Portraits from a Fire (2021) Movie Script

Where are we going?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Now you can look.
- Its for you.
Its for the baby.
Thank you.
First Space-tions,
scene nine, take four.
Frick, Roger.
Were already
chasing light here!
Come on,
I know youve got
performance anxiety,
but youre gonna be okay.
And... action!
Report! Report!
Talk to me.
Whats happening?
Id guess
an anti-gravity charge
from the boarding unit, sir.
15 colonial ships, sir!
Theyre just holding position
outside the kill zone.
the firing control
for the main cannon,
its hit, its offline.
Form our defense perimeter.
Something isnt right.
The fleets only
supposed to have a few ships.
This one has over...
This one has over 50!
This is Admiral Klattsassin.
The prime minister,
hes gone too far this time.
Negative, Admiral.
Stand down.
We have to get the tsungin
off that ship, sir.
I cant live without it!
Captain, what should we do?
Its time. We need him.
We need Tyler.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks, Sharon.
Beautiful lady.
You too, Rog.
Youre handsome.
Uh, I dont know
what you look like, so, uh...
Yeah, youre handsome, anyways.
Hiya, Matty.
Thanks for lending me
your toaster
for my latest film.
Its, uh... its got,
its got everything.
Its got a mix between tragedy,
drama, horror,
comedy, and stuff like that,
and, uh, its in space!
So thanks.
Hey, guys, come to
my newest and latest film.
Its called
"First Space-tions."
Yeah, weve got aliens,
theres stuff thats cool.
I play this one character,
I go--
Kill lots of aliens,
and yeah, see you then.
Hiya, Beggy.
This gave the film
exactly what it needed.
What is it?
What is this?
What is this?
Heya, Haya.
I want to thank you
for your contribution
to the film.
This isnt mine.
It isnt?
Wheres my toaster?
Oh, thats a good question.
Um, well, of course, we...
of course,
weve planned for Sundance,
and we had a lengthy
with the jury of Cannes,
and, well, it felt right.
It felt right
to premiere my latest work
right here in the rez,
and I think theyll like it.
Theyll like it,
and theyll be proud,
and theyll see
something that I created,
and maybe theyll be happy,
Ill be happy,
well all be happy, and...
hell finally know
that Im here.
Hey, Dad.
Oh, youre going to work
in the woods?
When are you back?
Cant say.
Well, I finished
another movie,
and, uh...
me and, uh,
Sammy helped me organize
another screening for it.
I cant make it.
Ill be working then.
Well, if you came,
youd get a VIP pass.
Make sure you go stay with Etsu.
She needs help fishing.
Ill come pick you up
when I get back.
And here we have
the beautiful bird.
Dont know what the hell
theyre called,
but were gonna eat one.
The hunter lays its trap
for its prey...
...and as you can see,
the predator has failed,
and he will starve
for the winter and die.
This is
my movie-screening place.
Its not much, but its great.
Has what you need.
This is a...
this is a place
where magic happens.
Sammy! Etsu!
Hey, Tyler,
are you excited or what?
Im actually
kind of nervous, Sammy.
- Theres nothing
to be nervous about.
When is this thing
going to start?
All right, everybody,
settle down.
Were showing the film.
Everybody try
Isobels nuwish.
The bestest Indian ice cream
this side of Chilcotin.
Its Isobels ice cream.
Oh, bingo at John Louies
and if anybody wanna bingo,
you can leave now.
Get outta here!
Get out!
I want to introduce
a young man,
Tyler, Tyler,
Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.
Uh, hi.
Id like to show you
a movie that I made,
and, uh, I hope you like it.
Run the film.
Report! Report!
Talk to me.
Whats happening?
I guess there was a boar...
one of the boarding units, sir!
The fire control
for the main cannon, its hit!
Its offline.
Captain, what should we do?
Its time. We need him.
We need Tyler.
Uh, secheenalyagh for coming.
Uh, Id like to answer
your questions now.
Uh... anybody?
First Space-tions II...
coming to a rez near you.
I shouldnt have scheduled it
the same night as bingo night.
I liked it.
Secheenalyagh, Etsu.
Okay, Im going to go do
some thinking now.
Oh! Shi--
Hey, you there in the back.
Well, good question,
good question.
