Portrait of Madame Yuki (1950) Movie Script

Portrait of Madame Yuki
Shintoho Company
Takimura Productions
Produced by
Kazuo Takimura
From the novel by
Seiichi Funabashi
Yoshikata Yoda
Kazuo Funabashi
Joli Ohara
Art director: Hiroshi Mizutani
Music: Fumio Hayasaka
Ken Uehara
Michiyo Kogure
Yuriko Hamada
Yoshiko Kuga
Eijiro Yanagi
So Yamamura
Shizue NatsukaWa
Kumeko Urabe
Directed by
Kenji Mizoguchi
Ata mi!
Ata mi!
You must be tired from
the train.
this is Seitaro.
He helps us at the house.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm going ahead of you.
I accepted your offer despite
my inexperience.
Madame Yuki is very happy.
What's wrong?
I'm just worried
just thinking about
meeting her.
In fact, she's away.
The day before yesterday there
was a call from Tokyo.
Her father had an attack.
He's very old.
Go take a bath.
It'll make you feel better.
Seiichi, show her where it is.
Come this way.
Thank you very much.
It's beautiful.
There's nothing like it
in the country.
Take your bath.
The water's nice and hot.
Does Mme Yuki bathe here too?
Do you like Mme Yuki?
I'd like to serve her.
She's very nice.
Finally I'm near her.
Such a thing was never
permitted formerly.
Her father was the Viscount of
Shina no, chief of our region.
Her name suggests she was
born from the snow of the
Shinano mountains.
How beautiful she is.
When I was in school,
she got married.
All women are destined to
But I was sad
when I heard she was getting
That was the first time
I saw her.
O how beautiful!
O her face!
This is madame's bedroom.
It smells good.
That's her incense.
Is has the same smell.
Even deprived of her title
of nobility,
she must be happy to
live here.
You're mistaken.
She's not happy?
Her husband keeps a Woman
in Kyoto.
A cabaret singer.
He's debauched.
He doesn't come home?
Yes, from time to time.
One night or two.
Don't say I told you.
The truth is
she's in love with someone.
I was looking for you...
You have to go to Tokyo.
Her father died this morning.
Sorry, but you have to go right
away for the mourning clothes.
Where do I go?
You're not going alone.
You'll find Professor Kikunaka
at his lake-shore hotel.
I'll forewarn him.
You'll go with him to Tokyo.
He's the man I was
telling you about.
Is that you, Hamako?
I'm Kikunaka.
Let's go.
You're just coming from
Shina no.
I often went to Mme Yuki's
house with her husband.
So you knew the Yukis?
I used to work for them.
When she was a child,
I took her to school, horse
riding, tennis.
I was in her service.
I thought...
That you were an actor.
Me, an actor?
This is the first time anyone
took me for an actor.
What do you do in life?
I teach koto.
My father was a virtuoso
koto player.
Contrary to my father,
I try to introduce western
And your wife?
I'm not married.
So in that hotel...
I'm alone.
After my courses in Tokyo,
I go to the hotel.
I don't like life in Tokyo.
Take good care of
Mme Yuki.
She's unhappy.
Go that way.
How can you dare decide
without consulting the heir?
According to the will...
I'm the heir.
And you're the mistresses
of my father-in-law.
Don't talk so loud.
What does Yuki say about it?
It's for her to decide.
What's going on?
It's about...
the inheritance.
You know about it.
He was suckered in
by con-artists.
He invested in cosmetics
and hotels.
Nothing worked.
His house, his land,
everything was mortgaged
and seized.
This land, his stocks,
his property,
it all went for taxes.
What's left to him is this house,
the house in Atami,
and a few antiques.
He wants to handle the
liquidation all by himself.
Since he got here,
he's screamed at everyone.
Yuki, hurry up.
don't meddle in our
You're the sole heir.
You must not listen to
the others.
You may go.
I ignore them all.
That's not possible.
You're plotting something.
You want me to fall.
You want to use this occasion
to break
the feudal bond that unites us.
Separate from me if you can.
Can you?
Shame on you.
Your father's just died.
You'll beg me not
to leave you.
I know you well.
My sincere condolences
for your father's decease.
Thank you.
Hamako, Madame's calling
for you.
