Portal (2019) Movie Script

[ominous electronic tones]
[lights zapping]
[keys clicking]
[gentle haunting music]
[film reel clicking]
Well why don't you seek
Seek seek and ye shall find
The door
Knock knock
And the door shall open
Ask a favor
Ask a favor
And it shall be given
And when the love
comes tricklin' down
Oh you do dee
Seek seek and ye shall find
Knock knock and the
door shall be opened
Ask a favor
Ask a favor
And it shall be given
When the love comes
tricklin' down
Oh doo doo dee
[engine hums]
Seek seek and ye shall find
Knock knock and the
door will be opened
Ask a favor and
it shall be given
When loves comes
tricklin' down
Oh doo doo dee
Seek seek and ye shall find
Knock knock and the
door shall be opened
Ask a favor
Ask a favor and
it shall be given
When the love comes
tricklin' down
- Mason, turn that
shit down, man.
- That shit is God's music, son,
and it protects your
ungrateful millennial asses.
And shut the damn
door next time!
[ominous instrumental tones]
[Cris gasps]
[rat squeaks]
- [sighs] Cheap scare.
- It counts.
- No, no, it doesn't.
Okay, frame up on
me, right here.
Oh, what'd you think,
if I put my hand down?
Is that too, like, relaxed?
Or maybe the pole,
pole's bad for you, okay.
Okay, okay, just frame up
over here then, we'll do this.
You good?
- Everything's faced.
- It's good.
- Good, hair good, okay, cool.
- Go.
- In four, three, two.
It all began here, 10 years ago.
You don't need to
see what happened
to feel its horrific residue.
- Is he doing William
Shatner again?
- Shh.
[tool beeps]
[Steven sighs]
- No, I'm not getting
anything over here.
Let's head over to where
the event took place.
[ominous tones]
[door squeaks]
Oh wow, it's definitely
a strong smell of bleach,
no doubt from the cleanup
after the incident.
The property landlord, after
years of vicious haunts,
kept this building unrentable.
Property landlord.
The property landlord, after
years of vicious haunts,
that kept this
building unrentable.
Oh wow, okay, there's definitely
a temperature change, Raz.
Did you feel that?
- Yeah, like eight degrees.
Got goosebumps and everything.
- Okay, let's document
that, what time it happened.
A decade ago, Benjamin Frisk,
knowing that his
business was going under,
knowing that everything he
had worked for was gone,
walked into this office,
his home away from
home for 20 years,
put a loaded pistol under his
chin and pulled the trigger.
[shutter clicks]
- Hey, sorry I'm late, Steven.
- That's okay, it's okay.
Is there any signs, any
apparition signs, orbs?
- Um.
- [clears throat] Regardless,
this building is
insanely haunted,
and Benjamin Frisk
is still here.
Let's see if he's
got somethin' to say.
Can you hear us?
Do you like me
sitting in your chair?
Do you have a message for
us from the other side?
- Do you know
if we're getting picked
up for a second season?
- EDPs, electronic
voice phenomena,
is one of the most effective
ways to communicate
with he other side.
Let's do a quick live session.
[machine whirs]
[low grumbling]
What was that, was
that, was that a voice?
It sounds--
- Steven--
- Hang on, hang on.
- Steven--
- Hold on, what?
- It's your stomach,
it's growling.
- It's my stomach, yeah it is.
- Debunked.
- Shit, it is my. [tool clicks]
It was my stomach.
Um, okay, well, hard
evidence is exactly that.
Hard to find, but either way,
this building is
insanely haunted,
and this night will go down
as one of the
craziest nights ever
for the Ghost Seeker's crew.
- And, cut.
[camera beeps]
- Ah, fuck me.
- All right guys,
let's, let's wrap out.
- I, I messed up the last part.
Was that a good ending?
- Yeah, it was, it was great.
- I mean, okay, all right.
I really thought this
was the spot, I mean.
[car door beeps]
[sighs] Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Mase, listen, when you
get back to the house,
I want you to check everything,
every angle we have, see
if you can find anything.
- 10 four, boss.
Hey, sorry, Steve.
Next time, man.
- Yeah, next time, right, here.
[phone rings]
- Mase here, go.
- [Jen] I need to hit
a Starbucks like, now.
- Is that the only thing
you wanna hit like, now?
- Oh, Raz.
- So, that location,
it was 200 bucks.
- Oh good, good.
- No, it was 200
bucks over budget.
- What?
- Yeah, you can pay me later.
- Ah, fuck, okay,
thank you, Cris.
- Look maybe it's time we
augment the show just a little.
Add in some artificial
scares here and there,
nothing too big--
- No, no, absolutely not.
Then they win, no.
- Who wins?
- Look, doesn't
matter, all right?
We are the only ghost show
that shows the real deal.
What are you doing?
- I was gonna get in there.
- Oh, well, sorry.
- Look, I get it, but
maybe there's a reason
we're the only one.
[somber electronic music]
[door squeaks]
[keys clatter]
[door squeaks]
[lock clicks]
[keys clatter]
[shoes thud]
- If we ever hit any
real haunted houses,
promise me you'll come say hi.
