Portrait of a Lesbian (2009) Movie Script

Two hundred and forty days.
That's how long my publisher had
been waiting for my next novel.
I'd been given an unexpected celebrity status
early last year when my novel...
..."A Carnal Mind" won a myriad of
meaningless literary awards.
But wasn't in the mindset to enjoy it.
I'd struggled with the book, and its provocative
content had subverted my mind.
I found myself thinking more perversely now,
my new novel was about a woman who
had always been unresponsive to sex.
She had never fantasised,
she had never enjoyed it,
and all experiences of sexual relations
had left her feeling empty,
as a result she'd become sexually
and emotionally numb.
But strangely I was feeling more and more
like I was writing about myself.
I didn't want to be around Annabel
to finish this thing.
We'd got married the previous
summer in Amsterdam...
...and although we had an intensely
sexual relationship...
...I didn't want her to be with me...
...as I delved into the deviant
recesses of my mind.
Santa Lucia was a 300 km drive from the city.
My ex-girlfriend owned a cabin there...
...and I knew I'd have peace and quiet
to finish my work.
Kyla was lying on the bed, talking
to her friend Rachel on the phone...
...she was confiding in the woman,
perhaps more than she should've been.
- It's a much bigger problem
than I thought...
- ...I don't know what to do about it.
- Whenever a guy gets
sexually intimate I just freeze.
- I don't know how to relax.
- You can't be serious!
- Do you think I'm frigid?
- You're not sixteen anymore!
You need to put out...
- No, it's not that simple...
- ... and it's not that I don't want it.
- I do. I play with myself sometimes, I just...
I don't know, I can't let a guy do it to me.
- Ahh, I don't know! And I'm thinking about
sex all the time, I'm so frustrated!
- Listen, why don't I come around
tomorrow and we can talk about all this.
- Okay, cool, I'll see you here.
But make it very early afternoon.
- I have a student at 4 o' clock.
Another brat needs to learn arithmetic.
- We'll be finished by then baby,
don't worry.
- Cool. Bye bye!
the next day...
- Coffee?
- You got anything stronger?
- Stronger?
- That's a good idea.
- So how's the teaching?
- Good, but some of the girls are spoiled.
It's stressing me out.
- Yeah, I went to see a doctor...
...they gave me these pills for stress,
anxiety, they help me relax.
- Here's to stress!
- Cheers!
- Well, here's to your health!
- Are you sure it's okay
to take these with vodka?
- Why not?
- It can't be good for you!
- It's fine. They'll work better. The doctor
said to keep doing things that relax me.
- Ah! So they prescribed vodka?
- Last time I mixed pills and booze
I almost passed out!
- You should be careful!
- Whatever.
- Good stuff, huh?
- Yeah, it loosens you up!
- That's what I was telling you,
a few drinks and you'll want...
- ...any guy to wriggle around
and cum on you!
- Isn't that what you want?
- No, me! I want to come.
- Oh, that's easy.
- Is it?
- You play with yourself yeah?
- I do. But I'd rather someone else do it.
I just want a hard fuck!
- I feel like a horny teenager.
As she began telling her story, a warm
blanket of sleep closed in.
Kyla felt it consume her,
so she emraced it.
Rachel's voice was soft and comforting...
...no longer did she feel
the intoxication of pills and booze...
...something new was running
through her veins.
- What?
- Have you even listened to
a word I've told you?
- A single word?
- Which words?
- What did I say?
- You said... that my pussy is so...
delicious...like ice cream.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Rise and shine baby.
Time for your orgasm.
- What...are you talking about?
- Your pussy was oozing when
I was eating it...
- ...I'm going to give you that fucking
you've been waiting for.
- Have you gone crazy?
- You've so ready.
- I am?
- I'm not sure this is a good idea.
- Come on, why are you doing this?
- This...
- This is weird...
- This is what you want isn't it?
- You want me to be your lover.
- I...but...no, I...
- Mmm. Your boobs are warm.
- I love your body! Do you know...
- ...this is my fantasy.
- Stop teasing me.
- Please be gentle.
- You can trust me.
- I trust you, just go slow.
- Don't stop.
- Make me come.
- I can feel it happening. I'm going to come.
- There you go...
- ...that wasn't so hard.
- Do you want me to untie you?
- No, I want you to do it again.
- No, not now. I'm going to leave you here.
- You smell so nice and freshly fucked.
- I'll untie your arms but you
have to stay on the bed.
- Okay.
- Right.
- You want me.
- No baby. You stay there.
- There's a good girl.
- I'll be back soon.
- You're not really going are you?
- But I want more. Please.
- No, you have to wait.
- Give me more.
- Wait.
- Save that body for me.
- So, goodbye! I have the key.
- I'll keep hold of this!
See you tomorrow.
- I'm still trembling.
- I've never come like that before.
Rachel had awoken a dormant desire,
leaving Kyla aching...
Kyla had been there all night...
...the bed, still soaked in her sex sweat.
Touching herself constantly, all she could think
about was Rachel's return and further pleasures.
- God, I'm so horny.
- I've been waiting so long!
- I can't believe you left me chained here.
- Look at you, you're all wet.
- You've been playing all night?
- Let's unlock this.
- Are you staying for a while?
- I thought you wanted to be fucked.
- I've been fucking myself all night.
- I want to taste a pussy,
I've never tasted a pussy before.
- Help yourself.
- Will you shoe me it?
- You have to make it wet first.
- Are you ready to taste?
- I can't wait anymore.
- Look, my pussy is ready.
- So am I.
- So taste it.
- That was the first time I ever tasted a pussy.