In the pavilion.
Excuse me.
I'm Hamako.
You arrived this morning?
You must be tired.
I've brought you
your clothes.
Thank you.
Have a glass.
Come on.
Obey as the Master says.
No, not this evening.
Is this what democracy is?
Everyone behaves as they like!
You do that very well.
You think so?
Where did you learn how?
When I worked at the station,
I took a massage course.
What's become of the house
I was born in?
Government offices.
You're already in bed?
Pardon, I felt tired.
Hama, put away the futons.
No, leave them as
they are.
I'm going to lie down too.
This is the new maid from the
house in Atami.
My name is Hama.
Okay. Bring me a glass
of water.
No, stop!
This is not a day like others.
In front of the dead...
I'm your husband.
There's no reason to be
Excuse me. It's your water.
Come in.
Bring it here.
Fold Madame's kimono.
Do it here.
She really has to take notice.
Otherwise it's awkward
for us.
Her husband is so
To dare to do that...
in front of a young girl.
I can't understand Madame's
She lets her husband treat her
like a pleasure girl.
There are limits to submission.
You again!
You shouldn't hide and listen.
Go away.
I've made you wait.
Good morning.
Sorry to have made you come.
What's worrying you?
What can I do?
About the inheritance...
Nothing remains to my
husband and me,
except this house.
The Shinano family is ruined.
I see.
this house into an inn.
An inn?
You'll be the boss.
Would I be capable?
Of course.
An elegant inn.
For a distinguished clientele.
I'll come live here,
and give you a hand.
That will distract you.
You've had lots of guests
It'll be the same thing.
That would interest me.
What will my husband think?
It's so you can stand up
against him.
You have to be able to make
money, to be independent.
You're suffering.
Your marriage was a mistake.
A marriage without feeling.
I know that in that era,
one couldn't do otherwise.
The night of the wake,
What happened between
Madame and her husband?
Don't ask me that kind
of question.
I don't know anything.
You're lying.
What are the professor and
Madame talking about?
I've no idea.
Strange is the love between
a man and a woman.
My husband will never accept
our divorce.
Why not insist,
if you really want it?
I'm not capable of doing that.
I know I shouldn't be like that.
Despite my feelings,
my body accepts, against me,
my husband's love.
A demon lives in the
female body.
Each time I see him,
the demon dominates me.
My husband knows it
very well.
I hate him.
Or rather,
I hate my inner weakness.
Why was I born a woman?
You have to be more
You have to be firm.
What news!
An inn's opening here.
An inn?
Yes, so that Madame will be
ready to leave her husband.
You've been listening in again
on them.
Utsubo Inn
5 beers.
2 packs of cigarettes.
You recommended them.
We expected clients more
Sorry. They're executives
in a big company.
All they talk about are geishas
and hostesses they visit.
Such talk!
What's wrong?
They're disgusting!
3 sakes.
They're so dirty!
It's no fun keeping an inn.
I was against it.
Look, Hama.
Shall I help you?
Don't bother.
the vase has disappeared.
It's true.
Hama, go catch them.
They'll be at the station.
Let it go.
But Madame...
We'll pay attention
in the future.
I'll ask Masaya to
reimburse us.
A telegram.
My husband's coming back.
He'll have friends with him.
On the last train?
There's not much time left.
Madame, what news.
He's with the lady from Kyoto.
In fact,
it makes a beautiful inn.
Where is Yuki?
One can see it was the Shinano
family villa.
I'll bring you here when
you want.
Where's Yuki?
She's here.
In the pavilion?
There is for the customers.
Where's her room?
The old living room in back.
She's content with little.
I'm tired.
The Kokin room.
What a refined name.
Yuki has good taste.
She loves classical literature.
The bath is ready.
Are you taking one?
No, you first.
Let's go, Aya ko?
It's nice here.
Prepare us something
good to eat.
And whisky and beer.
He goes too far,
bringing his mistress here.
It's really too much.
Poor woman!
This will end badly.
Madame won't stay silent.
They'll be a fight.
She's not bad,
this woman from Kyoto.
You talk too much.
I have a desire to keep
an inn like this.
You desire lots of things.
The other day you wanted to
be an actress.
It's nice here.
I like it.
Let me take charge of it.
