!
Hey Porinju!
Send them away!
Shouldn't we have a blast after that?
On one side,
11 mighty goons.
On the other side,
Who will win?
If it's Bruce Lee,
he would win.
Hey kiddo!
This is not a movie!
It's Porinju's fight!
Bamboo fight!
Hey Thomas!
Play the band!
Hey Porinju!
What did you say?
That you'll carry
Iype ettan away?
Iype ettan!
What should I do with him?
Let him go, Porinju!
Get lost!
Come here!
Shouldn't we have a blast?
- Of course!
Iype Etta!
Porinju's fight on Iype's command.
That's the routine.
What do I say!
Iype grew really big!
Porinju will die for Iype and his family!
And Iype also holds Porinju
in such high regard.
In between this,
what I was about to say...
... was about the incident that happened
during the last Church festival.
Do you know what happened then?
Some more?
Sit down, Chechi.
Alice, you serve it.
You sit there. I will serve.
I come here only once
in a while, right?
This makes me happy!
- Yes!
Get some beef curry.
What is it, dad?
Where is Prince?
I don't know. I saw him leaving
with his camera on his neck.
His daddy took him to Dubai thinking that
he would be of help in our business.
Now he only has time to solve the
problems created by this fellow!
What do we do if this
boy goes on like this?
His age is such, right?
Shall we get him married?
This hotheadedness
might cool down.
And should I see the tears
of that girl as well?
Is he so bad?
Then let him stay with
me here for a few days.
I will sort him out.
- No way!
He has to go back to Dubai, dad.
- Chechi...
Didn't you yourself say that
he's creating trouble there?
Now it's like he wants to
sit on his father's lap,
and drink milk from
his mother's breasts!
Where is my Porinju?
Has he eaten anything?
Hey Porinju!
He is there under the
Christmas tree, grandpa.
Why are you calling
him here now, dad?
To make him sit here?
Hey Susanna...
Get some Appams & beef
curry in a plate.
[Singing an old Malayalam song]
So Yesudas is doing a concert
all alone over here?
Iype Etta...
That's my Maria.
- Right?
It's quite fair,
like her.
It's been such a long wait!
Is it going to happen?
Iype Etta, there's a
tree between me and her.
Her dad, Alappatt Varghese,
is hanging on its branch.
Until she forgets that sight,
she won't come.
Hey! Let her come
when she wants to.
You come with me.
My tongue could feel
something only now!
Hey! Once dad's time is over, we shouldn't
let that scoundrel into these premises.
Come here!
Here comes sir!
He is our Susanna's son.
I've carried him around!
He has become really
handsome now.
He's totally unruly!
That will be all
right with maturity.
He went to see the festival, and he's
coming back as if his bottom is on fire!
Hey Prince!
What is it?
What happened?
One scoundrel hit me in
front of Maria's house.
I don't know.
Come here.
What is it?
Someone hit him in front
of Maria's house.
What is it, Rafael Etta?
Take the kids & go inside.
Come, dear.
Where do you learn all this from?
Hey! Hey!
I'm feeling tired. Let me sit for
some time. You continue dancing!
Jose, come back quickly.
I can't do this alone!
[Playing 'I am a Disco Dancer']
Wow! That's my song!
What nonsense!
Doesn't he know that no one should
dance in front of Iype's bungalow?
He's out of his senses!
What's wrong with him!
Hey Jose!
Stop it.
Do whatever you want!
Hold this!
Hit him!
- No, Jose!
Jose, go! Go!
No one should come close!
Move away!
Someone take him away!
Move! Move!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill all of you!
Rafael Etta, come here.
Where are you going?
This is part & parcel of
the festival celebrations.
Walk back home.
Go ahead!
Jose, go back home!
In our Kochi...
... slashing with swords is
the current fashion!
Go! Go!
Hey Porinju!
Your friend Jose is
creating a ruckus there.
Take him away.
Don't beat him up.
Let him go!
He will leave.
Look, Porinju!
Everyone is beating him up.
- Leave him!
They're beating him
for no reason!
Leave him!
Porinju, they are hitting
me for no reason!
And they were beating me
up like crazy!
These guys...
- Let it be!
Porinju, take him away!
Jose, go!
- Go!
You won't live happily here,
after messing with this Jose!
Let it go, Jose.
- Get lost, you pig!
I'll stab you in your gut!
- Come!
Let it go!
- This rascal...
Wasn't he leaving?
Then why did you kick him?
- Wasn't he leaving?
Then why did you kick him?
- Porinju, no!
Wasn't he leaving?
Then why did you kick him?
Leave him!
Jose, don't go!
Stop it, boys!
Run! Go hide in your kitchen!
Hey! Hey!
Iype ettan!
Alice, stop.
- Rafael Etta...
Dad will handle it.
Grandpa, call the police.
What police?
If you're born to a single father,
come out!
Don't say that.
Isn't it insulting to our Iype ettan?
What else do I say?
I should say something, right?
Hey Porinju!
Wait & watch!
We'll see during the next festival!
Come on, Prince.
Hey Porinju!
Have a drink and go!
See! That's my Iype ettan!
I'll be right back.
Iype Etta!
No grudge between us, okay?
Shall I go?
Shall we go?
- Okay.
Even if you say that the
world is coming to an end,
everyone else in this world will
come only after Jose, for Porinju.
So that's why those coffins
were given to them!
So, there will be a battle for
this festival, definitely.
Iype used to love Porinju more
than his own children, apparently.
What Porinju did was nasty!
Iype must have felt really sad.
He was so fond of Porinju!
You will only take sides
with the rich always!
Should Porinju just watch while
his friend is being beaten up?
That Prince is the reason for all this.
He won't step into Thrissur again.
He got beaten up that badly!
He will come.