- Are you enjoying this?
- I feel so confident, so alive.
- Can you eat my pussy?
- You're desperate?
- Don't stop
- I'm close.
- You sprayed a little.
- I've never felt anything like that!
- You feel like a woman now?
- So make me feel like one.
- I'll make you come?
- I feel young again.
- You've got me all excited.
- You can taste all my juices now.
- Come and kiss me now.
Kyla and Rachel met
regularly over the next weeks,
their sex becoming more passionate, stronger
and experimental.
Rachel began teaching and dominating Kyla on
each occasion...
...and although her life continued as normal,
Kyla would never be the same person again.
Kyla had been tutoring a young girl
by the name of Lola for several weeks.
Lola had recently turned 18
and had become fond of Kyla.
Kyla even suspected that sometimes
the youngster seemed to be flirting with her.
Kyla enjoyed Lola's visits; she was
very pretty, smart...
...and always smelled so fresh.
Kyla's suspicions were true, Lola
had indeed been trying to flirt with her.
Since catching her mother
with another woman several years ago...
...the youngster was desperate
to have a lesbian experience.
She felt comfortable around her teacher,
but her innocent crush...
...needed to be expressed more overtly.
- Can I be excused for a minute?
- Sure, the bathroom is upstairs
on the left.
She excuses herself to go to the bathroom,
but has another agenda.
She wanted to see Kyla's bedroom.
Inside the bedroom, she felt a confidence
wash over her.
She could smell Kyla on everything
and the aromas were intoxicating,
they filled the young girl with a deep
craving to be touched and to be loved.
A desire not just to kiss her, to make love,
but almost to be her.
She wanted their hot bodies against one another,
her juices to mix with Kyla...
...and to swallow and drink them deeply.
- Oh my God!
- Please take me Kyla.
Kyla wanted to resist, Lola was a student
and this was her work.
Until last week, Kyla would have been shocked
and embarrassed at what was happening.
But that was then.
Now the only thing Kyla felt
as this young virgin offered herself,
was her pussy tingling with anticipation.
- Come on top. Don't be shy.
Lola climbed slowly on top,
her belly tingling with excitement.
She was about to give her innocence away
to this woman, and she felt
a rush of adrenaline as her heart beat faster.
- Undress me.
- That was good.
- You're a fast learner.
- I can taste myself.
Kyla kissed Lola with passion, she loved that
the young girl could taste herself on her mouth.
It had been beautiful and there was no
doubt that Lola would ever be able to forget it.
She stayed the afternoon at Kyla's house, and
even when Kyla had to leave for a couple of hours,
Lola begged to stay.
Lola wanted to submit herself completely to the
woman, and convinced Kyla that it was safe...
even for her to stay the night.
- Hi! My name's Zara, I live next door.
- Hello. I'm Jo, I'm a friend of Judit's.
- Is Judit not here?
- No. No, I'm alone.
- I think I've seen you here before,
a couple of years ago.
- Didn't you stay here together?
- Yeah, that's right. We used to stay
here every summer.
- It's changed a lot though.
I haven't been here in years!
- You don't remember me?
- Ummm, I'm not sure...
- I used to live here with my mother,
maybe you remember her?
- But I was quite young.
- Now I remember!
Yeah, I remember you!
- You've really grown up!
- So what are you doing here?
- I came to finish my book.
- You're a writer?
- Yeah.
- What's the book about?
- A lot of things.
It's an erotic novel actually.
- Yeah?
- About sex?
- Kind of.
- Well I just wanted to say "Hi".
- Sure.
- If you get writer's block, come by
the house. We can hang out maybe.
- I'm alone too.
- Everyone's gone to the city for
the weekend...so I'm pretty bored.
- Okay I might do that.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye Zara.
- Hi! How did you get inside?
- Was I that obvious?
- That's not the first time is it?
- I fool around with my friend.
- Let me get inside those shorts.
- Help yourself.
- Is this how you imagined it?
- I used to fantasize about you.
- What happened next?
- You're warm.
- I want to taste you.
- Are you ok?
- I'm great.
- I should go.
- Don't
- I need to get back to my work.
- Did I give you some new ideas?
- Yeah, I'll read it to you some day.
Kyla had left Lola alone in the house
for a few hours.
She thought it wouldn't be a problem and besides,
the youngster tasted so fresh and sweet...
...she wasn't even close to being finished with her.
She'd planned to devour the girl long into the night,
to bury her tongue deep inside the warm...
...confindes of the eighteen year old's gooey pussy.
Lola was waiting patiently in Kyla's bedroom
when Rachel let herself in.
Neither expected company, Rachel instead,
deciding to surprise her lover.
Now she was the one to be surprised.
- Hello. What do we have here?
- What's your name?
- Lola.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
- And why are you in my girlfriend's bedroom
in your panties?
- I don't know.
- You're in your panties but you don't know why?
- You're a pretty girl.
- Such a tiny little thing.
- And so young.
- You smell like you've been freshly fucked.
- Like you've been fucked today.
- Have you been fucked today?
- You're lovely.
- You taste like pussy.
- Let me see what's underneath.
- Okay.
- You won't be needing this.
- Or the rest.
- You're a good girl, I can tell.
But you're mine now ok?
- Ok...I guess.
- Did she rip it off?
- I wasn't wearing it.
- It's so tempting.
- You can look, but you can't touch.
- Turn over and show me that little arse.
- Do you want to taste my pussy?
- Seeing as you already tasted my girlfriend's.
- It seems only fair.
- Lay back, relax.
- I'm going to sit on your face,
you'll enjoy this.
- Swallow my juice.
- Drink it down.