But it's Yuki's house.
That must be hard for
your wife.
A daughter of nobles is not
made for business.
She won't be able
to go on.
Whereas I will do it best.
I'll find good customers.
You'll be my advisor.
Ayako has business sense.
It's a good idea.
Why doesn't Yuki come?
What's going on?
She has a migraine.
She asks pardon.
Is she in bed?
Let her alone, if she
doesn't want to come.
Tell me.
Where is she?
In the pavilion.
You're here.
You're not sick.
Why's he here?
He's one of our clients.
You don't greet your husband's
friends because of a migraine.
Say hello.
What are you doing?
Madame, come here,
It's me, Ayako.
Enchanted to meet you. I
Thanks for your hospitality.
My name's Tatsuoka.
Pleased to me you.
I serve you.
Not you.
Are you drinking, Madame?
We'll have a very good time.
You'll stay with us.
Quick. Empty your glass.
Don't be embarrassed.
I know everything.
Let's drink.
One would say two sisters.
That's true.
Tonight everyone will sleep
Good idea!
Isn't it, Madame?
tonight you'll sleep in
my room.
To confront this encounter,
I was very tense.
Fatigue overcame me.
You have to go sleep.
You should take care of your
wife. She's so beautiful.
Good night.
You're awake at this hour.
You too, What are you doing?
Madame disappeared.
She's in Master's room.
I went out to close the gate,
and I saw her going into
Master's room.
I feared murder.
I went to watch at the door.
I heard Madame's voice
"Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!"
She's badly treated,
but she begs her husband.
Still, despite all that's
she's very in love with
her husband.
Good bye, Madame.
Good morning.
Your husband's left?
Did you speak to him?
About what?
About what we talked a bout
What did your husband say?
I am defeated.
I'm going to Tokyo today.
When will you be back?
I don't know at the moment.
You're leaving right away?
I have to stop at the lake hotel
to get some things.
I'll come with you.
I'd like to admire the lake.
What can I do?
I need help.
That's what I'm here for.
Not you. Someone who'll free
me from my husband.
That's not a solution.
You'll suffer just as much.
You mustn't count on others to
Only will power counts:
Do you understand me?
I know...
I know. But...
Be courageous.
I'd like to die here
all alone.
Don't be silly.
I'll go to Kyoto.
You'll congratulate me when
I come back.
That's enough.
We're wasting our time.
You'll end up asking me
not to leave you.
There's no use continuing.
I'm decided this time.
Give me my release.
Don't be stupid. Let's drink.
That's enough.
You don't come often
to Kyoto.
Come in.
Yuki, the belles are here.
Come here.
Have a glass.
I've just had a phone call.
Madame Yuki's had an accident
in Kyoto.
You have to go there.
It wasn't an accident.
She took too many
sleeping pills.
How is she?
Getting better.
The doctor left.
What an event!
Is her husband here?
He went with the doctor.
When she arrived,
things didn't go well.
They fought.
Then it calmed down.
I thought it'd be okay.
What a time!
Madame Yuki.
Why did I wake up?
I wanted to go on sleeping.
That'd be fine for you.
But what'd become of your
entourage who count on you?
It's your fault.
You got me into this state.
Some joke!
It's cowardly to blame me.
Am I a coward?
Don't say something so sad.
I've suffered so much.
You think only of fleeing.
You don't want to struggle.
If I were strong,
I wouldn't suffer so much.
How can I get rid of the evil
living in my body?
Don't think like that.
You're human.
Have faith in yourself.
What should I do?
You have to be strong.
I can't.
It's true.
Believe me.
I can't behave differently.
I wanted to suppress my body.
You're the weak one.
You order me to do
what I can't do.
And you...
I don't have confidence in you
Consider that I no longer exist.
Go back to Kyoto.
But I can't anymore.
I've too many debts there.
I want to entrust Ayako with
the direction of this inn.
You'll agree.
I say nothing.
Don't come near me.
Me, I love you, as always.
Me, I hate you.
You're a beast.
Then you're a demon.
A demon of the snow
I suffer not knowing how to
possess you.
You're entranced
When I see you.
You're satisfied.
Then I think you're mine.
To the contrary, you're already
elsewhere with your smile.
At the bottom of your heart,
you mock me.