Wait and watch!
No! He won't come for this festival.
I have told him.
Blood boils at his age, right?
- Phew!
I am relieved!
Hey! The news of the coffins being
sent, is the talk of the town now.
What are Stephen and
Rafael planning?
Go and ask them!
Iype Etta, I've lost my sleep.
I just want this festival to get
over somehow. My Mother Mary!
Long Live the Revolution!
Revolution is about to arrive.
Capitalist powers are waiting
for the right opportunity.
They are vengeful.
Isn't that our Bolshevik Paily?
- Yes.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Saying that American spies
are coming to kill him,
he was hiding somewhere.
Like Bolsheviks to the
Russian Empire...
Comrade Porinju & Comrade Jose
jostled into Iype's bungalow.
They wouldn't have forgotten that.
What to do!
He was a good guy!
He became like this reading
so many unnecessary books.
Give these 1.5 kgs to Johnson.
- Okay.
Hey Porinju!
Iype ettan!
I got the coffin!
Porinju, how's your
business going?
Did you buy the buffalo
for the festival?
A great item is coming, Iype Etta.
How many kilos?
- 700.
Oh my God!
Is it an elephant or what?
Yes. Watch while I bring
it for the procession!
Eat it.
He'll eat food only
from our house.
Shall I leave, Porinju?
I brought him out for a walk.
You eat it.
Vegetables are so
costly now, right?
I pick up the ones that
fall from the sack...
Iype Etta...
Iype Etta..
- No, man.
I'm not about to die yet.
I'll let you know when I am.
It's not that, Iype Etta.
You could have bought
the coffins from me.
My kids also have to be fed, right?
Who will make the coffin for him?
Porinju Etta...
Porinju Etta...
What is it, Anto?
You ran out with your
bride after the wedding?
We ran out, Porinju Etta.
But the wedding
didn't happen yet.
By then, her dad and his people came there,
and created a ruckus.
They are saying that they
will leave only with her.
I won't go.
I want my Anto Chettan!
Then what's the problem?
You go back!
Did you recognize them, Xavi?
- No.
It's the daughter of
Devassy from West Fort.
That guy stole her from there.
The girl is nice!
It's a lottery for the guy!
They've locked up Father
Irumban inside the Church.
We're coming after giving a
complaint at the station.
Then there's no problem.
S.I. Avaran will come
and bring Father out.
You go back.
- Come with us, Porinju Etta.
Will your dad give the
meat for them then?
Wedding is more important
than meat, right?
Wedding is for meat only, right?
You rascal!
If you say such jokes,
I'll chop you up!
Get lost!
There's meat to feed an
entire district in your body!
Porinju Etta...
You go, Anto.
Come, Chetta.
Let's go.
The police would have
reached there now.
- Yes.
Did Johnettan bring the
money for the meat?
Don't give him even a piece of meat,
until he pays!
Let's go.
He's messing with this
Devassy's family!
Bloody scoundrels!
Vareeth, don't let anyone
inside the Church.
Who are these guys?
That scoundrel's people,
from the colony.
Police is here. None of your games
will work with Avaran sir, Devassy!
Avaran sir...
Arrest them, sir.
Well sir, we'll get lunch only after
the wedding, right? That's why.
Get lost!
Namaste. - What is this, Devassy Etta?
Hooliganism in front of the Church?
Look, sir.
Here they are!
The police is here.
She is my daughter.
She likes beggars now.
She doesn't want us now.
Sir, they have locked up Father
Irumban inside the Church.
Ask them to open the door, sir.
I told him decently...
Then he's acting
holier than Christ!
Be it a Father or a Saint,
they will learn only when they are hurt!
Let him sit there in the
confession box for a while.
Do you feel like
making a confession?
We have our own Church and
our own Father for that.
Whichever be the Parish,
a sin is a sin!
So be it.
Didn't he threaten you
& take you away, dear?
No. I'm in love
with Anto Chettan.
Anto Chettan!
One slap I'll give you!
I should be blamed for
sending you to study!
Son, aren't you God-fearing?
No, Father.
May the angels guide
you to the light.
You'll grow tired of picking
stones from ration rice.
You better go back
with your dad.
Sir, don't be so sadistic!
Shut up!
I'll punch you...
Why are you taking me?
What wrong did I do?
- Come here.
Come here.
- Leave me.
Tell him not to
take her away, sir.
Leave me.
Sir, please.
If he takes her away now, I'll never
be able to see her in my life again.
Aren't you being greedy?
Can't you marry a girl
of your own stature?
Sir.. .Sir...
Police should stop the injustice!
Get lost!
- Don't you dare come forward!
Move away!
Please, dad! Please!
- Walk!
Anto Chetta!
Leave her!
Porinju, no!
You have nothing to do with this.
- Leave her hand.
Leave her hand!
Hey Devassy!
Haven't I told you several times
not to make your children cry?
Those who love each other,
are God's children.
Don't try to separate them.
Why have you come for
such a shameful job?
We didn't know that this was
your fort, Porinju Etta.
Now you know, right?
Get going then!
Hey Porinju!
- You shut up!
I'll come to your
house & kick you!
Who took you into the police?
A policeman's job is not to
lick the feet of the rich!
See you!
Fathers like him
always create trouble!
Go sit at the back!
Hey! Ruin your life, and then
come back calling ' Dad'!
I won't come, dad.
- Let's see. - That was awesome.
Hey Anto! Take good care of her.
- Of course!
Sir, I'll give it back to you
in the night for hitting me!
Move away!
- You go now!
Thank you, Porinju!
What you did was a noble deed.
I don't need any
blessings, Father.
I can understand their grief.
If we don't get that,
we won't be ourselves.
Everything goes for a toss then!
Ouseph, Maria is here.
She reached?