Okay, Dad?
- The most important
thing to remember
when tracking spirits,
is to know that those
on the other side,
they just wanna be heard.
There's really no
trick other than that.
- Really?
- The ghost trackers don't
choose the haunted house.
It chooses us.
- Yeah, and it also doesn't hurt
to have that big-ass budget
for your location scout.
- [Woman] What's there?
[hangers rattle]
- What the [beep].
- And the only secret
is to be patient.
- And if that doesn't work?
- And of course, a little
luck happens. [chuckles]
- Luck, my ass.
[Steven sighs]
[Steven sighs]
[ominous music]
[phone beeps]
[phone rings]
[phone rings melodically]
- Hey, you should
be asleep right now.
- How much do we have
left in the budget
for the final episode?
- The usual, minus
the 200 owed to me.
- Okay, we might need
to re-work it a little.
All right, I wanna
hire somebody.
- To do what?
- To help the right
house find us.
- Okay, what now?
- Now, we wait.
- Really?
Go around me, dumbass!
- Oh no wait, that's him.
[doors thud]
Thank you again for
meeting with us.
You know, we don't have
the budget you guys have
on Ghost Trackers, so we gotta
wear a couple hats, but--
- Don't care, and this
meeting never happened.
- Okay.
- 5,000.
- What?
- Cris.
- That's the entire budget
for our last episode.
- Well, there's not gonna
be any more episodes
if we don't nail the finale.
- It doesn't matter, Steven,
if we can't afford to shoot it,
then there won't
be a last episode.
- Hey, Mom and Dad.
We have a deal or not?
- Yes, yes, we have a deal.
- Underneath your
seat, there's a laptop.
- [Steven] Oh, okay.
- Click on the file called
Fucking Scary Locations.
- There's a password here, so--
- Casper.
- What?
- That's the password.
- Like Casper The
Friendly Ghost?
- No, just Casper.
- No, just, just.
- Just Casper.
- There's a file here
that says off limits.
What is--
- Oh, that's fucking
off limits to you,
that's what that is.
- Okay.
[mouse clicks]
[suspenseful music]
- Whoa.
- This is perfect, look at that.
- Are you in level one?
- Yes.
- I didn't say you
could go into level one.
Level one and two are for
the Ghost Trackers team.
You rummage through level three.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[ominous music]
- All right, all these
locations are dog shit.
We hit three of 'em this season.
- You don't like it,
you can take your
cheap five K per diem
and get the hell
outta my badass car.
- It's not that
badass, it's a 2011.
- It's a fine car, sir.
Uh, okay, thank you, so
we'll just take this,
[mouse clicks] and then we'll.
[suspenseful music]
And, we are good to go.
Good, thank you, sir.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- All right.
[door thuds]
- Ah, okay.
Here, put this--
- All right,
this folder better have the
holy shit of all haunted houses.
- Okay.
[mouse clicks]
[keys clicking]
Oh, bingo! [claps]
- Move over.
- Bingo, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
[ominous music]
[mouse clicking]
- [Cris] Well, it's
definitely photogenic.
- Yeah.
Uh, open this,
open this text doc.
- Okay.
- Right here.
- All right, the Dalva
House, Rockwell County,
built in 1976, three
deaths in 1977.
- Okay, decent body count.
- Right.
- Okay.
- The father, Richard Dalva,
killed wife Joanne and his
daughter Jill with a shotgun,
Jesus, before blowing
his own brains out.
- That is awesome, that.
That's yeah, no you're right,
I'm sorry, that's fucked up.
- One survivor, twin daughter
Fiona, whereabouts unknown,
current owners unknown.
It'd be nice to have a
picture of the family, huh?
- What is that?
Hang on, move, move, move,
watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out.
It was right here, right
there, look at that.
[mouse clicks]
[ominous music]
- I, I legit have goosebumps
for the first time.
- Okay, we gotta get to this
before the Ghost Trackers do.
- Yeah, yeah, all
right, I'll just,
I'll figure out how to
pay everyone or something.
- [Steven] Okay,
all right, good job.
- I'm gonna let
'em know right now.
- Okay.
- Good, all right.
- Bye.
[midtempo electronic music]
We need beef jerky, it's a
road trip, we need beef jerky.
Did we grab any
beef jerky for this?
- [Cris] No, just
the granola bars.
- Yeah, I just, protein's
kind of important to me.
All right,
are you a mesquite or just
straight up beef jerky?
- It depends on what you get.
- Yeah.
- A nice teriyaki turkey jerky.
- Right.
- That's the way to go.
- [Steven] Right,
turkey jerky, a bison.
- [Mason] Yeah, you know
bison's a little gamey for me.
- [Steven] Elk?
- [Cris] ETA?
- Well, it says
we're almost there,
or we're completely lost.
- No, I don't get lost.
Lemme see that thing.
- Okay, but look--
- Dog, dog!
- Oh, shit!
[brakes screech]
[dog pants]
Oh, Jesus!
- Holy cripes!
- Need help?