Well, first of all,
Id like to thank everybody
for their kind comments
about the film,
and to answer your question,
yes, it was truly an accident.
In the industry,
we call that a happy accident.
Only if that happened
in real life, am I right?
Yes, could we get a mic there,
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Well, good observation.
Youre right.
It was a symbol
of her relationship to him,
and, uh, yeah, good catch.
Wheres Smitty?
Oh, hes not here.
Hes taking time off.
Sherry had her kid.
I knew that.
Yeah, Ill talk to you
in a bit.
All right, you betcha.
It wasnt your fault.
What are you doing
sitting around?
I said, what are you doing
sitting around?
Im just thinking, Sammy.
- I think youre wasting
your time.
I think I found
Deweys old gun.
I said,
I found Deweys old gun--
Put the gun right up here.
Right on the shoulder,
and straighten this one up
like that,
and look through this scope
like winking at a woman, okay?
One eye shut.
You see my gun?
Put the X right at em.
Thats how you shoot
a white man.
Whats the next
blockduster film...
I dont know.
I dont think anybody
wants to watch em.
I saw a guy
pissing in the back, Sammy.
Probably a dog.
- Theres like another reason
why they go there.
Its like...
they feel sorry for me.
I dont know, I could be crazy.
It keeps you busy.
Its better than
what keep me busy.
True dat, Sammy.
True dat.
Plus, keeping busys
the smart thing to do.
Keep you from
thinking too much.
Thanks for
letting me drive, Sammy!
Any time.
Did I forget my camera?
My camera.
My camera!
Oh, the camera!
Oh, Tyler...
Are you going to make Western?
If youre going to do it,
I want to star in it.
Because you know what?
I want to shoot a white man.
Ill think about it.
Looks like theyre making
some gravitational force machine
over there.
That trampolines a beast!
Oh, that might be
a new movie prop.
I could use it for, like...
I could use it
as a gravitational device,
so, like, when a guy
jumps on top of it,
he goes to another part
of the spaceship.
Whoa, yeah.
Yay. Done.
Found something.
Yeah, its...
I found this in Dads drawer.
Why would he have this?
Itd be so cool
if he was into making movies.
Thatd be beast, but...
I saw some kids with their dads
and moms the other day,
and, well...
it kind of...
kind of made me think
if I had a dad and mom
whod look after me
like that, well...
I guess sometimes...
sometimes I think...
I think its my fault.
What is that?
What are you doing here?
This is my... this is my spot.
Huh, thats funny.
This happens to be
my favourite spot too.
Well, Ive been here for years.
Ive never seen you up here.
Whatcha filming?
Personal interview.
"Personal interview"?
Do anything else?
I make movies.
I just finished this movie
called "First Space-tions."
Its from
a new video game I like,
but from a sequel,
and, uh, well,
its not exactly like it,
but, uh, because
I dont have the rights,
and I dont want to be sued.
Thats pretty beast.
Thats a cool camera, too.
Its pretty old,
its pretty beat up, but...
it has--
a sweet zoom lens.
You know your stuff.
Yeah, um...
I just finished a movie
down there at the rink.
Everybody loves em.
Wow. Really?
You know, Id be down
to see those.
I have to clear
some of the music rights,
but my people
can call your people.
Im Aaron, by the way.
Im Tyler, very good sir.
Is that yours?
You smoke?
Wh-where are you from?
Is this, uh...
Oh, thats mine, sorry.
Its very personal.
Sorry, I gotta go.
I think you might need
to work on your Chilcotin
a little bit.
Where are we going?
Just this little
spot I found.
Its beautiful.
I know youre going to love it.
Its where the rivers meet.
Its so perfect.
This is our spot?
Its for the baby.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, hes kicking.
Hes moving a lot.
Can you see the lens?
Lookit there.
Hi. Hi.
Hi, Mom.
Wow, its like the first time
I ever said that,
and I know Im not actually
saying it,
and youre actually
not hearing it,
but I just wanted to say it
I saw you.
I saw you alive,
and it just felt...
it felt different.
nobody will tell me about you,
and, like...
I dont know
how to think about you.
Why am I talking to a camera
and not you?
Did I...
did I do something wrong?
Why... why did you...
why did Dad... why...
Aah, this is so stupid.
Aah, God.