Don't hurry, Ouseph Etta.
You can reach here even if you walk.
Are the collections over?
Yes, Maria chechi.
Only 2 people are dilly-dallying
when I ask them.
Who? - That 'Bier' Vincent
and 'Hill products' Yohannan.
'Hill Produce Sales'
Oh no!
I'll pay today's sum tomorrow
along with tomorrow's, Maria.
What's the guarantee that you
and I would be around tomorrow?
So isn't it better to do what has
to be done today, today itself?
You have money to buy
cake for your kid, is it?
Eat it, dear.
I'll come again tomorrow.
I'll give it tomorrow.
We'll come again tomorrow.
Stop fooling around & pay up!
- Ouseph Etta, come!
Hey 'Bier'!
I'll pay after the festival, Maria.
I'm not talking about the
prime fund, you cheat!
I'm asking you for the interest!
The sales is quite bad, Maria.
If I change this board and
write 'Coffins for sale',
I'll reap profits. That's
what an astrologer told me.
Do you even know
what you're saying?
Reap profits?
People dying is profit for you?
It's not that!
What else can I do?
I don't know any other job!
Look over there!
Jose, where are you
going with the coffin?
For the matinee show at Bindu theatre.
Why are you keeping it here?
Hey! I've sold this to you.
I'm wondering how to sell the
ones that are already here!
Vincent, my friend,
it's a first class coffin!
Just give me half the money!
Is that enough?
Are you sure?
I'm seeing someone selling his own
coffin for money, for the first time!
Hey Maria!
So you saw me?
Of course! Shouldn't we have a
blast for this year's festival?
I've learned some new steps.
Check them out.
[Singing 'I am a Disco Dancer']
Your younger brother
Babu needn't see this!
He is jealous!
Can he do 4 steps of disco
like this, ever in his life?
What are you saying?
- What is this? Ghost dance?
If I slap you on both your ears,
you'll hear a siren!
Do you want brandy, Jose?
What did you say?
Vincent, my friend...
I'll get the money from you later.
Keep it ready. Come on!
Come on!
The sun is about to set!
Give it.
This thing is not like our arrack.
However much I drink,
I'm not getting high!
I think it's all evaporating!
You drink as much as
you want to, Jose.
But don't pass out on the road.
Passing out on the road
after getting drunk...
Jose doesn't do that.
Neither does my father Anthony!
Keep that in mind!
Okay then!
Well, Jose!
What about the coffin
that Porinju got?
What did he do with it?
Hey! Stop laughing and tell
me the matter, you moron!
The coffin that Porinju got?
- Yes.
Why the hell are you lying in this?
Get up!
Get up, I say!
I need this coffin, Porinju!
I won't give it to you!
Hey Maria...
You know how much Porinju
loves this smile of yours?
Well, is he irresponsible for your
dad hanging himself to death?
I mean, responsible...
Damn it...
Why are you crucifying him like this?
If you spoil the honour
of Alappatt house,
I swear, I'll jump!
My word is final!
You know me, right?
If you spoil the honour
of Alappatt house,
I swear I'll jump!
This is Alappatt Varghese's word.
Why is he going on saying 'Alappatt'?
Dear, I raised you with so much love!
Don't leave your father &
go with these beggars!
No, Maria.
I will jump, I swear!
Come here, Maria.
He's just scaring you in vain!
Maria, if you take a step further,
I will jump!
I will definitely jump!
Will that moron jump for real?
- No way!
Are you coming?
- Maria!
Go inside, dear.
Your dear father is saying this!
- Dear father?
Go back inside!
Damn it...
These ants are biting
all over my body.
Oh no!
- Oh no!
Your dad didn't jump!
He fell down because ants bit him!
I saw it!
I swear, Maria.
If I see someone crying,
I will feel sad.
I'm leaving.
Jose is leaving!
Bloody mango tree!
You are the reason for all this!
Let the wedding happen.
I'll uproot you!
Here comes the chariot!
He's measuring the length &
breadth of the road, mom!
Will the chariot go down the drain?
- Get lost!
He has reached!
Oops! Mithun Chakraborty!
- Yes.
- Yes, my dear Minimol...
Daddy's sweet-heart!
- Daddy!
Did you buy the new
comic book?
Oh no! Comic book...?
Comic book...
I bought it!
Hey Babu!
A new bicycle?
Let me go for a round.
- Don't touch it.
I saved up to buy it.
'The city of Hippies,
the city of liquor bottles'
Hey! Hey! Mom, ask this moron
not to ruin my bicycle!
Jose, come here.
Don't make the boy cry!
My bicycle!
- Mom!
Come here!
- Get lost!
Tell me the rest of the
story of that movie!
Which one was it, mom?
I forgot it.
That Master finding a girl.
Girl who lost her memory!
Oh! 'Moondram Pirai'
[Tamil movie]
You told me till the part where she
boards the train to go back home.
I told you till then, right?
- Yes.
After that?
Then, Kamal Haasan comes
to the railway station.
And his clothes are all dirty after falling
and rolling in the mud and marsh.
After coming there,
he calls out 'Viji..!! Viji...!'...
Sridevi looks at him.
But she doesn't recognize him.
After getting her memory back,
she forgot the whole story, mom!
And then?
Then, like he did earlier, Kamal
Haasan does this...
and imitates a monkey.
Yeah! It's very nice!
You look exactly like a monkey!
- You say it, Jose!
Even after trying everything he can,
Sridevi doesn't recognize Kamal Haasan.
Then, the train starts.
When Kamal Haasan runs
fast behind the train,
thinking that he's a mad man,
Sridevi gives him something
like rice or Idly, in a cover.
We'll feel really sad, mom!
Then, he dances around
carrying a pot on his head.
For her to remember.
But what's the point?