- Um, yeah, we're looking
for the Dalva House.
Do you know who the owner is,
or I mean, you know
like who owns it?
- No one owns the house.
- What do you mean, it's like
public domain or something?
- Doesn't belong to anyone.
- Hey, is there a Starbucks
anywhere around here?
- We're headed in
the right direction,
is that what you're saying?
- People belong to it.
- What is?
Does that mean?
- And, he's gone.
- Thank you, Mr. Cryptic Indian.
- Native American,
dude, come on, man.
- Right, right.
- That was, what?
- Yeah.
[ominous music]
- FYI, my bladder
is about to explode.
- Right, we should turn around
before we get completely.
- Bingo.
- Yes my mama, that is
one hell of a location.
- Holy shit, it is--
- Perfect.
- Now, boys and girls, a
little divine protection.
Well why don't you seek
Seek seek and ye shall find
Knock knock
Knock knock and
the door shall open
Ask a favor
[doors thud]
Ask a favor and
it shall be given
When the love comes
tricklin' down
[ominous music]
- [Steven] Wow.
[shutter clicks]
- You see anything in
that second story window?
- Eh, they're shy.
You know, we just got here.
- I think I'll just
go pee outside.
- Yeah, me too.
- All right, guys, but hurry up.
We still gotta download
and prep before dark.
- Yeah.
[door creaks]
- Holy.
- Shit.
- Did you just feel the
temperature changing?
- Yeah.
All right, let's
do walk through.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Why?
- I wanna experience it
as the audience does.
[Cris sighs]
Trust me, trust me on this.
- [Cris] Steven.
- Guys, come on!
[suspenseful music]
Okay, let's set up mission
control in the living room,
and I wanna place REM Pods
and a set of camcorders
in the master bedroom upstairs.
- Mm-hm.
- The, the cellar,
the kitchen, and
the daughter's room.
- Got it.
- Thank you.
- [Steven] Okay.
- Hey, I really think we
should do a walk-through,
just in case--
- No, no, no, no.
I won't wanna have
to recreate anything.
Okay, we do it
live, we do it live.
- Excuse me.
- Sorry, okay.
Guys, make sure the batteries
are all fully charged,
and there's plenty
of card space, yeah?
- You mean like usual?
- Copy.
- Good.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, yes, I got a good
feeling about this one.
Okay, trust me.
- I'll help set up the REM Pods.
- Thank you.
Hey Raz, let's scrub some B
roll while there's still light.
[Raz speaks in foreign language]
- [Steven] Okay.
[haunting music]
- Bingo.
[shutter clicks]
[birds chirping]
[camera beeps]
- Hey Raz.
- Yeah.
- [Steven] Come check this out.
- What's that?
- Look at this.
- Ah, this is dope.
What is it?
- Ah, I think it's like some
kind of a spiritual mandala
or something.
- Which is?
- Uh well, you know,
it's basically--
- You have no idea, do you?
- No no no, I do, yeah, I know,
I'm just trying to explain it--
- Cool if you don't know.
- No, it's, it's just
uh, let's just shoot it.
- Right, yeah.
- Okay.
[camera beeps]
[ominous music]
[flies buzzing]
In four, three, two, in
the middle of nowhere,
forgotten by time,
lies a small property
simply known as the Dalva House.
It has been steeped in mystery
under a dark cloud
of death and horror
for nearly two generations.
Its victims, a father, a
mother, and a daughter.
Only the youngest
daughter escaped alive,
whereabouts unknown.
And tonight, the
Ghost Seekers crew
will be the first
paranormal team
to ever investigate
its untold secrets.
Who knows what we might
find or what might find us.
We've set up our command
center inside the living areas.
Our audio visual tech Mason.
- Hey.
- He will be monitoring all
the static camcorder evidence
that we get tonight.
We also have our still
photographer, Jen.
She will be taking
photos inside and out,
looking for any
information on spirit orbs
or apparition signs.
We also have our producer, Cris.
- Hey.
- [Steven] She has deployed
REM Pods throughout the house.
- That's right, REM Pods
use mini telescopic antennae
to radiate their own
independent magnetic field,
and this EM field can
be easily influenced
by materials and objects
that conduct electricity.
- What does that all mean?
- Well, simply put,
if a ghost comes
anywhere near a REM Pod,
it will light up
like a stop sign.
Shit, that doesn't make
any, Jesus, that's terrible.
What's a better
adjective for that?
- Uh, light up like Vegas.
- Somethin' else, somethin'
better, come on, uh.
- [Raz] Uh, a strip club?
- No, uh.
- [Mason] A goddamn
Christmas tree.
- Yes, it will light up
like a Christmas tree.
And now, it is time for
the Ghost Seekers crew
to start their investigation.
Let's get our ghost on, ready?
Go time.
- Woo!
[ominous music]
- Okay, well usually we
like to start things off
by walking around and
opening ourselves up
to see what we can
experience physically.
[objects clatter]
[shutter clicks]
[lighter clicks]
I'm not really
getting anything here,
do you wanna head upstairs?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[ominous tones]
[drawer thuds]
[shutter clicks]
[haunting music]
[shutter clicks]
[sighs] Okay, let's do
a quick live session.
