Portland (1996) Movie Script

You gotta be cold.
Get that, Jakob?
What's up with your hair?
The foster home.
Hey, Lasse!
Janus, my man.
- Jakob, my kid brother.
- So you brought the family.
Welcome back, Janus.
Like her?
Good tits, tight cunt.
And she sucks like an animal.
We'll fix something up tomorrow.
Good to see you out again.
Fix what up?
- I owe them.
- Owe them?
From prison.
- Pills?
- I couldn't sleep.
- How much?
- 8O.
- 8O, OOO?
- Yes. 8O, OOO.
You load the gun, Johnny.
Hold my hair, then.
Yeah, yeah.
My kid brother.
Been up country.
Ejnar, come here...
Hallo, Ejnar...
Did they look after you?
Hey... how about some toast?
The cops smashed all your gear.
Not the guitar,
but they kicked your amp in.
They cut up the sofa...
They knocked
the TV and VCR over.
Will you mix?
Hold my hair, then.
Was it tough?
In prison.
- Was it tough in that foster home?
- Not really.
So why did you run away?
They ate my rabbit.
- I want my morning hit.
- Hold my hair, then.
- Yes?
- Why are you shouting?
Aren't you going
to ask me what I'm doing?
You're waiting for a train.
Hell, won't you even try
and talk me out of it?
Jakob, have you ever
seen Janus cry?
I like to know
the people I deal with.
In this area
there is still good potential.
We're only at 25 or 3O% % %,
so there's room for growth.
You can start with
your old customers, Janus.
Letting you pay by instalments
is pretty untraditional, Janus.
If you get me.
But we'll take the commercial risk
because we believe in you.
But I can always provide
advice and guidance.
You two are real close.
You OK?
Jakob... I'd better
handle this on my own.
Get me?
I want to be with you and Ejnar.
I haven't got
anything at the moment.
I'll get some as soon as I can.
Would you like some coffee?
I believe I've some cookies, too.
That'd be nice.
We're in a hurry.
Mrs. Eriksen,
you're going to be in great pain.
Tell your doctor.
Never say yes to their
fucking coffee and cookies.
It's only so they can
push the price up.
Poor old lady...
You really suck at this.
Hey, you know
you can count on me.
I worked there for 25 years.
I mixed all the concrete
this damned city's made of.
Why the hell
don't you two just get a job?
When I was your age
we clocked on at 5 a.m.
If we complained
the old man beat us up.
It did me good.
None of that emotional crap.
We worked till the blood flowed.
Got this for long service.
The price has dropped.
The risk factor's up.
And Kai... no more
selling on the street.
Up yours.
It's up to you, Kai.
Think about it
while you eat your cat food.
There's Temazepam.
There's whizz,
eggs, speed, codein.
Blues and reds.
Reds make you itch.
'Ludes is where it's at.
'Ludes keep you going.
You don't give a shit
about anything.
They sell great, too.
Anyone happy in this town
is on something.
You're too soft.
You just can't
let shit get you down.
Nobody out there will help you -
- if you go down.
And you will. Unless you're hard.
Not enough, Janus.
We've nowhere to live.
We need somewhere... better.
Just put it on the floor.
Eva... Come and say hallo
to Janus, the guy moving in.
She's a bit...
She's my half-sister,
so what the hell...
We'll add
your rent to the rest.
It's cold and we're far from home.
I miss my mum and dad...
So give me a ride, Mr Driver
Give me a ride.
You can sleep on the floor.
It's your room as much as mine.
This is great...
will you put the light out?
It's like
when we were little.
Good night little Jakob,
cute little kid...
Sounds like hell.
You sweet little guy...
From now on we'll stick together.
Us two against the rest, OK?
Why did you go
without saying anything?
Have you seen mum lately?
How clean you keep
the apartment, Mummy!
Yes, Mummy.
Now Janus is out, -
- we'll come and see you more.
The interest on what you owe...
...amounts to two
broken arms and a black eye.
Nothing personal.
Just business.
Let's get it over with, Carsten.
Lasse speaking.
Just a moment.
you've caught me at a bad time.
Janus... we saved an arm for you.
There's a first time
for all of us.
That's what you call
a hard day's work.
A shame they make us do it -
- and that it's the only way
to run a decent business.
We can't let
our feelings get in the way.
Mutual respect is the key.
And friendliness, Janus.
That gets you furthest.
Specially with old people.
Then they feel they're helping you.
And that's good for turnover.
Carsten has paid what he owed.
Yes, you only did what you had to.
Or I'd never have paid up.
Here's to you.
Get well soon
What's the story with Eva?
Getting to you, is she?
See you, Jakob.
Where are you going?
Look after Ejnar.
Tell me!
I'll go and see Kenneth and
Johnny. See you there, then?
See you at Eva's later?
A ticket...
Where to?
Which countries
do you do tickets to?
Sweden? Norway? Finland.
France. Poland. Germany.
Just to name a few.