The train goes away!
Kamal Haasan falls down at the
station, crying 'Viji...! Viji...!'
The movie ends there.
That's it!
You were here?
What is it, Lisy?
Why do you look pale?
Should I take you to the doctor?
Mom, look at her.
There's something wrong, right?
- Get lost.
Whom were you with?
I was at the market.
There are people who saw you leaving
in Maria's car from the market.
Hey Lisy!
Why are you talking like this,
in this beautiful evening?
Mom, I'm going for the night show.
- Hey Babu!
Won't she recognize that Master, ever?
Isn't it a movie, mom?
I've told you several times
that Maria is my friend!
Don't talk too much!
Everyone knows her true nature!
What's wrong with her?
She's eating, drinking and
enjoying life, right?
And many men like you to go wagging
your tails, when she snaps her fingers!
Isn't that why she's living alone?
Hey! You whitey!
You think all those who
live alone are dubious?
That's not true!
Maria is a first class girl.
Then? Am I the shady one?
Of course!
If I'm not good enough,
send me back to my house.
Mom, give me those betel leaves.
I'll kill her today.
Kill me, and then go live with her!
I had said long back, that I'll
marry her uncle's daughter.
- Yes.
Can all monkeys extend their tails
like Kapish (comic character)?
I don't know that, dear.
But there are some female monkeys
who expand their tongues like that.
- Inside.
Yes. Haven't you seen your
mom's face at certain times?
Hey Jose!
Does Porinju still loiter around
in front of Mariam's house?
What are you saying, mom?
If he doesn't see her for one day,
he'll go mad!
And she knows that too!
[Singing a popular
Malayalam romantic song]
You smell so good!
How did you come inside?
Jumping over your dad's damn wall!
What's your intention?
I came to see you!
Didn't you see me when I
came to lock the gate?
Move away.
Leave me!
What fish is it?
Open that door.
I'm starving!
Give me something to eat.
Open it.
I'll show you now!
When will we...?
After I die?
Get lost!
Can you give me a kiss?
I'll give you!
Stop there!
Hey! I will kill you!
- No!
Go back!
- Hey!
Get lost!
Don't get wet in the rain.
Go back. I will leave!
Go back!
- Get lost!
Go back inside!
What you did was really cruel!
I'll never forget it!
Iype Etta...
Isn't Rafael home?
- Yes.
Didn't you say that there was
some programme for the festival?
Yes, I'll tell you.
Isn't this George from Kuriyachira?
- Yes.
Bring that money.
What for? - We shouldn't let
these guys stand here for long.
They are troublesome.
Bring the money quickly.
Iype Etta, Namaste.
What is it?
Are you just sitting around nowadays?
Well, even while sitting or lying down,
a tiger is always a tiger!
- Yes.
Are you coming in?
- No.
I don't have time.
I have a case.
Which one?
That Ollur stabbing case?
That was compromised.
This is the case of pushing the
Circle Inspector into the well.
Don't show any mercy.
Let them die if they have to.
I've sent Mahogany coffins
for their funeral.
Don't worry about the case.
The Inspector is our guy!
You didn't tell me who it is.
Puthenpally Jose.
'Wild-man' Porinju.
Just a minute.
Let me discuss with my boys.
I think they are making a plan.
Porinju won't survive even
one punch from George!
Look at him!
Rafael, one minute.
Must be to ask for more money.
What is it?
If it was just Jose,
we could have tried.
But Porinju...
We won't be able to do it, brother.
We're leaving, Iype Etta.
Hey 'Bier'!
Is it about a new sale?
Did you know?
- What?
Mariam has bought a
brand new grave.
A posh grave made of marble.
That's the best grave
in our cemetery now.
But she has another
family grave, right?
She would have that.
She has lots of money, right?
She must have thought that the old
grave wasn't fashionable enough.
Anyway, I see all chances of one
of your coffins being sold!
Come here!
Stop! Stop, Francis!
You know how long it's been since
I sold one? Where's my board?
I'll bring it tomorrow.
- I've been hearing this for long!
Where is it?
When I write 'coffin',
my hands are shivering!
I'll get it written
from another place.
Get it written from somewhere!
My situation is really bad, Francis!
[Children playing football]
Hey Nelson!
What is it?
- Look there!
What is it, Christ?
- That is Mariam.
Wow! She's so beautiful!
- Come here, guys.
Let's play!
- Jomy! Nelson!
Throw that ball here.
The one with mercy in her eyes,
is a true girl!
When someone in front
of her is in pain,
her heart would melt.
Her one kiss is enough,
for any sinner to find heaven!
My Maria!
- Hey!
Your Maria!
Jose, sing a song, man!
That's true.
Sing a new one.
Wear those sunglasses.
The song will come on its own.
Let everyone have some fun.
- Sing a song, Jose.
That's it.
Bring it on!
'I saw a dream yesterday,
that I went to a faraway land'
'I saw a dream that I
went to a faraway land'
'I saw a dream yesterday,
that I went to a faraway land'
'I saw a dream that I
went to a faraway land'
'I saw a dream'
'When I stood there,
I saw a small boat at a distance'
'When I stood there,
I saw a small boat at a distance'
'I heard a song from that boat, softly'
'I heard a song from that boat, softly'
'O girl, standing at the edge of the canal,
I'll show you your man!'
'I'm not kidding. I'll take you
to the other shore on the boat'
'I saw a dream that your
desires have blossomed there'
'I saw a dream'
'I saw a dream that your
desires have blossomed there'
'I saw a dream'
'I saw a dream yesterday,
that I went to a faraway land'
'I saw a dream that I
went to a faraway land'
'I saw a dream'
'I saw a dream'
'I saw a dream'
It's us!
What circus are you both doing there?