All right, everybody
quiet, don't move, please.
[tool beeps]
Is there anyone that would
like to communicate with us?
Are there any
children in this room?
[tool beeps]
- Patience.
[tool beeps]
- Mayday, mayday,
viewership dropping.
[tool beeps]
- [sighs] Hang on guys, hang on.
Mase, are you seein'
anything on your end?
- Negative, boss.
- Let's head to the cellar.
[haunting music]
[footsteps creak]
Raz, I can't see
shit with this thing.
Will you give me
the big dog, please?
- [Raz] Yep.
[shutter clicks]
- If there are any spirits in
here, please give us a sign.
- We just wanna
communicate with you.
- Guys.
Check this out.
- [Steven] What?
- What are those?
- Those are shotgun holes.
Holy shit guys, you
know what this is?
This is where Mr. Dalva lined
up his family and shot 'em,
right here.
This is perfect, let's whip
out the SP7 Spearbox, please.
Let's put it it right
here in the middle.
So, okay, what this device does,
it scans through multiple
radio frequencies every second,
generating white noise.
And that gives the entities
the energy they need
to communicate with us.
So let's see what
they gotta say.
Mr. Dalva, are you here?
Why did you kill your
wife and your daughter
and then yourself?
You can't hide, Mr. Dalva,
we know you're here.
You know, sometimes you gotta,
you gotta nudge 'em a little,
you know, piss 'em off.
I know you can hear me.
We're not leaving
until you answer us.
Well we shall live on
[zipper zips]
[Mason sighs]
[Mason hums melodically]
[suspenseful music]
[device beeps]
[Mason burps]
- I know you wanna
communicate with us, come on.
- What time is it?
- It doesn't matter
what time it is.
- [Cris] What time is it?
- Just after midnight.
- Shit.
- It's not working.
- No no, come on, we're close.
- It's not happening, Steven.
- God damn it, I
know you're here,
I can sense your presence.
- Yeah, you can
sense the presence,
but none of the
equipment can, so.
- [Steven] Fuck, it should
be right here, I know, it's--
- Raz, stand down.
- [Steven] It should be right
here, I, I don't understand.
- Hey, look.
Maybe it's time we
borrowed just a little
from the Ghost Trackers guys.
You know, bump into
some shadowy figures.
- No, we are not
hacks, Cris, okay?
As soon as we do
that, we let them win.
- You keep saying
that, who's winning,
what are you talking about?
- It doesn't matter, all right?
I didn't get into this to
hoax people, all right?
End of story.
- Neither did I.
I wanna believe in the
afterlife so bad it hurts,
but we have got to
do something here.
- I mean come on, think about
what you're saying, right?
Think about what
the crew would think
if we did somethin' like that.
- All right, how many
of you are cool with us
augmenting the show with
a few artificial scares?
Look, we did our best, Steven.
I know we can do this, trust me.
[somber music]
- [sighs] Okay, yeah, well.
Well, let's get
this shit over with.
- Yeah.
- Yes!
- [Mason] Hell to the yes.
[ominous music]
- This room is where the
father, Richard Dalva,
must've plotted his
horrendous killing spree.
[REM Pod beeps]
- Oh, fuck.
REM Pods are all lit up,
what the hell's goin'
on up there, guys?
- Okay, I'm definitely
feeling a cold spot over here.
Over here guys, it's definitely
a little cold right here.
Yeah, I'm definitely
feelin' it right here.
[women screaming]
- Look, look, look!
It caught a big ass orb.
- Oh my god, that's
incredible, that is incredible.
This is the most
proof we've ever had
on the Ghost Seekers crew.
- [Cris] And, cut!
- Oh!
- Woo!
- We got the lights
up on that shit!
[REM Pods beeping]
[Mason sighs]
- That says done, son!
- Okay, what comes next,
these are so much fun.
- I vote we go straight
for the cellar.
- All right, how long are
we gonna set for the cellar?
- How scary you want it?
- How about a 10
on the ghost meter?
- A couple hours.
- What about a seven?
- Less than 30.
- Let's do it.
- [Raz] Let's do it, yeah.
- Come on.
- I'm just gonna go
10 to 100 real quick.
- Okay.
- Outside.
[suspenseful music]
[sighs] Thanks for nothin'.
[urine patters]
Fuck me.
- Steven.
- Ooh, hey!
- Hey, I didn't
mean to scare you.
- Hey.
- I'm just comin' out here
to make sure you're okay.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Look, I know it sucks,
but once we get
renewed for season two,
we'll be able to continue
hunting actual ghosts.
- Yeah, no, I'm good,
I give up. [chuckles]
- [Cris] You give up?
What do you mean, you give up?
- It's a long story.
- Okay, I wanna hear it.
- Really?
- Yeah, I wanna
hear the long story.
- Okay, well it all
started with a nickname
that I got in middle school,
and it followed
me to high school,
and it was all because
of show and tell.