You want to film something?
Lets do some scrunning!
Like, when I finish
a movie, its like...
its like it only exists
because I did it.
I made it.
Man, thats cool.
Like, really?
With your camera,
it keeps the past alive.
You know?
Shit, it even changes the past.
How its remembered.
People who are dead
can still be seen.
You can remember how they look,
how they laugh,
how they move.
Its wild.
They really can live forever
in your camera.
I never thought of it
like that before.
I know.
Where are you from?
Same as you, man.
What about your family?
Your Aba, your Inkwel,
your Etsi, Etsu--
I gotta go.
See ya, bruh.
Etsu, sorry Im late!
Ill be down there
in a second!
The fishing gillnet
go like this.
Like this...
You move it up.
Keep bringing it back up.
You go like this...
Okay, Ill show you the...
the salt.
Just go like this.
Okay, watch it dig in.
Go like this.
Hold it like that.
What was Inkwel like?
This is the way how we do that,
and, uh, put this together.
Right across here.
So we can link...
make it link together,
that side and this side,
to make a baby basket.
Sammy, did you make baskets
with Inkwel?
Uh, lets get back.
Thats how we do that this way.
How about your dad?
Does he ever come?
Well, that sucks.
Do you, uh...
do you want this pain
to continue?
Think about it.
Youre all thats left
of the family,
and youve only felt pain.
Thats not what family
should be, man.
Do you think its gonna...
do you think its just
gonna magically disappear?
No, its gonna keep going.
Its gonna keep going
for generations and generations,
until someone
does something about it.
You know, you...
you can do something about it.
Do something frickin brave
with your life.
Hey, I thought
you were going to pick me up
when you got back.
I just got back this morning.
There was a big firebreak.
How about you hand me
that half-inch over there?
Uh, when I was at Etsus
Come around here.
Hold this light for me.
- And, uh...
- Right here.
...and loosen that, oh, yeah.
Hold steady,
and pass me those pliers.
Those ones, yup.
And, like,
I asked her something,
and I was wondering
if I could ask you--
If youre not going to help me,
Id rather do this alone.
Hey, Tyler!
Well go to the gun range
Thanks, Sammy.
Im good.
Hey, Gordon!
Sammy, stay out of this.
Stay out.
Im going to jump in.
Well, that was anti-climactic.
Hey, anybody here?
Im walking away.
Im walking away.
Hey, puppy.
Hey, puppy,
you wanna be in my movie?
Come on.
Ill pay you 15 bits of kibble.
Hey, Mom,
back again.
Later than usual.
Uh, remember that kid
I told you about?
Yeah, Ive gotten
a lot closer with him,
and yeah,
weve been doing
lots of stuff together, and...
but hes into other things.
Theyre not good things,
but I do agree with him
about certain things,
certain things about my life,
and, yeah...
He makes me think
I should be doing something more
or something, and...
what if hes...
what if hes right, you know?
Dad is still the same.
Youre still not here, and...
I love doing this.
I really do.
Its like I can
keep people alive.
its so wild.
I can...
Get outta here.
Hey, sup, Sammy?
Ive got a surprise for you.
Oh yeah?
I talked to the school.
I got another screening
in the theatre.
Thanks, Sammy.
You betcha.
Its in the gym.
Were gonna set up
all the chairs and all.
Well make it
like a real thing.
A real theatre...
You hear that, Dad?
Do you think
youll be able to make it?
I-I dont know.
Ill be away, I think,
on the fire line.
Good thing your Aba
does what he does.
Hes protecting
a lot of people.
I guess you dont care.
I can try.
For real?
Youve got a VIP coming.
Oh, okay.
Youve got another movie,
dont you?
- Yeah, I think
Ive got a couple.
Thanks, Sammy!
See you there, Dad!
I never told you
where I lived.
Yeah, you did.
Did Sammy just say
you got a new screening?
Oh, yeah, he did.
I think my dads coming.
Whats the movie?
Oh, well, its next week.
I dont have much time
to write anything new.
Guess I might have to create
something new
out of these guys again,
and, um, I could probably
do a sequel,
maybe even a prequel.
We might have
some new people watching.
That might not be a good idea--
What about this?
Uh, thats, uh...
thats kind of personal.
Its kind of like my diary.