Have you left any booze at the
bar for other people?
I heard that you
bought a new grave!
So what?
You both have come to enquire?
But Maria...
I'm wondering...
Who's left here to die?
I am here, right?
- Yes! It's for me to be buried when I die!
Hey! You are wagging
your tongue too much!
I'm trying to stop myself..
One slap I'll give you on your face!
Who are you to say all this?
What merit does Beedi Joy's son have, to
shout at Alappatt Varghese's door step?
What the hell are you saying?
Have you gone crazy? - Yes.
Even otherwise, why
are you so sad?
I'll die or live.
Why do you care?
Get going!
- You...!!
What are you doing?
Move away, Maria!
Hey! Don't hit Maria!
What is he doing?
Porinju, don't hurt your hand.
We have to hit people for the festival.
Why did you have to do this?
Just go with him.
Check if something happened to his hand!
This alone you will do!
You & your tears!
Will I have to beat up everyone
all alone for the festival?
Hey Porinju!
- Yes.
What is it, Chetta?
Can you please call
Susanna Chechi?
About the cassette...
Look at that.
Did you like it?
Where did I keep the phone?
- Susanna.
- It's me.
- What is it, dad?
Hey Alice, what's the
name of that actor?
It's Jackie Chan, grandpa!
Jackie Chan!
Hey! Do you have any more cassettes
of Jackie Chan over there?
Let me check.
When Prince came, he brought
a box full of cassettes.
It must be there in it.
He came?
- When?
- Yesterday.
I had told him not to come, right?
He said he came to attend some
friend's sister's wedding.
Dad came to know that
Prince has arrived.
Who's coming so fast,
at this midnight hour?
Stop! Stop!
- Stop!
Where the hell are you going?
Where are you from?
I haven't seen you
guys here earlier.
I think these brothers
didn't understand properly.
We are the police!
When did you come from Dubai?
When the festival is
about to start here,
can I sit there peacefully?
Of course!
These must be your friends, right?
- Yes.
Ask me if you need more bottles.
Until the festival is over,
I will be here.
Got it?
- Okay.
Good night!
- Good night!
Did you notice the guys with him?
- Sir.
This year's festival will
be a great blood-bath!
[Coffins for sale]
Raise your hands!
Babu, come.
Come and look outside!
Keep this as well.
'The queen of my dreams..
When will you come to me?'
'The season of joy is here...
When will you come to me?'
'Life is passing by...
When will you come to me?'
What is it, kiddo?
Have you come back to
die a quick death?
Who are these creatures with you?
'Come to me, my dear'
'Come to me, my dear'
They've come to show off at the market.
Babu, he's a bourgeois.
You should be scared.
He has brought goons along, because he
doesn't have the bs to come alone.
'The king is arriving'
'The Lord of all worlds,
Jesus is arriving'
'Showering boons on people,
He is arriving'
'The king is arriving'
He has come.
He has brought goons too.
Father, we need to
talk and make peace.
I'm getting really scared.
Tito, those who want to fight & kill,
don't care about God or the Bible!
What's a priest for them?
Finally, when the festival is ruined.
put all the blame on me, okay?
Are you going to drink, brother?
So cheers again!
Pour it!
Hey Prince!
Fix a drink & give it to him.
Prince bro, shall
we get you a drink?
Shut up & drink.
If he wants, he will come and drink.
I'm not liking these guys at all.
They are innocent guys, grandpa.
They have come to see our festival.
Prince, your grandpa has
created so many fights!
Don't frown!
I know that you
don't like advice.
Wage a war where
a war is needed.
And make peace where
peace is necessary.
That's the sign of
an intelligent man.
Porinju will come,
if I call him.
All of us can sit together.
We'll arrive at a compromise.
He beat up Iype's grandson like a
dog, in front of all the townsmen.
And what did you do, grandpa?
And now you want a compromise?
If you were beaten up, fight
him one one one, like a man!
That's the tradition
in Thrissur.
And not bringing goons
by paying for them!
You don't know about Porinju..
- Porinju!
Do you care for that
scoundrel more than me?
He's a righteous guy.
There's no one like him.
You are scared, grandpa!
This compromise is only meant for cowards!
This is not what I had
heard about you, grandpa.
I've grown old, right?
As time passes,
people change.
Do you want it, grandpa?
Grandpa was an old tiger!
He had a famous trick with
the Malappuram knife.
The opponent will realize only after he
has been stabbed. His speed was such!
When they grow old,
people are good for nothing!
Fix a drink for me!
Get up!
This is Kunjoos' brew.
It's awesome!
Shall we go to Velankanni?
Between this festival?
What is this, dad?
We should go.
We need to see Mother Mary.
Only 3-4 days are remaining.
We'll go after that.
Have this!
I'll get some pork meat.
Get down.
What is it, Anto?
Nothing, Maria chechi.
People don't come here for nothing.
You heard that we got married, right?
We're planning to host a
small reception tonight.
Have you come to invite me?
- I will invite you. Of course!
But now, I need some money.
On interest.
Didn't you take anything
while leaving your house?
I told her not to.
I also have some
self-esteem, Maria chechi.
How much do you want?
- Well...
I'm short of 1000 Rupees.
She will give it.
It will be great if you could give
it to me as change. - Let me see.
Such a nice mango tree!
So much shade, right?
- Yeah, right!
There's so much shade!
- Did you see that branch?
Maria chechi's dad hung
himself on that branch.
Oh no!
- What?
Did you get scared?
- Then what?
Count it & see.
No, Maria chechi.
You needn't pay interest for this.
You both are at a good age.
Live happily.
Won't you come for
the reception?
Bye, Chechi.
- Bye.
'The one who knows your heart...
She is your wife'
'The one who knows your heart...
She is your wife'
'The one who came in your dreams...