I had this neighbor,
Walter, he was a older guy,
and he was always
really nice to me,
so he passed away, and
I went to his funeral,
and when I was there,
and they were lowering
him into the ground,
I looked up at his wife,
and she was lookin' at me,
and Walter was sittin'
right next to her,
smiling at me.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was broad daylight too,
and it was just for a second,
and then he kinda
just disappeared,
but it blew me away, and
I was really excited,
and I went to school the
next day for show and tell,
and I didn't have anything
to show, you know?
I didn't have any proof for
the story I was telling,
so my teacher gave me shit,
and everyone made fun of me,
and they all started callin'
me Stevie See Dead People.
[Cris laughs]
- That's super messed up.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- I'm not even sure
why kids that age
were watching The
Sixth Sense, but--
- Right.
- It stuck, and,
and yeah, I just wanted to
prove those little shits wrong,
you know?
I wanted them to
know I wasn't lying.
But I guess the joke's still
on me, right? [chuckles]
- Hey.
I'm really sorry
that happened to you.
Where did that arrow come from?
- From me peeing on it?
Hey Mase, I'm directly
behind the house,
can you come down here?
Bring a shovel.
[shovel thudding]
[Mason groaning]
- I'm not hittin' anything.
Are you sure the arrow
means literally down?
It could mean go straight
back to the house.
- It's not just a stone.
- That's a tombstone.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, I'm done.
- What do you mean--
- No, no, no, my,
my job description
does not include grave digger.
My grandma would've had my ass
if she seen me out
here disrespecting
the dead like that.
Y'all wanna see
what's down there?
Have at it.
- Here, I got it.
[shovel thudding]
[shovel smacks]
[ominous music]
- Oh.
I better go get
the gospels goin'
'cause that is definitely
either a dead fetus
or a shrunken head.
Whoa, man!
- Holy shit.
[dramatic music]
- [Cris] What language is that?
- I think it's Native American.
- [Mason] That looks
like directions
to the place you don't wanna go.
- Why do you say that?
- You see that spiral?
- Yeah.
- Those people around it,
they're not dancing around that,
they're gettin'
sucked down into it.
That is some fucked up
voodoo shit right there, man.
[uptempo electric music]
- Wait, Steven, Steven!
- Are you filming my ass?
- [Raz] Yeah, why?
- Hey guys.
- Hey, check it out.
- Oh yeah, yeah, we don't
need this bullshit anymore.
- Yeah.
- Dude.
- We don't know what that is.
- Or who the hell
buried it there.
- It's a spell or an incantation
that the Dalvas left us
for us to find.
- You don't know that.
- I do know that a sane
man built this house
and then lost his shit
after he eventually
came across this stuff,
and I also know that
if there's anything
certifiably supernatural
about this shit,
we're about to have the
most legit ghost show ever.
Mase, will you please
turn on the sensors.
- So we're crossin' that line?
This is gonna happen?
- Yes.
Yeah, I'm sorry, okay,
just please trust me.
Please, trust me, okay?
- [sighs] Fine.
I'll just be that guy that
no one pays attention to
right before all the
shit hits the fan.
- Steven.
- Can I get the tape, please?
- Can I ask what's going on?
- Please do.
- Yeah, so we found this grave
next to a stone in the woods,
had some stuff in it, and
now Steven's playing with it.
[tape zips]
- Okay, I'll set up a
shot around the stairs.
- Yeah, I'll get my camera.
- Okay, can you
hear me all right?
- [Mason] Yeah, I hear you okay.
But what you're
doin' is not okay.
- Okay, ready and framed up?
- Yeah, are you fucking kidding?
- Okay, good?
- Yeah.
- In four, three, two.
And we are back in the
epicenter of the vicious murders
where Richard Dalva nearly
murdered his entire family
and then committed suicide.
His reasons for doing this
unknown until tonight.
- [Raz] And, we're
doin' Shatner again.
- Just yards away
from the Dalva House,
the Ghost Seekers crew unearthed
something extraordinary,
and then we'll cut to the B
roll of the unmarked grave.
An unmarked grave that
has kept in secrets
since possibly the
night of the murders.
Following the ancient
Native American instructions
that are on the back
of this fur hide,
we're going to try
and attempt to communicate
with the spirits.
That have been
trapped in this house.
All right, let's
switch to infrared.
- [Raz] Okay.
- Don't try this at home, kids.
[Steve speaks in
foreign language]
And can I get a lighter?
[lighter clicks]
- Is the door between the
living and the dead opening?
- Yeah, it should be.
- [Jen] Now what?
- Now we just, we wait.
[ominous music]
[crickets chirping]
- Okay, so plan B, Steven?
- [sighs] Maybe
there's too many of us?
- Do spirits get stage fright?
[Steve sighs]
- Let's head upstairs,
Raz, stay down here, okay?
You're good?
- Yeah, no, just leave me here
with the scary-ass taped
off spiral thingy, yeah.
- Raz.
- Yeah, copy.
- How's it comin'?
- Good.
You know, just tryin'
to be good ghost bait.
[camera beeps]
Uh, you guys see that, right?