Oh, I know.
I should just stick
with what Im good at.
What do you mean, no?
This... this is...
Man, its trash.
this is incredible.
But its not even a movie.
Its just something
I cut up last night.
Its just...
There we go.
Listen, man.
This right here?
What you have in your computer
is something special.
None of this...
none of this shit.
You want to make something
people will remember,
something people
will tell others about?
Something thatll stay alive
after were gone?
You need to give them
from here.
Come on.
You can do this.
We can do this.
"A new film by Tyler M,
with real people.
Next Friday, 7:00 p.m.,
in a real theatre."
Close enough.
Come to my new film, man,
its about a real person.
I mean, its about my family,
and how it relates to me.
Its gonna be...
its gonna be cool.
Lots of people
are gonna be there.
See you there.
Tyler, youre flying
Cause you know time is desired
Dont wanna burn in a fire!
Young grasshopper!
Hey, tell Sherry
I will.
So, Tyler, could you tell me
a little bit more
about your new film?
Well, what makes
this film different
is that Im using real people.
No more
of these damn cardboards.
Its pure little-kid poop.
Pure poop.
Hey, Gordon.
What have you told him?
I didnt say anything.
What the hell is this about?
I wanted him to make a Western.
This is not funny, Sammy.
What have you told him?
Im just taking him out.
Im doing the things
you should be doing.
You dont know what its like.
I was there!
We were all there!
Youre his Aba.
You should protect him.
You should tell him.
I cant even look at him.
He looks just like her.
Shame on you guys.
Okay, boys, safety first.
Were gonna wanna
maintain eye contact.
Were not too worried
about the weather today,
but be worried about the hoses,
like, running through,
dont wanna damage them.
Um, watch your footing...
I cant dream.
Something keeps me
and bodied
pawing at the edge...
Its weird here.
Choirs threaten...
Gord, you all right, bud?
You okay?
- Wanna get
a pillow for his head?
- Can you grab some water?
- Im okay, Im okay.
- You good?
- Im okay...
Im okay.
Gord, jump in the truck?
Im gonna walk.
Finish the sound?
Yeah, I exported it
this morning.
Wow, man.
I cant believe we did it.
I dont know.
Whats up, man?
I dont know, its...
I cant even tell you
if its good or not.
Thats because youve been
staring at it too long.
Nah, its not because of that.
I just...
I just really dont know
how its going to play out, man.
I wanted you to give them
something real.
Well, if they dont like it,
then I guess they dont like me.
Well, at least
youll know your answer.
If this screening goes bad...
are you gonna be able
to handle the pain?
Im sure itll be fine,
though, man.
I hope so.
I couldnt have done it
without you.
I know.
Where are we going?
I saw
this figure in the water,
and I was kind of scared
to come back here again,
and yeah...
and since were kind of close,
I thought you could...
I could show it to you.
Whats up?
I cant.
Come on, lets go.
Shes here.
Dont go near that water!
Get away from that water!
Were leaving! Come on!
I dont want you going there.
You hear me?
Why not?
Its just a pond.
Tyler, you listen to me.
Dont you ever
go there again, okay?
Why are you acting so weird?
How are you gonna know
if I go there again, huh?
Because youre never around.
Youre gonna have to, like,
put a tracker on me.
Tyler, I dont want you
to go there--
I dont care what you want!
Youre never here!
Youre always working.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Do you even know
whats happening tomorrow?
Its my screening, Dad.
Tyler, listen.
No, you listen!
Etsu and Sammy, they raised me.
Theyre the ones who nagged me
to do my homework,
made me eat my vegetables,
made me take my vitamins.
Theyre the ones
whore supporting me
with my filming.
Do you even see me?
Im right here, Dad.
Im right here!
If I died tomorrow,
you wouldnt even know.
You wouldnt even care.
Did Mom even love me?
Was it my fault?
Was it my fault she left?
You ever get sick
of this place?
I dont know.
Ive lived here my whole life.
Thats what Im talking about.
Your whole life.
Dont you ever get sick of it?
Dont you want to do
something with it?
Arent I?
Im making movies and...
lots of people show up to them.
Oh, yeah?
How many people showed up
to your last screening, then?
Listen, man.
What if your life ended today?
Just ended.
What would you have wished
youd done?