The one who came as your sweet-heart'
'The one who came in your dreams...
The one who came as your sweet-heart'
'The one who gave you her heart,
in this romantic night'
'The one who stole your heart,
like the brass band of Denaha festival'
'The one who frolics around
you like a music box'
'The day you were waiting for is here'
'Their hearts come together, the story
continues, and this is their wedding'
'Every day is a festival for her,
'She needs your blessings, O' Saint'
'My Maria'
'If you smile'
'With that smile,
I'm full happy'
'If you don't smile,
I'm totally sad'
'She came before me,
with the beauty of the festival'
'Ever since then,
this girl has captured my heart'
'When there's no one around'
'Here eyes exude love'
'She's the one who's going to rule my
land, with a house full of children'
'The one who closes the
door of midnight daily'
'The one who's clings on
to me as my better half'
'Every day is a festival for her,
'She needs your blessings, O' Saint'
'Every day is a festival for her,
'She needs your blessings, O' Saint'
'While I go to sleep at night,
my heart is full of memories'
'She's the one to sit
beside me and cuddle up'
'The one who gave me my first kiss,
while no one was watching'
'The one whose care I need,
when I won't have anyone else with me'
'The one whose heart is
really large and pure'
'The one who lives within me forever,
more precious than my life'
Come on, man!
'She needs your blessings, O' Saint'
'Every day is a festival for her,
'She needs your blessings, O' Saint'
Jose's dance...
No one in Thrissur has played
the kind of games we've played!
Though I'm much older
to you in age,
aren't we friends?
Isn't that always like that, Iype Etta?
I have escaped many difficult situations,
with your courage alone!
Now I'm in a difficult situation.
You should help me.
What's your problem, Iype ettan?
Tell me.
Until this festival gets over,
you should stay away from here.
I have an estate at Malakkappara.
I know!
I can pay you as much
money as you want!
What are you saying, Iype ettan?
It's not that!
- Then?
None of those idiots in my family
can understand what I'm saying.
That's why.
Aren't we all living here to attend
these festivals & celebrations?
Understand my situation, man!
Then take a decision.
Iype Etta...
What's this meeting here?
Hey Jose!
Get going.
I don't have anything
to say to you.
I heard that the boy has come.
Ask him not to show
his head outside.
Why are you grinning?
Haven't you exploited
Porinju so much?
You're a fox!
Who called you here?
No! He's drunk and
blabbering nonsense.
Leave him, Porinju. What are you doing?
This is not good.
Take him away!
Come, Jose.
Or I'll get what's meant for you!
Come on, walk.
Listen to me.
- Porinju!
Don't create trouble.
Come on!
He's angry now.
Let's talk tomorrow.
- Move!
What's the point in
getting angry at me?
Come on!
We were so good together!
Don't forget all that.
Maria chechi..
It's me.
Well, where are you coming from?
Maria chechi...
I love you!
It's love!
Aren't you scared to roam around
all alone like this, Maria chechi?
After all,
you're a woman, right?
Get lost, you schmuck!
Come on!
Look at her, man!
This is a real woman!
Maria doesn't care whether
it's day or night!
Bloody bd!
Bro, shall we take her?
Look! She's really fuming hot!
You've come for a different job.
This job can wait until
that one is over.
Alappatt Varghese's daughter is here.
Get up and show some respect.
She's praying to see my end!
For every festival, I wish...
... that she would be with
me for the next festival.
And that we both will walk through
the Church grounds, holding hands.
It's in vain!
She's not my old Maria.
She has changed.
I'm no one to her.
I don't love him, it seems!
I'll kill him!
O' Mother Mary!
Has revolution begun?
The revolution will begin, Paily Etta.
This town will shiver & quiver!
Porinju will marry Mariam.
Hey Vincent!
Yes, Porinju!
Come and see my item!
Look at your lil' boy coming!
What is it?
- Josetta.
What do you want?
Will you show us your disco dance?
Are you my fans?
- Yes.
I'll show you now.
Why not?
'I am a Disco Dancer'
- You moron!
Stop your disco! Bringing shame to me!
- Go! Go! That's my dad!
You and your buffoonery!
Dad has been looking
for you for a while.
What is it, dad?
I have to tell you something.
You can celebrate this year's festival,
sitting at home.
I'll buy as many bottles
of booze you need.
Hey! What the hell
is dad saying?
Our Thrissur...
Our festival.
How can I celebrate it at home?
You loser brother!
Other than jumping around
saying that it's the festival,
have you bought even a piece
of cloth for your wife & kid?
What a waste of a life!
Let's go home.
What is this, dad?
Did you buy clothes for Lisy & Mini?
Dad, that's my shirt.
Babu, give this to me.
I'll wear this for the festival.
Dad, I haven't even tried it on.
So nice! Dad, look.
Doesn't it suit me more than him?
Give it to me.
- Leave it.
I'll give it back to you.
- Don't fight.
Move, boys!
Don't run!
- I will kill him today, dad!
Stop there!
I'll give it back to you!
Oh God! These guys are so crazy!
This is the latest fashion.
Show me that.
Not good enough.
Show me another one.
How is this?
How much is it?
- What about this? - 110.
Then this is fine.
So, this one...
and this one, right?
- Yes. Both of them.
What's the total?
- 155, right? Okay.
Hey Varkey!
Where are you going?
- For a movie.
Which one?
- 'Oru Kaithiyin Diary' [Tamil movie]
Oh my God!
Kamal Haasan in a double role?
I'm also coming.
- I have money only for my ticket.
How many tickets you want?
I'll buy it.
Hold this.
I'll ride it.
What's in this bag?
I bought some clothes for Lisy and Mini.
It's the festival, right?
Wow! That's a new habit!
I thought about it only
when Babu told me.