- We definitely saw it.
- You tryin' to
communicate with me?
- Or maybe his flashlight
just needs new batteries?
- Try provoking it?
- Is that all you can do, huh?
Come on!
It's a waste of your time,
gettin' hungry down here.
Um, definitely feeling
something down here.
There's an electrical
charge in the air,
definitely an electrical charge.
[transmission warbles]
- Raz.
Raz, can you come
into frame, buddy?
We can't see you.
[suspenseful music]
Talk to me Raz,
can you hear me?
You got somethin' down there?
- Maybe we should
go check on him.
- No, no, I got him, not yet.
- He's just messin'
with us, right?
[transmission warbles]
- What's happening?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait,
stop, hang on.
- Uh, he's not
messin' with us, guys.
There's definitely some
kind of interference here.
[device beeping]
- Raz?
- Where is he?
- Raz, we can't see you.
Cris, Cris.
- Raz, where are you?
- [Jen] Raz?
- Is there anything on there?
- Nothin' just static
like on the monitors.
- Where the hell did he go?
- Wait a second.
[door creaks]
[door thuds]
Okay, all right,
okay, very funny, ha ha ha.
We're back to plan B, right?
- I don't think this is plan B.
- Look, he's gotta
be here somewhere.
We go back, we check
all the monitors.
- Okay, all right,
fine, come on, let's go.
[suspenseful music]
[keys clicking]
[tripod clatters]
- Oh.
- Damn, Raz.
All right, let's go
get him, come on.
- Steven, something's wrong.
[device beeps]
[hinge squeaks]
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks]
- [Man] Jen.
- All right you asshole,
that wasn't funny.
[dramatic electronic music]
[transmission warbles]
[fist slams]
[ominous music]
[drawer thuds]
[Mason hums melodically]
- Not gonna get you in
this bullshit, Mason.
[dramatic haunting music]
Uh, hey guys, somethin' outside
just made me come
dangerously close
to crappin' my favorite pants.
- Is it Raz?
- I don't know, maybe,
but I don't have eyes
on Jen right now either.
- [sighs] Jesus
Christ, come on, guys.
- [Mason] I'll check
outside, bring 'em back in.
- Okay, copy that,
it's unbelievable.
- Steven, something's not
right, we're both feeling it.
- [groans] Come on.
[door squeaks]
- All right guys,
enough of this shit.
You're not back
here in 30 seconds,
I'm packin' up my van
and leavin' your asses.
[woman laughing]
Fuckin' millenials.
- We should've discussed it.
- What?
- The ritual.
You rushed everyone into this,
if anything happened to
them, this is on you.
- Okay, I'm sorry, I made
a team leader decision.
- A leader?
I'm your producer and your
partner, and when we--
- Listen it's my face
in front of the camera
tryin' to pull actual
spirits outta my ass, Cris.
- Okay fine, next
time you and your face
wanna screw with fire, you
can just do it by yourself.
- Fine.
[ominous music]
[phone ringing]
Do you feel that?
- Yeah, it's freezing.
[phone ringing]
You didn't say he was--
- Dead, yeah.
Okay here, take this.
Take it, got it?
- Yeah.
- It's recording,
that's good, yeah, okay.
[phone ringing]
Okay, I don't wanna rush this.
- Okay.
- [Man] Help.
- Who's this?
[child screams]
[Cris gasps]
[phone clatters]
- What the fuck?
What, what are you talking
about, there's nobody there.
- It's impossible, I
just heard somebody,
and he was asking for help.
- Guys.
Guys, you gotta get
over here right now,
you gotta see this.
Mase, do you copy?
[Mason yelling]
- Mason!
Mason, Mason?
- Shit.
- Mason, are you okay?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Mason, Steven, help me.
- Hey, come on, hey.
- What, what the
fuck, what is that?
- [Cris] Oh god.
- Is it, that's not real, right?
This is, hey, is he dead?
Mase, Mase, Mase, hey.
Is he dead, this
isn't real right?
- Mason, are you okay?
- This isn't real,
this isn't happening.
- Steven, help me.
- This isn't real.
Mase, Mase.
- Steven!
[weapon thuds]
[Steven groans]
[Jen hisses]
- What are you doing?
[suspenseful music]
- Jen.
- Hey Jen, go, go, go, go, go!
[door thuds]
[glass clatters]
[ominous tones]
- Jen?
[glass clattering]
[ominous music]
- [Steven] Come on,
let's go, let's go!
- Steven, where are my keys?
- Oh, shit.
[engine rumbles]
Come on, let's go!
- Steven, she's coming!
- What?
Holy shit.
Oh shit.
Lock your door, lock
your door, come on.
[fist pounds]
[fist pounds]
[head pounding]
[Jen thuds]
- Get in!
Move your asses!
Get in!
[suspenseful music]
[engine revs]
- [Steven] Shit.
- Who are you?
- We're paranormal
- Ghost hunters?
- Who are you?
- Fiona.
- Fiona, like the Fiona,
from the Dalva House?
- Okay, you were
breaking and entering,
what the hell did
you do back there?