Like, a real cool movie,
I guess.
I dont know.
Think. I want to know.
I want to know
what youre afraid of.
Give me your fear.
I cant help but think
that they all know something
that I dont.
Makes me feel so alone.
I can help you.
I can make you a promise.
I can promise
that if your world
falls apart...
we can leave it together.
Is it raining?
Sorry, man, I gotta go.
I dont want to get the camera
too wet.
Where are we going?
You have
to close your eyes a little.
I know youre going to love it.
Were going to make this
our spot.
Oh, thats so sweet.
I got you, I got you.
Now you can look.
Hes going to need you now.
Hey, everyone.
First of all, secheenalyagh
for coming out tonight.
I really appreciate
all of your support,
going back to my old movies.
I know I borrow a lot,
and I broke a lot, but...
I really am sorry
for that toaster.
I really am.
The point is,
I hope that you all enjoy
this one the most.
Its the most personal.
Its the most important film
Ive done,
and it really is a film
that I think couldnt have
existed without me,
and I dont think
I could have existed without it.
Without further ado,
I present to you
"My Mother and Me."
Hi, Mom.
Wow, its like the first time
I ever said that.
I saw you.
I dont know why.
It just felt...
it felt different.
Seeing us all together.
The three of us,
nobody will tell me about you.
Dad is still the same.
Youre still not here, and...
Did I...
Did I do something?
Did I do something wrong?
Where are you going?
Whats going on?
This is my mom!
This is my mom and me!
Thats not you.
Thats your brother.
I cant take it!
I cant take it!
I cant take it!
I cant take it.
You ready?
Get back here!
Dont go after her!
where are you going?
Mom, where are you going?
Mom! Dad! Theres a fire!
Theres a fire!
Stay here.
The crib...
Look at how handsome he is.
Yeah, there we go... yeah!
Where the rivers meet.
You need to see this.
You need to stop doing this.
Im not
going to take this anymore.
You hear me?
You cant do this anymore.
We have Tyler.
Its our second chance.
This is probably what got him
killed in the first place.
He died...
because you didnt save him.
I got him!
I got him!
I got... I got him.
Hey, Son.
Its me.
Its me...
There, Son.
Ive gotta get you
a blanket, okay?
Out of the truck.
I promise Ill be back.
Just breathe.
Whyd you run?
Aaron, listen...
Dad saved me.
Why didnt he save me?
He tried to, Aaron.
And Mom?
She tried too.
I saw it.
Aaron, listen.
Youre not real.
I just wanted a chance.
It doesnt mean
you can take your brothers.
Your spirit must move on.
I thought I could save you.
Im so proud...
of who you are.
You deserve to know
what happened.
Its okay, Mom.
I see.
I see it now.
It wasnt anyones fault.
I understand.
I love you, Mom.
Here you go.
You ready?
Lets go right to the truck.
I have a claim in this spot.
Youre gonna have to move on.
This is Sammys spot.
I dont think so.
Youd better get moving.
90, take two.
Mark it.
Lets do it again.
Goddammit, lets do it again.
No, its okay, Sammy.
Well do some reshoots
if we need to, okay?
see you next time,
and, uh, thats a wrap.
Lets go!
- Copy that!
Thats a wrap!
Thats a cut, guys.
That was great, Son.
- That was perfect.
- Yeah.
What was that master shot
that you were doing?
Oh, it was, like, a...
I framed it pretty good,
didnt I?
Yeah, I liked it.
Whatever you were doing,
it looked natural.
I think, you know,
maybe we should get
a crew shot, okay?
You want to get a crew shot?
Yeah, I think thatd be good.
Hey, everybody!
Everybody, come into
the crew shot picture.
Im going to take
a picture of you guys.
- Okay, guys, lets get
a crew shot photo right here!
- You get in front, Son.
- Thanks, Dad.
Bring it in, bring it in!
Okay, guys. Yeah.
Awesome. This looks great, guys.
Give me money.
Give me your money.
I want to go gambling.
Yeah! Perfect.
Okay, here we go, guys.
Oh, theres a bingo
at John Louies.
So, and then say,
"If anybody
wants to go to bingo,
you can leave now."
And if anybody wanna bingo,
you can leave now.
- Then say,
"Get out of here!"
Get outta here!