He's wiser than me, man.
And Mini & Lisy would be happy
when I give this to them, right?
Let's go.
The movie will start now.
There's a huge crowd.
Will we get tickets?
- It's quite crowded!
I'll stand in the queue.
Come here.
- Hey Varkey!
Not here.
Let's buy balcony tickets.
I have money only for a
second class ticket.
I have money, man! It's the festival, right?
Let's celebrate. Come!
Go, stand in the queue.
Shall I stand here?
- Yes.
You stand here.
Let me go see.
Can you buy 2 tickets for me?
Can't you stand in the queue?
The doctor has told me not to
stand in a queue. That's why.
Buy it if you can.
That's all!
Hey Varkey!
Come here.
Did you get it?
- I gave it.
You are too much!
- Hey Jose!
Kochappu, you were here?
How's the movie?
- I heard it's awesome.
Kamal Haasan is
in a double role.
Double role?
That too, to me?
I think Chechi got the tickets.
Come on.
Hey! Stand in the queue.
Who'll stand in queue for balcony?
Get lost!
How come you've come
to the balcony, Jose?
Why? Are we forbidden here?
- I was just asking.
He thinks that we don't have money!
Move your legs, Chechi.
Move your legs, Chetta.
Let's sit here.
Sit down.
Give me that bag.
Look at that, Jose.
If we sat there, we could have danced!
Look at that!
'Don't put your feet on the seats'
Your dad's the donkey!
Then what!
'No smoking'
- Nothing is allowed.
Give me a 'Beedi'.
I thought you would have it.
How can we watch the movie without Beedi?
Hold this.
Be careful.
Come back fast.
- I'll be right back.
Hey! Thomasetta!
A small packet of Beedis.
Jose, just a minute.
Let me give this.
Here's your lime juice.
Beedi, right?
- Yes.
Jose, run!
Varkey, go and call Porinju!
What happened?
- Go and call Porinju!
Go and call Porinju!
Jose, run!
- Go, man!
Go and call Porinju!
Jose, run!
Oh my God!
Jose, come out.
Jose, run!
Varkey, go!
Go, I say!
Go, Varkey!
Hey! Go and slash him!
Hey kid!
We might have many
problems between us.
But to bring goons from
outside with swords & stuff...
That's really shady business.
There won't be Puthenpally Jose's dance,
for any festival hereafter.
Hearing the sound of the brass band,
you'll be lying at one
corner of your house.
Without being able to move at all!
Slash him!
Kill me and go,
you b!!
Jose, get up!
Get up!
Let's go to the hospital.
Get up!
No, dude.
Get up!
I'll die before we reach there.
Get a vehicle!
- Come! Come!
Move! Move!
Come on!
Lift him!
Give me a Beedi.
Don't come with me!
You should have fun in our
Thrissur for a long time!
Did you hear me, Porinju?
You should marry Maria.
You should walk with your head held high,
through the Church grounds, holding her hand.
Did you hear me, Porinju?
Jose has left us, Porinju!
Jose has left us!
I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race.
I have kept the faith.
May God give you the eternal joy that
was promised to his faithful servants.
My brothers, I am bidding
farewell to you all now.
Please pray for me.
My son...
Lisy chechi...
Open your eyes!
Josetta, can't you hear
our daughter calling you?
Open your eyes!
Remember, you are dust...
... and to dust, you shall return.
Those who want to kiss him,
go ahead.
Here's the shirt, Josetta...
Shouldn't we have a blast
for the festival, Josetta?
Porinju is all alone now, dad.
Who's there for him now?
You should agree, dad.
I want to live the rest
of my life with him.
I have to go, dad.
I have to go!
I don't need this coffin!
O' Mother Mary of Velankanni!
We are coming to your Holy Abode.
Protect us, Mother.
None of us knew that such a
treachery would happen, Lisy.
Jose was not just a friend to me.
He was my brother as well!
But Maria...
Those outsiders killed my Josettan...
Alas, if my Josettan had
a knife with him...
Where are you going?
No, son.
Leave my hand, mom.
- Don't go.
No, son.
I want to kill them.
- Those devils will kill you too.
Don't go, son.
- I'll slash them!
Son! Don't go!
We have only you!
- Leave it.
Leave it.
We are here for that, right?
My son...
[Puthenpally Jose]
Don't get killed.
Peter, come here.
What is it?
- Don't let them stay out like this.
Until they go back
shift them to our attic.
Whatever they need,
serve it to them there.
Give them to us and go, Prince.
We'll take real good care of them!
A friend of mine from Dubai
arranged them for me.
They won't stay at a single
place for too long, uncle.
What is it, dad?
What are you planning to do to Porinju?
- The same thing we did to Jose.
We should regain our lost honour, dad!
You know very well, right?
Even if an army comes to attack me,
Porinju will stand in
front of me and say,
'You will touch Iype ettan
only after killing me'
What Porinju did for us...
- What are you saying, dad?
We need a boat to cross a river.
But does anyone carry the boat on his head,
after crossing the river?
We will finish Porinju!
SI Avaran has called for a peace meeting.
Trying to compromise the case by taking
money from the killers, bloody Avaran?
Calling a meeting and having
tea, after killing our Jose?
We want to go inside!
All of you be quiet and
pay attention here.
Don't listen to them.
Over here.
Ask Iype, you scoundrels!
Bring him inside.
- Sir.
He was in the arrack shop. He was not
ready to come, sir. - Make him sit there.
Please move.
Even if you arrange meetings,
will our Jose come back?
Let us go inside.
Stop there.
Maria is here.
Leave us.
- Maria.
Maria, they are not letting us go inside.
- Don't shout.
We'll find a solution.
The meeting begins now.
First of all,
the compensation money for the deceased
Jose's family will be handed over.