- We didn't do anything.
- Yes we did, Steven.
- Okay, okay, okay, we were
investigating, and then--
- And then we found a box
buried next to a headstone.
- And you just said the
incantation because why not?
- So you knew about this?
Why didn't you destroy it?
- I tried, I tried to burn it,
but it just can't be
destroyed, so I buried it.
- Something happened to our
friends, our crew members--
- Okay, they're no longer
your crew, nor your friends.
- [Steven] Where are we going?
- To the only person who
might be able to undo
what your
investigation has done.
[engine hums]
[Steven groans]
I'm sorry, does that hurt?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Ah!
- So when's this only person
who can help us getting here?
- Told you, the house
belongs to no one.
You belong to it.
- This is my brother, Douglas,
the one who warned you.
The only one who can help us.
- Thank you.
- They found the
box, it's open again.
- What's--
- What box?
- Yeah, what did we open?
- It's the portal
to the darkness.
It possesses you and
then devours your soul.
- Okay, in our defense,
we were just doing
our jobs, all right?
We're not the only people
out there, you know,
chasing ghosts, all right?
- You didn't chase a ghost.
You chased a demon.
- Well who writes down
instructions to release a demon?
- My ancestors.
They made a pact with
Camazotz, the dark force,
to stop a genociding of our
tribes two centuries ago.
It was our protector, but now
it takes lives for itself.
- And that's what
happened to my father.
He reopened the
portal 42 years ago.
I had come home from a
sleepover early that night,
and when I got home, I
heard the first shot.
[gun fires]
I knew it was coming
from the cellar,
so I raced down the steps,
and when I got there,
I saw my father.
He was holding my sister
down with his foot
while he reloaded his shotgun.
He told me that he had to
do this to save our family.
[child screaming]
He snapped the barrel closed,
and I grabbed for
the butt of the gun.
He tried to pry my
fingers off the trigger.
And I shot him in
the face. [gun fires]
I ran over to my sister,
but he managed to
get off another shot,
and my sister passed
away in my arms.
Douglas's family,
they took me in.
- We never meant to harm anyone.
- Yeah, neither did my dad.
But unlike you geniuses,
he wasn't warned to
stay away beforehand.
- I must prepare now.
- I'm gonna go with you.
- It's not safe for
you, it remembers you.
- But you're gonna need my help.
- What about our friends?
- It's too late for them.
- What?
- No.
No no, there's gotta be a way.
- Yeah, I mean, can't we
just close the portal,
and they won't be
possessed anymore?
- It doesn't work that way.
- Well, how does it work?
- It's not gonna just stand by
and let us close the portal.
It's gonna do
everything to stop us.
And if your friends
are in the way,
we're just gonna
have to take them out
like I did my father.
- Cris, what if we
protect you from them
until you close it?
- Right.
- We'll only end up having
to take you out as well.
- It is their destiny, but
whatever may happen tonight,
it is their spiritual
journey as well.
- Go outside, meet
me at the car.
- Okay, so wait,
what's the plan?
- To not raise the body count.
[suspenseful music]
- [Cris] Do you have service?
- No.
- What are you doing?
- I'm deleting all
my photos and videos.
You should do the same thing.
- Why?
- All right, you frame
tight, I'll frame wide.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- Steven, the
investigation is over.
This show, it's over.
- What are you talking about?
This is just the beginning.
Nothing like this has ever
been documented before.
This is uncharted territory.
- What?
- Cris, come on.
You want this, too.
- Are you insane?
I wanted to do this so that
maybe we could talk to someone
on the other side, not all this.
People are dying, thanks to us.
- Hey, I know that, I know.
But they would've
died for nothing
if we don't finish this.
- This isn't about
getting back at some kids
who made fun of you
for seeing a ghost.
This is about saving Jen
and getting Raz back,
end of story.
- Yeah, well, I think it's
the end of the first season.
- What the fuck
is wrong with you?
- [groans] Okay.
[engine hums]
Shouldn't we wait till
daylight, you know?
When it's brighter?
- The longer we wait,
the less chance we have
of closing the portal
and saving your friends.
- Where did you
perform the ritual?
- Uh, in the cellar.
By the far wall, you know,
where the shotgun holes are.
- You must know, it's not only
that our lives are at stake,
but so are our souls.
[doors thud]
[ominous music]
- Where's Mason?
- His body's gone.
- Hey, don't believe
what you see.
Keep your guard up, they
know that we're here.
[ominous music]
[object tapping]
- Stay together, we're
stronger as a group.
[door thuds]
[dramatic music]
[REM Pod beeping]
- Hey, really?
He just said we're
stronger together.
[door creaks]
- One of your friends is near.
I feel him.
[suspenseful music]
We must act quickly.
[zipper zips]
[lighter clicks]
[Douglas chants in
foreign language]
[voices whisper]
- What's happening?
- Raz?
- Raz?
[object thudding]
- Holy shit.
Hey, Raz.
- Raz?
- Are you okay?
- Can you hear me?
- Hey, come here buddy.
- Hey, let's go.
Hey, look at me.