- Germany sounds OK.
- Where in Germany?
What towns are there in Germany?
Frankfurt. Berlin. Essen.
That sounds good.
- When do you want to leave?
- Now.
How about getting
your own district?
Lost your mamma?
I love you.
No, Janus, not Eva.
Eva'll get the photo.
It'll make her happy.
We'll forget this little episode.
It's nothing personal.
But your rent is now double.
Who the hell did this?
Time to go to work.
Send an ambulance
to 12O Ligustervej.
You just don't get it.
If she dies, fine.
Then there's no turning back.
You don't see
what it takes to survive.
Do you?
I'll show you
what it takes.
How many times did mum visit you
while I was inside?
Once a month?
Or every two months?
Or didn't she come at all?
And what did you think?
"Mum's not too good,
and it IS an hour by bus".
"So anyone can see
why she didn't come".
But of course she phoned
her little boy, didn't she?
After all,
you did send her your number.
Did you wait
for her call every day?
Did you?
...See how little it takes.
I have to teach you
what's what.
I don't give a shit
for anyone else.
But I care about you.
But you're so sensitive
you could wear a dress.
Which one do you like best, Sugar?
What's going on?
What if a big fuck like him wanted
to beat the shit out of you?
Would you wait
and see what he did?
- Who are you calling a big fuck?
- See what I mean?
- Would you give him his chance?
- Couple of faggots.
Going to let him
get away with that?
What are you going to do about it?
You don't know?
You have no idea?
You have to be able to do that.
You mustn't feel a thing.
No sympathy for him.
Think of him as
a stupid lump of meat.
The kidneys are
a good place for a kick.
Remember, it's him or you.
Come on, show me.
Kick him.
Show me you can do it.
Come on, kick him!
He's getting up.
Kick him!
Come on, kick him! Now!
Harder! More intensely!
Kick him in the head,
the gut, the balls.
If he gets up,
you'll be in trouble.
Come on!
Come on, kick him!
Again! Come on!
That's right!
Now you can do it.
Janus! Janus, damn it!
...the White House Hotel.
Dress up, OK?
It's on me.
I've got good news.
I didn't have time to change.
I fell off my bike yesterday.
But I'm OK.
Don't let my time
in prison upset you, Mum.
That life is over.
You weren't to blame.
I chose it,
and now I've chosen to end it.
I've found a good job.
I won't tell you what it is yet,
it's a surprise.
My boss gave me an advance.
Maybe you and Jakob and me
can have dinner soon.
Then I can tell him.
And you can meet
my new girlfriend.
You'll really like her.
Everything's going
to be fine from now on.
Eat up!
Bitches have more fun...
I've lost my brother.
I don't think
I'll stay the night after all.
Thanks for coming out.
I'm Irene and she's Minna.
Too bad about your brother.
You look kind of cute,
for a car thief.
I'm sorry.
We can't go home
till it gets light.
If we started coming home early -
- we'd have to explain
why we ever got home late, see?
One night we even
had to sleep in the car.
Come to Mummy, Babe.
You've been so naughty...
Come to Mummy...
You need a good going over.
I expect he's in for a bit
of conversation therapy.
Oh dear.
That's all, folks!
It's getting light.
We'll drive you home first,
There he is.
I think I'd better
take him home by myself.
I want to be a police officer.
How does one join the force?
Police academy, right?
I'm good at keeping my cool.
In tense situations.
I've got my ID...
Don't forget your medicine.
He's a mess because
his dad just died. Suicide.
Kind of sudden.
But I suppose you see it
all the time... Come on home.
I hope they give you
bigger guns soon -
- so you can handle
the shit round here.
Will you mix?
Will you light it?
Hold my hair, then.
Can't you just
get your hair cut, Johnny.
You can stay with us instead.
I'll handle his district.
Get well soon, brother-in-law.
Do you never let up?
I've teamed up with
two welfare cases.
I've found a new job!
Cleaning at the White House Hotel.
Isn't it great?
If I'm lucky I might get to work
in reception or as a waitress.
Just think! A waitress
at the White House!
And I know you love me...
Whatever happens
Let it happen!
Eva and I have been talking.
Maybe mum could find us
a better place to live.
You could have a room there.
We'd be like a proper family.
Where's Lasse?
Gone to buy a Tux.
Two people who, thanks to me,
have come together...
You know I'll always be here
if you need advice and guidance.
To you two... who have found
one another thanks to me...
I'll always be here
for advice and guidance.
Three cheers for
the bride and groom!
Long live the bride and groom!
This is...
...a song for Eva.
My woman
I love you
I know you love me
Whatever happens
Let it happen
For I am yours
Even though we've often fought
And you have wept and suffered
Though things have been bad
Forget it now
For I am yours
I have hustled
I have played the fool
I have cheated on you
and been ashamed
I've stolen your love
Will we live together
To our days' end?
Oh, I hope so
I do...
So woman, come and dream with me
In the long night
While the stars twinkle