To do that, I invite our
honourable Father Irumban.
Give it yourself!
I don't want that money!
Anthony, come here.
I don't want that money!
Bloody money!
If he doesn't want the money,
so be it.
Proceed to the main agenda.
My dear people,
we have gathered here today
to discuss about peace.
What peace?
Maria, sit here.
Is this how you create peace,
you cheat?
- What?
Do you want to see
who this Maria is?
Do you?
Iype is not the only
one with money here.
Porinju has left.
Porinju has left to
Velankanni with his father.
I saw them. He told me that he'll
come back only after a month.
Porinju told me to tell Iype ettan that...
... he won't cause any trouble here.
[Children cheering]
St. Sebastianos' festival greetings!
Iype, festival greetings!
'The festival is about to begin'
'The Denaha festival is being flagged off'
'O Saint of the Parish'
'This is our day'
'The house is full of guests.
An amazing feast is being prepared'
'Who's going to light up
the fireworks here?'
'O Saint Sebastianos,
pray for us'
'The festival is about to begin.
The Denaha festival is being flagged off'
'O Saint of the Parish...
This is our day'
'The silver cross and the beaded umbrella'
Mummy, uncle and aunty are here.
'The brass band of the town...
The drum beats rise'
'As it progresses,
can't you feel the joy all around?'
'Like the celebration of lights,
this is the festival, come on'
'Love is flowing everywhere'
I heard that the celebrations
at Chittilappally are grand!
They are planning to ask the
band set to play non-stop.
Rosy chechi had called.
She asked to hide the brandy
bottles from Pranchiyettan.
How? He drinks like a fish, right?
Everything is ready, right?
Hold the lamps & the umbrellas properly.
St. Thomas Arrow community's arrow procession
for this year is about to commence.
All of you participate with devotion.
Shall we start then?
Dad, stop!
Anthony Etta...
We'll handle this.
The rituals of Jose's death
aren't over yet, right?
Go back home, Anthony ettan.
This is my job!
Just because he ended up at
the edge of someone's knife,
why should I sit idle at home?
Ready, 1... 2...
One... Two... Three...
'The queen of my dreams..
When will you come to me?'
'The season of joy is here...
When will you come to me?'
'Life is passing by...
When will you come to me?'
'Come to me, my dear'
Maria chechi...
Are you angry with me, Maria chechi?
Well... For that night...
I forgot it then itself.
Do you want to come to Dubai,
Maria chechi?
I have an apartment there.
Are you going back to Dubai?
Why do you ask so, Maria chechi?
I am really sad, kid.
You're at such a young age, right?
There's such a long life ahead.
I didn't get you.
If it was a small mischief,
I would have let it go.
But you did what you
shouldn't have done!
Look there, you schmuck!
Before coming to Thrissur with goons,
couldn't you ask your mom?
How long is your leave, Prince?
I have to go back next week.
What do you do there?
I work with daddy.
Leather business.
So it will go on,
even if you aren't there.
You're shivering!
Porinju Etta...
Don't kill me!
You plucked out my heart!
And you're asking
me not to kill you?
Play it, dad!
Josettan's song!
[Playing 'I am a Disco Dancer']
Why have you come here at night, Mariam?
There's a case.
For whom?
- Who?
'Wild-man' Porinju?
Let's sit in my office.
Iype Etta...
We've shifted Prince's
body to the mortuary.
Rafael & Stephen are there.
Which is the place where Porinju
might be hiding, Iype Etta?
I don't know.
Who else would know?
Tell me, Iype ettan.
Shouldn't we catch him?
I said I don't know, right?
Get going, Avaran!
Start the vehicle!
It's a murder, right?
You're aware of my fees, right?
I'll give you two times what you ask for!
But Porinju...
... shouldn't be behind
bars even for a day!
Not a scratch
should fall on him!
I can't hear anything.
Father Irumban sent me.
What's the matter?
- I had met Father on the way.
What's there to say now?
There is something.
Peter, tell me what it is.
They will tell you!
Rafael, what the hell are you going?
I have to go with the procession.
Didn't you say that Porinju
went to Velankanni?
He made me say it.
If I'm threatened, I'll say anything.
My dad was also like that.
Where is Porinju?
- He has gone to the market now.
Go fast!
Babu, those were Iype's sons.
They are going there with the goons
from Kochi, looking for Porinju.
Let them go there, right?
The tickets of Porinju & his
dad's trip to Velankanni.
The bill of the lodge
they stayed at.
Aren't these enough for evidence?
How many did he kill?
One or two?
One is over.
Rest 5 will be done now.
Go, bring me his head!
He is here.
Don't do anything!
For Iype ettan...
I have only love & affection.
Get lost!
Start the car!
Start the car!
You could have avoided all this,
if you wanted to.
what's the point in
talking about it?
Iype Etta...
I came to meet you.
Shall we...
Shall we dance,
for old times' sake?
[Playing Theme song of 'Don']
You killed my Prince!
Didn't you?
Didn't he kill my Jose, Iype Etta?
Is this like that?
Is Iype's grandson's death...
... the same as you
shit-pigs dying?
Is it?
Beat this swine to death!
Don't come close!
Stab him to death, Porinju Etta..
- Kill him, Porinju!
Move away!
Iype Etta, go!
Go, Iype ettan!
Go back!
Birth - 14.5.1950
Death - 12.2.1985
Birth : 24.6.1952
Death :
[Boys fighting]
Who are you to say that?
Move away, I say!
You don't know this Mambilly Tomy!
I don't care a damn
whose son you are!
If you show off,
I'll slap you!
You will hit me?
We'll fight this out
during the next festival!
Yes. We'll fight this out
during the next festival!
- I'll hit you...
Come, hit me if you dare!