If only I were that strong!
God has foreseen everything.
A woman like you will be
I'll teach you again
how guilty you are.
Don't touch me.
Don't come near me.
Is this woman from Kyoto
going to run the inn?
That's not acceptable!
Nothing we can do about it.
He's trampling on all of us.
He takes all the money.
What will become of Madame?
She'll leave the house.
I don't accept that.
It's Madame who got us
into this situation.
Ask Master.
What are you doing?
Who's there?
I'll kill you.
Don't let him escape.
That's enough.
Go back to your rooms.
Go to bed.
You were involved with
that kid.
You wanted to kill me.
Some woman!
Who's the father?
Masaya or that kid?
What are you talking about?!
Don't play innocent.
The doctor told me
you're pregnant.
You wanted to kill yourself.
I'm pregnant?!
The doctor said that?
You didn't know?
I didn't know.
Who is it?
Say his name.
Who could it be but you?
That's the truth. I don't lie.
I can't believe it.
Think what you want.
She's not talking.
Is it my child?
You're always like this.
There's no proof.
As long as she doesn't confess,
I can't get rid of her.
Tomorrow I'm going for Ayako.
You will convince Yuki about
the direction of the inn.
I understand.
Have you agreed to the Kyoto
woman taking over the inn?
There's nothing to do.
Nothing to do?
There are limits.
I'm at my wit's end.
I've no strength left to resist.
Ask the Professor for advice.
Do it.
I can't see him anymore.
Why not?
I'm ashamed.
Is a woman destined to carry
such a sin?
How can I say I'm pregnant by
this man I detest!
Don't make fun of me.
I'm expecting a child.
You're pregnant?
Can you leave for a few
I understand you.
tell me the truth.
Tell me what you want to do.
I understand your situation
very well.
Your husband's attitude
toward you...
is unsupportable for us all.
By the way,
I think his name is Masaya.
Don't speak of him.
He doesn't know any of this.
He'll be annoyed.
Don't you fell discomforted?
be courageous.
No one will reproach you
if you leave with your lover.
I don't want to see him.
I'd rather die than see him.
Master doesn't want to believe
that Madame says.
Help her.
You're the only one
Who can save here.
She's waiting for your help.
Now that she's pregnant,
she must go back to her
You're lying.
You're betraying your own
Madame will be disappointed
by your words.
One can find a solution
for the child.
Why are you meddling?
We handle our own affairs.
Let us alone.
Madame shouldn't worry.
I give you back your husband.
You'll both be maintained.
You too, understand?
From now on, I'm the boss.
If you're not happy,
you can just leave.
I have been in service
a long time.
I refuse to obey you.
I do not know you.
What did you say?
Say it again.
I'll repeat it.
The Professor is here.
He wants to see Master,
Where is he? The pavilion?
your lover's here.
Love your wife.
Really love her.
Make her happy.
That's all I ask of you.
I refuse to talk with a
drunken man.
Come back when you're sober.
I didn't dare
come see you without the help
of alcohol.
What I'm asking
comes from my heart in
all frankness.
Get out of here.
Don't see my wife again.
take him home.
In such a state, it's impossible.
So let him sleep here.
Come on, you're going to bed.
Master's waiting for you.
Go to him.
You're man and wife,
It's you!
So that's it.
So then you a re...
It's not true.
It's not true.
Don't take Yuki away from me.
I beg you.
I'll leave direction of the inn
With my wife.
You'll go back to Kyoto.
Don't joke.
As you know,
the house is registered
in my name.
Be reasonable.
The house is mine.
But we'll take care of you,
you and your wife.
You should be happy.
You're fucking me over,
after all I've done for you.
Don't be violent.
Calm down.
I should explain
my relations with her
and ask your consent.
In any case,
the house is in Ayako's name.
That is, it's practically mine.
I took the trouble to
satisfy your demands.
It's normal that I receive
this house.
He's right.
So I'm taking it.
Let's verify the account books.
You're quite early.
I wanted to see the lake
at dawn.
The Professor's not with you?
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll bring you a cup of tea.
Yes, this is the Utsubo Inn.
Madame has...
She threw herself into the lake.
Madame Yuki,
woman without courage.
Without courage.
Without courage.