- Okay, let's go.
- Go grab a sheet.
- Okay.
What have I done?
- My god.
- Raz.
- It's okay.
- Oh god, what have I done?
Is he gonna be okay?
- We gotta get him outta here.
- Come on, let's go.
- Get him up.
- Come on, buddy.
We gotcha.
- It's gonna be okay.
[phone ringing]
[haunting music]
- Don't answer it.
- [Man] Help me!
- How the hell did
that get there?
- Same voice I heard earlier.
- [Man] Help!
Sweetie, help!
- Dad, it's, Dad?
- Help Daddy.
- Dad, is that you?
- [Man] Cris.
- Dad, can you hear me?
- Help me, Cris.
- What?
- [Man] Help me.
- It's not your father,
sweetie, it's the darkness.
- [Man] Help me.
- Turn it off.
- I can't turn it off!
[dramatic music]
- [Fiona] It's using
your mind against you.
- Steven!
[batteries clatter]
[Cris gasps]
Okay, I'm okay.
- Okay, let's get
him to the car.
- Come on, come on, let's go.
[ominous music]
- Mom?
- [Steven] Okay, go.
- Why didn't you save me?
- No.
- You let us die.
- I didn't, Mom.
[high-pitched warbling]
[Fiona screams]
- You let us die.
[Fiona gasps]
Now it's your turn.
[Fiona screaming]
- Why'd you shoot Daddy, angel?
[Fiona screaming]
- We can't leave
them alone in there.
- Close your mind to it.
[Fiona gasping]
- Douglas.
- They blocked it.
- Oh god, it's so strong now.
It's so strong.
- Let's finish this.
[tape zips]
[ominous music]
- Go!
- Ah!
- All right, come on, let's go.
Oh shit.
It's Jen.
- Jen, Jen?
- Leave this child now.
You do not belong here.
You're no longer
needed in this world.
[Jen hisses]
- Ah, it's okay, come on.
- Get her back.
[creature growls]
[Douglas chants in
foreign language]
- Douglas, it is not working.
- He won't leave until
we offer an exchange.
- An exchange for what?
- For returning your friend.
He demands another
life in his place.
- Well tell him there's
no fuckin' exchanges.
- Too late.
It's already marked its soul.
- No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, not her, not her.
- A soul for a soul.
- Tell this man to stop,
make it stop, Douglas.
This is my fault, alright? I
opened the portal, this is my
- It wants her for her faith.
And love is stronger than faith.
Love is stronger than faith.
- What, what?
- I love you, Cris.
I love you, too.
- Do something.
- Only you can save him.
You must release the
soul from the body.
- It's the only to save
him from the portal, Cris.
I had to do it with my father.
[somber music]
[Cris gasping]
- Okay.
I can't.
- I love you
- No, no!
[dramatic music]
[somber orchestral music]
[Cris sobbing]
- Oh, god. [sobbing]
[shovel thuds]
[ominous music]
[Mason grumbling]
- Hey, you guys seen a camera
crew anywhere around here,
and my hat?
Also, I think I might need
a little hydrogen
peroxide for this.
[gentle electronic music]
- Your father looks
like a kind man.
- He was.
- Mine was, too,
until that night.
I miss him.
I miss 'em all.
But they're out
there waiting for me.
So is your father.
- And Steven.
- Yeah.
Well why don't you seek
Seek seek and ye shall find
Knock knock
Knock knock and the
door shall be open
Just ask a favor
Ask a favor and
it shall be given
When the love comes
tricklin' down
[uptempo techno music]
- Okay guys, get your
asses in here, I found it.
Check it out, someone
found this footage
right after shit hit
the fan and uploaded it.
- The most proof we've ever
had on the Ghost Seekers crew.
- I hate found footage films.
- It's not a found footage film.
This shit actually happened.
- Wait, wait, wait,
is this that vid with
the demon ghost thing?
- Yes.
All right, see the
guy that's filming?
- Mm-hm.
- That's Raz,
that's the dude my friend knows.
He went totally nuts.
- Got 2 million hits.
- Yeah, the shit's blowin' up.
- Jesus.
- It's the only
legit haunted house.
- Does your buddy know
where this place is?
- Totally fake, guys.
- He knows the grandson
of the Indian guy
that helped save some
of these ghost seekers.
- Okay, [popcorn crunches]
we totally have
to hit this house.
- We need to hit
something quick,
or else Ghost Hunter Tricks
won't last our first season.
- Fine, I call shotgun.
[gun fires]
[midtempo instrumental music]
A farm in Cynthiana
Survivors make a
living selling lips
And entrails of the dead
They say of them
cooked up inside
Making dead
things come alive
To keep their families fed
And here's where
nightmares are born
Scream acres
With bodies lined
up on the floor
And gore galore
Welcome to our home
Where wicked things
run around the yard
Come through the door
'Cause here they're
free to roar
You need a bucket
of spare parts
You get it here where
nothing's as it seems
It's where the
monsters are made
And gore galore, we're
all living the dream
Scream acres
[gentle haunting music]
[uptempo electronic music]